Chilli Eating Contest | Reading Chili Festival | Saturday June 2017

  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
  • Reading Chilli Festival Chilli Pepper Eating competition held Saturday 17th June 2017, Reading came out to watch this chilli eating contest, the winner wins £50 (approx $70). With a big crowd in support, here's how the contestants got on... Be warned scenes of Vomit!
    Please note: At 0:39 a deleted scence from further on in the contest appears, this is an edit blooper as we intended it not to be included in the final cut, we have since corrected this and you can enjoy the proper final version on our channel.
    Sid Barber, Roger Farr, Jon Hart. Robin Farr Michael Bibby, Ben Tweddle, Dominic & Michael Lyon.
    Reading Chilli Festival:
    Chillies procured from:
    Steve from the Chilli Mash Company
    Dan of the Chilli of the Valley
    Thanks Dan and Steve :-)
    Our nominated charity is' it's in the Bag' a Testicular cancer awareness charity.
    They provide hands-on support for men with testicular cancer in the South-West of the UK, as well as raising awareness of the disease across the region and beyond.
    It’s in the Bag is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors with support from specialist National Health Service staff.
    Please feel free to take a look and any donation is very gratefull.
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Comments • 2 083

  • Jose M Villa Gomez
    Jose M Villa Gomez 2 hours ago

    Im not even and im crying over here

  • Sofia Mendoza
    Sofia Mendoza Day ago +1

    Sid is a beast

  • Pip Babao
    Pip Babao 2 days ago +1

    Go Sid

  • Meena Inthaly
    Meena Inthaly 6 days ago +1

    Me: eats the least spiciest pepper
    Also me: drinks gallons of milk

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F 11 days ago +1

    that night their asses passed away

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F 11 days ago +1

    the guy wearing sunglasses only seems unfazed bc he covered his teary eyes

  • M C
    M C 18 days ago

    For only 70$ ????????? Stupidity.

  • Panuphat Dangkheal
    Panuphat Dangkheal Month ago

    มาม่ามาเลเซีย หงอยเลย

  • 4KGamer
    4KGamer Month ago

    Dont zoom into the vomit what is wrong with you camera person?

  • Roy Amstrong
    Roy Amstrong 2 months ago +1

    I hope no one dies from this kind of competition , but hey I enjoyed watching it

  • tusia k
    tusia k 2 months ago

    Ale żygnoł fu


    это все пыль, у меня в Одессе любили спорить с приезжих на 20 граммов соли за раз, отказ почек через 15 минут с обсыканием в конвульсиях ))))
    it's all dust, I in Odessa liked to argue with visitors for 20 grams of salt at a time, kidney failure after 15 minutes with congestion in convulsions))))

  • Kaguya Sama
    Kaguya Sama 2 months ago +1

    Essa mulher é blindada pqpp já é a segunda vez que ganha e dessa vez comeu 3 scorpion e 2 carolina reaper pqpq kkk tem um outro que vi de um velho que literalmente não fez nem careta e ganhou a competição de Boa e falando pra dar mais pimenta pra ele porque acabou muito rapido kshsjs

  • Fabian Soto
    Fabian Soto 2 months ago +3

    Yo that girl has won many of this contests my respect ✊

  • YoungKaneki13
    YoungKaneki13 2 months ago

    I feel like $70 is not enough

  • Patricia Ciorba
    Patricia Ciorba 2 months ago


  • dabram a
    dabram a 2 months ago

    my respect! I went through similar contest and know how it is difficult. It is not only a fight with your stomach but as well with your mind.

  • Gabriele Lesky
    Gabriele Lesky 2 months ago

    Whos watching this at midnight, i need to take an exam tomorrow.. :/

  • nenad jovanovic
    nenad jovanovic 2 months ago

    Sid here we go

    • Chilli Sid
      Chilli Sid 2 months ago

      Woop woop!🌶🌶💜💜

  • Bitch Say, What?
    Bitch Say, What? 2 months ago

    Felt bad for John he didn’t wanna give up haha

  • Bitch Say, What?
    Bitch Say, What? 2 months ago +1

    What’s that girls name? holey she’s undefeated

    • Chilli Sid
      Chilli Sid 2 months ago

      That would be me!! Sid is my name!! 👍👍❤❤

    • WarfarePC
      WarfarePC 2 months ago +1

      Sid, she have a channel, Sid Chilli

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 2 months ago +1

    Also mastication

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 2 months ago

    I remember that I was there

  • У Макса
    У Макса 2 months ago


  • I like apples I like apples

    Sid is a savage gotta love her.

    • Chilli Sid
      Chilli Sid 3 months ago

      Love you too!🔥🔥🌶🌶

    CFITOMAHAWK2 3 months ago +1

    Fire Eating Dragons...

  • Dreadlock Я
    Dreadlock Я 3 months ago +1

    Big respect for SID. its very hards pepers. its very big egs

  • mr_tulip
    mr_tulip 3 months ago +1

    R E S P E C T

  • Fahad Evara
    Fahad Evara 3 months ago +4

    Going to the chilli competition
    Seeing Sid barber
    Back to home

  • Lito Lambanog
    Lito Lambanog 4 months ago

    Mark wiens can easily win this😂🤣👍

  • Alberto Ledezma
    Alberto Ledezma 4 months ago

    No veo ningún mexicles, haaaayyy ya haaaayyy carambaaa!!!

    CARISSA GACHA LIFE 4 months ago


  • Fammable12
    Fammable12 4 months ago

    Imagine what the toilet looks like

  • TS forever
    TS forever 4 months ago +1

    if i eat only 1 of this all the acne on my face would pop out

  • Abdallah Balawi
    Abdallah Balawi 4 months ago +1

    The prize is 70$ what!!! 🤣

  • Tristan_ssv
    Tristan_ssv 4 months ago

    Soooo michael is a idiot :D

  • Fikadu Sufe Bacha
    Fikadu Sufe Bacha 4 months ago

    dude i love the part 1 32
    1 like pls

  • xXGoniXx
    xXGoniXx 4 months ago

    what 50 pounds for all of this

  • dessy M
    dessy M 4 months ago +1

    Yang bertahan ini lagi gilaaaaa,,, masuk rumah sakit langsung aku,, bikin sambel carolina reaper krn gak tau cabe terpedas padahal cuma dikit udah mau pingsan gilaa perih perut kaya di ikat

  • Rachael Longacre
    Rachael Longacre 5 months ago

    She's my hero!

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 5 months ago


  • mrwilljones3015
    mrwilljones3015 5 months ago +1

    Watching this video mad me 🥵 hot

  • Akash BM
    Akash BM 5 months ago

    1 Like = 1 Prayer for their Butthole.

  • Иван Фурлетов

    after such taste buds the bits and the stomach and

  • tawfi q
    tawfi q 5 months ago +1

    Siiid god of chilli

  • Theresa Theresa
    Theresa Theresa 5 months ago

    Geez!! You have to give the old timer some serious respect !!!


    The guy with a brown shirt is like a kid when they have a candy

  • GoodDay
    GoodDay 5 months ago

    Woman in the middle is going to win.

    Warning spoiler alert

  • Flying DOG
    Flying DOG 5 months ago

    Whats u r favorit fruit


  • T57
    T57 6 months ago +1

    The female champion returns

  • Eddie Roberts
    Eddie Roberts 6 months ago +1

    That one that looks so freaking painful

  • Linnea Larsen
    Linnea Larsen 6 months ago


  • Alexander Resendiz
    Alexander Resendiz 6 months ago

    That guy in the glasses looks like dB cooper

  • My Sy
    My Sy 6 months ago

    Love Sid she's a natural painkiller :) congratulations!

    • Chilli Sid
      Chilli Sid 6 months ago

      Thank you very much 🔥🌶

  • Denis Desfontaines
    Denis Desfontaines 6 months ago


  • Sidra Cumar
    Sidra Cumar 7 months ago

    Viva women afrika❤️😂❤️

  • Cvlt of the Pop Culture

    inhuman strength from that chicca! hats off

  • MoWithGrowth
    MoWithGrowth 7 months ago

    I knew the woman would win lol

  • Tran Dianna
    Tran Dianna 7 months ago

    Eats fire noodles casually

  • Defender Alt
    Defender Alt 7 months ago +2

    I’m gonna find a way to not be able to taste. And just join this to seem like a god