Types Of Back To School Students!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
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  • Liam Evans
    Liam Evans 12 hours ago

    "The kid who came with everything brand new" 👈 that's me 😂 especially when it comes to clothing and being glowing
    4:43 Lmao me all the time

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    Dad Family 3 days ago

    Hay Ben could you do annoying Brent for 24 hours

  • Dad Family
    Dad Family 3 days ago

    Ben why do you always have nailpolish again 😱😵😤😚😘👌

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    Aria Cradduck 4 days ago

    Ben'sLGGive away

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    Not trying to be mean but why does he have his nails painted

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    I need a lg but i don’t have the app because I am a kid and I am about to be poor

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    Such good audio

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    Ben I am ao young I dont know even how to use "Instagram🤣"
    Or "Facebook and Twitter"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rose Petunia
    Rose Petunia 10 days ago

    The ones in my school don't have those people. They have these people:

    1: Me
    2: My sister
    3: My brother
    That's it.

  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner 10 days ago

    Give it to me pls I don't have a computer or labtop

  • A. S. Dhapola
    A. S. Dhapola 11 days ago

    Ben's LG giveaway

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  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 12 days ago +1

    3:19 ive never seen a tik toker do this at school😂 but it’s amazing.

    dude your content is awesome!

  • Jayden Smit
    Jayden Smit 12 days ago

    i need one

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    Adan Canales 19 days ago

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    Lauren H 20 days ago

    Omg Ben is in the movie no good nick lol I was watching it and I saw u 😂

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    Dawn Stafford 20 days ago

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    Jen tex jen tex 22 days ago

    U have subscribed to your Chanel an Caleb and Brent and Lexi and Sofies and Andrew I have turned on the notification
    I love your video and your friends tooo

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    Alexis Fuhr 22 days ago

    @3:13 thats me

  • Aleksandar Dimovski
    Aleksandar Dimovski 22 days ago

    Hey Ben you no azzy

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    Sander Channel 22 days ago

    Ignoring Lexi for 24 hours (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea)

  • ¿Sakura_ Roblox?
    ¿Sakura_ Roblox? 23 days ago

    IGNORING LEXI FOR 24 HOURS (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea)

  • ¿Sakura_ Roblox?
    ¿Sakura_ Roblox? 23 days ago

    IGNORING LEXI FOR 24 HOURS (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea)

  • ¿Sakura_ Roblox?
    ¿Sakura_ Roblox? 23 days ago

    IGNORING LEXI FOR 24 HOURS (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea) IGNORING LEXI FOR 24 HOURS (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea) IGNORING LEXI FOR 24 HOURS (repost so Ben sees if you like the idea)

  • Tanishaaa💫
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    Aleisha Hoyle 23 days ago +2

    you know...it so funny when Ben tries to act lovey and couple like...but he can't do it
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