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  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
    From writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos and starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, and Alicia Silverstone. The Killing of a Sacred Deer - Now available for rent or purchase (links below).
    RELEASE DATE: 11/3/2017
    DIRECTOR: Yorgos Lanthimos
    CAST: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, and Alicia Silverstone
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Comments • 218

  • daweller
    daweller Month ago

    The dialogue delivery in this movie is almost hilarious... until it isn't.... I dunno just watch it.

  • duncan maclachlan
    duncan maclachlan Month ago


  • Craig Hauser
    Craig Hauser 3 months ago

    This was good. Not great or epic but entertaining and different. Would of preferred a dif ending but it fit I guess

  • lg I
    lg I 3 months ago +3

    Amazing actor Barry Keoghan

  • FloridaRaider
    FloridaRaider 6 months ago

    love A24 films

  • panagiotis 1974
    panagiotis 1974 6 months ago

    More sick than the "Serbian film"

  • panagiotis 1974
    panagiotis 1974 6 months ago

    Το δευτερο πιο άρρωστο φίλμ μετά το serbian film που έχω δει.Πραγματικά ο τύπος είναι η ξεφτύλα η ίδια.Δεν είναι τυχαίο ότι ακόμα και στις Κάννες έφαγε γιουχάρισμα.

  • Rina Veliju
    Rina Veliju 7 months ago +1

    one of the creepiest movies

  • kasaibouF29
    kasaibouF29 7 months ago


  • Rob
    Rob 8 months ago +3

    My favorite film from last year. Barry Keoghan deserved an Oscar.

  • VYBZ
    VYBZ 10 months ago +2

    Dear A24


  • mourgoukos
    mourgoukos 11 months ago +1

    This film is based on Albert Camus's interpretation of the work of Franz Kafka, presented in "The Myth of Sisyphus". In this book Camus describes human reaction to the "absurd", our inability to understand a universe that precedes human rational. Kafka according to Camus writes in his novels about the ease by which people are adapted to the absurd in social matters. The film is a version of Kafka's Metamprphosis, whose last paragraph is almost adentical to the final scene of the movie. Kafka's reoccuring theme is fate, luck of control in one's life, which is also very prominent in the film and represented by the boy.

  • Chase Barcia
    Chase Barcia 11 months ago

    Stupid ass movie

  • Lily Note
    Lily Note Year ago +1

    Oh deer ;)

  • Ivo Byrt
    Ivo Byrt Year ago +1

    This trailer should've been called *Martin*

  • tim nic
    tim nic Year ago +1

    boring crap movie. very predictable, no twist, no punch line.
    the actors are good, but the rest is crap

  • Dark Spirit
    Dark Spirit Year ago

    Possibly my favorite movie about autism.

  • Chimp Chips
    Chimp Chips Year ago

    If raffey is in this i am watching this

  • WBFbySteefen
    WBFbySteefen Year ago

    Modern Greek Tragedy with bleeding eyes and all.
    The movie opens with
    Franz Schubert - Stabat Mater D383: I. “Jesus Christus Schwebt am Kreuze”
    Stabat Mater: a medieval Latin hymn on the suffering of the Virgin Mary at the Crucifixion
    6.2 out of 10, 3.1 out of 5 stars.

  • sofia guicking
    sofia guicking Year ago +1

    Haven't seen the lobster, and after seeing this movie, I never will.

    • Mark
      Mark Year ago

      sofia guicking The Lobster is so much more weird than this movie, lmao, I’m not even joking 😂

  • BatnotBad
    BatnotBad Year ago +1

    I can feel "Stanley Kubrick" influence in this movie , the way the movie shooted looks similiar like "The Shining" , "Clockwork Orange" and also the soundtrack throughout the film too , just like Stanley Kubrick .

    RUNWAY FLAME Year ago

    God damn, now this is why you make a trailer. that singing part is genius

  • It'sAlexForShort
    It'sAlexForShort Year ago

    This trailer gives away the whole damn movie

  • Intersteller triangle

    "I just got my period"...awkward silence then lights a cig WTF

  • Psycrow
    Psycrow Year ago

    I dident knew Chili Claus was in this movie :p

  • F dL
    F dL Year ago

    The teen boy looks annoying as f**k, good casting.

  • VirtuaSavage
    VirtuaSavage Year ago

    I'm glad I didn't see a trailer for this before I watched the movie. It would not have the same impact at all.

  • Etilov ester na azotna kiselina

    I like the trailer better then the movie itself

  • gremian gremlin
    gremian gremlin Year ago +1

    i expect a horror movie but this is garbage

    • Adam Jones
      Adam Jones Year ago


  • Olivier Lemay
    Olivier Lemay Year ago +2

    The way she casually yells "Bob's dying!" is the funniest shit i s2g

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt Year ago

    Was he a witch or somthing did he cast a spell on them?

  • Taggra
    Taggra Year ago +2

    This movie was terrible

  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown

    Last time I seen Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell playing in a movie together, she was cutting his leg off!🎈🎈🎈

  • GhANeC
    GhANeC Year ago


    He shouldve killed Anna.

  • Grammatical Erorr
    Grammatical Erorr Year ago +6

    Let's start it from me.
    Barry Keoghan as Tintin and Gerard Butler as Cpt.Haddock.
    Let's make this work!

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine Year ago +2

    Worst pointless movie I ever seen

  • Martin
    Martin Year ago

    I kept wondering who this kid was because it seemed like I've seen him before, then I realized he looks and acts exactly like the "Gingers have souls" kid (except without the red hair).

  • Alexei Romanov
    Alexei Romanov Year ago +1

    disturbingly brilliant. 2 thumbs way up!

  • ichdichhasserwasser
    ichdichhasserwasser Year ago +1

    hipster bs

    • Adam Jones
      Adam Jones Year ago

      What an amazing and well thought out opinion.

  • Leo Costello
    Leo Costello Year ago

    This trailer gives away nearly everything...

  • ProgTheater
    ProgTheater Year ago +3

    holy shit the directing! this reminds me a lot Stanley Kubrick, especially the shining

  • HarrodsFan
    HarrodsFan Year ago

    I'm glad Colin Farrell was speaking with his own voice and not with an American accent as the other actors do.

  • EqualLandFreePeople

    Saw the movie, I would not send my worst enemy to see this piece of garbage. 0/10.

    • ichdichhasserwasser
      ichdichhasserwasser Year ago

      would you say it´s hipster bullshit and a Kubrick rip off?

    • Graham Dickerson
      Graham Dickerson Year ago

      pirucreek your review and opinion is incorrect, 0/10 is not a possible rating. Please re rate with an actual number thank you

    • EqualLandFreePeople
      EqualLandFreePeople Year ago

      If you like trailer you like film. If you like intelligence you don't like film.

  • folladordeprostis
    folladordeprostis Year ago +2

    Alicia Silverstone!!

  • Bella Reese
    Bella Reese Year ago +1

    I love the introduction. Thats right!!

  • Behrzad
    Behrzad Year ago

    eee eeee eee ee e e eeee

  • Nick Noga
    Nick Noga Year ago +14

    Just saw this movie--- unbelievable. I immediately want to see it again.

    • John Pratt
      John Pratt Year ago +2

      Nick Noga ok I'm getting older cenima is changing

    • Nick Noga
      Nick Noga Year ago

      John Pratt Something like that... it’s never explained. I liked that they kept it a mystery, honestly.

    • John Pratt
      John Pratt Year ago +2

      Nick Noga not trying to be funny but I didn't get it was he doing witchcraft on them or somthing?

    • eddie rivera
      eddie rivera Year ago

      Nick Noga had the same feeling and fulfilled it. Still, i watch this trailer wishing i could watch it again...and own the blu ray already.

  • TheLavalishus
    TheLavalishus Year ago +1

    i have SO many questions that i want to ask because i walked out of the theater not fully understanding what i watched and its very upsetting i must say, incredible film, everything about it was SCARY however i didn't understand everything and I'm sure that almost nobody els did. 6/10

  • Why Should I Watch?
    Why Should I Watch? Year ago +2

    One of the craziest films i've watch & reviewed this year. An intensely uncomfortable and satisfyingly depressing films of 2017.

    • John Pratt
      John Pratt Year ago

      Why Should I Watch? But I don't get it was he a witch out for revenge or something?

  • D MAN
    D MAN Year ago +1

    lobster was awful

    • JayVas
      JayVas Year ago

      What about Sacred Deer?

  • natedsamuelson
    natedsamuelson Year ago

    The father has points where he seems almost slightly autistic just as Martin does. For example the clapping at the end. Almost like he has a split personality or something. Just a complete guess.

  • JayVas
    JayVas Year ago +6

    Another amazing film from Yorgos Lanthimos. Wish more people saw this instead of Jigsaw for a terrifying film for the Halloween weekend.

  • no name
    no name Year ago +1

    That kid looks annoying

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    So...the dude from Dunkirk is the villain of this movie?
    Just push him down the fucking stairs!

  • redcatsix
    redcatsix Year ago +3

    Help, I can't stop watching this amazing trailer.

  • Aang Mangum
    Aang Mangum Year ago


  • E 李 Loong
    E 李 Loong Year ago

    i miss his greek characters

  • Matt Cipolla
    Matt Cipolla Year ago +10

    This is giving me some serious Kubrick vibes. I’m so ready.

    • Ali
      Ali Year ago


  • mohammed jama
    mohammed jama Year ago

    Oh wow this girl sings in both trailer shut up already!! Besides that, the movie looks masterpeice.

  • yezypblo6
    yezypblo6 2 years ago +13

    just a early guess about what happens, the kids father was a patient of colin since hes a surgeon and he let the father die or something so now the kid is coming back for revenge

    • John Pratt
      John Pratt Year ago

      Derbeli Amal me too I mean was he a witch or somthing?

    • Hope Fully
      Hope Fully Year ago +2

      I just watched the movie, could you please explain to me how Martin did make the children paralysed and how brought back the girl's walk ability !? Im just confused.

    • Joey Clavelli
      Joey Clavelli Year ago

      yezypblo6 8

    • Peregrine Lint
      Peregrine Lint Year ago

      yezypblo6 thats exactly what i thought too! im about to see this movie tonight, lets see if we were right