House Democrat accused of affair, abuse amid messy divorce

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Lurid details of Democratic Rep. Katie Hill's private life went public after photos and texts detailing her involvement in a 'throuple' were published online. #Tucker #FoxNews
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Comments • 1 255

  • Joshua Popchoke
    Joshua Popchoke 19 days ago

    So 2 people are saying the same thing that she was abusive, but yet she's saying her husband was the abusive one...something ain't smelling right in Denmark

  • Miles North
    Miles North 24 days ago

    She'll be doing Tijuana donkey shows and getting paid in meth.

  • Johan
    Johan Month ago

    She's not "accused", she was caught! Haahaa.

  • luv2rideaz3msn
    luv2rideaz3msn Month ago

    If hilarious how these Dems with TDS are getting caught in the crimes they have been committing

  • Chasing The Fish
    Chasing The Fish Month ago

    Cant be a private matter when you and your husband post nudes on reddit. Then it's more of a public square? I dont know but it's not private.

  • Hannes Geiger
    Hannes Geiger Month ago

    Americans are so prude that's a normal woman
    In Europe is that normal Nobody cares their

  • Joseph Ososkie
    Joseph Ososkie Month ago

    I seriously don’t care. Now if she destroyed her hard drive , THEN I would care.

  • Bruce Layfield
    Bruce Layfield Month ago

    I think she did good by stepping down. The rules are there for a reason. Never sleep with a boss or an employee, it just does not look good snd sets you up for a lawsuit. Now if only the all the men in congress would step down also.

  • Jonathon Frazier
    Jonathon Frazier Month ago +1

    Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin Month ago +1

    Congress needs more BI-partisan women....

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin Month ago

    Hillary did the EXACT same thing, with a female staffer.....and was not punished for it.....and it was a very open secret.

  • ray rose
    ray rose Month ago

    aw..poor little feel sorry for me katie hill..she got caught..she is getting what she deserves.,..

  • Jeff Patton
    Jeff Patton Month ago

    One time I got a blumken from this chick.

  • A Young
    A Young Month ago

    When do we get to see the pictures of Trump at Epstein's Pedophile Parties and when will the people who signed NDA's be cleared to testify?

  • FairwayJack
    FairwayJack Month ago +2

    Katie Hill resigned 'cos she wanted to spend more time with her "ShagMyWife .com" buddy

  • Ziul Zelev
    Ziul Zelev Month ago

    Did she pay 150k with $$ from her cult followers?

  • eddy thomas
    eddy thomas Month ago

    ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ahhh ha she played on both .the male and female teams.nice.well she will always have the adult film industry. for incum.demos moral higher standards yes but thru a bong.

  • James Tarr
    James Tarr Month ago

    LOL Democrats have affairs; Republicans molest children.

  • Janice Foundas
    Janice Foundas Month ago

    She also posted a video - she was nude and she blames Donald trump!

  • Kriegtime101
    Kriegtime101 Month ago

    I love how Fox News has to explain throuple to old white people. Bahaha

  • Marxist Millennials

    Surprised she is not blaming Trump.

    • Marxist Millennials
      Marxist Millennials Month ago

      Mag all you Socialist Snowflakes blame someone else for your problems.

    • Mag
      Mag Month ago

      Surprised you have a brain.

  • Little Nat
    Little Nat Month ago

    Wasn't AOC the third woman?

  • Curt Stolpe
    Curt Stolpe Month ago

    She's quitting and blaming everybody else for her being a quitter? Nobody's forcing her to do anyting

  • Dr. Bill
    Dr. Bill Month ago

    Is she the daughter of a bisexual Knights Templar???

  • Donald H. Tyers
    Donald H. Tyers Month ago +1

    Typical sick hearted DEM evil evil .. sick woman! Hell hath no fury for woman like this ... a typical DEMOCRAT!

  • Piripi Moore
    Piripi Moore Month ago

    The president brags of grabbing pussys and is implicated in paying off porn stars and stays in power, yet this young lady needs to resign for doing what exactly?

  • sinistar426
    sinistar426 Month ago

    Can you imagine the awkwardness sitting at the Hill family Thanksgiving Day dinner table this year?

  • Chantel Smith
    Chantel Smith Month ago


  • studio88
    studio88 Month ago

    More Demonic Luciferian behavior, but that's all good right, they are democrats. Evil Scum.

  • jimi Concha
    jimi Concha Month ago

    she did it all for the nookie

  • Josh Dukes
    Josh Dukes Month ago

    They'll find a way to make this Trump's fault... just wait.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith Month ago

    she is responsible for her actions. can't blame the husband, the media, republicans, Trump, etc. what you do today you live with tomorrow.

  • Joseph Burgess
    Joseph Burgess Month ago

    Michigan for Trump 2020

  • Joseph Burgess
    Joseph Burgess Month ago

    Michigan for Trump 2020

  • ladyjillian12
    ladyjillian12 Month ago


  • William Taylor
    William Taylor Month ago

    Democrat porn star more like!

  • JRS
    JRS Month ago

    It just amazes me that a Dem can have an affair and commit abuse or steal campaign funds, commit adultery and immigration fraud and will probably still get re-elected, but let a Republican even have a conversation and he's up for impeachment.

  • Karen Martello
    Karen Martello Month ago


  • Jolly Green Giant
    Jolly Green Giant Month ago

    Her female staffer gave her a good tongue lashing over this....

  • Bat Girl
    Bat Girl Month ago

    That’s a real swamp! Whoremasters, whores , liars, thieves, cheaters, hypocrites, and murderers,yes murderers! They just can’t keep their legs closed can they?

  • Golden nugget of wisdom progressives are selfish sexual degenerates?? How un shocking lol.

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    Katie Hills new song , I found my thrill on Capital Hill .

  • gregoryjamesaustin
    gregoryjamesaustin Month ago

    If Democrats aren't busy screwing someone else, they would be screwing you..................

  • Stogie Smoker
    Stogie Smoker Month ago

    Meanwhile Tяump has actually violated campaign finance laws when he paid a pornstar for a sexual affair while his wife was pregnant...

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson Month ago +1

    Own it! How many men’s lives have been destroyed by vindictive gash?

  • John Morris
    John Morris Month ago

    Well this adds another meaning to progressive.

  • Fortune and glory.
    Fortune and glory. Month ago +1

    "I'm Katie Hill. I'm a hussy who was caught in a three-way smoking a bong, harassing a female employee and I sport a suspicious tattoo. Vote for me - another sexist, manipulative, scheming Democrat with all sorts of dirty skeletons in the closet. I'm Katie Hill and I approve this massage...I mean...message."

  • Bill
    Bill Month ago

    You can't pick on a Blonde , Bysexual , Drug using Democrat ,..............that's just mean ! Right ?

  • Chin Chow
    Chin Chow Month ago

    Katie and I eat off the same menu.👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  • K W
    K W Month ago

    "oh, do they frown upon this sort of thing "?

  • K W
    K W Month ago

    Somehow this will be Trumps fault

  • Felix Bermudez
    Felix Bermudez Month ago

    lost her job over a puss jajajjaajaj wow, hope was good. some people are so sick, how some one can help or serve as a public servant went clear that person has serious issues??? she is to horney and sick to control her self. sound like is a long list, to many guest ???? hope every body involve used condoms. aka la enfermita.

  • realist bob
    realist bob Month ago

    she is a freak...cant keep her legs closed and she is the victim...True democrate ...she is full of baggage

  • Ray Ursillo
    Ray Ursillo Month ago


  • 1963Annette
    1963Annette Month ago

    Super freak super freak she's super freaky

  • Judith Osorio
    Judith Osorio Month ago

    Katie Hill will have to go work for Fox News now.

  • Richard Bergen
    Richard Bergen Month ago

    A walking bag of STD's. If you even look at her your junk starts to feel funny. Sicko pervert dems.

  • Hartia
    Hartia Month ago

    Tucker supports revenge porn

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous Month ago

    So your husband is planning a divorce and takes pics of you to blackmail you during the divorce settlement. Sue him for ruining your career and the other woman can sue him, too. She ran on the bi platform. This is a surprise? I wouldn't resign.

  • Roberto Viana
    Roberto Viana Month ago

    You have to love the hypocrisy of the democrats. They can do no wrong, as they have no standards, morals or ethical values. They are basically word thugs with a lame media to support their corrupt values and life styles. Websters needs to use the word Democrat to define the word Hypocrisy.