Snack Wars: Tom Holland Aka Spider-Man Eating British And American Snacks

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • Spider-Man actor Tom Holland faced his toughest challenge yet when LADbible asked him to choose between US and UK snack foods.
    Avengers: Infinity War is out in cinemas 26 April.
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Comments • 17 827

  • Kayden Williams
    Kayden Williams 36 minutes ago

    I had no idea be had a accent

  • GingerNinja15 C.
    GingerNinja15 C. 21 hour ago

    How do you not like cheese?!?!?!

  • Yenba 497
    Yenba 497 Day ago

    Why would you give him black licorice for his first try

  • elena wir
    elena wir Day ago

    the only snack there is he

  • ItsOkBugaboo
    ItsOkBugaboo 2 days ago

    *me: watches to see my beautiful baby*

    *Tom: cusses*

    *Me: i- I’ve never loved u so much*

  • Kiki Afentoulis
    Kiki Afentoulis 2 days ago

    He's too beautiful to swear. Tom, no swearing.

  • Sr. Supreme
    Sr. Supreme 2 days ago

    I don’t get how people hate root beer maybe they’re drinking trash brands but the root beer I drink is and forever will be delicious.

  • StoB iT BtS T-T
    StoB iT BtS T-T 3 days ago

    You know he's still sucking ( ;
    On the toxic waste

  • Anna Salmon
    Anna Salmon 4 days ago

    one question

    where are the monster munch?

  • John Peanut
    John Peanut 4 days ago

    People say he never got his toxic waste

  • Izstarlight moon gacha

    Im excited to see avengers endgame

  • kawaii gaara gaara
    kawaii gaara gaara 5 days ago

    A snacc eating snack

  • Equines Are Us
    Equines Are Us 5 days ago

    Ooo I luv flipping Jaffa cakes 😩😂🥰

  • TheCriminalViolin
    TheCriminalViolin 5 days ago

    Picking a sausage roll over a heartattack in the form of a goddamn donut? WHAT KIND OF MASOCHIST ARE YOU THOMAS!?!!

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A 5 days ago

    Help!!!!! 🇨🇰Vs🇱🇷

  • Tom&JamesDoStuff :D
    Tom&JamesDoStuff :D 5 days ago +1

    “That’s fu-“
    “That’s disgusting”
    “Wait, I can swear?”
    “That’s fucking disgusting”
    *-Tom Holland 2018*

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 6 days ago


  • That gay friend Hello


  • Nevaeh Sibbritt
    Nevaeh Sibbritt 6 days ago

    I DonT reALly LiKE chESsE alL tHat MucH - Tom Holland

  • Mattea Rhea
    Mattea Rhea 6 days ago

    Who doesn't like cheese? 😂

  • Malec LightBane
    Malec LightBane 7 days ago +1

    Omg Why is he so cute even when he cusses and then British snacks win I agree
    Who else does

  • Rebecca Richards
    Rebecca Richards 7 days ago

    Really? Of all the candies you give him licorice?

  • Porky PK
    Porky PK 7 days ago


  • geniusfollower
    geniusfollower 7 days ago

    Tony Stark's shopping list for this week, after this video:
    Blue WKD
    Toxic Waste
    Sausage Rolls
    Jaffa Cakes
    Throw out cheese #IronDadAndSpiderSon

  • Mari Am
    Mari Am 7 days ago

    “Congratulations for Britain for winning the snack wars challenge” 😂😂😂 i Don’t know I find this really hilarious 😂

  • Neisan lol
    Neisan lol 7 days ago +1

    2:45 the funny thing is he sounds like Wallace right here but then he says he doesn't really like cheese

  • Morrison is savage
    Morrison is savage 8 days ago

    Tom:”I can swear can’t I”
    Me:”don’t you dare”
    Also Tom:”that’s f#cking disgusting
    I am still laughing😂😂😂

  • Vortex 69
    Vortex 69 8 days ago

    Who likes root beer I like root beer

  • athena dahlstrom
    athena dahlstrom 8 days ago

    I love how he says he can swear and he gets censored, thats just wow.

  • Oliver The marshan
    Oliver The marshan 9 days ago

    Root beer is the best

  • AK5786
    AK5786 9 days ago

    The cheese part...he was the perfect man up until that.

  • NotEtorr15
    NotEtorr15 9 days ago

    Asks "Can i keep this? (Toxic Waste)" and procceds to give it to the team of LADbible

  • Ekin Peksen
    Ekin Peksen 9 days ago +1

    Why am I rewatching this like for the 100th time

  • hung nguyen
    hung nguyen 9 days ago

    literally chose the most ass American snacks wtf

  • R S
    R S 9 days ago +1

    Tom I love you and your spider-man character

  • Jacob Underwood
    Jacob Underwood 9 days ago +1

    Okay, they gotta redo the Percy Jackson movies starring Tom Holland this time.

  • Emily Walsh
    Emily Walsh 9 days ago

    i thought he was american

  • Itstherealme
    Itstherealme 9 days ago

    Root beer is so good

  • Kaelyn Sim
    Kaelyn Sim 9 days ago +1

    The way he says “thank you” at 1:40 is so cute

  • Nancy Massi
    Nancy Massi 9 days ago

    jaffa cakes are bomb

  • Grumpytoes 99
    Grumpytoes 99 9 days ago

    The fuck is nandos

    • SaladMan
      SaladMan 3 days ago

      A British restaurant it’s soooo nice

  • Natasha Roselli
    Natasha Roselli 10 days ago

    Tom: I can swear can I, that's f***ing disgusting :o

  • Best Vines of all time

    Ever noticed the UK wins 9 times out of 10

  • YouLook SoYummy
    YouLook SoYummy 10 days ago

    *"Facking disgusting"*
    *"Ho"* (saying with out the T)

    Typical British accent.

  • Jeremy Capurihan
    Jeremy Capurihan 10 days ago

    It's my first time hearing him cussing

  • Sian Greenwood
    Sian Greenwood 10 days ago +1


  • Chaslyn Wheeler
    Chaslyn Wheeler 10 days ago

    Cries in American

  • SpinoGaming
    SpinoGaming 10 days ago +1

    To those who are surprised that Tom is swearing: He’s and adult... he’s like 20 or 21, I’m not sure cuz I’m from 2020 right now.
    Edit: He WAS like 20 or 21*

  • ShockoDog1234
    ShockoDog1234 10 days ago +1

    Legend says he still has that toxic waste...................................

  • SupportingPewdiepie 2Win


  • h_artandstuff
    h_artandstuff 11 days ago

    Water powers are the best

  • Gam1ng Assass1n
    Gam1ng Assass1n 11 days ago

    *That's disgusting*

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 11 days ago

    No one likes black lickerishus 🥒

  • Fressivoir
    Fressivoir 12 days ago

    Lol Toxic waste isn't America

  • Aiysha Ali
    Aiysha Ali 12 days ago

    I love how a Tom Holland is a British man and is trying British and American snacks and he only seems to like the British snacks😂😂 it's pretty self explanatory as to what he's gonna choose between the two anyways the american snacks they chose don't stand a chance

  • Andrew lon
    Andrew lon 12 days ago

    What is death juice?

  • Supernatural3Fan
    Supernatural3Fan 12 days ago

    Tom cursing is the most adorable thing. 😂
    And apparently he’s anti-Twinkie’s 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Yung _s
    Yung _s 12 days ago

    Im a brit yh and im even shocked at how he could call Twinkie’s disgusting way better than jaffa cakes

    • Andromeda
      Andromeda 9 days ago

      Twinkies are meh, that syrup on the outside ruins it.

  • Charlie Lamphere
    Charlie Lamphere 13 days ago

    I hate American snack. There’s very few I will eat. Well I don’t eat in general but yeah

  • Haha Me
    Haha Me 13 days ago +1

    How did he not know what WKD is? 😂😂