Are You Smarter Than Average?

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
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    Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
    Written by: Rachel Salt
    Illustrated by: Max Simmons
    Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
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    White board animation, science video, Is the first born/oldest child the smartest, left handed more creative, breastfed vs. bottle fed which is better, are drug users smart, why smart kids do drugs, why smart kids drink, why are tall people higher earners, are tall people smarter, are virgins more smart, are anxious people smarter than average, dark sense of humor sign of intelligence, am i smarter than average, am i below average intelligence, what's my IQ?, will music lessons make my kid smart?, does smoking impact intelligence, am I smart?, smarter than average
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Comments • 10 543

  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill 3 hours ago

    The left handed thing is a very small sample size when compared to most studies

  • Black Red
    Black Red 8 hours ago

    I've never thought I would be this dumb....

  • Hattie Sauceda
    Hattie Sauceda 9 hours ago +1

    I love drugs

  • Carlos Renato Hertel
    Carlos Renato Hertel 10 hours ago

    Being smart is about perspective. You will always be smart compared to a fish.

  • The Misanthrope Channel

    Those variables are irrelevant, smart people have high concentration spans and high degrees of curiosity. Those are the factors that dictate your ability to learn. Whether they like to drink and take drugs or not is just personal preference.

  • WhiteTigress01
    WhiteTigress01 20 hours ago

    Well, first of all, I'm a night owl for sure cause I always sleep deprived and become more active at night. I'm really shorter, shorter than the average height. Then, I daydream a lot, like imagining myself in another universe, etc. I'm not a leftie and I don't take music lessons but I learn how to play guitar by myself. Umm... what else. Oh yeah, I'm definitely a virgin cause even I find it hard to approach people and make new friends. I'm not too sure if I'm smarter than average but I did quite well in school. That's what I think :)

  • Jm Pl
    Jm Pl Day ago

    The continent with the highest average iq has the shortest people , Asia .

  • unicorn Beth
    unicorn Beth 2 days ago

    My tall older breast feed and night owl junike left handed musical non smoking virgin brother found this video and now rubs it in my face that he's so so smart thanks

  • Shadow Cooper
    Shadow Cooper 2 days ago

    I did an IQ test (unsure of how accurate it was) and apparently I’ve got an IQ of 149... I’m a 14 year old girl.

  • NinjaLibs Werewolf
    NinjaLibs Werewolf 2 days ago

    2:11 so what happens if you're both mhmmm....

  • Lily Chase
    Lily Chase 2 days ago

    Pretty much everything but the left handed thing

  • Chapter Playz
    Chapter Playz 3 days ago

    Ooh you wanna know how smart I am? I once got a better grade then the smart kid on guessing BaBY! Hell ya!

  • sincere Smith
    sincere Smith 3 days ago

    The first one born is smarter because they have more experience

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 3 days ago

    I fit into all of them except I suck at music.

  • Helen
    Helen 3 days ago

    Is anyone else a night owl and an early bird idk what that’s called

  • Isa PM
    Isa PM 3 days ago

    I’m not alcoholic and I don’t plan to be

  • icecream
    icecream 3 days ago +2

    Intelligence is an important thing and these are big claims. Alarmingly you only gave one study as evidence for every claim you listed (though the virginity one did have different studies for different age groups but there is still no overlap to help solidify each study). And there are a lot of other things that you could link to many of these claims. Let’s start with the first one about height.There are many other very logical reasons why taller people are higher earners, so one study is especially little proof here. Plus which intelligence tests were they taking? You said tests plural were they taking more than one, or were they taking different tests (if they were taking different tests, that is a lot of variables)? How do we know that these tests are the best tests and that they aren’t specific to one area of intelligence. On the subject of breast vs. bottle feeding, the study was taken in Brazil which is a poor country, do we know wether or not the mothers could get good quality formula? Were all of the mothers using the same formula? Plus do we know why the mothers chose the feeding method that they did; maybe the formula mothers were poor so they didn’t have enough time to breast feed the babies, and they couldn’t take them to work to feed them when they had to and couldn’t afford a breast pump to make the to make the feeding easy enough to deal with and so that other people could feed the baby breast milk when she wasn’t there. If being poor did have a link to being more likely to bottle feed than that would explain the results because, being wealthy increases most of the stats that you measured there intelligence by (it increases both, educational income) (and while wealth doesn’t _totally_ controls these things it still has a *sizable* affect on these things no matter what your intellect is), meaning that it was really wealth not the method of feeding (or really intelligence in general). Plus there are many people who disagree with the idea that breast vs. bottle feeding impacts intelligence. On top of that some of the studies you sited were very small, such as the ones for the link between intelligence and rumination (which didn’t even have higher results in all categories of the test), and the one about righties vs. lefties. While you did slap a correlation does not equal causation on the end there, you did not put enough emphasis on it, instead encouraging the viewer to use these methods and “*see* *how* *you* *stack *up*”. Intelligence is an important thing and so we need to put up both sides of the argument when we talk about how we think it works.
    I’m not trying to hate for no reason, I really do like this channel, but I feel like this is a one sided look at this information and they were selling it as more solid than it is, which bothers me at a moral level so I felt that I needed to provide the counter argument.

  • neyan
    neyan 3 days ago

    so the only things that would make me smarter is my drinking, not sleeping at night and being a virgin...

  • Beckett W. Koontz
    Beckett W. Koontz 4 days ago

    I’m ambidextrous so 12.5 our of 13 iq is 146

  • Indian Mapper
    Indian Mapper 4 days ago

    Them: Tall people are smarter.
    Me: *_A R E Y O U S U R E A B O U T T H A T_*

  • JustArneVlogs
    JustArneVlogs 4 days ago

    im 12 years old and a few months and my lengts is about 164 CM

  • LaunchedPond21
    LaunchedPond21 4 days ago +1

    All and this makes me doubt a lot

  • happy person
    happy person 4 days ago

    I fit into none of them, but I have won different mathematics competitions, um did u forget hard work
    Or am I an alien?!?!?!

  • Waddle21
    Waddle21 5 days ago

    I'm smury

  • GabbyGaming 06
    GabbyGaming 06 5 days ago

    1. Used to be lefty (because my third grade teacher told my it was unnatural for a kid to a lefty so I taught myself to be a righty)
    2. I’m the oldest
    3. I’m taller than some kids that are my age

  • Dante Dömer
    Dante Dömer 5 days ago

    Omg 12/13

  • Anna Catagnus
    Anna Catagnus 5 days ago

    I’m ambidextrous though.

  • stealthheartocarina z

    I broke the majority of these rules 🙃

  • Koo Koo Kid
    Koo Koo Kid 6 days ago

    I’m prety smart I think

  • Meteor Mash
    Meteor Mash 6 days ago

    11/13 HOW???
    Right, dunning-kruger effect

  • Thomas FIFA20
    Thomas FIFA20 6 days ago

    12/13 and my IQ is 167

    AAXNZH 6 days ago +2

    My iq is 157 lol im 14

    • AAXNZH
      AAXNZH 3 days ago

      IcE.CreAm tnx

    • IcE.CreAm
      IcE.CreAm 3 days ago +2

      aay damn. Since your so young my advise to you is to work on your manipulation skills. Definitely will help you later on especially with a high iq

    • zeen silver
      zeen silver 5 days ago

      AAXNZH nice

  • David E
    David E 6 days ago +1

    I was an early bird and a night owl but now I am getting more sleep.

  • i like waffles
    i like waffles 7 days ago

    I'm so smart that I end up watching videos like this often.

  • lars 24567
    lars 24567 7 days ago +1

    negative for almost all of these things but iq is 128 lol

  • Magic Wooter
    Magic Wooter 7 days ago

    Pretty much all except the booze

  • Rockswamp28
    Rockswamp28 7 days ago

    If night owls are so smart, then why do all the most successful leaders of today swear by starting the day early and getting to bed early (early meaning not late for me)

  • dude who likes dinosuars

    I avoided this video on purpose...

    Edit: I’m starter than I thought.

  • Rudy Guzman
    Rudy Guzman 8 days ago

    What if I’m ambidextrous with hands and feet, does that make me smarter?

  • Disney Lioness [ Semi Hiatus ]

    Am I smart?

    I’m not that good at areas, perimeters, stuff like that in math. But I’m really understand multipcation, decimals, adding, subtracting, units of length, units of measure stuff like that. I’m good at memorizing. I’m beautiful in spelling, amazing in reading, awesome in history, pretty good in science, beautiful in Religon.
    So comment below am I smart
    My IQ is 110 - 120 I think? And I’m only 11. So that’s kinda above average.

  • Kermit’s Forgotten Sister

    playbuzz quizzes i take, say im smart, soooo, im very smart :)

  • Bethany Fisher
    Bethany Fisher 9 days ago +1

    Well that means I’m dumb cause I’m 4’11??

  • Fadia Cila
    Fadia Cila 9 days ago


  • Nate Hall
    Nate Hall 10 days ago

    0:05 inconceivable

  • EthanDoezWhatever.
    EthanDoezWhatever. 10 days ago

    Well, I can’t tell now if I’m smart or not, Im 6 ft have the biggest forehead in my family I do occasionally like some boos and I can draw, sculpt sketch, animate in 2D, video edit, and play the piano, but I mostly play it by ear, I’m also a virgin, I’m the oldest sibling, I was breast fed. Other than that the rest of the stuff you mentioned I don’t poses so I’m not really sure if I’m smart or not, in public school I failed so badly that they considered me dumb and or even unteachable, so I’m not sure. Plus I don’t have a very huge vocabulary.

  • Eleazar Moraru
    Eleazar Moraru 10 days ago +4

    where are my lefties at? ;)

  • Harry davis
    Harry davis 10 days ago

    I fitted into all of them🎉🎉

  • Da squirrel
    Da squirrel 10 days ago

    My gf is left handed and shes very smart but I’m taller then her

  • Isobel Avis
    Isobel Avis 10 days ago +1

    12/13 am right handed.

  • Ben Piercy
    Ben Piercy 10 days ago +1

    I'm a night owl. I'm watching this at 12:04 am!

    SPIDER-SQUAD :J.R. 11 days ago


  • Firestar Rusty
    Firestar Rusty 11 days ago

    My friend is shorter than me and she is smarter, cooler, and has better grades than me. 😐

  • Daniel Rinehart
    Daniel Rinehart 11 days ago

    With the siblings... since they’re younger, won’t they have a lower IQ?

  • Walking Water
    Walking Water 11 days ago

    I own a meme page which imediately makes me 1000 x's smarter than the averge person!

  • Kill Yourself
    Kill Yourself 11 days ago

    Every tall person in my school is dumber than me... I'm in top set for everything with all the taller people are in like set 3-6

  • Definitely not one of Justin Y.'s bots.

    One specific lefty i've known is a non-creative, egotistic, superficial smartass.

  • TheElementalSponges
    TheElementalSponges 12 days ago

    My mom hates my sense of humor being darker than the blackest coffee but I guess I’m more intelligent than her. LOOOOOL

  • Ham Mitt
    Ham Mitt 12 days ago

    Just remember that IQ doesn't always mean someone is smarter. It isn't the greatest way of testing intelligence.

  • phung tran
    phung tran 13 days ago

    **deep breath**
    I think I might be smarter than average due to the IQ tests I took. The score was usually between 110-130 IQ points.

  • If you don't eat your Jam Cold I dont want to talk.

    When you heavily Fit all except the music and Left handed, BUUUUUUT,
    I love music even if I don't play it, and speak so much better than other kids (And read). And I May be right handed but everyone I know says I'm creative, Maybe not in art, but Design (The difference being I don't draw but I build)

  • SoniaK Mk
    SoniaK Mk 13 days ago

    +AsapSCIENCE how can talk about verbal intelligence when linguistic development is shown as a capacity on it's one that isn't depending on our cognitive resources? Like the williams syndrome, they have a high verbal/linguistic development but a really low IQ. Or the case of Genie and savants for example.

  • SoniaK Mk
    SoniaK Mk 13 days ago

    @AsapSCIENCE how can talk about verbal intelligence when linguistic development is shown as a capacity on it's one that isn't depending on our cognitive resources? Like the williams syndrome, they have a high verbal/linguistic development but a really low IQ. Or the case of Genie and savants for example.

  • Eric Decamps
    Eric Decamps 13 days ago

    I used to love drinking but now my brain just refuses to let my body drinks or eat something that will harm it. I thought that was a sign of being clever.

  • Littleredbull 127
    Littleredbull 127 15 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the reason higher intelligence leads to drinking is the smarter you are the more depress you get. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

  • Phi Edits
    Phi Edits 15 days ago

    I didn't follow any of those categories yet I'm smart :/

  • The First Dog Ever
    The First Dog Ever 15 days ago +1

    Yeah, my overall iq is 132 (im not bragging keep reading) but i act like my iq is around 70.

  • al u
    al u 15 days ago

    Can you do "are you stronger than the average?"

  • Wardius Games
    Wardius Games 15 days ago

    I am watching this video and think about my way of living and i am starting to be really happy, lol

  • Luuk Theuws
    Luuk Theuws 15 days ago

    I Can relate to everything he said. I’m just shit at mathematics. The rest i’m pretty descent and i’m very good at history.

  • Elias Piirainen
    Elias Piirainen 16 days ago

    ...i day dream, alot.

  • justcxsey
    justcxsey 16 days ago

    11/13 (not left-handed, don't do drugs or alcohol)

  • uyiuit
    uyiuit 16 days ago

    Everyone is smart in their own way.

  • Leyna Kim Nguyen
    Leyna Kim Nguyen 17 days ago

    0:29 0:40
    Comparing me and my older brother I don't think so. (I was the only one bottle fed.)

  • Mr. Lightning Man
    Mr. Lightning Man 17 days ago

    I don’t think the smoking thing is reliable it may honestly be a result of the smarter people knowing that smoking is bad while the others don’t

  • Lieutenant Nomad
    Lieutenant Nomad 17 days ago +1

    I day dream alot!

  • Magzie Wheeler
    Magzie Wheeler 17 days ago

    Watching this at like twelve am: night people are smart. YES!

  • Silveonosupo
    Silveonosupo 17 days ago


    My shot


  • softlano
    softlano 17 days ago


  • softlano
    softlano 17 days ago

    the drugs and alcohol one isn’t true.

  • Arcane Wisdom TV
    Arcane Wisdom TV 17 days ago

    I fit almost all. But I'm only 5' 7".

  • DerpSquad Gaming
    DerpSquad Gaming 17 days ago

    I would say either 9/13 or 10/13

  • Capt Reed
    Capt Reed 18 days ago

    9/13 not Drug user, not Leftie, not Worried, never tried Music Class/Lesson.

  • Dimple Lachica
    Dimple Lachica 18 days ago

    I'm left handed

  • Yash Srivastava
    Yash Srivastava 18 days ago

    A problem with a lot of these ideas theyre putting forth is that they're based on correlation which does not imply causation. There could be confounding variables not being accounted for

  • Lilith B.
    Lilith B. 18 days ago

    I wonder how I got higher grades than people taller than me...

  • Kuledood543
    Kuledood543 18 days ago

    IQ points of...
    Average Person: Around 112
    Stephen Hawking: 160
    Einstein: 160
    People who think Rick and Morty increases your IQ: -13

  • Y THO
    Y THO 19 days ago

    I'm so smart, I saw the the video is 420 seconds long.

  • Jennifer Cruz
    Jennifer Cruz 19 days ago

    I am so smart I am currently watching this at 3:02 am

  • grellboy175
    grellboy175 19 days ago

    Also my friend Zach is 6:4 and is dumber that a box a rocks. No offense Zach it your out there

  • grellboy175
    grellboy175 19 days ago

    I am a 7th grader in a 10th grade class. My school gave me a Iq test and it is 167.

  • TeMiE
    TeMiE 19 days ago

    I’m taller then most of my friends, but I still have pretty bad grades ;-;

  • Vibhor Tiwari
    Vibhor Tiwari 19 days ago


  • Irina Voicu
    Irina Voicu 19 days ago

    an apple a day
    you die anyway

  • Zema Khondoker
    Zema Khondoker 19 days ago

    Day Dreaming is the worst honestly. Like u can’t even concentrate in class even if u want too. I even went to a psychiatrist who told me dat the reason Is bc my Iq is higher than average but I don want a high Iq if I can’t put it to use coz neither can I concentrate in class, neither at home. I mean once, I studied 1 page within 10 hrs bc I think bout other things so much even if I don want too

  • SalCos
    SalCos 19 days ago

    Im leftie am tall i daydream im get pretty good grades not all A and i have 120 iq. 100 is avarage in the world. I did my iq test at idk if there is gonna be a link there...

  • Narwhal Ocean
    Narwhal Ocean 20 days ago

    you realize your also discriminating against short peeps
    iqs mean nothing compared to creativity. there was a story about a small boy who took the test and failed a question because it said- What colour is an apple but the boy had only seen the green apples. like seriously they exist!

  • Sour Shark
    Sour Shark 20 days ago

    12 / 13 just not tall and i got straight A's soo yeah

  • Indra Otsusuki
    Indra Otsusuki 20 days ago

    Well this is all statistics which most are false I am the shortest one in my grade but also above average in grades.

  • Max Cosic
    Max Cosic 20 days ago

    Average height, don't do drugs/smoke/consume alcohol, youngest sibiling, right handed, don't play musical instrument and still have an IQ of 135. Those are just stats not facts

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung 21 day ago

    The picture...I used to find this like that funny, but my peers hated it so I started to dislike it also..