Con-ing Same McDonalds 3 Times in a Row

  • Published on Apr 16, 2012
  • Went to McDonalds to do some next level coning where I put the ice cream in my face and I ended up going through the drive thru multiple times.
    They didn't like the way that I ate my food.
    They told me not to come back.
    So I went to Burger King to see if the world really lost its sense of humor.
    It didn't.
    other titles:
    Con-ing Mcdonalds vs Burger king
    coning mcdonalds vs Burger king
    mcdonalds vs. Burger king
    franchise war
    burger king wins
    burger king better than mcdonalds
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  • RyanC3ONE3
    RyanC3ONE3 2 minutes ago

    He has great self control. I would of roasted that kid

  • Jace MacDonald Roblox

    McDonald’s employee: Go get a job

  • L B
    L B Hour ago

    Bro what is your problem.

  • Omaima Alshaikh
    Omaima Alshaikh 3 hours ago

    Shouldn’t have done this, you’re wasting food. All those people could use that money that youer putting into those broken cones

  • vivianalove50
    vivianalove50 3 hours ago +1

    That is his food why they geting mad that is dumb

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 3 hours ago

    Anyone else got a Ryan Reynolds ad

  • Lite Playz
    Lite Playz 3 hours ago

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHA! :O" from burger king and "Sir that is destructive please get out or the cops will come" from mc donalds! like, which reaction is better

  • Lite Playz
    Lite Playz 3 hours ago

    oh and now burger kind

  • Lite Playz
    Lite Playz 3 hours ago

    how rude

  • Lite Playz
    Lite Playz 3 hours ago

    omg he waited a really long time for them to ask what he wanted but he sped it up so it would be quicker

  • Adam Sadek
    Adam Sadek 3 hours ago

    Dude McDonald’s employees are a holes dude that’s messed up what if he was mentally ill

  • Alexandra Receveur
    Alexandra Receveur 3 hours ago

    I love the buger king ppl they are the best😂

  • Alexandra Receveur
    Alexandra Receveur 3 hours ago

    I think that managers life must be boring. I mean he works at McDonald's and is getting board of his life and getting triggered

  • Leighton Sippel
    Leighton Sippel 4 hours ago

    That’s so cringy

  • JustARandomGuy
    JustARandomGuy 4 hours ago

    Legend says he’s still rubbing ice cream on his face

  • Daniel Ramirez111777
    Daniel Ramirez111777 4 hours ago

    1:11 well you are working at McDonald

  • Luke_
    Luke_ 4 hours ago

    “Go get a job or something”-Says McDonalds employee

  • Chris Brezinski
    Chris Brezinski 4 hours ago

    Go back there now in 2018!

  • payaso lopez
    payaso lopez 5 hours ago

    Go to the same mc donalds and say fuck u fuck all your stores plz

  • theheavyscar
    theheavyscar 5 hours ago

    i hate when people waste food, it actually should be illegal, some may find it funny but well, i dont, use the money to help people, please

  • Oof Uhh
    Oof Uhh 5 hours ago

    Why do they care. They are still getting the money right?

  • MaximumMax2 GAMEING
    MaximumMax2 GAMEING 5 hours ago

    0:30 he said were not running a playground but isn't there a play ground in Mcdonald's?

  • Ailee Jazmine Santoyo
    Ailee Jazmine Santoyo 5 hours ago

    Really 1.06? The one I work at is 65 cents😮

  • Ace MongJi
    Ace MongJi 5 hours ago

    Just kill ur self budds, you're trash

  • Quoc Nguyen
    Quoc Nguyen 5 hours ago

    And yet, there are kids around the world that’s starving. Wasting food for entertainment, what an idiot.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 7 hours ago

    Your the reason the ice-cream machine is broken

  • kayecee High
    kayecee High 7 hours ago

    This is so disgusting and this isnt funny just stop

  • Strikebang Zekrom
    Strikebang Zekrom 7 hours ago

    You okay?

  • Phone Gamer
    Phone Gamer 7 hours ago


  • L to the E
    L to the E 8 hours ago

    Burger king has a sense of humour 😂😂😂😂

  • Alvino Maciel
    Alvino Maciel 8 hours ago

    Burger king is where its att

  • Alvino Maciel
    Alvino Maciel 8 hours ago

    Lmao damn bro that is funny af

  • Lukey Vlogger
    Lukey Vlogger 10 hours ago

    BURGER KING GIRLZ: WTH XDDD -laughing constently- (Next time) AGAIN .-.

  • Mighty Thor
    Mighty Thor 10 hours ago

    1. You gotta come inside for your ice cream cone.
    2. The reason is because he legit PAYED for it and then just threw it all over himself
    3. You gonna say he trespassing
    4. He's not breaking any laws
    5. You won't give his money back if he doesn't come in either.
    Fuck you McDonalds.

  • Caitlin Daley
    Caitlin Daley 12 hours ago

    “How old are you? Three obviously?”

  • Ricardo Ventura
    Ricardo Ventura 13 hours ago

    do that with spicy food

  • juice box
    juice box 13 hours ago

    "Go get a job,or something" says the guy working at Mcdonalds aka the job that you dont need an education for

  • Something Some
    Something Some 13 hours ago

    wow this was not funny ^^

  • sister naz
    sister naz 15 hours ago

    it's not funny tho

  • Rising Rowey
    Rising Rowey 17 hours ago

    He says go get a job but he works at mcdonalds

  • Ava rose
    Ava rose 19 hours ago

    They took his money they weren't gonna give him his money back so they are jerks

  • MiggiGAMES
    MiggiGAMES 22 hours ago

    Oops im not coming back to mcdonalds...

  • Junior Hilario
    Junior Hilario 23 hours ago

    McDonald’s sucks ass while Burger King laughing there ass off😂😂

  • Brayden Narques
    Brayden Narques Day ago

    Mc Donald’s should burn in hell

  • Jordan 410x
    Jordan 410x Day ago

    What a fucking douchebag 😂

  • Loren Pontiff
    Loren Pontiff Day ago

    I thought Mc Donalds did run a playground..?

  • Camila Romero Quintana

    Ya burger king has the best service ever they at least had a sense of humor (sorry is spelt wrong)

  • Jewell Wright
    Jewell Wright Day ago

    *MCDONALD'S* employee says: Go get a job or something

    wow......just wow

  • Robyn Duncan
    Robyn Duncan Day ago

    I dont think that it’s THAT annoying...

  • Joeyfridays
    Joeyfridays Day ago

    yo when bitch came round the corner of the window tha shit got me lmao

  • Savages for life

    Burger king the best

  • Joshua_Playz
    Joshua_Playz Day ago

    I love burger King their cool with if :)
    McDonald bitch they so fucking strict that's why their poor

  • Buck Futter
    Buck Futter Day ago

    Stupid fucking idiot.. Where are your parents since we lynch them

  • XPG OwNz
    XPG OwNz Day ago

    lol this guy sacrificed 1 dollar and probably made thousands from this video lol

  • BeLlois_KoOL
    BeLlois_KoOL Day ago +1

    Is your life really that boring

    Says the guy who has a mascot that’s a clown 🤡

  • Nick Ferguson
    Nick Ferguson Day ago

    Someone got salty

  • Lilly VonShtup
    Lilly VonShtup Day ago

    Fucking stupid.

  • Hippo
    Hippo Day ago +2

    Burger King > McDonalds

    Burger King has nice employees.

  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson Day ago

    “go get a job or something” LMFAOOO but he the one working at mcdonald’s

  • 64Beograd
    64Beograd Day ago

    How the fuck is this trespassing? They allow ANYONE to use that drive through

  • Aiden Poole
    Aiden Poole Day ago

    He was putting it on his head and he's helping them idiots

  • djvapid
    djvapid Day ago

    How does something like this get 18 million views? This isn't funny, it's fucking stupid.

  • Zephan
    Zephan Day ago

    ‘It’s seconder the funny time’

  • Ellie ramses
    Ellie ramses Day ago

    I would have told her to call the police you weren't doing anything illegal you took the ice cream cone and left it doesn't matter how you ate it because you weren't disrupting anything so you should have told her to call the police and see what that would have done

  • Triggered4 Life
    Triggered4 Life Day ago

    lock him up

  • Charles Ebanks
    Charles Ebanks Day ago

    Lmao! Super funny

  • Derisive Gamer
    Derisive Gamer Day ago

    I love how this is 6 years old and people still comment

  • Ciarán Fan
    Ciarán Fan Day ago

    Your a retard

  • Barry Retmanski
    Barry Retmanski Day ago

    Wtf does it matter to McDonald's how someone consumes their food? Your job is to prepare it and sell it! Making yourselves look like control freak douchebags is NOT a good business model!

  • Haley K
    Haley K Day ago +1

    😂 thats the spirit burger king! Fuck mcdonalds.

  • Shalamahya sharah

    3:29 that lady was being a bit cheaper you could have had a mental disability that was highly disrespectful and also u did nothing wrong all u did was eat how u wanted lol and there's no law against that there just stupid and have no sense of humor

  • HH Scott
    HH Scott Day ago

    McDonald's people were idiots. First. Some people take longer to put their change away, and get their food situated. Then this guy did to plant an ice cream cone of his face. Second. They complained that he was holding up their business. Then proceeded to hold up their own business, while they gave some stupid lecture. Bunch of uptight clowns! I bet working there is a barrel of fun. SMH

  • HH Scott
    HH Scott Day ago

    Would love to know what the dude was thinking that said "3 cents is your change". He showed zero emotion. Lol

  • Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller Day ago +1

    McDonalds guy: get a job
    Me: LOL

  • Layla Santee-Terrell

    He is buying itttt

  • RaZoRFoX 396
    RaZoRFoX 396 Day ago

    3:04 harry potter wand.

  • Bts’s Fanfictions

    They can’t call the cops he payed for it.. if he wants to put ice cream all over him he can it’s not against the law

  • Bryar Coleman
    Bryar Coleman Day ago

    The ppl at Burger King made it taller everytime😂

  • Quenten Hines
    Quenten Hines 2 days ago

    Literally the drive through would not have been backed up if the employee and his manager didn’t have an ice cream cone so far up their ass that they had to make up fake bs to compensate for their pathetic miserable lives. Lol a little dramatic but fr. they must’ve just been having such a rough day at their shitty job that they couldn’t enjoy probably the only humorous thing they’d saw all day. Also the look of PURE disgust on the guys face😂😂😂

  • TertL TiKler
    TertL TiKler 2 days ago

    McDonald's is stupid he didn't do anything wrong

  • W KM
    W KM 2 days ago

    "Window 6?"

  • Alex Derp
    Alex Derp 2 days ago

    Ive worked at a fast food place with people like those two at mcdonalds, makes the place mad depressing cause they just exude this "mcdonalds is all i have" attitude and take it out on everyone including the customers.

  • Franky East
    Franky East 2 days ago


  • William Lomax
    William Lomax 2 days ago

    That proves it. Burger King is better than McDonalds

  • John
    John 2 days ago

    This guy is honestly so stupid what a waste of camera space and it's funny that they called the cops😂

  • Jazz Cantrell
    Jazz Cantrell 2 days ago

    1:11 is your life so boring your working at McDonald’s

  • Sambo Elguapo
    Sambo Elguapo 2 days ago

    The guy in the car is an absolute bell end, and really not funny at all.

  • Big Transformer
    Big Transformer 2 days ago

    Burger King they have a sense of humor

  • Cody Gonzalez
    Cody Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Quality memes right here thanos car GET OUT OF HERE

  • Gymnastics 4life
    Gymnastics 4life 2 days ago

    He can't have his money back?????wtf

  • Ilyas Tarzi
    Ilyas Tarzi 2 days ago

    The lady is rude and she is not normal

  • Kifter
    Kifter 2 days ago +1

    “Go get a job or something” fat fuck tells Ross while he flips patties

  • jhunix99
    jhunix99 2 days ago

    Mc Donalds was really rude, but at least Burger King was nice and decided to laugh xD

  • Twitch Clippps
    Twitch Clippps 2 days ago

    And he is spending money at there shitty mcdonalds they can go fuck there self

  • m. mo
    m. mo 2 days ago


  • Dan L
    Dan L 2 days ago

    What if dude had a mental disorder. Assholes

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    You can give a person a trespass, you can give them and ice cream though.

  • Sarah Xo
    Sarah Xo 2 days ago +1

    “people that are normal”

  • Kaitlynn Breth
    Kaitlynn Breth 2 days ago

    He’s so childish

  • FearIsMe 012
    FearIsMe 012 2 days ago

    Employee: This is a business not a playground.
    Me: *gets on Fortnite