Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)


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  • Jayme Waitt
    Jayme Waitt Day ago

    I'm watching this

  • Texas Traveler
    Texas Traveler Day ago

    I counted to 8 just to make sure I could and sat down at my piano and started banging on it and it sounded nothing like 0:08. I want my money back!

  • Anondo Vubon
    Anondo Vubon Day ago

    excellent tutorial boss, i want to see you.
    Love From : Bangladesh

  • Jamie Guthrie
    Jamie Guthrie 2 days ago

    my mind was just fucked for 5 minutes so lost :-(

  • gina mathiana
    gina mathiana 2 days ago

    The best piano Teacher,thank you,tomorrow i gona buy my piano

  • Nohj D'Lareg Vitto
    Nohj D'Lareg Vitto 3 days ago +1

    I love piano but piano dont love me. 😢so sad

  • Lemmon Harris
    Lemmon Harris 3 days ago


  • Hikari5050
    Hikari5050 4 days ago

    **downloads perfect piano**

  • Mahan Hero
    Mahan Hero 4 days ago

    This is what know as STRAIGHT FORWARD.

  • Rom In
    Rom In 5 days ago


  • Lynn C
    Lynn C 5 days ago

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  • Iamfoxbrown
    Iamfoxbrown 6 days ago

    Taking notes in 2019

  • keroide 64
    keroide 64 6 days ago

    I'm confused

  • Marii
    Marii 6 days ago +1

    Okay you ARE a genius I'm shook

  • Sampath Swaroop
    Sampath Swaroop 6 days ago

    Super sir you are great
    That was very easy

  • Aoi Fukuda
    Aoi Fukuda 7 days ago

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Kiran kumar H J
    Kiran kumar H J 7 days ago

    is piano keys are as same as in keyboard pls asap tell me?

  • Donna Hudson
    Donna Hudson 7 days ago

    Either it's to Last at night. Man I don't know. Ugh. Give me a cello and good. But this is confusing.

  • hiplikedyani 101
    hiplikedyani 101 8 days ago

    I wanna play the keyboard and piano so bad but I have only one hand :( I don’t think I can do it.

  • ONeirda
    ONeirda 9 days ago

    Bloody name dropping up to 00:50. That's when I quit.

  • Carmela Pattillo Anuli Mokoroto

    WOW! I really understood that, and I have been trying to figure it out for ages. Piano lessons and all. I really did learn more in 10 minutes than I have in months of piano lessons.

  • Red Arrow
    Red Arrow 10 days ago

    How do I bend?

  • Dan Harrington
    Dan Harrington 11 days ago

    1:40 this man just solved racism

  • James Frederick
    James Frederick 11 days ago

    I am cured and didn't even need WebMD thanks to you!

  • Petra Jakob Merljak
    Petra Jakob Merljak 11 days ago

    A Google

  • Cats And Stars
    Cats And Stars 11 days ago

    This video is AMAZING where has it been all my life!!??

  • H.  Mercy
    H. Mercy 11 days ago


  • H.  Mercy
    H. Mercy 11 days ago

    I don’t see Anything “beginner” about this! What is “major and minor”? What’s the significance? Confusing as hell!

  • Iningu Esadia Victor
    Iningu Esadia Victor 11 days ago



    BERIPEIN 11 days ago

    Im here after listening OP opening Fight Together piano ver

  • meded moon
    meded moon 12 days ago

    Of course, a video that says, "become a master of .... "instantly", and this is the most viewed piano tutorial on TVclip. People are idiots. Go see the, "become a singer instantly" video i'm sure you'll be singing in no time.. Dumb asses.

  • Pärsâ
    Pärsâ 12 days ago +6

    But have you played with Rousseau?

  • Rinrini
    Rinrini 12 days ago

    Thank youuu

  • Real P
    Real P 12 days ago

    This is a crazy tutorial!Thanks

  • DeCrescendo Beats
    DeCrescendo Beats 12 days ago

    This was really helpful. I have this thing called a 'Piano Paper Notebook' which is basically just pictures of a piano that I can colour the notes in as I watch youtube videos. It is good but I still need to learn how to read music. I got it from Amazon for less than a fiver!

  • Amit Linux
    Amit Linux 12 days ago +12

    Let's start by fingering

  • djflipso
    djflipso 13 days ago

    this has simply been the best instructions i have ever gotten, i used to play the piano as a kid stopped playing, and recently picked it up again, but was having trouble with it untill i came across you video from a unboxing video, Subscribed and liked

  • Wubbzii_
    Wubbzii_ 13 days ago

    This video, is honestly so so sooo helpful and easy to understand unlike a lot of other videos I've seen😊

  • saul reynodar
    saul reynodar 13 days ago

    thank you sir

  • Kouga
    Kouga 13 days ago

    Why are you naming the top stars that the people you worked with have worked with themselves? That's a long shot :D

  • Teimur
    Teimur 13 days ago

    Learning to play the sax is hard using a piano.

  • freddiemercurious
    freddiemercurious 14 days ago

    Tim, am I missing something, or when one chords with the left hand, the pinky is finger 1, middle is 3 and thumb is 5? In the beginning of the video, you count out 1-5 on both hands, and you count the thumb on each hand as being 1, etc. This would make the "3 notes between 1 and 3, and 2 notes between 3 and 5 for major chords" statement wrong if talking about the left hand.

  • Bass Treble
    Bass Treble 15 days ago

    I just started playing the trumpet and I'm trying to re-learn all the scales with the tone and halftone system instead of the letter system, does anyone have experience with this system?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 15 days ago

    Didn't Michael Jackson have no experience with instruments at all?

  • s i
    s i 15 days ago

    Why am I here I don’t even have a piano 💀

  • Astoria Blaz Eincaster

    Hi! Umm, I want to learn the piano but I don't have a piano at home and there are no places in my city where I can take lessons. Can you recommend me some place I can buy a new or almost new grand piano for under $1000? Not looking for an upright piano, just grand piano.

  • Abd Aziz Abd Hamid
    Abd Aziz Abd Hamid 16 days ago

    its not what said here makes you good at piano. But the hours spend on practice does produce a pianist..

  • Matthew Lawton
    Matthew Lawton 17 days ago

    All you've done here is slap your own labels on basic notation and music theory, and in the process, robbed your new playing viewers of the ability to communicate with other musicians who took the extra 5 seconds to do it right. This is neither easier, nor healthier in the long term than learning it the right way.
    You are worse than hitler.

  • Rex Erection
    Rex Erection 18 days ago

    What's a chord and what makes music music? No clue what you're talking about but do want to learn keyboard. What's all these minors about.

  • Ericka McKinney
    Ericka McKinney 19 days ago

    Wow! Such a thorough and enlightening video! 😁

    WESSERPARAQUAT 20 days ago

    what do them black ones do if i press them , dis is weird

  • Robert Schreiber
    Robert Schreiber 20 days ago

    Piano genius ur a great teacher can you please post more videos and teach other chord types

  • babu kesavan
    babu kesavan 20 days ago

    Checkout my keyboard channel
    Pubg Bros 1 nishanthtennis

  • Ravi Pai-Panandiker
    Ravi Pai-Panandiker 20 days ago

    Thank you so much for posting this brilliant tutorial. It cleared a ton of concepts that were muddled in my head.

  • punchcar
    punchcar 20 days ago

    $240 a year estimated membership. Not hating just saying.

  • Keyboarding Natalie Hunt

    I tried my hardest but I suck a this

  • sassy scientist
    sassy scientist 21 day ago +1

    I'm so confused😭

  • Anthony Meszaros
    Anthony Meszaros 21 day ago

    wow this is helpful

  • LilBigBen
    LilBigBen 21 day ago

    this guy would be brutal as an irl tutor

  • Calvin Winardy
    Calvin Winardy 21 day ago

    When I played a song in my keyboard, I think it's fun to learn piano. But after see this whole video, that just made me stressed out because it that's made me like learn a pattern

  • Jessica Fallow Deer
    Jessica Fallow Deer 22 days ago +7

    I don’t have a piano yet, but I will in the future so I’m just watching all these videos for now 😂

    • Rachel
      Rachel 3 days ago


    • Neon Treble
      Neon Treble 16 days ago

      Just like how I keep watching violin tutorials but I dont have a violin, I said that in the future I would have one just like you but look at me now. 6 years laterband still doesn't have a violin.

    • Rosie D
      Rosie D 19 days ago

      Jessica Fallow Deer Nice pfp Jin-cult member😂

  • KountryCuz1
    KountryCuz1 22 days ago

    Well That was Easy enough Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

  • LiVeen
    LiVeen 22 days ago

    I think the claw thing made me summon a hand-possessing demon

    Rajan TURANTULA FAN 24 days ago

    sorry keyboard

    Rajan TURANTULA FAN 24 days ago

    i have kayboard

  • Bleh122602
    Bleh122602 24 days ago

    I got a piano for Christmas!! I’m so excited, I want to play covers of my fav song, but I gotta learn the basics first

  • lz식
    lz식 25 days ago

    oh wow this was literally posted 8 years ago, feel old yet?

  • movie pro videos
    movie pro videos 25 days ago

    Watching in 0.5x

    DOTNINETEEN .19 25 days ago

    7:16 pun

  • 7bg net
    7bg net 25 days ago

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    كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل مكوناته طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ وليس له أي أثار جانيه امن تماما.
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    كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء
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  • SuperHan
    SuperHan 26 days ago

    I can play Hungarian Rhapsody after watching this.

  • Pale Afè Yo
    Pale Afè Yo 26 days ago

    Wow Im so excited , thank you so much .

  • Luke Zealand
    Luke Zealand 27 days ago

    Very helpful, thank you bratha!

  • Wayne Tech
    Wayne Tech 28 days ago

    You sound like Saul Goodman

  • cottencandy xo
    cottencandy xo 28 days ago

    I tried to do this but my piano caught on fire :(

    Dont ask why

  • Erikson Tuazama
    Erikson Tuazama 29 days ago

    You heard the man “black and white are equal”

  • Airish Sya
    Airish Sya 29 days ago

    Tq this is really helpful... Too difficult for me to understand major n minor until I watched this video

  • Krishna Scott
    Krishna Scott 29 days ago

    very help full

  • Ruthik Pokharkar
    Ruthik Pokharkar Month ago

    Please continue this tutoiral its really so much good .Easy to learn from you the hsrd things

  • Samuel irenikase
    Samuel irenikase Month ago

    There is no short cut bro

  • MrBlackshot1996
    MrBlackshot1996 Month ago

    I want to play the e piano , can someone tell me what piano he is using ?or some good start pianos ?:)

  • sean header
    sean header Month ago

    ill stick with it

  • Sam Tiona
    Sam Tiona Month ago +103

    A sad chord is just a half step away from being a happy chord

    • nicholasse7enfold
      nicholasse7enfold 4 days ago

      It's like happiness and sadness are just half thought away..

    • Abishek Raju
      Abishek Raju 7 days ago

      all happy chords are just one step away from going back to being sad chords

    • Harriet Armstrong
      Harriet Armstrong Month ago

      First like because I am the dab police

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  Month ago +16

      Well said, you should be a motivational speaker! :-)

  • Kitw
    Kitw Month ago

    İt didint teach me anything .-.

  • Olivier Deschamps
    Olivier Deschamps Month ago

    And for the B and Bminor it’s a different figering?

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  Month ago

      B is the only Major/minor chord starting on a white note that the 5th note is a black note (F#), it's not different fingering (still 1-3-5) but B-Major is B-D#-F# and B-minor is B-D-F#. Because I covered so much *so quickly* in this video I didn't want to get bogged down explaining that differentiation, but other than the 5-note being a black note it's the same as the other chords covered. :-)

  • Kendall A.
    Kendall A. Month ago

    Does it work on a 61 key Electric Keyboard too? I haven't gotten one yet, but I should for Christmas.

  • Shivkumar Mudaliar
    Shivkumar Mudaliar Month ago

    Confused 😢😭

  • Dank 0verUs3d
    Dank 0verUs3d Month ago

    No one needed to know who u played for we came her to cheat piano lessons

  • Hong An
    Hong An Month ago

    somehow even your voice can be music to my ear :DDD

  • Suchismita mohapatra 2007


  • Mehrzad Safapour
    Mehrzad Safapour Month ago

    Thanks you are a d.. good teacher

  • 2, 3 Beats
    2, 3 Beats Month ago

    this is genius

  • Khan Thang
    Khan Thang Month ago

    Thank you so much...

  • Jackie Myers
    Jackie Myers Month ago

    You are really good at teaching piano notes. I really enjoyed your video. I learned a lot from it.

  • Mr Croco
    Mr Croco Month ago +3

    A real musician won't advice someone to take "shortcuts" since there are none in music, and goal achieving in general.

    • Tams80
      Tams80 Month ago +2

      Well, then. They wouldn't have problem with this video.

  • btrim1974
    btrim1974 Month ago

    you lost me at 1

  • dadpleasecomeback dad?

    This guy is the most non racist guy

  • Promote Smith
    Promote Smith Month ago

    You are the best

  • The Slayer708
    The Slayer708 Month ago

    My fingers are retarded I tell em to do something and they just can’t 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Joe Mcginnis
    Joe Mcginnis Month ago

    Name drop much?