EXTREME Prop Hunt IRL Challenge - Win $10,000

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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  • Morgz
    Morgz  Month ago +2867

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    • Ivan Kreculj
      Ivan Kreculj 12 days ago +1

      You are an idiot

    • Leon Birac
      Leon Birac 24 days ago


    • Marisol De La Cruz
      Marisol De La Cruz 24 days ago

      Morgz morning can you order me on my birthday T-shirts me and then Danny Danny and Sophie Sophie SOS I aSOF I a I a I aA T-shirt for a mortgage T-shirt and jacket can order it from our house by my size washers is mines on Friday for six months my brother must be 40 or

    • Beast 206 Back
      Beast 206 Back Month ago

      Its Vanessa Queen morgz

    • Gokhinks The Unknown
      Gokhinks The Unknown Month ago

      @Its Vanessa Queen Nobody loves morgz his community is full of 4 to7 year olds like you he sucks and im happy his girlfriend broke up with him.

  • Zoe Siu
    Zoe Siu 16 minutes ago

    Get the 🎟morgz fest

  • Her kawhtoo Htoo
    Her kawhtoo Htoo 32 minutes ago

    I’m glad I’m not in moths family

    PIECE OFCHEESE 59 minutes ago

    You are dumb

  • Laser Beam
    Laser Beam 2 hours ago

    Oof morgz has yellow teeth.XD

  • Natalie Rogers
    Natalie Rogers 4 hours ago

    This is the fakest thing Ive ever seen

  • Gacha_Myia!
    Gacha_Myia! 5 hours ago

    my mom was making eggs

  • Jimmy Camartin
    Jimmy Camartin 8 hours ago

    Why last man when there is a girl it should be last man or last man or lady

  • Jesse Avila
    Jesse Avila 15 hours ago

    Morgs is a pro 😎🥋

  • Aziz Turkistani
    Aziz Turkistani 17 hours ago +1

    Next 3000000m

  • Nightmare Mangle Sketches

    1 like=1 pray for Jill's voise

    SGT GANG 17 hours ago +1

    How many times morgz searches in a hiding place when its a fucking prop hunt and how many times his jaw looks as if its gonna break off his melodramatic face

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 19 hours ago

    I hope somebody nails your foreskin into the floor

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 19 hours ago

    Your videos make me want to choke on a shotgun barrel

  • Dunno
    Dunno 19 hours ago

    Morgz Dad really had the nerve to show himself

  • thomas bainbridge
    thomas bainbridge 21 hour ago

    Mini morgz is sooo gay

  • thomas bainbridge
    thomas bainbridge 21 hour ago

    Mini morgz is fat

  • Michael Rodela
    Michael Rodela 21 hour ago

    Did he really just look inside the smallest plant🤣

  • Lisa Zeroles
    Lisa Zeroles 21 hour ago

    Morgen is the best

  • The Buddies
    The Buddies 22 hours ago

    Bean bag

  • Alberto Villegas
    Alberto Villegas 22 hours ago

    I don't like morgz

  • Tu Gg
    Tu Gg 22 hours ago +3

    Mini morgz looks like a cheeseburger

  • Banana Animations

    By the way where kira

  • Tatsiana Fitzpatrick

    He doesn't use dollars hes English

  • DragonKidz Tv
    DragonKidz Tv Day ago

    Why are you always making crazy faces

  • Armin Azhaili
    Armin Azhaili Day ago

    why did you punched your poor old dad at the end? i feel sorry for him

  • Jaydah Sutherland

    That's is going to be cold for morgz mum I fell sorry for morgz mum

  • Jaydah Sutherland

    That's nice morgz

  • Ashi Hayat
    Ashi Hayat Day ago


  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson Day ago

    you can clearly see morgins dad's head sticking out of the bean bag

  • Lazy Bazy
    Lazy Bazy Day ago

    And you say mom

  • Gacha news with stella :3

    Morgz has entered your room

    Comment :( to get flamethrowers, fuel, ammo, guns, axe, sword, and shuriken.

  • KJtheCancerous
    KJtheCancerous Day ago

    Copyrighted content

  • Jessica Engel
    Jessica Engel Day ago

    How old is that kid

  • Cam Plays Mobile
    Cam Plays Mobile Day ago +1

    Delete this channel

  • melody Fan
    melody Fan Day ago

    The fact that I really don't like

  • Sub 2 me NOW
    Sub 2 me NOW Day ago

    When did you last brush your teeth

  • Haroomi
    Haroomi Day ago

    At least try to blink..

  • Connor Allen
    Connor Allen Day ago

    Bald martin is so embarrassied

  • Nissi Manjoro
    Nissi Manjoro Day ago

    Make sure that big Jill doesn't cheat

  • Morgan Greening
    Morgan Greening Day ago +1

    Morgz you have the same name as me

  • Tyler Edge
    Tyler Edge Day ago

    morgz when i wached the 24hours ice cooled water your mom cheat off geting out the pool for 2 or 3hours in the moring

  • Thomas Purvis
    Thomas Purvis Day ago

    Ya teeth r yellow

  • Amanda Cooper
    Amanda Cooper Day ago

    Kiera is with infinite

  • Dash Davis
    Dash Davis Day ago

    Turn around

  • Dash Davis
    Dash Davis Day ago

    Your shirts are expensive

    • Shut Up
      Shut Up 19 hours ago

      Dash Davis thats not the only reason why you shouldn't buy them

  • grimlock owen
    grimlock owen Day ago +1

    Mini Morgz is now your brother
    Like to undo

  • MicLaFay Short Films

    Wow at 7:15 he said no one was hiding in the bins, but he only checked one 🤦‍♀️

  • Cole Roblox games

    Egg head lol

  • Fabian24 Nastase

    4:30 blodymarry apeares in a washing machine

  • Greg Blake
    Greg Blake Day ago

    You’re going to give the poor lady hypothermia

  • Greg Blake
    Greg Blake Day ago

    You ldiot

  • Greg Blake
    Greg Blake Day ago

    Your nearly killed martin

  • vClxmpz 2K
    vClxmpz 2K Day ago

    Why dosent he blink

  • L0rd c4rg0
    L0rd c4rg0 Day ago +1

    Morgz you inspired me to murder my family

  • Sparky Blast
    Sparky Blast Day ago

    Did morgz break up wity kiera?

  • Adam Oberreiter
    Adam Oberreiter Day ago

    Idk who is Real dead Martin or that santa and dont tell me that dead kid is your brother

  • Андрей Кучук

    Какую же ерунду тут снимают

  • Sinead *
    Sinead * 2 days ago

    Hallo it is sheyneya I am watching on me mummy phone on you tube and you make me laugh out loud 😂😂😂👍

  • jay donsburg
    jay donsburg 2 days ago

    your such an idiot

  • BIGG BUBB playz
    BIGG BUBB playz 2 days ago

    14:37 my head feels like it's bout to eggsplode lol

  • Dylan Ackling
    Dylan Ackling 2 days ago

    My mum said I can get a pet then mum said I can’t 😥

  • isaac Brock
    isaac Brock 2 days ago

    Morgan is the best!

  • jamaal hussain
    jamaal hussain 2 days ago

    Morgz please can you do a fortnite video

  • Aarav Karthik
    Aarav Karthik 2 days ago

    Gill is so fat

  • mandorule
    mandorule 2 days ago

    I want a pink won and the number is 40
    And my name is sophia

  • Chad Carter
    Chad Carter 2 days ago


  • Corevelt
    Corevelt 2 days ago +1

    Please delete your channel.

  • OSG_ L1F3
    OSG_ L1F3 2 days ago

    you have a saw throught because you all ways shout

  • Oggy Crompton
    Oggy Crompton 2 days ago

    Jill voice lol

  • Oggy Crompton
    Oggy Crompton 2 days ago

    Jill is the world dumbest person

  • Brad S.
    Brad S. 2 days ago


  • chyan boo
    chyan boo 2 days ago +2

    i did it in 1 second