Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 5 Episode 15] "Cafe Hon"

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
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Comments • 2 793

  • The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition 2 years ago +2418

    The restaurant would fare so much better if they just 86'd her :D

    • Tina Rae
      Tina Rae Month ago

      The Spanish Inquisition 86 her omg that’s the best 😂🤣

    • Chris Emmanuel
      Chris Emmanuel 2 months ago

      I agree completely

    • Ryan S.
      Ryan S. 4 months ago

      ssdada urdsada nnn

    • 102228703
      102228703 4 months ago

      +phillip lee pulling it off the menu

    • 102228703
      102228703 4 months ago

      +Linda Thrall it's being pulled from the menu
      Stop selling it

  • Luis Rosas
    Luis Rosas 6 hours ago +1

    86 that bitch!

  • The Brown Recluse
    The Brown Recluse 10 hours ago

    Director: okay now Zoom out on the 50 foot Flamengo, okaaaay And que Peacock sound Fx..... NOW!

  • WhatEver-is-good- YouTube-MixeR

    Hon hon hon hon hon hon hon hon hon

  • Fredo_Credo
    Fredo_Credo 20 hours ago

    Love the episodes with selfish owners and no family relationships going down the drain that I would be sorry about
    Guilty pleasure

  • TheDeath7ofsb
    TheDeath7ofsb Day ago

    She so fucking stupid

  • yolonda greger
    yolonda greger Day ago +1

    I think Denise just needs a dick..she’s got to much built up aggression.

  • BigElectricCat
    BigElectricCat 2 days ago +1

    Someone needs to knock her teeth down her throat. Hon? Attila the HUN!

  • Sabrina Troutman
    Sabrina Troutman 2 days ago +4

    I feel like I'm looking at the Fairy Godmother from shrek

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey 2 days ago

    love Baltimore 💜💜💜💜

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey 2 days ago +1

    was with ya til you copyrighted 'hon.' ffs

  • Abu
    Abu 3 days ago +1

    I'm having a mouth party...
    * awkward silence *
    *Evil laugh ensues*

  • Amelia
    Amelia 3 days ago +6

    Hun/hon is said in almost every primarily English speaking country or place

  • Hayden M.L Blanchard
    Hayden M.L Blanchard 4 days ago +2

    This pisses me off! It's fucking HUN not HON my God.

  • Joy Charo
    Joy Charo 5 days ago +3

    22:23 Can someome please 86 this fake ass pink wearing stubborn flamingo please, bitch simply can't accept criticism over her shite food such that she throws her own product in the bin yet she's the one crying for gordon's help????? Good grief, she's Amy's other sister ffs. She walked in during staff meeting with gordon everybody's mood hit the fan, denise is such a shitshow, drowning her own restaurant..she's so stupid and delusional.

  • Jordan Dymiter
    Jordan Dymiter 6 days ago +1

    I felt sorry for Dennis 😞😢

  • Shalem Jackson
    Shalem Jackson 6 days ago +1

    I really like to believe that she changed her ways... Is this restaurant still open? Anybody from Baltimore here?

  • GremoryDragon
    GremoryDragon 10 days ago +2

    Alot of places say hon LUL

  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 10 days ago +5

    86 the 86

  • InfinityJXP
    InfinityJXP 15 days ago +2


  • Ryan's Adventure & Info
    Ryan's Adventure & Info 16 days ago +7

    I'm from Maryland, that crab cake didn't look like something I would be happy with, that looked like a FL crab cake.

    • Avalanche gaming Boi
      Avalanche gaming Boi 7 days ago

      Ryan's Adventure & Info I am from Maryland too and it looked like a Disrcarce to all crab cakes #Maryland is supreme

  • Ryan's Adventure & Info
    Ryan's Adventure & Info 16 days ago +9

    Wonder if she went 86 crazy on the staff after the check up was done.

  • Trev O Donnell
    Trev O Donnell 19 days ago +3

    The manager looks like samanantha from Sex & The City ha

  • Andy M
    Andy M 21 day ago +15

    Umm....You're a rude bitch!! Straight off the bat!! Lol

  • Franchesca Alvarez
    Franchesca Alvarez 21 day ago +4

    So happy that the owner realized her mistake :) so heartwarming to see her get a second chance💜

  • Jelly
    Jelly 21 day ago

    I feel like I may end up stabbing someone with my fork if they try to take my favorites lol

  • kittykatBflat
    kittykatBflat 22 days ago +3

    It’s closed.

    • Angelica Hamillton
      Angelica Hamillton 4 days ago +1

      It's still open. In fact some of the staff featured on this episode still work there

    • Jelly
      Jelly 21 day ago +4

      No it isn't

  • ReidGirl 77
    ReidGirl 77 23 days ago +12

    The word "hon" is UNIVERSAL. Stupid witch.

    • Amelia
      Amelia 3 days ago +1

      aluckyshot it’s short for honey

    • aluckyshot
      aluckyshot 22 days ago +1

      Here we say hun, hon would be an abbreviation for honourable and typically used in letterhead for a judge or politician. I don't think it is universal even in North America.

  • Lucifer Himself
    Lucifer Himself 23 days ago +4

    Long day at work saved by my dude Dvr Night.

  • Michael Diekmann
    Michael Diekmann 23 days ago +6

    That bitch tried to trademark a three letter word with some cultural significance.... in Baltimore? Cheap. But great portrayal of this self important american small business culture. Being egomanical, being incompetent to the core, blaming others and playing the victims. Denise, Amy ... all those fucks. No wonder Trump became president. He is the incarnation of all that is shown here. USA is pure make believe by garbage people with mediocre skills at best forcing themselves to the top via cheap tricks. "This is perfect!" In a nation with the product standarts of a Third World Country? Pretty easy to be good enough in a land full of garbage.

    • Wiseass Skeleton
      Wiseass Skeleton 2 days ago +1

      +ravenclawtom The most pathetic thing is that, at least for now, we're STILL pretty much the best option available.

    • ravenclawtom
      ravenclawtom 18 days ago +1

      Boom. Couldnt agree more. And im an American haha. This country is pathetic and an embrassment to the rest of the civilised world.

  • Santé Official
    Santé Official 27 days ago +3

    its scary because its like she brings herself chaos from every angle

  • danielle rutledge
    danielle rutledge 27 days ago +2

    Shes not going to change

  • BRangerBot
    BRangerBot 27 days ago +5

    You lost your restaurant almost 800 dollars in one service. Then the fact that they said it was normal.....but you wonder why the place was failing....🤔🤔🤦‍♀️

  • martin1234512345
    martin1234512345 28 days ago +2

    Idk why but I'm super attracted to Amanda. I want her.

  • jaz iqra
    jaz iqra 28 days ago +4

    its hormonal guys, she is not doing that intentionally. i feel sorry for that lady. Baltamore city always reminds me of sister cathy :( AND YEAH MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE HAS KEPT ALL OLD STAFF. I DONT AGREE THAT SHE IS THAT BAD. NO STAFF WILL STAY IF SHE IS REALLY THE PERSON THEY ARE PUTTING HER TO BE.

    • Jäzzy
      Jäzzy 18 days ago +2

      Not fully true...sometimes you have no other choice than staying in an working environment with an awful boss. I know what I'm talking about...

  • Jordan Dill
    Jordan Dill Month ago +11

    crocodile tears

  • DarlingNikki2
    DarlingNikki2 Month ago +8

    Did anyone else want to see the reaction of table 52 when told they were out of steaks? 😄

  • suneosatellites
    suneosatellites Month ago +21

    I read the comments on each episode just go find out if they are still open.

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear Month ago +13

    I hate how America has to add sad music in's like having a laff track telling you when to laff.

    • mynameis KOEN
      mynameis KOEN 24 days ago +1

      lol isnt this a british show? even though they filming in the us now

    • Drago Dragneel
      Drago Dragneel Month ago +1

      Hazy Bear Quit fucking bitching god damn it helps with the drama

  • MundMoriginal
    MundMoriginal Month ago +13

    I hate this episode. I can't watch this. Reason: That owner. She's one of the worst people they had on this show and does not deserve quality help from Gordon.

    • The.KingLion.15
      The.KingLion.15 2 days ago

      Nahhh.... Amy from Amy's Baking Company is absolutely the worst!

    • Jordan Dymiter
      Jordan Dymiter 6 days ago

      No she’s not worst she’s amazing beautiful and wonderful she humbled herself so doesn’t she deserve grace or mercy or a second chance doesn’t he deserve forgiveness because you would want a second chance right

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man Month ago +8

    Of course her name is Denise

    • A Ninna
      A Ninna Month ago

      Kool-Aid Man in phoepe’s voice: it’s DENISEEEE 😁

    NFKTN Month ago +5

    The Fine Bros copyright before it was cool

  • Tina Rae
    Tina Rae Month ago +5

    I just really don’t like this lady.shes so fake for the cameras. There’s a reason no one likes you. You’re a fuckin bitch! You can even tell she’s an ass when you look at her 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • QuickHDTutorials
    QuickHDTutorials Month ago +4

    The fine bros should watch this

  • josh levesque
    josh levesque Month ago

    Best episode

  • Anita Gobs
    Anita Gobs Month ago +3

    his reaction when he saw the flamingo killed me

  • Donald Esmay
    Donald Esmay Month ago +3

    She still fights her reviewers. About a year ago she replies to a "Local Guide" who left 1 star with:

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 29 days ago

      Donald Esmay wait what?

  • Tina Rae
    Tina Rae Month ago +13

    What a dumb lady ! She should own the word asshole

  • ethan vs life vlogs
    ethan vs life vlogs Month ago +12

    86 the whole damn place

  • Farmall Red
    Farmall Red Month ago +16

    Hey Hon, Florida owns the pink flamingo and we want it back.

  • Natalie Ryan
    Natalie Ryan Month ago +6

    What a heinous bitch.

  • Jorge Jimenez
    Jorge Jimenez Month ago +9

    Three words: narcissistic personality disorder.

  • smeagollotr
    smeagollotr Month ago +5

    86 the Comments, there will be no more comments. XD And 86 the dislike no more dislikes.

  • Cowboy Western38
    Cowboy Western38 Month ago +7

    She's very easy to hate.... she plays the victim... but she's an evil Bitch

  • joaquin hernandez
    joaquin hernandez Month ago +9

    Greg is kinda cute

  • Ishla Corrin
    Ishla Corrin Month ago +5

    This one is still open and going strong, they even have a 'Hontown' gift shop next door.

  • Cute Nice
    Cute Nice Month ago +7

    They’re still open 🥵

    • Kryo, the Ruler of the Cold Circle of Hell, a Demon
      Kryo, the Ruler of the Cold Circle of Hell, a Demon 26 days ago +1

      Derek Charette So Baltimore as a whole is ruined for you? Just don’t go to that restaurant. Silly reason not to go to an entire city.

    • bassbonewurtz21
      bassbonewurtz21 Month ago +1

      86 the place

    • Derek Charette
      Derek Charette Month ago


  • Carlo Lazo
    Carlo Lazo Month ago +3

    38:09 that evil laugh tho!

  • RoseGoldSapphire
    RoseGoldSapphire Month ago +6

    Might as well 86 the restaurant if it's to stressful.

  • SuperMerchus
    SuperMerchus Month ago

    Spelled believe wrong . 😱🤒

    • John Tully
      John Tully Month ago

      It's a Baltimore thing, a little joke on the Baltimore accent

  • steven shaw
    steven shaw Month ago +4

    Most hated In Baltimore ? NO , Irsay still reigns supreme

  • TheWizardMiner
    TheWizardMiner Month ago +15

    "All his comments are ridiculous, I've been doing this for 20 years. Maybe he's not the answer"
    WOW. I don't think I've ever heard something so pompously egotistic in my entire life XD

  • TonesTheGeek
    TonesTheGeek Month ago +25

    "When you threaten people, or they feel threatened, there gonna revolt"
    Well, he's British, he would know.

  • Kristofer B
    Kristofer B Month ago +14

    denise uhm, youre a rude bitch! 28:45

  • Naylte
    Naylte Month ago +10

    Café Hon? More like Attila the Hon.

  • J Walker
    J Walker Month ago +14

    What Happened Next?
    Yelp Reviews are looking mostly neutral or negative and the trademark issue is still mentioned in reviews by locals. Gordon revisited in May 2012 and discovers that some locals have began to forgive her especially after she gave up the trademark on the word Hon.
    Gordon brands her burger delicious and she is given a commendation for her work in the community but it appears many are not going to forgive her so easily... In May 2013, the restaurant was renovated and redecorated.

    ORAS XY Month ago +12

    Looks like a flamingo turd just landed on my plate
    I died laughing

  • Ronalduperpoppy33ss
    Ronalduperpoppy33ss Month ago +21

    I’m from Australia I’m gonna trademark good day mate

  • Andrea Bortelli
    Andrea Bortelli Month ago +8

    That waitress pointing out that Denise likes to think of herself as a rockstar is like the pot calling the kettle black. Waitress hon, perhaps you could take a look in the mirror at your Babel Tower of perfectly sprayed hair glued to your scalp? Utterly laughable.

  • Amamkoncahuanquichu
    Amamkoncahuanquichu Month ago +9

    You like that dubbed-in robot "plate" at 16:12? Do ya?

  • Danyelle
    Danyelle Month ago +18

    “Denise... you’re a rude bitch” 😂😂😂😂

  • Niño Elijah Reyes
    Niño Elijah Reyes Month ago +10

    Change the name to "Cafe 86 - We 86 everything off the menu except the owner!"

  • kirara2516
    kirara2516 Month ago +22

    3:25 "To lose this business would be to lose my soul?"
    Me: Hon, first you need to _have_ a soul, first. Unless you 86'd it?

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen Month ago +7

    Gordons mum would kich that bi... in the a..

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen Month ago +12

    Hitlers sister?

  • aglafavor18.22
    aglafavor18.22 Month ago +11

    Those Chefs deserve a knighting. Holy Hell.

  • Sky Santana
    Sky Santana Month ago

    eight six.

  • Byrelle Brass
    Byrelle Brass 2 months ago +24

    Denise: EIGHTY SIX

  • Nicholas Storey
    Nicholas Storey 2 months ago +5

    Dvr Night - Kitchen Nightmares
    LeisureSuitRantfiend - Nostalgia Critic
    Fill in the blank.

  • Azure Triedge
    Azure Triedge 2 months ago +7

    4:22 wait a second.... IS THAT A MOTHER FUCKING JOJOS REFERENCE?!?!

  • HexManiacCiaran
    HexManiacCiaran 2 months ago +15

    I love how she tried to claim copyright when her entire decor is a rip off of John Waters' camp classics like Pink Flamingos

  • Arnan
    Arnan 2 months ago +17

    So basically Hillary Clinton

  • qbert369
    qbert369 2 months ago +3

    What Bitch. She needed him to tell her the right thing to do?

  • Rafapaz
    Rafapaz 2 months ago +6

    Ramsey digs the big gals with sum big ass tittaahs

  • Asterix Obelix
    Asterix Obelix 2 months ago +7

    There should be 86 the restaurant

  • Has A
    Has A 2 months ago +5

    She's acting out by 86'ing the item! What a brat! She's grown up and should act like it!

  • Political Retard
    Political Retard 2 months ago +44

    A few months later, Greg was fired from the restaurant by Denise for his actions on TV. He is now fine and working in a restaurant near Baltimore. He is making more money now and has his own recipes

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia 2 months ago +16

    Love how she just gives everyone an asparagus lesson in the middle of a busy dinner service.

    • Lon McGuire
      Lon McGuire Month ago +4

      tia poonia ikr. I'd be funny if everyone ignored her. Lol

  • Crimsonite20
    Crimsonite20 2 months ago +12

    Chef Greg Cute tho

  • Christopher Burns
    Christopher Burns 2 months ago +21

    I ate there years ago, wasn't all that. Basically expensive diner food. For those who don't know, the pink flamingo is a nod to a weird ass movie called Pink Flamingos filmed in Baltimore.

  • Tracy Allen
    Tracy Allen 2 months ago +6

    Dude it was nuts when she trademarked the word. Wtf? It reverberated throughout Baltimore. No Joe was feeling her. They hated the flamingo the whole nine. However. Redemption is always possible.

  • Harsh Gadley
    Harsh Gadley 2 months ago +7

    HON Solo...
    What an emotional crocodile that owner is

  • Truth Addiction TV
    Truth Addiction TV 2 months ago +12

    She needs to be 86'ed.

  • Cody Crawford
    Cody Crawford 2 months ago +42

    "Oh my god, we're all so scared to talk to Denise" *5 seconds later* "You're a rude bitch."

    • Lenkn Gomez
      Lenkn Gomez Month ago +6

      Cody Crawford When someone like Gordon tells you to tell her how you feel then you get this amazingly power of confidence and one shot to get all that shit out on tv lol

  • Tessa Z
    Tessa Z 2 months ago +9

    She still brought the light the fact that she feels victimized even when she was trying to apologize...

  • poopiebutthole
    poopiebutthole 2 months ago +4

    28:45 LMAO damn shit is lit just watch for 25 sec damnnn.

  • Hardcore Gamers LLC
    Hardcore Gamers LLC 2 months ago +6

    WhY aM i StIlL gEtTiNg So MuCh HaTe ?¿?¿?

  • Xyon
    Xyon 2 months ago +8

    *She's like a spoiled brat*
    Who throws tantrums all the time.

  • erick Rodriguez
    erick Rodriguez 2 months ago +3

    Bitch is psycho