Joker Review

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • Joker Review. Joaquin Phoenix vs Heath Ledger Dark Knight Joker, Joker Story Changes, The Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984 Continuity ►
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    Covering Joker Movie Review. Batman Joker Story Changes, The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger, other Joker versions comparison. Justice League DCEU, Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman Robert Pattinson, Birds of Prey Movie continuity Explained. Future DC Comics Black Label R Rated Movies and the future of Joaquin Phoenix Joker. Be sure to go see the movie!
    I'll do my Joker Movie Easter Eggs and Ending Scene Breakdown videos this weekend. So be sure to go see the movie!
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  2 months ago +694

    Here's my *Joker Movie Review*. Be sure to go see the movie this weekend and post your reactions in the comments! Please use spoiler tags until after the weekend. I'll do Joker Easter Eggs videos this weekend too!

    • aljanat5
      aljanat5 2 days ago

      Hey EA, for the record I pitched the Venom role and plot to Tom Hardy and his agent via IMDB and also I pitched Scorsese to get De Niro and WB on board for my script for Joker with Todd Philips as director with a Scorsese loyal producer in a Netflix deal so MS could get my plot and partial script for The Irishman made.
      The funniest thing is I am seriously not lying and almost no one believes me. It is the darkest comedy and yet somehow my reflexive pained laugh has not been dispelled although it is not as bad as Phoenix's portrayal of my semi-autobiographical character Arthur Fleck. Joker and The Irishmen Est. 2017ish

    • Mad Marc
      Mad Marc 22 days ago

      Great review, this movie was an +A

    • Anthony Warren
      Anthony Warren 23 days ago

      The movie doesn't ask tge audience to sympathize with Arthur Fleck. The movie is following his life... aka character study but you losers are too dumb to get that.

    • Lonewolf Vicious
      Lonewolf Vicious Month ago

      I love you

    • Leonard Halbert
      Leonard Halbert Month ago

      Expected to be blown away by Joker after the hype, should know better by now, these things almost never live up to the hype, Joker might be one of the best examples of that fact, completely underwhelmed, almost bored, expected so much more

  • OneManCast
    OneManCast 4 hours ago

    9/10 for me.

  • MDT -
    MDT - Day ago

    Theres JP's Joker and theres the others. We know now wich one is the real deal

  • Iurieti Vladut
    Iurieti Vladut 2 days ago

    If Joaquin Phoenix doesn't win the Oscar...then the whole awarding system is bullshit!

  • Vegan Stains
    Vegan Stains 2 days ago

    Nope. It just reflects the current society sentiment, its a victim olympics.

  • Artiz
    Artiz 4 days ago

    Hmmm... only managed 3.40... I'm afraid you simply talk too much... sorry!

  • Rahul Mathew
    Rahul Mathew 5 days ago

    I fcking loved the movie , although i dont like the red suit, but else oh yeah he nailed it.

    EVERYTHING INDIAN 9 days ago +1

    "You get what you fukn deserve"

  • Juan Carlos Romero Retamales

    Why we should believe you?.... I nothing left to lose , nothing can hurt me anymore. My life is nothing but a comedy

  • Ez Staples
    Ez Staples 10 days ago

    Your right Charlie, this was a stand alone version and performance. Phoenix is brilliant, and I want more of his joker but I can accept his no sequel stance. This was an exceptional movie all around. J . P. Better get the Oscar -remember this guy played Johnnie cash to perfection!!!

  • Walter Baltzley
    Walter Baltzley 10 days ago

    One explanation for the Joker that would make the pieces fit together could go as follows -- Arthur spends years in Arkham and responds to treatment, he gets released on good behavior, and seeks to pick up having a normal life... Unfortunately, returning to civil society proves difficult, and he soon finds himself unemployed and deeply in debt to the "Red Hood Gang"... They force him to take part in a heist, and they are chased by "The Batman"... This of course ends with him taking a swim in a vat of toxic chemicals... but TWIST... it also contains fluid from a LAZARUS PIT that has seeped into the ground water at the plant (which is bought in the end by "Shadow Industries"... a multinational conglomerate run by CEO Ra's a Ghoul...)
    As the toxic brew strips away his flesh, the LAZARUS effect causes him to regenerate at the same time... The agonizing experience scrambles his fragile psyche, fragmenting his memory while hyper-stimulating his brain. This drives him completely mad. His pain centers are left completely fried while his brain is accelerated to the point that everything seems to move in slow motion, and without continual stimulation the world seems to stand still.
    "Do you know what it like to be born again? Imagine drowning in a lake of fire... The pure agony of your false self being burned away, layer by layer... your soul raw, exposed, laid bare.... Your TRUE FACE revealed -- the one you have always had, always FEARED... just beneath the surface.... and then the real FUN begins... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...."

  • LockSteady
    LockSteady 11 days ago

    If Hollywood doesn't give Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for his performance in Joker, the whole world will write them off, the way we write off rotten tomatoes critics.

  • MCUBro Brian
    MCUBro Brian 12 days ago

    It was a outstanding movie

  • dubbleplus
    dubbleplus 12 days ago

    My observations outside of the comic book story: 1.The staircase was reminiscent of the staircase in the movie, The Exorcist. 2. Whilst talking to his social worker, the clock behind him reads 11:11 and while recalling his time in the mental institution as he bangs his head against the door, there is a clock above the door that reads 11:11. (What is a clock doing in the white padded room?)
    3. While walking downtown, he stops at a newspaper stand to look at the headlines about the clown movement...the sub-headline on the bottom of the front page reads: Photos of disaster in Ukraine. The disaster would have been the meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 but was in fact, at the time, referred to as Chernobyl, USSR. 4. At the clown protest, you can hear a faint "Down with Trump" at the point where someone is holding up a 'Resist' sign at what was an obvious reference to an Antifa protest complete with violence and the burning of cars and stores. 5. Kill the rich movement is reminiscent of todays Left movement to tax the rich and the "no one has the right to become a billionaire" of AOC.

    PINOKIO 13 days ago

    I just watched this movie and I was also thinking for a second mid movie, taxi driver.

    74SCREWGUN 13 days ago

    I really enjoyed watching the movie I think it was a good movie. Not just a good superhero movie. But at the end when Joaquin Phoenix goes full on Joker I definitely see amazing possibilities for sequels.

  • Dynamic Entry
    Dynamic Entry 14 days ago

    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  • Blackwatch
    Blackwatch 15 days ago

    That's all I'll say

  • TheOnemanmoshpit
    TheOnemanmoshpit 15 days ago

    There's no arguing that he Juaquin was phenomenal but the movie was dull as fuck! Every time it shifts into first gear it slips back into neutral.
    On top of that, he looked about 50 years older than Bruce Wayne, only a few years younger than his mum and dad(?).
    Also his mum's character wouldn't be meek and feeble if she had NPD, she'd be self absorbed, controlling and cold hearted, which would have made more sense as to why he is pathetic and self loathing.
    Just my oppinion so save your hate for some angry masturbating 🤣

  • Godwin Gecko
    Godwin Gecko 15 days ago

    They stole my script. I wrote a script where my character was watching television and he had a gun at the table and he was watching something that disturbed him on very personal level. Then he aimed his gun at the head or in his mouth. I don´t remember which I wrote, but I can check it on my computer at a later date. I submitted this script to a copy right institution in LA if I remember it right. I have to dig through my old computer because this was ten or more years ago. But Joaquin Phoenix acted that scene out and not only in that movie but in another movie I believe that did not get as much attention. He as an actor probably loved that concept and he was the driving force to implement that scene into the Joker Movie. The Yankees (White USA people) concept is that it is alright to steal ideas. It isn´t. It is greed and it is wrong. I might be wrong. But what the fuck. It is not only this scene, but it the whole script about a troubled soul that was harmed by his father (A Nazi in my case) and was suicidal and violent as well. A violence that surprised. I can proof this. My documents or my script have date on it. My submission has date on it. And it resembles this story like a frame. And more than that. It follows a line of an emotion. Interview me for this. The creators of the Joker movie are not creators. I am. It seems that I should be proud that they stole from me. That is the USA way. Like when Bill Gates stole from Steve Jobs or when Edison stole from Tesla or when NASA stole fro Braun and the Nazis. You are a nation of thief's and you pride yourself for being original when many movies from Hollywood are remake from foreign movies and it is not mentioned that much in your country. USA is a force of stealing. And your corps are fattening people around the world and poisoning them and you spread destructive capitalism around the world. Not only that if an actress exposes her breasts in Hollywood then she is out and gone from any job in that fucking Tinseltown. Your country is so diseased but at the same time so fruitful. So many people that have so much driving strength for the better but they are at this moment in time not so much listened to but it s changing and you are one of those that seems to be a little voice but are strengthening voice. Those people that doubt themselves because they think that they are not worth it.

    • irij
      irij 13 days ago

      Godwin Gecko Sure bud.

  • Beryknm Jones
    Beryknm Jones 17 days ago +1

    One of the saddest movies I've ever had the chance to see . I cried laughed everytime he laughed . On the second watch too. I want to see if It'll happen on the third watch.

  • Beryknm Jones
    Beryknm Jones 17 days ago


  • paul taylor
    paul taylor 17 days ago

    Dark as shit ! Fucking loved it ! What a movie ! What a performance! 10/10

  • KingJeremy77
    KingJeremy77 17 days ago

    I saw the Joker opening weekend and I have not stopped thinking about the movie since I saw it, it was that amazing. I cannot wait for it to come out on Blu-ray.

  • kizuna95
    kizuna95 17 days ago

    The film is perfect in my eyes 😂

  • Kitty xoxo
    Kitty xoxo 17 days ago

    This is just my opinion but a lot of people had a hard time watching Joker cause of the fact that "mental illness" plays a big role in this movie and they have a hard time seeing how he can get by, just by himself rather and being bullied, we know our humanity would defend people that try to bully others with a mental illness and in some cases we DON'T know that someone has an illness (its not visible) and this is probably the hardest pill to swallow when you watch the movie because no one is really able to help him but himself.
    this is why it was hard for me to watch but also amazed that his acting portrayed the illness so freaking well, he didn't shy from it and he was unable to hide it (through cringe moments on bus for example).

  • John Smith
    John Smith 18 days ago

    This is why being a single mum isn’t good for children . They need to be with there dads

  • come to roast leave roasted

    Idk man I really really did not like the movie. Don’t get me wrong tho Joaquin Phoenix performance was absolutely amazing and very believable. But I think I was prepared to see something similar to Heath ledgers joker which was kind of entertaining and sort of set in a fantasy world cos there isn’t a real life Gotham/Batman/joker like that. But this movie was much darker. This joker seems like he could actually live today maybe not wearing a joker outfit and makeup but still exist today and I think that’s why people either think it’s boring or too dark and scary. But idk could be wrong just my opinion.

  • David Bolha
    David Bolha 19 days ago

    Gotham once got the hero it deserved.
    Now it will get the monster it made.

  • T Barrett
    T Barrett 19 days ago

    Just joined the Billion Dollar Club this week and is now the most commercially successful 'comic book movie' of all time, given it's low production costs and relatively minimal marketing campaign. Congrats to everyone involved with Joker.

  • JustAnotherPaddy
    JustAnotherPaddy 21 day ago

    He’s crying in the laugh

  • Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand 21 day ago

    "It's almost like it physically hurts him [...] as if he can't stop" That's the point I realized emergency awesome is not exactly the smartest potato out there.

  • Jordan Peters
    Jordan Peters 22 days ago

    It is weird that the Joker film is getting treated different than the way Breaking Bad gets treated and they aren’t doing anything different than what they did.

  • Hunter5515
    Hunter5515 23 days ago

    Ngl i thought the movie was boring and i dont see what all the hype is about they constantly bash u over the head about the sad shit that goes on in his life and they just drag that out tbh it would have been better if he turned into the joker in the middle of the movie then carry out the rest of the movie as him as the joker

    • irij
      irij 13 days ago

      Hunter5515 It isn't boring.

  • Tony Clifton
    Tony Clifton 23 days ago

    A lesson in social determinism and causality mixed with psychosis and desperation it has nothing to do with pity. I give the movie 8 stars out of ten.

  • tims
    tims 23 days ago

    It's had a profound effect on me this movie.
    Just show that any of us could become that mad.
    We do see it on real life no people as a joker but the mentally ill.
    Need help but no one's cares and before to Long we hear about someone having killed someone or Lot of people.
    Great film by the way

  • Humza Hussaini
    Humza Hussaini 23 days ago

    I cried and I wasn't sure why. That's how good this movie is!

  • god son
    god son 24 days ago

    Saw it today

  • god son
    god son 24 days ago

    To damn good

  • F T
    F T 24 days ago +1

    movie sucks

  • Kristufar Burhtun
    Kristufar Burhtun 24 days ago

    Best review so far

  • Zenbeach Traveler
    Zenbeach Traveler 24 days ago

    i'll wait for this on HBO OR NETFLIX

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 24 days ago

    Joker, A- to A+. Very relevant to today's times, yet can be timeless as well. A+. Go see Joker. And again. And again. So many details.

  • loitermanart
    loitermanart 25 days ago

    I kept thinking of Clockwork Orange as well.

  • Storm
    Storm 25 days ago

    anybody know if da joker shows anything bad?

  • Rico Roman
    Rico Roman 25 days ago

    Have not seen a better movie this this decade....gave me chills. A+

  • Anthony Dobrin
    Anthony Dobrin 25 days ago

    I finished watching it about an hour ago. This has to be Oscar-Worthy for best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack.

  • Reiner Barbosa
    Reiner Barbosa 26 days ago

    The joke at the end of the movie is that he's a white male of the patriarchy and the woman is an uneducated and oppressed minority. That's why she won't get the joke.

  • dmrc43
    dmrc43 27 days ago +3

    When he makes himself smile with his blood, damn I got chills.

  • Chronica
    Chronica 27 days ago

    Arthur's laugh is not a result of an illness or brain injury. His mother when questioned about her sons abuse at the hands of her boyfriend simply replies that he's a happy boy that always laughs and smiles. This is referring to Arthur being invisible to his mother during those acts of abuse and his screams do not evoke a response from her as she blocks out the traumatic acts. She is in denial and gives no attention to what he is being subjected to. His only defence is to laugh so that he is visible to her in the hope of ending the assault. The psychological damage from his abuse causes Arthur to laugh during traumatic and stressful situations as a defense mechanism; a behaviour learned from childhood to mask his fear and seek help through attention.
    Also, his dancing after a violent altercation isn't because of the enjoyment he feels, but rather its another defence mechanism called avoidance that disconnects him from his actions and allows him to take himself to another place where he feels happy. This detachment is a means of coping with situations that trigger trauma. Its a temporary evasion of reality for protection.

  • thethikboy
    thethikboy 27 days ago

    Joker is what movies should be about - fine art. Not scraping the bottom of the barrel of American culture - uh comic books.

  • k a r i n a
    k a r i n a 27 days ago

    I liked the new Joker, but I just *really wish he could have been “the Joker” longer than just the end of the movie”*
    Would have loved if we could see him like that more after his development 🖤

  • Hailey Triest
    Hailey Triest 28 days ago

    One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time

  • Brian Yule
    Brian Yule 28 days ago

    Why so serious?

  • Gunnslinger777
    Gunnslinger777 28 days ago

    Loved it.. was intense and a movie that should be deen several times..

  • Jeff the killer
    Jeff the killer 29 days ago +1

    Man Heath Ledgers Joker looks like me

  • Treyology3
    Treyology3 Month ago

    He was adopted we still dont know his origin

  • Troy thompson
    Troy thompson Month ago

    B+???!!! What are you a douche bag this movie was magnificent

  • Adrian Hetmanski
    Adrian Hetmanski Month ago

    New Joker is the best movie in over a decade, truly special.

  • Joya Johnson
    Joya Johnson Month ago +4

    I damn near fell out of my seat when the whole relationship with Sophie was made up. Everyone gasped in that theater.