12 Most Amazing Recent Discoveries

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Adventure Archaeology - tvclip.biz/channel/UCHYTOnxvMhgQLU483YWte2w
    By now, you might expect that we’ve found out all we’re ever going to know about ancient history. That isn’t the case though; technology is helping us carry out more detailed investigations than ever before, and old sites are continuing to give up new secrets. As well as ancient history, we’re still coming across modern phenomena that cannot be explained! This video features some astonishing discoveries about both the ancient and new world that have only recently come to light.
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  • Nidhogg vom Walde
    Nidhogg vom Walde 3 hours ago

    Ötzi, the ice mummy from the alpin region between austria and modern italy, is dated back around 5k years and he has several tattoos...

  • Christopher Manella
    Christopher Manella 5 hours ago

    It’s a tattoo machine, not a gun. Much of your narration is obscured. Unsubscribing.

  • Hon Sombody
    Hon Sombody 11 hours ago

    they may say that all of those findings is thousands years old . and that evolution happened but still no one finds the ''inbetween'' species and none for humans.

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 20 hours ago

    The Egyptians didn't built the Great Pyramids of Giga....Thoth is the creator of the Pyramids

    • Nidhogg vom Walde
      Nidhogg vom Walde 3 hours ago

      The real hermes trismegistos and the mythical hermes trismegistos are not the same entity...

  • The Aussie Repair Guy

    I'm going to start a tally of how many words get miss-pronounced in these videos...

  • BigDeWitt88
    BigDeWitt88 5 days ago

    I’ll beat a penguins ass.

  • Carnage Echo
    Carnage Echo 5 days ago

    It’s My Cheese and I need it NOW!

  • AE Birkbeck
    AE Birkbeck 5 days ago

    Being from the UK for one I'm glad we were not discovered by China as we would all be drinking tea not beer :>) ........ hang on a minute we do drink tea as well !!!!

  • Lor Beast
    Lor Beast 5 days ago +1

    I dont think vikings really did that all the time only really 2 mentions of it ever happening in sagas but who knows

  • kavitha gurappaji
    kavitha gurappaji 6 days ago

    people in Tiwanaku had powerful telescopes and the Egyptians did not?!? what kind of an uninformed, or worse, main stream arse kissing fool made this shit!?!

  • Ben Morris
    Ben Morris 9 days ago

    Really 1 Whats a 'booey'?!

  • Kathleen Gray
    Kathleen Gray 11 days ago

    Why do they keep saying millions of years old it just shows how much you're willing to fallow no matter how silly

    IRON60 BITCH 17 days ago

    I believe the reason all the animals up the past were larger because the concentration of oxygen throughout the atmosphere and in the sea was 35% greater that’s pretty significant

  • Nate Sturm
    Nate Sturm 17 days ago +1

    Ok so on that gum chewing thing. I don't think it was a thing of "everyone made weapons" and more like a "chew this shit if you want your spear".

  • Cheryl lyles
    Cheryl lyles 19 days ago

    Beer making was taught by the Anunnaki

  • adam gould
    adam gould 21 day ago

    So Jesus could have been inked up !!

  • Julian Montano
    Julian Montano 21 day ago

    Whats the tune

  • Stephan Garcia
    Stephan Garcia 22 days ago

    What's on cover of your video? You did not even acknowledge it. Thumbs down.

  • Tracy Holt
    Tracy Holt 22 days ago

    Can someone tell us when evolution stoped being a theory ?

  • fred janeson
    fred janeson 22 days ago +1

    very very good. Thank You pleasant, non over-bearimg,,,informative,

  • Mike Barndollar
    Mike Barndollar 22 days ago

    It's called a tattoo machine not a tattoo gun. It doesn't shoot projectiles. Just sayin.

    • adam gould
      adam gould 21 day ago

      Some countries call them tattoo guns . Don't melt snowflake.

  • n0ukf
    n0ukf 23 days ago

    How do they determine that a rock on Earth came from Mars (or any other planet for that matter)? How did it escape the planet's gravity to land here?

  • Michael Hatem
    Michael Hatem 24 days ago +1

    Why don't you show better pics of objects you are talking about and stop so much of the dumb speculations on subjects you talk about

  • Jerrod Adams
    Jerrod Adams 26 days ago

    You Left out the Option of being Compacted in to Metal Vessal - Call up a Mortuary they will do it for you

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 28 days ago

    What was the point about penguins?

  • Death Blooms
    Death Blooms Month ago

    "Mediocre Recent Discoveries" or the video description of "ehh.."

  • Take a stride or Step aside

    Looks like the nose of the fuel tank from columbia... soft foam insulation surrounding the metal tank...or a deep diving submarine whith thick insulation for the very cold see...something of those sorts

  • knowledgetracker
    knowledgetracker Month ago

    Pics and videos that are unrelated to the subject matter are distracting, so I can't subscribe. If you quit putting these in and showed different views of the subject matter, it would be so much better. Plus you reuse these non-related pics and videos in your other videos.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold Month ago

    The Kumimanu biceae looks delicious. Perhaps it got eaten into extinction.

  • Eric Barth
    Eric Barth Month ago

    your videos need more Tsoukalos :D :D :D

  • John Kean
    John Kean Month ago

    How do we know that egg is from Mars 🤔🤣

  • John Kean
    John Kean Month ago

    I am puzzled how they're able to accurately date these fossils. Radio-carbon dating okay. But why 6.5 million years where does the half come from? If they can get it so accurately why not 6.475 m years? Unless it's 6.475 m and this the writer calling it: "6.5m" that l would accept.🤔 Anyone?

  • The Voice of Drum
    The Voice of Drum Month ago

    Can't stand when ppl throw up pictures of gerard butler and other white actors in fancy dress when they mention ancient Egypt. Total whitewash. Show Africans stop perpetuating the whitewash

  • Christopher Taylor
    Christopher Taylor Month ago

    It's part of a movie prop .. made of cheap material .. nothing to see...

  • Harfast
    Harfast Month ago

    3:54 What the hell is a booey?

  • Marciel Luta
    Marciel Luta Month ago

    You tell the ancient do not have any telescope you wrong ,look of the phenomenal travel videos of the youtube , and you will find the ancient sankrits has discovered the telescope before us even the bike too.They has used them lingams which was some nuke reactors which has function with the deuterium heavi water. They have made the entire temples from Ramappa with the( geopolymers) a artificial stuff they has melted this stuff and has cast all this very perfect statues ,nobady from this world can not reply this statues again .Watch all this evidence which show us ,how small we are our own civilization in comparation with this advanced alien civilization ,in the temples from hoysaleswara exsist a carved stone , which show them arrivals of earth thousand years ago ,all of them has the seem space suits like our modern astronauts ,them boos was the lord Vishnu ,Why do not accept all the world scientists this evidence ? sorry for my spelling !

  • Black57
    Black57 Month ago

    We have been staring into the sky as long as planet has been around.. yea.. ok

  • gizmo killer14
    gizmo killer14 Month ago

    The thing that gov took fast looks like a thing that whould be some thing to hold a war head or a pice of a mortar hole thing
    Edit:im not sure what its called of the hole for a mortar to shoot out of to hit some where

  • Tina Johnson
    Tina Johnson Month ago

    Egyptians did not build the pyramids, nor the sphinx.

    • arK MaRk
      arK MaRk 26 days ago

      @Tina Johnson lie!
      Don't believe that person he's creating some bullshits to make people believe.

    • Tina Johnson
      Tina Johnson 26 days ago

      Have a look at Erich Von Daniken docs. You might just learn something......

    • arK MaRk
      arK MaRk Month ago

      So who?
      Your grandma?

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice Month ago

    Weekend warriors using temporary “lick’n’stick” tattoos.

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice Month ago

    They left one out: “Earth found to be upside down!”

  • GreboGent
    GreboGent Month ago +4

    to quote futurama "see, it used to be milk. and well, time makes fools of us all..."

  • Joes WebPresence
    Joes WebPresence Month ago

    @1:20 " A six and a half foot muscular giant penguin could overpower a human being with ease."
    Rubbish! Challenge accepted! I'd simply grab it by the beak and wring it's neck. They can't even fly away! They'd be helpless against human beings.

  • Tadthebrave
    Tadthebrave Month ago

    @8:26 10,000 bc Movie. Yahala! And you’re welcome. Use me as a thanks

  • Dakota Loven
    Dakota Loven Month ago

    6:36 it’s because of light pollution most likely there are places today remote places you can go to and look up at the night sky and see some crazy shit because there is no “inside” light to disrupt the outside light being clearer it’s likely back in ancient times they saw the night sky clearer by looking up than most people can by looking up today

  • Redneck Survival 101

    Why do u say we now nothing about the Cambrian we know Tom's and modern animals came about 50ish million years ago the Cambrian is around 500 to 400ish million years ago... Do u even know anything about what you speak?

  • roger asos
    roger asos Month ago

    you are not showing enough pictures of the discoveries. it makes me think that these are just hoax.

  • steve brodie
    steve brodie Month ago

    4:50 I think it will need a couple of more coats of paint !

  • steve brodie
    steve brodie Month ago

    So you think we have found everything what about MH370

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson Month ago

    peter is not a football player. he is a soccor player

  • Thomas Phipps
    Thomas Phipps Month ago


  • MrLotrecht
    MrLotrecht Month ago +1

    Ötzi is always been tattoed and he is over 4000 bC old....

  • Dj Phantom
    Dj Phantom Month ago

    I was ready to give you the benefit of the doubt over your use of other channels footage, but when you implied that Great Briton was only based on alcoholism and nothing else you lost my interest and any chance of a compliment, in my opinion narration should not imply anything derogatory about any nation, especially mine, sometimes it is necessary and valid, but in this case you are wrong.

  • Car Guy
    Car Guy Month ago

    At 3:26 that is a battleship gun mantlet

  • Kieron Bevan
    Kieron Bevan Month ago

    Exactly. Evolution is a load of pants. Maybe the Bubble of shit grew up and drove to earth to start again.

  • lance allison
    lance allison 2 months ago

    A Six foot Penguin with the Brain Of Peter Crouch? No wonder they died out, They probably died of their own stupidity trying to dance like a bloody robot.

  • Jaan Bormeister
    Jaan Bormeister 2 months ago +2

    Jep, lies are really hard if not possible to explain ;)
    so lets just be amazed and keep history mysteries.
    its more fun that way :D

  • Jupiter Saturn
    Jupiter Saturn 2 months ago

    Interesting thanks

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 2 months ago

    It has been know for many years how the ancient Egyptians were able to fix the pyramids nearly perfectly north south . All they did draw a straight line in rock using the north star . Then using simple geometry bisect it to find east west . Even to this day , its possible to see this north south line carved in the rock . Most of the things mentioned here have been know for a very long time, including beer making !

    • Randumb
      Randumb 2 months ago

      welshpete12 ok still how would they have any knowledge of any of that though?

  • Jeffrey Neis
    Jeffrey Neis 2 months ago +1

    Your videos are interesting, fun, and have fascinating content. I realize you are not pretending to have all the answers, you just raise questions and possibilities. But could you please stop dropping the failed Darwinian evolution story in human history references? It’s bogus, unscientific, and does not have logical progression of development for humans, let alone the millions of plants and animals living on our planet. However, keep making your awesome videos!

  • Codenwarra Cove
    Codenwarra Cove 2 months ago


  • Mattsgodly YT
    Mattsgodly YT 2 months ago

    Who cam here from the meemmeeeee

  • merkga
    merkga 2 months ago

    Heyyy! Here's an idea 💡
    Let's go check out other channels and rip their videos then use their footage as our own... Saves time, money, & effort! Awesome!!!!!! 👍😠😠😠

  • B. Gone
    B. Gone 2 months ago

    Recent discoveries...you don't even stick to your chosen topic!

  • Sol Ution Finder
    Sol Ution Finder 2 months ago

    It takes huge rockets to get off this planet but people keep saying that they have found meteors that are from other planets? Did aliens before they went extinct, go around launching rocks from other planets just to give scientists a job?

  • 8arbarossa
    8arbarossa 2 months ago

    3feet is not tall? i have been told Americans are 3 feet on avarage.

  • Jeff Mentiplay
    Jeff Mentiplay 2 months ago

    hi guys

  • FozyAim / Beakiller
    FozyAim / Beakiller 2 months ago

    imagine Midgets being humanity's future evolution :o

  • JESUS IS KING channel
    JESUS IS KING channel 2 months ago

    there is no such thing as evolution

    • Randumb
      Randumb 2 months ago

      JESUS IS KING channel ok dumbass why deny science that’s proven to be right just because it doesn’t fit your narrative.
      Your god is a falsehood and your being lied to.

  • Lotus
    Lotus 2 months ago

    08:20 what movie? :)

  • Steven Conte
    Steven Conte 2 months ago

    The thing from Carolina looks like proof of what all megaliths originally were. Nothing ever was rock cut.

  • Aussie Blue
    Aussie Blue 2 months ago

    What a load of BS

  • TruAnRksT
    TruAnRksT 2 months ago

    And apparently we are not going to see anything like it right now you fagot motherfuckers.

  • Djms&capo DeMorais
    Djms&capo DeMorais 2 months ago

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  • Winter989
    Winter989 2 months ago

    Like Benedict Cumberbatch, you can't pronounce penguin. lol