Looking into the Language of Russians | Clint Walker | TEDxUMontana

  • Published on Mar 27, 2015
  • Languages are vital for cross-cultural communication, but they also act as a repository for cultural values. We take a glimpse into the collective psyche of Russian speakers by digging in the deep layers of the Russian language.
    Clint Walker received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. An Associate Professor of Russian at the University of Montana, he teaches courses in language, literature and cinema. His research interests include 19th century Russian prose and how Moscow is reflected as a cultural space in 20th century literature and film.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Александр Гашило

    The author forgot to explain what the "scary" word Soviet means. This word comes from the verb "советоваться" what does it mean to consult. When a group of people gathers and consults with each other, these are the Soviet.

  • Valery val
    Valery val 28 days ago

    Zadornov 2: The revenge

  • Борис Драгилев

    аххаха! Во дает! Ну ни фига себе. Поржал.

  • alexdol811
    alexdol811 Month ago

    Yasss. webm

  • Вадим Мельников

    Миру мир have two meanings
    1 peace to the world
    2 peace to the peace

  • Natalia Savchenko
    Natalia Savchenko Month ago

    LONG LIVE THE BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!Vladimir The Great Sun Crimea was incorporated into the Russian Empire by Catherine the Great in 1783 from the defeated Ottoman Empire.

  • Мария Глебова

    A funny thing - the name Vladimir means a person, who ownes the world.

    • DimaFromRussia1
      DimaFromRussia1 Month ago

      +mimun e not quite right, the ancient word "Mir" used to mean a rural community, or just a small territory

    • mimun e
      mimun e Month ago

      Word 'mir' didn't have the same meaning back in the day. It meant 'peace' not 'world'! In Serbian it still means 'peace'! Vladimir = to rule in peace!

  • Роман Комолов

    Направление правильное но аргументы пальцем в небо.

    PAUL's DANCING 3 months ago

    As a Slavic Canadian I a very pleased to listen to this show. Thank you.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 5 months ago

    This is beautiful - spasiba!

  • amrmatinea simej
    amrmatinea simej 5 months ago

    Russians didn't do any good to their slavic brothers

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 8 months ago

    Russian the first thing I thing is extreme sharp intelect.They ern 3x more than Americans
    Create Google.microsoft.silucon walley and are dominant in mathematica.programins

  • Emilija Vulic
    Emilija Vulic 11 months ago

    Slavic scholars differ widely in both the terminology and periodization of the language development, the Common Slavic period comes after Proto-Slavic. The period Profesor Walker refers to, I suppose, is a period of Late Common Slavic as a spoken and Common Old Slavic as a written language. I would ask you to raise a thumb for his attempt to bring the Slavic spirit closer to the Western world.

  • karl scheuring
    karl scheuring Year ago

    Изоумѣѥши ли роусьскы?

  • Кирилл Ананьев

    Глубоко! Большое спасибо, очень интересно посмотреть на себя со стороны, удачи

  • Mr.Lightning_Bolt 34

    Never trust the propaganda


    Nonsensical random association of uncollaborated 'ideas'. If this is all he knows about Russia his employer was conned.

  • Ignacio Lopez
    Ignacio Lopez Year ago

    Spanish is also a christian-rooted language. For example Goodbye= Adiós, literally To God. Or Gracias= thank you, literally Holy.

  • OldDworkin
    OldDworkin Year ago

    Это друг Задорнова?:)

  • OldDworkin
    OldDworkin Year ago

    Ахах, че то он перемудрил с словом "целое" в поцелуе))

  • Min Yoongiisangel

    Thank you) It was interesting to watch)

  • Сферический вакуум

    Огромное спасибо за перевод!

  • Alise Bishop
    Alise Bishop Year ago

    американская версия Задорнова) но, в целом, видео мне понравилось

  • Сергей Воронов

    Спасибо! Очень профессионально! Полагаю, что иностранным студентам это весьма интересно. Вот только надо было бы привести в пример церковно-славянский алфавит: Аз, Боги, Веди, Глаголь, Добро, Есть, Живите..., а не советский урезанный и бессмысленный.
    Thank you! Very professional! I believe that this is very interesting for foreign students. Here only it would be necessary to cite the Church Slavonic alphabet as an example: Az, Gods, Vedi, Verb, Good, Yes, Live ... and not Soviet cut-down and pointless.

  • John Galt
    John Galt Year ago +8

    A rule of thumb: if you want to learn about Russia, try to avoid Western "experts". With their long and rich history, Russians don't need "to discover who they are". And most of them certainly don't want to be part of the West(ern Cartel) which nowadays simply means dancing to the tune of Washington.

  • Зураб
    Зураб Year ago

    Русский язык красивый, но Путин всё ровно придёт , заберёт вашу землю и убьёт вас - если вкратце.

  • theinkbrain
    theinkbrain Year ago +12

    Wow! Reading the comments of Russian speakers here I am again struck by how monolingual Americans who manage to blunder their way through the rudiments of a foreign language, immediately assume themselves to be authorities and experts. Even HRC who ostensibly had access to Russian translators didn't bother to ensure that she was using the correct word on her diplomatic 'gift. This speaker is typical of ignorant people, who nevertheless always presume to know more than they actually do, and then pass on to others their stupid misinterpretations.

  • revilo178
    revilo178 Year ago

    "Russian is a language of peace"...

  • Григорий Дубров

    I love such people, who sincerely try to speak publicly about the foreign countries, deeply knowing the culture and a believes of foreign nations.

  • dormouse
    dormouse 2 years ago +1

    Только путину совсем не это надо, что про него сказали. Ему надо усидеть на троне до смерти, подкупая своих дружков-олигархов и загоняя народ в дремучее мракобесие

  • Ingvar Z
    Ingvar Z 2 years ago +2

    funny how Russian history is about 1200 years old... and all Americans know is their communist time... (80-90 years)

  • Ravyn Skye
    Ravyn Skye 2 years ago

    And this is kind of why Ashkenazi Jews barely consider ourselves Russian... even the language is based on Christianity.

  • Nastya S
    Nastya S 2 years ago

    While I appreciate the overall sentiment that Russian is a fascinating language that holds key to understanding the history and culture of the people who speak it (so does English, mind you, or any other language for that matter), a lot of the examples he provides are complete bollocks. For instance, there’s no connection between ‘хорошо’ and ‘хор’ or between ‘крест’ and ‘воскресать’. They are what is known as folk etymology, ie misconceptions based exclusively on phonetic similarity of words and unsupported by any etymological evidence. So this guy is either seriously misinformed or just plain lazy and couldn’t be arsed to do any actual research. Our governments might not be on the friendliest of terms, but it doesn’t mean we can’t find joy in exploring and discovering each other’s language and culture. It’s just really odd that someone would try and prove this point by spreading such obviously erroneous information.

  • mihanich
    mihanich 2 years ago +2

    chor isnt connected to "khorosho". Khoroshiy comes from "khorobry" meaning "brave".

  • ZoolooS
    ZoolooS 2 years ago

    Interesting idea about Russian language like a glue for unite people, but, unfortunately, most of lecture is a mess of misunderstandings and political/historical propaganda.

  • Боря Дюпон
    Боря Дюпон 2 years ago +3

    Interesting conference, thank you, you got into something fundamental here but there's still a confusion between Russian speaking people the way we understand it in the West and how it is perceived in Russia and former USSR states. See, in Ukraine the far right extremists, most of them being Poles originally, want to get rid of all Russians on their soil (meaning Ukraine) which, in their minds, means Russian speaking people, no matter if they are Russian citizens or Ukrainians. In fact, and it demonstrates what you say, their first decision after the push in 2014 was to eradicate anything Russian beginning with the Russian language although it's been Ukraine's language for more than a thousand years and Ukrainian, actually a Polish dialect also spoken in Belarus and the Baltic states where they don't call it Ukrainian, only became a language at the end of the 19th century, for political reasons and with the help of Russian speaking writers and authors who based it upon the old Russian language to give it a proper structure. So yes the language is one of the things that bring people together in Russia but never forget that what made Russia as a whole is religion, namely orthodoxy, and, as you pointed out, it shows in the Russian language. Today Russia is a country where several religions and ethnies live together in peace and nobody wants to go back to the roots (that's in fact the Soviet heritage where all Soviets were equal), unless they're rejected and treated as if there was no common history, religion and culture with them. Finally, about Putin's quote, remember he also said that he who denies the right to feel nostalgic at times about USSR has no heart, but he who wants it back has no brains. Further more, when later asked by a journalist about it, he explained that what he meant was that after USSR's disappearance 25 million Russians (which, remember, means both citizens of the former Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and Russian speaking people) became strangers in the country they lived in (and most of the time in which they were born and grew up) overnight, without a chance to become citizens of any of these countries, with Russian language being banned as one of the official languages. Who pushed these countries to act so brutally? Well there has never been a vote from the people on this issue in any of these countries but they all became NATO members (without a democratic vote either) soon after. In other words, Americans knew what you just told us : the best way to destroy unity, History and culture in former USSR and isolate Russia so that it no longer stands in the way, is to eradicate the Russian language wherever it is possible to do so. In Caucasus they also worked on eradicating orthodoxy with the help of Saudi Arabia. Russian language and orthodoxy are what brought people together in Russia from day one, if you want to destroy Russia and divide it into multiple harmless (for the Anglo-Saxon imperialists) countries, destroy the Russian language and orthodoxy. It looks to me as if that's what some heartless and brainless greedy people have been working on for at least 25 years... The Russian anthem says : Russia, our sacred state, Russia, our beloved country, you are unique, one of a kind, our loyalty to the Motherland gives us strength, that's how it always was, that's how it is today and that's how it will always be...

  • Anastasiia Hubar
    Anastasiia Hubar 2 years ago +6

    Since he called Soviet Union and Russia same thing I stopped expecting much

    • Vlad VS
      Vlad VS 2 years ago

      Ася Губар , It should never matter. Not for me nor for you. I never discriminate some other people's opinions based on their location, nether should you. That is , if you want to ask questions or hear any answers .

    • Anastasiia Hubar
      Anastasiia Hubar 2 years ago

      Vlad VS where are you from?

    • Vlad VS
      Vlad VS 2 years ago

      And Why Soviet Union is not Russia ? Just because "Space" is not divided on some made up strictly political values(or united) , it doesn't stop being a "Space" If Russia is "Space" no matter how you are eager to divide it(based on your intolerance, hate and inhumanity), it will always stay as "Space" On top of it , .If there are Exactly the same people with the same race, culture that lived there before and live there now .... it is the same country anyway no matter how you , hate adoring political animal call it........Just because the truth is not something that you have expected to hear, it doesn't mean that the propaganda you expected to hear has any truth in it.

  • TTuoTT
    TTuoTT 2 years ago +1

    very little information in a very long period of time

  • TTuoTT
    TTuoTT 2 years ago

    Im sorry but the ridiculous ape like "russian people impersonation" mimics of this guy make me wanna go slap that idiot

  • Cratozen
    Cratozen 2 years ago

    Isnt this similar to Arabic being very connected to islam?

  • Желтый Самец

    e t y m o l o g y

  • Artem Ruediger
    Artem Ruediger 2 years ago

    Очень интересно! Мне очень приятно! Приятно видеть человека, который, так хорошо разбирается в русском языке.Тем более человеку, который изучил другую культуру, большое уважение! Даже мне носителю языка,очень многое открылось впервые! Спасибо.

  • sanitar61
    sanitar61 2 years ago +2

    Мне понравилось. Анекдот про Адама и Еву раньше не слышал, а вот насчет того, что "хорошо" происходит от "хор", очень сильно сомневаюсь

    • Alexander Markov
      Alexander Markov 7 months ago

      Наиболее вероятно происхождение этого слова от сокращенной формы на -шь от хоро́брый.

  • Илья Бредихин

    Great! I am Russian, and such simple elements are indeed for us daily. We all know the origin of these words, and glad that you know them too. Спасибо.

  • Lzhe Dmitriy
    Lzhe Dmitriy 2 years ago

    Russian shilling at its best.

  • Fear Uren
    Fear Uren 2 years ago


  • Mustafa Sak
    Mustafa Sak 2 years ago

    vlad = is power (to rule)
    i = conjuction
    Mir = the world
    thats why they love this name so much

  • Conser pov
    Conser pov 2 years ago +1

    The problem with US-Russia relations is totally not with the lack of understanding.
    The real problem - US is a duplicitous, hypocritical, lying, conniving, warmongering, predatory, supremacist, hegemonic neo-colonial empire. In some aspects US is even worse than Nazi Germany (Nazis, at least, were honest and straightforward about their intentions).
    There are no problems with understanding Russians apart from those purposefully created by US brainwashing its sheeple (very good examples of brainwashing in the intro).
    The US-Russia relationship is best described as a relationship between a hungry cannibal psycho (that is US) and another person. What's the point of "understanding" your dinner? All you need to understand is how to kill and cook it, and US is doing just that.

  • yanapompom
    yanapompom 2 years ago +14

    I speak Russian. I appreciate this person's passion for the language, but he's inventing a lot of his language connections. "Xop" (pronounced Khor) which means singing in a group is not connected to the Russian word for "good" (khorosho) it's just a Slavic way of saying choir.

    • Mustafa Sak
      Mustafa Sak 2 years ago +2

      I am learning russian and ı thought the same thing like no way really! haha thanks for illumunation towarish

  • Greenjah81
    Greenjah81 2 years ago +15

    Peregruzka - Перегрузка = Technic allyusually just means overload.
    I think they wanted to write "Perezagruzka" Перезагрузка - which means reset or reboot

  • VadimFilin
    VadimFilin 2 years ago

    its about everything and nothing simultaniously

  • lightning
    lightning 2 years ago +5

    перезагрузка, their translation of "reset", wasn't too wrong as it does translate to like reload or recharge, although it was unfortunate as it can also mean overload.

    • lightning
      lightning 2 years ago

      +Boris E oh true my b

    • Borys Jarczuk
      Borys Jarczuk 2 years ago +7

      только вот на кнопке написано перегрузка.

  • elina banita
    elina banita 2 years ago

    amazing knowledge

  • Oleg Andrianov
    Oleg Andrianov 2 years ago +4

    Strange and mixed. Not up to quality standard. Could be much much more deep

  • fi vantvcs
    fi vantvcs 2 years ago

    Very interesting.

  • eipi plusone
    eipi plusone 2 years ago +17

    I understand that the intention of this speaker were good, but it is unfortunate that most people get their understanding of the world from these types of pseudo-intellectual "talks". The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Ste Lo
    Ste Lo 2 years ago +1

    cyka blyat

  • NocterOul
    NocterOul 2 years ago +5

    They should really talk more about how the saints Cyril and Methodius are from what was at that time Bulgarian land, and where sent by the Romans too make the ancient Cyrillic alphabet for the first Bulgarian Empire. Not trying too deny the point this talk is making, but just kind of upset of the negligence cultures just because of their modern day strength.

    • Emilija Vulic
      Emilija Vulic 11 months ago

      There are several false facts here: there were no Slavic people counties in the modern point of view like "Russian" or "Bulgarian" at the time of Cyril and Methodius who invented Glagolitic (not Ćirilica) letters, the term "Romans" is correctly used in the comment if it refers to East Romans or Byzantines, Glagolitic letters were created for all Slavic people, to be precise, Cyril and Methodius were sent to Moravia (geographically the territory of modern Čech Republic) to spread Christianity. Their influence was strong and they left their mark in the whole Slavic region at the time, however, the Glagolitic script was abandoned and replaced by the Ćirilica that was modeled upon the old Greek Alphabet.

    • NocterOul
      NocterOul 2 years ago

      +schoumv6 evidence?

    • Miki
      Miki 2 years ago

      I Only Watch Anime Ironically story about them is fake.

  • Parabalani
    Parabalani 2 years ago +3

    "Russian prince Vladimir" is wrong. He was the prince of Rus, he wasn't russian... Modern russians just took the name "Rus". It's like Romanians, who think they are the real descendants of the Roman empire... lol

    • Parabalani
      Parabalani 2 years ago

      +Petar Milosavljevic​ Russians are famous for not knowing their own history, and whatever you do know was rewritten by your rulers, so don't bother.

    • Yurius I
      Yurius I 2 years ago

      To tell that Volodimer (the original name) was russian prince is the same as to say that King Jan Sobieski is Ukrainian King. Modern day Russia was barely inhabited areas without slavic population, assimilation came much later after yeats of christianity. Then they were converted to oldbulgarian (churchslavonic)

    • Parabalani
      Parabalani 2 years ago

      +Petar Milosavljevic Lithuania has extremely rich history and once was the biggest country in Europe.

    • Petar Milosavljevic
      Petar Milosavljevic 2 years ago

      I understand now, coming from a country with no history.

  • Alexander Kolesnikov
    Alexander Kolesnikov 2 years ago +38

    There is another alternative way to say "spasibo" (Thank you). It is "Blagodaru" (where "u" sounds like "you"). Which literally means "give you a good".

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee 2 years ago +4

    It's kind of disgusting. Pretending to give an illuminating talk about russian language, to actually use a propaganda instruments in order to clean the image of this barbarians. Saying that words sounds and structure close to each other are coming from the same roots, and those 'roots' conveniently being the 'positive' or 'spiritual' ones are exactly one of the instruments used in the processes of annihilation, humiliation, denigration of other peoples.
    Incompleteness and untruthfulness of the message speaks a lot about the power of propaganda machinery.
    Unless i'm wrong, and this guy is so in love with Russia, that he is blind to the wrongs of this horrible people. Or he 's got some strange personal agenda...

  • Mihail Nikoloff
    Mihail Nikoloff 2 years ago +3

    The Cyrillic script was brought to Russia from Bulgaria and also their church liturges were in old bulgarian language , not greek

    • Mihail Nikoloff
      Mihail Nikoloff 2 years ago

      Of course we all know Tesla tho :)

    • Mihail Nikoloff
      Mihail Nikoloff 2 years ago

      Servia was useless and didn't contributed with anything to the creation of neither the glagolitic nor the cyrillic alphabet.

    • Yurius I
      Yurius I 2 years ago

      +schoumv6 Oldbulgarian was used in Serbia as well, written Serbian language appeared only in 16th century. Only Poland didnt use Churchslavonic

    • Miki
      Miki 2 years ago

      Michael Corleone sorry it was Serbian.

    • Yurius I
      Yurius I 2 years ago

      The only writing language is churchslavonic, which is Oldbulgarian from Macedonia, there was no old slavonic writing.

  • Stephanie Nestoros
    Stephanie Nestoros 2 years ago

    There is no Russian writing on the box!

  • KalishAlexander
    KalishAlexander 2 years ago +116

    Vladimir The Red Sun is a wrong translation from Владимир Красное Солнце, because back in that day the word красное meant not the color, but the beauty/greatness, so the more correct translation would be Vladimir The Bright Sun or Vladimir The Great Sun or even Vladimir The Graceful Sun. Basically in that context that word would mean something abstractly good and loved.

    • Emilija Vulic
      Emilija Vulic 11 months ago +2

      In Serbian and Croatian language the word "krasno" has preserved it's meaning "beautiful". That's the indication that it's probably the primal meaning of the word in Old Slavic language.

    • Hopa Kpocc
      Hopa Kpocc 2 years ago +3

      90% of statements in this video are false

    • Irina Siberia
      Irina Siberia 2 years ago

      here nickname here would include the color: the red sun. But there is an expression of the nice girl

    • Irina Siberia
      Irina Siberia 2 years ago

      но все же солнце может быть по цвету красным при закате, например. Возможно, прозвище включало в себя красное- как цвет

    • KalishAlexander
      KalishAlexander 2 years ago +7

      Maybe, but that's not what i was writing about. My comment was only about the translation of the words.

  • AterLux
    AterLux 2 years ago +40

    Я только что посмотрел иностранного Задорнова.
    People like that called linguo-freaks. Who taking words or part of words, which look alike, and say: "oh! These words are connected!", "хор" it is from "хорошо", "поцелуй" from "целый", "спасти" from "пасти" etc.
    No! It is just an inflamed imagination, nothing related to scientific etymology.

    • Jane Lane
      Jane Lane Year ago +6

      иногда взять часть из слова и придать ей значение - это лингвофричество. а иногда - полноценная лингвистика. и прежде чем обзывать кого-то фриком, загляните в словарь

  • Bookhorse of Heartlands
    Bookhorse of Heartlands 2 years ago +6

    It's wrong to perceive Russians as a "whole" and thinking nation. The present government is jumping out of their pants to foster a generation of dumb slaves and milking cows. The polls are a ruse, and there's no conventional way to make up for all the injustice. Constitution? Forget about that piece of paper! The real objective political system in Russia right now is neo-feudalism. With "neo" being something far-fetched. It's just feudalism all over.

    • Miki
      Miki 2 years ago +1

      Bookhorse of Heartlands suka

  • beltar2
    beltar2 2 years ago +4

    Speaking about political Soviet anecdotes there's no negative anecdotes about Stalin no positive about Khrushev and Brezhnev is usually an old man who has senile marasmus. But who cares 70 years of Soviet period is all the same for Western people.

  • конструктивная особенность

    another beautiful story, has no connection to real world, unfortunately.

  • Stanislav Didenko
    Stanislav Didenko 2 years ago +7

    I many times notice that some western people have exaggerated pathetic affection towards Russian stuff. Sometimes you even meet a person who speaks Russian, or reads tons of Russian literature, but never ever been to Russia, and he/she in this pathetic exaltation imagines how Russian people are nice, brave, with this mystical russian soul. But honestly, the modern Russians have nothing in common to this stuff, They are brutal, cynical, selfish, I would say, a bit more than all other people.

    • Purple Planet
      Purple Planet 2 years ago +1

      KittyALevin Какая ты молодец, отличный русский!

    • KittyALevin
      KittyALevin 2 years ago +5

      Stanislav Didenko я с запада, я уже жила год в России, и я думаю, что люди здесь добрые. Ну, я оптимист, и думаю, что люди везде в основном добрые. Но в России они и искренние. А искренности на западе не хватает. Я не любила Россию так сильно, хотя я изучала русский язык, пока не приехала сюда. Теперь я здесь и я ее люблю. :)

    • Stanislav Didenko
      Stanislav Didenko 2 years ago

      +Дмитрий Танеев наверное мы в разных россиях живем. хз тоже

    • Дмитрий Танеев
      Дмитрий Танеев 2 years ago +4

      +Stanislav Didenko Ну хз. Мне никто не хамит, злобно на меня не смотрит, не толкает. Я сам общаюсь с людьми вежливо, и в ответ вижу то же самое. Что я делаю не так? Может быть, у кого то и не так, но вот конкретно в моем случае такие дела.

    • Stanislav Didenko
      Stanislav Didenko 2 years ago

      +Дмитрий Танеев Да открой глаза, по улице пройдись, в метро проедь, на рынок сходи. Посчитай сколько раз за день тебе нахомят, толкнут, не извинясь, злобно посмотрят, насмехнутся. А потом возьми билет на самолет и съезди в Парижи или в Берлин - посмотри как там люди себя ведут. Мы - варвары и скифы. Как Блок и Салтыков-Щедрин писали про нас 100 лет назад - все верно, ничего не изменилось. Чего вы тут развели - пантеон богов прям. Пробу негде ставить.

  • alcoscist
    alcoscist 2 years ago +2

    про мат бы ещё рассказал, тоже показывает мощь языка

    • khito111
      khito111 2 years ago

      При анализе второй мировой войны, американские военные историки
      обнаружили очень интересный факт. А именно: при внезапном
      столкновении с силами японцев американцы, как правило, гораздо
      быстрее принимали решения и, как следствие, побеждали даже
      превосходящие силы противника. Исследовав данную закономерность,
      ученые пришли к выводу, что средняя длина слова у американцев
      составляет 5,2 символа, тогда как у японцев 10,8 и, следовательно,
      на отдачу приказов уходит на 56 % меньше времени, что в коротком бою
      играет немаловажную роль… Ради «интереса» они проанализировали
      русскую речь, и оказалось, что длина слова в русском языке
      составляет 7,2 символа на слово (в среднем), однако при критических
      ситуациях русско-язычный командный состав переходит на ненормативную
      лексику и длина слова сокращается до… 3,2 символов в слове. Это
      связано с тем, что некоторые словосочетания и даже фразы заменяются
      ОДНИМ словом. (Там, для примера, приводится фраза «32-ой! ёбни по
      этому хую» - «32-ой приказываю немедленно уничтожить вражеский
      танк, ведущий огонь по нашим позициям»)

    • MorozZz5
      MorozZz5 2 years ago +2

      Я матерюсь очень редко и выражаю эмоции цензурно, и поэтому при случае каком то эмоции настолько зашкаливают что вырывается бранное слово и окружающие сразу понимают что это особенное что то(ситуация), что аж мат вылетел. То есть очень кратко и очень ярко эмоцию выстрелил, но если постоянно через слово вставлять, то это не есть хорошо.

    • Alexey Guryanov
      Alexey Guryanov 2 years ago

      alcoscist мат это просто наполнитель для слива эмоций. Можно заменить любое матерное слово цензурным аналогом и ты получишь такую же, наполненную эмоциями речь. А человек который постоянно матерится , со стороны выглядит так будто у него во рту полно хуёв, которые постоянно выпадают наружу, когда он пытается говорить.

    • alcoscist
      alcoscist 2 years ago +3

      мат - это культура, хочешь ты этого или нет

    • Alexey Guryanov
      Alexey Guryanov 2 years ago +1

      alcoscist о эти великие, мощные русские, как они любят ввинчивать названия детородных органов в свою речь! Самый великий народ в джунгях!

  • TaijiquanGaoshou
    TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago +26

    Funny thing -- I keep recollecting the olden days now and smile to myself: when we lived in the USSR we didn't "see red" hearing "The United States of America". When we happened to be abroad, we didn't jump out of our pants trying to show off "the rightness of our way of life" , as the Western tourists were SO inclined to do while on a tour in the Soviet Union. I'm not talking about the politicians -- fuck them all -- but the attitude of common folk towards foreigners was way less aggressive and bossy in the Union than it was -- and still is -- in the States. Yet it was us who copped the "Evil Empire" stigma that lingers on decades after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. Funny thing, I told you, eh ?

    • demelza bunny
      demelza bunny 2 years ago +2

      Yes, but I actually KNOW something about how it was to live in the Soviet Union. It was repressive and kept its citizens on a tight leash. The U.S. today is paradise by comparison.

    • Alan Shore
      Alan Shore 2 years ago

      Only a person who has lived in both of those countries at the same time can say that. I am guessing you are not one of them.

    • demelza bunny
      demelza bunny 2 years ago

      It was just as bad, if not worse.

    • Alan Shore
      Alan Shore 2 years ago

      +demelza bunny
      USSR was nothing in compassion to the totalitarian state US was and is now. The so-called "liberty and democracy" is a complete myth.

    • demelza bunny
      demelza bunny 2 years ago

      Besides, what the hell are you talking about, "when we happened to be abroad?" Pretty much, only diplomats and athletes were the only people allowed to go abroad; the vast majority of the population wasn't. And you think it wasn't a repressive system?

  • Bohdan Rybak
    Bohdan Rybak 2 years ago +7

    the Russians grand prince Vladimir!!??? who lived in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) he doesn't know is talking about. The Russia like country did not exist in times of Vladimir

    • Mikhail Morev
      Mikhail Morev 2 months ago

      Many people say Russia never grew a huge amount. It just moved over east

    • Yurius I
      Yurius I 2 years ago +1

      Киев был построен антами, хазары ничего не строили вне своих земель, а волжские булгары, аланы и славяне были данниками после разгрома Антского союза. Владимир не был с Новгорода, его туда отправил на княжество Святослав (князь Киевский), как других сыновей в другие княжества. Когда правитель умирает, наследник покидает своё княжество и отправляется в Киев. Владимир не был русским и украинцем, если мы цепляемся за слова, он был русином, если не в курсе в Карпатах часть украинцев до сих пор именуют себя этим старым этнонимом. Остальные же знают, что украинец и русин это тоже самое. ПОэтому, если ты хочешь быть этимологически точным то Володимер (оригинальное имя) был rusyn prince or ruthenian prince (английский перевод этнонима русин).

    • Parabalani
      Parabalani 2 years ago +2

      That's true. "Russian prince Vladimir" is wrong. He was the prince of Rus, he wasn't russian... Modern russians just took the name "Rus". It's like Romanians, who think they are the real descendants of the Roman empire... lol

    • Oleh Stasiuk
      Oleh Stasiuk 2 years ago +4

      Not russian))) It's hard to explain if you don't speak russian but i'll try. There are two different words, which means different countries - "РУСь"( Kievan Rus) and "РОССия"(modern Russia)....In original form this proverb says "Въ лѣто 6390 … [и] сѣде Ѡлегъ кнѧжа въ Києвѣ . и реч Ѡлегъ се буди мт҃и градомъ рускими. "...."РУСкими" but not "РОССийскими"....cities of Rus, but not Russia.....That is very, very, very different things. Modern Russia is not a successor of Kievan Rus. Russia is a successor of Russian empire(renamed Tsardom of Russia by Peter I in 1721)...The successor of Tsardom of Russia was Grand Principality of Moscow(also known in English simply as Muscovy) - creation and vassal of Golden Horde....but Kievan Rus was totally destroyed by Mongols. The only state, which we can partically call the successor of Kievan Rus is the "Principality of Galicia-Volhynia" or "Kingdom of Rus"( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Galicia%E2%80%93Volhynia ) which was destroyed in 1349 by neighbors......So Rus and Russia is not the same!

    • TaijiquanGaoshou
      TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago +21

      Ukraine didn't exist then either. The country was called Kievan Rus and was as distant from modern Ukraine, as from modern Russia. Besides, haven't you heard the saying "Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities" ?

  • Vladimir S.
    Vladimir S. 2 years ago +60

    Какая-то всратая лингвистика уровня "Задорнов".

    • ChaosCrash13
      ChaosCrash13 Year ago +2

      "Такое ощущение, что автор не посчитал нужным проверить"
      Ни разу не замечал, чтобы западенцы проверяли что-то, что касается иных народов. Насколько я могу понять, им это даже в голову не приходит.

    • TrunoVSergeY
      TrunoVSergeY 2 years ago

      Спасибо. Очень интересно и познавательно!

    • TrunoVSergeY
      TrunoVSergeY 2 years ago +3

      А что вам конкретно не нравится в его словах? Может приведете контраргумент?

    • YETYland
      YETYland 2 years ago +19

      Задорнов - все-таки чистый бред, а здесь мешанина из правды и заблуждений. Такое ощущение, что автор не посчитал нужным проверить то, что ему за рюмкой чая поведал какой-то русскоязычный этимолог-дилетант традиционалист-имперец. ))

    • Mary Rory
      Mary Rory 2 years ago +1

      Same feelings!

  • Chocolatechipcookies Areyummy

    very interesting

  • Steven Aguilera
    Steven Aguilera 2 years ago +34

    I came here because I love Russian culture, especially their dancing. I also loved the history tidbits about Prince Vladimir and the origins of Cyrillic being tied to Christianity. Very powerful history !

    • Yuliia Kyianets
      Yuliia Kyianets 7 months ago

      The only problem here is that Prince Vladimir has nothing to do with Russia or Russians. He was the Prince of Kyivan Rus, and he is Ukrainian as Kyiv also has nothing to do with Russia. Russia - is just a stolen name, a weak attempt of the country to create history that doesn't exist. The real Rus was on the territory of modern Ukraine and also some parts of modern Russia, which were later annexed just as the Crimea is now. So if you want to learn something about a country, find information that is historically true.

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR 2 years ago

      Volodimer is ancient Russian. Vladimir is modern

    • Yurius I
      Yurius I 2 years ago

      +Vlad VS ?? can't see any logic. I think people are called as they were called. Polish people have name Włodzimierz, Bulgarian - Vladimir (which is also used in churchslavonic), in Rus that name is Volodimer, his name was Volodimer (not VOLODIMIR). You can read original texts from that century and find it, oh wait you can't, then google it on Russian pediwikia. Clear?

    • Vlad VS
      Vlad VS 2 years ago

      Hey Yurius 1 ,based on your dumb fucked logic, I got a question for you....So Vlad the Impaler's name actually never been Vlad, it is a fucking VOLODIMIR ? ..The Volod The Impaler? Lol your are so fucking stupidly brainwashed cockroach , make the world a bit happier run and burst to peaces against a wall. Thank you.

  • Evgeny Fadeev
    Evgeny Fadeev 2 years ago +1

    шёл хуй по хую, нашёл хуй на хую; взял хуй захуй и захуярил нахуй! бугагагага!

    • Evgeny Fadeev
      Evgeny Fadeev 2 years ago +3

      Ну что Вы, не стоит благодарить! Очень рад, весьма.

    • Witiok1992
      Witiok1992 2 years ago +9

      We are very impressed.

  • Anton Gruba
    Anton Gruba 2 years ago +67

    Kissing is not stemed from "making whole", but from "forehead"("чело") meaning something like "foreheading", touching each other with foreheads.
    "Спасибо"("thank you") doesn't mean "may god save you" but rather just "be saved", no god involved.
    "Воскресать"("to resurrect") is not of common stem with "cross" but with "create".
    "Peasants"("крестьяне") means "christians" not because they are thought as holy suffereres but just because "christians" was generic name for all people of christian nation that gradually became the name of specifically the simple pleb peasant men as they are the main mass of all the nation.
    Any case, I like his attitude. Language indeed has special place in russian culture. Some people in history called themselves plainly "humans" in their language as ethnonym, but slavic, or let's say slovic or slovian, called themselves "word people" or "speakers", because language is what they emphasized in their minds as determining a human or nation. May be there is something to that fact.

    • Dark Shield
      Dark Shield 10 months ago

      Spasibo... Spasi Bog. Wow, just wow. How does it have anything to do with be saved? How can that work with spasibo?

    • YETYland
      YETYland 2 years ago

      +Niko Achtzehn
      Probably because it better fits his scheme this way.

    • Apple Pie
      Apple Pie 2 years ago +4

      There must be since "Немцы" are "non-speakers" :)

    • Anton Gruba
      Anton Gruba 2 years ago

      +Павел Сургутов
      Of course you do.

    • Павел Сургутов
      Павел Сургутов 2 years ago

      +Anton Gruba I mean real word etymology not some coinсident similarity.

  • Axios .king
    Axios .king 2 years ago +10

    Suka Blat!!!!!

  • Elen Simanovich
    Elen Simanovich 2 years ago +1

    Part of it is true. Our language is spiritual.If we will go that deep into times when all people used diftongs instead of words, before any languages, we can suddenly realize, that we are the same language speakers, but very confused in order of it.Many facts of russian history are not true.Our ancestors lived on this territory and not only... before the glacier period , after it they moved to warmer regions and thougt people there many things.Our ancestors was in peace and harmony with nature and it`s powers - it doesn`t means they was not wise and they had greater knowladge about everything than we can imagine now a days.

  • SapereAude
    SapereAude 2 years ago +8

    12:57 he forgot explain that Vladimir is close to words power or ruler.

    • C .Tipaldi
      C .Tipaldi Year ago

      Vladimir is conceptually the same as the names Friedrich, Frederick, Miervaldis etc., i.e. "ruler of peace".

    • Жизнь в Америке с Нуля
      Жизнь в Америке с Нуля 2 years ago

      +MGTOW Pepe I study old, prechristian lang. for over 10 years and now I can see,that old lang. and modern- like ocean compare to puddle.

    • Жизнь в Америке с Нуля
      Жизнь в Америке с Нуля 2 years ago

      +AdoraBell try to translate words "get" and "car" and you will see, that you are not really right.Vojna i mir in original mean - war and community, but old azbuka was ruined and modern phonetic alfabet not able to explaine a lot of old words. exe. - старец - starets - in modern - old man, in old lang. - speaking of saint. word мир in modern - peace and world; in old got 3 different writings and meaning.

    • Жизнь в Америке с Нуля
      Жизнь в Америке с Нуля 2 years ago

      +MGTOW Pepe vladet' = to have.

  • Borislav Dyulgerov
    Borislav Dyulgerov 2 years ago +4

    In AD 886, the Bulgarian Empire introduced the Glagolitic alphabet, devised by Saints Cyril and Methodius in the 850s. The Glagolitic alphabet was gradually superseded in later centuries by the Cyrillic script, developed around the Preslav Literary School, Bulgaria at the beginning of the 10th century.
    Early Cyrillic was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 9th century AD at thePreslav Literary School. With the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union on 1 January 2007, Cyrillic became the third official script of the European Union. Saints Cyril and Methodius are credited with devising the Glagolitic alphabet. They commissioned to establish theological schools. There they devised the Cyrillic script on the basis of the Glagolitic. Cyrillic gradually replaced Glagolitic as the alphabet of the Old Church Slavonic language, which became the official language of the Bulgarian Empire.

    • Emilija Vulic
      Emilija Vulic 11 months ago

      Mostly agree, except that Cyrillic is not based on Glagolitic, but on the Old Greek Alphabet (have a look).

  • Inversion
    Inversion 2 years ago +62

    The peninsula of Crimea is not populated by Russian-speaking people, but by the Russians. And it's not 60%, but 95% or more of Russians are population there. To say that Crimea is populated by 60% of Russian-speaking people = to spread lie. Even in the whole country of Ukraine there are much more than 60% of Russian-speaking people, probably also around 90%, even in western regions. And definitely more than 95% of Ukrainians knows Russian language, and are able to speak it.

    • Inbucks Wetrust
      Inbucks Wetrust Year ago

      Не обижай белорусов :)

    • Dmitrii Kharlamov
      Dmitrii Kharlamov 2 years ago

      +Eight Et а куда делись старые советские буки с территории РФ? Испарились?
      Я хоть новости и редко смотрю, но очень давно не видел ничего по Донбассу. Может скажете по какому каналу вы смотрите?

    • Inversion
      Inversion 2 years ago +2

      +Dmitrii Kharlamov вот в том то и дело, что их журналистов там как не было так и нет. Но правду они всю знают и сомневаться в ней нельзя! В Российских новостях же каждый день включения из Донбасса, причем иногда в прямом эфире. А по поводу слухов, ну да, там Путин сам лично, прирулил этот бук ночью, навел и пальнул, причем все это исключительно, чтобы уничтожить, специально именно гражданский малазийский самолет, который летел из Голландии. Он же так всегда делает Путин этот - то польский автобус взорвёт, то французский поезд под откос пустит, вот малазийский самолет в этот раз взорвал... Правда, вот, единственное, что российские буки не используют уже давно, такие поражающие элементы которые были найдены в обшивке самолета, а вот в старых советских, которые используются украинскими вс, такие поражающие элементы используются...но то такое...

    • Dmitrii Kharlamov
      Dmitrii Kharlamov 2 years ago

      +Eight Et я что-то прямых включений из Донецка уже с год особо не наблюдал, всё больше про Сирию показывают, хотя и оттуда уже новостей особо нет. Но по слухам Бук был ввезён именно с российской территории, и вывезен туда же в ту же ночь. И к сожалению, меня не удивит если так оно и было.

    • Inversion
      Inversion 2 years ago

      +Dmitrii Kharlamov а вы летели на этом самолете, или живете в том месте куда он упал, и видели всё своими глазами? Как бы вам не удивится от этих рассекреченных данных, нет? Ведь европейские сми не могут врать про Донбасс, у них же каждый день прямые включения из Донецка, да?

  • Михаил Зинченко

    hello to evrybody from russia with love!

  • cool cat
    cool cat 2 years ago +6

    everybody wants peace, but our (anarchistic) world system doesn't allow peace, since it represents a system full of pressure, competition and domination and oppression.

  • Dimitrij Fedorov
    Dimitrij Fedorov 2 years ago +162

    I am sure the lecturer means well, but the Russian word for "good/well" (хорошо) has nothing to do with the word choir/chorus. Its original meaning - most likely - is "high", "tall", "upright".
    Also, the Russian word "anecdote" (анекдот) doesn't specifically mean a political joke of the Brezhnev era; it's a funny story/joke in general.
    Finally, the word for peasant (= крестьянин, something like Krestyanin) is indeed related to Christianity, but not because peasants were suffering like Jesus had. Instead, the word just originally meant "believers; God-fearing folks", as opposed to heathens (= поганый, something like pogany, which originally mean "pagan", "infidel").

    • lara donati
      lara donati Year ago +1

      Димитрий, ЧЁ придираться?! Хорошо мужик сказал.

    • Francisco Tornay
      Francisco Tornay Year ago

      I agree +YETYland, plus I think the whole premise is rather absurd: it doesn't make sense to decide about the mentality of a country based on the etimology of the words. By the same time, you may as well decide that English-speaking culture is based on death worship, because the word "like", both meaning "find pleasant" and "similar to" come from a word meaning "body" or "corpse" (cognate with German Leiche)

    • susclik
      susclik Year ago

      It doesnt matter what are the origins of xop and хорошо. Language choose these forms of words for these things, that are similar and it influences people even on subconsious level.

    • YETYland
      YETYland 2 years ago

      Yes, that's exactly what the lecturer meant by "part of cultural mythology" when he mentioned Russian peasants as cross-bearers and thus purified by their sufferings. Unfortunately, the subtitles were loosely translated into Russian in this part and most Russian speakers didn't seem to catch that the author never claimed it was the true etymology of the word.
      However appealing the lecturer's enthusiasm may be, all in all, I find the truth/falsehood ratio in this presentation to be about 50%, which is a bit too high even for a popular research. The conclusions seem to be a little too hasty with insufficient raw data.

    • KalishAlexander
      KalishAlexander 2 years ago +7

      I think that the word хорошо got the meaning of something good later and in the first place the word добро served that purpose.

  • A. Z.
    A. Z. 3 years ago +23

    Too much vulgar etymology. Alas.

  • Elizaveta Stavrovskaia
    Elizaveta Stavrovskaia 3 years ago +91

    Я чувствую благодарность этому искреннему человеку за любовь к нашей культуре и языку. Настоящую любовь и понимание, которые и в России не каждый способен ощутить..
    Хотелось бы , чтобы на Западе было больше людей,не зараженных ленью ума и ксенофобией и обладающих достаточной открытостью, чтобы шагнуть навстречу русской культуре, а среди русских- людей,понимающих значимость этого движения навстречу.
    Россия - это гораздо больше, чем образ угрозы и силы, навязываемый десятилетиями западными пропагандистами, и уж точно не военной мощью силен русский народ, хоть она и имеется.
    Нас изолирует от остального мира сложность нашего языка, но она же и формирует нашу уникальность, непохожесть. Уж не знаю, насколько исключительна и ценна "загадочная русская душа" по сравнению с душами других народов, например, китайского или японского,но вот загадочной она точно стала в силу многовекового отчуждения.
    Зарубежная литература успешно переводится и переводилась не один век на русский язык нашими энтузиастами и лингвистами, наша же литература представлена в переводах на западных полках столь ничтожно, что плакать хочется.
    А ведь переводы делают с иностранного языка на родной, что же это получается: Россия смотрит на Запад, а Запад смотрит только сам на себя? Никому нет дела до русской мысли и чувства, до идей и опыта, поэзии и даже кино. ТАМ не идут нам навстречу, даже в этот век обмена, расширения информационных полей и глобализации. И в нашей стране растет народ с низкой самооценкой, не уверенный в значимости своей культуры, стесняющийся её, не интересующийся ей, предпочитающий ей западную, порой низкопробную популярную культуру. И мы смотрим на себя сами, и не знаем, за что себя можно как нацию любить. И пихаем свои танки везде, где только можно. Кусаемся и царапаемся как Маугли, который еще не понял, что он человек .

    • DimaFromRussia1
      DimaFromRussia1 Month ago

      не согласен, лектор где то на середине лекции ушёл в какие то дебри непонятные, совершенно забыв об объективной оценке истории

    • lara donati
      lara donati Year ago +1

      ему Задорнов преподавал русскую словесность.

    • lara donati
      lara donati Year ago +1

      Эдик и buh1740, сказал же человек:" миру- мир!",а вы опять грызётесь по поводу...

    • Lancelot du Lac
      Lancelot du Lac Year ago

      Елизавета, спасибо вам за мнение:) Только одна ремарка: мне кажется все же, что достаточно русской литературы за рубежом: как ни зайдешь в книжный, всегда можно найти. И театры ставят спектакли по ней. Недавно в Лондоне видел постановку по Три сестры + Чайка, например)
      Побольше бы людей, как вы, и в России, и на Западе)

    • Lancelot du Lac
      Lancelot du Lac Year ago +1

      Низкое ты существо, Алексей, и не понимаешь этого. Взрослей.

  • TocTeplv
    TocTeplv 3 years ago +36

    White house should use professionals like this to deal with Russia. Why they don't do that - is a mystery as big as russian soul.

    • William Albert
      William Albert 2 years ago

      Because they want to appear to be reducing taxes by being thrifty. Not when it comes to the military budget or awarding big contracts to their friends, but when it comes to running the functions of government that serve all of the people. So they go on the cheap and have an aid do a google translate on the word reset instead of paying a professional translator. With a virulent anti big government administration in charge under Trump, we will see even more serious fax pas.

    • john mattes
      john mattes 2 years ago


    • E Gazer
      E Gazer 2 years ago +4

      Cuz the US rules through. make believe fears of destruction of their so called "freedom" and must antagonize others and victimize itself.

  • Nina U.
    Nina U. 3 years ago +14

    As positive as the message is trying to be, he is really making a fetish out of the language. Putting a language and culture in a box with a label "Spiritual" isn't going to do anyone any good.
    You want to know what "Russian Soul" means? Put your Dostoyevski down and go read Pushkin, Lermontov, Ahmatova, etc. Russian is a language of effortless poetry yet rarely do you find translations because it's not what the Westerners want. Or better yet, go watch some older films - Kin Dza Dza, To Kill a Dragon (Ubit' Drakona), Eldest Son (Starshii Sin)...
    Seriously, I love my language and country and all, but people need to stop obsessing over the wrong things.

    • Alexey Guryanov
      Alexey Guryanov 2 years ago +4

      TaijiquanGaoshou концепция "русской души", что то типа "арийской расы" - фашистская хуйня на пустом месте.

    • TaijiquanGaoshou
      TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago +2

      А лучше всего слушайте советские песни, только до того периода, когда они подверглись "оттепельной" заразе. 40-50е годы -- самые русские годы в российской культуре ХХ века. Слушайте песни тех лет, и будет Вам русская душа как на ладони.

    • TaijiquanGaoshou
      TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago +2

      Ох боженьки, неужели для того, чтобы прочувствовать русскую душу, обязательно смотреть еврейские кинофильмы (Убить дракона) и читать еврейских поэтов (Ахматову) ?
      Я бы посоветовал читать Шолохова и Шукшина, и смотреть фильмы последнего. Там в каждом кадре русского больше, чем во всех томах Ахматовой.

    • Slava Karlson
      Slava Karlson 2 years ago +1

      Легкой? Эм, если только по сравнению с японским хокку.

    • VonKrauzer
      VonKrauzer 2 years ago +3

      Пусть лучше уж хотя бы языком сперва заинтересуются. Ведь как известно, в начале было слово. Если человека не заинтересует чужой язык, его не заинтересует и всё остальное, связанное с этим народом.

  • Katja Thesaurus
    Katja Thesaurus 3 years ago

    Brain stalker!! @€%-+!! :,);

  • Pavel Gudoshnikov
    Pavel Gudoshnikov 3 years ago +20

    Nice sentiments. But mostly bullshit.

    • Katja Thesaurus
      Katja Thesaurus 3 years ago +2

      realLy? i heard of russian storytelLing. when lil wolf

  • alexnickolaev
    alexnickolaev 3 years ago +117

    you don't need to fake Russian accent to tell a Russian joke

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson 5 months ago +1

      Why not?

    • Mark Tamarov
      Mark Tamarov Year ago +2

      почему бы и нет...

    • demelza bunny
      demelza bunny 2 years ago +12

      Yeah, but it's funnier to Americans to hear it with a funny accent. It's always funny to native speakers to hear a funny accent of their language.

    • DnWn
      DnWn 2 years ago +18

      Absolutely! It sounds and looks so neurotic. Plain adolescent.

  • dakota whisler
    dakota whisler 4 years ago +38

    Had Professor Walker as my professor and, I'd like to say friend, for four short years at the University of Montana. His passion never ceased to amaze me, and it still amazes me. This talk was like sitting in one of his lectures again.
    Every language has its own meaning and way of conveying their cultural history and values. I am currently learning my 5th language, Mandarin Chinese, but there is something that always brings me back to Russian, not to German, or Spanish. Nothing captivates me with depth of meaning in every word spoken, as Russian does.
    Слава тебе, русский язык!

    • Retranslator 2015
      Retranslator 2015 2 years ago +2

      dakota whisler
      You might want to check my critique of Professor Walker's presentation. I gather you won't need a translation. Otherwise, I could do that for you and anyone interested.
      it can be found in answer to TrunoVSergeY's request for argumentation.

    • VonKrauzer
      VonKrauzer 2 years ago +7

      You know, it is very nice to read that. About your love to Russian language, about your regard to your Professor. Seems like he's done his job well Those comments show that people still have their good side in them and they don't afraid to show it, which is actually a big deal. I also remember professors from my university and I still can't forget the passion they had in their words and eyes.

  • Sacramento 44
    Sacramento 44 4 years ago +3

    Good video, much needed in this times...

  • MagnaYu
    MagnaYu 4 years ago +14

    This is one of the STUPIDEST presentations on TED. There's nothing much about the Russian language, its grammar and complexity or its development. It's only some nonsense throw ups of words, that are not even interpreted correctly. Besides making non-functioning connections in the 'anecdote' part, all the speech is an UNSUCCESSFUL try to put down the Communism and the superiority of the Russian social justice believes over today's miserable American corpo-capitalism and filthy imperial-globalism, which brought only suffering and destructions in many parts of the world. Your inhumane corpo-capitalism will COLLAPSE in a much bloodier revolution than the 'Soviet system' that you're talking about. Majority of Americans are already fed up with it and it's a matter of time when the corpo-elite that controls your society collapses. Also, making fun of John Lennon is not fun neither, because he was much smarter than many Americans, including this presenter. And yes, Crimea will always be Russian, for your big disappointment. You won't be able to win over Russians, because Russians are much smarter and stronger than you and any other likewise westerners. So, please don't play on Russians' and Putin's nerves because if they want, they can now achieve in seconds the society that Soviets couldn't then because of your interference. That will be a much happier world where human well-being is placed on top instead of money and environmental destruction. Adios.

    • Good Clip
      Good Clip Year ago

      PRobably you are right. I am not sure where you from also I live in Russia and I think it is fun to live here especially if you are a good grown person with right connection if you know what I mean. The main problem of Russia today is causing most smart and talented peaople left to Eourop and US when USSR was collapesed and never come back then next generation had borned in poor country however the goverment has only oil deposits and get it for its needs

    • demelza bunny
      demelza bunny 2 years ago +2

      Conspiracy bullshit. People in Russia live under a self-serving dictator who cares NOTHING for his people. The economy is based solely on oil production, which is not worth much nowadays. It's basically a Third World country with the bomb.

    • Alexey Guryanov
      Alexey Guryanov 2 years ago +1

      TaijiquanGaoshou ты коммунист чтоли? Тогда poshol na huy!

    • TaijiquanGaoshou
      TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago

      пажалуйста? A professor indeed !

    • TaijiquanGaoshou
      TaijiquanGaoshou 2 years ago +2

      A lot of people suffer from Globalism, too. Stupid idea ?

  • Dimon00700000
    Dimon00700000 4 years ago +1

    Интересно послушать про себя)))) Я даже не знал про слово "спасибо" и другие) Заставляет задуматься)

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR 2 years ago +1

      +Slava Karlson
      Полезай обратно на крышу.

    • Slava Karlson
      Slava Karlson 2 years ago +2

      Да просто 90% того, что он сказал это бред на уровне Задорнова.

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR 2 years ago

      +DeadnWoon Да откуда вообще ты это взял.

    • DnWn
      DnWn 2 years ago

      +AMUR DMНет, это не шутка. Это лингвистические предположения серьёзные.

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR 2 years ago +1

      Ага, Спасибо произошло от слова Спанч боб.

  • Lulasz
    Lulasz 4 years ago +2

    On that map "slavic spoken in the past" there is whole Germany. That's not true. Large portion of Germany was inhabitated by the slavs but only like a half of it.

    • dakota whisler
      dakota whisler 4 years ago +1

      +Lulasz panslavia.com/ is where the map is from. Also, map says slavic spoken in the past in regards to the greater German speaking area. Soooo, that would make the time period before Tacitus, and before Marcus Aurelius, so the truth of anything going on at that time, or in this case before it, will always be blurred. Archeological Evidence points to the Germanic tribes having reached the Neterlands, from Scandanavia, around 750 BCE. Slavs as a terms refers to an ethnic group, with borders convined by the Danube, the Elbe, and the Vistula around the 530s BCE. So we have one of two theories: 1)The slavs never checked out the other sides of those rivers in 200 years or 2) majority of Germany was completely empty during that time. It wasn't inhabited by the Celts. Either way, this is two months too late and I wish I had seen this video sooner. We could have had a good discussion about it.
      As far as the slavic speaking world having once incorporated Turkey....no clue. Although the Celts reached Anatolia by the early 200's BCE, why not the Slavs? Will have to do some digging on that one.

    • Lulasz
      Lulasz 4 years ago

      Also turkey and switzerland are marked on the map! Wow! What a stupid BS!

    • Lulasz
      Lulasz 4 years ago

      +Friesen Eduard Wiki says it's 26% in Latvia. Still large though.

    • Friesen Eduard
      Friesen Eduard 4 years ago +1

      Same issue as in Latvia and Ukraine. Half of the population is russian in each of these countries.

  • Ludmila Konarzhevskaya
    Ludmila Konarzhevskaya 4 years ago +9

    I have never thought about my native language from this point of view. Any language is a soul of nation and when alian understand it, it means, that togetherness is the worst. And it is very pleasant, that some people are delighted with our language, with our culture and try to understand such a difficult Russian soul

    • Slava Karlson
      Slava Karlson 2 years ago +5

      Эм, с точки зрения лингвистики Задорнов - клоун, если не просто сумасшедший. Но лучше первое, воспринимать все это как шутку так то, он же сатирик как никак.

    • Katja Thesaurus
      Katja Thesaurus 3 years ago

      +Katja Thesaurus badK@!!... no bath. that went ugly here

    • Katja Thesaurus
      Katja Thesaurus 3 years ago

      what word n meaning u have for soul? .. Not what in my dna, huh? lol... Vodka

    • Katja Thesaurus
      Katja Thesaurus 3 years ago

      deffo! i was not blamed for trlLing my mother tongue further.. n that regressed..just now , but...then i go backbards n find them not speak. they fail communication. ...since walL of XYnA

    • ΔΜΨR
      ΔΜΨR 4 years ago

      +Ludmila Konarzhevskaya Вы что, Задорнова не видели? Он много интересного на эту тему рассказывал.

  • Dragan Tomic
    Dragan Tomic 4 years ago +6

    Супер видео, пуно се може научити кроз ову причу :)

  • writingsinthesky
    writingsinthesky 4 years ago +1

    An interesting video, and worth the watch. Food for thought here. From the opening question, and what that makes you think about, to the description of the Russian language working in a sort of picture-package. Much as the Hawaiian language does. We say it is raining. The Hawaiians would have a word to describe the exact type of rain, and the situation.