12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan!


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  • Ken1093
    Ken1093 2 hours ago

    tempuraaaa my second favorite :9

  • Things what i like
    Things what i like 2 hours ago

    You should sleep a little bit more

  • Dino Mad Dog
    Dino Mad Dog 3 days ago

    Everything looks good and tasty. But $65 dollars for that is a way over priced!

  • DAmemes Cedo
    DAmemes Cedo 4 days ago


  • Amando Cruz
    Amando Cruz 10 days ago

    Eggplants are a fruit not vegetable
    Get ur facts right

  • Rj Pogi
    Rj Pogi 13 days ago

    Thats expensive holy

  • donnarosanna
    donnarosanna 14 days ago

    I love sweet potato tempura

  • casscade Singh
    casscade Singh 15 days ago

    No emojis pls it's cringe af

  • Antoinette Ryan
    Antoinette Ryan 15 days ago

    The adorable elderly couple behind distracted me. 😁

  • Three Bro
    Three Bro 18 days ago

    Wow !!! you can try spicy food , good tasts,

  • Curtis Metal
    Curtis Metal 25 days ago

    Fk you jackie chan

  • Dark corrupted inkling

    Everyone Asians wet dreams.

  • Chris Severs
    Chris Severs 28 days ago

    70$ for some shrimp tempura is insane.

  • neth ; nethanel mas ; masters

    Mickey i found the same thing with tempura in the states restaurants. My wifes aunt is Japanese and tought us the correct way to make it 40 years ago. Best way to get kids to eat veggies.

  • Prateeksha Chugani
    Prateeksha Chugani Month ago

    The shrimp jump made me so sad

  • Lia Lia
    Lia Lia Month ago

    I love to see the Elder couple behind

  • SnowClover
    SnowClover Month ago

    That looked delicious! if it's not in people's price range though there are plenty of places that will still serve a wonderful huge bowl of ten-don (mixed tempura on rice) for about $12.

  • Electro_Yellow
    Electro_Yellow Month ago

    So expensive

  • Davion Johnson
    Davion Johnson Month ago

    At 1:11 does he get pink?
    If you say yes you can like the comment if you dont then you can dislike it but just look at his skin carefully 👍/👎

  • Nourah
    Nourah Month ago

    The shrimp being roasted was just wrong 🤢

  • fghfhg1212121
    fghfhg1212121 Month ago

    Is he related to Jackie Chan? He looks like him

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 2 months ago

    65$ eesh, but fresh.

  • sreymey video
    sreymey video 2 months ago


  • sreymey video
    sreymey video 2 months ago

    Tokyo to Bangkok

  • sreymey video
    sreymey video 2 months ago

    Thai food tom yum

  • sreymey video
    sreymey video 2 months ago

    Sushi sashimi

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 2 months ago

    There a Japanese chef on y tube in Miami that makes great tempura.

  • Soleman Mallick
    Soleman Mallick 2 months ago

    I love it bro

  • Soleman Mallick
    Soleman Mallick 2 months ago

    Good job bro

  • Sean Santos
    Sean Santos 2 months ago

    Too expensive wth.. That price can take you to the best buffet (Spiral Manila) here in the Philippines for just $60

  • Eating Machine
    Eating Machine 2 months ago

    they forgot to fry the plate

  • grumpy uncle
    grumpy uncle 3 months ago

    Love your video, Mike but NO! Never 80,000 yen tempura! That's almost $800.00

  • Nothing More Nothing Less

    Thanks for caption subtitle

  • bodiddly mitchell
    bodiddly mitchell 3 months ago

    How can you eat the head & tail of shrimp with the shell? Isnt it hard to digest?

  • Jose Vela
    Jose Vela 3 months ago

    The gentleman behind you in the first few minutes looks just like Jiro Ono.

  • choco coco fudge
    choco coco fudge 3 months ago

    did anyone notice how red his face got at 1:38?

  • Raj Pal
    Raj Pal 3 months ago

    Watching your reactions is hilarious. I was in Akasaka last week and had tempura at Ark Hills and I had those same facial reactions. I've never had tempura like that - so light, crispy, fresh. The mitake mushroom was bomb! Also had a thin slice of chicken thigh wrapped in a "leaf" which was fantastic.

  • Adrish Bala
    Adrish Bala 3 months ago

    sala chini mal upna ma ko tokiyo jakr ch***od na ba nila bhikari (mikey you are a very good person)

  • Adrish Bala
    Adrish Bala 3 months ago

    sala chini mal upna ma ko tokiyo jakr ch***od na ba nila bhikari (mikey you are a very good person)

  • Aersla
    Aersla 3 months ago

    That shrimp just wanted to live! Lol

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 3 months ago

    I've been chain watching all of your videos. Lol. You just make me feel happy.

  • Elise Blair
    Elise Blair 3 months ago

    Why did you blur out the shrimp moving..?

  • Crystal Wall
    Crystal Wall 3 months ago

    Was. That. Jiro. Ono?! The older couple behind him?

  • Xanthel Tianio
    Xanthel Tianio 3 months ago

    I love tempura so much!!yum😊

  • Kelley Gabriel
    Kelley Gabriel 3 months ago

    I just ate prawns with cocktail sauce I stay away from all bad food trying to loose weight

  • Bryan Tadeo
    Bryan Tadeo 3 months ago +1

    So sexist 1:20

  • Kylan Reid
    Kylan Reid 3 months ago

    🐙 like if you like john

  • Amaya Tenjo
    Amaya Tenjo 3 months ago


  • Ganon Tice
    Ganon Tice 3 months ago

    I like tempura

  • Laurie'spassions!
    Laurie'spassions! 3 months ago

    Please, Please, Please tell me that the fried shrimp in American they will take the heads off. I just can not eat shrimp with the heads on. I am from Texas and I do not eat shrimp the way you eat them. I love your noodle video's the best.

  • AsianNuggets the comment guy

    Too expensive

  • Majestic Sea flap flap
    Majestic Sea flap flap 4 months ago +1

    Idk how many times I’ve watch this but whenever I do I ALWAYS drool! 🤤

  • Kev H
    Kev H 4 months ago

    4:04, when Mike started eating it with hand, you know this food is next level

  • Denajah Evans
    Denajah Evans 4 months ago

    You know the food is amazing when Mikey rolls his eyes

  • Wulffy Jr.
    Wulffy Jr. 4 months ago

    Deep fried cake.

  • Wm Tarr
    Wm Tarr 4 months ago

    Mikey, I'm not your best friend but you look rather tired in this. Making a food video isn't compulsory, y'know. Love most of your stuff. You also seem to have eaten bad tempura, it is available at a reasonable price in London

  • kaitlyn xo
    kaitlyn xo 4 months ago

    take me on a date 😭

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 4 months ago

    fried seafood platter, japanese style

  • Reyner Pradito
    Reyner Pradito 4 months ago


  • Cloutan
    Cloutan 5 months ago

    I tried to stimulate me doing and eating everything he did, what followed was a very happy teen and a LOT of bills the happy teen can't pay...

  • Valerie Von Skullz
    Valerie Von Skullz 5 months ago

    If the shrimp jumped quickly, does that make it fast food ?

  • Derrek Oyama
    Derrek Oyama 5 months ago

    The first time I tried tempura in Tokyo was at Shin Udon a year ago. It was an eye opening experience too!!

  • Moodster
    Moodster 5 months ago

    There should have been a follow-up video showing us what you ate after leaving here because we know you weren't even remotely full after eating this meal, Mike!

  • 浩泽张
    浩泽张 5 months ago


  • justanothertuber k
    justanothertuber k 5 months ago

    I’m so hungry watching this

  • Josh Hart
    Josh Hart 5 months ago

    @2:13 "im just going to eat the whole thing with the tail" my mom says never to do that you're a savage mike

  • uropy
    uropy 5 months ago

    Not a foody. So I wouldn't go there for myself. But can be good place with foody friends. definitely bad choice with your girls. 8000 per person in Tokyo you can go very fancy places...

  • Fufu Olaji
    Fufu Olaji 6 months ago

    anything deep fried tastes nice

  • Michael Patricio
    Michael Patricio 6 months ago


  • Rafael Rios
    Rafael Rios 6 months ago

    I love you video man

  • Toan Ho
    Toan Ho 6 months ago

    I dont think the eggplant is fresh. It didnt jump.

  • SkunkApe95
    SkunkApe95 6 months ago

    Thank you! People think I’m weird for eating fried shrimp tails...they’re perfectly good and crunchy.

  • greg sasha
    greg sasha 6 months ago


    DEVUL LUVED 6 months ago

    Dont know why but i always come back to this video theres something so satisfying about this video in peticular

  • E. Cui
    E. Cui 6 months ago +1

    *drools on corner*

  • Elizabeth Roberts
    Elizabeth Roberts 6 months ago


  • Leo
    Leo 6 months ago

    I thought the fried scallop is a fried lemon lol

  • Carol Jenny
    Carol Jenny 6 months ago

    Oh dude, you make me miss Gardena SOOOOOO much (a Japanese and Korean town). I moved to Arizona, and getting ANY authentic Japanese food is soooooooo hard. I did find two authentic Korean bbq places and they are about an hour away.

  • Derrick Fung
    Derrick Fung 6 months ago

    That’s not 12 courses. That’s 12 different types.

  • Su Xiaoxiao
    Su Xiaoxiao 7 months ago

    What's your origin? Mainland or Taiwan?

  • L
    L 7 months ago

    Oddly you can find great tempura in England. :D

  • Hlysnan
    Hlysnan 7 months ago

    The minute I saw how much the 12-course meal was, I had a hunch you're in Ginza 😅

  • Aquarius winters
    Aquarius winters 7 months ago

    Never watch the videos when ur hungry or else😂

  • Aador WR
    Aador WR 7 months ago

    Bro bro
    U make me hungry

  • Play Maker
    Play Maker 7 months ago

    I dislike it cause im a taxi driver from Philippines Putang ina mo

  • CHARisma 888
    CHARisma 888 7 months ago

    Hi mikey

  • spencer mitsuing
    spencer mitsuing 7 months ago

    I like your vids ! You should try live animal foods

  • AnimePabu
    AnimePabu 7 months ago

    Tbh is does anyone else get annoyed how he says it wrong..

  • xxx
    xxx 7 months ago

    Eating some fried food costs you 75 US dollars?? OK..................

  • Music Sa
    Music Sa 7 months ago

    you should go to a restaurant called shake and steak

  • DigitalizedElements
    DigitalizedElements 7 months ago

    $65 for that?! good god. What a complete rip off.

  • Tessa Clarke
    Tessa Clarke 7 months ago

    The couple in the background and the dude putting on his hat!!!!
    Omg when he got emotional eating the fish.....I felt that

  • winson xiao
    winson xiao 7 months ago

    The way I wat eel is idk aged and dried, super fatty and salty

  • Arif King
    Arif King 7 months ago

    Are u related to jakie chan?

  • KillingSpree Productions

    I have never tasted any sea creature before.
    Does fish taste like it smells?

  • YungDeer
    YungDeer 7 months ago

    Looks like anime food

  • shadow clan
    shadow clan 7 months ago

    I thought the egg plant was a Roach

  • Vivienne Lucy Nonis
    Vivienne Lucy Nonis 7 months ago

    Not to detract from all the yummy food you are showcasing, but the elderly couple in the background are so adorable!!
    They sure don't make people like that no more.

  • Jason Simpson
    Jason Simpson 7 months ago

    Wow, this really made me rethink tempura!

  • Darren Hope
    Darren Hope 8 months ago

    how do you make tempura