Could A Dementor Destroy A Horcrux? | Harry Potter Theory

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Today J dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to try and answer the question: Could a Dementor Destroy A Horcrux?
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Comments • 2 683

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  7 months ago +692

    Best Horcrux? GO!

  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata 2 hours ago


  • Windmill Willy
    Windmill Willy 18 hours ago

    Be kind. Be kind no matter what. I swear to god, it will save you countless hours of guilt and regret.
    Be humble. Don't be annoying, and keep your head down.
    Be loyal. It pays.

  • Craig Kasiske
    Craig Kasiske 20 hours ago

    I can destroy a horcrux with my bare hands.

  • Chris McIntosh
    Chris McIntosh Day ago

    Better question could a Dementor be a horcrux

  • Francis Alzona
    Francis Alzona Day ago

    I believe they won't be able to sense a hocrux cause in the third book
    black explains, at the shrieking shak, that dementors feed off human happy thoughts, feelings and memories. leaving only despair and misery, and as a dog they couldn't properly sense or feel him out as if they don't care about animals only humans. By dumbledore also the third book saying that the dementors were lured by the number of people in the quiditch pitch during the match cause by the surge of emotions and also by black watching the game.

  • bose95able
    bose95able Day ago

    If a Dementor sucks out Harrys Soul, then Voldemords soul is left. So there are 2 Voldemords out there?!?!

  • Justice Dunham
    Justice Dunham 2 days ago +1

    Hey killed the diary with the basilisk fang, but the sword of griffin for was also there.

  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman 2 days ago

    *Their rasp hole*

  • Nathan Gilson
    Nathan Gilson 2 days ago

    So if you had a horcrux and u got kissed by a dementor u would still hav a soul

  • peace & happiness
    peace & happiness 2 days ago +1

    Sirius could always escape from Azkaban as a dog because he is an animsgus, right? So why didn't he escape much earlier?

  • Jarken Collins
    Jarken Collins 2 days ago

    Serious escaped from azkaban by turning into a dog there for making the dementors "blind to him".. So in my opinion no a dementor wouldn't even pick up on the object unless like you said it was in a human. :) Thanks for the video Brothers!!

  • Josue Dominguez
    Josue Dominguez 2 days ago

    I can't stop imagining Newt raising a group of basilisks, and him telling everyone that they are misunderstood creatures.
    Just him scratching the bottom of the snake's chin, and then squatting down to pick up something as the basilisk tries to sink it's fangs into his neck. Meet then stands up and defends it.

  • Tracy H
    Tracy H 2 days ago

    Only if the Horcrux has lips. Rip Nagini and Harry

  • Mara Rahav
    Mara Rahav 2 days ago

    I don't think a horcrux would alert a dementor to its presence since it would not be affected by the presence of the dementor.

  • morgan megurine
    morgan megurine 3 days ago

    -sticks horcrux locket in dementor succ hole- problem solved

  • Yoshey MC
    Yoshey MC 3 days ago

    wasn't the basilisc egg laid by a male chicken?

  • Nerdonis
    Nerdonis 4 days ago

    Lupin's assertion of "gone forever" may also be coming from a place of ignorance. There's no particular specificity about what truly happens to the soul once taken by a Dementor. Lupin says it's gone forever, but is that technically accurate? Do we really know? Is the soul destroyed or just captured and tortured forever to sustain the dementor?

  • Jubilacian
    Jubilacian 4 days ago

    3:48 "..Soul-erpee" ROFL. I'm using this from now on.

  • mysticfaerie
    mysticfaerie 5 days ago

    I think the dementors would have left Voldemort's soul behind. This would have left a deranged Harry doppelganger that could spread misery. I think the dementors would understand this and use it as a strategy. Afterall, they are sentiment enough to follow order and guard prisoners.

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 6 days ago +1

    Soulpperes get your Soulpperes here

  • TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    hem *HEM*

  • zibbiez23
    zibbiez23 6 days ago

    Umbridge the girl who lived.. Ha ha the dementors took her soul..

  • Kit Moira
    Kit Moira 7 days ago

    My favorite video so far and I haven't even finished it! 😂😂 They make you wanna prance threw a field of dandelions! LALALAA! I FREAKING LOVE IT! I can't stop watching the beginning!

  • Tyler Pike
    Tyler Pike 9 days ago

    I hate to be that person that disputes J.K. Rowling herself on the details of her own story, but her response about Death Eaters and Patronuses doesn't sit well with me. After all, Death Eaters are still human, and most of them are certainly capable of feeling fear and despair, therefore would also be susceptible to the effects of Dementors, regardless of alliance. Just because Death Eaters wouldn't "need" Patronuses doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to benefit from them, as Umbridge does in the courtroom. The Dementors present there are technically her allies, but she uses a Patronus anyway to keep the cold and the feeling of despair at bay. Why wouldn't the Death Eaters want to have this capability as well? Not to mention the fact that Patronuses can also be used to deliver verbal communications, something the Dark Mark cannot do. I honestly think that Rowling only responded the way she did to make Snape's Patronus more "special", without really thinking about it.

  • Tyler Pike
    Tyler Pike 9 days ago

    Did some quick Googling, apparently the average body temperature of a chicken is about 105-107 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas a toad's average body during the day ranges from 80-93 degrees Fahrenheit, and is even lower at night. That must be why it's so difficult to hatch a chicken's egg underneath a toad. Assuming of course that the egg must be hatched directly by the toad's body heat without the aid of an artificial/magical heat source.

  • Ancient Carnage
    Ancient Carnage 10 days ago

    HE HAD THE SWORD THO why would the basilisk even be lucky at that point xD the sword is gunna appear regardless of how harry gets in danger lol just as long as he's in the danger

  • M H
    M H 11 days ago

    So if the Dementors numbers are dictated by despair, why are there still so many in the time between Voldemort’s fall the first time to his resurrection?

  • exe cutioner
    exe cutioner 11 days ago

    How meny dementors licks does it take to get to the center of a horcrux. Lets find out.

  • Main Stream Gaming
    Main Stream Gaming 12 days ago

    Do you have a ranking of the books

  • Pay To Pray
    Pay To Pray 12 days ago

    If voldemort had come back from the dead as a 16 year old what would have happened to the loose bit of soul that eventually did come back to life. Would it have absorbed into him or would it have continued to try to come back to life and create two voldemorts?

  • Mark van Es
    Mark van Es 13 days ago

    Just realized that peeves and dementors have a similar way of coming in existance

  • F Je
    F Je 13 days ago

    I have a question. When Lupin taught Harry the patronus charm, he said it was useful against a variety of enemies. What other enemies can be defeated or warded off by a patronus?

  • Aneesh Basrur
    Aneesh Basrur 13 days ago +1

    Ya really without a Basalisk, there wouldn't have been the diary since the diary was made from killing moaning Martyle( gosh I don't know how to spell her name) using the Basalisk

  • Dark Rider 810
    Dark Rider 810 15 days ago


  • Nathaniel Mooney
    Nathaniel Mooney 15 days ago

    Hey Brother! I have a good theory. “Can you destroy a horcrux with a handgun?”

  • Jo-Ann Zaleena
    Jo-Ann Zaleena 15 days ago +1

    Was the fact that Harry had 1 soul + a bit extra the reason the dementors were so attracted to him? His container was more full than usual. And not just cause he's had horrors in his past.

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Hey fudge totally did something extremly useful! If it wasn't for his fear of Voldemort and extreme paranoia that Dumbledore was trying to steal his job, the story wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it is. He gave Voldemort batman level prep time while doing absolutely nothing. How interesting would the story be if it was just Voldemort and a small handful off death eaters with 1 werewolf. I know they are all extremly dangerous and powerful especially lord moldybut himself but I mean I small handful vs the entire order of the Phoenix, all the Aurors in the ministry. Even if they hadn't destroyed all the horcrux they arnt making it out of doubt in my mind then you've got a bodyless extremly weak Voldemort and the main cast still searching for the horcrux the end result would still be the same just much more boring >.> Also take a shot every time I said horcrux in this comment and enjoy your alchohol poisoning lol

  • Richard Urbanec
    Richard Urbanec 20 days ago

    He could destroy Harry. So the answer is yes. There you go, no need for a 12 min video.

  • TheKana
    TheKana 20 days ago

    Could a dementor be a horcrux

  • Eric McNeil
    Eric McNeil 20 days ago

    3:25 Excuse me. He was not 11. He was 12. Get your facts right J!

  • E play_859
    E play_859 21 day ago

    How much knowledge of horcruxe was there before Voldemort who else made one an is still immortal an why didn't more people in durmstrum who was taught more dark arts an was encourage to use it never revealed the knowledge about them to the school an what did Grindelwald really do while at school beside horrible acts to get expelled but not Azkaban

  • Tsaicat
    Tsaicat 21 day ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers So if Death Eaters are immune to Dementors' kiss, why are DE being guarded by Dementors in Azkaban?

  • Under a TBR
    Under a TBR 22 days ago

    oh I would love to see a video about how do you create a Horcrux that would be cool to see

  • Harry Potter Naruto chats


  • Lewis Leighton
    Lewis Leighton 23 days ago

    Hey guys. Didn't sirius survive azkaban using his animagus skills to effectively hide from the dementors as they don't attack animals? (which raises another question about how they locate their prey) I would have thought innocence would be a good thought that the dementors would jump on. All consuming hatred for Peter might have saved him though? Thoughts?

  • Crazy Purple Unicorn
    Crazy Purple Unicorn 23 days ago

    Hem hem

  • Crazy Purple Unicorn
    Crazy Purple Unicorn 23 days ago

    La lala lala

  • Zombycow
    Zombycow 24 days ago

    ok, here's a question for you brothers. if a person like harry potter can become a horcrux, could a dementor become a horcrux?

  • Alisha-tenniz life
    Alisha-tenniz life 24 days ago

    Voldermort does not have basilisks cause they can destroy hocruxes!

  • Benjamin Johannes Sánchez

    0:54 0:54 0:54 0:54 0:54 0:54 0:54

    Thank me later.

  • ` Ford
    ` Ford 24 days ago

    Could a dementor become a Horcrux

  • Alfie Marriott
    Alfie Marriott 27 days ago

    9:29 i wanna see that animated so bad😂😂

  • Dizzy White
    Dizzy White 27 days ago +3

    @SuperCarlinBrothers Why didn't the Horcrux that's inside Harry die when he was bit by the basilisk? Is it just because Harry didn't die?

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 27 days ago

    Can a dementor be a horcrux?

  • ProBroPalz Gaming
    ProBroPalz Gaming 28 days ago

    5:07 Voldemort should’ve been a Dementor

  • Olivia Viktorsson
    Olivia Viktorsson 28 days ago +2

    I don't think the dementors would notice the soul in a horocrux since they didn't notice Sirius's "dog soul".

  • Arth
    Arth Month ago

    If there was no Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets then Fawkes will still bring Harry the Tiara with The Sword of Gryffindor... So it would be ever easier for Harry.

  • Cat_Master_47 Mr._J

    if i were to have a horcruse it be a lego pices in a big tub

  • Thomas Zielke
    Thomas Zielke Month ago

    I would think the horcrux in question would have to be a living being, like Nagini, or Harry. So in theory, yes, depending on which horcrux.