Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)


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  • doinksauce
    doinksauce 4 hours ago

    I know lots of comments already on the correctness of his method, I'll just say, beauty of music is two fold where the thing is magic until you understand how to break it into pieces that aren't, like if a genius says he's got a system, is he really still a genius, or just the first guy of the smartest of the musicians in curreng existence?
    I wanted to play piano again cuz - it's inspired to me in a movie that connected with my visual imagination, but don't let the other parts of your brain ruin your soul's connection to music, music is very much like linguistics, abd driven timelessly by culture

  • El shaddai kpg Pahar
    El shaddai kpg Pahar 21 hour ago

    Awesome sir

  • Jj Jhon Marlon Edra
    Jj Jhon Marlon Edra 22 hours ago +1

    It doesn't matter if it's white or black
    Stop racism

  • Ian Graham
    Ian Graham Day ago

    For some reason, my second and forth fingers are being pure d*ckheads!!

  • Mike Millwood
    Mike Millwood 2 days ago

    If you learn keyboards from a robot, you will sound like a robot- no feeling, no soul. To become a skilled musician or producer it takes something that you can't get from robots--EXPERIENCE-- which takes practice, performance, training your ear and learning many songs and music theory. Anyone who tells you different is a liar and just wants your money. Be who you are-HUMAN and interact with other humans.

  • T-World Music
    T-World Music 2 days ago

    Nice knowledge sir 😀👍👍😀

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot 2 days ago

    yeah nice rubbing your own dick at the start... we get it you're *awesome* specially after giving such useless advice

  • Juan Nunez
    Juan Nunez 3 days ago

    Liked your modesty..😂

  • Ezaarkash
    Ezaarkash 3 days ago

    Awesome ! such great help of putting it together - right hand and left hand numbering, finding the major and minor scales, and finding major and minor chords.
    Formulas - so for major scales the formula is: Root (e.g. C, D, A, or B wherever you start from), then two whole steps, then half step, (3 and 4 half steps and 7 and 8 are half steps) so the C major = C D E F G A B C- all white keys - and D major scale will be therefore - D E F# G A B C# D -- just following the pattern for all other major scales.
    Full (root), full, full, half, full, full, full .... HUH?
    Minor scales (half steps are between 2 and 3 and 5 and 6) therefore A minor scale will be all white keys ABCDEFG where B&C and E&F are half steps. So the formula is: (root) full - full, half, full, full, half, full full - so E minor will be E F# GABCDE - where F# is the only black key played, but in D Major F# and C# are the two black keys played.
    Major chord is happy, minor chord is Sad - Triad - combination of three keys, starting from the key of your root - and played with three full steps for a Major chord (using the 1, 3 and 5) therefore for C major, it will be CEG - (trust me, I can't bend my fingers either - my 2 and 4 refuses to bend out of the way) So there are three half steps (3 notes) between the 1 and 3 and 2 notes between 3 and 5. Using this formula, you can find the other chords so F chord will be F A C and D Chord will be D F# A
    Minor chords - the difference is reverse of the space between 1 and 3 finger and 3 and 5. meaning that there are 2 keys between 1 and 3 and three notes between 3 and 5. Therefore, the C minor chord will be: C D# G and E minor will be E G B. cool..

  • Lodaria Sanket
    Lodaria Sanket 4 days ago

    Teach a vithal vithal nath

  • logi pp
    logi pp 4 days ago

    1:42 was great

  • Alba Boy Xx
    Alba Boy Xx 4 days ago

    watching this a month and still nothing

  • Raul Bowers
    Raul Bowers 5 days ago

    I liked the video side notes pretty much when your playing, reflect on.

  • Enias K.
    Enias K. 5 days ago

    god daaaaaaaaaaaamn it looks boringgg but i gues the procces of learning is boring but after you have learned the real fun begins

  • Assasin 4869
    Assasin 4869 6 days ago

    C,F, and G majors are white keys.
    Just to inform the beginners

  • onZampie
    onZampie 7 days ago +1

    1:43 I cant belive this man just fixed racism.

  • prinston fdo
    prinston fdo 7 days ago

    sir comparing the all the qualities which one is best one in yamaha i455 or e453

  • GeeGee Gee
    GeeGee Gee 7 days ago

    Amazing very informative

  • Ruchika E
    Ruchika E 8 days ago

    This is frickin genius. Thank you so much!

  • Luke The Puke
    Luke The Puke 8 days ago

    I got keys, coming from my west seeds

  • vijay bhagat
    vijay bhagat 8 days ago

    I learn so many things I learnt so many things from this video

  • Ssecky Kenneth
    Ssecky Kenneth 8 days ago

    Wow! Good teacher

  • Patrick Queen
    Patrick Queen 8 days ago

    wowww this is really straightforward and easy to follow

  • Yash Khandelwal
    Yash Khandelwal 9 days ago

    Someone please help me to understand this🙁

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 9 days ago

    How come he didn’t skip 5-6 but did 2-3?

  • Howard Huge
    Howard Huge 9 days ago

    Not very didactic

  • Lily Barry
    Lily Barry 9 days ago

    What the heck is that disclaimer about? Wasting your time?

  • Manju Roy
    Manju Roy 10 days ago

    I understood what you are saying in the first time, but I had to watch it once more to memorize all this, and I say, it was just awesome. I learnt it all so fast!

  • That Rush!
    That Rush! 10 days ago

    *Pianos arent Racist*
    That’s all I Learnt..!

  • Sanjima Vaz
    Sanjima Vaz 10 days ago

    lovely ...thanks for making piano chords easy to rmbr

  • Astral Cosmos Celestial the Third

    These are just basic chords for beginners and the notes arent even taught through the alphabet :/ learning C to C is much easier than learning A to A because it's easy to locate C always. C has been my A for all of my piano years

  • LilDtownBarbie
    LilDtownBarbie 11 days ago

    I wanna a piano now 0.0

  • Joseph Mwabange
    Joseph Mwabange 11 days ago

    I feel like I know how,by following the numbers, incredibly

  • Jason Gaming
    Jason Gaming 11 days ago

    So whats the purpose of learning major and minor chords ? Lol got confused cant we just learn every keynote?

  • The Stillzimmer
    The Stillzimmer 11 days ago

    Thank you very much. Damn.... You are a Genius....... Ich have watched this Video the 3rd time.... Nice

  • Neon Lightz
    Neon Lightz 11 days ago

    This hurts my hand :/

  • Barbara Harris
    Barbara Harris 13 days ago

    very good thanks

  • Neo Chimera
    Neo Chimera 13 days ago

    Lord Jesus this helped me a lot thanks!

    MIKE VON BACH 14 days ago


  • Pinky Green
    Pinky Green 15 days ago

    Genius? Yeah, I'd have to be a genius to figure this out. LOL!

  • aiyanna peoples
    aiyanna peoples 15 days ago

    U add too many words... U just talk too much

  • FN RED
    FN RED 16 days ago

    I want to learn the piano so bad

  • xavier lopez
    xavier lopez 17 days ago

    Amazing. This is such an easy way of explain it

  • DarBear Films
    DarBear Films 17 days ago

    Thank You for this! ❤️ I learned a lot.

  • Bakers Jad Baked
    Bakers Jad Baked 17 days ago

    i play a guitar, and i'm just starting to learn how to play piano. this thing right here is so INFORMATIVE THANKS MAN!

  • Lucky Vyas
    Lucky Vyas 18 days ago

    thank you sir...

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched 18 days ago


  • Maggie Callaway
    Maggie Callaway 18 days ago

    This helped so much

  • June
    June 19 days ago

    Thank you

  • MrViolero
    MrViolero 19 days ago

    Great ! I want more....

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 19 days ago

    Good job show off! Just kidding. I wish. I bet could I learn I'd go somwhere

  • Lø S
    Lø S 20 days ago

    Gosh the struggle of being European and learning both of the notes systems (I was lost when I first heard you say ABCDEFG) 😂

  • Skynet
    Skynet 20 days ago

    Im a piano genius already

    PINKU CREATIONS 20 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • KeepingUpWithThe Bangtans

    WOWWW....I zoned out as soon as he started counting...man how did I pass school

  • Kiki That's it
    Kiki That's it 20 days ago


  • Barbara Lewis
    Barbara Lewis 21 day ago

    i love piano

  • StrawberryMilk
    StrawberryMilk 21 day ago

    i have a 54 key keyboard. would everything be the same?

  • Peter Nothof
    Peter Nothof 21 day ago

    Message me for piano lessons.

  • james stpatrick
    james stpatrick 21 day ago

    I dont know how to play piano but im going to give it a crack!! im gonna invest in a piano and just watch tons of video after video on TVclip till i master it! nothing is impossible with God. you can do anything if you put your mind to it! never doubt yourself can i get a amen!!!!!!!!!

  • Frederick Johnnie
    Frederick Johnnie 21 day ago

    I could teach you

  • nidya sari
    nidya sari 22 days ago

    playback speed 0.75x :))

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 24 days ago

    Well i watch this without having an own Piano :( T'challa sad

  • Elsie Kirk
    Elsie Kirk 24 days ago

    Now here's a guy I would like to have a my piano teacher smch

  • Kabz Labz
    Kabz Labz 25 days ago

    Min Yoongi brought me here 😂😂😂😂

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton 26 days ago

    you should start with the definitions of chord, major, scale, etc... It would only take a minute or two

  • soundxcrash
    soundxcrash 26 days ago

    whoa this is so cool ! I get it and Its so cool how u can figure out the major and minor scales

  • Perfext Smilez
    Perfext Smilez 26 days ago

    I don’t think people would understand they number systems or the scale because it’s confusing for some people like me i like the letters better than the numbers

  • Shom Chandra
    Shom Chandra 26 days ago

    This isn't a trick and its the same thing all piano teachers teach. Its utterly stupid.

  • Shom Chandra
    Shom Chandra 26 days ago

    This is completely useless if you have any music theory knowledge. This just dumbs it down for beginners. Also, I don't recommend this to beginners because if you are to learn this way you will be utterly confused by any real music on a score.

  • Kim Win
    Kim Win 26 days ago

    It may appear confusing to many people. You only need to learn (watch and play on piano) and memorize ONE thing at a time from this video BEFORE going to the next "thing". Trying to learn all at once will be very confusing. I would guess, if you learn all from this video, 4 weeks are really good. Even 6 weeks to absorb these are really worth it. Do not forget to play on the piano as you learn, that's how one memorize these. People with "mathematical skill" learns these faster (Remember the man says 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, etc.... ) Once you get these, you can play any major and minor chords. Same principles apply for more complicated chords such as major 7, dominant 7, diminished .etc.... You will not need to buy chord charts.
    This video is excellent by explaining some music theory in a logical manner.

  • MonaAlicia
    MonaAlicia 26 days ago

    Very interesting! I have so many questions on why the black keys are used in some chords and not the white keys underneath. I am guessing they are in fact different sounds!

  • Ava HH girl
    Ava HH girl 27 days ago


  • Melanie Loves art
    Melanie Loves art 27 days ago

    Thanks you’ve been A big help

  • RecklessAt MeBestest
    RecklessAt MeBestest 27 days ago

    Awesome! Very helpful, thank you

  • Rita Santos
    Rita Santos 27 days ago

    I've had so many music lessons why didn't I understamd it then but understood it in 10 min! Great video

  • shadow fire
    shadow fire 27 days ago

    This helped alot...Thank you so much...I will have to go through it a few times...But the concept makes sense

  • Funny Comedy
    Funny Comedy 29 days ago

    Bhosadi ke tu chutiya hai

  • Ashwini Rabidas
    Ashwini Rabidas 29 days ago

    I don't even have a piano but I loved it

    NONASHNIDER Month ago

    RIP fingers ....

  • Richard Jordan
    Richard Jordan Month ago

    Boom!! This is Epic!! I'm moving from guitar to piano theory and man this video just brought in so much light! Thanks you very much! I'm learning the basics for logic pro x and production! Woow! Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it! This is already helping me. I feel like I just moved from beginner to intermediate chord player hehe!

  • Ming A
    Ming A Month ago

    tbh i almost fell asleep

  • LOUlou
    LOUlou Month ago

    I have no idea what i just watched lol i feel like an idiot and i want to cry XD

  • Sasha The Wolf
    Sasha The Wolf Month ago

    Low key didn’t help me

  • Park Ela
    Park Ela Month ago

    I finished the video without learning a single thing😑I'm an idiot😐

  • Simon Lomax
    Simon Lomax Month ago

    Whole whole half whole whole whole half. Thats a major scale.

  • Chan Myae Cho
    Chan Myae Cho Month ago

    You don't need shortcuts,all u need to do is know how to read the notes and train hard.😑

  • Rutwick Gangurde
    Rutwick Gangurde Month ago

    That's WWHWWWH - Major. And WHWWHWW for Minor.

  • B 51 HTM
    B 51 HTM Month ago

    I used to learn from childhood to CDEFGABC instead of ABCDEFG.

  • Blue Rabbit
    Blue Rabbit Month ago

    What???? I'm more confused now. This may work for some but it's definitely not for me. My head is spinning.

  • justkeepthefaith18
    justkeepthefaith18 Month ago

    Definitely not for beginner

  • The Minecrafter
    The Minecrafter Month ago

    What if you don’t know how to count to eight

  • social 8b2018_19
    social 8b2018_19 Month ago

    i dont wanna learn piano but my dad is forcing me

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    A-minor is racist!

  • Linkyboy
    Linkyboy Month ago

    This is more music theory than how to play a piano >_>

  • Vikrant Singh Sengar

    Very helpful

  • Jshinta Jashoa
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  • Joel Stephen
    Joel Stephen Month ago

    Just amazing !n

  • Brooke Gallimore
    Brooke Gallimore Month ago

    I'm getting a keyboard/piano in a week, and a ukulele too😊😊

  • Scotty - KoDomino
    Scotty - KoDomino Month ago