Eberlestock Responds - Bandit Backpack Review

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    It is time to review the Eberlestock Bandit Backpack;
    And Eberlestock has responded to my previously mentioned issues concerning this pack.
    Link : www.eberlestock.com/store/bandit-pack
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Comments • 131

  • Laode Al Muqarrabun

    Hi, can you put A4-sized document in this pack without it being rumpled?

  • Elias Bonilla
    Elias Bonilla Month ago

    Hey! Awesome video. We want to know about what gun pouch you say you run on the front of a bag like this?

  • Kickingbear
    Kickingbear 3 months ago

    Bladder port issue is a wash; I utilize a chest holster rig for my Glock. Pack is small enough to ride high and tight enough to eliminate need for waistbelt. Therefore it is tucked. I employed this pack last fall deer hunting from the ground and on the move; performed flawlessly. Love it. By the by, a HydraPak 2L bladder hangs perfectly from the loop. And I own and utilize 5 additional Eberlestock packs. None better. From N. Ga.

  • Christopher Camilleri
    Christopher Camilleri 3 months ago

    Re hydration port - designed namely for military. You shoulder a rifle t
    On the right (mainly) so the hydration is out of the way

  • Robert Forester
    Robert Forester 3 months ago

    Can you do a review on the Eberlestock Tomahawk soon?

  • Stewart Tomkinson
    Stewart Tomkinson 5 months ago

    locks small

  • sgtcrabfat
    sgtcrabfat 5 months ago

    A good test,I think of any backpack/load carrying set is to fill it to a realistic weight and then go for a cross country run of no less than five miles, to see if it is tough and suits you as an individual, (ex RAMC)

  • Carly Kuhns
    Carly Kuhns 5 months ago

    Try this. Best Mil-surp daypack I've ever bought (and I've had quite a few). Virtually unknown in the States but, I assure you, it's by no means "Chinese Quality". haha. All the years of making gear for the World, they've picked up a few things and applied it to their own gear. Distilled down to all the essentials (with back-up plans!) into a bomb-proof design. I've sold ALL my other packs and trust in this. First and only pack to replace my ALICE. Now, I know ALICE isn't perfect (or even comfy at times) but that's one lady I can rely on and that counts for A LOT in my eyes. :D

  • David Bagwell
    David Bagwell 5 months ago

    Wait! Gun pouch?? I have been desperately looking for one to connect to my pack exactly as you mentioned. PLEASE share more details!! Thanks!

    • Elias Bonilla
      Elias Bonilla Month ago

      I too want to know about this gun pouch lol

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 5 months ago

    What I don't get with Eberlestock is that they knew there was an issue with the waist strap and they still went ahead and put it up for sale for the price they charged!! The right thing to do would've been to offer it for less than the intended price and throw in the extension straps for free.

  • Nicholas Ramsey
    Nicholas Ramsey 5 months ago

    Little to small for me, but looked well made.

  • Eric  Ocasio
    Eric Ocasio 5 months ago

    Eberle stock are the most comfortable packs I have ever worn, if they start making "EDC" friendly packs that could be a GAME CHANGER! I can't wait to try it out.

  • Jacob Fooy
    Jacob Fooy 5 months ago

    Will you ever review any of the Goruck packs? The GR1, Rucker or any of their other models?

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 6 months ago

    Is it fit 13" laptop?

  • Aldon Alexander
    Aldon Alexander 6 months ago

    The adjustable shoulder harness i figure you can swap out with a larger shoulder straps. Im a wide body and use a large shoulder straps. Great vid and great pack

  • K Jonesy
    K Jonesy 6 months ago

    I dig this little pack, looking forward to what you have next...🐾🐾👊

  • Billy bob Smith
    Billy bob Smith 6 months ago

    Luke you really should get some affiliate links. This way you can make some extra money to help support the channel. And just be honest about how you’re using the links to help support the channel. And that you really don’t care if they buy the gear and/or use the link but you have it if people want to support you.
    Great channel and love your reviews!!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      Oh no brother, I won't do it. I rather be agenda free and stay away from making money that way.
      I provide my thoughts, you all can decide what to do with your money. There are too many other channels selling their souls for the dollar.
      - Luke

  • TheRevDr
    TheRevDr 6 months ago

    I really enjoy your reviews and opinions. I would love it if you have a friend that was maybe 6' or so also try on the pack just to give a bit more sizing reference for those of us that are a bit taller or wider than most. This is a non-issue for sizable items like jackets but with packs and sleeping bags it could make a big difference. Keep up the great reviews.

  • Bob McElroy
    Bob McElroy 6 months ago

    Glad they responded! And well, too! As for adjustability, a day pack for adults can translate to an overniter for youth, hence adjustability for shoulder strap growth is a must. Good job!

  • Jason -
    Jason - 6 months ago

    My only issue is the sternum strap will not fit those of us with larger chest.

  • Kaz Puisis
    Kaz Puisis 6 months ago

    I like Eberlestok but I'm leaning towards Kifaru.

    • Kaz Puisis
      Kaz Puisis 6 months ago

      Hunter driven. Backwoods driven vs military driven.

  • G F
    G F 6 months ago

    It’s looks crooked on your back..... lol

  • Hundredth Meridian
    Hundredth Meridian 6 months ago

    I really like this pack, but just too tiny for me.

  • Scott Drumm
    Scott Drumm 6 months ago

    Please review the Eberlestock Little Big Top! Thanks!!

  • Rat and Cat
    Rat and Cat 6 months ago

    What I need is a good new camera/ outdoor gear pack.

  • Drifus
    Drifus 6 months ago

    Yeah! Eberlestock I am glad to hear it should be a 48', to many packs I think are considered for short skinny people. Thanks, Luke for the review!

  • Latonya Williams
    Latonya Williams 6 months ago

    Very nice

  • Wood Knock Survival
    Wood Knock Survival 6 months ago

    Awesome review luke

  • Zach Durrett
    Zach Durrett 6 months ago

    Would have been nice if they said they would add hydration ports on both sides! Personally I wouldn’t mind if the waste belt was a little wider but a fine looking pack all in all.

  • Borni
    Borni 6 months ago

    Great Review,
    thank you and greetings from Germany.

  • saemus hailstorm
    saemus hailstorm 6 months ago

    ad for avast.c*m 5m30s breaks in w/o warning

  • Jeffery Sullivan
    Jeffery Sullivan 6 months ago +1

    Great review, thank you! Would love to know more about the pouch you've chosen for your CCW. Is there a video that I've missed on that?

    • Jeffery Sullivan
      Jeffery Sullivan 6 months ago

      @TheOutdoorGearReview that would be great. I may know the one you're talking about - just hadn't considered it as a carry option. One thing I've learned the hard way is that carrying on my waist with a backpack is not a good idea!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      I'll get a video made on that for you Jeffery, it's from Zpacks and is made to fit on the waist belt.
      - Luke

  • Phil Ward
    Phil Ward 6 months ago

    Does this pack have any carbon or aluminum stays in it for stiffness? I notice when you hold it up with one hand it doesn't droop.

  • Andrew heuft
    Andrew heuft 6 months ago

    Are you going do more over night trip

  • Adam Longhunters270
    Adam Longhunters270 6 months ago

    Cool little pack looks very handy.

  • Christian Windum
    Christian Windum 6 months ago

    Whenever i consider buying a piece of outdoor gear, i always check your channel to see if you have a video on it. I really appreciate your honest and agenda free approach. Keep up the great work Luke.

  • Laura Weiss
    Laura Weiss 6 months ago

    Love your reviews! So thorough. I wouldn’t buy this pack. Just looks kinda clunky.

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 6 months ago +1

    Always have my hydration opposite to my gun-shoulder.
    And never carry a handgun on anything else than myself.
    To apply a bit of adjustment to the bladderstrap, a piece of velcro could be used...
    Love your review about this pack !

  • Britton New Media
    Britton New Media 6 months ago

    Luke I enjoy your show but I wanted to mention that after 30 plus years as a professional broadcaster and podcaster that calling your viewers "guys" is very unprofessional and ineffective. The reason is that people want to think you're talking directly to them personally and not as a collective or a group. When you use "guys'" you negate the direct personal connection with your audience. Think of it as if you're talking to just one person not a group no matter how big your viewership is. I don't mean to be overly critical but I like your show and think you are a good guy so I thought you wouldn't mind a little friendly advice from my prospective. Keep up the good work!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      I'm not a broadcaster Britton and I do the best that I can.
      Thanks for the comment brother.
      - Luke

  • Tony Hall
    Tony Hall 6 months ago

    Luke, you’re as smooth as a Swiss watch, great review but trying to get one in the UK is as easy as trying to make the politicians accept Brexit 😎😎😎keep up the great work brother.

  • R Stowe
    R Stowe 6 months ago

    Great video! I already ordered mine after your preview video. I've carried it to work, on the trail, and even 5 hours of flyfishing. I've had the waist belt tucked behind the padding since it arrived. For a pack this size with a thin belt I don't see any weight transfer benefits. The organization is great and the structured top pocket keeps the bag from collapsing in on itself. All and all a great product. Thanks for the highlighting.

  • Wood Woman
    Wood Woman 6 months ago

    Where are their products made?

  • Kaylynn Strain
    Kaylynn Strain 6 months ago

    great job getting the company's attention !!!!! I had a somewhat similar issue with another company's pack and hopefully they will correct the problems

  • Mikey201089
    Mikey201089 6 months ago

    Can you post pictures or video of your handgun pouch?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      I'll get a video made on the pouch, it's from a company called Zpacks; it was made to go on the waist belt but I altered the use.
      - Luke

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver 6 months ago

    I found a Bandit on Amazon for $129, the Wide-Open Western Slope version, and ordered it.

  • Zack Darce
    Zack Darce 6 months ago

    is that the GH5 you're using in the video? the colors look very nice and saturated.. Very good exposure.. Set manually or Auto? or back to the sony or canon you were using?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      Still rocking the GH5; this video had some oddities with the color and that's due to a TVclip glitch. I didn't think that it interfered with the review so I didn't re-upload.
      - Luke

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver 6 months ago

    Great review, Luke! I have several day packs but would love to have a dedicated one I can depend on. I've never owned an Eberlestock product so I'll give a shot. The military surplus look with the molle features really gets my attention.

  • john king
    john king 6 months ago

    Nice review Luke. I remember back in the eighties there was one gun magazine that insisted on purchasing every firearm tested. That way there was no incentive to give a dishonest review. You seem to have enough integrity to not have to do that. I have a Camelbak assault/day pack that I have used every day for six years. It has been flawless except on two occasions. Once I overfilled my shopping cart forgetting that I was on my motorcycle. I stuffed the pack and tied bags to every point on the pack that I could. I looked like "grocery santa" going down the street. I was wishing that it expanded to grocery cart size. The other occasion I tried to take my two wild kittens for a motorcycle ride, and they busted out of the pack before I could lock the gate. Apparently cats can work zippers from the inside. Definitely not cat proof. I'm not sure if they make this model any more. I've never seen you test a Camelbak pack. Thanks to you for do'n what you do.

    A&B OUTDOORS 6 months ago

    Can you review the apls mountaineer lynx 1 tent

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago +9

    There looks to be some sort of weird color glitches with this upload; oh well. On to the next!
    Just in case you are interested, the jacket that I am wearing is the 5.11 Aurora shell and my review is coming soon.
    - Luke

  • Life on the trail
    Life on the trail 6 months ago

    Great review as always!

  • George Wamser
    George Wamser 6 months ago

    Excellent review Luke!

  • eric matthews
    eric matthews 6 months ago

    I got the sawed off hydro right before this was available for a trip to Maui. Essentially the same pack but I like how the bandit opens up completely while the sawed off hydro only has top loading which is less convenient in a tall, narrow pack. But it worked well while trekking through Maui.

  • Dannesurvive
    Dannesurvive 6 months ago

    Nice pack there, great that you can influence the manufacturers to :)

  • Zoo Keeper
    Zoo Keeper 6 months ago

    Seems like a great pack.. I am planning a snow camping trip and will be pulling a pulk so to have a small pack for easy to reach items seems like a great idea. And seeing that the waist band is high I can easily slip my sled harness on underneath. :-)

  • Tin Barn Ranch
    Tin Barn Ranch 6 months ago

    Thanks for the awesome review! Given the hose location and the waist belt issue, this pack is a no go for me. I also think Eberlestock should exchange these packs as they did admit to a production fault. Given the price of their packs a simple belt extension is a bit absurd. I do have one of their X2 hunting packs. High quality for sure. However, sad to hear they choose the cheap way out instead of doing the right thing. Gives me pause on purchasing any other products from them, wondering what other shortcuts they would be willing to take.

  • Sam In the woods
    Sam In the woods 6 months ago

    Customer response showed strength and honor

  • Survive The Night
    Survive The Night 6 months ago

    A very nice looking pack that Luke, cheers for the review 👍. Cheers, Ant

  • David Goodridge
    David Goodridge 6 months ago

    I like the look of this pack.

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 6 months ago

    good review. What manufacturer makes the jacket you are wearing

    • Michael Wood
      Michael Wood 6 months ago


    • Kimberly G.
      Kimberly G. 6 months ago

      @TheOutdoorGearReview Doh! All those subdued jackets look so similar to me. See what I get for trying to be helpful.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  6 months ago

      Actually that is a different jacket, it's the 5.11 Aurora Shell and my review is coming up soon.
      :D - Luke

    • Kimberly G.
      Kimberly G. 6 months ago

      He reviewed in this video ... tvclip.biz/video/mcaGhfwl6kM/video.html