Hayden Christensen casting for STAR WARS II

  • Published on Jun 27, 2010
  • Hayden Christensen casting for STAR WARS II - with Natalie Portmann - Ewan McGregor - Director George Lucas
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  • BangoBuck87
    BangoBuck87 17 days ago

    Why is this video so fucking loud


    There is currently 666 comments. It would be a shame if such a thing was ruined.... Oh wait? It already is muwahahahah!

  • Matti S.
    Matti S. 3 months ago

    is this heaven?!

  • IVlog Melife
    IVlog Melife 4 months ago

    Man stop hating

  • ~Rovin~
    ~Rovin~ 5 months ago

    I mean if you're looking for boy-band Anakin or soap opera Anakin, by all means cast this guy..
    Zero chemistry with Natalie Portman, too lacking when it comes to Anakin's personality

  • ~Rovin~
    ~Rovin~ 5 months ago

    Terrible casting. Looks the part of Vader, but completely unpassable as a young Anakin. Way too dull.
    Makes Jake Lloyd look amazing by comparison.

  • Alisson Suárez
    Alisson Suárez 5 months ago

    Hubieran traducido en español por fa

  • Aidansreviews Productions

    Please, headphone users turn down the volume or get earraped

  • popp corn
    popp corn 7 months ago

    Without him star wars would be less then half of what it is to me

  • Clury Ugh
    Clury Ugh 8 months ago

    Okay Hayden Christensen is the loml

  • Yoda
    Yoda 9 months ago +1

    I think the prequels are underrated. I said it.

    • JD
      JD 8 months ago

      They are underrated for sure. They were actually a lot of fun. I suspect there's more people who enjoyed them (as I always did) but were too scared to admit it when other people started saying they were so bad. I think they're better than the soulless crap Disney is churning out now.

  • E. Nygma
    E. Nygma 9 months ago

    Hayden’s role in Higher Ground prepared him to become Anakin

  • antonio girgenti
    antonio girgenti 9 months ago

    2:12 LOL XD Gets me every time!!!

  • Zwiebelkuchen
    Zwiebelkuchen 9 months ago

    Hayden war sehr gut

  • The Way of Jedi official
    The Way of Jedi official 10 months ago

    i loved

  • Marianne Lin-Levesque
    Marianne Lin-Levesque 11 months ago

    1:55 i don't know why but I don't care

  • VA Fern
    VA Fern Year ago

    I'm even convinced that it was all because bad dialogues. Hayden did pretty well in an audition. When he said "I'm grown up", it's natural, not like in the film.

  • Parrot027 J
    Parrot027 J Year ago

    Hayden was brilliant!

  • NorwayBall
    NorwayBall Year ago

    0:00 Earrape

  • Madeline Kristine

    Lucas gave him horrible dialogue. I think he did really well.

  • hartsickdisciple
    hartsickdisciple Year ago

    Should've been Christian Bale.

  • Josh Pye
    Josh Pye Year ago

    I’m a female not a male and my name is summer mularchuk

  • Lord Psalm
    Lord Psalm Year ago

    Still hard to believe this guy is Darth Vader.

  • Eder Andrés Gutiérrez

    Adam Driver sucks! This guy was a good actor.

  • Nini Koch
    Nini Koch Year ago

    hayden was perfect for anakin, but Lucas fucked up the writting. especially in Episode II. THE SAND DIALOG OML. and as you can see they are 24/7 at the Studio, not having a real location makes it way harder but also more bori g for the actor

  • Apple99er
    Apple99er Year ago +3

    He is really one of the best actors ever.. Sadly so many people are hating him :/

  • Gerald Corvitz
    Gerald Corvitz Year ago

    1:39 and that's why the final scene between Anakin and obi-wan in episode 3 worked flawlessly.

  • lanee boyle
    lanee boyle Year ago


  • Theodore Ferro
    Theodore Ferro Year ago

    Hayden is a good actor he just had bad dialogue written for him

  • AUMOTmusic
    AUMOTmusic Year ago

    In the bit of the screen test with Natalie that we see here he has so much charisma and magnetism that does not come across at all in the final movie...

  • Mia Haturini
    Mia Haturini Year ago

    could not stop replaying 1:08-1:12 !!! omfg

  • Dooku Plagueis Windu

    Hayden was 1000x better than Adam Driver, Daisy Duck Ridley ,
    Boyega or young Mark Hamill in 1977 .
    After , I admet, he is not better than Ewan mcgregor, Harrison Ford or Oscar Isaac

  • Phillip Simonetta

    Hayden wasn't a bad actor at all I just think it was the way George wrote some of Anakin's parts.

  • Jim Cameron
    Jim Cameron Year ago

    Leonardo DiCaprio would not want this part to bad Leo would be a great Annakin

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Year ago

    He has the perfect look, demeanor, and really everything to be Anakin. He even had wonderful chemistry with Ewan (Obi Wan). It's VERY unfortunate that the dialogue was ass.

  • Sebastian Clinciu

    1:55 Hayden is wonderful...well, for an actor, I mean.

  • Tam
    Tam Year ago

    Excuse me for just a moment- Air Speeder crashes straight into falling anakin

  • Tam
    Tam Year ago

    1:48 aw crap, my foot

  • Patrick Mesana
    Patrick Mesana Year ago

    they should have made the trilogy more spaced out, with different actors.

  • Tomás Orellana
    Tomás Orellana Year ago

    Hayden Christensen is a good actor, but the bad directing, the awful dialogues and all the fucking script made this shity Anakin in the prequels.

  • Collin McGuigan
    Collin McGuigan Year ago

    1:39-1:41 Ewan before he read script for Episode III.

  • Juan Pablo Saavedra & Andy Johnson

    Leonardo DiCaprio is Anakin Skywalker

  • David Digi
    David Digi Year ago


  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine Year ago

    "giving yourself to the jedi, means giving your whole life" telling quote....

  • Li na
    Li na Year ago

    Natalie Portman ist genauso alt wie Hayden Christensen also war Ewan MC Gregor (sry wenn ich es falsch geschrieben habe)noch nie der jüngste😂

  • Kemberleigh Purvis

    Hayden makes you sympathize with his character's inevitable doom. When I watched the Clone Wars,I had so much sympathy for him and I understood why he became the way he was. I don't think anyone could've done as amazing as Hayden did in capturing a younger adult Anakin. I'd love to see him and Natalie Portman in more movies together! I adored their chemistry.

  • Martín Frias
    Martín Frias Year ago

    The history of a bad casting

  • IllJake_Playz
    IllJake_Playz Year ago +319

    Hayden is a good actor it was just George’s script that sucked

    • teresa Downes
      teresa Downes 25 days ago

      1:55 did he just have a boner?

    • IllJake_Playz
      IllJake_Playz 9 months ago +1

      Michael Hernandez the only good part of the prequel’s is darth maul

    • Michael Hernandez
      Michael Hernandez 9 months ago +2

      actually the script did NOT "suck". It was the DIALOGUE that was not great. The dialogue did not "suck", but it could of been better. I'm sure you are just one of these keyboard warriors that only bashes Hayden and the prequels because everyone else online does so it must be "cool". If you don't like the prequels for whatever reason then just don't watch them, nor anything on TVclip dealing with them if all you have to say is negative shit about it.

    • IllJake_Playz
      IllJake_Playz Year ago

      Lord Psalm well said😂

    • Lord Psalm
      Lord Psalm Year ago

      IllJake Playz I don't like sand

  • Ace
    Ace Year ago

    Hayden’s auditions were a lot better than the actual cuts from the film. Even watching the other behind the scenes of George Lucas directing Hayden, it seemed like Lucas was tweaking every single word and action that it made Hayden’s acting come out unnatural. I think he would’ve done a lot better had he the freedom to act according to his own style and not George’s.

  • Jese Ramirez
    Jese Ramirez Year ago

    Hayden was perfect casting. Just didn't have perfect direction. I want him to come back so bad in 9, see what he can do with a great director

  • _Vulcanic _
    _Vulcanic _ Year ago

    The kinda of face you want to punch lol

  • Jessica C.
    Jessica C. Year ago

    Love him so much.

  • jrhawk 003
    jrhawk 003 Year ago

    Uggggg, a really great actor, did anyone else audition....

  • Mona Winn
    Mona Winn Year ago

    Revenge Of The Sith, Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christensen is still my favorite.

  • Anna Sarkissova
    Anna Sarkissova Year ago

    forever in love with him

  • Westin Smith
    Westin Smith Year ago

    Then Lucas said, "One of the concerns we had with casting Hayden was his hatred for sand, but luckily we were able to actually write that into the script and it turned out to be a very beautiful moment."

  • Handsome Robot Productions

    people say he's a terrible actor, but that was just Lucas being stupid

    GOD OF THUNDER Year ago

    Dylan bean shut your mouth that's my father

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale Year ago

    3:06 and that is why his character was terrible in the prequels

    • Nathan Hale
      Nathan Hale Year ago

      I said nothing about the prequels being bad, I said Anakin's character was bad because it was all George Lucas' writing. I really enjoy Revenge of the Sith, I just think the prequels could have been better, had Anakin's character been written better.

    • Riverdale tales
      Riverdale tales Year ago

      Shut the Fuck up stop hating the prequels were great stop riding the bangwagon

  • Lara Barbará
    Lara Barbará Year ago +4

    wow he was really different without his self confidence trashed... he deserved much more from the fans... all that shit they gave him for his role... awful... he as a great anakin and is a great actor, I hope he feels confident again eventually... the good thing is that now people is starting to recognise him more and he realizes that but he still very hurt I think... come on hayden ! cheer up man, you were the best anakin skywalker ever ! well done job !

  • Gill B
    Gill B Year ago

    I didn't appreciate his little braid in the movie.

  • Guillaume Savary
    Guillaume Savary Year ago

    Hayden was the best choice for Anakin and he nailed it. Lucas wanted the prequels to be theatral I guess anyway Hayden is a great actor.

  • MMaya
    MMaya Year ago

    people saying Hayden has no acting abilities are blind and have never seen anything else by him... he has true talent he's great and natural actor, if the role wasn't on point it was not his fault

  • Will Dawson
    Will Dawson Year ago

    0:10 ahh! Wtf is that?! She's scary as shit!

  • Christine Tarrant

    And. Ur. Voice. Sucks.

  • Christine Tarrant

    Hay. Haden. Ur. Real. Ugly

    DJ RIONIX Year ago +1

    All this bitches complaining about his acting. He did a fucking excellent job and you should better freaking appreciate it. I really can't imagine someone else playing Anakin... He was the best choice Lukas could make. Hayden will always be in my memory as Anakin and he is an underrated character.
    BTW May the 4th be with you guys 😉

  • dinoreah2
    dinoreah2 Year ago

    We're coming in too hot....

  • Dey Dey
    Dey Dey Year ago +2

    Hayden was an amazing actor, the dialogue wasn't even bad yall are just sheep hating cuz the old heads do.

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Year ago

    you know I always thought that Hayden was just alright just then I saw rots again and seeing him march the jedi temple gave me chills

  • Staying_Frosty
    Staying_Frosty Year ago

    Honestly he did the best that he could with the dialogue however he has the look though

  • 96NightRider96
    96NightRider96 Year ago

    That look at 1:56 omg my life....natalie you should have jumped on that when u had the chance

  • Average Person
    Average Person Year ago


  • SunburntComposer
    SunburntComposer 2 years ago

    Give George Lucas a break with the "I hate sand" line. It makes sense because Anakin grew up on a planet of sand. Who wouldn't hate it with a passion if you had dealt with that shit always getting in your shoes?

  • FreeKickerz_Portland
    FreeKickerz_Portland 2 years ago

    its stuff like this that shows you just how bad Lucas's dialogue and directing made these films. Everything that could've been.......

  • DJ Amber
    DJ Amber 2 years ago

    Hayden was ok, his eyes were scary and a perfect match for Padme, but dialogue and scenes were terrible in ep. 2 exept for the fireplace scene and that stare at the end.

  • Jujumilou22
    Jujumilou22 2 years ago

    Hayden it's so beautifaul

  • headedsomewhere
    headedsomewhere 2 years ago

    what a cutie

  • Crooty
    Crooty 2 years ago

    In terms of looks he pulls off the young Anakin really well, as well as nailing that creepy Episode 3 Anakin.
    He's also a really talented actor, but even the best actors cant make the awful script any good

  • Deathlygunn
    Deathlygunn 2 years ago +7

    Ewan McGregor: "I was always the youngest one, and now I'm not."
    Guess he forgot about Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman.

  • Sebastian's Mind
    Sebastian's Mind 2 years ago

    they shouldve casted Hugh Jackman as Anakin.
    then we'd have TWO Jedi actors who made the dialogue less as painful.
    But NOPE!

  • Max Lewis
    Max Lewis 2 years ago +3

    Can someone please tell me why people hate the second trilogy? I do prefer the originals but don't see whats wrong with it

  • Isaac Khan
    Isaac Khan 2 years ago

    look I liked him

  • Nick M
    Nick M 2 years ago

    so much effort put in the shittiest prequell

  • heyley
    heyley 2 years ago

    Aww hayden is such a smol bean here

  • Zjaycee10
    Zjaycee10 2 years ago

    1:55 lol

  • Jese Ramirez
    Jese Ramirez 2 years ago +3

    You can't hate on Hayden for the prequels. He did the best he could with the lines he was given. I'm hoping he'll get a chance to show what he really can do in the new movies, with an actors director to guide him

  • MaccamatBux
    MaccamatBux 2 years ago +63

    I actually love the prequels and believe Hayden was the right person for the role. Anakin Skywalker is awesome!

  • Prod. Hxrford
    Prod. Hxrford 2 years ago

    I think he had a great voice and character.

  • Mulosh
    Mulosh 2 years ago

    Talented : no Professional : maybe Works really hard : probably

  • Guy Collishaw
    Guy Collishaw 2 years ago +3

    And it gets everywhere.

  • zinki120
    zinki120 2 years ago

    "I am grown up." - Anakin Skywalker. that line should have been in Ep II. it makes Anakin more dynamic in a way. oh the writing and the directing decision. *facepalm

  • Corey C.
    Corey C. 2 years ago +51

    I liked Hayden as Anikin.

  • Norah Shea
    Norah Shea 2 years ago

    hayden christensen is cool, but the dude can't act.

    • Spoderbunny
      Spoderbunny 2 years ago

      Norah Shea Why? Anakin is supposed to be like that. Or at least it was Lucas fault.

  • Zynthio
    Zynthio 2 years ago

    I wish they left that scene in where he tells padme to not call him ani. I thought it would have fit better than some of the stuff that did make it in the film

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J 2 years ago

    They needed more of the fun part in him like he is in this , it's a shame.

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian 2 years ago +1

    The fuck. He is so natural on the set and i actually see him as Anakin, but in the movie i hate his guts

  • nick garozzo
    nick garozzo 2 years ago

    Only problem I had with the prequels was his acting

    • Droid96
      Droid96 2 years ago +2

      CAPE88 the lines more so than the story itself. The story is fairly good, it's just lines like the stuff about sand.

    • Cappe88
      Cappe88 2 years ago +2

      nick garozzo I really believe the writing was bad :/

  • Piekark
    Piekark 2 years ago +14

    I like him but the writing in 1-3 is bad

  • vcarter0723
    vcarter0723 2 years ago +14

    Perfect casting for anakin and obi wan