Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3
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  • Mauricio Perroni
    Mauricio Perroni Hour ago

    Why sit to front why not back ? not make a sense .

  • Thor _
    Thor _ 3 hours ago

    My 2016 subaru use similar wheel caps on alu wheels so the tesla wheel caps are not that unique.

  • Christian Christmas

    Honestly I think that the game feature was a subliminal attempt for people to let the car steer while the driver plays games or whatever

  • ImRoblox Station

    What if you got robbed your alloy wheels?

  • 01001101
    01001101 2 days ago +1

    When the prices of electric vehicles drop, they should make vehicles on fuel illegal.

  • Ben
    Ben 3 days ago


  • Marion Einish
    Marion Einish 4 days ago


  • Andres Isaza
    Andres Isaza 5 days ago

    Would be good to lower the price..!! How crazy is that !!!!

  • Oscar Moreira
    Oscar Moreira 6 days ago

    Excellent video. You are pretty good in what you are doing: very clear, well explained. please do more videos like this one! And good luck with your model 3...

  • McHenry Gabriel
    McHenry Gabriel 6 days ago

    Please Review TESLA Y for us.

  • CyborgKing200
    CyborgKing200 6 days ago +1

    The Tesla app is the best way to get your car stolen
    Who agrees with this?

  • Slxyer
    Slxyer 7 days ago

    ngl the whole speedo thing even if you do have a norm gauge cluster you still have to look down as far as ive seen

  • Deborah Ferreira
    Deborah Ferreira 9 days ago +1

    OMG, tesla is so smart it literally has everything you need.

  • Wilfred Zweverink
    Wilfred Zweverink 9 days ago

    Interesting video, thanks!
    Few remarks though, the audio is not great, seems your mic is distorting, also, the white balance of the camera is off here and there.

  • Palmer Home
    Palmer Home 10 days ago

    Yutube dor

  • Nic Amyas
    Nic Amyas 13 days ago

    It definitely does break the bank...

  • Vijay V
    Vijay V 15 days ago

    And what happens if the control screen in the center breaks or cracks or if the screen fails ?

    • cuk
      cuk 8 days ago

      you replace it for around $1000

  • ChrisJ golf
    ChrisJ golf 16 days ago

    Tesla has a feature where you can limit the speed lf the car on the app

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself 16 days ago

    8:06 I think I know exactly who did that.

  • Paul Meek
    Paul Meek 16 days ago

    Felt the need to leave a comment. I really enjoyed this video, good job

  • Braylin ThyGod
    Braylin ThyGod 19 days ago +2

    Watching Tesla video is making me want to buy one 😂😍

  • James Erikson
    James Erikson 19 days ago

    It's not good for the environment 😂 take a guess where the electricity comes from 🙄

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Day ago

      Vrije Universiteit Brussel looked at the worst case scenario in the EU. Poland with 50% fossil fuels in the grid. EV's still run cleaner. A lot of the electricity you use in your car can be regenerated under braking. Home solar remains an option...

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 22 days ago +5

    It's just a matter of time when I purchase my 1st Tesla. 👍

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds 24 days ago

    aux input tho?

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Day ago

      As long as it's USB, yep.

  • Jeremy Luder
    Jeremy Luder 26 days ago

    And no, narrator it doesn't look good, and no it isn't good for the environment once you stop becoming a sheep and do some scientific research in how batteries are made and are disposed of. Just keep sipping the koolaid morons.

  • Alekey
    Alekey 27 days ago +1

    I wish I had $60000 to buy me one.

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Day ago

      The SR/SR+ is great at $35k - $39k.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 28 days ago +1

    Thanks for making me feel better about the aero rims. I've never seen aero rims that didn't make me think of cheap hubcaps.

  • Doug Melnick
    Doug Melnick 29 days ago

    How can I get Tesla sponsorship for a 13000+ Kms Road Trip with my son and his kids around North America, proving Tesla long distance travel?

  • severn sea
    severn sea 29 days ago +2

    Haha, my car is 18 years old and I can turn on the lights and sound the horn (alarm) from the remote - and I don't have to worry about the batteries on the remote suddenly running out.

    But the real problem for me is that huge touchscreen monitor stuck onto the dash. You need it for EVERYTHING, so you can't adjust the air con, or stereo, or anything on the move safely because you have to take your eyes off the road, but even without that problem it has to be a distraction. I know where every single button and switch is on my car so I can adjust anything without taking my eyes off the road - and I can still check my speed.

    I see the merits of EVs, but there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • BetterBPrepared
    BetterBPrepared 29 days ago

    Great video on Tesla model 3 features!

  • Deanna Williams
    Deanna Williams Month ago

    I gotta get one.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Month ago

    teslas shit

  • LoveTech
    LoveTech Month ago

    Great video! Thanks!

  • Zaylas Pelt
    Zaylas Pelt Month ago

    I want one so bad.

  • Bojo Banaag
    Bojo Banaag Month ago

    Nice review bro! Auto like and Sub 😁

  • Ofelia Vergara
    Ofelia Vergara Month ago

    What it looks exactly like my hot wheels version

  • uptown3636
    uptown3636 Month ago +4

    I've been pricing out the BMW m240i and Genesis G70 for a few weeks now. No more. I'm sold. Model 3 it is.

    • uptown3636
      uptown3636 5 days ago

      @Jo e Still deciding between the BMW and the Tesla. I'm concerned about the lack of superchargers along a route I frequently travel by car.

    • Jo e
      Jo e 6 days ago

      You got one?

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago

    Better looking

  • UltraPlays
    UltraPlays Month ago +1

    It would be really cool if the car could feel if the ground is wet or raining and slow down.

  • kyle rodgers
    kyle rodgers Month ago +2

    dude, your a great reviewer. very linear and kept things moving forward fast enough to not get bored, but slow enough to understand what your talking about. def a good job. Thanks

  • Nibin John
    Nibin John Month ago

    Well boys, this is called innovation.

  • Colin Callahan
    Colin Callahan Month ago

    Shit this is the first time I’ve watched Parker in a while and I can say this is the first video I actually really enjoyed . Props dude

  • Joel M
    Joel M Month ago +1

    I think Tesla are Extraterrestrials.

    • Joel M
      Joel M Month ago +1

      @Romalyn Gilay Nikola must of been a funny bone,... He said, "scientists today think deeply instead of clearly, one must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." Bet he got all the girls in his day!😀

    • Romalyn Gilay
      Romalyn Gilay Month ago +1

      Joel M more like Nicola Tesla and Elon Musk got the tech from ETs 😁

  • fdsa
    fdsa Month ago

    Good for the environment. LOL this car is awful for the environment, but I'm still buying one for other reasons.

    • 15
      15 Month ago

      What do you mean by awful?

  • MiguelGaming ReadyChannel

    19:55 the earth is round

  • Dominique Ransom
    Dominique Ransom Month ago +1

    This is why diversity matters with design, I get they are banking on people carrying their phones to unlock the door, but as a female of color I would have suggested a tap code or finger print scanner under the door handle for emergencies!

    You have to think of the unthinkable people loose phones!

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Month ago +1

      @Dominique Ransom No worries :)

    • Dominique Ransom
      Dominique Ransom Month ago +2

      @Seawolf Thank you, Seawolf, I was unaware of this feature.

    • Seawolf
      Seawolf Month ago +2

      There are other alternatives. There's the optional key fob, and it's included with two key card as spares :)

  • Cyqlone Online
    Cyqlone Online Month ago +1

    One week to go before i receive my tesla model 3. Really cant wait. I have a question about unlocking the tesla from distance, you said you can unlock from whenever yiu are by using the app. Does this meen your tesla is always connected to the internet? How is this possible and how does it connect with internet?

  • Hk C
    Hk C Month ago +1

    when rocket scientist makes a car

  • Dave World
    Dave World Month ago

    2:19 that cover is gonna be scratch now and how come perf doesn't need them

  • Josip Ricov
    Josip Ricov Month ago

    I rather have screen in front of steering wheel. And 5th door hatchback.

  • balderoine
    balderoine Month ago

    This car is too nice for me, I’m such a rat

  • Miracle Obasi
    Miracle Obasi Month ago

    Wow very good features for the lady ones

  • Mark W
    Mark W Month ago +5

    I made an order for a model 3

  • Captain Ping
    Captain Ping Month ago

    me being late and tesla driving 300 mph to doctor in last 4 minutes

  • caleb simth
    caleb simth Month ago

    I think me being country boy just walking by it would cause it to brake, too plain not even cool overrated. Who would want one I wouldn’t. I’ll have my 3rd gen Cummins 6 speed

  • Pascal Lamarre
    Pascal Lamarre Month ago

    One of the best video out there, thanks.

  • pontus laurell
    pontus laurell Month ago

    I would use the autonomous mode on the boring commutes or the boring long stretch of road when you feel more like watching a movie..

  • lilman551000
    lilman551000 Month ago

    I am with u hud is important

  • Ambient Shine
    Ambient Shine Month ago


  • John Shirbini
    John Shirbini 2 months ago

    Nice video man. keep going