How to Save Trees and Forests?

  • Published on Dec 12, 2011
  • - A green initiative by Samsung Printers. Reduce the font size by 1 before printing. It is so easy and practical that each one of us can practice it in our daily lives to save our forests and ultimately our mother Earth.
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  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal Month ago

    you could just use recycled paper

  • Arvind Ramavat
    Arvind Ramavat 3 months ago

    Plant more trees and plants do save earth and our own life check out small message video from my side

  • भजनों की माला - Bhajno Ki Mala

    very nice video.
    i was looking for the same.
    thanks to you
    nice work
    super video
    i love it
    thanks to you...

  • AA Master of Mangos
    AA Master of Mangos Year ago +1

    The trees are like a life machine we protect them they give us food and wood for wepons and fires if stuck in a forest trees give us life we breethe oxygen we breathe out carbon dioxide (waste from oxygen) but plants take in carbon dioxide and brethe out oxygen we be dead without them and if your asking y i know this because i love earth youtube will not exist because in the past people made tools from wood to get stone to get iron and so on until now with out wood in the first place we couldnt use anything to get metals and irons to make phones and other stuff if i had a wish i would purify earth and change car fuel into electricity and destroy fuel and factory smoke

  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips 2 years ago

    A beautiful design and a great way to save our planet by creating awareness.

  • DivaDog15
    DivaDog15 2 years ago +5

    My school requires all projects to be in a specific font... So I'm gonna show them this video and then tell them they kill trees if they say no and I'll be all "SAVE THE TREES!"

  • Sonia Rahirant
    Sonia Rahirant 3 years ago

    That's true 😞😞😭😭😭

  • Jamison Bari
    Jamison Bari 3 years ago +2

    im doing same

  • Hazel and Innocent
    Hazel and Innocent 3 years ago +1

    I'd love to use this for my class presentation on 'save our earth'. I hope you'd let me and no worries, the credit will be yours :)

  • Ella Matilda
    Ella Matilda 3 years ago

    Great idea - I love it and fully support it.

  • fredmja97
    fredmja97 4 years ago

    no reason to stop cuting some forests down just re plant them not saying people shold chop down rain forests or trees that are like 500 years tho

  • RFarouk Farouk
    RFarouk Farouk 4 years ago

    Great Idea .. I try even more reduce paper work to the minimum - paperless work saves paper & trees as well

  • Ki3ron
    Ki3ron 5 years ago

    Great tune

    • Sophia Cai
      Sophia Cai Year ago

      hello..this is a video on TREES and u comment on the tune?

    HABHDAY 5 years ago

    GREAT IDEA! But don't forget recycling paper, save trees even faster.

  • _Dani_ 7
    _Dani_ 7 5 years ago

    good idea ;)

  • Javi Roman
    Javi Roman 6 years ago

    I liked the song... hahahaha #yay :)

  • gayushi
    gayushi 7 years ago

    nice idea

  • Ghada Essam
    Ghada Essam 7 years ago

    Wow, simple and clever

  • Ausdrucklos
    Ausdrucklos 7 years ago

    Here mouse is mightier than a chainsaw.

  • swatkat2009
    swatkat2009 7 years ago

    simply superb idea.......

  • Wiwat T
    Wiwat T 7 years ago

    Brilliant idea!

  • harfanmaula
    harfanmaula 7 years ago

    Now it's so simple to help the forests. A great and simple idea. I don't have to buy anything. I don't have to go to light any candle. It's so practical. Great!

  • Shobhit Mathur
    Shobhit Mathur 7 years ago

    What a BRILLIANT and a SIMPLE Idea. Each one of us can do our bit to save the disappearing forests without actually doing anything. I think this one is BIGGER than the Earth Hour! My request to all would be that if you like it, do share/forward/talk about it so that we can really save our forests!