The Wicker Man - Hilariocity Review


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  • KK
    KK 13 hours ago

    It's September of 2018 and "Where is the $396.96 time travel machine in Walmart?"

  • TheyRiseBand
    TheyRiseBand Day ago

    Leelee is the best thing in this movie. 😍

  • Brendan Goodell
    Brendan Goodell Day ago

    Nick Cage is Hilariocity, he is the best! He can make a bad movie great, it will still be a great bad movie but oh well, I'll still watch it. Same reason I watch most of Tim Curry's stuff, he's just a fun guy to watch.

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M Day ago

    This was so entertaining, like made me laugh out loud.

  • Christian Yttrie

    And then 50 seat helocopters

    • Christian Yttrie
      Christian Yttrie Day ago

      Sorry I meant to say then 50 SWOT helocopters stormed the island and killed all the people on the island the end.

  • jh72826 Harris
    jh72826 Harris 3 days ago

    So you think nic cage was ACTING crazy in this movie?

  • duhawma
    duhawma 4 days ago

    It's a woman. It's a man. It's mountaingirl!

  • TheGodfather101
    TheGodfather101 5 days ago

    This movie is campy as fuck. I love it!

  • Triton 23
    Triton 23 7 days ago

    My DVD cupboard is identical to yours. It's still filled to the brim with movies. Even today I'm still buying films to stack in my cupboard.

  • Pinny Skenis
    Pinny Skenis 11 days ago

    This is the ultimate B(ee) movie

  • Alek Matuszynski
    Alek Matuszynski 16 days ago

    You did something wrong there is no time travel

  • M4RC0 [87]
    M4RC0 [87] 21 day ago

    17:05 favorite part of the movie

  • Elizabeth Seibold
    Elizabeth Seibold 23 days ago

    You should review the film Bad Lieutenant with Cage as the main character. It's a weird movie and I'd love to see your take on it!

  • Wendy Reads
    Wendy Reads 24 days ago +1

    I need to know if you still have that shirt

  • Karla Straight
    Karla Straight 25 days ago

    Con Air is so fun!!!!!!!!

  • Dmitriy Levitskiy
    Dmitriy Levitskiy 26 days ago

    Well worker bees are all female, the male bees are called drones and they die after mating with the queen.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 29 days ago

    17:05 hey its sam

  • LiltingElf
    LiltingElf Month ago


  • Amir Gamal
    Amir Gamal Month ago

    The wicker man✖
    The dream sequence man✔

  • Khalifa Alhammadi
    Khalifa Alhammadi Month ago

    I know that I'm 4 and a half years late, but fuck it.
    I think "the accident" was an act from the women to choose Nicolas Cage as the sacrifice. because it the end, there is a 2 second shot where the woman and the little girl from the accident can been seen in the crowd .
    By the way I'm not defending the movie, this movie is terrible. But it could be a conclusion for your misery :)

  • The Gaming Debate Show

    Talking shit about conair, the best action movie.

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Month ago

    Nick Cage, "There you are!!!"

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    It's a good movie, wtf is wrong with you?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +2

    The original 'Get Out'

    IM_THE_GAMEKID_ YT Month ago

    I come from the future amd there isn't time machines in Wal-Mart. XD

  • Huba Khan
    Huba Khan Month ago

    I hate you. I hate you so much. I was wearing a peel off face mask and you started imitating Olga Pataki! You ruined my mask!!!!! LOL DID YOU PERHAPS VOICE OLGA IN HEY ARNOLD?!?!?!
    (thank you for making me laugh)

  • Maxime B
    Maxime B Month ago

    Does anyone know what the first song they used is called?

  • Baron Van Dong
    Baron Van Dong Month ago

    Is it true that red heads have smelly cunts?

  • forsi
    forsi Month ago

    hey chris dont think youll ever see this but you make my boring ass nights where i sit in my room and feel shitty a lot better;) been binging all ur vids for a while now when im feelin down

  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller Month ago

    At 14:05 your hands look so small.

  • joshtynNO2 Menor
    joshtynNO2 Menor Month ago

    Ok selling a time machine at a Walmart would probably be a bad idea as any body can fuck up the future

  • Saffron Sugar
    Saffron Sugar Month ago

    Maybe don’t mean to, but you come across as really not thinking very highly of older ladies! Super ageist even? Believe it or not, when a person is drugged and unconscious, even a woman in her 80s can remove their eyeballs. Not every old woman is disabled and barely able to stand on her own, There are plenty who are still very vigorous. (some great British film actresses to name a few) Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Vanessa Redgrave. The amount of doctors, who continue to practice, after the age of 70 has quadrupled since the 1980s... you might want to consider that the next time you say that they would not be capable of simple stitches.

  • BCMaster
    BCMaster Month ago

    20:13-20:20 That scene is so powerful that he did not bother talking about the film's original ending.

  • JohnACorp782
    JohnACorp782 Month ago

    Hell, I didn't even like the original. The "herocop" was palin stupid with his religious rantings instead of actually trying to get out of the burning Wicker man.

  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell George Month ago


  • Mitchell George
    Mitchell George Month ago

    Half of these comments are about time travel.

  • Parminder Kauldhar
    Parminder Kauldhar Month ago

    I love the original film ..”you did beautifully!”

  • Owen Oulton
    Owen Oulton Month ago

    Nicholas Cage is an actrocity. See, two can play atrocity puns...

  • Derf Siwel
    Derf Siwel Month ago

    You’re nothing but a Nostalgia Critic Rip off.

  • thekidfiddler11
    thekidfiddler11 Month ago

    What's in the bag? A storm dragon?

  • Vicky Rivera
    Vicky Rivera Month ago

    4 years later and we still don't have time travel available at Walmart for about $396.96

    IAm DANTE Month ago +1

    Hands down, worst movie I ever saw

  • The film Guy
    The film Guy Month ago

    “No not the bees ah!”
    My eyes!

  • Blair O'Neill
    Blair O'Neill Month ago +2

    3:12 it starts

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    Umm, is there a reason for which you were too lazy to use actual clips from the film? Heavy drinking...?

  • Felicia Taylor
    Felicia Taylor Month ago

    Chris, this review is hilarious! When you imitated the female officer, you sounded like a cross between Mrs. Doubtfire and Salad Fingers. Lol! Awesome!

  • TDS
    TDS Month ago

    Anyone who watched Jungle to Jungle as a kid remembers Leelee Sobieski

  • Robert Corneby
    Robert Corneby Month ago

    Ive seen the original ,I think 1970s , its the only thing that worse than this remake.

  • Gatsu
    Gatsu Month ago

    I loove these hilariocity reviews :D

  • Concreteowl
    Concreteowl Month ago

    Presumably the truck accident traumatised him and primed him to want to save the girl. The girl that features in the poster us presumably the girl from the accident? I haven't seen it as I don't want to tarnish my happy memories of the original film.

  • VFX Todd
    VFX Todd Month ago +1

    I saw "The Wicker Man" with a couple friends. We could not stop laughing throughout the entire movie. It was so funny bad.

  • dennis20014
    dennis20014 Month ago

    Hahaha omg thr Olga reference xD

  • Officer Ned Digger
    Officer Ned Digger Month ago

    I love how you called out the woman with big lips . “ so he’s talking to big lips” lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dragolf Wolgan
    Dragolf Wolgan Month ago


  • Alexander Mughworts Jane Longshot

    The only thing I notice is,
    that Chris is almost as tall as the door

  • Rose Beauty
    Rose Beauty Month ago

    I just watched the trailer for the original. It's a shame this remake is so bad because the original film actually looks pretty good.

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke Month ago

    Noooo not the bees😂🤣😂

  • D -Fox Gaming
    D -Fox Gaming Month ago

    If I’m completely honest, I love Con Air.

  • Luca Maldini
    Luca Maldini 2 months ago

    Man haha great review. Revisiting this iam sure chris is suffering for what he did with screen direction looks. Both chris from the past and future are looking left so the ilusion that they are talking at each other doesnt work

  • Neverheart
    Neverheart 2 months ago

    How did I never put together the website thing until now?

  • Theo Lamp
    Theo Lamp 2 months ago

    It's a shame, because the original was really good. Also, I liked The Village much more than most people. I actually preferred it to Signs.

  • Terror Studios
    Terror Studios 2 months ago

    make a good film "THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO"

  • Rory Glynn
    Rory Glynn 2 months ago

    4 years later, still no time travel. The biggest lie since Back To The Future II convinced us there would be hoverboards by 2015.

  • Othman Boulalam
    Othman Boulalam 2 months ago


  • FatMonkey 4
    FatMonkey 4 2 months ago

    It’s been twice as long, so where the hell’s my time travel?

  • Gorem
    Gorem 2 months ago

    That girl with the white eyes must be in the movie somewhere :D... but seriously, This is my most hated film of all time.

  • jchris12000
    jchris12000 2 months ago

    Little did we know that burning him alive full of bee stings would bring us Ghost Rider

  • AlecOPedia
    AlecOPedia 2 months ago

    Well, I guess this confirms we're on the wrong timeline. There's no time travel and Trump is president. God help us all.

  • Mermaidia
    Mermaidia 2 months ago

    You are hilarious !! Loved this so much. Lmao

  • Deem Sleep
    Deem Sleep 2 months ago

    Cmon, obviously the girl dying in the car crash has a meaning. He feels like he failed to save the girl and is torn up about it, he sees the opportunity to save the little girl Rowan as a second chance to make up for his past failure. Its supposed to give him an emotional drive. The problem is they made the new girl his daughter so that shouldve been enough drive for him yet they never really built on that aspect of their relationship instead focusing more on the crash as motivation

  • Lily Liang
    Lily Liang 2 months ago

    “Lady you need a bar by your toilet so you can get up from there after you take a crap”

  • Jamie Reeves
    Jamie Reeves 2 months ago

    Incredibly ugly women? Sounds like where I live!

  • Rui Almeida
    Rui Almeida 2 months ago

    I envy you mate - owning a blue ray of The Wicker Man :D

  • Ryan Selby
    Ryan Selby 2 months ago

    that 3 minute skit at the beginning had legit better acting than the wicker man

  • Boogie O'Winston
    Boogie O'Winston 2 months ago

    Nicolas Cage is gonna be Superman in the Teen Titans Go movie. WHAT.

  • LunaIndigoRaven
    LunaIndigoRaven 2 months ago

    The fact that youtube classifies this movie as a 'romance' has me rolling

  • M B
    M B 2 months ago

    ...says the guy who has trouble making a proper reverse shot that keeps on the right side of the line and matches eyelines 👌🏻

  • Krista Vaillancourt
    Krista Vaillancourt 2 months ago

    Liked for the Olga impression.

  • Charles Fox
    Charles Fox 2 months ago

    Requested master of the universe

  • TorontoJon
    TorontoJon 2 months ago

    'The Wicker Man' brought to you in dynamic 'Bear-Suit-Punch-O-Rama'. ;)

  • theTACTICALuni
    theTACTICALuni 2 months ago

    the original wickerman movie was just very factually incorrect about paganism... this movie's 100% accurate about third wave feminism!

  • Jrezky
    Jrezky 2 months ago

    I know you don't mean it this way because I'm pretty sure you don't hate women, but I thought it was funny when you said "I actually began to identify with Nicholas Cage because this movie pits men against women."
    Also 2018 still no time travel.

  • Robert Gross
    Robert Gross 2 months ago

    James franco is a recruit in the alternate ending deleted scene. Wow!

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang 2 months ago

    The isle and religion has good buffs. Str+300% unmounted speed +1000%

  • jeremy litzner
    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

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  • jeremy litzner
    jeremy litzner 2 months ago +1

    Yuh. Vvvv. Ccv

  • Alec Kramer
    Alec Kramer 2 months ago

    After talking to my future self I threw it out the window

  • Man Beadle
    Man Beadle 2 months ago

    The remake was shit. but in the original film (which I absolutely love and watched the hell out of many years ago) the convoluted manipulation was part of their process. Sgt Howie had to be cajoled into the final events so they could convince themselves with their particular Pagan religion that a human sacrifice would mean something and save their crops from dying, an outsider who was a Christian virgin that 'offered' himself in a way by being continuously fooled according to their lore. They couldn't just have knocked him on the head and had their way once he landed on the island, that wouldn't have worked for them 'psychologically' speaking .
    It's more of a commentary on the convoluted way a religion can convince itself to justify heinous and brutal acts while pretending that their ways are more lofty and pious rather than realising it's just an expression of a basic and instinctive human predilection toward baseness and a belief in the supernatural.
    Plus, it's a cool atmospheric and strange film... that has Ingrid Pitt in it.

  • Muncha King
    Muncha King 2 months ago


  • Todd M.
    Todd M. 2 months ago

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve watched this video almost every month for the last year...not Wicker Man, this Stuckmann video.

  • Chaotician Núñez
    Chaotician Núñez 2 months ago

    Time travel was invented in 2016. Dammit Chris your attempt to change the past erased its invention!

  • saneman mkll
    saneman mkll 2 months ago

    It's been four years, do you still wear that shirt?

  • Christfollower
    Christfollower 2 months ago

    Are your movies in alphabetical order and by genre? My father has a literal movie library and he can sense a mile away when a movie is in the wrong place, lol.

  • Jason Kramer
    Jason Kramer 2 months ago

    Chris is the reason why I buy bad movies lol

  • drjwww
    drjwww 2 months ago

    Chris, you may want to watch this video again now that four years have passed. Or maybe not, because, yikes, there's a lot of really cringey sexism throughout. I think you might surprise yourself watching this now.