Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)


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  • Quentin Alexandre
    Quentin Alexandre 2 hours ago

    Kenny Logins ? did you play for him in the...Danger Zone ?

  • oyiel mora
    oyiel mora 6 hours ago

    watch this while drunk and NAILED IT

  • Spicy chicken
    Spicy chicken 11 hours ago +1

    H.U.H (thats all i know)

  • Justin Why?
    Justin Why? 12 hours ago

    how come u play like that, with ur fingers tucked in rather than hovering above the other keys?

  • djGreenALERT
    djGreenALERT 22 hours ago

    Well I counted to eight, but I'm still waiting to sound like a pro!

  • Kirti Takhellambam
    Kirti Takhellambam 2 days ago

    Wowww very helpful.. 👍👍👍👍

  • Alexander Catamco
    Alexander Catamco 2 days ago

    while i wach i play piano

  • Shubham Nautiyal
    Shubham Nautiyal 3 days ago

    Does this also works on a keyboard.. ( sorry ,begginer 😅)

  • Shubham Nautiyal
    Shubham Nautiyal 3 days ago

    That was just so great and accurate thanks sir... Full respect !!

  • don d
    don d 3 days ago

    I learned piano in all scales through this he is sooo good...please help in scales and creativity

  • tarun boruah
    tarun boruah 4 days ago

    thank you sir

  • CrisMuhil
    CrisMuhil 5 days ago

    Wow! Thank you so much Buddy! I'm thankful for wat u just did to me! I'm go continue learning by watching Ur vids!!!

  • Prince Fries
    Prince Fries 5 days ago

    Wow, this was very helpful :) Thank you very much☜(˚▽˚)☞

  • Jhon Dee Manzinares
    Jhon Dee Manzinares 6 days ago

    thank you. Hope this will help me a lot.😇😇

  • Shubhankar Dasgupta
    Shubhankar Dasgupta 6 days ago

    Thank you sir I am always learning from your videos. Thanks for teaching us I am practising from you sir.

  • IrfanSyah
    IrfanSyah 7 days ago +1

    I hate my life

  • Torres Torres
    Torres Torres 7 days ago

    Thanks alot, im a beginner and I cant weit to show my teacher what you did for me.

  • Angelo Maciel
    Angelo Maciel 7 days ago

    Nice way to think. It simplifies a lot.
    thumbs up for you!

  • Augford   P. Doggie
    Augford P. Doggie 8 days ago

    this makes sooo much sense. thank you

  • KARLUM fun for sure
    KARLUM fun for sure 8 days ago

    What about b chord

  • rabbit white
    rabbit white 8 days ago

    such a helpful video
    Thanks for the video😄

  • angry pepe cancer
    angry pepe cancer 9 days ago


  • Ana Vaz
    Ana Vaz 10 days ago

    I had grapes and I did many wrong things during this so every time I got something right if get a grape I HAVE 0 GRAPES!!!Thanks!!

  • Pr. E. Paul Edison Ezekiel

    Thank you so much for teaching easy steps to learn piano

  • Karim Ch.
    Karim Ch. 11 days ago

    Easy to understand how to play basic paino in ten minutes. Interesting!

  • p perez
    p perez 12 days ago

    Not saying this advice does not help but there is still a long way from there to beeing a good player.
    For instance your finger strength and dexterity whichis best acquired to exercices.
    Beginners also dont pay attention to how they play ( loudness , rythm ) this is why a piano teacher helps. He can looks at things o on the road while you are still learning to shift.
    In that , the title is misleading to me. Its more like ' one of the many usefull hints along your musician path'

  • Grace lero
    Grace lero 12 days ago

    Michael jackson 😍

  • ali koke
    ali koke 13 days ago

    what kind of teach is that he said i played with m.j i’m dead i’m sleep

  • The Lonely Poet
    The Lonely Poet 14 days ago

    what's the importance of knowing the minor and major keys?
    sorry if the question is quite ridiculous. beginner.

    • The Lonely Poet
      The Lonely Poet 14 days ago

      okay, thank you :)

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  14 days ago

      Any song you hear is either going to be in a Major or a minor key. (Major sounds "happier", minor sounds more "melancholy".) So knowing whether the song is Major or minor and knowing what key you want to play it in is the first step towards learning/playing the song. Everything else builds from there. :-)

  • Cristina Reyes
    Cristina Reyes 14 days ago


  • Varsha Nimbalkar
    Varsha Nimbalkar 14 days ago

    When are u going to upload more videos plzzzz do it... Quicker😭😭😭

  • WARLORD - Music & Lyrics

    How to identify correct key tone?

  • Vishant Mistry
    Vishant Mistry 15 days ago

    Awesomeeee thnxxxxxxx👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Cello Bee
    Cello Bee 15 days ago

    Thank you

  • Wogs4Lyfe
    Wogs4Lyfe 15 days ago

    Only learning to play piano so I can play still dre

  • Jc M.
    Jc M. 18 days ago

    this is awesome

  • Unicorn kawaii Girls
    Unicorn kawaii Girls 18 days ago

    this was very helpful

  • Frederico Videos
    Frederico Videos 19 days ago

    The absolute BEST!!!

  • Joni Spacekuiper
    Joni Spacekuiper 19 days ago

    alot thanks to you!

  • FKtdyvan 2016
    FKtdyvan 2016 19 days ago

    You say "I know this is an A because my thumb is there." I have a hard time understanding this explanation. For example, how did you know that note is an A before put your thumb on it? Is there a better way of explaining how to determine the name of a note before you put you finger (thumb) on it? I thought that one determines the name of any note on the keyboard y by determining the location of the middle C and then figuring out the names of the other notes based on that. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Midhun dhanakumar
    Midhun dhanakumar 20 days ago

    Thank you Mr.Tim for your wonderful basics training
    I have a small enquiry....I have Two fingers in short of my left hand (index and middle=).... Can I have a learning of the Piano as usual?

  • Sayan Biswas
    Sayan Biswas 20 days ago

    This really works...good job💓💗

  • Chris Mcconnell
    Chris Mcconnell 21 day ago

    Watched this 3 times and still dont understand this.....

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 22 days ago

    I'm using 2 4 5 finger. At left hand

  • Sabira Aktar
    Sabira Aktar 23 days ago

    *Guitarist watches it without owning a piano*

  • Jannie Schlüter
    Jannie Schlüter 24 days ago

    Now you made me to consider buying a keyboard...

  • Dj Digital
    Dj Digital 25 days ago

    Educational 🤔

  • Hot Kinky Cookie
    Hot Kinky Cookie 26 days ago

    Amedica eggsplain

  • Ralf Oster
    Ralf Oster 27 days ago

    This was really a superior Explanation 😊😀😁👍👍👍

  • Besong Solange
    Besong Solange 27 days ago

    If you see this comment wow i wish i could see you one on one is there a means i can get to you i really wish to learn more

  • maereg assu yohann
    maereg assu yohann 28 days ago

    wow!tnx ..GOD bless u!

  • thebignoob
    thebignoob 29 days ago

    umm mine goes f min7-5

  • Caleb Hobson
    Caleb Hobson 29 days ago

    can u get to the point fuckin dumass

  • christina lim
    christina lim Month ago

    I want to ask you all a bunch of questions:
    1.when you write a song do you use only 1 scale?
    2.can u write a song only using chords?
    3.also any tips on how to create a beat,do you do it randomly???

  • Dolphin Sh!t
    Dolphin Sh!t Month ago +1

    I'm having a really hard time understanding cuz I can't read notes

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty Month ago

    Who cares about numbers and scales, beginners want to PLAY the piano.

  • zbera97
    zbera97 Month ago

    You are the GOD. Wow really what a subtle and concise explanation. Thank you with all my heart.

  • jazo Mudir
    jazo Mudir Month ago

    You're the professional teacher of piano

  • Sergio Dominguez
    Sergio Dominguez Month ago


  • Marius San Diego
    Marius San Diego Month ago

    Ur awesome im learning!

  • Bob Jaroudi
    Bob Jaroudi Month ago

    You are the best piano teacher I've ever watched on TVclip! Great informative video!

  • D Lee
    D Lee Month ago

    I actually learned from this, and I don't have nor play keyboards !! Haha

  • Rheakook Gaming Jungkook

    I'm not good I'm right waaaaaaa OK I'm really stupid right now

  • UberTuberBackPacker

    Does finger size matter?

  • MrSk8erkbw
    MrSk8erkbw Month ago

    I think the number thing works best for explaining the scales. But not so much with the explanation of the chords.

  • joseph mcarthur
    joseph mcarthur Month ago

    Nice! This just made it so much easier. I am self taught and I was making it harder then it actually was. Thanks for sharing and I will be subscribing to your channel

  • Noo Bie
    Noo Bie Month ago

    Yeah white and black are equal just like in reality...

  • El Profe de Piano
    El Profe de Piano Month ago

    I have a channel to learn piano in SPANISH. Check it out !

  • oldwestguy
    oldwestguy Month ago

    Thus isn't instruction, it's an advertisement for the benefit of his own ego. Useless.

  • Wolf Hall
    Wolf Hall Month ago

    I was so confused, even though I've been taking piano for about 10 years. (I'm 13)

    • El Profe de Piano
      El Profe de Piano Month ago

      Hello Wolf Hall. In my channel you can learn how to play piano. You will have ti put the subtitles, because the language is Spanish, and the notes are in European key, but I think it will be useful for you.

  • Ancy Angel
    Ancy Angel Month ago

    Can i learn to play piano without a teacher?

    • El Profe de Piano
      El Profe de Piano Month ago +1

      Yes, you can. You can check my channel. But it is in Spanish. Put the subtitles. :-)

  • It's Just Zy
    It's Just Zy Month ago

    I'm trying to learn piano and I thought the first few videos I would watch are the ones I won't understand, but when I came across this, it was absolutely amazing! This is the *B E S T* video I've watched so far. Words can't express my happiness and gratitude to you right now :'D

  • Hannah Lei
    Hannah Lei Month ago +1

    me: learning how to play piano
    also me: doesn't have a piano

  • zethan ringold
    zethan ringold Month ago +1

    Wow just wow. this is actually awesome. i dont even know what keys are what notes, but with this trick i can play any major or minor scale. Fucking brilliant

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  Month ago

      Yeah that's kind of the whole point; If you know where you need to go from where you're at, it doesn't matter much what things are called.

  • curious boy
    curious boy Month ago

    Mind blowing

  • Jk channel
    Jk channel Month ago

    my life is a lie

  • Jennifer Clet
    Jennifer Clet Month ago

    I am using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 then back to 1 is it the same as yours?

    • InstantPianoGenius
      InstantPianoGenius  Month ago

      Correct, it can be helpful to think of the 1 above 7 as "8" to distinguish that it's an octave above the starting 1, but 1 or 8 is the same note in a Major or minor scale.

  • The Master Derp Wolf

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  • Godwin Varughese
    Godwin Varughese Month ago

    You've Got Another Subscriber, Sir!

  • a. danish
    a. danish Month ago

    i like how he explains it fastly

  • Hdhiw Fjhdius
    Hdhiw Fjhdius Month ago


  • A través de la cerradura

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Yeahhhh!!!!...
    Mhhhh! WTF!!!...
    Got it! Thank you!
    Saludos desde la mística Xaman Ha.

  • James Ikey
    James Ikey Month ago

    Very interesting method of learning. Both my wife and I will be watching and trying our hand at learning these methods. Thanks for putting this together!

  • Dexter Snell
    Dexter Snell Month ago

    Good stuff

  • nicole allyson Riza

    thanks :)

  • KillerClown 606
    KillerClown 606 Month ago

    this is good for people who already know something about music theory

  • Rogue Knight
    Rogue Knight Month ago

    any suggest good quality of piano for beginner?

  • Imy Mixi
    Imy Mixi Month ago

    Woah dude!! That intro scared this little beginner who doesn't even know a thing about piano 😅
    Ya I'll watch the video now 😅😂

  • Nick Pappas
    Nick Pappas Month ago

    Damn this seems much easier than guitar. Giving this a try soon

  • oshitomaha
    oshitomaha Month ago

    Wow i can play piano better than Stevy wonder now I’m such a genius. Not.

  • Sharna Kauser
    Sharna Kauser Month ago


  • Sharna Kauser
    Sharna Kauser Month ago

    I learnt iti

  • micca szarielle
    micca szarielle Month ago

    I stumbled to this video and i just impulsively bought a keyboard online..oh well I hope its gonna be worth it

  • Gwyneth Lee
    Gwyneth Lee Month ago

    Godh. I can understand now! Thank uuuuu

  • WalmartEverything
    WalmartEverything Month ago

    You dumb tho

  • Rudy Leija
    Rudy Leija Month ago

    how old are you?😅

  • Asmaul Islam
    Asmaul Islam Month ago

    Don't know why I am watching this at 3 am

  • Horváth Gabriella
    Horváth Gabriella Month ago

    thank you!!!!

    KETUT OKA Month ago

    my aunt gave me her old piano and she dont even tell me which way is up
    so i just press this and that,and i could say im good at it.i dont give a damn about what this chore called or what that note is.
    but sometimes i dont want to be the idiot,so i watched this video.
    i just hate it at a very first second he says numbers.but its a good video.i hate math but i love how this guy lead me to it.

  • *Rho De Ca*
    *Rho De Ca* Month ago

    Wheres yiruma?