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Rise Against - Entertainment

  • Published on Oct 18, 2008
  • Interpret: Rise Against
    Album: Appeal to Reason
    Release: 03.10.2008
    Label: Geffen Records

    All we are is entertainment
    Caught up in our own derangement
    Tell us what to say and what to do
    All we are are pretty faces
    Picture perfect bottled rage
    Packaged synthesized versions of you

    Weve all made petty fortunes but we cant afford a life
    Confined to pull out quotes and hotel rooms
    They all scream California and its toppling empire
    But cant you see the end is coming soon

    Come in, come on, the new sensation
    Guaruntee s then obligations
    Spotlights follow every single move
    Basking here on ten foot stages
    Pouty lips and oh so jaded
    All as if we have something to prove

    Despite these petty fortunes we still cant afford a life
    Confined to pull out quotes and hotel rooms
    They all scream California and its toppling empire
    But cant you see the end

    And if we cared at all about this unknown plight than wed do something more to finally make this right

    Is this only entertainment
    Pull the curtains, places please
    We learned to sing and dance and cry on cue
    But this is more than entertainment
    In a world so sick with pain
    This is the only thing thats real or true

    We've all made petty fortunes but we cant afford a life
    Confined to pull out quotes and hotel rooms
    They all scream bloody murder over graves already dug
    But cant you see the end

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Comments • 28

  • JaguarFacedMan
    JaguarFacedMan Year ago +2

    Trump 2016. Deplorable for life.

    • Darrin Wynne
      Darrin Wynne 3 months ago

      They are both liars. When people tell you the truth you don't elect them.

    • 222Duo
      222Duo Year ago

      funny how you left out hillary's email scandal/benghazi/landing under "sniper fire" but you call trump the liar

    • JaguarFacedMan
      JaguarFacedMan Year ago +4

      Fuck off. I'm surprised people like you have the fortitude to even say things like that after all the lies your side told and all the people they stepped on. Now I'm gunna go back to not being a complete sheeple. I suggest you give it a try.

    • coughie420
      coughie420 Year ago +1

      Lame for life, you are an uniformed idiot. Enjoy while the rich get richer and you get screwed.

  • Cristálido
    Cristálido Year ago +6

    This song is so epic!!!

  • Bill Bo Haggins
    Bill Bo Haggins 2 years ago +16


  • Sad Black Man
    Sad Black Man 3 years ago +32

    I dont know why there was so much hate to this album... I loved it

  • ThaRealArabDude
    ThaRealArabDude 3 years ago +4

    Wow. The last comment on this video was 5 years ago? Well great music right here Rise Against!

  • interpart56
    interpart56 7 years ago

    Rock am Ring 2010 :-*

  • ararararagi
    ararararagi 8 years ago

    Amerikaner Bitte?

  • Veks
    Veks 8 years ago


  • Dark Doodles
    Dark Doodles 8 years ago

    circus music threw me off 4 a while then the lyrics made some sense its freakin celebrities and pop culture makes sense since its kinda what people think of them sorta or how they can feel lol

  • jpothemaster64
    jpothemaster64 8 years ago +4

    i love how he screams end at the last part

  • SomeNewGuy
    SomeNewGuy 8 years ago

    This song makes may people think its about the circus. For all u that think that, you're all wrong. Its about pop culture. The part with circus music really throws people off. Hope that clears that all up. =D

  • longlostlink
    longlostlink 8 years ago

    actually it is "Come one, come all" cause that what they sat at circus :P

  • Samuel Van-Lane
    Samuel Van-Lane 8 years ago

    this song makes fun of anyone who is a joke!

  • narckiller002
    narckiller002 8 years ago

    lol wat did he say to get 14 thumbs down

  • deathamongus1
    deathamongus1 8 years ago

    um dude u need a life u have posted tht on almost each song gayfer

  • Hells Malice
    Hells Malice 8 years ago

    Great song

  • Kamil Sochoń
    Kamil Sochoń 8 years ago

    Right. The lyrics are wrong. But I think it's the only mistake here ;)

  • Accies J
    Accies J 8 years ago +1


  • Brock Lee
    Brock Lee 8 years ago

    Come in come on??

    Come One, Come All

  • MrPiickel
    MrPiickel 9 years ago +2


  • Joe The Nomad
    Joe The Nomad 9 years ago