Roger Stone Leaves Courthouse After Order To Stay Off Social Media | TIME

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • A federal judge has restricted Roger Stone’s use of social media after finding that the longtime friend of President Donald Trump violated her gag order.
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    Roger Stone Leaves Courthouse After Order To Stay Off Social Media | TIME

Comments • 246

  • SuperGreg45
    SuperGreg45 20 days ago


  • JT W III
    JT W III 27 days ago

    Wow...a real live ALIEN

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins Month ago

    so? when is he going to prison?

  • 88Gibson LesPaul
    88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

    Well, Roger was wanting a herd of Trumpees to greet him so he could get his attention-fix but it didn't work out that way.

  • Barkeroni
    Barkeroni Month ago

    Haha the corrupt are so worried, they actually have to deny 1st amendment rights.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      Did you hear about Stone, Alex Jones and Corsi admitting that they made up the whole Seth Rich conspiracy?
      Imagine the hurt and harm they did to the Rich family and all because they wanted to deceive Trump supporters......and they did! Trumpees sucked it up like a dry sponge absorbs water. They loved it. There are so many Right wing conspiracy theories it makes you wonder what it is about the Right wing personality type that is so susceptible to believing that sort of thing.

  • P V
    P V Month ago

    Who is his wife? Looks like Lucia Mendez is that her??

  • Grassmaster Smith
    Grassmaster Smith Month ago

    They (Federal Prosecutors) are basically censoring him. By forcing him to go to court on false charges. Law fees are so expensive that only the rich can afford to defend themselves. So our tax dollars are being used to bankrupt Stone. They have unlimited money to harass with so far no accountability.

  • Lovely Hawaiian
    Lovely Hawaiian Month ago

    What a lying asshole. And gay too

  • mr.sparkle
    mr.sparkle Month ago

    Colonel Sanders wants his suit back Roger.

  • Michael Grajek
    Michael Grajek Month ago

    He can't post about his eleven herbs and spices?

  • Joey Starrett
    Joey Starrett Month ago +3

    Barnes & Noble has Roger Stone's books listed under "fiction".

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      It should be in the Freebie bin. That man has lived his life and hasn't contributed anything to make the world a better place. He and Manafort owned a lobbying firm and their clients were some of the worst dictators in the 20th century.

  • Ronnie Baker
    Ronnie Baker Month ago

    How is he not locked up?

  • Radicalsoybean FarmerJoe!

    What happened to " free speech " Fukin lefties?

  • Cindy Carroll-Baxter
    Cindy Carroll-Baxter Month ago +1

    Another Rich a****** that thinks he can get away with anything

    • vermillion J
      vermillion J Month ago +1

      Let him walk around grinning delusionally for now. He'll be in prison for years soon enough.

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W Month ago +1

    That's not Roger Stone. That's Colonel Sanders. 🍗

  • FordFracture
    FordFracture Month ago +3

    That is one freaky looking dude ! Just the sight of him gives me the willy's

  • High Priority
    High Priority Month ago

    Any judge that makes that order is bought and paid for.

  • Reuben Handel
    Reuben Handel Month ago

    Hooray for censorship

  • J Henry2508
    J Henry2508 Month ago

    Epstein is going to give you a spanking🦄

  • 750nut
    750nut Month ago

    The Judge looks like she is obsessed with Gags.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul 21 day ago

      @750nut But I am allowed to talk and so are you. I asked you "What's crooked about the Justice System as it relates to Stone and the Judge."

    • 750nut
      750nut 21 day ago

      88Gibson LesPaul if you are not allowed to talk, then you will never know.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul 22 days ago

      @750nut What's crooked about the Justice System as it relates to Stone and the Judge. I'm not talking about the system in general but about specifics to this case.

    • 750nut
      750nut 22 days ago

      88Gibson LesPaul well the judge just choked
      on her gag again. Stone was on TVclip this weekend. He just
      Doesn’t give a damn!
      I’m not a fan of his, but I have to give him credit. He isn’t afraid of the crooked justice system.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      Probably has nothing to do with Roger not being able to keep his mouth shut and trying to scam the public now like he and Corsi did with that Seth Rich scam conspiracy theory. Right?

  • Skeptic
    Skeptic Month ago

    This is news? How is this trending? This isn't anything!

  • Sabine Around the World

    Trump and his friends are freaks.#fuckem2020

  • Thomas Mullenix
    Thomas Mullenix Month ago

    Trying to shut him up

  • JB
    JB Month ago +3

    Violate a court order again and all he gets is his Twitter taken away, pathetic justice system.

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    the media once ran vid headlines such as "stone going down!" "Stone faces prison!" what about that?

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      He does face prison. His trial is in either September, October or November. You can look up the charges. They're Federal and they're serious.
      Of course those headlines were from independent video uploaders making money of ads and they give crazy titles to their vids to promote clicking.
      I've heard the Right say that CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CBC, etc., have accused Trump of conspiring with Russia but I've never see specific headlines like that and I've never heard one of their announcers say that, though you might hear it on Young Turks or that kind of independent outlet.

  • Appalachian Fire WITCH

    Censorship at its finest.

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago +1

    He kind of looks like colonel Sanders.

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams Month ago +1

    He should be locked up for contemp.

  • Andre sams
    Andre sams Month ago

    What kind of FUCKIN PUNISHMENT IS THIS??? WTF is he 13 or 14 years old ? Smh...

    FRANZ FANON Month ago +2


    • vermillion J
      vermillion J Month ago

      I'm sure he paid a tonne of money, and courts systems are always money hungry. I really think they are using him as bait as well. He has proven his idiocy, so who knows what he'll lead the FBI to while is on the streets thinking he is invincible. Regardless, it is temporary. He will be in prison as soon as he goes to trial.

  • SourLaser
    SourLaser Month ago

    He's going to fantasy island now

  • Who's That
    Who's That Month ago +1

    Judge deems no evidence Russians meddles in the elections. Muller has zero evidence. Russians actually attended the trial and walked. Mainstream media never mention that fact. Look it up yourself on the court's records.

  • suheyla afra
    suheyla afra Month ago +1

    Nixon’s Ghost 👻

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan Month ago +2

    Stone will be a jailhouse snitch real soon...

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      @Gary Thompson What have Mueller and Obama done? I've been away for a few days and haven't kept up with the latest Right Wing conspiracy theories. What have they done?

    • Gary Thompson
      Gary Thompson Month ago

      That will be mueller and all of the other pukes, Obama head first into gitmo

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss Month ago

    How is this trending? Slow news day?

  • Killa Watt
    Killa Watt Month ago +1

    Seems unconstitutional too me. Our entire government is online. Every American has a right to have access to elected officials. Social media is too integrated into society to ban people. Nobody should be banned from any platform.

  • dalexxa
    dalexxa Month ago

    Has he written any book

    • Joey Starrett
      Joey Starrett Month ago

      He's written five. "Dystopian fiction" is what the reviews call them. So he makes stuff up, basically.

  • Redpill Pirate
    Redpill Pirate Month ago +2

    Geee I wonder what the government is so afraid that he is going to release? Might want to go listen to the John B Wells interview with Stone over the weekend. Might curl your hair just a little bit and now that a judge has ordered him off social media, well we may never learn the truth.

    NIKKI RAEL Month ago


  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell Month ago

    Please Mister Stone get right on social media and keep breaking the law. You piece of shit. Screwball nut job with a Nixon tattoo, up your ass.

  • BC Bob
    BC Bob Month ago

    He looks like one of those cut throat, ragtag, creepy and Greedy Pastors....

  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown Month ago +3

    The Russian Muller illegal inquisition is over. Why are they still holding him.
    On a FISA warrent?
    He committed no crime.
    Who is going to purger themselves to convict him?

  • Stillone G.
    Stillone G. Month ago

    I want that kind of law.

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago +7

    So Federal Judges are now also in the business of violating the US Constitution.
    So much for Freedom of Speech.
    By the way... That video was illuminating.

    • Joey Starrett
      Joey Starrett Month ago

      @Mario Yeah, I know jurors can go to the bathroom. But they can't go to the bathroom, hide in the stall, get on their phone and talk to reporters about the case (well, they could, but they ain't supposed to).

    • Mario
      Mario Month ago

      Dear @Brittany Crawford
      Can't you talk to people without calling them names.
      Do you understand the meaning of "Inalienable Rights"?
      It is people like you, who accept to be told what to do without ever questioning it, that weakens a Democracy. You are sheep. Meeeeeeeh....

    • Mario
      Mario Month ago

      Dear @Joey Starrett,
      Of course Jurors can go to the
      It is based on the Honor system. Unless there is proof to the contrary, and you were observed breaking the rules, you will be dismissed from the Jury.
      A sequestered jury is a rare occurrence, and usually only happens when the case has caused great social commotion.

    • Lovely Hawaiian
      Lovely Hawaiian Month ago

      You’re also an ignorant ass

    BWANA BWANA Month ago +3

    I am glad Roger Stone is out! How can you tell someone they must stay off social media , that is like saying you can not have freedom of speech anymore !

    • Joey Starrett
      Joey Starrett Month ago

      @High Priority Or, maybe you don't know what I'm talking about.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      No it's not. He can say anything he wants to, just not on social media. He's abused his privileges before and was warned. He didn't listen so he got better than he deserved, which was jail time.

    • High Priority
      High Priority Month ago

      @Joey Starrett he was not speaking about his investigation, it was about Epstein. you don't know what you are talking about.

    • vermillion J
      vermillion J Month ago

      He wasn't set free by trial. His lawyers scheduled a hearing with the Judge that got him out temporarily. He is currently being prosecuted and awaiting actual trial. He WILL without question be serving time.

    • Brittany Crawford
      Brittany Crawford Month ago

      BWANA BWANA he is out with more conditions on his remaining at home atm he will end up going to prison regardless in the end

  • just enough
    just enough Month ago

    Disgusting old Jew.but he shouldn't be gagged, unless you gag the leftists in politics,which are going against the rule of law.(sanctuary cities)

  • Worlds Greatest Idiot
    Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago +1

    Roger go to Cuba and get on social media and blow the whistele on all of the snakes.

    • Mario
      Mario Month ago +1

      @Worlds Greatest Idiot
      Costa Rica, the oldest Democracy in the Americas. That might work.

    • Worlds Greatest Idiot
      Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago +1

      @Mario ok, Costa Rica then.

    • Mario
      Mario Month ago +1

      Well... I am not sure Cuba is the best option. The internet is heavily controlled there also.

  • huckle berry
    huckle berry Month ago +5

    Roger did NOTHING WRONG

  • Worlds Greatest Idiot
    Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago +9

    How the hell do you order someone to stay off of social media in a country that claims feedom of speech? I guess my answer is in the third word from the beginning of my comment.

    • Worlds Greatest Idiot
      Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago

      @Joey Starrett I do know you Cowboy. 😎

    • Worlds Greatest Idiot
      Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago

      @Joey Starrett you want to talk about character? I'm a chracter who played himself in real life in the year 33 B.C. was judged, found innocent and sentenced by mob rule. I died and yet I live. Before that I was a farmer and became a Roman general who was assainated for enforcement of law by criminals in the legal system of that era claiming that I abused power while they were the spawn of evil. Now I am back to destroy the world as it is known. I came as a thief and only my chosen can see me in the clouds. I'm on cloud 9 coming down with a vengence. No man or woman will take my wings nor my crown. I will take all by storm. The trumpet blows at my command. The bowls of death spill at my command. As I know and understand what the power of truth is and I use it wisely. My life belongs to me. As does the world and the heavens. Take care of yourself and your character. See you in the clouds. 🚶👋〰🔉🔊 🌀🐾👣🌊🌐🌎🌏🌍 Hell fire and water have not stopped me. ICE will freezerburn again. Prepare for the mini ice age coming. 👍😎💨⛄👻

    • Joey Starrett
      Joey Starrett Month ago

      @Worlds Greatest Idiot I'm a character from a 1953 movie. The actor who played me died in1972. Cool, huh?

    • Worlds Greatest Idiot
      Worlds Greatest Idiot Month ago

      @Joey Starrett I'm 50 years old. You think I have no clue? That's what I want you to think. I have served on jury duty.

    • Joey Starrett
      Joey Starrett Month ago

      @Worlds Greatest Idiot Well, I hope one day you get to experience the "integrity of the judicial process", and you exercise your "freedom of speech" to it's fullest.

  • Matt Salon
    Matt Salon Month ago +8

    Nothing like silencing someone so they can't tell the world what you are doing...

  • Texas Flash cove Installer

    Stone got kicked out of hell for selling pop sickles 😂😂🇺🇸🥓🥓🍉

  • G anthony
    G anthony Month ago +9

    What happened to free speech .what are they scared about .

    • G anthony
      G anthony Month ago

      Nothing like a rag shoved in your mouth to keep you from talking. 👍🏻

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann Month ago +1

      ... you might want to look up "gag order"

  • Kat
    Kat Month ago

    He's one of them sex pervert blackmailers like NXIVM.

  • BIG A
    BIG A Month ago +5

    Gag order goes beyond the case itself.
    They are afraid of stones persona.

    • BIG A
      BIG A Month ago +1

      @Ride or Dis his lack of money should tell you he's a regular guy who will be acquitted. Doesn't have millions like sellouts Democrats.

    • Ride or Dis
      Ride or Dis Month ago

      BIG A - yes he’s begging for donations online. Everyone is running really scared of the big scary GoFundMe guy.

  • Linda Minton
    Linda Minton Month ago +5

    What right does this judge have to invalidate Rodger Stone's first admendment right to free speech? Obama only appointed judges that disregard our constitutional rights.

    • Linda Minton
      Linda Minton Month ago +1

      @James Oxford Lmfao, yeah right.

    • James Oxford
      James Oxford Month ago +3

      she is actually defending his right to a fair and impartial trial dummy.

  • Troy Reed
    Troy Reed Month ago

    Tailor your pants ya bum

  • Jason Milton
    Jason Milton Month ago +3

    I use to be a brainwashed Republican but after 2 years of Trump... I'm now a Socialist and support Bernie fully!!

    • Jason Milton
      Jason Milton Month ago +1

      @Redpill Pirate your hate is welcome.

    • vermillion J
      vermillion J Month ago

      @Redpill Pirate you should really learn what communism is

    • Jason Milton
      Jason Milton Month ago +1

      @Redpill Pirate oh please grow up

    • Redpill Pirate
      Redpill Pirate Month ago +2

      Sorry to hear that you lost your mind. But now you can take all the antidepressants just like your communist buddies!

    • NPC #6784590084 033
      NPC #6784590084 033 Month ago

      Lmao bro I can't tell if you are trolling lol

  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo Month ago

    Gag order.... Big deal.

  • rich s
    rich s Month ago +1

    Another Trump Criminal

    • Redpill Pirate
      Redpill Pirate Month ago

      Trying to expose Obama 's and Hillary's crime syndicate. Just like Whitey Bulger...

    • U Haul
      U Haul Month ago


  • honey badger of the truth

    The deep state is trying to silence him Bill Clinton should be in jail along with Obama!

  • Tony Da tiger
    Tony Da tiger Month ago +3

    Trumps administration straight up don't give a F about rules from anyone. They say no one is above the law but apparently they are cause they get away with everything without any trouble.

    • Gary Thompson
      Gary Thompson Month ago

      like what

    • vermillion J
      vermillion J Month ago +1

      I agree, and it is frustrating. But, Trump will go down. I assure you. Just to be clear as well, Roger Stone wasn't just set free. He is currently being prosecuted and awaiting trial. His lawyers just scheduled a hearing with the Judge to get him out until then, in which I'm sure cost a him or someone a fucktonne.

  • LaBelle424242
    LaBelle424242 Month ago +1

    Why isn't he in jail?

  • JK F1
    JK F1 Month ago

    Um, $25 million dollars, no collusion, 2.5 years, and this is what you got, Dems? Fucking loonies.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader Month ago +1

    Colonel Sanders?
    Two wings and a thigh please!

  • David Sisneroz
    David Sisneroz Month ago

    stay off the airwaves goofy ass

  • William Baker
    William Baker Month ago +2

    A judge should be unable to gag any person, a judge shouldn't be able to countermand any amendment.

  • Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic Month ago +10

    Way to go the extra mile here on your reporting. Stand with a phone and video someone. Lol. Hard day at the office?

  • rabblerouser
    rabblerouser Month ago +4

    What did he actually do? And how can anyone be told not to use social media?! Oh wait, was the person saying this his wife?

    • SuperGreg45
      SuperGreg45 20 days ago

      rabblerouser He knows something he’s not supposed to know. That’s what he did. Hence the gag order.

  • Brenda Best
    Brenda Best Month ago

    See there is no justice !!! I'm all for vigilante law - here it comes !!

  • Hilton Head
    Hilton Head Month ago +1

    Look at meeee!!!

  • Slink Bradshaw
    Slink Bradshaw Month ago +6

    Gag order, must be something he knows

  • Justyn Mychael
    Justyn Mychael Month ago +2


  • B Storm
    B Storm Month ago +5

    Why is he NOT in jail?

    • Redpill Pirate
      Redpill Pirate Month ago

      Uhmm because he didn't do anything wrong...

    • U Haul
      U Haul Month ago

      Y is U NOT an idiot?

  • Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved Month ago +1

    And why, pray tell, must he not speak on social media? Wtf is even going on? On the face of it, it seems like a huge transgression against the first amendment. And not even an attempt to explain why... 😳

  • Hannixander
    Hannixander Month ago +5

    Why does a court have the ability to restrict his freedom of speech?

    • William Baker
      William Baker Month ago

      Because the constitution became invalid about a month after it was signed.