Are You Smarter Than Average?

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
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    Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
    Written by: Rachel Salt
    Illustrated by: Max Simmons
    Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
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    Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
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Comments • 8 387

  • Troll Gamer
    Troll Gamer Hour ago

    I were expecting a test

  • JoshSaysStuff
    JoshSaysStuff 2 hours ago

    Guys, don't worry about any of this. Half of it is a matter of correlation vs. causation; but more importantly, how successful and intelligent you are is up to you. It's not natively determined. Intelligence is far more about open-mindedness, thoughtfulness, willingness to learn, and the ability to correct yourself than anything. Yes, there are certain factors that affect your ability to succeed, but like I said, those can be superseded.
    Don't buy into arbitrary numbers or tests that are limited by the extent of their own determination. If you want to be smart, be smart. Work hard. Learn, be wrong, correct yourself, and always improve. The idea of objective intelligence is pretty flimsy anyway, so just do your best and forget about what certain correlations claim about you.

  • Helene Hansen
    Helene Hansen 3 hours ago

    There’s a thing that’s been bothering me about math. How come 0/0 is undefined? I mean wouldn’t nothing divided by nothing be nothing? Or is there some physics related reason behind it? I just don’t how it can make logical sense that nothing divided by nothing isn’t nothing.

  • House Phone
    House Phone 6 hours ago

    I fit all these except I'm short and right handed

  • Icalasari
    Icalasari 7 hours ago

    Matched not much of it, but I still passed tests pretty flawlessly and shown overall creativity and intelligence
    Guess I'm an outlier to an extent

  • Nevermeltice
    Nevermeltice 16 hours ago

    The thing you said about Correlation at the end was perhaps the most important thing!

  • Niva Pradhan
    Niva Pradhan 17 hours ago

    i already knew i was dumb...and this just proved it...

  • Claire The Pugtato
    Claire The Pugtato 17 hours ago

    Yay I'm a leftie and I take piano! Also when I was little I used to be a bothie, dunno what happened.

  • Erin Hong
    Erin Hong 18 hours ago

    Rip I’m short and the youngest one in the family

  • Aminul Hussain
    Aminul Hussain 18 hours ago

    I can't see how dark humor is funny.

  • David
    David 19 hours ago

    so basically everyone is smarter than average

  • Nick Schmid
    Nick Schmid 20 hours ago +1

    What did they use to create this video

  • Rizul Dahiya
    Rizul Dahiya 20 hours ago

    God I'm a genius😂😂

  • makeupby nonni
    makeupby nonni 20 hours ago

    I fitted into at least 5 catorgory I was breast feed I'm left handed I'm the oldest sibling (out of 4 kids) and I want to drink even though I'm smart and only 12

  • Liezel Ga
    Liezel Ga 21 hour ago +1

    3:23 I love the voice crack. 😂

  • skipjack91
    skipjack91 22 hours ago

    Hey I do drugs! I'm smart!

  • I draw Things
    I draw Things Day ago

    I fit in all of them and I'm always the overachiever in the class man I love science

  • 21 EJs
    21 EJs Day ago

    i ve got all of them except the drug

  • Brendan Cleaver
    Brendan Cleaver Day ago

    @asapscience Hey, I went to buy a T-Shirt, but it said the campaign is already over, but the video says 2 weeks!!! How do I buy a shirt??? I want the long-sleeve, baseball shirt!!! Size Men's Medium!!!

  • gregory 5666
    gregory 5666 Day ago

    Lol I️ have all the perks for being smart but I’m a retard

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Day ago

    I am left hander with iq 120 I think I am average (or below average)?

    999K views Day ago

    I know my IQ and none of this is true this video is idiotic


    Im 21 years old virgin, y'all can start calling me Isaac Newton

  • Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park Day ago

    What. An. Idiot.

  • Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park Day ago

    Why you when I get my hands on you I'm gonna use your head for a bucket an paint my walls with your brain

  • Sophia Shmoop
    Sophia Shmoop Day ago

    The only thing in my favor is night owl...

  • Killjoys! At The Disco

    I'm a straight A student, I'm short, was bottle fed, and I'm not the oldest sibling, I'm the middle sibling. Soooo..

  • Alex Oparaoji
    Alex Oparaoji Day ago

    **See Rick and Morty

  • BradKozy
    BradKozy Day ago +1

    I was getting everything until left handed after that i was going downhill :(

  • Ramon Animator
    Ramon Animator Day ago

    This video is 420

  • Caroline Hoak
    Caroline Hoak Day ago

    Welp. I guess im a genius. Take that mom! Even with your horridness, the senate knows the truth.

  • Hemanth SG
    Hemanth SG Day ago

    asians are smarter and shorter

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit Day ago

    I'm tall, oldest sibling, alcoholic and night owl. So I'm basically a genius.

  • Audrey Kuntz
    Audrey Kuntz Day ago

    I fit into all of the categories except for two and I'm 11 and have an IQ score of over 200

  • Audrey Kuntz
    Audrey Kuntz Day ago

    The test didn't work on you. They call it Divergent.

  • MusicPerson 304
    MusicPerson 304 Day ago

    For the first half of the video I thought I was stupid and for the second half I thought I was smart...Then again I felt stupid just for even clicking on the video to validate my intelligence so... there's that

  • Mahmudur Rahman
    Mahmudur Rahman Day ago

    one of the guy talks like sodomites. sorry for the offence. you make good videos

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire Day ago

    cool, I fit in all of those....I don't feel bad anymore for my alcohol consumption ✌️😄

  • Dog boy
    Dog boy Day ago

    I don't know my IQ but since I'm dyslexic I got a lot of them right and dyslexic people are proven to be more intelligent than normal people and I'm a virgin

    I'm a kid

  • QuacklQuacks
    QuacklQuacks Day ago

    I am the youngest of my family I was breast fed and I am a lefty but mot very creative butI am really smart though? Is this a problem?

  • Trinity Brooks
    Trinity Brooks Day ago

    I got lucky.Im left handed😂😂😂Anyways 13/13 match me

  • Mahasin Asim
    Mahasin Asim 2 days ago +1

    I am right handed I like art I play piano.....

  • tetot baldonaza
    tetot baldonaza 2 days ago

    My left handed classmate is so good at art.

  • Ben Zmitty
    Ben Zmitty 2 days ago +1

    I fit into all these categories but no one will believe me because it's the Internet. (I'm not lying I swear on everything I own.) ❤️

  • oli godendrocyte
    oli godendrocyte 2 days ago

    IQ has a 15 point error range... a full standard deviation

  • PaigeyyRebecca_xo
    PaigeyyRebecca_xo 2 days ago

    I fit into 10 categories... Time to send my application to Harvard lol

  • Chase Peters
    Chase Peters 2 days ago

    My friend is 2 inches taller that me and hes an idiot

  • Kegan Zulliger
    Kegan Zulliger 2 days ago

    you have not done the reaserch that iq test was invented for children the inventer tried to let people know that the test is not show how smart you are and it was a different person who told people to take it to see if there smart so the iq test is not good way to test smarts and people with high iq just go into a field of study that suits there strengths doesn't have anything to do with if they will be successful or not

  • Winflux
    Winflux 2 days ago

    I'm short but I'm expected A+ in everything

  • michael Daley
    michael Daley 2 days ago

    not going to be smarter than average if you watch TVclip vids to see if you're smarter than average instead of studying.

  • Jasminka Tanner
    Jasminka Tanner 2 days ago

    I _am_ super tall and I'd like to think I'm smarter than average..

  • B3TA _botz
    B3TA _botz 2 days ago

    10/13 with it of %2 percent

  • Madeline Thompson
    Madeline Thompson 2 days ago

    The video is 4:20 long

  • Sarah Shafique
    Sarah Shafique 2 days ago

    I'm not smart 😂☺️☺️

  • L
    L 2 days ago

    "Tall people are smarter"
    Me, at a whopping 4' 11”: shit..
    "Oldest siblings are smarter"
    Me, the youngest of 3 siblings: shit..
    "Night owls are smarter"
    Me: fINALLY

  • Ford Simpson
    Ford Simpson 2 days ago

    When you listen to him say the firstborn has a higher IQ but remember your older sister was stillborn.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven


  • Karl Elders
    Karl Elders 2 days ago

    ....They all lied to me growing up...

  • Aiden Riley
    Aiden Riley 2 days ago

    I'm just shit at math.

  • syeda sumbul ghias
    syeda sumbul ghias 2 days ago

    12/13, no left handed.

    • Syed Balkhi
      Syed Balkhi Day ago

      11/13 sorry I am a kid so no drinking 13-1=12 and not a lefty, 12-1=11

  • Kira Still Cant Draw

    I’m in gate (ap) and I have the highest grades in the school and I only scored 3/13 very incorrect. Sorry

  • science cam
    science cam 2 days ago

    3:38 he a fufu boy. Thats tuff!!!!!!

  • See What I Did There?

    I'm the oldest sibling, I do drink alcohol, I've smoked marijuana among other drugs, I'm a night owl, I constantly daydream, I played the trumpet as a child, I do not smoke any tobacco products anymore, and I was a virgin until the year after I graduated high school. How do I think I fair? I think I'm average.

  • Lovely Tigress
    Lovely Tigress 2 days ago

    "Savanna IQ Interaction Hypothesis"
    No, it's probably because they're depressed.

  • SilverDoe
    SilverDoe 2 days ago

    "Tall people are smart" *is extremely short* "oldest siblings usually smarter" *is also youngest* well this made me feel great

  • Pankaj Pal
    Pankaj Pal 2 days ago

    thank god he mentioned correlation and causation at the end Or I would have disliked the video.

  • BoyBlaze2002
    BoyBlaze2002 2 days ago +1

    Me personally, I believe that the only reason why I have above average intelligence, is because I read a lot of books coming up. I was reading on the 5th grade reading level when I was only in the first grade. My ability to retain knowledge, was astonishing at my young age, and I was very inquisitive too. What can I say, I was always interested in learning. Science and history were always my favorite subjects. I also scored a 2280 on my SAT test out of 2400 which was the perfect score back then. I was upset and not at all satisfied with my score, but I left it alone. One of my many flaws is my hand writing, it's atrocious and very sloppy. It's barely readable, but my grades and always being an honor roll student were contrasting factors. I can't write in cursive either, I suck. LOLZ!!!! I loved this video.

  • Ex-Muslim Libertarian Atheist

    Magic mushrooms are not harmful to the human body. Research shows that about 30 mg of shrooms actually help with depression, PTSD and other mental disorders for months after consumption.
    They're even known to increase intelligence and open mindedness.

  • Miguel Morais
    Miguel Morais 2 days ago


  • Nikola Ristic
    Nikola Ristic 2 days ago

    Im the smartest in my class and I got 2 things "right"

  • Alan Duncan
    Alan Duncan 2 days ago +1

    RIP. I'm a 5'4" dude.

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill 2 days ago

    6K dumb people gave thumbs down. Haha!

  • weezerwookie
    weezerwookie 2 days ago

    I'm 6'1'', eldest of 3, used lots of drugs and booze, virgin til 20s, breast fed til 18 mo, night owl, anxious person, left eye dominant, got in trouble for day dreaming, choir boy, black humorist,

  • Mo'nique Burton
    Mo'nique Burton 2 days ago

    Well I enjoy playing pianos but after watching this video I believe I go ahead a enroll again 😊

  • Eleazar Moraru
    Eleazar Moraru 2 days ago

    Where is my lefties squad ? 😄

  • AllStarFlamePepito
    AllStarFlamePepito 2 days ago +1

    that's insane

  • Bonnie x
    Bonnie x 2 days ago

    I'm a lefty woop

  • Sundroid
    Sundroid 2 days ago +1

    I litirally have all of these traits, oh, except the intelligence bit.

  • Sole Soul
    Sole Soul 2 days ago

    Where my 20+ year old virgins at? VIRGIN SQUAD, ASSEMBLE!

  • Sole Soul
    Sole Soul 2 days ago

    So all of Africa is smarter than everyone? Got it.

  • Banana Bleach
    Banana Bleach 2 days ago

    I got 12/13.

  • Campan Claudiu
    Campan Claudiu 2 days ago +1

    All smart people from my school are short. This is because they are sitting in front of the class and they're paying attention to the class. When tall people are sitting in the back of the class and they're talking stupid things and laughting, but I'm not saying that you can't be smart if you're tall.

  • Yisus
    Yisus 2 days ago

    I fit into most of these.
    I just don't drink and i'm not a virgin :'

  • soccer shooter11
    soccer shooter11 2 days ago

    I am short, 3rd oldest sibling, bottle fed, I don't drink, I don't do any drugs, and I am right handed. I must be one of the dumbest people alive according to this video lol

  • Michael D'Augustine
    Michael D'Augustine 2 days ago

    I used to be a smoker. Now that I've quit, I feel much less constant stress and anxiety which likely contributes to my ability to maintain attention and focus. I don't "need" that smoke to calm down, because I'm not feeling the withdrawals from nicotine every four hours.

  • hadi erturk
    hadi erturk 2 days ago +2

    Clearly the people behind this video aren't very smart.

  • witheringarc5
    witheringarc5 2 days ago

    I'm already 190cm tall, with the age of 15

  • witheringarc5
    witheringarc5 2 days ago


  • Eldar Iskanderov
    Eldar Iskanderov 2 days ago

    3:18 error: image unprocessable

  • Pig Game
    Pig Game 2 days ago

    Literally watched this on the news.

  • Freddi
    Freddi 2 days ago

    Thumbnail is so Sexist

  • Geo_krit
    Geo_krit 2 days ago +21

    An IQ is not a proper way to measure someones smartness, some people are better at different subjects than others, for example, someone could be better at science than math, but another person could be better at math than science.

    • Earthling1984
      Earthling1984 6 hours ago +1

      Cthulwho? It's all about common sense and learned knowledge. IQ tests are actually easy. They don't ask anything too hard, like super complicated calculus. It's more problem solving and cognitive skills. Some people just aren't able to understand things as well as others.

    • Cthulwho?
      Cthulwho? 10 hours ago

      They are very dependent on determination

    • Earthling1984
      Earthling1984 Day ago +2

      Hawking_BC Using your brain expands its power. So school does help, but, we are born with genetics too. Math, science, writing, etc. make our minds think in new ways. This gives us reasoning and ways of thinking. So school actually does grow your intelligence a lot. So does all social interactions, reading, whatever uses your brain. Some people can progress further than others. But, not going to school or trying to learn anything would make even the best genetically configured brain turn into a dumb adult.

    • Hawking_BC
      Hawking_BC Day ago

      Well school subjects don't really have much to do with intelligence either

  • azmanabdula
    azmanabdula 2 days ago

    *Playing constantly in my head*
    "You're the best!
    Nothing's gonna ever keep you down
    You're the Best!
    Nothing's gonna ever keep you down
    You're the Best!
    Nothing's gonna ever keep you down"

  • Winter Peak613
    Winter Peak613 2 days ago

    My iq is not high but not good my S.A.T’s is not bad and I don’t smoke

  • Kathy the Fangirl
    Kathy the Fangirl 2 days ago

    So I am dump?

  • Azmeri Liza
    Azmeri Liza 3 days ago +1

    if tall people are smarter, is the tallest man in the world the smartest?

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 3 days ago

    Alright, so I'm really stupid, nice to know. I always thought I was a bit over the average but now I know that the real reason why I always fail math is my stupidity, nice to know.

  • busting booty
    busting booty 3 days ago

    Tbh youre probably smarter than average if you didnt click on this video.

  • ZJC productions
    ZJC productions 3 days ago

    I watch rick and morty these factors don't matter

  • The Last Cuber
    The Last Cuber 3 days ago +1

    dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it.