Gang Stalking & Neighborhood Watch Tactics - Ambient Abuse / Anchoring Triggering (Part 001)

  • Published on Jun 6, 2013
  • It's important to know that your local "Neighborhood Watch" groups are teaching these harassment tactics to your neighbors to create a destabilized community, and promote false community leaders that have ties to protected organized crime such as Drug Dealing and Human Trafficking! It's networked through your local community service organizations, churches, social clubs, etc...
    Ambient abuse is a major tactic, and Gang Stalkers use this tactic in combination with other covert abuse tactics. Targets are under 24/7 observation. Sometimes this monitoring has gone on for years before a person even knows they are a target of a group. So first there is the emotional trigger. Someone from the Stalking group will be told by a higher level perpetrator some small bit of personal information about you that they feel will make you (the target) uncomfortable or knock your self-esteem off balance. They will use some event in your past that you may feel guilty about now. So let's say you go to the store or market, and some shady looking guy comes up behind you and says something to you that relates to a past event in your life. You may become shaken with an emotional reaction. Your mind will question this verbal event, and by doing so, your mind becomes focused on what was said and is now open and distracted from the task you went to the store for in the first place. So the Gang Stalkers have now opened the door, and they will now continue to sensitize you under this condition. You may then walk a few isles over and another person just stares at you deeply and this further evokes a feeling of discomfort in you. Your mind is now trying to reason what is going on, and the event of your past is becoming amplified in your mind. Then when you go to the car park, yet another person looks at you and starts hitting a piece of metal of other object to even further cause your mind to become disorientated. You are now being conditioned by the sound this perpetrator is making to evoke the emotions that are running through you. This tactic is called Anchoring and Triggering. The Gang Stalkers will use these very same sounds in future when they want to program you further. Now let's say it is a few days later, and you are driving to work. You get to a stop light, and as you are sitting there you hear the sound. Your mind now reacts by remembering not only the event in the store a few days earlier, but it also links to the event in the past that the perpetrator whispered to you in passing. At the same time a car pulls up beside you with an intimidating looking driver, and he may make a gesture with his hands like pulling the trigger of a gun. Your mind may now link all of this to a threat of violence. Next they may start more directed conversation. When strangers walk close to you they will start to say things that you can hear that may invoke more fear. It might be more personal information, or other very personal information that only you should know. This becomes a nightmare for some targets.

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    ASH MAN 2 years ago +2

    Abuse of neighbourhood watch in rich neighbourhoods prejudice islamophobia

  • heartfire451
    heartfire451 3 years ago +10

    I recommend a death penalty offense for convicted gangstalkers.

  • Blanche Bennit
    Blanche Bennit 4 years ago

    Martial law is the imposition of the highest-ranking military officer as the military governor or as the head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.[1] It is usually imposed temporarily when the government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services).
    Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public. Such incidents may occur after a coup d'état (such as Thailand in 2006 and 2014); when threatened by popular protest (China, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989); to suppress political opposition (Poland in 1981); or to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections (Canada, The October Crisis of 1970). Martial law may be declared in cases of major natural disasters; however, most countries use a different legal construct, such as a state of emergency.REAL DEFENT OF MARTIAL LAW LINK
    Martial law has also been imposed during conflicts and in cases of occupations, where the absence of any other civil government provides for an unstable population. Examples of this form of military rule include post World War IIreconstruction in Germany and Japan as well as the southern reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War.
    Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).

  • Dene Venter
    Dene Venter 4 years ago +3

    The problem with this reality is that it cannot ordinarily be explained to the 'world out there' in that most people would assume the victim to be the making this all up. There is no empathetic ear in that they are highly effective and manipulative when acting as a team, remaining surreptitious. That is why they also work in conjunction with asylums, and have psychiatrists facilitating them.
    Effectively they are a form of cult, but not a religious cult, rather a political cult, affiliated to some 'political agenda'. Generally with a religious cult they are usually recognizable, but political cults can be anyone in the 'normal' society. That is why they target pedestrian society, in that they remain INVISIBLE, out in the 'open', be it a shopping mall, the street, corner shop etc.
    This tactic is often practiced by gangs and mafias, but also POLICE.
    It is terrorism and a form of BULLYING.
    They also deploy REMOTE VIEWING technology which is why they are so effective in targeting their victims, (Watch the movie SUSPECT ZERO. Watch the movie SWITCH BACK to get some idea as to how they 'know' in advance, per their 'psychic like' abilities. Another 'tactic' shown in SWITCH BACK is the scene with the DOCTOR who wakes up in the car when the train is approaching which becomes the equivalence of the FBI agent later on, whose car goes over the mound at the railway track nearby 'BELIEVE 19'. Watch CHANGELING and listen carefully to the what the PRIEST says. Also watch TRAINING DAY and examine the scene with the POKER GAME, its lead up, and the inquiry). This is why they are so difficult to pin down, and why it is difficult to explain or objectify the matter. They act collectively to a common end and are pure EVIL. That is why people at first assume them to be DEMONS, or that it is somehow 'supernatural'. That factor stems from their collective ability to use REMOTE VIEWING, which is also useful when they are coordinating their tactics.

  • Danish Mail
    Danish Mail 4 years ago +2

    The Campaign USA-Denmark
    Since April 2011 the organized stalkers that Torben Falholt and Robert Trent Jones II friends and mistress arranged a campaign on her ex-boyfriend Jason’s with the purpose of embarrassing him via character assassination and with the goal of ruining his life has cost Jason with the loss of 3 years of work an estimated minimum of $240.000 and much valuable time away from his children in Denmark where the stalking campaign had followed Jason in November 2011 until his return to Fort Lauderdale Florida in February 2012 where the campaign continues until today. This campaign went out and over his children of 4 and his ex-wife in Denmark. This campaign cost Jason his career capabilities.
    What they do: Internationally
    Owed to me: 3 years lost pay do to this stalking campaign. Min $240.000 lost.
    This a Cyber stalking/Organized stalking campaign paid for by Robert Trent Jones Jr. of Palo Alto California, and a Torben Falholt of Hellerup Denmark for the purpose of destroying the TI Jason’s life. This has been verified with the results of 2 separate investigations and a lot of evidence.
    Their Method (In Short):
    -They move in as close as possible and around the TI.
    -They analyze the TI for a while to learn them.
    -They figure out his habits and schedule.
    -They figure out how and when they can enter his/her home.
    -They know the TI's timing/schedule as to know how long they have to enter the TI's home to plant and maintain their devices for surveillance on the TI. With their team they setup a lookout. In this case a front and back lookout. They use cams for this purpose as well setup around the TI's home and along/pointing onto the street. They use latex gloves for protection as not to leave fingerprints. If they can get hold of a key they will. In this case they have many keys to most doors at the TI address.
    -They monitor the TI.
    -With the use of hidden cams and FM transmitters they do their monitoring.
    -With the advent and cheap sale of directed voice/sound devices such as HyperSonic™ Sound Technology or Holosonic's Audio Spotlight, they make sure the TI hears what they want the TI to hear. Psychologically proven, this would eventually drive the TI to think he/she is insane (schizophrenia)
    -They do the aforementioned with the use of the cams and FM transmitters to track and follow the TI inside and then comment on what the TI is doing or has said/been talking about. This could be a conversation internally, or a tele conversation as well. They make sure the TI can hear what they are saying as to sensitize the TI and make him/her aware they are being watched.
    -They get access to vehicles the TI has access to. They plant various devices such as GPS tracking, voice and video transmitters. They monitor all the TI's movements by tracking and following the TI as to keep constant watch on the TI.
    -They use handheld radios locally to communicate with each other about the TI. On the road it's with mobile telephones.
    -They use the above mentioned for the purpose of character assassination by showing publicly the TI's private life aka "The Truman Show".
    -With the use of "Kali" they monitor and control ALL of the TI's pc/computer activity. They setup servers for ex. MiTM server to do this. Refer to "Kali Cookbook" for some examples. Also with a program in "Kali" named "Gerix", they will catch Wi-Fi passwords. At first I thought they used Reaver Pro, but soon after a bystander/perp made me aware they were using Gerix which is a program within the Kali DVD.
    -If they have the knowledge they will configure a Windows executable to be a RAT (Remote access Trojan) that bypasses all antivirus detection. In this case they used "CypherX Pro" which is the best as of today. They created a package and planted it in my computer. With this they give themselves full administrative access to the computer it has been injected into.
    -They monitor all of the TI's telephone traffic. This includes mobile phones as proven by the perp referred to as "Rob". They control this as well they do filtering.
    -If the TI were to move they would follow and continue their campaign on the TI at the new location. In my case it was Denmark at various locations. With my talk of wanting to go to my father’s up in New York the perps were very happy as the plan was to follow me there. It was mentioned that if it were NYC that they would never find me there. (Idea?)
    -They are very well financed to do these campaigns involving travel, shelter, tech purchases, and bystander/perp payoffs. In my case they did 2 trips with me to and from Fort Lauderdale - Denmark.
    -The goal of the Organized Stalking control is to have complete control over the TI's personal, business, financial, family well being and to eventually drive the TI insane. Again, they are paid to do this to the TI as such was/is the case with me.
    The final goal is to convince the general public that the TI is crazy as to be able to falsify any claims or accusations the TI might make to the authorities about what's been happening to him/her. This is where they might use the cammed video recordings to show the local authorities as to justify their defense. For ex. me shouting from the balcony towards them or the “Directed Audio” (For ex. “Audio spotlight”). They want the TI not to be able to retain work as to make the TI poor/broke. With that they want the TI to become homeless. With the character assassination, they want the TI to have no friends, lose friends, family trust, etc. Being this was done internationally where I was residing N. Sjaelland and Fort Lauderdale, the only conclusion is as above, with the inclusion of hopes from their part for my possible suicide.
    What I have learned:
    Technologies they have discussed and use as of today which I originally knew nothing about until they talked about it.
    Cyber stalking methods (Mentioned loudly from 3220 Bayview Drive #101, and past #202, #303)(#101 moved to 2841 NE 33rd Court, and new people from Denmark and USA in #101 as of today.
    ---------------------- Tools for fulfilling the cyber part of their campaign originate for the most part from a freely downloadable DVD image of "Kali Linux" which consists of a multitude of various pen testing tools/software used for hacking and testing security on other systems. Originally they used Backtrack v5r3. I later learned they used methods described in “Kali Linux Cookbook”.
    CypherX Pro (A program used to create antivirus undetectable malicious software packages) to create hidden remote administration packages that bypass antivirus detection. Soeren Kristiansen of Klovermarksvej 21 Helsinge Denmark and employee/consultant for 7n A/S (IT co.) in Holte Denmark is behind the use of this software to create the RAT pack/payloads remote hidden administration of computers. Soeren has worked on many financial systems in the past.
    Directed sound (Audio Spotlight/Voice to skull was mentioned from a Victoria Lavelle of 3400s Bayview Drive as 1 of the tools used) Used to create the illusion of audio schizophrenia. The name of this device they use against me is still in question.
    Hidden Wi-Fi cams and cams on sticks (Mentioned from 3400s and 3220 Bayview Drive #303, #101, #202 in past, #203 in past, and #311 as of present, also from Vandvaerksvej 2 Helsinge Denmark into Vandvaerksvej 4) What they recorded via hidden cams at 2801 was and is still being shown around Denmark. They also have a media server at 3400s for the purpose of later showing to bystanders of earlier events at 2801 mainly in #201, 202, and 203. After visiting #108, I believe they have done this to every apartment at 2801.
    (Voyeurism of minors, my 4 children in Denmark, and my ex-wife and her boyfriend)
    FM Transmitters (used for eavesdropping and goes along with the videos)
    GPS Tracking and voice recording (Mentioned from 3220 Bayview Drive #101 Fort Lauderdale Florida, and talked about on walks from 3220 to 3400s Bayview Drive Fort Lauderdale Florida where the perps do most of their viewing and work (both addresses).
    Radiation device (?) They have been noted as pointing something at me while I am sleeping.
    Social Media “Facebook” They get hold of your site passwords with their hacks (f.ex using Kali). They go through your friends list and do social damage. In this case it includes my family.
    Character Assassination They use all of the above mentioned technologies to do public character assassination .
    Handheld CB radio’s A tool they use when communicating about the victim locally. They use these for their 24 hour watches on the victim. In my case between 3400s Bayview Drive and 3220 Bayview Drive in Fort Lauderdale.
    They upload videos to sites like Vimeo and TVclip for others to view the TI as in the "Truman Show".
    They record all of the victims every day to a server local to the victim that others can login to to view earlier events of the victim.
    On top of everything mentioned above...1 of the main perps (Donald Nadel) pays the rent for the 2 girls living downstairs in apt#101 for the purpose of their campaign! He is close friends with my ex-girlfriend Bettina Schrickel's sugar daddy Robert Trent Jones II who is paying for 1/2 of the campaign!
    Also, my daughter who is from Denmark, her "best friend" flew in from Denmark to Fort Lauderdale and has been hired by the Danish team here in Fort Lauderdale to be part of the campaign! Her name is Signe Rasmussen. That's how low they go. She has been living here for a while now...right across the street from me at 3220 Bayview Drive!
    And while I'm at it, my ex-wife's next door neighbor's daughter (Anne-Lise Jorgensen) flew in in 2011 from Denmark and left December 2013 for the same purpose. At the time she was staying across the street at 3220 Bayview Drive!
    And!, my old backdoor neighbor Soeren Kristiansen did the same. He comes and goes and was 1 of the original perps/stalkers that had a lot to do with the whole campaign! This sh*t is f*ckin wild! He too was staying across the street at 3220 Bayview Drive!I
    With them knowing that I know the above facts, they persist in saying that “He’s crazy”
    What do you think?

  • cheech marine
    cheech marine 5 years ago +1

    I have bin harassed since i was a child and I am now realizing what has bin going on in my life. I also have figured out who my attackers are and were they live. 31 east wise rd. Schaumburg Illinois 60193 names of my attacker emo,frank,michelle vince. They like to cause extreme pain and heart ache to every one in my neighborhood the whole family works together to gang stalk and manipulate my every thought and movement they are now selling there home to avoid prosecution they like to invoke pain and swelling of specific part of my body as well. I would like to get my message out to the world. v2k gang stalking and the pain beam including when i drive my car 24/7.

  • Nizin Lopez
    Nizin Lopez 5 years ago +1

    Google this: State Sponsored psychological terrorism in America by Mr Nizin Lopez.
    I am a TI, I have been since early 2011.

  • Natsy
    Natsy 5 years ago +2

    This sort of happened to me, but because I was new to the area, and the gang stalkers knew nothing or very little about me or my personal life, they fabricated lies. If they don't know anything about you, they will soon make something up, and a lot of people believe what they are told. What they did try to do was to make it obvious to me that lies were being told and what sort of lies. So it doesn't have to be true, just believed by a lot of people outside the stalkers' immediate circle.

  • queenbeenightly
    queenbeenightly 5 years ago +5

    TI's have to become masters of their emotions. The more immunity one can muster, the harder their job becomes. I have become very good at faking being triggered. lol

  • Musicistwowords Mu
    Musicistwowords Mu 5 years ago +2

    Great explanation of anchoring & triggering. Thank you for posting it.

  • shamen 2005
    shamen 2005 5 years ago +9

    I believe if you offend some powerful person in a organization, he/she can report your name to authority as a suspicious person. This is when you are put in a list. It is kind of a black list. Then the 24/7 surveillance starts. After years of surveillance, the drama begins. This is where the victim enter into a twilight zone.

  • Percy Qshun
    Percy Qshun 5 years ago +1

    It's all very subtle and sneaky mostly,How can a quiet person without a large social network fight against a thorough slander/smear campaign?.They want to provoke violence,which would no doubt result in a stiffer sentence than others would receive-as the judge would no doubt be influenced by the perpetrators.masons in my case.

  • AppleCharlotte 🖍
    AppleCharlotte 🖍 5 years ago +1

    It sounds as if they purposely target vulnerable individuals? I know that in the area I live if someone intimidated a person like this they'd have their head knocked-off their shoulders. In fact I don't know many Scots that wouldn't react violently to these threats & harassment?!

  • shamen 2005
    shamen 2005 5 years ago +1

    Did you make this video or Did you find this from another site? This is a very good video. Thank you for exposing this crime against humanity. This has to be stopped soon. The perps are using various psychological tactics like classical conditioning, coercive persuasion etc. Google " coercive persuasion and mind control" and " psychological harassment and psychological manipulation".

  • Am Anointed
    Am Anointed 5 years ago +1

    Thank you for making these videos

  • SomVichet Kao_I_Dang
    SomVichet Kao_I_Dang 5 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video. Please keep on educating the public.