I Can't Show You How Pink This Pink Is

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • I can show a brighter pink. I can show a more saturated pink. But I can't show you this pink. Not quite. More about Stuart Semple and his pigments: www.culturehustle.com/ [that's his store, we overloaded Stuart's personal web site, www.stuartsemple.com, within a few minutes...!]
    (I reached out to Anish Kapoor's studio twice for comment; I didn't get any response.)
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Year ago +9301

    Colour grading this video was a nightmare! I've got as close as I can to the real colour - Stuart gave me a small pot of the pigment to take home! - but it's just not quite there. It's not more saturated, it's not brighter, it's just... a tiny bit more pink, somehow.

      LORD OF THE RiMS Day ago

      Well i got an oled. With 1000nits

    • mastertank63
      mastertank63 2 months ago

      What if my screen cost 500 quid? Could it see it then?
      (*I don't have a 500 pound tv*)

    • Laurie Beth H
      Laurie Beth H 5 months ago

      Tom Scott crazy question but is it food safe? Cake decorators are constantly on a search for the best pink for icing! I’ve yet to find one that I’m satisfied with.

    • Miriam Smith
      Miriam Smith 6 months ago

      Tom Scott I

    • choterith
      choterith 7 months ago

      Tom Scott ll

  • Genno
    Genno 3 hours ago

    Every time someone saying pink take a shot.

  • BrillyWilly - William Ratcliffe

    Pink is a weird word

  • Cookie_lol_Clicker
    Cookie_lol_Clicker 15 hours ago


  • Supernels
    Supernels 21 hour ago

    You look like ed from wheeler dealers

  • Unoriginal Name
    Unoriginal Name Day ago +1

    If you’ve ever been on a Caribbean cruise and looked at the water between islands, you’ll understand this. It is so blue that it is indescribable. Truly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • RigidChicken
    RigidChicken Day ago +1

    This is very important to our society

  • Georgia France
    Georgia France Day ago

    the word pink now confuses me

  • CreepRoot
    CreepRoot 5 days ago +1

    Not as pink as my balls after no nut november

  • Morgan James
    Morgan James 6 days ago

    Drinking game: take a shot every time someone says pink

  • McDuff Man
    McDuff Man 8 days ago

    I wonder how it'll look on my Slaaneshi daemonettes...

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose 13 days ago

    The word pink sounds weird now

  • 1000 Subscribers with no videos

    *bob ross is jealous*

  • CelestialAmber
    CelestialAmber 17 days ago

    the pinkest pink that ever pinked

  • Alexis Fortin
    Alexis Fortin 19 days ago

    I want some

  • xD90o1/FE FPV
    xD90o1/FE FPV 19 days ago +1

    *_Looks like they found a way to powderize danganropa character blood_*

  • Kiki Wang
    Kiki Wang 20 days ago

    You look like Bob Geldof for a moment there

  • Carmel Crombie
    Carmel Crombie 21 day ago

    I'm skiving school for this
    I'm dying I just can't imagine what it looks like 😂😂😂

  • Spencer W.
    Spencer W. 21 day ago

    That's a RoboSapien in the background at 2:08! I used to love those things!

  • Yanis Georgiev
    Yanis Georgiev 22 days ago


  • Whalesters
    Whalesters 22 days ago

    Re upload in HDR please

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod 22 days ago

    3:52 minutes of a guy mixing water into a powder

  • - s p a c e m i l k
    - s p a c e m i l k 23 days ago


  • Apis Ace
    Apis Ace 23 days ago

    Mattest blackest? Nah I can still see the shadows from his fingers.
    But watching this pink on an OLED screen with "boosted" color profile almost blinds me.

  • Logan Cannon
    Logan Cannon 25 days ago

    Is pink still a word

  • patryk1023PL
    patryk1023PL 26 days ago

    I've written mock exam from advanced english today. One of the texts in there was about just this one topic. I actually wrote down that someone's been watching this very video one day and thought it'll be fun to include that in the sheet.

  • A. Jung
    A. Jung 29 days ago

    I turned up the brightness of my phone to get a pinker pink 😄

  • NeonBoy
    NeonBoy 29 days ago

    Please someone do a drinking game. (You have to take a shot every time someone says pink)

  • The Modern Hippie
    The Modern Hippie Month ago

    Shot each time they say pink

  • LessH0pe
    LessH0pe Month ago

    i can see it very bright

  • MatthewW
    MatthewW Month ago

    That gives me the heebeejeebees
    I want to see that pink.

  • c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0

    That's not really how color data works. 8 bit displays don't lose the top and bottom of the rainbow, they just lose resolution within the rainbow compared to higher bit systems. Say for example this color has 10 bit values of R-1023, G-1022, and B-1022. Converting to 8 bit is as simple as dividing by four, at which point there isn't enough resolution for there to be a difference between the channels

  • MK73DS
    MK73DS Month ago

    If you film this pink in HDR, will it be "more pink" ?

  • Macky Cabangon
    Macky Cabangon Month ago

    That is Magenta :(

  • Signal Experiments
    Signal Experiments Month ago +1

    I'll try making the clearest clear color I could make and hope to make money out of it.

  • Pixi Pomsky
    Pixi Pomsky Month ago

    I...what is pink anymore


    Those colours are amazing . I want to see them live

  • 9Volt Productions
    9Volt Productions Month ago

    Pink panther would be proud.

  • Rainfrost Gacha
    Rainfrost Gacha Month ago

    Try turning your brightness all the way up too see the pink better.

    IDFC BAS Month ago

    I dont like pink

  • ally.
    ally. Month ago


  • No vids No subscribers *crys*

    When I was like ten or so I tried to record a review of a pink jumper with my cousin (don’t ask why! 😂) and we couldn’t make it show up on the screen how pink it actually was, which is why I immediately clicked on this video, quite fascinating really.

  • Sierra Burgress
    Sierra Burgress Month ago +1

    I can’t think anymore

  • Vincent Van Gogurt
    Vincent Van Gogurt Month ago

    i have the glowy pigment as well as the black 2.0 and have seen the others in action and theyre really really nice
    so much so that im afraid to use them lmao

  • 3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7
    3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7 Month ago

    Should've used 255 pink for the end screen, disappointed.

  • Sondremomo De
    Sondremomo De Month ago

    I thought this budeo was a joke

  • Loli
    Loli Month ago

    Now I need to see this irl

  • John Leo
    John Leo Month ago

    So Anish Kapoor violated the terms of use of the product?

  • J-KimKim
    J-KimKim Month ago

    Can't relate.

  • Kitsune Ultima
    Kitsune Ultima Month ago

    Great for blue/green/(pink/magenta) screen you don't have to worry about a colour gradient.

  • CoxTH
    CoxTH Month ago

    I assume it's some sort of neon colour which turns invisible UV light into pink light...?

  • Little Panda
    Little Panda Month ago

    The Semple vs. Kapoor incident was quite interesting, I recommend you google it yourself!

  • Turtle Girl
    Turtle Girl Month ago


  • Alyssa Ortiz
    Alyssa Ortiz Month ago

    I’ve seen a lot of PINK thousands of people have seen this PINK and nobody’s said they’ve seen a PINKER PINK it’s really PINK

  • Liam Grohs
    Liam Grohs Month ago

    I actually like the pink I see.

  • Space Queen The Wolf

    So... neon?

  • Aala Elsadig
    Aala Elsadig Month ago

    That matt black is so black, it looked like the video fram was cut out by scissor in those black shapes... And nothingness was behind... ._.

  • Jenna
    Jenna Month ago

    We could turn our saturation up aswell

  • Tijdelijk13
    Tijdelijk13 Month ago

    I love how this title is honest with a negative and it still made me want to watch the whole video about the color pink. Great stuff!

  • Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni

    Why are his surroundings so disproportionately small

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png Month ago

    I am a pinkaholic. So this video was 😍😍😍😍😍😍 for me..

  • timothyp873
    timothyp873 Month ago

    Where is H.P. Lovecraft when you need him?

  • - Shooting Starlight -

    I want them all *___*

  • Renee L. Marks
    Renee L. Marks Month ago

    But is this paint lightfast? Is it pigment or florescent die?

  • pocky pocky
    pocky pocky Month ago

    When you were showing us the altered version of the pink, I was like ok.. probably looks more brighter irl, but then when you turned it to regular, I was like, It's that pink?!?!

  • Emerson Chenalloy
    Emerson Chenalloy Month ago

    It’s the pinkist of pink pinker pink pinky

  • Mass Games
    Mass Games Month ago

    Pink sounds weird now.

  • Jasmine Ebora
    Jasmine Ebora Month ago

    The others looks normal only the black is the blackest black I've ever heard also I don't believe this only the black

  • MaxVidyStudios
    MaxVidyStudios Month ago

    what if you desaturate all the other colours a little bit then our eyes would adapt and see the pink as more brighter than our screens can show

  • MaxVidyStudios
    MaxVidyStudios Month ago

    0:55 guess you could say thats a mask, any photoshop experts here? well sorry i'l show myself out

  • david johnson
    david johnson Month ago +1

    Looks like the food paste from fallout 4

  • Sue-She draws
    Sue-She draws Month ago +2


  • Nutsa kh.
    Nutsa kh. Month ago

    I'm new to the channel and for some moment I really couldn't tell if this was real or just some trolling 🤣 but seems like you're not kidding us and that really is the pinkest pink 😆

  • citrus meat
    citrus meat Month ago

    pinkalicious is SHOOK

  • hui xin chiang
    hui xin chiang Month ago

    How do we even define pink. How do you know if it's the pinkest pink

  • spooky
    spooky Month ago

    See but what if i can see this pink because what if my pink is different to your pink

  • Please end my suffering

    Manny mua got sNATCHED

  • Please end my suffering

    Take a shot every time you hear «pink»

  • Adventures with dishes

    Now pink sounds weird

  • Park Tae
    Park Tae Month ago

    Anish kapoor?? An Indian???

  • Henry Yau
    Henry Yau Month ago

    HDR pink

  • Hamrik Szabin
    Hamrik Szabin Month ago

    2:45 Will nobody point out that there exists a paint made of ground up mummies?

  • aden
    aden Month ago


  • isabee
    isabee Month ago

    Pink pink pink pink pink

    All meaning of the word pink has been lost to me

  • -o- It'sCharli
    -o- It'sCharli Month ago

    So.. is it really pink?

  • Milla Han Ho
    Milla Han Ho Month ago

    I've finally clicked on this video. Are you satisfied, TVclip?

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym Month ago

    Need a yellowest yellow. No yellow in RGB. Perception is a weired trick.

  • Rajani Manoj
    Rajani Manoj Month ago

    I have seen better pink

  • Adele D
    Adele D Month ago

    Gonna watch it on pled hope it helps

    TÜSHAR KÖTKAR Month ago +2

    I can't trust my eyes any more ??

    YASSS Month ago

    Blacker then the blackest black black

  • MemeSpreader
    MemeSpreader Month ago +1



  • mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe
    mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe 2 months ago

    Damn it Anish

  • Caleb Austin
    Caleb Austin 2 months ago

    blacker than the blackest black black 0:48

  • Καʀʍα ισ հεʀε
    Καʀʍα ισ հεʀε 2 months ago +12

    its so

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 2 months ago


  • Mister Pando
    Mister Pando 2 months ago

    blacker than the blackest black

  • Nigga bite
    Nigga bite 2 months ago

    1970: I bet there will be flying cars in the future

  • Michelle Tod
    Michelle Tod 2 months ago

    I was studying 2 minutes ago, how do i ended up here...