12 Most Amazing Recent Discoveries

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Adventure Archaeology - tvclip.biz/channel/UCHYTOnxvMhgQLU483YWte2w
    By now, you might expect that we’ve found out all we’re ever going to know about ancient history. That isn’t the case though; technology is helping us carry out more detailed investigations than ever before, and old sites are continuing to give up new secrets. As well as ancient history, we’re still coming across modern phenomena that cannot be explained! This video features some astonishing discoveries about both the ancient and new world that have only recently come to light.
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    THEKING SILVERADO 4 days ago

    And we also still have Cheesey Mayors too. Not just cheese

    THEKING SILVERADO 4 days ago

    I have to call Sister Anne Marie tonight so she can tell father Flarety I just found out what species Penguin she really is.

  • red headed stepchild

    I like the random video clips that are used in this random video.

  • red headed stepchild

    The item that washed up on the shore is obvious as to its use.
    Not sure what the big " mystery" is ?? Shhheeeessshh!

  • mark anonimus
    mark anonimus 8 days ago

    1.60m is not tall wtf it say it right here

  • Jeremy Flanders
    Jeremy Flanders 9 days ago

    The object that washed up on the beach looks like a threw hull for a submarine. Subs are coated in a rubber like material and they are solid cast hunks of steel plus a softer seating surface for a hatch. Cast metals will crack like this under massive amounts of pressure or force. Could be from a test or something like the Kursk.

  • Duane White
    Duane White 10 days ago

    Part of a nuclear reactor from Japan

  • Christina Bryant
    Christina Bryant 11 days ago

    tattoo machines are not called "guns ."

    • Cryptoversity
      Cryptoversity 8 days ago

      It may depend on the country......I have seen them called guns by tattooists themselves in many countries. JUst google tattoo guns and you will see may manufacturers call them that too, others tattoo machines etc

  • Michael Lapaglia
    Michael Lapaglia 11 days ago


  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner 11 days ago

    "before the founding fathers arrived in america " who writes this shit

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 16 days ago


  • Nathan A
    Nathan A 25 days ago

    Would you believe the piece at 3:27 is a piece of a Polaris/Trident nuclear missile? Pieces of the decommissioned missiles were sunk off the east coast as artificial reefs. Unfortunately it was found that the concrete was more lightweight then first thought and they had a tendency then to drift in the ocean currents rather then staying put.

  • 52memor
    52memor 27 days ago

    What is this thing you have with penguins............?? The ancestor of todays Horse was the size of an Alsation dog.......Things change

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly Month ago

    I want to fight a penguin

  • Tola Issachar
    Tola Issachar Month ago

    How is shrinking! Evolution. Lol

  • Grinder Sin
    Grinder Sin Month ago

    7:25 Dude.... its a tattoo MACHINE. it does not shoot ink. there are no projectiles therefore NOT a gun.

  • Dusty
    Dusty Month ago

    1:45 is there a unicorn fossil amongst them???

  • rick pen
    rick pen Month ago

    I always thought the Earths gravity must have increased quite a bit since the age of the dinosaurs since creatures shrunk down in size so much.

  • Michael Francis
    Michael Francis Month ago

    I seen this one online before and yes, it is a pipe float.

  • TheDieselbutterfly
    TheDieselbutterfly Month ago

    Casing to a nuke

  • James Macleod
    James Macleod Month ago

    want to hear something amazing? I just saw a video wherein some guy liked to stick his genitals in a container of earthworms for sexual purposes. Isn't that a sign of the end times?

  • Smor Gus Borg
    Smor Gus Borg Month ago

    Algae don't have "eggs".

  • sid g
    sid g Month ago

    it weird but someday we humans will become extinct..that is a very messed up thing to evolve to not only know that your going to die but that so is everything else..for what..so i can hunt better

  • James Farley
    James Farley Month ago

    Nothing evolved!

  • James Farley
    James Farley Month ago

    Not millions of years guys!

  • MsCode ™
    MsCode ™ Month ago

    Most of the ancient knowledge was looted from these sites and sold to very rich people. Some of this knowledge is pasted on to college and university student to figure out and make new creations.
    The knowledge is also known as occult knowledge. They were probably advanced civilizations that existed many times over and over: They probably got themselves destroyed resulting in many breaks away civilizations: Some of these civilizations had more knowledge about the last highly advanced civilizations.

  • JustLocal
    JustLocal Month ago

    So, don't believe all they tell on the internet, not here 2!

  • Milk Tucker
    Milk Tucker Month ago

    Why are Humans always immune to Evolution.. If penguins can shrink.. Why not humans..

  • Music Industry
    Music Industry 2 months ago

    watch it out

  • TheMcpvideo
    TheMcpvideo 2 months ago


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    mixing irrelevant video clips should be kept to a minimum while actual footages should be highlighted.

    GDGUY4LIFE 2 months ago

    Can i post this video on my channel and make money, its much easier to steal content than make my own.

  • Gerald Trudeau
    Gerald Trudeau 2 months ago

    Isn't it amazing how everything turns out to be a temple or a tomb.

  • glyn challinor
    glyn challinor 2 months ago +1

    This could have been a very interesting historical series if it wasn't for the inane, stupid and totally incorrect conclusions made by the commentator.

  • Ken Dawa
    Ken Dawa 2 months ago

    Carolina, USA? Would that be North or South?

  • CrisCrosApleSos
    CrisCrosApleSos 2 months ago

    "By now, you might expect that we’ve found out all we’re ever going to know about ancient history..."

    The most unintelligent thing I've read today.

    What retard would ever think this? Not a good start to an educational video my brother, speaks volumes to the actual education level of the creator... Seriously, fuck this channel

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 months ago

    U mean the size of Mos American men not some lame soccer player an yea I typed SOCCER! USA!

  • Will Goodwin
    Will Goodwin 2 months ago

    The Egyptians didn't build the pyramids - they only moved the headstones. Then they aligned the stars in Orion to match with the pyramids. Here's a completely unrelated video clip I found on Google that entertains you while I babble my nonsense.

  • Phil Whatever
    Phil Whatever 2 months ago

    Note; when we say the counties in England. It is not pronounced like on lord of the rings 😂
    So Cambridgeshire is pronounced Cambridge Cher like the singer.
    Or York Cher

  • Robert McDougle
    Robert McDougle 2 months ago

    What if the rocks did come from mars, but because we're in the "Goldylocks Belt", life took off here and not there. Here's another one. What if life hit Mars first, then branched off from there. This is why a picture can tell a thousand story, just like looking at the stars we see figures on Gods. So yeah, don't believe everything you see.

  • Marc Silliman
    Marc Silliman 2 months ago

    Wash up on beach shows 2 pics pf it for 8 seconds that are moving.....cudda been, who knows show more pics

  • Sylvia Street
    Sylvia Street 2 months ago +1

    Don’t believe everything you hear or see!

  • VoxDei Clan
    VoxDei Clan 3 months ago

    can you please use the international system of measurements?

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 3 months ago


  • Louman 11
    Louman 11 3 months ago

    is this the same dude that was a soldier and had the channel about ancient civilisations and conspiracy? i inow this voice

  • Rise73 G
    Rise73 G 3 months ago

    Earth is already millions and billions of years old.

  • roy bridwell
    roy bridwell 3 months ago

    you people are wrong , You need to read the Bible- earth is only about 6,000 years old..

  • Nicholas Lynn
    Nicholas Lynn 3 months ago +2

    The pyramids are a communication device given by our creators. How is that so hard to understand

  • Isis OSIRIS
    Isis OSIRIS 3 months ago

    ...The pyramids are not in perfect alignment with the belt of Orion...

  • Barz
    Barz 3 months ago

    I remember hearing the 6 foot tall penguin thing in 8th grade. That was 2002. That's not really recent seeing it's 2019 and your videos tend to have demonstrably false information in them.

    • Harry Orchard
      Harry Orchard 2 months ago

      Compare that with the 15 ft. tall and up human skeletons that they've dug up and promptly whisked away from public view and you'll see that DE-evolution has been taking place for quite some time.

  • Stephanie Huesler
    Stephanie Huesler 3 months ago

    I would take your information a bit more seriously if you didn't use brainless American pop culture or inaccurate visuals to illustrate it.

  • Nidhogg vom Walde
    Nidhogg vom Walde 3 months ago +4

    Ötzi, the ice mummy from the alpin region between austria and modern italy, is dated back around 5k years and he has several tattoos...

  • Christopher Manella
    Christopher Manella 3 months ago

    It’s a tattoo machine, not a gun. Much of your narration is obscured. Unsubscribing.

  • Hon Sombody
    Hon Sombody 3 months ago

    they may say that all of those findings is thousands years old . and that evolution happened but still no one finds the ''inbetween'' species and none for humans.

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 3 months ago

    The Egyptians didn't built the Great Pyramids of Giga....Thoth is the creator of the Pyramids

    • Nidhogg vom Walde
      Nidhogg vom Walde 3 months ago

      The real hermes trismegistos and the mythical hermes trismegistos are not the same entity...

  • The Aussie Repair Guy
    The Aussie Repair Guy 3 months ago

    I'm going to start a tally of how many words get miss-pronounced in these videos...

    • The Aussie Repair Guy
      The Aussie Repair Guy 3 months ago

      @john jerman , actually what was this even about again? you got my inner rant going, and I forgot what I was ranting about.... crap - do I have to watch this video again? dammit! (typos and grammar errors added for your viewing pleasure.

    • The Aussie Repair Guy
      The Aussie Repair Guy 3 months ago

      @john jerman - well if I didn't leave a few typos for others to pick on, they would look for the bigger things.

    • john jerman
      john jerman 3 months ago +1

      lol you should check your spelling it isn't much better sry mate lol

  • BigDeWitt88
    BigDeWitt88 4 months ago

    I’ll beat a penguins ass.

  • Carnage Echo
    Carnage Echo 4 months ago

    It’s My Cheese and I need it NOW!

  • AE Birkbeck
    AE Birkbeck 4 months ago

    Being from the UK for one I'm glad we were not discovered by China as we would all be drinking tea not beer :>) ........ hang on a minute we do drink tea as well !!!!

  • Lor Beast
    Lor Beast 4 months ago +1

    I dont think vikings really did that all the time only really 2 mentions of it ever happening in sagas but who knows