Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka - 15th July 2019 - सिलसिला बदलते रिश्तों का - Full Episode

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Mishti urges Pari to reveal her feelings for Ruhaan. A determined Pari abides by her sister's wishes and finally discloses her love for Ruhaan, and proposes to him. How will Ruhaan respond to this shocking revelation from Pari? Watch this episode now to find out, only on Voot!
    From helpless little girls caught in the tumultuous relationship of their parents to young independent women, Mishti and Pari are all grown up! But does the baggage of the past really ever go away? What happens when they are faced with the tough choices of life? Will they choose true love over commitments? A coming-of-age-story you don’t want to miss, watch your favourite show take a leap now. Find out in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.#ColorsTv #SilsilaBadalteRishtonKa
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Comments • 475

  • Kuhen Nair
    Kuhen Nair 20 days ago

    Wow pari finally purpose ruhaan..ruhaan not accept..for sure misthi do something..

  • Falak Butt
    Falak Butt Month ago


  • Fayyaz Ghafoor
    Fayyaz Ghafoor Month ago

    Veer and Pari greet

  • Fayyaz Ghafoor
    Fayyaz Ghafoor Month ago

    I think veer is greet

  • Ayesha Siddiqa
    Ayesha Siddiqa Month ago

    Director should close the most foul serial

  • Drmdnazam Uddin
    Drmdnazam Uddin Month ago

    Misti's eyebrow is so tarrible!!😯

  • Anju Thapa
    Anju Thapa Month ago +1

    I am abinash pandey

  • lubna naveed
    lubna naveed Month ago

    Mishti tum boht bura kr rahe ho tum to apna pyar qurban kr rahe ho pari k lye but rohan ka pyar to phir b pari ko milny wala nahe hai

  • Sidratul muntaha
    Sidratul muntaha Month ago +1

    O Mishty love u so much,veer tomhari fast love mishty...

  • Sultana Tanzin
    Sultana Tanzin Month ago

    Misty ka bru itni moti moti kiyu???? Accha nahi lagrahain 🙄

  • sadia jahan
    sadia jahan Month ago +2

    mishti is looking so weird. Her makeup is too much bad

  • Jannatul Ferdous
    Jannatul Ferdous Month ago

    How could a story be so foul like this!!no one understands each others feelins..!

  • Madihah Pheerunggee
    Madihah Pheerunggee Month ago +1

    mishti look like a clown with her makeup!

  • kaur sukhkamal
    kaur sukhkamal Month ago +6

    Don't you guys think that veer look alike guru randhawa 😍😘

  • Pratibha Rana
    Pratibha Rana Month ago +1

    love u pari😚😚😚

  • Feroz Khan
    Feroz Khan Month ago

    Zabardast aya ha aja ka😍😍😍😍

  • Setha Gurung
    Setha Gurung Month ago

    Misti make up thorasa karna plz

  • Johary Swalehe
    Johary Swalehe Month ago

    Mishit is pregnant 😂😂😂😂😂

  • amina hassan
    amina hassan Month ago +3

    Mishti is so selfish she is using and hurting how many people for her sister happiness

  • Hania Khan
    Hania Khan Month ago +1

    mishti aaj ainak wala jin ka zakuta lag rahe hai😀😀😁😂😂😃

  • Hania Khan
    Hania Khan Month ago +1

    mishti aaj ainak wala jin ka zakuta lag rahe hai😀😀😁😂😂😃

  • Fa'idah Maiwada
    Fa'idah Maiwada Month ago

    Mishty this is soo not fair, none of them deserve wat u are doing to them, u r really hurting veer and pari coz I know in d end u'll end up marrying ruhaan and veer and pari will b left heart broken again. Veer was learning to move on u shouldn't have brought him in dis game and pari was unaware of ur love a simple truth would have solved everything. Now u'll b playing d victim and everyone will pity u while u caused all the problem.

    • Grace Nakamya
      Grace Nakamya Month ago +1

      Fa'idah Maiwada wow, very good comment. Thx

  • Mohammad Kalim
    Mohammad Kalim Month ago +5

    I am feeling angry with misthy

  • Saroj Khadka
    Saroj Khadka Month ago

    Wow ab aacha lag ra hay sireal I like it pare or ruhan ko yak hona chaiya

  • eman qamar
    eman qamar Month ago


  • Anoshy Khan
    Anoshy Khan Month ago +1

    Mishtiii you're laaaaave❣❣❣

  • Apshara khatri
    Apshara khatri Month ago

    Where is ansh?

  • Roodo Muuse
    Roodo Muuse Month ago +7

    sorry pari 😂😂😂 I hope to become half of arnav hhhhh

  • Lorena Kessurnath
    Lorena Kessurnath Month ago

    Subtitle plzzz!!!!

  • Manisha Thapa gurung

    Misti bahut galat ha i don’t like 😡😡😡

  • Arifa Akhi
    Arifa Akhi Month ago +8

    Silsila team ka makeup products or makeup man bad hai

  • ayushma gautam
    ayushma gautam Month ago +2

    ruhaan and misti are the best😍😘
    And pari and arnav are nice😍

  • bikash Gurung
    bikash Gurung Month ago

    I heta pari nandani🤐

  • Umma Salma Akter
    Umma Salma Akter Month ago +1

    Plzz Don't stop this serial😭😭😭

  • Linet Akinyi
    Linet Akinyi Month ago +2

    When this drama will end am so tarred with it pliz pliz pliz end it soon

  • Mwanahamis Juma
    Mwanahamis Juma Month ago

    Misht and ruhan pari and arnav

  • Sarmila Pakhrin
    Sarmila Pakhrin Month ago

    es serial se misthiko out gardo plz mujhe bahad ghusha aarahahe misthi par

  • Sadia Ikra
    Sadia Ikra Month ago

    Ruhaan k liye bohut bhura lagta hain😥

  • Nimra's Blogger
    Nimra's Blogger Month ago

    Misty Pregnant hogi dekhlena ku k dr ko jis trhan batarahi hai yehe hoga phr misty ko krni pharegi rohan sy shadi

  • bella Ruza
    bella Ruza Month ago

    Poor mishti

  • Usha KC
    Usha KC Month ago

    pisthi ki dadi ka acting hahahaha so funny

  • Bhim Rana
    Bhim Rana Month ago +1

    I love you arnav ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Meena Limbu
    Meena Limbu Month ago

    Becharre pari kuch pata nahi he kya Kya horaha he bash apni manne khus horahihe..

  • Love In Islam
    Love In Islam Month ago

    Ab ayegi maja misti ko mai nafrat karti hoon

  • you pun
    you pun Month ago

    Hate u pari😈😈

  • Namra Khalid Qadri
    Namra Khalid Qadri Month ago

    Ab mishti ko nandani ki tarhan koi beemari hujaegi

  • SaTs SarKar
    SaTs SarKar Month ago +2

    I just want silsila season 3 with Mishaan AKA @Tejnal

  • SaTs SarKar
    SaTs SarKar Month ago +1

    Pari k bacche ab to Mishaan k bisme se hat ja... Ab to tujhe shab pata chal gaya hai k Ruhan tujse nehi kisi aur we pyaar karta hai ...

  • Gamer Tv
    Gamer Tv Month ago

    Why always boys pay the bill ??

  • helenachowdhury akash
    helenachowdhury akash Month ago +1

    Pari Arnav😍

  • Indriani Manurung
    Indriani Manurung Month ago +2

    If this silsila season 2, is really ending for this month july, i dont mind , n we'll be missing u so much misthi ruhaan ....BUT MAKERS.... Pliss..... Give the audience a happy ending love story of misthi ruhaan, we only want to see misthi ruhaan united NOT pari ruhaan. ..coz they dont looks chemistry at all, n ofcourse ruhaan is not loving pari at all too, pliss dont forces ruhaan to love pari,,, only that all we want to see the ending of all this silsila serial, plisss dont make the audience is feeling so sad, just make ruhaan misthi united that's all.....n miss u forever mishaan...i'll be missing u so much both mishaan...

  • Manila Rai
    Manila Rai Month ago

    I hert you mistri

  • Ritu Moni
    Ritu Moni Month ago +1

    Pari and rohan ko ek dusrese piyar kiw nahi hotha h😐😐😐

  • nashmustafay nashfiq
    nashmustafay nashfiq Month ago +37

    arnav is the only best in this drama he jst wanted to see pari to be happy

  • Methia Islam
    Methia Islam Month ago +12

    Arnav & pari perfect

  • Nasra Juma
    Nasra Juma Month ago +27

    I dont understand the story of this serial😔. But it will be much better if it will end with Veer and Mishti vs Pari and Arnav and as for Ruhan he can just leave😬 and go far way from them and start a new life with someone else. Other than that the story is not interrsted anymore to watch😕😒

  • Joseph Katahara
    Joseph Katahara Month ago

    I hate mishti now... ruhaan pari ko dhoka deke unki emotions se khel raha hai... jitna jaldi pata chalta utna jaldi pari khudko rokke shambhal leti... faltu ka drama...

  • Butt Butt
    Butt Butt Month ago +1


  • Butt Butt
    Butt Butt Month ago +1


  • Luzayen Noor
    Luzayen Noor Month ago +1

    Arnav, veer aur ruhan teeno ki saath hi galat ho rahi hai..... D behen ki bajah se Arnav, veer, ruhan sab ki dil tut gaya.... Pari hurts arnav & misti hurts veer & ruhan......

  • Luzayen Noor
    Luzayen Noor Month ago

    Jhatka ruhan ko mil raha hai haar taraf se aur psychiatrist ki jaroorat misti ko par rahi hai.....
    Misti ki faltu weird dresses..... But pari ki dresses suits her.....

  • Muna Mohamoud
    Muna Mohamoud Month ago +2

    Silsila will end soon who will miss this serial 😢♥😙

  • Meri ca Pulami
    Meri ca Pulami Month ago +1

    Misthi veer ko use kar Rahi h veer ko q
    Taklif dena

  • waseem arain
    waseem arain Month ago +1


  • shahrazaad TV
    shahrazaad TV Month ago

    dhanyavaad krpaya mere chainal ko sabsakraib karen

  • asim khan
    asim khan Month ago +5

    Who is reading the comments like me ???

  • Atifa Hossain
    Atifa Hossain Month ago

    Mishti ka dres ek dom accha nehi lagta

  • Rimar Ramautar
    Rimar Ramautar Month ago +30

    Wowww pari is so strongggg 😯😯😯😯😯but I hope now she feel how Arnav felt when she told him 😡😐

    • shivanie singh
      shivanie singh Month ago


    • janeypher Emmanuel
      janeypher Emmanuel Month ago +1

      Marjorie N Rinesh you can't be with the woman or man who you don't love or Indian people be with the people who don't love

  • What's this?
    What's this? Month ago

    Aa misty ka eyebrow shinchan jesha keu bana detiho... 🙄

  • Nadia Nitu
    Nadia Nitu Month ago

    Mujha kuch pata nahi.misty or ruhaan ko milao or story ko the end karo

  • kandel dhurba
    kandel dhurba Month ago +3

    Mirshi rohan cute

  • Saadatu Musa chanji
    Saadatu Musa chanji Month ago +5

    Kai oh God i don't like pari at all she don't even know wheather ruhan love or not

  • Arwa mohamed
    Arwa mohamed Month ago

    Misti baka nafrat hai

  • Mr Khan
    Mr Khan Month ago +2

    Rohan hate u pehly apny frnd k sath dhoka kia r ab pari ko hurt krna bnd kro 😶

  • Muhammad Afzal
    Muhammad Afzal Month ago +1

    Mishti notak acha karte h