What Jeremy Clarkson thinks about Tesla

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
  • Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson are definitely not the best of friends, but The Grand Tour host is finally warming up to the idea of electrical cars.
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    Mashable Deals  Year ago +39

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    • TimeIsMoney
      TimeIsMoney 24 days ago +1

      +Gazza-usaYou are correct the biggest problem with Tesla is that they are far from mass producing their cars to satisfy demand. By the time they achieve this many car manufacturers with better established infrastructure will enter the market and flood it with affordable EVs. On the plus side Tesla will no doubt be remembered for the EVs coming to fruition

    • Carlo Martelli
      Carlo Martelli 10 months ago

      Mashable Daily i

    • Gazza-usa
      Gazza-usa 11 months ago +1

      Oh yeah and #5) customers want serviceability. Most car manufacturers employ more people on the Service side than the manufacture side. Having the ability to repair/replace/fix vehicles is a huge undertaking which Tesla has to farm out to small shops. Big manufactures are already set up for this and can outlay all the capital for the equipment needed (like exotic welders and training).

    • Gazza-usa
      Gazza-usa 11 months ago +1

      Agreed. Tesla sheep are lost. Here's the reality. All the other car manufacturers are on the EV bandwagon and many of them are about to offer cars and suvs that have similar ranges to Tesla. Now here's the kicker; All of these car companies are backed by governments (German/Japanese/Korean/Chinese/USA etc) which means #1) they have more resources, #2) they have government backing for infrastructure, #3) they can dump product on the market, saturate it and wipe out competition, #4) they can guarantee quality since they can staff up as many people as they need. Tesla has done a great thing by changing the playing field but Tesla are akin to Barnsley 4th division now playing against Manchester City 1st division. It's going to be a blood bath in late 2018/early 2019. People don't want a shit $35K Car, they want all the extras and reliability.

  • Elisha Robin
    Elisha Robin Day ago

    Clarkson confirmed pewdipie supporter

  • Karl Slicher
    Karl Slicher 2 days ago

    "Pass the charger, I've got work to get to in three days"?

  • Maza9lan
    Maza9lan 2 days ago

    you can see how sad he is, car lovers will always be car-lovers... electric cars will take us back when it's all about carriage with a horse (but this time a carriage with electric propulsion way), with no souls in them..

  • Pramod Raghavendra Jayathirth

    Generation Gap!

  • Mateusz Łukasiak
    Mateusz Łukasiak 7 days ago

    Genuine level 0

  • Hit Reset Button
    Hit Reset Button 8 days ago

    Jeremy is a used up has-been...get him off stage.

  • Laza
    Laza 10 days ago

    CONFIRMED! Jeremy Clarkson is a 9 year-old!

    Like if you understood the joke properly...

  • Arthur Wong
    Arthur Wong 13 days ago

    Feels like Jeremy died a little when he said he had no problems with electricity as propulsion

  • Ross Anon
    Ross Anon 23 days ago

    the whole review he did was scripted and fake and the cars computer logs proved it
    Tesla only 'lost' because it was a scripted entertainment show designed to be funny not factual

  • muskatDR
    muskatDR 26 days ago

    You can see the pain in his face after he said he had nothing against electricity as a propulsion

    KEVIN FELIX 27 days ago

    i love what tesla had done but i cant afford even there model 3 which retails for 50 grand here in canada , i ended up just getting a electric skateboard powered by tesla batterys so atleast i can say i drive a tesla ahaha

  • pete smyth
    pete smyth 27 days ago

    Elon Musk is a tosser..anyone that buys a car from his company is an idiot..crap build quality for starters.

  • Quidditch Attention Seeker

    That was cute

  • Vivekananda. Madanmohan

    Wears a shirt suitable for a 9 year old. Awesome Tesla has come a long way.

  • Just Random
    Just Random Month ago

    Evidence that Elon Musk is a Bro

  • Shi Yuan Jiang
    Shi Yuan Jiang Month ago

    Sounds like Tesla has slowly wormed its way into Clarkson's petrolhead heart. Now that is ultimate victory. Bringing legal cases over opinion is just silly.

  • Trending Hot
    Trending Hot Month ago

    2.1 seconds 0-60 and cost pennies to run. Charges for free on most public chargers.

  • Kunal Chatterjee
    Kunal Chatterjee Month ago

    geyser can't get his head out of his arse!

  • Kyle Bevan
    Kyle Bevan Month ago

    So, Jeremy Clarkson lied about the cars breaks not working and running out of electric , and showing/emplying because he never actually said the car broken down just noise effects added in.... False review of a company's product could bankrupt a company.
    Elon afterwards ran a diagnosis on the car via software and the car didn't run out or power or over heat.... Sure maybe 1 in 100000 cars would overheat or not reach the maximum 200 miles it was expected at normal speeds (racing is different). But yea a biased view non the less.

  • RealityIsTheNow
    RealityIsTheNow Month ago

    Clarkson is a bigoted old fool. Who cares what he thinks about anything?

  • Akash K Hazarika
    Akash K Hazarika Month ago +1

    See how Clarkson dies a bit inside after saying he has not a problem with electricity being a means of propulsion

  • mrm. astronomy
    mrm. astronomy Month ago

    This man can officially be classified as mentally retarded

  • Singhka8
    Singhka8 Month ago

    The jealously on clarksons face is as obvious as a 9 years old child lmao

  • Saad 786
    Saad 786 Month ago +1

    I don’t like Jeremy

  • zombiewack
    zombiewack 2 months ago

    The 2020 roadster look unreal and awesome

  • 101 owlman
    101 owlman 2 months ago

    Elon is just butthurt his ego got shit on

  • Ras Sari
    Ras Sari 2 months ago

    I liked Clarkson. Sad

  • Frazer TGB
    Frazer TGB 2 months ago

    Shell Oil will send a letter to Clarkson now about how he violated their bash-tesla agreement

  • Farrukh Shaikh
    Farrukh Shaikh 2 months ago

    Tesla and Jeremy made for eachother forgotten love.....

  • ciliaris2
    ciliaris2 2 months ago

    When does he mention that Tesla now out sells BMW, Audi and MERC

  • Riccardo Ronco
    Riccardo Ronco 2 months ago

    Body language... touching his nose = not true. So I do not believe here we see a real clarkson IMHO

  • Jeri Faris Labib
    Jeri Faris Labib 2 months ago

    So..... Clarkson urge Tesla to make a better one..........
    With engine

    MRUNKNOWNGAMER Goldhouse 2 months ago +1

    omfg the tesla fanboys kek

  • Filip Babok
    Filip Babok 3 months ago

    Difference with these two guys is that one can't tell a difference between a fuel cap and a crankshaft. The other one is Elon Musk.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 3 months ago +1

    Damn Clarkson's getting old.

  • Josh L
    Josh L 3 months ago

    I want a car to be a car with a real engine, with those awesome engine revving sounds, with some gears and a clutch. Not a boring car like an iPhone.

  • xyz xyz
    xyz xyz 3 months ago

    clarkson is a prick

  • Nortel
    Nortel 3 months ago

    bulsht! what about battery form this cars? it ;like waste from reactors.. more dengereous than carbon smoke!

  • Bumpy Carter
    Bumpy Carter 3 months ago

    What a dick.

  • xxleshok
    xxleshok 3 months ago

    This man is corrupt as hell... He lies about Tesla constantly because his biggest sponsor is Shell Gasoline. It is such a joke. Everything he says about Tesla is scripted and a bald faced lie.

    FLUBBEDBOBCAT98 Dj 3 months ago

    What a jackass.

  • Thotlords M5 V10
    Thotlords M5 V10 4 months ago

    Top gear Uk is sponsored by SHELL.

  • Max Abir
    Max Abir 4 months ago

    He probably had a lot of money invested in GM and Ford.

  • Jay Leon Digital Nomad
    Jay Leon Digital Nomad 4 months ago

    What a lying prick. He's just a f*** puppet. 9 years earlier he bashed a great car because oil and car lobbies asked him to. Now they are getting fucked by Tesla and can't do anything about it so he's finally admitting the truth! What a laugh

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 4 months ago

    What an Old fuck, I'm gladd Top Gear is no longer there, was a shit show anyways

  • The Black
    The Black 4 months ago

    And my 2012 GTR will still always be better in every conceivable way than a Tesla.

  • The Black
    The Black 4 months ago +1

    Musk comes across like a man with a huge chip on his shoulder (or a very small penis) and needs to compensate by being biggest fastest smartest cleverest... but in reality comes across a bit of a bellend.

  • William Peng
    William Peng 4 months ago