What Jeremy Clarkson thinks about Tesla

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
  • Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson are definitely not the best of friends, but The Grand Tour host is finally warming up to the idea of electrical cars.
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    Mashable Deals  11 months ago +36

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    • Carlo Martelli
      Carlo Martelli 8 months ago

      Mashable Daily i

    • Gazza-usa
      Gazza-usa 9 months ago

      Oh yeah and #5) customers want serviceability. Most car manufacturers employ more people on the Service side than the manufacture side. Having the ability to repair/replace/fix vehicles is a huge undertaking which Tesla has to farm out to small shops. Big manufactures are already set up for this and can outlay all the capital for the equipment needed (like exotic welders and training).

    • Gazza-usa
      Gazza-usa 9 months ago

      Agreed. Tesla sheep are lost. Here's the reality. All the other car manufacturers are on the EV bandwagon and many of them are about to offer cars and suvs that have similar ranges to Tesla. Now here's the kicker; All of these car companies are backed by governments (German/Japanese/Korean/Chinese/USA etc) which means #1) they have more resources, #2) they have government backing for infrastructure, #3) they can dump product on the market, saturate it and wipe out competition, #4) they can guarantee quality since they can staff up as many people as they need. Tesla has done a great thing by changing the playing field but Tesla are akin to Barnsley 4th division now playing against Manchester City 1st division. It's going to be a blood bath in late 2018/early 2019. People don't want a shit $35K Car, they want all the extras and reliability.

    • Brandon Chung
      Brandon Chung 10 months ago

      Mashable Daily 5

  • zombiewack
    zombiewack 6 hours ago

    The 2020 roadster look unreal and awesome

  • 101 owlman
    101 owlman 7 hours ago

    Elon is just butthurt his ego got shit on

  • Ras Sari
    Ras Sari 8 hours ago

    I liked Clarkson. Sad

  • Ricky D
    Ricky D 9 days ago

    Shell Oil will send a letter to Clarkson now about how he violated their bash-tesla agreement

  • Farrukh Shaikh
    Farrukh Shaikh 13 days ago

    Tesla and Jeremy made for eachother forgotten love.....

  • ciliaris2
    ciliaris2 15 days ago

    When does he mention that Tesla now out sells BMW, Audi and MERC

  • Riccardo Ronco
    Riccardo Ronco 19 days ago

    Body language... touching his nose = not true. So I do not believe here we see a real clarkson IMHO

  • Jeri Faris Labib
    Jeri Faris Labib 24 days ago

    So..... Clarkson urge Tesla to make a better one..........
    With engine


    omfg the tesla fanboys kek

  • Filip Babok
    Filip Babok Month ago

    Difference with these two guys is that one can't tell a difference between a fuel cap and a crankshaft. The other one is Elon Musk.

  • beatonthedonis47
    beatonthedonis47 Month ago

    Damn Clarkson's getting old.

  • Josh L
    Josh L Month ago

    I want a car to be a car with a real engine, with those awesome engine revving sounds, with some gears and a clutch. Not a boring car like an iPhone.

  • DC stands for DOUBLE CHAMP

    clarkson is a prick

  • Nortel
    Nortel Month ago

    bulsht! what about battery form this cars? it ;like waste from reactors.. more dengereous than carbon smoke!

  • Bumpy Carter
    Bumpy Carter Month ago

    What a dick.

  • xxleshok
    xxleshok Month ago

    This man is corrupt as hell... He lies about Tesla constantly because his biggest sponsor is Shell Gasoline. It is such a joke. Everything he says about Tesla is scripted and a bald faced lie.

    FLUBBEDBOBCAT98 Dj Month ago

    What a jackass.

  • Thotlords M5 V10
    Thotlords M5 V10 Month ago

    Top gear Uk is sponsored by SHELL.

  • Max Abir
    Max Abir Month ago

    He probably had a lot of money invested in GM and Ford.

  • Jay Leon Digital Nomad
    Jay Leon Digital Nomad 2 months ago

    What a lying prick. He's just a f*** puppet. 9 years earlier he bashed a great car because oil and car lobbies asked him to. Now they are getting fucked by Tesla and can't do anything about it so he's finally admitting the truth! What a laugh

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 2 months ago

    What an Old fuck, I'm gladd Top Gear is no longer there, was a shit show anyways

  • The Black
    The Black 2 months ago

    And my 2012 GTR will still always be better in every conceivable way than a Tesla.

  • The Black
    The Black 2 months ago

    Musk comes across like a man with a huge chip on his shoulder (or a very small penis) and needs to compensate by being biggest fastest smartest cleverest... but in reality comes across a bit of a bellend.

  • William Peng
    William Peng 2 months ago


  • Alan Zhang
    Alan Zhang 2 months ago

    its uhh OOF

  • GoodGamesReplayed
    GoodGamesReplayed 2 months ago

    The only man I trust in car reviewing.

  • offenselion tv
    offenselion tv 2 months ago

    What he meant was we are all pewdiepie fans

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 months ago +1

    at 1:24 why does he look worried?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • eltrain2
    eltrain2 2 months ago

    fuck me i hate jeremy clarkson

    AdzSONLINE 2 months ago

    Clarkson has made a name for himself reviewing cars honestly. If there are problems he won't overlook them because it's Japanese or because it's electric or any other reason. He'll always point out issues. Even the Italian cats they love so much, they still point out flaws.

  • jj350
    jj350 2 months ago

    Tesla fanboys are the type of corporate tools who would defend a megalomaniac businessman who doesn't care about them.

    CATALIN CIRITEL 2 months ago

    Lets be honest. Electric cars are boooring . Canot go on long distance . No v8 sound , no pasion . Just big screen that distract you from driveing. ☺

  • lookatcha
    lookatcha 2 months ago

    fucking love this guy

  • Thumb Drive
    Thumb Drive 2 months ago

    Tesla should make cars without steering wheel, because America... 🤘🏻

  • Dan FlyBristol
    Dan FlyBristol 2 months ago

    First 10 seconds already made me laugh

  • Patriarcha
    Patriarcha 2 months ago

    Clarkson is a lying old cunt.

  • Dr. Royalty
    Dr. Royalty 2 months ago +1

    Wonder what Elon thinks of Jeremy now.

  • Ronny Japutra
    Ronny Japutra 2 months ago

    He looks like and sounds like he is feeling guilty about something ... ...

  • Alan J Rubin
    Alan J Rubin 2 months ago

    That “9 year old” attack went down quickly

  • Clem Cornpone
    Clem Cornpone 2 months ago

    Very nice review. I very much want the Tesla to succeed. I'll never be able to afford one, but I like what they are in spite of Elon Musk. I want the company to be successful, as well as the major car companies to compete with it. It seems like a passage the world should go through.
    However, Elon Musk! There are some things people do that are so stupid that the entire rest of their lives pails in comparison. Elon Musk shot his sports car into orbit around the sun. He had the wealth, the technical means and he was vain and frivolous enough to shoot is sports car into orbit around the sun. That is literally astronomically stupid. I suppose we can watch it on our telescopes.
    In a hundred years, if he Elon Musk is remembered at all, it will be because he is the fool who shot his sports car into orbit around the sun. I say that again: he shot his sportscar into orbit around the sun.
    What a damn fool. Nothing he can do in life can eclipse that singular gormless dumbfuckery.

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 3 months ago

    my god, what a petty and spiteful comment section. don't scroll down, theres nothing of value here.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Tesla fanboys are such snowflakes, it's pathetic.

  • Desert Wanderer
    Desert Wanderer 3 months ago

    Global warming is a massive scandal. Oil isn’t a fossil fuel. The planet isn’t moving at 70 000 mph and we never been to the moon. You’re welcome.

  • Ayush Aggarwal
    Ayush Aggarwal 3 months ago

    Tesla lost because the court didn't believe that top gear had enough influence to decrease the sales of Tesla
    I'm a long time fan of Clarkson and quit top gear the day he left but fact is fact
    The top gear team did not test the car properly and claimed that it had much worse performance than advetised, saying that it drove only 55 miles rather than the promised 200
    This was scripted as a joke for all electrical cars
    They just underestimated the company and used the product they seriously worked on for shits and giggles, which was enjoyable, but Clarkson could just fess up now
    Musk isn't gonna go for him anymore

  • ajax is the best
    ajax is the best 3 months ago

    Strange that the only things you can see of the grand tour on yt are about tesla. Sponsored?

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan 3 months ago

    Never bet against Elon. This is what happens when you do.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Winning court battles?

  • T4ND3MTHUND3R Gaming
    T4ND3MTHUND3R Gaming 3 months ago

    And he ended up taking it back
    Remember the whole "Pedo Guy" shit?

  • Chris Gee
    Chris Gee 3 months ago

    He lives under a bridge while musk has taken over the world. You tell me who won.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Definitely not Tesla as they literally lost in court... twice!

  • Bry Guy
    Bry Guy 3 months ago

    Nothing wrong with progress , but hydrogen power is the true clean energy !

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 3 months ago

    In a few years... cant wait to see that stupid look on clarksons face

  • Pete bob
    Pete bob 3 months ago

    All for electric cars and all but I mean the technology isn't there? And as a basis it's all hypothetical as to whether we can make these batteries charge quicker and go for longer not fact, I mean going of that why not invest in hydrogen fuel cell ideas and storing hydrogen more safely to allow this, I mean they give of no emissions so wouldn't they be better? And ultimately as soon as the big companies take this technology from tesla they'll eat them alive, so much better quality, design and namesake for companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota and so on

  • Dave France
    Dave France 3 months ago

    Gotta move with the times Jezza.

  • Persik II
    Persik II 3 months ago

    Generation ipops your time is gone, admit it.

  • Declan Reavy
    Declan Reavy 3 months ago

    So basically at top gear they had a script before they tried the car. A Tesla worker saw one and saw that they had scripted the battery dying.

  • QurttoRco
    QurttoRco 3 months ago

    Well with recent events one thing is for sure, Elon can't take criticism

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      He is a megalomaniac, of course he can't handle criticism.

  • porras
    porras 3 months ago

    I can't understand why people respect Elon Musk. He sues Clarkson for a review. And a month ago he calls a member of the Thailand rescue team a pedophile because he said his submarine wasn't good for the rescue.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      They are just tools for a megalomaniac asshole and a corporation that doesn't give a fuck about them.

  • imicca
    imicca 3 months ago

    9 year old army assemble

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Perfect description of Tesla fanboys

  • (Original Mix)
    (Original Mix) 3 months ago

    In today's thread:
    Tesla fanboys square off against Top Gear fanboys. It's impossible to like both, no middle ground at all.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Fanboys arguing is like a knife fight, nobody wins.

  • Amit r
    Amit r 3 months ago

    Clarkson is a dick head..

  • Victoria Delegate
    Victoria Delegate 3 months ago

    Jeremy 'safely' qualifies that he has no prob with ev's - SMART Jeremy as they will be law - perhaps before you're dead !!! :):):) You're funny! (9 year old bit a gut-laugher) and the world loves you.

  • Geoff Schneider
    Geoff Schneider 3 months ago

    I liked Top Gear. Then, Top Gear lied to me. No more, including new show.

  • s.s Smith
    s.s Smith 3 months ago

    deep in heart:ambitious...but rubbish!

  • Rambler Andy
    Rambler Andy 3 months ago

    'I certainly have no problems with electricity as a means of [vehicle] propulsion'.
    Blimey. He's certainly changed his tune. Time was when you would have had to place clamps in appropriate places for him to come out with something like that. So the dinosaur has some functioning brain after all.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      More of brain than you will ever have

  • Ege Erdem
    Ege Erdem 3 months ago

    i dont care even if it goes as fast as the speed of light
    electric cars are disgusting and boring

  • Ivo da Silva
    Ivo da Silva 3 months ago

    Who cares.

  • joe santo
    joe santo 3 months ago

    i think they had a gun at clarkson's head
    off camara

  • Ash Cuckum
    Ash Cuckum 3 months ago

    they got a gun to jezzer's head... shit

  • Townsey
    Townsey 3 months ago

    Wow I have lost all respect for Elon musk. It's a show dude calm the fuck down and deal with the fact that your cars are trying to be the future while relying on battery technology from the turn of the century and the roadster was absolute shit.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago +1

      I love how all these "electric cars are the future" types continue to sweep all of the drawbacks of electric cars under a rug. If they are so perfect for the future, what are they so afraid of?

  • who create GOD?
    who create GOD? 3 months ago

    old piece of shit who laughing now

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Him after he won the court battles?

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 3 months ago

    Hammond's glee in the back makes this perfect.

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla 3 months ago

    Who cares?

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 3 months ago

    I don't think Tesla will be worried about anything Clarkson has to say about their Products,his opinion is worth Shit,what he knows about cars is Zero,all he's good for is tearing round an airfield in someone else's vehicles ruining tyres,who in their right mind would want a car after he'd had his Arse in it doing his best to destroy it,he's right about the nine year old bit because he has obviously never grown up the way he drives,he sets a great example to young drivers who emulate him.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Look at this tool who thinks he is an expert for being a fanboy

  • Ionel Minut
    Ionel Minut 3 months ago +1

    he is a dickhead

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 3 months ago

    overhyped and overpayed english asshole

  • 144Donn
    144Donn 3 months ago

    This should be titled, "Man eats his own words".

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      That would be Tesla after all those threats only to lose in court... twice!

  • AlainHubert
    AlainHubert 3 months ago

    Looks a lot like Clarkson was forced to say good things about the new Tesla. Look at his facial expression @1:01 That says it all for me. He's not at all convinced...

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      He is about as convinced as I am. Only Tesla fanboys think this is honest, but then again they are tools for a big corporation that doesn't give a shit about them.

  • DinoTime
    DinoTime 3 months ago +1

    I miss Top Gear. Greetings from romania

  • Joshua Carvajal
    Joshua Carvajal 3 months ago

    Elon is this guy for real..😅🤣

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Elon is a megalomaniac who doesn't give a fuck about you

  • Joshua Carvajal
    Joshua Carvajal 3 months ago

    Grandpa I know the new wave is hard 2 understand but just fall back...stats don’t lie so ur comments r irrelevant 2 us..lmao

  • Cosme Basto
    Cosme Basto 4 months ago

    Fucking prick

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Yes, that is exactly what you are Cosme Basto

    • John Trewhella
      John Trewhella 3 months ago

      I know, he even accused some British cave diver of being a pedo because he lives in Thailand. What a cunt, right.

  • Sharjeel Khan
    Sharjeel Khan 4 months ago +1

    Tesla are rubbish and Elon musk is a immature guy, hmm I meant insecure guy

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Let me add to this, he is also a megalomaniac snowflake

    • John Trewhella
      John Trewhella 3 months ago

      Let me help you, he's a cunt! A cunt and a half in fact.

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 4 months ago

    lol what a lying sack of shit. The court accepted that Topgear lied about the Tesla breaking down. It's one big computer! It was simple for Elon to prove it didn't break down. The court also accepted Topgear had a "script" to talk about how bad the Tesla was. The ONLY reason Elon didn't win is because he couldn't prove what topgear said caused his company any "damages." People STILL wanted to buy the Tesla even after topgear talked rubbish about it. That says A LOT about the car. Clarkson is just a pre paid puppet for the other car makers. No truth was spoken on this video. Everything about the case can be read online. His body language says it all. Constantly touching his face etc when he lies lol.

  • Ben Finny
    Ben Finny 4 months ago

    Hey remember your 90 yr old mom in the nursing home and your brothers and sister and their kids? Be a shame if they had accidents caused by petrol cars, huh? So electric cars are better ,RIGHT??

  • juschu67
    juschu67 4 months ago

    Gewissensfreiheit sollte nie durch Geld und Macht beeinflusst werden besonders wenn selber an den Hebeln von Geld und Macht sitzt in dem Sinne Fuck Off

  • Neftali Alvarez
    Neftali Alvarez 4 months ago

    My only problem with the car is the people who drive them start to adopt that entitled driving behavior sort of like what you used to see in the Prius but now since it's a much faster car driving around them i always feel like I'm in danger watching them cut people off and speed around large semi trucks.

  • Keviniiiiii
    Keviniiiiii 4 months ago

    I love Elon Musk's ambition and what he's doing for humanity, but you'd think successful people like him would know how important learning from criticisms is instead of suing people for it...

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      He is a megalomaniac, and his opposition to criticism will eventually become his undoing.

  • Philipp Lehmann
    Philipp Lehmann 4 months ago +1

    Tesla marketing lies..... it has been shown by several studies now, that these electric cars are NOT cleaner (in fact the opposite...) and most of Tesla promises shown out to be not accurate in reality! The time for electric cars might come but it hasn't come yet. Don't follow their marketing blindly

  • nyiesah
    nyiesah 4 months ago

    While I appreciate Amazon picking up the boys to do what they do. But they better be careful not to ruin it for all of us by purchasing his opinions

  • Karl Knueppel
    Karl Knueppel 4 months ago

    EVs lack a personality, a character. All cars have their own “personality,” and that personality is enhanced by that of the driver, but not changed. EVs feel more mechanical and seem to lack any character. It’s a cool concept, but they don’t provoke emotion. A loud car provokes fear. A tail-happy car promotes fun. EVs feel like they’re only meant to get from A-B and disconnect us from the world around us, as some are semi-autonomous. Gas cars, on the other hand, force you to focus on the world around you. They connect you in a way EVs can’t. If all you need is an A-B car, EVs are great, but if you want to feel alive, have some emotion, buy a petrol car.

    • Karl Knueppel
      Karl Knueppel 3 months ago +1

      Nina Z that’s quite a fair point, and I suppose we all have our own tastes. “To each his own” I suppose.

    • Nina Z
      Nina Z 3 months ago

      Karl Knueppel with enough love, you can feel the personality of everything. You love petrol more than ev and that's it.

  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected 4 months ago +1

    Wow so many morons think that top gear was funded by shell because they were a sponsor of their live show, which had nothing to do with the BBC? Fuck tesla fanboys are dumber than i thought. Top gear was made by the BBC and was not allowed to have ANY ADVERTISING OR SPONSORS or even favour certain products/brands. This is the same for ALL BBC SHOWS.
    Fuck me dead. You fanboys are literally the dumbest cunts i have ever witnessed in a YT comment section. Of course a self funded live show has sponsors, all major events have sponsors. Far out fucking morons.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      They are tools for a big corporation. Of course they are idiots.

  • Dongs
    Dongs 4 months ago

    how about mass manufacture cheap electric for all the people to use as apposed to novelty super cars gays drive

  • Gerald Holley
    Gerald Holley 4 months ago

    Who really gives a feck what this arrogant semi senile gimp thinks anyway.

  • Artur Chmiel
    Artur Chmiel 4 months ago

    I'm glad we are all different and have different ways and opinions.

  • Luke Sparrow
    Luke Sparrow 4 months ago +1

    A person with 30 years experience reviewed my car and said it wasn't very good. Right I'm gonna sue him. Gotta love America

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      With that said it is no wonder Tesla has quality control issues

  • Andy Stone
    Andy Stone 4 months ago

    The look down at the end says it all......

  • Ian Simpson
    Ian Simpson 4 months ago

    Who cares what Jeremy Fartson thinks of Tesla

  • YouStupidBunny
    YouStupidBunny 4 months ago

    When Anthony Bourdain died, I couldn't picture him and thought it was Jeremy Clarkson. When I looked him up and figured out who really died, I wished it was Jeremy Clarkson.

  • Zoya Spencer
    Zoya Spencer 4 months ago

    Fair!? Scripted lie you told! To thus day they still have problems working a Tesla while everyone else has no problems.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      Nobody has problems? Well that is a flat out lie.

  • the undead1
    the undead1 4 months ago

    But many teslas are still going strong lol

    • Nina Z
      Nina Z 3 months ago

      the undead1 wait?! How come! That is impossible! There's not even "many teslas" coming out from factory how come they are going?

  • George Simon
    George Simon 4 months ago

    the guy won the lawsuit and he is still seen as fraud :))). he was right and he is the fraud.

    • jj350
      jj350 2 months ago

      The only fraud here is Musk