Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2010
  • PianoGenius.com Learn what you need to sound like a pro from a working musician who knows the tricks. Use this special "Number System" to short-cut your learning curve and be able to play 100+ songs almost immediately.
    This teaches you a lot quickly, and you'll learn how to actually understand everything and be able to play yourself, much faster than with traditional piano lessons.
    This is a piano tutorial for beginners, but even if you are an intermediate piano player you will pick up some shortcuts about recognizing chords and intervals quickly by watching this fast-moving video.
    This is Beginning Piano Lesson Part One, make sure to watch Part Two also. You'll discover how working musicians learn music by ear... I've rehearsed and recorded with world-class musicians who've played with artists like Journey, Rick Springfield, Billy Idol, Melissa Ethridge, Alice Cooper, Richard Marx, Michael Jackson, Boz Skaggs, Barry White, Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Elvis Costello, Macy Gray, and many others...
    I'll show you how THEY work out songs, learn chords fast, play songs quickly, and how you can do the same thing and impress your friends by becoming an "Instant Piano Genius". :-)
    What else about learning and playing the piano are you having trouble with? Leave your comments and questions below, and be sure to subscribe to my TVclip channel.
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  • Scarlet_ Heign
    Scarlet_ Heign 9 hours ago

    @ 0:39 Wait...Did I Just He- *GASP* Alice Cooper....? Wait...Betty coo- ... OMG RIVERDALE!😂

  • Eloisa Aubrey
    Eloisa Aubrey 2 days ago

    Whos here bcoz of your lie in april? ✋

  • Nimo Abdullahi
    Nimo Abdullahi 2 days ago

    so hard

  • Namjoon's Dimples Love Myself

    Is it okay if I star labeling the key chords to learn faster?

  • Kelvin Agboso
    Kelvin Agboso 3 days ago

    Please which piano do you advice I get to practice with and hopefully play pro with

  • sachin aykara
    sachin aykara 4 days ago

    Dude thats amazing

  • Amynism -
    Amynism - 4 days ago

    I think I’ll learn easily.. I’ll be back here.

  • RealTimeX
    RealTimeX 4 days ago +1

    I was just waiting to hear "Michael Jackson"

  • myles adams
    myles adams 6 days ago

    Thanks that wa helpful.

    HARUN 6 days ago

    Came here because I want to become a film composer and I've realised it's actually much easier when you can play a midi keyboard as well lul

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Absolutely! I have a drummer friend who has composed some amazing film score demos using a midi keyboard connected to sound banks (that have symphony sounds etc), and he can't really play piano... He can sound out the notes he hears in his head and record them in a slowed down mode. Being able to do that all starts at the same point as this video, which is understanding the "number system", how the notes in a scale are related and what it sounds like to move between those notes and chords. :-)

  • Jebaraj Solomon
    Jebaraj Solomon 6 days ago

    I'm 16 am I too old to learn to play the piano?

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago +1

      16 is on the young side to learn to play the piano. When little kids are forced to take piano lessons, they usually quit and walk away, although some do come back later when they're more interested. People who are motivated to learn to play music themselves usually start as teens at the earliest, although of course it's never too late to start at any age. :-)

    • satemnaro jamir
      satemnaro jamir 6 days ago +1

      @Jebaraj Solomon it's the right time

  • Jungle Mika
    Jungle Mika 7 days ago

    Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of people learning piano a lot easier :)
    Which is why I have two very simple questions:
    1. As someone learning to improvise on the piano, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
    2. Regarding your practice, what would you wish for more than anything else?
    Thanks so much in advance - looking forward to reading your answers!

    • Nedyalko Dzhelepov
      Nedyalko Dzhelepov 6 days ago +1

      Hello Jungle Mika, 1. Improvising Jazz or any other music kind you need to be technically competent- skillful. 2. You need to know music theory like harmony and scales: for example how can you improvise Blues if you don't know the blues scale how goes.3 You need to listen other musicianshow they improvise and try apply when you play. Start with simple and short pieces. I tell you not every one is good for improvisation.
      About practice I started to play when I was 3 year old and rule is Practice on detail the parts that are difficult and could cause problems on stage. Do not waste time playing the whole.

  • Rodion M
    Rodion M 8 days ago

    Genuine question, has anyone bought the class from his website and had problems, scams? I want to but there's a lot of over the top marketing crap on it so I'm reluctant to trust it. Thanks

  • AWESOME Hannah
    AWESOME Hannah 8 days ago

    Wow Dumb

  • Nathan Dcosta
    Nathan Dcosta 9 days ago

    Which piano should I buy(for beginners)

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      I have a resources page on my website with links to different keyboards, but really the best way is to play them yourself first to see what you like. It should have 61 keys minimum, be "touch sensitive" (meaning when you hit the keys harder they play louder) and a jack for a sustain pedal. Yamaha is a good brand, Casio (more popular in Europe than the U.S.) also makes good keyboards. These days it doesn't cost much to get something that's playable.

  • indrajith Wijewardana

    All the haters are brainless idiots. Be grateful to this man for sharing what other piano teacher may be hiding

  • indrajith Wijewardana
    indrajith Wijewardana 9 days ago +1

    This was immensely helpful for me at the beginning .Grateful to you Mr....May God bless you!!!

  • Billy Nomad
    Billy Nomad 10 days ago

    This was great for me at first but got me stuck in a bit of a hole with it. Discovered chord inversions and now I don’t feel like I have so many keys to contend with 👌

  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 11 days ago +1

    I thought this was very good. Thank you. I've been learning songs from youtube, but I never understood the structure of them. This has been very helpful

  • Gravity™
    Gravity™ 12 days ago

    I already play piano idk why im here

  • jelly jelly
    jelly jelly 13 days ago

    it's really my dream to play piano :

  • Paulene Estores
    Paulene Estores 13 days ago

    Watches piano tutorial then getting how to play but then forgetting how to play.

  • Oliver Wilson
    Oliver Wilson 13 days ago

    Hi dude Can I start with midi keyboard (61) for learning piano ?

    • Oliver Wilson
      Oliver Wilson 2 days ago

      InstantPianoGenius 🙏🏻 thank you master )

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Absolutely, 61 keys is the minimum amount of keys to fully play on. I've played HUNDREDS of paid gigs with nothing but a 61-key keyboard. Usually the have a "transpose" button on them so if I need to play extra high up to play a solo I can just hit the button and make play an octave higher temporarily.

  • Soulless98
    Soulless98 13 days ago +5

    I never knew how to play chords cause I knew I'd always forget how, but after seeing this I feel like my piano skills could jump a whole lot. All I have to do is remember these handy dandy little tricks. Never have I ever thought that learning piano chords would be this easy. Thank you very much!

  • Jeff Couture
    Jeff Couture 14 days ago

    Never trust a teacher who can’t spell “pinky”.

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Bad news Jeff, I just checked the Miriam-Webster Dictionary and they spell it "pinkie" :-) you better start not trusting yourself from here on out. :-) (It looks like "pinky" is an alternate spelling for some people but that "pinkie" is the default one.)

  • Simp Simpson
    Simp Simpson 14 days ago

    utter garbage

  • Wiliangbou Thiumai
    Wiliangbou Thiumai 14 days ago

    Thnk u

  • Joel Tiotuico
    Joel Tiotuico 15 days ago

    Sorry but in Juilliard we are all good sigh readers or Laguardia High school.
    WY do you think u are so perfect just GOD IS

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      The acceptance rate for Juilliard school of music is less than 7%. If you're in Juilliard you're already an elite musician before you even get accepted (and the cost to attend is about $50,000/year.) If you attend Juilliard or even can just already sight read music why are you wasting your time watching a beginning "how to play piano" video on TVclip? Ha! This video is for the other 99% of us who don't want to attend Juilliard and play classical music professionally. I never said I was "so perfect" as you said... That's why I never liked taking traditional piano lessons, because they demand perfection!

  • shedtalight
    shedtalight 15 days ago

    Love when people say : I’m gonna teach you what other people won’t tell you lol

  • HN Dog addict
    HN Dog addict 15 days ago

    Which piano do you use?

  • Manase
    Manase 15 days ago

    This lesson is so helpful never understood something that else for the first time

  • Solo Llyod
    Solo Llyod 16 days ago

    guys i have a qustion idk anyone could answer me or not im nearly 30 years old and i couldent aford to buy piano before i reallly want to learn to play the piano.... in this age can i play or not ? :(

  • Crazy dad music
    Crazy dad music 16 days ago

    This is nonsense I'm a piano teacher

  • MikeDoggy
    MikeDoggy 16 days ago


    KASTER 17 days ago

    I cant play piano

  • William Lo
    William Lo 19 days ago +88

    This video contains
    75% piano tutorial
    20% talking
    5% bragging

    • Aparajita Chakraborty
      Aparajita Chakraborty 3 days ago

      First of all, that's not bragging. If you know something worthwhile and you are sharing that with the world, you are allowed to "brag"... As much as you want to

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago +7

      Shoot, I meant to brag more :-) the "bragging" is trying to convince listeners that what I'm showing them is worth watching. It doesn't matter how useful something is if it's not watched.

    • TT Mamorobela
      TT Mamorobela 5 days ago

      just the way God intended...

    • reagan simon
      reagan simon 15 days ago


  • zoran zoran
    zoran zoran 19 days ago

    So easily taught.

  • ka boom!!
    ka boom!! 20 days ago

    Man I lost right at minor n major

  • lovely lovely
    lovely lovely 20 days ago

    I didn't understand anything

  • Jhenn iz Me
    Jhenn iz Me 20 days ago

    *gets a notebook bcs we need to take worth it notes*

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b 20 days ago +1

    4.5K piano teachers are worried because their gonna lose their job

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b 20 days ago

    this guy teached me the modes in 5 minutes, I finally get it

  • Dennis Adiputra
    Dennis Adiputra 21 day ago

    Whats the different beetween wholestep and halfstep we need to press faster if halfstep?

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Every move from any note to a sequential note (whether they're white or black) is a half step. A whole step is any two notes that have one note between them (again, whether they're white or black.) This is video #2, check out video #1 as a refresher of this: tvclip.biz/video/_Hj9v6pwTf8/video.html

  • BleAch Boi
    BleAch Boi 21 day ago

    Did racism just get destroyed by this guy?

  • Varun S
    Varun S 22 days ago

    so we dont need any sense for sound... all we need is alphabets and numbers...

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Without being able to hear anything you could successfully play Major/minor chords and scales based on what you've seen in this video... But it wouldn't be much fun. Using your ear to know what sounds right/wrong and what to play next is the next part of the musical journey, which is beyond the scope of what I'm showing here.

  • XDX
    XDX 23 days ago

    piano is the harder instrument to learn.i learned guitar by my self but i dont have chance on piano :(

  • disgurluvsmuzik
    disgurluvsmuzik 23 days ago

    Thx I want to teach my son

  • Colin MacLennan
    Colin MacLennan 23 days ago +1

    Very helpful video 10/10

  • Brittany Mccann
    Brittany Mccann 24 days ago

    One of the masters behind the scenes. Thank you

  • Ron Berry
    Ron Berry 25 days ago

    Excellent video. So well explained. Thanks.

  • ekk iii
    ekk iii 26 days ago

    in piano playing there is no racism!

  • Mamipokow
    Mamipokow 26 days ago +3

    Omg i watched this with 0.75 playback speed cz he was talking so fast!!!!!!!

  • Eagle
    Eagle 27 days ago

    Very nice lesson! Taught very well! 😊 👍

  • Dave
    Dave 27 days ago +11

    Me: Show off 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • noah morphy
    noah morphy 27 days ago

    1:42 theres white notes and black notes, think of them as equal.

    this is what mlk died for

  • Matt Lane
    Matt Lane 28 days ago +7

    Wow I've learnt more in these 10 mins than I had watching hours worth of other tutorials. Nice one, 1-8 is a great method

  • Akosua Darkowaa
    Akosua Darkowaa 28 days ago

    God richly bless u dear l think u have to be piano teacher

  • Art, Music, & Bible Studies - Joyce H Anderson Art

    Thank you so much. I specially love learning how to find the minor chords. :)

  • Rural Revival BCS
    Rural Revival BCS 29 days ago

    👎 theres no short cuts

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      Not true. If there were 10 chapters in a how-to book and you only wanted/needed to know what was in two of the chapters, if I told you which two chapters to read/focus on, that'd be a huge shortcut and time save for you. Everyone has different goals.

  • MakeACircle Music
    MakeACircle Music 29 days ago +1

    Okii. TVclip asked me to rate how good this video is 😌 SHOW ME WUT YOU GOT!

  • RandomBoy 72
    RandomBoy 72 Month ago

    White and black are equal I agree

  • uSe YeR glUTeS
    uSe YeR glUTeS Month ago

    I'm watching this while eating ramen and I don't even have a piano

  • Count Cleavage
    Count Cleavage Month ago

    I shouldn't have smoked before watching this. I'm just having flash backs to my music 100 class

  • Red Tail
    Red Tail Month ago


  • Katt Andrade
    Katt Andrade Month ago

    Thank you for helping understand the piano 🎹 got one for my birthday I am 8 yrs old 🤗🙌

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      That's great! Just make sure you focus on doing things with the piano that are fun for YOU and that you enjoy, don't let anyone take the fun out of music for you. :-)

    • Phoca Pss
      Phoca Pss Month ago

      Great age for learning music, good luck!

  • lily payal
    lily payal Month ago

    This video also teaches that music does not have racism : the colour of the key doesnt matter.

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King Month ago

    doesnt matter if white or black :)

    NORRIS Month ago


  • Aryan Ehmer
    Aryan Ehmer Month ago

    i really cant understand

  • Dion Kamogelo
    Dion Kamogelo Month ago

    Wow that's helpful

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Month ago +1

    123456, wait, that ain’t right.😨

  • Fatima Saleh
    Fatima Saleh Month ago

    I’m understanding this so far and I’m only at the 3:12

  • Ronish Soubam
    Ronish Soubam Month ago +1

    I have literally made a long notes with diagrams through this video.
    Thank you very much I really needed this😄

  • Reasôn Music
    Reasôn Music Month ago

    Holy nut sack this dude just made this so easy!

  • Resmi Sudhir
    Resmi Sudhir Month ago +2

    He is more boasting than teaching

    He is not a teacher but a producer

  • Yogur Please
    Yogur Please Month ago

    this video ended racism

  • Simos Simos
    Simos Simos Month ago

    7.16 8,41 9.22

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    haligi sanjay Month ago

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    Kimberly Quililan Month ago

    You probably know this: BUT THIS VIDEO IS SO HELPFUL !!!!

  • x moses
    x moses Month ago

    I'm pretty sure this guy is a marketer / pianist.

  • Kanishk Awasthi.8
    Kanishk Awasthi.8 Month ago

    Thanks a lot! This was the best tutorial ever!

  • Sam Wills
    Sam Wills Month ago

    This guy has a great presentation with a radio quality voice but I do question the wisdom of referring to notes as numbers. They're notes. Its only 12 notes to learn in each octave. How difficult can this be? 12 notes and they keep repeating. Anybody can learn this. Sheet music is written in notes, not numbers. Reading music really isn't difficult at all. Just learn the white notes first and work with that. Then add the black notes. In no time at all you'll have 12 notes memorized because you're using them when you play. It tends to sink in.
    As for learning scales, they require so much repetition to play them comfortably you'll learn them by that repetition anyway. Remembering whole and half steps....seems like a waste of time when its going to be absorbed anyway. Focus on the technique and I would think that it will sink in. And if you can't play the notes what's the point in learning anything? Its all about the playing.
    (I can't believe how many views he's had. But he does have an excellent attitude and presentation.)

    • Sam Wills
      Sam Wills 2 days ago

      +InstantPianoGenius I came from more of a classical background so transposition was something we did for an exam sometimes but very rarely in real life. As for playing a song, I'd say you're playing the chords of that song. C-F-G for 1-4-5. It is the foundation of course. If I had done more accompaniment for voice transposition would have been needed a WHOLE lot more! Music seems to be either a little high or a little low for vocalists!

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      I think that was a pretty fair "review" you made Sam, and I agree, I can't believe how many views I've had either. :-) I'll say this thought: You said, "Reading music really isn't difficult at all." I suspect that reading music came much easier to you than most people, so you assume it "really isn't difficult" for everybody else as well, when it actually is.

      Also, the point of referring to the scale letter names as numbers is to easily transpose notes/chords to a different key. It's also how musicians playing together in a band communicate. I've been on stage and had the singer call out a new song I hadn't played before and say something like, "It's just a 1-4-5 song in the verses and the chorus, and the bridge has a 6-minor chord in it as well, it's in the key of C-Major, just follow me..." and I'm suddenly playing a song I'd never played before.

      Anyway, thanks for your respectful feedback, and best of luck to you!

  • James Lin Music
    James Lin Music Month ago +1

    B major chord is the same concept(s) right?

    • James Lin Music
      James Lin Music 4 days ago

      +InstantPianoGenius thank you so much now i can sleep easy

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago +1

      Yes, B-Major chord and scale is the same, but it's slightly different to explain, and for what I was trying to accomplish in this video in 10 minutes I thought it might possibly confuse some people and do more harm than good.

      With that said: The B-Major chord is the only Major chord starting with a white note that has two black notes in it: B-D#-F# It's still following the same formula, that formula just happens to have you playing two black notes.

    • Tony McCann
      Tony McCann Month ago

      Thought i would add that the B chords don't have the same structure or claw but the concept is the same.

    • James Lin Music
      James Lin Music Month ago

      +Tony McCann thanks so much! I really am learning much coz of you. Please do make more vids haha. Or can you guide us on what and how to practice to be good at chord transitions, so we can be better at playing and singing songs :)

    • Tony McCann
      Tony McCann Month ago

      Yes it does. 3 and 2 half steps for major. 2 and 3 half steps for minor.

  • something brand new

    Amazing tutorial

  • Dipti Labung
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    Finally I can use my piano.THANK YOU for tutoring

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    im a genius,,i can count to 8..😀

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    Daddyman G Month ago

    Excellent!!!! Good stuff

  • B 51 HTM
    B 51 HTM Month ago

    my biggest challenges is how to correctly landing my fingers after playing C to G and so on....they seems to landed on wrong keys! LOL

  • Flor 😜
    Flor 😜 Month ago +1

    Never understood what major/minor scale or chord meant. Now I know. Thanks!

  • Unknown 2002
    Unknown 2002 Month ago +1

    Yeah what I learn is don't be god damn racist

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams Month ago +4

    Sorry, it's not any easier than the other B.S. systems I've seen. Face it: The piano's a difficult instrument, and you've been playing it for so long you don't realize that.

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  4 days ago

      I'm literally giving you a peak into how I and my band-mates communicate when we learn songs together, referring to notes and chords in terms of numbers (meaning that regardless of whether you like or benefit from it, it's not "B.S.") The thing I like about the piano (versus learning guitar or another instrument) is that the scales and chords are laid out in front of you so you can look at them and see the "intervals" (how may notes are between them.)

      With that said, nothing in this video covers the the effort of getting your fingers and hands to do what you want them to, which is more what you're talking about I think, that wasn't the focus. This video was focused on explaining a couple of really important points quickly, that's all. Hope you don't give up your your music-learning journey, my whole goal is to encourage people to focus on what they enjoy doing so they'll keep at it. Take care. :-)

  • Amora Mae
    Amora Mae Month ago +1

    I wish i started learning piano years ago. I feel like I'm too old to learn such thing and I'm now 15.

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    9:20 he flipped me off!
    But really, THIS GUY is the genius.

    • InstantPianoGenius
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      Sorry, that 9:20 wasn't for you, it was for somebody else, I swear...

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