Girls Season 6 Episode 8: Inside the Episode (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow discuss naming the episode and the last hoorah between Hannah and Adam's relationship. Girls airs Sundays at 10PM on HBO.
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Comments • 254

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 4 days ago


  • eagledove9
    eagledove9 8 days ago

    An ENFP with an INFJ is a socionic mirror relation. Duality relations are better.

  • Jill Collins
    Jill Collins 15 days ago

    The most heartbreaking scene but also the best scene

  • Corley Stanford
    Corley Stanford 19 days ago

    I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  • mayris2102
    mayris2102 23 days ago +1

    I really hate this? Who is possible that finally from Adam and hanna, and then he back to Jessa's? This is the worst!!

  • Peggy Welty
    Peggy Welty 27 days ago

    What, really, does "a happy ending" mean anymore. Happiness is a subjective concept. Dammit tho because I started binge watching Girls on Amazon. I loved the progression of Adam and Hannah.

  • La Serpenta Canta
    La Serpenta Canta Month ago

    is this the rapist?

  • Geekns
    Geekns 2 months ago

    I was hoping Hannah and Adam would end up back together. It was my main reason for watching, because no matter how difficult or ridiculous things got they still loved and cared for each other. Hannah shouldn't have made her backstage announcement but Adam shouldn't have pursued Jessa. As a result the final episode was so anticlimactic to me.

  • shishiven
    shishiven 5 months ago

    This episode has defenetly left me with a bitter taste in my mouth 😒 .
    So.. disapointed

  • chocolatechip290
    chocolatechip290 6 months ago

    The ending was weird. Hannah and Adam should have ended up together realistic or not sometimes these things really do work out , love the show though.

  • DaizeeH
    DaizeeH 8 months ago

    i've loved how ray and abigail met the golden girls of orange is the new black....any clip of that moment??

  • judith bella
    judith bella 9 months ago +2

    I just wanted that Hannah and Adam ended togheter.

  • cindy tatiana
    cindy tatiana 9 months ago +1

    why Jessa looks so trashy in this season I mean I loved her style in the previous seasons, the hair, clothes, now she looks like a homeless. I hated it

  • Yo Rock
    Yo Rock 9 months ago

    im more reylo.

  • 7upslimez
    7upslimez 9 months ago

    Please, please don't end this show! I love it! I can't believe it's about to be over. Can some people join me and try to keep this show on the air? I'm going to miss it so much! :(.......

  • Felix Nunez
    Felix Nunez 9 months ago +1

    While the enormous critical acclaim Mad Men received throughout it's run was definitely deserving, I fail to see how Girls keeps getting so much media attention.
    The show isn't bad, but it's far from being great...or even very good, in my opinion.
    With the exception of Ray and Shoshanna, most of the characters on the show are unsympathetic and provide sub-par, if cringe-worthy performances. Even if that's the goal, it feels like something is fundamentally missing.
    As a Williamsburg native, I welcome any opportunity to see Brooklyn represented onscreen. It's a shame, though, that the show only focuses on the gentrified side of the borough.
    What happened to the Dominican, Puerto Rican, Hasidic, and African American people that make a large part of the communities where the characters of Girls supposedly inhabit?
    While not exactly the millennial version of Sex and the City, the "premise" of four coming-of-age girls trying their luck in the big, bad city is neither compelling nor imaginative. But Girls does a good job at entertaining us, nevertheless.
    Then again, any show set in New York City should be entertaining almost by default. If not, then someone's doing a very bad job.

  • Missdiorcheri63
    Missdiorcheri63 9 months ago +2

    but.what.the.actual.....they.ruined.everything. They literally went every wrong direction they could have. If hannah doesnt end up with adam they should have at least had adam end up alone, i dont think anybody is screaming with joy that he went back to jessa. and SHOSH NOT WITH RAY??? THATS LITERALLY WHAT EVERYONES BEEN BEGGING FOR FOR SEASONS NOW AND TO JUST HAVE HIM RANDOMLY END UP WITH ABIGAIL IN ONE EPISODE WITH NO BUILT TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP WHATSOEVER????? pissed.

  • sag2007ama
    sag2007ama 9 months ago

    I felt like this episode expected me to be a mind-reader... I'm not sure if I'm flattered or annoyed..

  • Marlon Nuvia
    Marlon Nuvia 9 months ago +1

    10 minutes watching this show and i am already bored of it, after all i can say it's a lame ass show

  • Edude117
    Edude117 9 months ago

    Kylo kissed fucking Lena Dunham? Yeah, he's officially the worst Sith ever.

  • Jackalofdeath
    Jackalofdeath 9 months ago

    oh my god that ugly psychotic whore lena dunham is in this show? there goes any chance of me ever watching it

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 9 months ago

    I think Jessa resented the fact that Hannah's parents love her and Jessa subconsciously set out to take Adam from Hannah to even the score.

  • Alice Darr
    Alice Darr 9 months ago +1

    It would be so nice if the writers of these stories would actually give the viewers what they want. I wanted Adam and Hannah to have a relationship that lasts; not that back-stabbing traitor Jessa getting to keep the not so golden boy Adam. But WTF, I'm just a viewer, who cares what I think or want?

  • TheLeaveTaking
    TheLeaveTaking 9 months ago +1

    I liked Ray with Shosh's boss... (can't remember her name). at first I thought I was going to hate her because Shosh didn't seem to like her that much but then I thought she was kind of sweet. the whole thing was kinda cute. lol. if that makes any sense.

  • Terri Trovato
    Terri Trovato 9 months ago +7

    Fuck this show for wasting 6 years of my life! You've always set it up that it would be Hannah & Adam / Ray & Shosh. Thanks to all this stupid hipster writing where its cool to take the story "off road" we wind up with a bullshit Jessa/Adam relationship and the most random girlfriend for Ray. What's even going on with Shosh? Why did we waste 3 years on Marnie and Desi??? AHHHHH FUCK THIS SHOW!

  • Ramone Cricket
    Ramone Cricket 9 months ago +2

    I just keep coming back to what Jessa said to Adam at the beginning of season 5; that if they got together it would end with him dead and her pregnant at the border. Not saying that's EXACTLY what will happen to them, but something similar.

  • Riley Bear
    Riley Bear 9 months ago +8

    Jessa did NOT get a happy ending. She got a very sad one that she completely placed herself in. She is choosing to be a second choice. Second. She is used to getting her way and it's really sad she is letting someone treat her this way. While she got what she wanted, it was in the most pathetic way. And honestly, I don't feel bad for her in the least. Her narcissism and complete lack of empathy towards others placed her in a pitiful situation with a man who stated earlier in the episode that ending things with Jessa was inevitable. Adam and Jessa deserve each other.

  • Jennica
    Jennica 9 months ago +3

    Wait what the FUCK so ray and shoshanna aren't going to end up together ? Fuck this

  • Eboogie Ellison
    Eboogie Ellison 9 months ago

    this whole season feels like a cop out....

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 9 months ago +4

    Its the right ending, Adam should now be with Jessa, I'm pleased they didn't do a Sex and the City, well done to the writers Judd and Lena

  • Lisa Stockman
    Lisa Stockman 9 months ago +5

    This episode made me so sad, and actually a bit angry. I feel a little bit duped. I spent 5 seasons watching Hannah and Adam evolve. It's like why did they spend so much time on Adam and Hannah's story, and get the audience so invested in them, when in the end they would just basically delete it all. I feel like they almost wasted my time. That's how I can best describe my feelings. The writers wasted years of my time.

    • Elena Cornejo
      Elena Cornejo Month ago +1

      Lisa Stockman that happens in real life, you invest in a relationship just to realize you are not meant to be together and it hurts and it’s real

  • 3CRO AM
    3CRO AM 9 months ago +7

    I never understood Adam and Hannah as a couple. There was never any real connection, what did they have in common in the first place? Adam and Jessa have genuine chemistry.. It might be a destructive relationship with many hurt feelings but it makes sense that they are drawn to each other. Same with Ray and Shoshanna, no real chemistry or things in common, which is clear in this episode when he meets Abigail.

  • Uni Lin
    Uni Lin 9 months ago +1

    endless cheating, everyone is such a cunt in this show

  • Cayden Elliot
    Cayden Elliot 9 months ago +12

    I liked the Ray storyline. You do end up sometimes with someone random that you meet, and not people with whom you have a lot of history. I think Ray is quite a cynical guy and he needs someone like the new girl to balance it out. I find that people in real life often settle with people who balance them out.

  • victoria grant
    victoria grant 9 months ago +10

    All this Jessa hate makes me root for her even more. Luckily Lena doesn't hate the character so YAY

    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago

      victoria grant same. Fucking sexist women in my opinion, because they still like adam.

    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago

      victoria grant same. Fucking sexist women in my opinion, because they still like adam.

  • Smoshgoddess18
    Smoshgoddess18 9 months ago +1

    I genuinely wish I never watched this show. The whole thing angers me so much. If I could turn back time, I would've never started it. It disgusts me to think I wasted so much time on it. I'll watch the last two eps just to get through it, but I'm glad I don't have to watch it anymore. I'm so angry. What a waste.

  • Jenny Waldron
    Jenny Waldron 9 months ago +1

    I am sobbing. I feel like schmo believing this was actually happening. Sat there with a big ole grin on my face beaming. And then tears in the soup. WTF? Why? There has been so much growth between the two of them. I suppose in a perfect world they would live happily every after and perhaps thats the point, life sucks. But I dont understand how you can take two very complex characters with a deep understanding of each other, a long history, of more good than bad, and just have them fizzle out like a morning after hook up breakfast. I dont fucking get it. The common comment about Adam and Hannah is how toxic their relationship is. Fuck that. Ive been in toxic relationships. This does not compare at all. now Adam and Jessa... thats far more dysfunctional than most of the relationships on this albeit Marnie and Desi (trainwreck) as far i can tell. Other than there insane sex scenes and sobriety what substance do they have? Honestly. I am more or less venting about this part of the finale. Its so sad and so heartbreaking. Mostly because I love Adam so much but also love them together. It did seem to good but did it have to be so harsh??
    i would really like to find an intellectual side to this so that my irrational emotional side can find closure.

  • Valeria Forgione
    Valeria Forgione 9 months ago +2

    Fuck them...I was really rooting for Adam and Hannah to end up together!! FUCK!!! I'm gonna watch season 2 finale over and over again and cry about it .....

  • Jaz Zuniga
    Jaz Zuniga 9 months ago +1

    This was the best Girls episode ever!!! I was very sad when they didn't end up together. I seriously felt like someone broke up with me.

  • boricua2992
    boricua2992 9 months ago

    So what are people's feelings about Rays and Shosh storyline?

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 9 months ago +1

    Their whole unusual relationship was the essence of girls for me. This has made all the emotional investment feel futile. So disappointed in this story.

  • Rosie Luker
    Rosie Luker 9 months ago +8

    I am so disappointed with this episode. I love Adam and Hannah and really wanted them to be together, but honestly, I would have accepted that had the episode been done better. I'm no expert and Lena Dunham is clearly a genius, I would never be able to create something anywhere close to the quality of Girls. But this episode felt so rushed and over the top. To cram this crazy storyline into 20 minutes and then leave it? No. If this is the last acting Dunham did with Driver, we can assume there are no more scenes with them together after this. To end their story like this just seems like such an unsatisfying and poor ending. They've been in each others lives for six seasons - they deserve more time together to hash things out than a rushed 20 minute episode.
    I also refuse to believe that Adam is meant to be with Jessa. It's an unhealthy relationship. Adam doesn't seem to care about her all that much ('She'll break up with me in 4 months anyway') and Jessa has become too dependent on Adam. I loved the idea that Jessa is finally learning to love someone, but she needs to love herself. I really like her character and she deserves the space to find herself to some degree at the end of the season, away from Adam, and not be his sloppy seconds. The scene in the bathroom broke my heart. She deserves to reconcile with her friends again and find her own happiness.
    Also, as much as I like the idea of Abigail and Ray, how rushed was that as well? And did they literally just ditch Shoshanna at the restaurant? Seems super unlike Ray who cares a lot about Shosh. Ray is too much of a complex character, dealing with the death of Hermie etc. to just throw him together with some randomer and that be it. Again, an unsatisfying ending.
    On a side note, I feel Marnie's character has been really ruined this season. I liked that we saw more of her unpleasant and selfish personality, but it was just way overboard. Episode after episode they laid on the idea that she was selfish and it was like 'Okay we get it now, she's a selfish bitch'. But they just kept laying it on to the point that she was ridiculous and a caricature of herself. Like when she told that guy to get an Uber for his girlfriend from the hospital, wtf?! I don't even think that's something Marnie would say. Marnie is selfish but she does have good qualities. She is smart and a fierce friend, and I'm just really sick of seeing her like this horrendous character. I dunno, I just think she deserves better.
    I wonder if Zosia Mamet asked to be in less of this season or something. The lack of Shosh has been ridiculous. I think she's a fab character, I loved her Japan storyline. She's grown so much and became very ambitious and driven. I loved her helping Hermie with the coffee shop at the end of season 5. Showing that she could make the best of any situation even though her Tokyo dream was over. I wanted to see more of her settling back into New York, negotiating the business world, with the trials and tribulations. I'm really disappointed we've barely seen her.
    I think all of these characters deserve better than where we seem them. They are not intrinsically horrible people, but we are just seeing the absolute worst of them week upon week.
    I think Lena has done some stellar writing. Her strength really lies in her capsule episodes ('One Man's Trash', 'The Panic in Central Park', 'American Bitch'). I have loved Girls and at points it has been such an emotional roller coaster. But I think Lena isn't great at threading the pieces together. We have these stand alone incredible episodes and everything in between often comes across as quite rushed and unfinished. It feels like she writes these incredible mini episodes and then plans them in order, and then adds in filler storylines to make it coherent. That might be the opposite of how she does it, but as a viewer, that's how it comes across.
    Maybe we will all see these issues resolved but seeing as there's only two episodes left to tie up A LOT of issues, I'm sceptical. Guess we just have to wait and see.

  • Le Petit Afrique
    Le Petit Afrique 9 months ago +19

    Am I the only one who thinks Hannah and Adam were and still are awful together! I also don't understand all of the hate for Jessa. Adam and Hannah had been broken up for over a year when they hooked up, and even then Jessa felt bad about it. But in this episode Hannah didn't even hesitate to fuck Adam, who as far as she knew was still with Jessa! I find Hannah's character really repulsive and pathetic to be honest. And the way the writers of this show totally changed Jessa's character in this season and the end of last season, to make her seem less attractive, shows how insecure Lena Dunham is. Jessa was the one who helped Adams sister give birth, and then a season later she doesn't know how to handle babies. What? This whole season has just been a mess...

    • moonlily1
      moonlily1 9 months ago

      She never said it was about "the pretty girl not working out better"- that's an angle you're imagining.

    • Truly Yours
      Truly Yours 9 months ago +2

      Jemila Isa i totally agree with you. i abaolutly hate how they made jessa look in this last season. lena annoys me. she wanted it to be where the pretty girl doesnt always work out better but this wasnt just a pretty girl it was jessa! doeant make no damn sence. i HATE how show ended because this isnt what endinf jessa deserved

    • moonlily1
      moonlily1 9 months ago +2

      I don't think Hannah owes Jessa anything at all. Her feelings are the least consideration. But people do forget that Hannah and Adam's relationship was bad more often than it was good. I don't think that Adam could have a healthy relationship with anyone, and I think snagging a boyfriend is the least of Hannah's priorities right now.

    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago +6

      Jemila Isa SAME. In the end all they do is revolve around their relationships. Jessa had a career to look forward to, and I liked her with Adam until this episode, now I wish she would have more self esteem and tell him to fuck off.

  • bornblue k
    bornblue k 9 months ago

    the story line that I thought was coming together was Hannah and Adam getting back together, right when Jessa discovers shes pregnant too. Jessa would grow fond of the idea of having a baby and knows that would also get Adam back but theres this beautiful moment where she sees Adam and Hannah together and realizes they are truly meant to be. Jessa tells Adam shes pregnant, but before Adam leaves Hannah to do the right thing she aborts the baby. It is Jessa's way of acknowledging what she has done and letting go of her happiness to let Hannah be happy. Hannah never finds out.

    • bornblue k
      bornblue k 9 months ago

      fourteen where did I use the word wanted? i said this is where I thought it was going. chill out

    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago +1

      bornblue k omg what is your problem???? In what world do you think being with your friend's ex that she hasn't been with for over a year is something that should be punished??? Not to mention you want Jessa to abort a baby so Hannah can be happy? This is some twisted shit

  • commenter92
    commenter92 9 months ago +2

    I feel like when Hannah said to Elijah "I don't want an abortion I'm just having feelings" or something along those lines it was like a metaphor for what was to come- ie she doesn't want to get back with Adam, she was just having feelings when she watched his movie

  • Glitter Pig
    Glitter Pig 9 months ago +3

    Adams storyline confuses the fuck out of me.

  • sara gomez
    sara gomez 9 months ago

    I hope they kill Adam in the next episode

  • Nyelshulia Lewis
    Nyelshulia Lewis 9 months ago

    Yep, just about how I figured it would go down. I didn't think it would be so blah. There was too much excitement. Too much "future" this and that....all in one day. The way they built their relationship wasn't this rushed. I wanted them to gradually find their way back to each other. He would knock on her door...and they'd smile at each other. I feel like Hannah and Adam together would've been a better choice, but not this way...and then to end it...over...done. Cries and goodbyes.

  • Judit Karin
    Judit Karin 9 months ago +2

    don't judge the show by your personal hopes and wishes, it's an indipendant show and it hasn't promised us an happy ending with Adam and Hannah back together. It's life and in life there are mistakes and surprises and bad decitions. Our opinion of the show shouldn't be based on whether or not our wishes come true.

  • Naema Dag-Ellams
    Naema Dag-Ellams 9 months ago +1

    I had a feeling that this was going to happen. Although Hannah and Adam's relationship was toxic, I wanted to them to have the cliche "love conquers all" BS. That's what I get for being a hopeless romantic. It's going to be awkward watching the series for the beginning because I know that Adam and Hannah will never end up being together :/

  • Essynce9582
    Essynce9582 9 months ago +2

    I too was very disappointed with this episode, not merely because I was rooting for Hannah and Adam, but because it just didn't make sense!! Episode 7, set up this nice, little scenario of a reconciliation. Everything from Jessa's jealousy over Adam's chosen heartfelt scenes, to his insistence that Hannah watch his film. From the raw emotion she witnessed from him after finally watching the film, to the introduction of how they met - it all leads up to an eventual reconciliation. "Ran out of gas" my foot, they (writers and producers) just didn't wanna seem predictable. Listen, we get people can fall out of love, but like someone stated previously, she'd already had her closure. Why reopen this would again? Why have things move LIGHT YEARS faster than they needed to - almost like they're TRYING to suggest "they won't work". Jessa was a rebound - PERIOD!! Trying to turn their story into "Happily Ever After" is the TRUE tragedy!!

  • Anonymous Panacea
    Anonymous Panacea 9 months ago +4


  • Anonymous Panacea
    Anonymous Panacea 9 months ago

    *_Stfu hoes, nobody isn't winning anything but HPV and AIDS. This is a representation of life. Is it me: or do girls really think that their whole life is competition, because it's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Jessa isn't winning any sort of ending and neither are the other girls. Jessa is just getting back with Adam, you fucking cuck White cucks. Besides, she didn't betray anyone_*

  • Anonymous Panacea
    Anonymous Panacea 9 months ago +4


    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago +1

      Anonymous Panacea 100%

  • grainnekeenan
    grainnekeenan 9 months ago +5

    The acting at the end was amazing , hanna crying x

    • LulyTubee
      LulyTubee 9 months ago +2

      grainnekeenan yes! he cried too

  • LuLaRoe MelissaJean
    LuLaRoe MelissaJean 9 months ago +2

    I'm so so sad that they aren't meant to be together! :(

  • The Jenna Pearl
    The Jenna Pearl 9 months ago +3

    So I loved this episode. I thought it was well-performed and lovely and absolutely heartbreaking but REALISTIC at the end in the diner.

  • Jenny Warm
    Jenny Warm 9 months ago +32

    The highlight of the ep was Laird joining in on the whole raising the baby thing

    • LulyTubee
      LulyTubee 9 months ago +5

      Jenny Warm 🤣😂that was crazy right lol so out of the blue but soooo him lmao

  • Kassidy Lankford
    Kassidy Lankford 9 months ago +1

    Is Jessa supposed to be pregnant now?

  • Cobos
    Cobos 9 months ago +2

    NOOOOOOO !! Adam and Hannah they should end up together !!!!

  • Gus214
    Gus214 9 months ago +85


    • Boobalopbop
      Boobalopbop 9 months ago +2

      I dont know if its going to happen, because this show is considered a comedy. I don't know if it could somehow be submitted in the Drama category.

    • EvasSis
      EvasSis 9 months ago +24

      Exceptional acting by both.

  • Leah M
    Leah M 9 months ago +1

    I really wanted the happy ever after for Hannah & Adam but knew Lena Dunham wouldn't give the Hollywood ending. So for me them not ending up together felt kind of predictable. Still feel gutted 😭

  • J B
    J B 9 months ago +4

    I hated how this turned out, I wanted things to work out with Hannah and Adam, Adams changed and I believed he would have been a great father. I have been watching previous seasons back and he was just so in love with Hannah it's sad that he's gone back to that skank Jessa. Who incidentally looks more like a junkie now than when she was actually using. On a positive the acting, especially in the diner was tremendous. And I'm happy for Ray.

  • C Mahoney
    C Mahoney 9 months ago

    Didn't she molest her younger sister?

  • Adryan Gerrits
    Adryan Gerrits 9 months ago +23

    I get why people are so frustrated that Adam and Hannah didn't get back together, especially since Adam went back to Jessa after the whole fantasy with Hannah didn't work out. However, I don't think Adam went back to Jessa because he believes she is the one. He's basically settling for her, while she's accepting whatever he can give her due to all her insecurities and low self-esteem. I don't see Jessa and Adam staying together as a happy ending at all. We see people settling for relationships that are not good for them every single day, and in the long run it always leads to frustration, resentment and unhappiness.

    • Le Sorellastre
      Le Sorellastre 9 months ago +4

      In fact I thought she cried because she realized she wasn't ready for having the baby and for changing her life accordingly. Same with the scene where they're buying things for the baby. It's the first time she realizes how much her life will change and the reality of her slightly impulsive choice. At least that's what I thought. As you said, the whole episode until the end actually portrays the great chemistry and connection they have! And I'm not even a big fan of them as a couple, but watching this episode I have been convinced it was the best choice to make them end up together...

    • andrew Desi
      andrew Desi 9 months ago +7

      I don't even get why they forced the 'their love is not there anymore' thing, hannah and adam obviously have great chemistry and the whole episode didn't feel like they ran out of passion at all. If anything it just shows how great they are together. That's why a lot of people didn't get why hannah cried at the end of the dinner scene and the impact of that scene wasn't delivered properly.

    • LulyTubee
      LulyTubee 9 months ago +3

      Adryan Gerrits yes and thats why it makes it real.

  • angie44551
    angie44551 9 months ago +25

    I get that many of us wanted a 'happy ending'. We're used to get those in movies and TV shows that appeal to fairy tales---or just well known tropes, if you will. But Girls has never been about that. This show has always tried to remain focused in reality; they've shown us the ugly part behind friendships and relationships and this episode it's that exactly.
    Jessa's choice to pursue a relationship with Adam (and I think Adam carries as much responsibility in this as Jessa) was a shitty one. Still, it happened, and that brought this twisted triangle that they somehow had to solve.
    So, yeah, I get why this episode happened. Adam has been raw about Hannah since the movie, almost idealizing what always was a deeply flawed relationship. He was supposedly shooting his movie to 'let go', when in fact he was holding onto those memories because his relationship with Jessa hadn't turned out to be what he'd expected. I think we all do that; we tend to idealize the past, forgetting about the fucked up parts of it and why it didn't work.
    I'm actually glad that all three of them tried to get back to what once was, because trying to repeat our past actions is the best way to realize we're not the same anymore.
    I still think Jessa and Adam won't end up together; their relationship is dysfunctional at best, but then again, I'm not one of the show's writers, so I'll wait and see.

    • angie44551
      angie44551 9 months ago +6

      Same. While I'd first thought I'd be cool with Hannah and Adam together, as I saw the episode it just clicked for me. They're just not the same anymore, they've changed and pretending they haven't it's only gonna get them into more trouble. It's still bittersweet, but it's what fits the characters.

    • emry7
      emry7 9 months ago +2

      Thank you! I was searching for a comment like this. In fact, if they had ended up together I would be disappointed by the show. It would be too much fairy tale to handle, they needed this final closure. :)

  • Beste Karaca
    Beste Karaca 9 months ago +4

    I hate all the episodes of this season honestly i feel like they put random endings for charcters to just finish the show. I hate it they dont even think on the script anymore thats what i feel when im watching it. And they fıcked the most beautiful relationship(adam&hannah) so this is really gonna bad goodbye for this show like vampire diaries. I really expected more from this season

  • Karen Soto
    Karen Soto 9 months ago +5

    Even though the Hannah and Adam relationship turned out exactly like I thought... I guess because it's common knowledge by now that rekindling old flames never works out the way we expect them to.... it still kicked my heart in the ass. That diner scene, dude. Some of the best acting I've ever seen. Lena's face turned puffy and everything! That was crazy. It was so realistic- this show is golden because of it.

  • Johanna Maldonado
    Johanna Maldonado 9 months ago +3

    so ,am done with this serie.

  • Theingi Lynn
    Theingi Lynn 9 months ago +5

    honestly, i still want Hannah and Adam together. I was happy to see them together and Jessa heart broken (sorry not sorry) but this episode is brilliant. such an emotional ride.

  • Dreamer Girl86
    Dreamer Girl86 9 months ago +122

    For everyone saying Jessa gets the "happy ending".. what is getting a man who constantly jumps from one relationship to the other a good ending? Is getting the man a good ending? Or is it happiness and finally being able to make tough decisions like Hannah did when she realized even though she loves Adam this isn't healthy for her.
    Happy endings do not always end with a partner. This ain't Carrie and mr big

    • Truly Yours
      Truly Yours 9 months ago +1

      Dreamer Girl86 im very very disappointed with how it ended for jessa ): her character deserved a happy ending. I wanted to see jessa alone again happy and herself again. but nope AND shea pregnant!!?? ugh i just am so mad at how jessas ending was

    • Truly Yours
      Truly Yours 9 months ago

      Dreamer Girl86 really!? pppl are saying this?? jessa has the WORST endinf

    • Maria S
      Maria S 9 months ago

      I love this, thank you

    • lovealbion
      lovealbion 9 months ago +1

      Well said!

    • LinnySays
      LinnySays 9 months ago +1

      Yes, exactly.

  • Mickey Makpolo
    Mickey Makpolo 9 months ago +1


  • erinbickler
    erinbickler 9 months ago +2

    I'm pissed off because I wanted them together so badly and I despise Jessa

  • rarelydressed
    rarelydressed 9 months ago +6

    Even if they aren't meant to be I don't want Adam to go back to Jessa!!!!

  • Kirbie Rose
    Kirbie Rose 9 months ago +5

    I know most people are mad, but....I think it's for the best. If I were Hannah, I wouldn't get back with Adam. No way!

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 9 months ago +1

    WHAT THE FUCK?!!!! That has ruined Girls.

  • peponwi
    peponwi 9 months ago +7

    Thanks to this episode, "kissing someone while riding a horse carousel" is now on my bucket list.

  • Mizanur Hussain
    Mizanur Hussain 9 months ago

    Is that it then will Marnie not get back together with him? Why are they making it out like this is finale two episodes left

  • Leah Deitrick
    Leah Deitrick 9 months ago +6

    I have always liked Adam and Jessa together way more than Hannah and Adam. Furthermore, I think his attempt with Hannah is important for Jessa, to for two reasons : 1. she learned she does want Adam fully, she won't have this "what if" - she knows the value of the relationship 2. (especially if you don't like Jessa) it kinda serves as penance for betraying Hannah. Everybody gets a fresh start with no wondering - they know where they want to be.

    • Truly Yours
      Truly Yours 9 months ago +1

      Leah Deitrick well it was important for jessa becauaw jessa is always thinking adam is thinking hannah did it better type of thing while this showed jessa that no hannah didnt do it better.. i do. thats what i took from it anyway

  • Kat Kelliher
    Kat Kelliher 9 months ago +54

    Even though the episodes are short and it did feel like a lot was going on/kind of crammed in, it was also really layered and complicated. For Hannah I think she got her true closure at the end of season 5. I truly do think that when she realized that Adam and Jessa were together and there was nothing to be done about it, she experienced her grief and accepted it and moved on. None of her choices after that had anything to do with either one of them and she let them both go.
    But for Adam and Jessa, I think for their own reasons they never really let Hannah go. Jessa never really stopped wanting to be Hannah's friend but she also wanted to date Adam and she was not emotionally capable of trying to find a healthy way to explore both relationships at the same time. That's why instead of coming to Hannah to discuss her feelings for Adam and have an honest talk, she picked a fight with her and ended their friendship. I think she thought that would make her feel less guilty for pursuing a relationship with Adam if she and Hannah "were no longer friends." But the reality is is that she still loved Hannah and had no true reason to want that relationship to end. So the entire time they have not been in an "active friendship," for Jessa the feelings of love and friendship she had for Hannah never went away, they were just shoved in a corner and would periodically resurface.
    For Adam, his relationship with Hannah has always been complicated. At various times he has been the one to be closed off to a reconciliation and at times Hannah has been the one to either pull away or be disinterested in getting back together. Their cycle as a couple while filled with genuine affection was always unhealthy where one of them was always more invested than the other. And while the roles changed in terms of who had the higher level of investment, it never felt equal. But where they last left off was when Hannah refused to get back together with him when his niece was born and she then dated Fran. I'm not sure if he realized at the time of her rejecting that idea and dating someone else that they would not have another chance somewhere down the road as that had been their pattern. So even though he moved on with Jessa, for Adam in the back of his mind I don't think he looked at that as the closed door it became. And because it had been such a back and forth cycle it never occurred to him to give an honest present-day evaluation of his feelings to see if being with Hannah again was something that still felt right. Adam as a character is very impulsive and I don't think he thought that through before pursuing Hannah in this episode. I think that from a few episodes back it was clear from his movie and him desperately wanting her to see it and give him validation that Hannah was on his mind. Maybe his thoughts of her were fueled by his old feelings of love for her but it also seemed to be fueled by the need for a closure he never had. A closing to their cycle. I think part of Adam's growing up process is to deal with his emotions more directly than he has in the past and whether it was going to be closure of the final end to their relationship or a reconciliation, he was no longer content to feel like his feelings for Hannah were in an emotional state of limbo. And I think what helped him to realize that was Hannah's pregnancy. I think he saw that for what it is; a new phase in Hannah's life. I think he felt compelled to hurry up and see if there was a place for him in that new phase before the baby was born because he recognized that their tumultuous back and forth wouldn't be healthy for the child so essentially it was now or never.
    At first I wanted Hannah to flat out reject him. He treated her poorly and taking him back felt like throwing all the work and time that had gone into her growing up and trying to have a stable job, becoming a better friend, a more responsible person and working up to being ready to be a parent right out the window. It looked like a really severe hit to her sense of closure and kind of her dignity. But the complicated thing is that people aren't perfect and they often revert back to things that are familiar, and even though doing so may not be healthy it doesn't have to invalidate all the progress you make in your life in other areas. And additionally people tend to revert back to creature comforts when they are either scared or lonely. For Hannah I see her more as being scared to be a first-time single parent but there seems to be some loneliness to her situation as well. Her baby's father seemed to have no interest in being a parent which meant that even though she had WANTED to be a single parent, after that phone call she realized that wanting it or not, being a single parent was the only choice available. And even though she has Elijah I think she recognizes that that is tenuous at best. The fact is he is her friend, not her life partner and the child is hers and not his. So even though he promised to be around for her and her child I felt like that was more a promise to be a good friend, help out when he could as an uncle/father "figure," not to be an ever-present stable constant in Hannah's life or her baby's life. So when Adam was wanting to be more than that for her and the baby, she jumped at the chance for something more permanent without thinking it through.
    At the store you can see Hannah pulling away from the conversation with Adam when she sees the graphic on the box of the mother and baby. I think she is starting to remember at that point that her intention had been for it to be her and the child and that Adam didn't fit into that picture. I think it made her envision what it was going to be like to do routine things with the baby and that she saw that being just her or at the very least not with Adam. Especially since instead of being happy and listening to what he was saying and being present in the moment he was trying to have with her, she tuned him out and got lost in her own thoughts.
    For me, I saw the final nail in the coffin being at the diner when he mentioned marriage. It looked like a combination of realizations on Hannah's part. I think she realized that marriage as a means to get housing is very cold and whether she ever wants to get married or not, I think she realized that if you are seriously considering it, it probably shouldn't sound like something to be checked off your to-do list. It should be that you love the person you're with and you want to make a more serious commitment to them. And I think the other element of that is that the commitment itself was more serious than she felt for Adam anymore and I think this was her concrete realization of that. And while it looked like it brought her a sense of certainty on where they stand, I think it was also very sad for all that she would be saying goodbye to in the process of moving forward. Even if you know it's for the best it's never truly easy to say goodbye because it means letting go of so much. Often times change is really painful. Even if ultimately you're better off for it.
    As for Adam it seemed harder to tell what he was experiencing in that scene. Maybe his sadness came from his own realization that a relationship shouldn't be as dry and unfeeling as he was describing getting married. However I found it far more likely that his thoughts were more a recognition that Hannah wasn't interested in pursuing that with him and it made her sad to think about it because for her their romantic relationship truly was over. I think what made him sad in that moment was him accepting that for her it was over. But ultimately I think this scene gave him the answers and the closure he has so clearly been needing and searching for. And I think if his character ever thought back on the memory of them together at the diner he would realize that a part of him wasn't romantically invested in their relationship anymore even at the time, to be able to talk about moving in together and getting married so casually and without enthusiasm. I think he had embedded Hannah so deep within his sense of self that he didn't really understand what he looks like without her. So much of his growth as a person surrounded circumstances with her and I think he didn't know how to let go of that and realize that while he started out as an emotionally stunted person, he has changed at least somewhat and while she may have helped with that, or even been the impetus for some of that change, the reality is that HE was ultimately the one to make those changes. I think that in saying goodbye to this relationship he will hopefully be able to not only find closure but realize that he doesn't need external validation or support to be whatever type of person he wants to be.
    To me, this episode was bittersweet. I'm excited for what the future holds for everyone but watching this period of change is really sad and uncomfortable; as change usually is.

    • Andrea Harz
      Andrea Harz 9 months ago +2

      Brilliant evaluation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so much so that I copy and pasted it into a word document so I could read it more easily due to my nerdy eyesight (fyi Adobe Calson font, size 16, paragraph {line} spacing 2.0). Best show on TV, I'll be bereft when it's over.

    • Jen Olson
      Jen Olson 9 months ago +2

      Kat Kelliher I totally agree. I actually loved that moment when Hannah tuned him out while looking at the pic of mother and baby....She's truly going to be fine by herself. As for Adam and Jessa, I think Jessa will leave him.

    • Mafer López Ramírez
      Mafer López Ramírez 9 months ago +8

      I literally stopped what I was doing to read your whole comment, it was a great analysis and I couldn't agree more. Also, the scene felt very real and raw, when something's over... you know it. They both knew it, and I feel it was wonderful to see them have that one last day together to realize how fairytale endings are not real life.

    • ewwfreckles27
      ewwfreckles27 9 months ago +3

      Kat Kelliher this is my favorite comment ever

    • Catalina Fuster
      Catalina Fuster 9 months ago +3

      great analysis!!!

  • jelena m
    jelena m 9 months ago +2

    I want them together :((((

  • bella edward
    bella edward 9 months ago +4

    So Jessa is going to get the end happy ending?! At least Ray deserves a positive ending.

  • iwpoe
    iwpoe 9 months ago +3

    Boooooooo. Boooooooo. Boooooooo.

  • Luz T.B.
    Luz T.B. 9 months ago

    HOLY F*CKIN SH*T this show man 😱

  • Lila Isnardy
    Lila Isnardy 9 months ago +3

    I had a childlike hope of Hannah and Adam ending up together. Now I have to start the, somewhat overly dramatic, grieving process. The show is ending in two more episodes and then they all move on. They've already moved on except for promotional work. I hope the girls can patch things up as best they can and forgive. If they can stay in eachothers lives, so much the better. That's what this show was in the beginning anyway. Maybe they'll grow apart... That would be what reality is sometimes. Better be an epic ending of a final episode. So we as loyal fans feel like we can move on and not be left wondering.

  • infinitejest
    infinitejest 9 months ago +2

    another episode going downhill

  • Taide Riley- Hunte
    Taide Riley- Hunte 9 months ago +1

    As long as Elijah and Hannah stay together I'll be happy! I really hopes she keeps her baby

  • claudia mastro
    claudia mastro 9 months ago +42

    how to ruin a whole serie and a whole concept with an episode.

    • Oliver Maus
      Oliver Maus 9 months ago +1

      That's rather a repetition of your statement; not an answer to my question. What was - in your opinion - the "whole concept" that is now "ruined"? I honestly don't get it, but my guess is, that we might have a different idea about the "whole concept"...

    • Nacho Ardilla
      Nacho Ardilla 9 months ago +13

      I liked it. Why the fuck will she go back to Adam after all they've been through, proving that they are not meant to be together

    • claudia mastro
      claudia mastro 9 months ago +4

      This episode is beyond redemption.

    • Oliver Maus
      Oliver Maus 9 months ago +6

      What's the "whole concept" you're talking about that is now "ruined"?

  • Marie Domander
    Marie Domander 9 months ago

    omg.. is this the last episode?? if so I hate it... they can't end it like this.

  • Becketts43
    Becketts43 9 months ago +5

    You seriously broke my heart here. I know Girls is about life and not all fairies and princesses, but Hannah and Adam were and always will be that union created by Gods above. And just when we're over their couple, you storm in and throw this "last goodbye" in our faces and I'm left crying, because I'm in love with Adam so much and I love Hannah, and I can never forgive Jessa (as hard as I tried, honestly). When I was a teenager I dreamt of filming a movie with a "real ending", i.e. unhappy one, but now I realise how much it hurts. And I know it isn't exactly unhappy, but right now it feels like it is. Love you, thanks for all the pure and genuine emotions Girls evoke. Don't know what I'll do without it in my life.

  • woahdudette
    woahdudette 9 months ago +38

    I'm sorry guys, but Hannah is meant to be with someone better. For her, that would never do her that way. Adam and jess deserve each other, in the way that jess is crazy about him and I always saw Adam crazy about jess. They have passion, and yes it's fucked up many relationships. But honestly I thought it was the right decision. I trust lenas writing. Also, jess threw up and I thought oh shit is she pregnant? Fuck! But anyways. I don't think jess and Hannah will be friends again :(
    By the way when adam and jess kissed for the first time I knew, they were meant to be. Adam was never into Hannah and gave it is all because he wasn't in love with her from the beginning like Hannah was with him. She fought so hard to be with HIM so many times, and he dismissed her, then when they were together Adam took her for granted...and just gave up like that because she went away to persue her writing. Really? A true love would support that and deal with whatever happens. Hannah came back and didn't want it to end. So from the beginning Hannah has always loved Adam....even to the point he just shows up in this episode and she's right back into his arms. I was happy to see her finally have that moment without many words that no, not this time, not ever again. My baby comes first and I want to be surrounded by people who are going to love me back the same always no matter what.

    • nilestat
      nilestat 9 months ago +6

      I agree with u, Adam didn't loved Hannah, then he kind of got used to, took as granted, started to respect her (he didn't even respected her for long time), as she was always with him, loved him... But with Jessa it was something real, he tried so hard to get her, he was crazy about her, there was sea of passion, and remember their big fight, he was saying "I'm not gonna let hannah break us apart, I'll ran on her with car". I'm sure he loved Jessa and hope he still loves her and makes something really big to deserve Jessa agein, after leaving her. I think Adam just wanted Baby and family life and thought it never will be with Jessa who will leave him "in 4 month"

    • nilestat
      nilestat 9 months ago +9

      I could see more passion and chemistry in Adam/Jessa relationship. but I don't like that she (Jessa from previous seasons) would agree to be plan B for Adam, it's sad

  • dahliah mermaids
    dahliah mermaids 9 months ago +17

    You had one fucking job Lena

  • bree8917
    bree8917 9 months ago +39

    I hope Jessa was vomiting from the stress of her relationship with Adam and not because she's pregnant.

    • bree8917
      bree8917 9 months ago +3

      That was my fear.

    • jackie
      jackie 9 months ago +4

      bree8917 tbh I would've said that she isn't but this was supposed to mirror episode 2 from season one... in which she thought she was pregnant

  • Nayan Arantxa Murdoch
    Nayan Arantxa Murdoch 9 months ago +1

    this episode literally made my heart explode

  • Lauren
    Lauren 9 months ago +3

    Everything about this episode was disappointing though I'm happy that Ray is dating someone new even though it's not Shosh

  • Nightengale NoxRose
    Nightengale NoxRose 9 months ago +12

    BEST episode of the season for sure! I am soooo happy they showed how Adam and Hannah are not meant to be together!!! Abigail and Ray seem like they will make for an adorable couple! <3 Their kiss on the merry-go-round was so sweet! :3 Jessa was such a wreck without Adam! Everyone's acting was TOP NOTCH in this episode! Jessa, Hannah, Adam and Ray all gave some of their BEST performances of the show! <3

  • Camarena Michel
    Camarena Michel 9 months ago +14

    This is my favorite episode of Girls or any other tv serie that I have ever watched. Jessa walking backwards realizing she's changed, that plastic day Adam and Hannah spent together, and the closure soup scene felt so real that I was able to relate to everything they were feeling. The collateral beauty of broken relationships displayed on this episode relied on such magnificent writing. Amazing work.

  • Tazzi R
    Tazzi R 9 months ago +9

    Nooooooo Jessa doesn't deserve him she's such an asshole

  • Kim VanFelton
    Kim VanFelton 9 months ago +9

    This episode felt like four episodes crammed into one - just felt rushed and sloppy (and strangely predictable)

  • Whitney2022
    Whitney2022 9 months ago +6

    Okay Wow fuck this show! This is just too much nonsense to take