The Wicker Man - Hilariocity Review

  • Published on Jan 11, 2014
    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage. This is the second installment in his series of "Hilariocity Reviews". Movies that are so bad they're good!
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  • pfftmehblehetc
    pfftmehblehetc 2 days ago +1

    Utterly awesome hilariosity review Mr Stuckman. Had me giggling like a loon. 😄

    COASTER 4 HIRE 3 days ago

    Vampire's kiss stands with a 61% on rotten tomatoes...


  • Fortner Films
    Fortner Films 4 days ago

    Better hope the SJWs don’t find this review

  • Multifandom Alien
    Multifandom Alien 4 days ago +1

    The birds and the BEES. That's what men are for in this film.

  • JP9000 Productions
    JP9000 Productions 6 days ago

    17:05 LOL

  • hoplite669
    hoplite669 7 days ago

    That movie was really shitty - and i honestly just found it annoying. Nicolas Cage is such a horrible actor...

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison 9 days ago

    If Mr. Cage wanted to do a men vs women film he should have remade Thomas Tryon's novel HARVEST HOME not the novel RITUAL by David Pinner (another actor/novelist as was Tryon. If you saw I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958) you saw Tom Tryon Bill (aka The Monster) And if you were scared by the novels THE OTHER and HARVEST HOME (1971 and 1973 respectively) you knew Tom Tryon the WRITER and he was a damned fine one.

  • Trish B
    Trish B 18 days ago

    I swear you are Shane Dawson's twin😍

  • trueblueclue
    trueblueclue 19 days ago +1

    Nicolas Cage can even make bad movies Hilariocities... truly Oscar material.

  • The.Salty.Sarlacc
    The.Salty.Sarlacc 19 days ago

    I mean, yeah it's a funny bad movie, but you don't have to be a complete asshole about the women's appearances

  • Renee Felix
    Renee Felix 21 day ago

    Did he ever do a review for Pay the Ghost?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 22 days ago

    6:20 Hey Arnold is one of my favorite cartoons 😇❤️

  • MonmonstarTV
    MonmonstarTV 29 days ago +1

    Watch the original 1973 film instead, it gets everything so much better

  • Cirax - Music Promotion

    The whole movie was a dream sequence, he woke up at the end.

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger Month ago

    I can't believe you own this movie, on blu-ray

  • Caramon Majere
    Caramon Majere Month ago

    This version of Wicker Man is a true representation of 3rd Wave Feminism, if it gains absolute power.
    It's the educational equivalent of Idiocracy.

  • Lavern Merriweather
    Lavern Merriweather Month ago +1

    Why don't you review the REAL Wicker Man from 1973 which is far superior and stars the incredible Edward Woodward?

  • Kensumi Ong
    Kensumi Ong Month ago

    Quite diturbing movie ,..

  • James Moyer
    James Moyer Month ago

    I run around wearing bee hive underwear and shouting absurd things such as, "bring me my cookie dough!" And "who put the bop in the bopsie bopsie bop, who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong??!!"

  • Jacob Hopkins
    Jacob Hopkins Month ago

    So.. what the hell was in the bag?!

  • illusionarytactic
    illusionarytactic Month ago

    lol i cant believe as a kid i watched this movie in theatres, those were dark days indeed...

    LITTY KITTY Month ago

    This guy genuinely thinks he’s... funny. 😐

      LITTY KITTY Month ago

      SHOOTY GAMES that’s funny I can the same about you

      SHOOTY GAMES Month ago

      +LITTY KITTY I see you have nothing better to do then to make criticism on the internet

      LITTY KITTY Month ago

      Vincent Rock aw, I see u can’t handle criticism on the internet.

    • Vincent Rock
      Vincent Rock Month ago

      Hernandez3181 its a movie review? Go watch comedy if you aren’t laughing

  • Kim Faes F*Kim
    Kim Faes F*Kim Month ago

    I think the well seems like part of a cleansing ritual so he would get nuts 😂🤣😂 maybe i need too watch it again 😁

  • fridaythe13thpartx
    fridaythe13thpartx 2 months ago

    YOU BITCHES!Killing me won’t get your honey back!

  • Christopher Potter
    Christopher Potter 2 months ago

    Hey's Tom Brady!

  • Dylan Ball
    Dylan Ball 2 months ago

    Don’t watch it is boring

  • Scott M
    Scott M 2 months ago

    Video starts about five minutes in

  • Ketunloikka
    Ketunloikka 2 months ago

    Off course you remember Leelee's name, you cant forget her. She was my first "celebrity" crush ever...

  • carl0 brigante
    carl0 brigante 2 months ago


  • Rowan Cooke
    Rowan Cooke 2 months ago

    I hope Mr Stuckmsn does Vampires Kiss soon. I am watching this review because I just watched the wicker man... but the version I watched didn’t have the bees section

  • Minev
    Minev 2 months ago

    I liked con air

  • BlackSheep
    BlackSheep 2 months ago +1

    Is this Nostalgia Critic?

  • Aman M S
    Aman M S 2 months ago

    I miss the old Chris. He used to be so funny and energetic. He looks very bored and tired nowadays

  • Mitchell Lawhorn
    Mitchell Lawhorn 3 months ago +1

    This Chris Stuckmann doesn’t exist anymore, I think he did change the future somehow

    • Aman M S
      Aman M S 2 months ago

      I miss the old Chris. He used to be so funny and energetic. He looks very bored and tired nowadays. I watch these older to videos to understand how much he has changed

  • BenjaaHasbun
    BenjaaHasbun 3 months ago +1

    Omg as a subscriber I'm so glad that at some point since 2014 u decided to stop using those gross body shaming jokes from 1920

  • Miika Kontio
    Miika Kontio 3 months ago +1

    I watched The Wicker Man (1973) yesterday and it was great and philosofical and thrilling with a weird tone and twist. Today I watched The Wicker Man 2006. It was hilariocity

  • Corinne Quinones
    Corinne Quinones 3 months ago

    Lol! This is great. Nice review.👍😅

  • Respectful MCU Fan
    Respectful MCU Fan 3 months ago

    Who else watches this movie purely for the bees scene?

  • Elaina Hall
    Elaina Hall 3 months ago

    He's been missing for 5 years

  • K G
    K G 3 months ago

    You haven't reviewed vampires kiss? Man seriously do that stat.

  • Joseph Burnam
    Joseph Burnam 3 months ago

    nah, drones, the women are the worker bees, as all bees are female except for the drones

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym 3 months ago +2

    To me, the Wicker Man marked the beginning of the end for Nicolas Cage as an actor. Ever since then, he has phoned in his performances. I think he is suffering from depression and possibly doing his best, but I'm looking forward to a new and good performance from him.

  • Wanted Scenes
    Wanted Scenes 3 months ago +1

    The intro is really hilariously awesome.😃

  • Jonathan LaRiviere
    Jonathan LaRiviere 3 months ago

    It just hit me. You look like Adam Scott. Also, good movie reviews.
    I think they cast Alex Jones as a stunt double for Nicolas Cage in the "Ah, my eyes!" scene.

  • Pelle Svedén
    Pelle Svedén 3 months ago

    Nicolas Cage was totally ok in Arizona Junior and Moonstruck. Great movies in my world :o)

  • James Cawley
    James Cawley 3 months ago

    A shark or something

  • Free living
    Free living 3 months ago

    What happened to nick cage, lord of war, bad LT were awesome movies

  • jatin shivdasani
    jatin shivdasani 3 months ago

    2019 and this still rules

  • Joe Mckenzie
    Joe Mckenzie 3 months ago

    Why did a great actor like nic cage turn into the worst actor of all time.

  • Behind The Lenses
    Behind The Lenses 3 months ago

    Good Will Hunting is in frame in the intro "I'll fake it through the day with some help, from Johnny Walker Red, send the poison rain, Down the drain to put, bad thoughts in my head... Two tickets torn in half with a lot, with nothing to do, do you miss me? Miss Misery, like you say you do... A man in the park, read the lines, in my hand, told me I'm strong and hardly ever wrong, I said man you mean, you had plans for both of us that involved, a ticket out of town, from a place I've seen, in a magazine, that you left lying around..." Totally snubbed. Elliott should have got the damn Oscar, not that autotune shitty my heart will shit on.

  • I’m Robin
    I’m Robin 4 months ago

    You be great on Tik Tok 👍

  • marinara man
    marinara man 4 months ago


  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas 4 months ago

    Where are the time machines Chris!!!

  • Sundaydish1
    Sundaydish1 4 months ago

    I can't say hilariocity

  • P.D. S
    P.D. S 4 months ago

    Dream Sequence = PTSD flash backs.
    Poorly portrayed back before there was a solid narrative for the condition.
    And it is kind of realistic in the fact that... people can't identify or recognize cults operating among them.
    He's a cop who can't figure out that he's surrounded by a cult who are covertly hostile?
    *Bites lip and shakes hand three times at the wrist, pointing my index finger , as if counting off in my head*
    "My specialty is noticing minorities who shouldn't be driving fancy cars"
    *Breaks into a crazy smile, with head tilt exposing full Nostril flare and the leering coke-head eyes of a middle aged man mentally undressing his daughter's hot teenage friend*
    The film still sucks, but yeah.. PTSD.

  • Fritz Idler
    Fritz Idler 4 months ago

    "Vampire's Kiss" is a Hilariocity review?

  • Galantski
    Galantski 4 months ago

    One thing that would have been totally awesome is if once he's set ablaze in the wicker man, Nicolas Cage comes crashing out of riding a motorcycle as Ghost Rider!
    There is one good thing about the first hour, and that's him spouting a totally Nick Cage line: "What's in the bag, a shark or something?"

  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger 4 months ago +2

    Nic Cage is a genius. In this film he acted like a terrible actor. Tremendous performance by a true master of film

  • Last Action Weeaboo
    Last Action Weeaboo 4 months ago

    Is this a GCI?!

  • ehteshamul sakib
    ehteshamul sakib 4 months ago

    still waiting for the 'Vampire's Kiss' hilariocity.

  • am83330
    am83330 5 months ago

    That Nitendo shirt makes you look like you have a rack. lol

  • am83330
    am83330 5 months ago

    Review the original 1973 film.

  • carl hiller
    carl hiller 5 months ago

    Habe you watched the 1973 movie?

  • Bark Levin
    Bark Levin 5 months ago +1

    Haha doesn’t YOUR own opening skit also then make absolutely NO SENSE!.. begging your past self “not to watch this movie!”, only to end by telling your audience to watch this movie.. “we will enjoy it” ??

  • DelphieNEhuntah
    DelphieNEhuntah 5 months ago

    Vampires kiss please Chris :)

  • Michelle Woods
    Michelle Woods 5 months ago

    Did I miss him grading the movie?!

  • Bernadette Nyirabariyanga

    Do vampire kiss or the last air bender 😂😂😂

  • robbie9fow
    robbie9fow 5 months ago

    You’re in for a shock Stuckmann if you do ever actually meet a heroin addict! 🤣🤣 They don’t look like that!

  • Wparker6804
    Wparker6804 5 months ago

    This is what will happen WHEN Feminism goes to far.

  • David Moore
    David Moore 5 months ago

    Perhaps a new category for this type of movie should be hilaratrocity?

  • R Hh
    R Hh 5 months ago

    Are you f****** kidding me you didn't give this movie a rate

  • RockNRollaCA LA
    RockNRollaCA LA 5 months ago

    I watched this movie for the first, just now. There was no bee mask scene. As they're taking him to the effigy all you hear is audio of what took place (legs broken) but no audio of the bee mask scene.
    I wonder if they decided to pull that scene because it's fucking terrible.

  • MrZerothejedi
    MrZerothejedi 5 months ago

    I like how u called the old guy with bee stings fat, when there are much fatter old people XD

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 5 months ago

    The shark in the bag bit is comedy GOLD

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 5 months ago

    NO ONE HAPPILY buys self help tapes.

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 5 months ago

    Can you please do Vampire's Kiss? Please please pleaseeee

  • Zach Boardman
    Zach Boardman 5 months ago

    Cage has to be the worst actor ever

  • Bill The Bull Gates
    Bill The Bull Gates 5 months ago

    I liked it.. I did not understand it. But i liked it.

  • Murf And Peebs
    Murf And Peebs 5 months ago

    Chris Stuckmann: I’m curious, what rating do you give to the hilariocity reviews? Do they get an F for being bad or something higher because they are hilariously bad?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    Who here wants to see Chris do a review for the original Wicker Man?

  • NicholasSjoeholm
    NicholasSjoeholm 5 months ago

    Funny thing is, I actually enjoyd The Wicker Man when I first saw it as a teen. :D

    DTB vOMEGA 5 months ago

    Soooo... did they get their honey?

  • Shadow Wright
    Shadow Wright 5 months ago

    You know, I was expecting to see a hilariocity review of the original Wicker Man. Do you have that? The original was supposed to be known for it's disturbing factor and I was not disturbed when I watched it.

  • Noel Burger
    Noel Burger 5 months ago

    They are witches it’s a fictional movie

  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha 5 months ago

    I just watched The Wicker Man,and now I'm watching this review to find out what the hell was it about.

  • The Slasher
    The Slasher 6 months ago

    Nicolas cage: Ohh my god ohh my god
    Me: XD

  • HouseofAndy
    HouseofAndy 6 months ago

    Most entertaining movie review of all time. Can’t wait to watch this movie now 😂

  • Eduard Vain
    Eduard Vain 6 months ago +1

    I love con air

  • Nakura Young
    Nakura Young 6 months ago


  • Milkman4279
    Milkman4279 6 months ago

    The girl with big lips, would they be bee stung lips?

  • Corey Bradley
    Corey Bradley 6 months ago

    she didnt even have a reaction, he coaxed it out of her

  • Blondie Wise
    Blondie Wise 6 months ago

    Ha! It’s been 4 years and time machines are still over 400$!!!

  • Mottahead
    Mottahead 6 months ago

    The Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage is actually a joke ....... on the viewer.

  • Guy Sky
    Guy Sky 6 months ago

    You sir are a gift, a TVclip icon. A Holiday should be celebrated in the states, nae the world called Stuckmanized.

  • Lazbro Brony
    Lazbro Brony 6 months ago

    I saw this with my aunt. We HATED the ending. This movie should NEVER have been made.

  • iPod 97
    iPod 97 6 months ago

    Lol you encouraged me to go out and purchase this movie at simple records. It was an enjoyable watch. Got a few laughs. Didn’t it take it too seriously. It bugs me tho, he is highly allergic to bee’s. Why the fuck would he go on an island full of them for a fiancé that left cut out on him years ago lol. And after he almost dies from being stung by bees. He casually walks with the Queen sister lady or whatever, casually walks along side her while tons of bees just casually buzz around them lol. This movie was something else. But I did get a few laughs out of it 😂

  • kingpeter
    kingpeter 6 months ago

    18:15 i die with laughter when you said that lol

  • Your neighborhood friend

    What's the basis of the movie? It has everything but is so pointless in every aspect. Creepy, funny, dramatic, thrilling but so scattered and meaningless.

  • louis
    louis 6 months ago

    Correction 1:05 best joke

  • louis
    louis 6 months ago

    1:08 best joke