2019 Fantasy Football Advice - Week 3 Running Backs - Start or Sit? Every Match Up

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • 2019 Fantasy Football Advice - Week 3 Running Backs - Start or Sit? Every Match Up
    The 2019 Fantasy Football season is here! Are you wondering who the best Running Backs are in Week 3 of the NFL season? In this episode of The Fantasy Headliners Jake will be giving fantasy football advice on who you should start or sit for week 3 of the NFL season. He will be breaking down every fantasy viable Running Back in every match up this week This is the time of the year where you need to use your fantasy football strategy to pick the best running backs to start or sit. The last thing you want to do is have a top player on your bench that could have helped you win your weekly match up. Be sure to hit that like button and let us know which Running Backs you're excited to start in week 3 of the NFL Season!
    1:45 - TEN@JAX
    3:10 - CIN@BUF
    4:45 - DET@PHI
    7:00 - NYJ@NE
    9:35 - OAK@MIN
    10:30 - BAL@KC
    12:40 - ATL@IND
    14:25 - DEN@GB
    16:15 - MIA@DAL
    17:10 - NYG@TB
    18:05 - CAR@AZ
    18:35 - PIT@SF
    20:10 - NO@SEA
    21:50 - HOU@LAC
    23:05 - LAR@CLE
    23:30 - CHI@WAS
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Comments • 1 417

  • Brandon Patterson
    Brandon Patterson 21 day ago

    Should I trade Russell Wilson (starter) and Kenyan drake(who is on my bench) for Desean Jackson and Todd Gurley? My RBs are Lindsay and Chubb. And I can get a QB from the waiver. Is this smart??

  • Lee Nelson
    Lee Nelson 22 days ago

    Tevin Coleman or Ronald Jones? I have Coleman but thinking of dropping him for Ronald Jones.

  • S0_wavyyy876 ,
    S0_wavyyy876 , 26 days ago

    decisions decisions , I have ekeler , gore , barber and sony .. thinking to start gore and ekeler only .. wish me luck

  • infntnub
    infntnub 26 days ago

    Btw - would you start Gore over either Aaron Jones or Freeman this week? I'm trying to not be too cute with my lineup, but I find myself thinking gore may be on the same level this week, if not better..

  • infntnub
    infntnub 26 days ago

    Not sure why, but I find your analysis useful and at the same time, very relaxing. Seth Rogen's voice is music to my ears.


  • Edge HODL
    Edge HODL 26 days ago

    fyi, James white , rb from NE, is out week 3 due to his wife giving birth.

  • William Larson
    William Larson 26 days ago +1

    Seth Rogan, is that you?

  • Rex Feliciano
    Rex Feliciano 26 days ago +1

    Seth Rohan 😂😂😂 roll a joint 🤙🏽

  • bobby sullivan
    bobby sullivan 26 days ago

    Adrian Peterson is going to get the chance to run again. Watched what he did just last year, make your decision.

  • Dustin Javens
    Dustin Javens 27 days ago

    Standard points
    Emmanuel Sanders or Tyrell Williams??

  • Luke Deinzer
    Luke Deinzer 27 days ago

    bench white Mike Williams or DK metcalk

  • Paul Senzig
    Paul Senzig 27 days ago

    Jake do me a favor and start a new hashtag never Donte Moncrief

  • Matty Pea
    Matty Pea 27 days ago

    Watta ya think guys? Aaron Jones or Devonta Freeman at flex??

    • Aaron J DeHelian
      Aaron J DeHelian 26 days ago +1

      Not sure if your ppr or not, but regardless, I'd lean Aaron Jones.

  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee 27 days ago


  • Ted Allen
    Ted Allen 27 days ago

    Hurting at RB. Have Kamara, James White, Duke Johnson, and Justice Hill, and have to pick two. Right know plan to go with Kamara and White and use a WR for flex. Nothing of value on waiver wire, otherwise at this point would dump Johnson and/or Hill. Hill apparently is useless unless Ingram goes down and Hyde has done Johnson in.

  • Felix Quinonez
    Felix Quinonez 27 days ago

    Hi my Fantasy Football community. I have Barkley, Ekeler, Fournette and Cook as my RBs. Starting Barkley for sure. Used Fournette. Who would be better for Week 3? A. Ekeler or D. Cook? Its full PPR.

  • Justin Robertson
    Justin Robertson 27 days ago

    Week 3 considering injuries, Darwin thompson or josh jacobs?

  • The dog- Rudog
    The dog- Rudog 27 days ago

    J Brown
    D Montgomery
    C Kirk
    M Evans

  • Chris Koshinski
    Chris Koshinski 27 days ago

    Darwin or mmcoy!!!!?????

  • Eric Everett
    Eric Everett 27 days ago

    Now that AB isn't playing, Damien Williams is out and LeSean McCoy is questionable, who would you start? James White or Darwin Thompson? (PPR) Great video as always man!

    • Aaron J DeHelian
      Aaron J DeHelian 26 days ago +1

      Darwin Thompson, my opinion, all the way. KC loves catchin backs and this could very well be a 50 burger game

  • Sammie Encarnacion
    Sammie Encarnacion 27 days ago

    David Johnson rb1 , rb2 mile sanders or frank Gore? Or should i put one of them flex ? At wide out i have mike thomas and ridley . N have dj moore starting flex or should i put the third rb at flex , i also want to put devin smith at flex cause the cowgirls play the trash dolphins n have a feeling hell pop off

  • Nelson R
    Nelson R 27 days ago

    I can't even believe I am deciding on who to start between Gore or Jacobs in 2019... lord help me

  • Revan Barakat
    Revan Barakat 27 days ago

    RB: James Conner, Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, and James White. Which one of those four running backs should I sit? I am in a 10 man Full PPR League. Thank you!

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin 27 days ago

    Do you guys not pay attention to injury reports? Marlon Mack has a Calf injury and may not play. Very strange that you wouldn't mention that.

    • The Fantasy Headliners
      The Fantasy Headliners  27 days ago

      Do you not pay attention to the release date of the video? At the time (Tuesday) there were no definitive reports.....

  • carlosprunty08
    carlosprunty08 27 days ago

    Gotta disagree on Cohen, Mike Davis is the big issue until they phase him out it's hard to start him. Starting Carlos Hyde and I'll keep an eye on Morstet

    • carlosprunty08
      carlosprunty08 27 days ago

      So he had almost the same, and they like to line him up on 3rd downs. Montgomery had a big workload and if continues I don't feel comfortable starting Cohen even as a flex if he's splitting those with Mike Davis.

    • The Fantasy Headliners
      The Fantasy Headliners  27 days ago

      Mike Davis only had 3 carries last week... Cohen actually had 4...

  • Jackson Jamieson
    Jackson Jamieson 28 days ago +1

    "If AB plays" Hahahaha

    • Jackson Jamieson
      Jackson Jamieson 27 days ago

      @The Fantasy Headliners I had him on my fantasy traded Brandon Cooks for him, safe to say it's been a rollercoaster ride and its only week 3

    • The Fantasy Headliners
      The Fantasy Headliners  27 days ago +1

      I could sense something coming...lol

  • roy seibel
    roy seibel 28 days ago

    So Peyton Barber or Raheem Mostert @ flex position

  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo 28 days ago

    Start White

  • Gregory Chandonnet
    Gregory Chandonnet 28 days ago

    Peyton barber or Josh Jacobs this week in the flex??? Dalvin and kerryon are my starters

  • michael casella
    michael casella 28 days ago

    Do I start D. Montgomery or N Chubb

  • johnnymohani
    johnnymohani 28 days ago

    Is ito smith or mattison a better stash??

  • Philip Roth
    Philip Roth 28 days ago

    Allen Robinson or Peyton Barber at Flex ?

  • Jesse Calhoun
    Jesse Calhoun 28 days ago

    New sub and I'm trying to decide on 2 guys. I have James conner, lesean McCoy and josh gordon. One for an rb spot and another for flex. AB is out now so I want to play josh gorfon but I'm not sure which of the rbs to sit. Full PPR.

  • Viva la Billsmafia
    Viva la Billsmafia 28 days ago

    Carson or Barber?

  • alexander pabrezis
    alexander pabrezis 28 days ago

    Your a joke you have 0 clue on what you give advice on

  • lilboibluej619
    lilboibluej619 28 days ago

    Do I start mark ingram or Darwin Thompson

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P 28 days ago

    Sooo real question...start mostert over mixon? For points or use mostert as a flex over calvin ridley. Granted i have Julio Jones as a WR1

    • Aaron J DeHelian
      Aaron J DeHelian 26 days ago

      I like Julio as WR1, mixon, and Mostert in flex better than starting both ridley and jones

  • Gary Gray
    Gary Gray 28 days ago

    M. Breida or D. Freeman for flex spot standard 14 team league

    • Michael Feraco
      Michael Feraco 23 days ago

      Gary Gray I went with Hyde both had under 10pts

    • Gary Gray
      Gary Gray 26 days ago

      @Michael Feraco im leaning towards Brieda SF is playing at home and he has been pretty efficient on his snaps

    • Michael Feraco
      Michael Feraco 26 days ago

      That’s literally the same lineup I have!

  • vitalhomicide
    vitalhomicide 28 days ago

    Should I start Pollard when Dallas pulls away from Miami early? I see them sitting Zeke could be garbage time heaven for Pollard

    • Michael Feraco
      Michael Feraco 26 days ago

      vitalhomicide zeke will play because he missed preseason

  • Julien Forletta
    Julien Forletta 28 days ago

    New to your channel but I really like how you come back and review your start sits. Very very few people would come back and do that . much respect

    • The Fantasy Headliners
      The Fantasy Headliners  28 days ago +1

      Thx Julien! Welcome to the channel. To make fake people out there. Just trying to be real and upfront

  • J D
    J D 28 days ago

    Who should I start at RB2? Raheem morstert or ito Smith? Im sitting kerryon johnson.

  • Kragness12
    Kragness12 28 days ago

    Standard scoring: Breida or D. Montgomery?

  • jay rost
    jay rost 28 days ago

    Ingram or Michel

  • Nick Garner
    Nick Garner 28 days ago

    Kerryon or D Mongomery this week?

  • PJ Sosa
    PJ Sosa 28 days ago +2

    Why is there over 100k views but only 2k likes. Like the videos people !

  • Luke Times
    Luke Times 28 days ago +1

    I got offered James Connor for John Brown. Should I accept?

    • Aaron J DeHelian
      Aaron J DeHelian 26 days ago

      If your a ppr league, I think Brown gets WAY more value behind Allen than Connor with Rudolph

  • hp 15degreez
    hp 15degreez 28 days ago +4

    Who should I start: 👍🏼= F. Gore, 👎🏻= Josh Jacobs (groin injury)

  • Nicolas Roche
    Nicolas Roche 28 days ago

    Montgomery or breida in FLEX (non ppr)

  • Dan Russo
    Dan Russo 28 days ago

    I am stuck here I need to pick 2 out of 3 guys in standard all good matchups Mark Ingram Larry Fitzgerald and Tyler Lockett? Everyone is saying start all of them but already have cooper as my number 1 wr mccaffrey and dalvin cook as 1 and 2 RBs help please?

  • Thomas Homa
    Thomas Homa 28 days ago

    Non ppr my wr are Evans, Godwin, Hollywood brown, Ross, and tyrell Williams. Which two do I start?

  • The Asian Mamba
    The Asian Mamba 28 days ago

    Y’all who do I sit? Breida or Cohen?

  • Kevin
    Kevin 28 days ago

    is raheem mostert enough must-start to start him over christian kirk as a flex in PPR?

  • Scoobaru92
    Scoobaru92 28 days ago

    Start Jones or Chubb? I’ve got Zeke and Ekeler in my other two spots...

  • Justin Wilkerson
    Justin Wilkerson 28 days ago

    Seth Rogan lookin soundin ass

  • kevin xayaraj
    kevin xayaraj 28 days ago

    So don’t even start Jaylen Samuels as well since J. Conner is banged up??

  • Cody Morden
    Cody Morden 28 days ago

    Peyton barber or josh gordon in my flex?

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 28 days ago

    Flex in standard: Kerryon or John Brown?

  • J S
    J S 28 days ago

    if jacobs is a no go would you start david montgomery or raheem mostert?

  • TJ Rogerson
    TJ Rogerson 28 days ago

    Would you start kerryon or Montgomery?

  • T Vali
    T Vali 28 days ago

    Would you start joe Mixon in flex or Calvin Ridley?