Mueller Meets Trump | Season 29 | THE SIMPSONS

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • Robert Mueller pays the President a little visit.
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    Mueller Meets Trump | Season 29 | THE SIMPSONS
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Comments • 3 638

  • Alessandra Santamaría

    Who's the guy who looks like steve harvey in the photo behind trump at 0:28?

  • marshmallowbudgie
    marshmallowbudgie 5 days ago

    I mean you have the closest thing to Rex Banner in the flesh handed to you, and this is what you do with it?

  • 21flores lizviolet
    21flores lizviolet 7 days ago

    0:26 HOLY SHITE- Is that President Duterte!?

  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow 8 days ago

    love the dog on Trumps

  • Victoria Knight
    Victoria Knight 10 days ago +1

    Good video!

  • Christ joe I’ll Daruca

    I saw Duterte in a picture

  • نويّة 1.000.000
    نويّة 1.000.000 16 days ago +1

    They intentionally made it so exaggerated to brush up Trump's reality.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 17 days ago

    Awwww, did your dumb little gag age poorly? What a shame!

  • Bush did 9/11
    Bush did 9/11 23 days ago

    Totally not bias

  • josh gallegos
    josh gallegos 27 days ago +1

    That stupid show is still on?

  • Mc Donalds
    Mc Donalds 28 days ago +2

    when the propaganda ages just right

  • Richard B.
    Richard B. Month ago

    Well this ain't far off

  • Øath betrayer
    Øath betrayer Month ago

    Was this actually a Simpsons episode?

  • Zackary Stewart
    Zackary Stewart Month ago +1

    This joke looks so dumb now that the report Is out

  • Gizmo Balboa
    Gizmo Balboa Month ago +2

    Pathetic, lame and forced
    If you turned it around it would be more accurate
    The FBI became politisized and illegally used knowingly false intelligence to spy and try out an elected president.
    Mueller and many taking part in the Investigation of Trump should Themselves be investiged for fraud, train and conspiracy to spy and illegal use of false intelligence (steel dossier)
    Fake news has spread to fake narrative on TV shows
    Simpsons had been corrupted
    Never watching it now, die a slow deserve death Simpsons

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby Month ago +1

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  • Toy Magmadon 07
    Toy Magmadon 07 Month ago +1

    0:30 😀😂🤣

  • Raven Whiteduck
    Raven Whiteduck Month ago +1

    God whatever happened to satire, it's so lazy now and doesn't age well at all

  • Chris Cipriani
    Chris Cipriani Month ago

    This is what Propaganda looks like people.

  • Joey F
    Joey F Month ago +1

    Welp...this is awkward.

  • Spiridon1
    Spiridon1 Month ago +1

    It's the end of March 2019, and, to quote Family Guy "Hehehehehehehehe hehehehehehehe hehehehehehe and then another hehehehehe."

  • N Hex
    N Hex Month ago +1

    MUELLER report in and it s a NOTHINGBURGER, you pathetic PARANOID LIBTARD LOSERS

  • Bluforte Wade
    Bluforte Wade Month ago

    This was awesome!!! The Simpsons have got it right again as it relates to the president. I watched this about 10 times and laughed so hard everytime, but the truth of the matter is their right about President trump and that is sad ijs😅😅😅😥😥😥

  • Josh Kirby
    Josh Kirby Month ago +3


  • Wesley K.
    Wesley K. Month ago +3

    How embarrassing not just to the left, but rather the elites that choose a party, bludgeon you with LIES galore, and sucker all who believed in the Russian propaganda hoax, CNN, MSNBC, etc, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, etc, etc. So here’s your chance for a wake up call: read: drudgerport, zero hedge, daily caller, infowars, and worldNetDaily.... we seriously need to red pill America. Wake up! I may be opposed to most of your beliefs currently (Dems, Liberals), but I’m rooting for you do you turn from propaganda. The council of foreign OWNS what many consider real news. RESEARCH THIS (while we can still find some of these things if we search for, but now the social media (propaganda) has changed their algorithms and made it very difficult. It’s easy to poke fun and call names, but we got to work together. You’re HUMAN, and I love you all.... please awaken to the propaganda. I’ve been preaching about fake news since 2006; an era where the idea of fake news was hardly even conceived.TRUMP 2020

  • Kal Sayid
    Kal Sayid Month ago +4

    No collusion sukas!

  • Elizabeta Kirkland
    Elizabeta Kirkland Month ago

    0:25 Duterte cameo brought me here

  • your mother will die in her sleep tonight

    Just how bad can this show get?

  • Jonathan Sheehan
    Jonathan Sheehan Month ago +4

    Democrat propaganda.

  • Sin Talento Producciones

    This is going to bee so dated in 5 or 10 years

  • Shootzembu
    Shootzembu Month ago +5

    I stand by my previous statement, Simpson’s have been dead since after the Movie!

  • Beleaguered Beluga
    Beleaguered Beluga Month ago +2


  • woolleybeart
    woolleybeart Month ago +4

    Where's the joke?

  • Tork
    Tork Month ago +10

    The fact that this short aged as poorly as it did is funnier than the short itself.

    • Raven Whiteduck
      Raven Whiteduck Month ago

      Yeah Simpsons sucks at satire now it was good through seasons 1 through 8 and while I liked some of the teen seasons it just sucks now

  • Reiben99
    Reiben99 Month ago +6


  • bifmun
    bifmun Month ago +4


  • GANTZ100pts
    GANTZ100pts Month ago

    Kind of wish Trump voiced himself. But whatever. Then again he probably couldn't. But then again if he did the Democrats would probably use it against him claiming its "proof".

    • Archie Ames
      Archie Ames Month ago

      Trump offered to do a voice over once but they rejected it.

  • Slowpoke85
    Slowpoke85 Month ago +2

    This aged about as well as The Simpsons! Ha ha! Keep shilling for the Democrats!

  • Feanor1169
    Feanor1169 Month ago +1

    It's sad that the Simpsons has become pure Deep State and Far Left propaganda. How's that Russia Hoax working out for you?

  • KayKo
    KayKo Month ago

    Ah well that could've gone better

  • Irishcrossing
    Irishcrossing Month ago +10

    aged like fine milk

  • BearzuSmash
    BearzuSmash Month ago +6

    Hey, so, how'd this all work out?

  • Joey Fangaz
    Joey Fangaz Month ago +14

    This is much funnier knowing the results now

  • R3prieve
    R3prieve Month ago +2

    oof'd bigly

  • motorola762
    motorola762 Month ago +9

    This sure didn't age well

  • Ex -Dem USA
    Ex -Dem USA Month ago +17

    Boy,did this not age well. Lol Dumbass libtards

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu Month ago +8

    muh russians

  • Rachel Oyveynian
    Rachel Oyveynian Month ago +21

    The rich and powerful invented the Russia hoax, and you idiots believed it. How do you feel now?

  • devante buford
    devante buford Month ago +17

    Aged terribly. Simpsons=deep state lying propaganda. Sad!

  • Graknorke
    Graknorke Month ago +7

    I can't tell if this is ironic, in which case it's a bit messy, or serious in which case it's just sad.

  • EmptyWalletMultimedia
    EmptyWalletMultimedia Month ago +26

    No part of this was funny or simpsonsy

  • Never Wolf
    Never Wolf Month ago +19

    Lmao 😂 dems thought this was their hero haha liberals are crying once again

  • Radi0he4d1
    Radi0he4d1 Month ago

    Isn't it funny how everything works out? - Trent Reznor

  • J J
    J J Month ago +22

    Wow The Simpsons really sucks now.

  • Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell Month ago +9


  • asdf1f8
    asdf1f8 Month ago +10


  • The Saltiest Shake
    The Saltiest Shake Month ago +36

    Didn't age well huh? How you feeling now that Mueller doesn't have anything on Trump? Propagandist shills. Jeff Sessions flying away by his ears is good though.

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +11


  • uvbeenpwnd33
    uvbeenpwnd33 Month ago +5

    Trying way too hard here

  • Test Account
    Test Account Month ago +26

    Why didn't the Simpson's do one of Obama helping to collapse Libya instead of the *now proven by fact* no collusion and no obstruction case of Donald Trump?

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby Month ago +1

      You really think hollywood is going to take a jab at the first black President? Dream on...

    • Englewood Frank21
      Englewood Frank21 Month ago +4

      A “Obama drone strikes US citizens without a trial” would’ve been a better episode.

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man Month ago +35

    For god's sake Fox, cancel The Simpsons already. It's already dead!

  • Destroy Rebuild
    Destroy Rebuild Month ago +30

    simpsons should of been canceled 18 years ago

  • Sam Al Heid
    Sam Al Heid Month ago +8

    How low have the Simpsons fallen...

  • Gregory Berrycone
    Gregory Berrycone Month ago +5


  • Albino .Python
    Albino .Python Month ago +7

    This aged well

  • Hunter Hyde
    Hunter Hyde Month ago +9


  • Amòs Ramirez Rosas
    Amòs Ramirez Rosas Month ago +12

    Obviously didn't age well

  • Tree King
    Tree King Month ago

    All these new comments from Russians.

  • Roy F
    Roy F Month ago +12

    Is this what the Simpsons animation looks like now?

  • TheMorbidMole
    TheMorbidMole Month ago +7

    Y I K E S

  • marijumanji
    marijumanji Month ago +5


  • chris taylor
    chris taylor Month ago +9


    With jews you lose

  • Drew M
    Drew M Month ago +134

    This is terrible. Zombie Simpsons needs to be put down.

    • luisphantoka
      luisphantoka Month ago +3


    • Graknorke
      Graknorke Month ago

      It might be ironic?

    • acf2802
      acf2802 Month ago

      What are you talking about? This is at least 1000% better than steamed hams.

  • Mr Floppy
    Mr Floppy Month ago +24

    Puerto Rico is not a state. Nice try Castro. Nice try commies. Nice try socialists. Nice try Hillary trying to divert people from the actual collusion. Can't wait for Mueller to look into the Clinton campaign. I mean... just to be thorough, due diligence has to be 100% accurate and not miss a spot. People's lives are at stake here... 😉

    • Isabella Philippi
      Isabella Philippi Month ago +1

      Yeah but Puerto Rico is a colony of the US and its people are US citizens so please tell me how we shouldn’t focus on that and how that’s the commies fault? Jesus man have some empathy

    • Heiress Rules
      Heiress Rules Month ago


  • Danny Duchamp
    Danny Duchamp Month ago +61

    This aged well.

  • Tens of DU
    Tens of DU Month ago +106

    Wow horrible. So forced. Simpsons has hit a new low.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby Month ago +2

      After 30 years low is all they know.

  • Jackson G
    Jackson G Month ago +30

    I donated a dollar for every time I laughed to starving children. They’re going to have to stay hungry

    • cmb271
      cmb271 Month ago +1

      Oh the guy with the fedora, who would of guessed he'd be edgy....

    • Month ago

      The jerk Mayor would hoover up the money but it would not be spent in PR.

  • AwesomeBillFromDawsonville

    Welp this joke didn't age well.

    • Joey F
      Joey F Month ago +5

      I love looking back on these videos that did not age well and have a really good laugh.

  • wherismylasers
    wherismylasers Month ago +189

    This joke has aged poorly

    • Alessandra Santamaría
      Alessandra Santamaría Day ago

      +Bru Ko who's the guy in the picture at 0:28 that looks like steve harvey?

    • Bru Ko
      Bru Ko Month ago

      Visit my channel. I decode Simpsons.
      Much Love To All.

    • Month ago

      It is obviously Trump's fault PR is run by corrupt looters. LOL That is Twilight Zone thinking.

  • mrmashedpotato
    mrmashedpotato Month ago +8

    Bugman show

  • JourneyLT
    JourneyLT Month ago +64

    Classic Simpsons did political satire so much better. There's an episode where Mr. Burns runs for Governor of Springfield State and it's timeless. It's even more relevant today than it was then. If you're using cartoon versions of the actual real life person instead of your own characters to fit the purpose, you fail at satire. You become dated. Comedy should be timeless and something we can look back on and laugh as hard as we did when it first come out.

    • hugh jorgan
      hugh jorgan 28 days ago

      Agree. More timeless brilliance was Homer's term as "Sanitation Commissioner" in charge of garbage collection. He makes unreasonable promises of "free" stuff, wins the election easily, and blows a year's budget in a week. To this day, I see Springfield as Democrat.

  • NO MA'AM PrefixTHX
    NO MA'AM PrefixTHX 2 months ago +5

    2019 - No Collusion...nice try. The Simpsons hasn't been funny since CLINTON was in office, forget about Trump.

  • Lucky Luchiano
    Lucky Luchiano 2 months ago +3

    conservatives can separate facts from FEELINGS and use logic instead of EMOTIONS. This cartoon was made to help people who been suffering from TDS Trump derangement syndrome, since the election. Liberal tears in 2020

  • Buddy Ferguson
    Buddy Ferguson 3 months ago +2


  • Xxrage yo
    Xxrage yo 3 months ago +6

    You people really think the Russian hacking was real?
    Read a book please

  • marc regules
    marc regules 3 months ago +2

    Ay esta el dinero para el muro

  • Donny Bale
    Donny Bale 3 months ago +3

    What an unfunny mess.

  • Snark Marks
    Snark Marks 3 months ago +3

    All this money on propaganda and still no evidence of russian collusion.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 3 months ago +2

    Pardon me? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gilda Provenzano
    Gilda Provenzano 3 months ago


  • spongebob03
    spongebob03 3 months ago +4

    It’s crazy how the Jeff Sessions character makes this dated already.

  • jon j
    jon j 4 months ago


  • nunya stockson
    nunya stockson 4 months ago +2

    Im not going to argue the humor. Not funny. But i find alot unfunny. Find alot funny. Dont care. But that end. Puerto Rico was given aid in supplies and cash. It all disappeared due to corruption. The mayor they are portraying was one of the worst. She purposely held back supplies so that she could say the administration was not helping them. She actively hindered recovery for political gain. People died. Im ready for the downvotes now.

  • ro bot
    ro bot 4 months ago +3

    orange man bad

  • MaryAnn Brackman
    MaryAnn Brackman 4 months ago +1

    That is especially pathetic in that the Puerto Rican politician who wanted to make President Trump look bad purposely kept aid and repairs from being implemented, causing her own people to suffer because of her own selfish agenda.

  • Adela Ludeke
    Adela Ludeke 4 months ago +7

    JFC the Drumpf jokes and Puerto Rico virtual signaling. It’s unfortunate that The Simpsons went from being impartial to be biased.

  • psulionz87
    psulionz87 4 months ago

    3.5k triggered Drumpfters

  • Jim Bush
    Jim Bush 4 months ago +2

    Trump pays for wall himself because he believes in it sooooo much

  • Fuarian
    Fuarian 4 months ago

    When was this episode aired?

  • simon Cereno
    simon Cereno 4 months ago +3

    0:37 there is our beloved president duterte behind on the painting.