Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)


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  • Madelyn doll channe l
    Madelyn doll channe l 23 hours ago

    I'm not lerning anything spent three hours nothing learned you wasted my time completely

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen Day ago

    Are you trying to tell me that music is just a bunch of patterns?

  • Carl SAGAN
    Carl SAGAN 2 days ago

    3:58 i m an instant piano genious Yeykss

  • Fred Miller
    Fred Miller 2 days ago

    Watching this once and now my friends are calling me Mozart

  • Tim Pham
    Tim Pham 2 days ago

    Teaching to fast

  • Limestar
    Limestar 4 days ago


  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 4 days ago

    **** this **** i'm out

  • Baibhav singh
    Baibhav singh 4 days ago

    Thank you sir, I learned all the chords in one day.. excellent technique.. love you.

  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurung 5 days ago

    Isnt it more convectional if you use C your number 1in index

    THECITYDJ 5 days ago

    Amazing my friend. Student, and now sub.

  • Drawing with Prajal
    Drawing with Prajal 5 days ago

    i just got a piano!! now i am learning how to play

  • Adrianna Delcuadro Tello

    I was looking for The song begin of bts jungkooks solo in piano and i accidently pressed this sayong beginnig training i thought it said begin as The song ahh

  • Norman Erram Jr.
    Norman Erram Jr. 6 days ago

    It is a good tutorial to learn major and minor chord!

  • banjo32
    banjo32 6 days ago

    boom! learned how to play piano INSTANTLY... who knew that it only takes 10 minutes to master an instrument? that was easy.

  • Serkan Demirhan
    Serkan Demirhan 7 days ago

    Except learning piano now I know ABCDEFG and 12345678....... Easy.

  • KingSadim
    KingSadim 8 days ago

    This really works, watched this once having never played a piano before and I'm now at concert pianist level. Got a 6 pack too and my whites are whiter than ever in the wash

  • Hi Buddy
    Hi Buddy 9 days ago

    I’ve been playing the trumpet for 4 years, and this just blew my mind

  • BLINKing ONCE in Harmony
    BLINKing ONCE in Harmony 10 days ago +1

    why is your voice intimidating to me?

  • Fake Bobby Hill
    Fake Bobby Hill 10 days ago +2

    Pro secrets seems like a bad “beginners lesson one”.

  • ImLostInMyOwnMind -
    ImLostInMyOwnMind - 10 days ago +18

    After watching this for the first time, I am able to play Moonlight sonata (3rd movement)

  • xoxo hyomin
    xoxo hyomin 11 days ago

    urghh so hard

  • Candrikarad TV
    Candrikarad TV 11 days ago

    Cooool best tutorial video so far

    SYMPHONY OF CHRIST 11 days ago +1

    I want to be a professional keyboardist

  • cxx23
    cxx23 12 days ago +1

    Im just getting started and can't currently read music but I completely understand major scales now. Thank you so much I'm giggling like a school girl.
    I'm going to come back to this video after I've gotten them down and watch the rest about minor scales.
    Any other beginners out there dont expect to know how to play during the video. Practice, it's a bit like math, although Im terrible at math.

  • Nicole Paikkatt
    Nicole Paikkatt 12 days ago


  • Taetzu Kim
    Taetzu Kim 13 days ago

    Am I the only one who watched this without a piano?like boi how can i learnedcorrectly!sorry 4 my bad eng

  • Christopher Februarie
    Christopher Februarie 13 days ago

    Thank you

  • J C
    J C 14 days ago


  • Scott Crawford
    Scott Crawford 14 days ago

    I thought this was supposed to teach me clarinet =_=

    • Scott Crawford
      Scott Crawford 14 days ago

      Yes I just commented on my own comment (+_+)

  • R D. the rising sun.
    R D. the rising sun. 14 days ago

    3.6k dislikes? 😂😂.. Those must be the music teacher.. Music should be practice by urself after learning the basics coz teachers will gona teach u the things which he had learned from his teacher.. 😁😁.. In between those teacher student robotic system some real natural musician becomes unique n famous coz music is all about real feel.... So be urself n aftr learning basics try to explore by urslf♥️


    I know ..cause my thumb is there...

  • Bruce Sedgwick
    Bruce Sedgwick 15 days ago

    Very helpful man. Thanks for the vid!

  • Jbee14 TH
    Jbee14 TH 15 days ago

    Short but enough :) great basic lesson.

  • One Hmong
    One Hmong 16 days ago


  • Fabrice Nyuykongi
    Fabrice Nyuykongi 16 days ago

    thats so good

  • Zaria Brown
    Zaria Brown 16 days ago

    You made this so simple omgg thank you! And using this number method will make it easier for me to understand key signatures as well bc by using the numbers to figure out the composition of a scale you can then identify which notes are sharp or flat in a scale easier instead of having to learn what is sharp or flat first which can be more difficult

  • xYottaByte Gaming
    xYottaByte Gaming 16 days ago

    when you are too consious and you process A-G then 1-8 then after all of that process that took a total of a minute just to press 1 key... wow.

  • moog Dome
    moog Dome 17 days ago +2

    brilliant but a bit rushed for me. thank you so much.

  • OnlyArion
    OnlyArion 17 days ago

    In Germany you actually start with C and B is called H.
    So its C D E F G A H which is totally confusing and doesnt make any sense. I taught music theory myself through Videos in English language and whenever I write an exam in music I write down the notes using the english system subconsciously

  • JazGranger Z
    JazGranger Z 17 days ago

    Thank you!!!😊😊😊

  • Gaunt Maple
    Gaunt Maple 17 days ago

    I was skeptical starting this video but was surprised when it actually taught me how to recognize and play chords. Bravo

  • DaEpikTrolle
    DaEpikTrolle 18 days ago

    Basically to remember any scale just remember WHOLE WHOLE HALF WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE HALF for minor and WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE HALF WHOLE WHOLE HALF

  • slljarvis
    slljarvis 18 days ago

    At 4:28 you say "a major scale is all whole notes", which is corrected as you go on to "all whole notes except..." but this would cause confusion if anybody is actually listening properly, and I think you should have corrected it.

  • MsGreece24
    MsGreece24 18 days ago

    Thank you so much i was able to play a song with basic chords from what I learned here`!

    DIVINA SHARMA 20 days ago

    What!!!! It al went just 9ver my head the way I do is wayyyyy easier!!!! This is just making me cry!!

  • Seldom Seen
    Seldom Seen 20 days ago


    MOCHI'S_NEW_JAMS xx 20 days ago +2

    1:43 🎶🎵"If you wanna be my baby it don't matter if you're black or white" 🎵🎶

  • Kamrul Hassan
    Kamrul Hassan 21 day ago +2

    Any lessons as how to strike musical triangle !

  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Michelle Rodriguez 21 day ago

    this man is my saviour

  • big boat on da track

    Thanks much

  • Pragun Sharma
    Pragun Sharma 21 day ago

    Nice tutorial. But one observation. At 8:12, when you moved fingers for F major, you didn't change the numbering for keys correspondingly. There is a full step from 3 to 4 rather than half which you taught earlier.
    Anyways, I think we should just remember Major 3-2, Minor 2-3. That would suffice.

  • Rishuraj 2004
    Rishuraj 2004 21 day ago

    Phaltu but you can do it

  • Angel Na Eun
    Angel Na Eun 21 day ago

    I thought this was easier than the violin?

  • Beata Karpiel
    Beata Karpiel 22 days ago

    Stupid. Thinking about how many notes you have in between.. it's so much easier to learn a few basic chords like C D E F G A H/B and a few more like Dm Em or Cis Fis and that's it. You can play keyboard. If you want to play piano you can play just octaves on left hand(for example Little finger plays C and thumb plays C but higher) and notes on right. This numering and whole math in this video is just stupid

    JIMIN'S LOST JAMS 22 days ago

    Is there a difference between piano and keyboard?

      JIMIN'S LOST JAMS 12 days ago

      赤羽総悟 ohhh but are there any difference between the keys? are they same? do keyboards and piano produce the same sound? sorry for many quetionssss

    • 赤羽総悟
      赤羽総悟 13 days ago +1

      Piano is an acoustic instrument whereas a keyboard is an electric instrument. It's best to learn on a piano because it has weighted keys (heavy keys) but if you're only a beginner and don't have much money to spend, a keyboard is the best. Try to buy one with weighted keys just to build up finger strength and let you become more adjusted to playing a real piano if you plan to.

  • Sharoon joseph
    Sharoon joseph 22 days ago

    What is major scale???

  • Intan Alzena Zagarino
    Intan Alzena Zagarino 23 days ago

    Wtffffffff its a hack wooo

  • G Booze
    G Booze 24 days ago

    Damn in the beginning i wasnt catchin wut u were sayin but i get it now at the chords part. Thanks

  • Peace Ninja
    Peace Ninja 24 days ago

    It’s too hard!! 😫

  • Karmen J
    Karmen J 25 days ago

    O yes, I was waiting for you to say the magic words - Michael Jackson! :))) SOLD. :D Cause that man was a perfectionist. ;)

  • Russel Dcosta
    Russel Dcosta 25 days ago

    Thnk you.. dat was so easy..

  • Giovanni Giorgio
    Giovanni Giorgio 25 days ago +1

    this is the most *ONE SMALL TRICK - PIANO TEACHERS HATE HIM* crap I've ever seen XD

  • Archer Cat
    Archer Cat 25 days ago +1

    Too bad I can’t count to 8...

  • Bethuel Govene
    Bethuel Govene 26 days ago

    Thank you; It is easier this way

  • Luke Simpson
    Luke Simpson 27 days ago

    How long does it take me to become an “instant” piano genius again?

  • Sizwe Ndlanzi
    Sizwe Ndlanzi 27 days ago

    I'm watching this coz I'm literally sitting next to a gorgeous grand piano, and I'm not leaving till I play at least one song

  • Kalesh Kala
    Kalesh Kala 29 days ago

    i learn something more about scale thanks for video

  • Kevin Mylvin
    Kevin Mylvin Month ago

    this is too good ...

  • N O R A
    N O R A Month ago

    *watched them video*
    Me: Mom, can you buy me a piano?

  • Gloria Chavez
    Gloria Chavez Month ago

    6:26 im confused, why didnt u use the black key for 6 like u did for 3?

  • Shy Shankar
    Shy Shankar Month ago

    you are a very good teacher in just a 10 min I learn a lot...

  • veer gosain
    veer gosain Month ago

    Anyone who live in new Delhi ...play piano or keyboard good. Pls contact me I need it ....

  • alwayswithjc
    alwayswithjc Month ago

    God you must be genius! it took me hundreds of hours to study and I havent figured it yet. But you teach me in just 15 minutes! I wish I knew you as earlier as possible in my life. Heartily thanks for your teaching!

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell Month ago +1

    Eh Am’ Black Key CJ

    ROCKSTAR E Month ago

    How to play Alan Walker Faded

  • kingsouther
    kingsouther Month ago

    Are you still actively offering any courses??? 2018 and no other videos apart from 4. Would be interested to learn more

  • Lui Pee
    Lui Pee Month ago


  • floyd simmons
    floyd simmons Month ago

    You have changed my life musically! Thank you

  • Emily Sutherland
    Emily Sutherland Month ago

    Wow! This is super helpful! Thank you so much

  • Basic Strings
    Basic Strings Month ago

    amazing loved it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Filitoo Mbukwizm
    Filitoo Mbukwizm Month ago

    This guy is optimistic teacher

  • alif rahman jaelani

    Hi how to press key 😁

  • Dub Tzar
    Dub Tzar Month ago

    Wow ive learnt alot already in 2 mins!

  • Suckonmyknob
    Suckonmyknob Month ago

    The comments are entertaining

  • Jailey Jaine
    Jailey Jaine Month ago

    I am confusion

  • Elena Jamison
    Elena Jamison Month ago

    1:26 start of advice

  • Charlie Martin
    Charlie Martin Month ago

    I love the Nashville number system

  • Armz73
    Armz73 Month ago

    Awesome training! Love it!

  • Hansel Barlowe
    Hansel Barlowe Month ago

    I really wanna learn but I guess it won't be that easy on android piano app

  • hei hei
    hei hei Month ago

    In Norway it is AHCDEFG

  • AlteredM!nd
    AlteredM!nd Month ago

    damn..i think i just learned how to play the piano lol. thanks man, i love how you just get right to it.

  • Gabriel Velazquez
    Gabriel Velazquez Month ago

    damn.... this is pure gold. Thanks'

  • Landon Cunningham
    Landon Cunningham Month ago

    Let me tell you guys - I haven't tried the site yet but what he is speaking here is absolute truth. I figured some of this out on my own through years of piecing it together. I started with piano at 8 and enjoyed it but moved on to band in junior high. I played Clarinet, Trumpet, and Saxophone - then moved on later to guitar around 15. I played a lot and practiced hard until I was about 21 - and I was good from a physical standpoint - but I never understood what I was doing - but having a good memory I could memorize about anything. When I was around 30 I tried out to play with a group in Nashville and I didn't know the Nashville Number System, which is connected to what he's talking about here. I decided to back off and look into it - that's when I started to unlock all he's telling you here. Trust me, this is the way to go. Learning and understand this stuff will make you a much better musician. You will be able to do the stuff you always wondered how other people are able to do - like play by ear. Start listening to intervals - and try to recognize them - don't worry about what note you are hearing but rather hear the distance between them. Anytime I listen to a song now I try to guess the intervals in my mind - I may not know what key the song is in, but when I figure it out I can almost already play it because I know the intervals. What you are learning here is based in music theory - and it will take you further than people who can only play sheet music. Don't get me wrong, that's a good skill - but you are essentially a glorified typist. I'm thrilled to have ran across this because often times I feel I am alone in my way of thinking with this stuff - but as I watched this it was like man - this is exactly how I would teach. I'd like to pick back up the piano now that I'm older, and I'm going to look into this further for sure! I'm not saying don't use other resources - but use this as the basis of all your understanding. This is how a foundation in music should be taught.

  • Celest
    Celest Month ago

    how to learn piano instantly... part one is ten minutes long

  • Kolbe Viator
    Kolbe Viator Month ago

    Are you following Alfred’s teach yourself to play book

  • anastasia bolsun
    anastasia bolsun Month ago

    Why am I watching this? I dont even like cats!

  • No name
    No name Month ago

    Piano teacher... Why the hell have you not taught me like this back then...

  • CurtLiom
    CurtLiom Month ago

    I took piano lessons for 5 years. You're telling me that I learned all of this in 5 years, when I could've learned it here in 10 minutes.

  • Akansh kumar
    Akansh kumar Month ago


  • Tastro
    Tastro Month ago +1

    In the middle