Can You REALLY Kick Out a Car Windshield?


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  • JACTG Griessel
    JACTG Griessel 2 hours ago

    You can break windshield with the headrest

  • Hassan F7
    Hassan F7 4 hours ago

    Can you plant a plant on the human body

  • How To Advanced
    How To Advanced 5 hours ago

    Yeah but the adrenaline would make your kick ×3 times more powerful

  • beena rajeev
    beena rajeev 10 hours ago

    I think you will get a lot of cuts if you try this without gloves.

  • nathan millsap
    nathan millsap 16 hours ago

    what if they manage to hack your dashlane account, or you get a new device and forget your login?

  • Jameson McC
    Jameson McC 17 hours ago

    burglary 101

  • Damon Kahle
    Damon Kahle 20 hours ago +1

    This is like the bad version of the mythbusters

  • Cormac Farrell
    Cormac Farrell 23 hours ago

    The real question is

    Can you eat chipotle while doing this

  • Travis Anderson
    Travis Anderson 23 hours ago +1

    King of random idea, you should show us how to fix gaming controllers

  • Life of Epic
    Life of Epic Day ago

    instead of breaking the side window cant u just lower it XD

  • Zach AnimationYT

    But you would have adrenaline rush you would be a lot stronger

    SHINY fPIKACHU Day ago

    Car crash happens "TIME TO BRING THE AXE OUT" breaks window instantly

  • Declan Jordan
    Declan Jordan Day ago

    Some girl at my school today kicked a soccer ball and it looked like the windshield of the car lmfao

  • -ɱɥ ɳɑɱɛ ɨʂ ʝɛʄʄ- ᵼɦɛ ɪɪɪ

    Where is the o.g TKOR

  • Toby Lewis
    Toby Lewis Day ago

    most of the time your set belt gets locked in a accident

  • Jarett Bill
    Jarett Bill Day ago

    just a quick question what is you IP

  • Brayden Fogle
    Brayden Fogle Day ago

    Its easy 4o break a window without anything you can use a car key or your hand

  • N!CO
    N!CO Day ago +1

    *has a screwdriver*
    *tries to remove the window instead of smashing the window*

  • BigWillyMan 420
    BigWillyMan 420 Day ago

    Did they leak their credit card?

  • Rhys Grant
    Rhys Grant Day ago

    If you tack the head rest out you can punch it through the glass

  • Austin Hilgenberg

    hes fly is down

  • NXA Elite
    NXA Elite Day ago

    Who else tried her.card

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins Day ago

    It sparks or glows on impact at 11:45, neat

  • Tessa Gissel
    Tessa Gissel Day ago

    buckle 16 trys

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez Day ago

    Why can’t you just open the door

  • Lil Wicho
    Lil Wicho Day ago

    Those people are weird

  • Ko-Ko_Sno_Cone 0000

    Did anyone else think that you could just roll down your window in some circumstances

  • Preston Gravey
    Preston Gravey Day ago

    If youre trying to kick out a windshield, kick the corners

  • Christopher Martinez

    Don’t put her in your baseball team

  • umback wasted
    umback wasted Day ago

    russian boys do this in 1 kick

  • triplejjr
    triplejjr Day ago


  • triplejjr
    triplejjr Day ago


  • Aidan Ko
    Aidan Ko 2 days ago

    russian police ez

  • RainingHeat
    RainingHeat 2 days ago

    3:32 close your eyes and just listen to the audio

  • Omar Aldosari
    Omar Aldosari 2 days ago

    2:55 what if you have flip flops or not very strong shoes on?

  • Andi Sinhart
    Andi Sinhart 2 days ago

    Try the Punch on the windshild

  • Soccer OG
    Soccer OG 2 days ago

    Instead of leather gloves wrap something around your hand

  • Casey Melcher
    Casey Melcher 2 days ago

    He said if your car breaks down and you can roll down your window the why don’t you simply open your door

    YABOY SAVY 2 days ago +4

    What if you forget your dash lane password 🤔🤔🤔

  • Leonardo Turtle
    Leonardo Turtle 2 days ago

    I keep a screwdriver in my car incase I drop my keys between the seats.

  • Dj Roach vlogs
    Dj Roach vlogs 2 days ago


  • sad memes
    sad memes 2 days ago

    Shouldn't you give her the helmet with the full face shield

  • Nakanaloa
    Nakanaloa 2 days ago

    Ways to break into peoples car. 11:55

  • Legend Dolphin
    Legend Dolphin 2 days ago

    okay, you probably get dis alot, but do u and her *haVe soMetHin goIn on?*

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout 2 days ago

    What is this rubbish

  • Nathan Perkins
    Nathan Perkins 2 days ago

    You showed your credit card number

  • Naim Salahuddin
    Naim Salahuddin 2 days ago

    So that's where that Intro Shot came from.

  • Austin Lawless
    Austin Lawless 2 days ago

    If you pull the head test out the two spikes on the bottom can be used to smash a window

  • The everything Channel!

    I see glass breaking in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE I WATCH
    And I use auto fill

    ROCKSTAR GAMING 2 days ago +1

    Skip the bla bla and get to it 2:47

  • Cedric Desa
    Cedric Desa 2 days ago

    Bank card leaked at 8:02 you called it secure but you just leaked it

  • Connor Grigg
    Connor Grigg 2 days ago

    If you want to break the side window you can’t hit it in the middle you have to hit it on the side due to some force I forgot

  • TheHolyTrident
    TheHolyTrident 2 days ago

    If the car was on fire or you landed in a lake or something you guys would be done.

  • Ethan Harmon
    Ethan Harmon 2 days ago

    love your Flight Test jaket! (4:36)

  • Michael Buckley
    Michael Buckley 2 days ago


  • Michael Buckley
    Michael Buckley 2 days ago


  • Alexander Kris-.
    Alexander Kris-. 2 days ago

    7:58 I tried it for getting V-bucks - it doesn't work :( soo.. I just saved you from spending that time

  • Xiang Lin
    Xiang Lin 2 days ago

    Oh noooo my car is not moving let’s kick the window why can’t u just open the car

  • Logan Phillips BMX
    Logan Phillips BMX 2 days ago

    The headrest works better then the seat belt buckles

  • Angel Hicks
    Angel Hicks 2 days ago

    FYI You can also remove the head rest which has metal poles to use and bust out a window.

  • Ducta Beats
    Ducta Beats 2 days ago


  • Sorry bro U Sad
    Sorry bro U Sad 3 days ago

    I know another myth

    Roll the window down

  • Arrisol
    Arrisol 3 days ago

    About the glass: A glass is easier to break from the center compared to the edges of it. Just like a balloon, its easy to pop it from the central spots but you can even stick a spike to the top of a balloon meaning it resists pressure more than the center.

  • Kristijan Stojanovski

    He is gonna have babies with her

  • SquirrelMAN 9
    SquirrelMAN 9 3 days ago

    If anyone had or has too actually do these then...

    get insurance.

  • R LD
    R LD 3 days ago

    I have a tool specifically for emergencies which includes a punch. It also has a blade for cutting the seat belt. I would have been extremely interested to see them cut the seat belt with a similar tool.

  • Seb Smith
    Seb Smith 3 days ago

    6:24 the head rest is made so you can take it out and brake the window you dont need the seatbelt

  • Carlos Carcamo
    Carlos Carcamo 3 days ago

    I heard you can use the headrest to break the glass too.

  • TheWildFox Poo
    TheWildFox Poo 3 days ago +1

    Why do i feel so guilty by trying the credit card details

    Jk no regrets

    Royal STASTISTA 3 days ago +1

    This girl ruining everything

  • GGKillcams
    GGKillcams 3 days ago

    Most likely if you were in an emergency situation the windshield would be already cracked

  • GamesYT
    GamesYT 3 days ago +1 could buy a punch like thing that is made for shattering car windows

  • Life times Davis m
    Life times Davis m 3 days ago

    I have dashlane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake Archer
    Blake Archer 3 days ago

    Do these methods work if your trapped in a car underwater?

  • 9TRØ
    9TRØ 3 days ago

    Hi robbers want to break into my car??

  • nathan robert lloyd
    nathan robert lloyd 3 days ago

    with dash line what happens if it gets hacked

  • odysseas morfis
    odysseas morfis 3 days ago

    Look at that face 12:22 you better not get a divorce

  • Rapto Productions!
    Rapto Productions! 3 days ago

    No it’s not not for bullet proofs

  • Lachlan Henry
    Lachlan Henry 3 days ago

    duh, that's one of the reasons headrests on the seats exist. The buckle? Really?

  • greninja 242526
    greninja 242526 3 days ago

    The 4:37 part was funny "no im stuck"

  • eric osaer
    eric osaer 3 days ago

    this is why you never skip leg day

  • Dan Awesome
    Dan Awesome 3 days ago

    You would not be wearing gloves if you get in a car crash

  • Joshua Degillo
    Joshua Degillo 3 days ago

    number 8 1:28

  • MadGaming
    MadGaming 3 days ago

    I always have a umbrella 🌂 break it with that

  • IVCgaming Raw
    IVCgaming Raw 3 days ago

    You can use an attachment on your pocket knife but not all of them have that attachment so like if you have a pocket knife that has one like this

  • Skeeter
    Skeeter 3 days ago

    Or you could roll down the windshield

  • Xxh4ckerdavidXx1
    Xxh4ckerdavidXx1 3 days ago

    Does a spark plug really break windows

  • Gabe Sheppard
    Gabe Sheppard 3 days ago +1

    I have an idea. Open the door 🤯

  • IClampUp
    IClampUp 3 days ago

    At 12:55 they showed their card information

  • vain_ tuga
    vain_ tuga 3 days ago

    U found the king of random logo at 1:50

  • AGIM
    AGIM 3 days ago

    Everyone got yours cc LoL

  • Raquel Malvecino
    Raquel Malvecino 3 days ago

    If you're stuck in a car just pull the lock up

  • Superior
    Superior 3 days ago +8

    I might be wrong but you leaked your credit card details at 8:03 blur it out

    • BradTheFox
      BradTheFox 10 hours ago

      +nathan millsap no that's January of 2023 cause they go by month and year

    • nathan millsap
      nathan millsap 16 hours ago

      I seen your comment and looked again, just to make sure they didn't, and it is a card that expired January the 23rd

    • woosh
      woosh 3 days ago +2

      Or its well the biggest oopsie poopsie ever

    • Superior
      Superior 3 days ago +1

      woosh hope soo lol

    • woosh
      woosh 3 days ago +1

      Think its just randum stuff

  • Paulo Carvalho
    Paulo Carvalho 3 days ago

    Yes you can

  • Tyler Cooley
    Tyler Cooley 3 days ago

    Can a spark plug really break a window???

  • Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland 3 days ago

    Thank you for telling us a easy way to brake into cars 😉😉. No but seriously did you not think of that while making this video ¿..

  • Andrew McCormick
    Andrew McCormick 3 days ago

    Lol we saw your credit card info. Don’t worry, I’m an honest man, try censoring it next time tho

  • Claire Cox
    Claire Cox 3 days ago +1

    You should of used to iron part of the head rest

  • PhantomRageJordan •
    PhantomRageJordan • 3 days ago +1

    *Edger Corner* 👌