Con-ing Same McDonalds 3 Times in a Row

  • Published on Apr 16, 2012
  • Went to McDonalds to do some next level coning where I put the ice cream in my face and I ended up going through the drive thru multiple times.
    They didn't like the way that I ate my food.
    They told me not to come back.
    So I went to Burger King to see if the world really lost its sense of humor.
    It didn't.
    other titles:
    Con-ing Mcdonalds vs Burger king
    coning mcdonalds vs Burger king
    mcdonalds vs. Burger king
    franchise war
    burger king wins
    burger king better than mcdonalds
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  • Nick Makaia
    Nick Makaia 26 minutes ago

    Wow those ice creams were like rubber

  • Pancake Time
    Pancake Time 3 hours ago

    McDonald’s, I love you.
    But you are also very stupid since you have the worst customer service.
    So shut up McDonald’s.

  • Sunshine_10101 YT
    Sunshine_10101 YT 4 hours ago

    the second time when he haf ordered the ice cream i was dead

  • Wendy Salayes
    Wendy Salayes 5 hours ago +1

    “gO gEt a jOb oR sOmEtHiNg” bruhh😂🤦‍♀️

  • Nathaniel Ruth
    Nathaniel Ruth 6 hours ago

    If this was me I would punch her in the face

  • pena simon
    pena simon 7 hours ago

    Why does it mater he paid so its his to eat howerver he wants

  • Absolutegamer
    Absolutegamer 7 hours ago

    Mans says “is your life that boring” but he is working at McDonalds

  • JustinBebier TheGoodGuy

    You know what I think I think when the manager said you can come inside and get your dollar and SEVEN CENTS 3:16 the guy was probably thinking that she was dumb

  • Darlin Daydreams
    Darlin Daydreams 8 hours ago

    3:29 people who are normal lol I died

  • Wolf Kotto
    Wolf Kotto 9 hours ago

    Autism man

  • Super Grover
    Super Grover 9 hours ago

    Tell him your going to tell the cops and say your a 🤬 idiot

  • Super Grover
    Super Grover 10 hours ago

    Your euch an idiot

  • Jenny Daley
    Jenny Daley 10 hours ago

    “Get a job” you work at McDonald’s

  • epsolete
    epsolete 10 hours ago

    sponsored by burger king

  • Cosmic Grade
    Cosmic Grade 10 hours ago


  • Alana Ewing
    Alana Ewing 11 hours ago

    that fuckin manager thinks hes so powerful u work at a fucking mcdonalds im sueing

  • Preeze FX
    Preeze FX 11 hours ago

    what a 7minute ad of Burger king

  • Ryguygaming _
    Ryguygaming _ 13 hours ago

    Go back he is doing nothing wrong they are being fagots

  • Wolfelta cribb
    Wolfelta cribb 13 hours ago

    The burger king ppl just laughed. They are way more chill about it!

  • Sharkz Gaming
    Sharkz Gaming 15 hours ago

    It is better at Burger King

  • Jenny Lab
    Jenny Lab 15 hours ago +1

    We can tell that the fat guy sucks

  • Annie Grace
    Annie Grace 17 hours ago

    I was laughing so hard when he said ‘go get a job’ bitch he works at McDonald’s

  • Tuala Rhys
    Tuala Rhys 19 hours ago

    Does anyone love how he kept question her, and her only response was “I’ll call the cops”!
    Call the cops for fkn what?

  • Kieran Carr
    Kieran Carr 20 hours ago

    This man doesn’t even say please or thank you

  • Old One
    Old One Day ago

    that girl at the pay window is sexy as hell

  • Doctor Penguin
    Doctor Penguin Day ago

    Hmm, here’s my perspective, He hasn’t broken any local or state, federal laws by being stupid. McDonald’s take a while with customers to serve them out aswell, He technically isn’t doing anything, if anything McDonald’s could be looking for a lawsuit if he were to claim he was within his ADA rights, if he’s disabled, he’s purchased a product in which he has not caused any type of vandalism or physical harm to anybody, including verbally.... However, That local McDonald’s reserves the right to issue him a criminal trespass even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. Personally I think that McDonald’s Manager should NOT be employed at at franchise/establishment because she does not seem adequately trained on how to provide customer service but biggest things, ADA local laws and legal consequences of her actions on the McDonalds Corporation/Franchise Business

  • vHamburgerv
    vHamburgerv Day ago

    My man told him to get a job when he works at *McDonalds* 😂

  • Depressionうつ病

    Boy if you don’t get yo fat fried chicken Nugget KFC Having ass wit yo fat ugly ass “Go get a Job,” Having ass

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Day ago

    Don’t go to McDonald’s
    Here’s why
    1.there food is FAKE
    2.there rude and disrespectful to customers
    3.they got roaches(hehnu)

  • Kristopher Rangel


  • Jonez
    Jonez Day ago

    Females always so bossy

  • Madison Nownes
    Madison Nownes Day ago

    I love Burger King they think of it better don’t go to McDonald’s

  • Kevion Dixon
    Kevion Dixon Day ago +1

    how old are you you fat bitch your mom loved it talking about how old are you bitch damn fuck him

  • CottonKitty11
    CottonKitty11 Day ago +1

    I’m he’s paying for it and it’s just how he eats it

  • Tom Naughten
    Tom Naughten Day ago

    This isn't funny at all

  • Sebastian Pizarra

    Why does people judge how they eat

  • NotWesley
    NotWesley Day ago

    Workers are such @#$&s

  • SirAce Jr.
    SirAce Jr. Day ago

    Just sue them

  • Neo The Hedgehog

    Burger king know true comedy. Unlike Mcdonald's.

  • Nathan dose Stuff

    lol 😂

  • TheOnly TrueBlue

    1:19 the guy said go get a job when he works at mcdonalds😂😂😂

  • Loretta Breslin
    Loretta Breslin Day ago

    So its tresspassing to go in a drive thru now


  • Mystic 1
    Mystic 1 Day ago

    Lol u said it’s seconder the funny time

  • Ezra De Leon 24
    Ezra De Leon 24 Day ago

    That fatass McDonald’s worker needs a sense of humor

  • -Shadow- eZ
    -Shadow- eZ Day ago

    xD 🤣

  • William Hamill
    William Hamill Day ago

    Why am I dead 🤣🤣😂

  • GamerZilla743
    GamerZilla743 Day ago

    Burger King

    Was epic


  • Quaiter
    Quaiter Day ago

    I’m low key starting to like Burger King better

  • Mason 571
    Mason 571 Day ago +1

    That Manager should be fired.

  • miss me
    miss me Day ago

    1:06 lol

  • sandeep raj
    sandeep raj Day ago

    20 views million and still not monotized

  • Life of James
    Life of James 2 days ago


  • Gulay Dur
    Gulay Dur 2 days ago

    Fucking sick psyco

  • Harvey Weinstein
    Harvey Weinstein 2 days ago

    I wanna eat u know what

  • Jocelyn Vids
    Jocelyn Vids 2 days ago

    :Employee/manager get a job

  • MrJulian05
    MrJulian05 2 days ago

    Damn, why is scarce being so mean to this guy he just want a ice cream XD

  • Hau Lian
    Hau Lian 2 days ago


  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 2 days ago

    “Go get a job or something”
    *literally works at McDonald’s

  • GeronimoYOLO
    GeronimoYOLO 2 days ago

    What does it matter what he does with HIS FOOD? If I saw this I’d die of laughter 😂😂 and I use to work at burgerking so I saw some pretty weird stuff.

    xXQUEENZXx 2 days ago

    McDonalds sucks!! 🤮 I love how Burger King laughed so hard 😂

  • dylano1
    dylano1 2 days ago

    It’s “seconder the funny time”

  • Ronald Earl
    Ronald Earl 2 days ago

    People that are normal for rell

  • 1010109999999
    1010109999999 2 days ago

    Dude let them call the cops then let them explain to them you can eat anyway you want and then I will come there 24 hours a day in order the same thing.

  • Shrumpy Lumpkins
    Shrumpy Lumpkins 2 days ago

    Lol or another idea..You could put it on a plate, put a bib on, and take a fork and knife to eat it in front of them.

  • Kiara Espejel
    Kiara Espejel 2 days ago

    mcdonald’s is RaCiST

    TWIST 2 days ago

    Worker: “We’re gonna call the cops for causing a disruption”
    Me: Where?

  • Mydely me and cake
    Mydely me and cake 2 days ago

    ._. Why

  • Drew Saunders
    Drew Saunders 2 days ago

    The things I’m surprised at is that their ice cream machine is actually working

  • BiBo _Playz
    BiBo _Playz 2 days ago +1

    6:00 the guy behind looks like PewDiePie

  • WHUgeorge
    WHUgeorge 2 days ago

    R u autistic

  • Kalee Fee
    Kalee Fee 2 days ago

    first of all He CAN eat his own way and I think MC Donald's deserves to get called of the police do not be your and don't listen to people do it your way!

  • StandStiII
    StandStiII 2 days ago

    its seconder the funny time

  • Ricky Sossaa
    Ricky Sossaa 2 days ago

    Its secender the funny time that part got me dying

  • Bethany Roberts
    Bethany Roberts 2 days ago

    It's not $ 1.07 you old lady food isn't taxed and if it was taxed it wouldn't even be 1.07

  • The extreme pancake
    The extreme pancake 2 days ago

    Wtf is this video

  • cole merrick
    cole merrick 2 days ago

    This video is fake micdonalds ice machine is broke

  • Cedric Smith
    Cedric Smith 2 days ago

    I love Mcdonalds

  • Carmen On the go
    Carmen On the go 2 days ago

    Burger King has a good sense of humour 😂

  • Julie Durback
    Julie Durback 3 days ago

    They got mad because u werent getting fatter

  • chris h
    chris h 3 days ago

    how are you gonna work at a fast food place and take your job seriously???

  • ScreechX_
    ScreechX_ 3 days ago

    I like how burgerking actually takes it as a joke and laughs along.

  • EC Sapphire
    EC Sapphire 3 days ago

    This is so funny that there is no word to describe it

  • Money Monster
    Money Monster 3 days ago

    I wouldn't care how you ash it in your head as long as I get my money

  • EC Sapphire
    EC Sapphire 3 days ago

    I cracked up so bad Jesus

  • Fredde jpg
    Fredde jpg 3 days ago

    lmao WHY DO THEY EVEN CARE!?!?!?! if he's paying for it and not making a i woulda served him ice cream all day long and enjoyed the show

  • Josh Bedo
    Josh Bedo 3 days ago

    below retarded - isn't even funny you just look special

  • SweetieTV22
    SweetieTV22 3 days ago

    i'm on the worker's side. This is so stupid

  • Zachary Dalton
    Zachary Dalton 3 days ago

    Burger king is better. Mcdonalds dosen't support the way ppl eat ice cream. EATING ICE CREAM THE WAY MCDONALDS DOSENT LIKE ISNT TRESPASSING

  • Roxana Khan
    Roxana Khan 3 days ago

    Mr tumble at the window..

  • Sunshine Devela
    Sunshine Devela 3 days ago

    I are u kidding me find something better to do with your life

  • Nexus FX
    Nexus FX 3 days ago

    1¢ does give you better service. I'm not going to McDonalds anymore ;)

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 days ago


  • LeRoy G
    LeRoy G 3 days ago

    OMFG bro!! I’m dying

  • Quinn Wagner
    Quinn Wagner 3 days ago

    Wow the difference

  • Steven Turowski
    Steven Turowski 3 days ago

    Why do I keep getting condom adds

  • vPurple
    vPurple 3 days ago


  • Abdirahim Jama
    Abdirahim Jama 3 days ago +3

    A McDonald's worker told him to get a life. Does he know what he does for a living???

  • Abdirahim Jama
    Abdirahim Jama 3 days ago +1

    They should be thankful, he's probably paying their bills be ordering those 3 ice-creams

  • Dewald Grobler
    Dewald Grobler 3 days ago

    America is full of little twaddle tales. Oh, I'm gonna phone the cops, you eat funny. Here in South Africa, you don't phone the cops if you don't get your way, our cops will hurt you if you phone them for shit! Ross rocks though!