INCEPTION BREAKDOWN! Ending Explained, Easter Eggs & Deeper Meaning!

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Inception Full Movie Rewatch & In-Depth Analysis! Since its release 9 years ago, what hidden details have been revealed from Christopher Nolan's dream heist film that give Inception a whole new meaning? What is the secret message of the Inception ending, and what subtle moments foreshadow this final scene? Erik Voss continues New Rockstars' rewatch series, following breakdowns of The Matrix and Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, with the most-requested film, Inception (2010), for all the subtle Easter Eggs & details you might have overlooked. How is Inception actually a metaphor for Nolan's filmmaking process itself, and each dream level an homage to his favorite films? What secrets did Hans Zimmer hide in the Inception soundtrack? And does the spinning top in the Inception final scene mean that Cobb is still dreaming, or is it all a misdirect by Nolan?
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  • KAY-09 Gaming
    KAY-09 Gaming Day ago

    Just think if people watch the movie multiple times and watch this video to get the real understanding about this movie, yet no one can give a direct answer what is the reality characters live in.
    Now think how hard and clever should someone should be to even come up with this idea. Leaving audience in a paradox. This movie should be appreciated so much more (now too late for that cuz its almost 10 year old) cuz if not no one would put this much of thought to a movie. We can see that from watching recent movies.

  • jack2525mic
    jack2525mic Day ago

    Oh wow 30 mins explain idk I give you a like lol.

  • Salar Abbas
    Salar Abbas 3 days ago

    I still don't know what happened 😒

  • mrhamode
    mrhamode 4 days ago

    In the beginning, Saito was the enemy and later on the helicopter he became friendly. I’m confused

  • Eric W.
    Eric W. 4 days ago

    Fight Club pls!

  • Boreo Shade
    Boreo Shade 5 days ago

    Also notice Arthur is fighting on the 5th floor homage to his number 5 dice totem

  • ricshmitzUK
    ricshmitzUK 5 days ago

    I only have 3 things to say:
    Great channel
    Great delivery
    Horrific cockney accent

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 6 days ago

    26:47 thats wht there's flat earthers

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang 6 days ago

    庄周梦蝶。Westerner has takes a lot from Asians and all the rest of the world.

  • Brandon Blackfrye
    Brandon Blackfrye 6 days ago

    You haven't done The Shinning yet? Are you kidding me!!

  • The Joker
    The Joker 7 days ago

    in the end, i think kobb was in look...his childs didnt grew up! they even wearing the same dress during the whole movie kobb last saw them wearing ...kobb was charged with his wifes murder and in the movie it was never mentioned how many year before ...lets assume its 2 kobbs childs wearing the same dress except for the shoes for 2 years? and they didnt grew up a little bit?

  • Captain Osmand
    Captain Osmand 9 days ago


  • Mayjah Con
    Mayjah Con 9 days ago

    Your dream of you and Thor beating your bully infront if his weeping children 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mayjah Con
    Mayjah Con 9 days ago

    Also Arthur’s scene whe he’s wresting in the rotating hotel hallway is in the fifth floor lol

  • Kyle Seeger
    Kyle Seeger 9 days ago

    This guys too much... A guys stumbles just like his totem, a loaded die... Okayyyy 🙄

  • Rob G's Gaming
    Rob G's Gaming 10 days ago

    Inception is just the American version of a Genjutsu lol

  • Wes DeKoda
    Wes DeKoda 10 days ago

    jesus this looked like a lot of work, well done.

  • JM Architecture
    JM Architecture 10 days ago +20

    The fact that we are still talking about INCEPTION proves why it’s one of the greatest movies EVER...

  • Toro Loco
    Toro Loco 11 days ago

    i completely forgot that chase was in mombasa. i live in kenya, that was not mombasa. looked middle eastern

  • Guy Sky
    Guy Sky 11 days ago

    Wouldn't his kids be older as well?

  • MM S
    MM S 13 days ago

    Do Donnie Darko please!

  • Zyran
    Zyran 13 days ago +1

    ez.. whatever you want to believe... he is or not or is or not ...his kids are still in the same clothes.. o O!

  • ηαєуα вαву
    ηαєуα вαву 13 days ago

    *You have tiny hands*

  • Jonathan wonday
    Jonathan wonday 14 days ago

    one of the best movies of all time

  • shane jett
    shane jett 16 days ago

    This was a great film. Almost at matrix 1 level. OK it's deeper, slightly more interesting, a bit stolen, more complex.
    I watched wi my best mate n wife. He was disturbed n complexed that after an hour, or towards the end, my only question was: what's wi the hot towels on the flight. Response: they are refreshing. Me: yea I don't really get it, but ok. Friend: after an hour that's ur only question? Me: seems strange, IDK. I guess in Europe it's colder or whatever. I don't see that it's refreshing. Friend n wife: really? (They seemed a little upset) I was quiet most of the movie..........
    Ok I didn't follow the film 100% with no questions and complete understanding, but it wasn't that complex. The hot towels on the plane was, apparently in my mind the most important question that needed answering.

  • Chris Dobson
    Chris Dobson 17 days ago

    Shes dead !

  • Schremmer
    Schremmer 17 days ago

    how christopher nolan & hans zimmer collaberated to produce the score for this film is nothing less than genius, the lyrics of the original composition and zimmer's take on it, provided a very suspensful, captivating experience for the viewer/listener which is still why this is one of my top 5 favourite films.

  • daysErlock
    daysErlock 17 days ago

    Arthur's on floor five when everything shifts but lands. It's the same number his dye lands on.

  • Wisdom Child
    Wisdom Child 17 days ago

    Groot at the end😂

  • The Legendary Q
    The Legendary Q 17 days ago

    Isn't it also similar to the Oceans Movies

  • SlackAlot
    SlackAlot 17 days ago +1

    Hey guys, DiCaprio's totem was never his own totem, it was his wife's. So it was never depicting what is real and what is not.
    Get educated. Get rekt.

    • SlackAlot
      SlackAlot 17 days ago +1


  • Arquitex Ingen
    Arquitex Ingen 19 days ago +1

    he's dreaming.
    Look the children's clothes, never changed. Mistery resolved.

    Reality is not an option. Give me my oscar

  • stratmad
    stratmad 20 days ago

    Incredible movie. Excellent break down

  • Azeraph
    Azeraph 21 day ago

    One of the greatest movies of the era.

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 21 day ago


  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 21 day ago

    That don’t have any answers

  • Chayne Team
    Chayne Team 22 days ago

    I think a dirty mutt off the street that loves its owner knows more about this movie than the owner him/herself.

  • Shaun Martinez
    Shaun Martinez 22 days ago

    Can you do one for shutter island?

  • Cynx 13
    Cynx 13 24 days ago

    this video was more intresting than movie it self for me

  • Christopher Ferrin
    Christopher Ferrin 24 days ago +1

    But what if the dream is not Cobb's and that is why he can not wake from it? What if Cobb is actually deceased and the dream is actually his children(s) and he is simply a projection?

  • Krystian Modrzejewski
    Krystian Modrzejewski 27 days ago

    Great Analysis! Thank you

  • Garrett Anderson
    Garrett Anderson 27 days ago

    Watch rick and morty its way simpler lol

  • Brandon Wyrsch
    Brandon Wyrsch 27 days ago +1

    This was beautifully done, I didn't realize there were so many levels to story telling and movie making. BRILLIANT!!!

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 28 days ago

    The best way they mind control us tbh

  • Richard Britton
    Richard Britton 29 days ago +1

    You can hear the top fall over during the credits

  • SadeemJabbaar - سديم الجبار

    Good work. Some deep insights and perspectives. Thank you

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez Month ago

    His kids were wearing the same thing and hadn’t aged. From a practical standpoint, he’s still in the dream. I like your interpretation better though.

  • CANALI Rodriguez
    CANALI Rodriguez Month ago

    I watched this movie once a week at least along with big trouble little China

  • nathan Carrasco
    nathan Carrasco Month ago

    Anagrams are stupid....but lets just included them anyway....

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist Month ago

    OMG a house on a CLIF

  • Tobechukwu Iloenyosi


  • die obenohnebohne
    die obenohnebohne Month ago

    Holy F, this video has blown my mind. Can’t handle it. So many levels. I am confused but happy.

  • Colin Lintereur
    Colin Lintereur Month ago

    Little nitpick at around 14:17, "in medias res" is not Greek but actually Latin although your translation was correct.

  • Josh Ranta
    Josh Ranta Month ago

    Wow I love this movie

  • Von Green
    Von Green Month ago

    Don't try to speak french, pls

  • Phil Küppers
    Phil Küppers Month ago

    "Youssef is an arabic version of Joseph" - You know that the bible mostly takes place in today's Iraq/Syria/Israel? :D Love your videos though, so interesting, entertaining/funny and well made!

  • Lisa Lilian
    Lisa Lilian Month ago

    in the song time by hans zimmer you also hear a heartbeat exactly every 60 seconds

  • Kasey Mixon
    Kasey Mixon Month ago

    One of my favorite movies

  • Whippin'
    Whippin' Month ago

    Anyone can hit me up with the brief explaination?

  • Jonathan Jay
    Jonathan Jay Month ago

    Everything is a meta coincidence these days lol. Things can't have been planned in a particular way with an overall aim in mind.