How does a dog drink? - Slow Mo Time

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  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 3 days ago

    why am i here

  • Paris Brown
    Paris Brown 5 days ago

    such good footage

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva 25 days ago

    He shouldn't be drinking from that because the dog's saliva us in there

  • Ultimate Cupcake
    Ultimate Cupcake Month ago

    I tried to do what the dogs did... nope didn't work..

  • sandra williamson
    sandra williamson Month ago

    dogs cup the toung wow

  • Daniel Kezar
    Daniel Kezar Month ago

    so how did the dog slobber taste?

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Month ago


  • Daniel Kezar
    Daniel Kezar Month ago

    i am the 999th like!!!!! someone make it a thousand and maybe he will upload to this channel again!!!!!

  • Daniel Kezar
    Daniel Kezar Month ago

    0:15 just throw in the towel dog....

  • Emily Ambrose
    Emily Ambrose 2 months ago


  • grafittix
    grafittix 2 months ago

    Drinking after a dog SMH

  • Zoltán Marosi
    Zoltán Marosi 2 months ago

    Poor doggy, drinking is a challenge for them!

  • Jeon Jungfxck
    Jeon Jungfxck 3 months ago +2

    Kinda sounds like Jacksepticeye?

  • NyanCatpurr AJ
    NyanCatpurr AJ 3 months ago

    I do that every day NYAH! It's true, but not as cup like..

  • حفيد الفراعنة

    يععع شرب ورا الكلب 😂

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia 5 months ago

    Song name? Unless its a copyright free track.

  • Jackson M
    Jackson M 5 months ago

    That's so wierd!

  • Clay Eltringham
    Clay Eltringham 7 months ago

    Really?? who walks/plays with their dog in a suit. At least unbutton and lose the tie.

  • anmie enthusiast
    anmie enthusiast 7 months ago +1

    i did not need to learn because i would watch my dog drink when i was a little kid and noticed that he scoops it with his toungue and throughs backwards in their mouth

    • Kyle Crow
      Kyle Crow Month ago

      anmie enthusiast Your parents must be very proud of your heightened learning abilities at a young age.

    • anmie enthusiast
      anmie enthusiast 7 months ago

      Arvics Mislang becausedogs are cute

    • Arvics Mislang
      Arvics Mislang 7 months ago +1

      Jonathan Mason why did you watch this

  • Thaleia Castaneda
    Thaleia Castaneda 9 months ago +1

    For some reason you kinda sound like another youtuber i know

    • Charbel Alam
      Charbel Alam 3 months ago

      Thaleia Castaneda someone green... with a J

  • Alpha Fawn
    Alpha Fawn 9 months ago +3

    I automatically thought of Jacksepticeye, he is the only guy with an Irish accent I have ever seen before this guy

    • ELEV8 FPV
      ELEV8 FPV Month ago

      Alpha Fawn It’s actually Swedish, the crazy Swede!

    • Dallas Mcnew
      Dallas Mcnew 5 months ago

      Alpha Fawn me too

    • Natasha Dyke
      Natasha Dyke 9 months ago

      Alpha Fawn Immediately who I thought of

  • david luan
    david luan 10 months ago

    Wow that's cool

  • Giselle Corpus
    Giselle Corpus 10 months ago +5

    I hope he drank that BEFORE the dog..

  • Morten Nørgaard
    Morten Nørgaard 11 months ago +12

    Somehow i thought the tongue would bend the other way?!

  • Paika Eyepatchuu
    Paika Eyepatchuu Year ago

    So graceful

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago

    how a dog eats pussy

  • Claudia Prado
    Claudia Prado Year ago


  • Claudia Prado
    Claudia Prado Year ago

    song :0000

  • Tidereckia Hayes
    Tidereckia Hayes Year ago


  • Roest Auto
    Roest Auto Year ago

    so the dog young is like a spoon

  • TheRandomGamerDude

    You're not The Slo Mo Guys

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Year ago


  • James VanWinkle
    James VanWinkle Year ago

    You never cease to amaze me. I am so glad you are still innovating!

  • tramsgar
    tramsgar Year ago

    Always drink before your dog.

    TAOFLEDERMAUS Year ago +11

    Haven't I seen you flying RC planes on  Flite Test?

  • Brady Jarosz
    Brady Jarosz Year ago

    Is that Christian kapper in the background

  • johan braun
    johan braun Year ago

    This is one of the best slo mo vids iv seen, Fruktansvärt vackert!

  • ThePGPguy
    ThePGPguy Year ago

    Christian & David Bravo!

  • Roberto Fernandez

    dude you are crazy! keep it up!

  • Daniel C.
    Daniel C. Year ago

    Sorry, the dog is much better at this :)

    RC MEDIA WORLD Year ago


  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy Year ago

    Nice job, David!
    Will we get to see some slow mo explosions? :-D

  • Lukas Foukal
    Lukas Foukal Year ago

    How many fps does it have? (the camera)

  • MrBenski81
    MrBenski81 Year ago

    Hahahah that end bit...Gold!! Very interesting! Ya learn something every day. Subbed and keen for more :-)

  • 28th St. Air Land & Sea

    what does Neo slobber taste like?

  • ArcticRc
    ArcticRc Year ago

    Great to see you again David. love Your New hobby

  • hav eric
    hav eric Year ago

    Neo's a star!!!!

  • Roger Hardie
    Roger Hardie Year ago

    Thanks David, great video !

  • blackforestFPV
    blackforestFPV Year ago

    such a cute dog. My dog, a white shepard, is named Nio... quite similar...
    funny end. Haha :D

  • KaptenMacTavish
    KaptenMacTavish Year ago

    Detta hade jag aldrig trott! :O Men tänk vad mycket skoj man kan göra med en slow motion-kamera. Kanske hur det ser ut när ett radiostyrt flygplan av olika material (balsa, komposit, cellplast) kraschar in i marken?

  • MrFloneil
    MrFloneil Year ago


  • Ted Wil
    Ted Wil Year ago

    Love it, what else can I say!

  • mikbacitube
    mikbacitube Year ago

    Suit and an Haircut ..its getting

  • DashCamDave
    DashCamDave Year ago

    Slender man!!

  • Crygon
    Crygon Year ago

    Keep having fun, learning, and building David. That's what makes life awesome.

  • Shaya Maddex
    Shaya Maddex Year ago

    what camera???

  • Shaya Maddex
    Shaya Maddex Year ago

    what camera???

  • Josh Moss
    Josh Moss Year ago

    David, these are fantastic videos. Keep it up.

  • Emil :D
    Emil :D Year ago

    What's the name of your camera?

  • Kevin Gray
    Kevin Gray Year ago

    I loved the video. David you drinking at the end put it right over the top. Love it.

  • elfaroproductions
    elfaroproductions Year ago +12

    So who drank first, you or your dog?

  • MrGyro
    MrGyro Year ago


  • John Kinnander
    John Kinnander Year ago

    wow fantastiskt

  • JCKC
    JCKC Year ago +1

    Very good David!! Happy with your new channel!! Congratulations and subscribed.

  • Youniles
    Youniles Year ago

    Oh David i hope the tank was clean when you took a go at it lol love the Chanel hope the not a end to the Rcexplorer Chanel i love that one also!!

  • JaRCo de Rover
    JaRCo de Rover Year ago

    Now i am watching my cat drinking, looks the same but she drinks way too fast too tell, do you have cats David :P

  • BirdsEyeView
    BirdsEyeView Year ago

    David drinking is more fun than dog drinking, but only slightly. Great stuff!

  • spl0de
    spl0de Year ago

    loved the end

  • KY DAWG1
    KY DAWG1 Year ago

    Cool stuff David. No suits allowed.... I feel underdressed.

  • Larsson Rose
    Larsson Rose Year ago

    You got a haircut

  • miodice3
    miodice3 Year ago +2

    As I watch this video hungover and ruined from last night, water has literally never looked so good

  • Ghost Ryder FPV
    Ghost Ryder FPV Year ago

    @2:00 And THIS is how it's done!

  • BanniUK
    BanniUK Year ago +2

    dude seriously cool

  • Digital Wolf FPV
    Digital Wolf FPV Year ago

    Thats awesome David! Keep going!

  • Faudgie FPV
    Faudgie FPV Year ago

    David, you look awesome in this costume ! :-D

  • Florian Horsch
    Florian Horsch Year ago +19

    Hahaha, the suit and the end is pretty legendary :-D