Google Pixel 4 XL review - Brilliantly disappointing

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Read the review! | Google's Pixel 4 series is technically brilliant, but does that mean it's a good smartphone?
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Comments • 942

  • David Imel
    David Imel Month ago +124

    Hi guys! Still using this device, so if you have questions drop them here!

    • Bowen Zhang
      Bowen Zhang 14 days ago

      hi david! how useful/reliable do u find the voice recorder transcript function?

    • Junerey Piojo
      Junerey Piojo 28 days ago

      I just ordered mine today and is the battery really that terrible? I ordered the regular one? If so do you think I should go with a 3a XL or 4 XL?

    • Taimur Ali
      Taimur Ali Month ago

      +David Imel hey, I currently have a note 8 and just got it repaired (feels like brand new now!). My 2 year contract just ended too so I own the device. I am kind of sick of big phones and want to get a smaller one for my daily and keep the note 8 as the power media consumer (as its battery as a daily is horrendous). I am planning on replacing the note 8 with the 2020 sony Xperia 1. And after using the pixel 4 in-store, every other screen that's not 90hz just feels slow and outdated lol. My top priorities are Amazing display, beast battery, clean/smooth os, build quality and security. It would have been an easy decision to forgive the large size choose the Huawei mate 30 Pro but I need google services. Therefore, my options are the pixel 4 or the iPhone 11 pro. The Mclaren OP7TPro was a top contender but its not secure as the big companies' devices (fingerprint is optical vs ultrasonic and face unlock is 2d not 3d mapping or iris). Also I am not sure about its build quality. I am only considering the iPhone because I have a macbook pro and an extra apple watch. Also everyone in my family has iPhone, but I just can't stand the notch (or switch to iOS as I have been trying for a while now lol). Upon hearing the battery issues with the pixel I am now considering comprising on the bigger size and getting the pixel 4xl. What are your thoughts? Appreciate the time you take to read and reply to all the comments!

    • Nicholas Cash
      Nicholas Cash Month ago

      How are you liking it in comparison to other flagship 2019 smartphones?

    • David Imel
      David Imel Month ago

      Arjuna Sondhi 7T Pro

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 7 hours ago

    Dave, here it was cyber monday and I wanted a pixal phone. I looked at the pixal4 but even with the 200 off I couldn't pull the trigger. So I picked up the 3a XL, why. It's the true value pixal, to me the flagships are not. I think I made the right choice at 379.00 bucks. Very good review!

  • Max M
    Max M Day ago

    This will likely be my last Google phone. The 4's battery life is horrible and I feel like I have battery anxiety where I'll always have to carry my battery bank. Google showed that it doesn't care about its users with this phone.

  • Michael Sales
    Michael Sales Day ago

    Google needs to fire someone.

  • Tyler Raber
    Tyler Raber 2 days ago

    This speaker sucks too. I'll be returning mine soon.

  • Amir F
    Amir F 3 days ago

    wow... what a review! Love the photography, editing, presentation and everything in between. Well done!

  • Satheesh Kumar
    Satheesh Kumar 5 days ago

    Keep hitting the nail on Pixel's head. Google need to get the hardware game in order. The "also ran" approach is not helping at all. They have to make a Pixel 6 in 2020, meaning they need to bring 2021 hardware spec in 2020. That is the only way to catch up. Otherwise everyone is going to jump ship reluctantly to the walled garden.

  • Hussain Aqeel 《Tech Savvy》

    Android Authority: Brilliantly Disappointing
    Mkbhd: Imperfectly perfect
    ME: Inconfusingly Confusing

  • J. Boogie
    J. Boogie 7 days ago

    Enjoyed your review

  • Viorel Calotă
    Viorel Calotă 15 days ago

    Wait what! They dropped finger print? No sorry. Thats off my radar already. Poor decision.

  • Joseph Poe
    Joseph Poe 16 days ago

    I'm really looking forward to getting the Pixel 4 XL. I like how it looks and the camera is fantastic. 5 hours of screen time sounds like not much and it may be lower than other phones however if you're not addicted to scrolling thru Facebook I don't think it'd be terrible for most users.
    I'm also doing a buy one, get one promo so I can't complain.

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 18 days ago

    Hey Dave, overpriced for what's offered. An extra hundred for the 128gb model. A 2800mamp battery with a 90hz display, what, huh? Would never consider either. Google screwed the pooch with both. 800.00+ dollar phones, no way. I'd rather but the 7t, now that's a value. These two are not, great review!

  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 22 days ago


  • SavageArfad
    SavageArfad 22 days ago

    Impressively crap.

  • Abby Cadavedo
    Abby Cadavedo 22 days ago

    I hope the next pixel line up have a based model of 6/128gb up to 8/256gb

  • Sully Mems
    Sully Mems 23 days ago

    I'm consistently getting over 7 hours of screen on time, and that includes high brightness, gaming, and 16-18 hours off the charger. I don't know what you guys are doing, but 7 hours of screen on time (8 hours if I don't play mobile games) is ridiculously good. This battery nonsense has gotten out of hand.

  • Haikel G
    Haikel G 23 days ago

    Im using the pixel 4xl and I'm not disappointed at all it's a great phone, the battery stand the hole day!

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson 23 days ago

    Ive had the Pixel XL 1 for 3 years and I am a Software Engineer at a firm in St Louis media works. I honestly think the phone is Awesome! I take it off the charger at 5:30AM, go to work and come home at 8:30PM & the battery is at 50% with normal usage, you kids may not actually work for your money. It's hard to invent new software % Hardware technology when most of the users only want a device that will never exist because of the high millenial standards of dumb and lazy people in toddays society, you have know Idea the power you hold in your hands! Do you even check settings and seen some of the things you can do!! You people here must either be a millenial or just really dont know what your doing lol! It takes hard working people to invent great & wonderful ideas! in onw years time you will never see the hughe leap you all expect from developer greatness. It's not a flawless device, but it takes better picturs than all the iPhones! Have you heard of Open Source?! By the way with the Ultra wide really isnt an issue, its not gonna ever last, trust me are selves already are moving away in my Tech group. Google went a smart way by going with Portrait mode for not just a selfy but a photo of a family lol! Just take a closer look at the UI and think of the little quirks and youll began to love it and you'll appreciate the time and work that goes into developing such a device!! :)

  • Trenton Gold
    Trenton Gold 24 days ago

    Look if there's anything that I've learned over the last 2 years is that tech reviewers are feeling increasingly isolated and neglected by Google's design choices....and it pisses them off. They feel this way because (sometimes arrogantly so, and sometimes ignorantly so) they want to think theiir opinion mirrors the purchasing public. Because let's face it, if that wasn't the case, then it theatens their very existence. The problem, however, is these tech reviewers simply do not represent the purchasing public and the drive-by readers/critiques simply pile on and were never true purchasing power consumers to begin with, so their opinions are meaningless. Quoting specs, hardware design, etc mean very little to the average consumer that knows a great experience when they see/feel it. I think Google knows this. Software makes the experience, not hardware folks.
    Bottomline is that I no longer look to tech reviewers for advise or recommendations in my yearly smartphone upgrades.

  • 4 ron
    4 ron 25 days ago

    Well done review!

  • Whocares
    Whocares 25 days ago

    Buy a 1 plus instead.

  • Alyx Vance
    Alyx Vance 25 days ago

    yp, it sucks

  • Ralph Macchiato
    Ralph Macchiato 26 days ago

    Face ID so unsafe, no fingerprint reader so unhandy, really poor battery life so useless, easily breakable so worthless and NO free storage for high quality photos so too expensive. Will have to ditch my classic and fantastic Pixel XL in two months because no more updates (but hey It runs Android 10 as one of the firsts so no complaints) but cannot in good faith purchase a new Pixel now.

  • Haroon Hanif
    Haroon Hanif 27 days ago

    what a bullshit review this is. This isn't about the phone, its about services. The phone itself is great.

  • Joel Ayala
    Joel Ayala 28 days ago

    I'm a Pixel 3 XL owner and I'm not going to get Pixel 4, unless Google drops it price on half.

  • Ed Collins
    Ed Collins 29 days ago

    If you have the pixel 2 or 3 just use Moment Lenses. I have their 18mm wide angle their 58mm tele and their anamorphic lens for video...makes the my pixel 3 surpass any camera of 2019...oh and we just got the GCam 7.11 update on my pixel 3 so I have astral photography...that and the 18mm moment lens and I can take some really nice long exposure night time sky shots. Lets see what pixel 5 brings next year

  • ShutterGuts
    ShutterGuts 29 days ago

    Hey dude, love your content. Question, almost all reviewers complain about this possible biometric eyes closed security problem . The question seems to be what if I am passed out? My question is what difference does it make to unlock your device with your finger or with your face when you're unconscious? I really can't figure this out. Thank you.

  • dark light
    dark light 29 days ago

    Talk shit, then uses the phone as daily driver

  • Mikey Johnson
    Mikey Johnson Month ago +2

    Battery is one weak point, but according to Jerry Rig Everything's durability test, it has 4 other literal weak points.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson Month ago

    So it's a good phone even though all I heard was "But iPhone has-" like omfg it's still a good phone guys we just overhyped it

  • Augusto Lugo
    Augusto Lugo Month ago +1

    Google F up real good, too much money for what you get, half baked software and

  • M Morales
    M Morales Month ago

    You "reviewers" need to learn the difference between what YOU want and what real normal consumers (that have never watched a video on a phone cause they think it's stupid and a waste of time) need on a phone. Pointless and childish complaints all over this video. Get out of your bubble and you'll be surprised how many people don't even use the extra 2 lenses on their new iPhone (example) cause it's just unnecessary. They just want to point and shoot as quick as possible and get a good result. I'm 28 and if I have seen 2 people in my life using pro mode on the street with their phone or perfectly framing a shot, I might be lying.

  • SolidSnake013Duds
    SolidSnake013Duds Month ago

    Now everyone wants to tell the truth behind the phone. Where was this energy 2 weeks ago?

  • vemor
    vemor Month ago

    Yeah well, apparently I’m gonna get it, cause I need what it offers - which is mainly the AI assistant

  • Antigua Paradise Island

    Google is missing the point cameras alone don’t make a smartphone a great smartphone

  • philip denny
    philip denny Month ago +1

    If i could get it

  • Ryan Furst
    Ryan Furst Month ago

    I entered the Android Auth contest to win the 4 XL and I’m hoping I do so badly!
    I’ve been using an iPhone for years and I would love to break out of Apples ecosystem. The Pixel 4 XL is the only 2019 android phone that has me drooling!
    Please! 🙏🏼

  • Omar Zahran
    Omar Zahran Month ago

    While I agree that the Pixel has had some strange blunders this generation (battery life for sure) but this whole wide angle thing is weird to me. Like when I had a G8 I never used the wide angle. I feel like a lot of people want it because it's on the iPhone now.

  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes Month ago

    So in other words, it allows your psychotic girlfriend to easily unlock your Pixel 4/4XL while she watches you sleep. Got it 😂

  • Gazeboman
    Gazeboman Month ago

    I can honestly say that these 3/5 reviews surprise me. I have the XL and battery life is perfectly comparable to phones other friends of mine have. The face ID is working as best I could imagine it to and there's nothing really bad I can say at all. I even have had a good experience with the motion sense. It's not perfect but I think I just know the gesture motion that works. The only small gripe is that I have came from the original Pixel (128GB) to the Pixel 4 XL (64GB) and storage isn't an issue yet...but it might be at some point. I'll probably have to back up to the cloud a bit more than usual but I have good data and I only ever used 80GB on my original Pixel, even with large amounts of offline Spotify audio. My original Pixel still allows full quality back up of photos and video to Google Photos, which is something I would have liked to continue on the Pixel 4 but the quality at High is pretty good and you can still backup to full quality if you choose and have enough space.
    The camera is great and I can only assume software tweaks will add news things along the way...just like all the Pixels before this. I'm not a Google Fanboy in anyway but I am someone who has always had high end Android flagships since the classic HTC phones of the past and this current Pixel just seems to do a great job for me. I have seen a wide range of reviews and the battery is generally the let down for most. But I have had about hours of screen on...this is pretty good in my opinion.

  • killing field
    killing field Month ago

    good video, I've wanted to like the Google pixel ever since the Google pixel 2, but they just can't seem to get their shit all together in one package

  • Ana Júlia Soares de Castro

    Wow, what a blatant copy of the iPhone 11 that people without personality Apple have personality every year she spends some new supremacy

  • Julius Adiwijaya
    Julius Adiwijaya Month ago

    Yes... dont buy pixel...
    Google has to learn their mistake..
    And to expensive with that spec..
    Come google dont be greedy ...

  • jason g
    jason g Month ago

    I’ll stick to my 3 XL. Not impressed by the 4.

  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla Month ago

    Ok, I’m sure it is great that the Pixel allows you to adjust brightness and shadows before the photo is taken, but who really would use this feature in the real world? Don’t we want to first take the photo quickly because we don’t want to miss the moment and then later adjust it to the look we want? I didn’t understand why the reviewer touted this as a game changing feature.

  • CLOUD B.
    CLOUD B. Month ago

    I bought me two of those cases from with you guys 25% off code. Thanks. However, that was like 7 days ago and it's barely shipped, all the way from Hong Kong... Oh boy... ☹️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sean Burns
    Sean Burns Month ago

    These air gestures Samsung was doing years ago

  • Wendi martin
    Wendi martin Month ago

    I agree completely about the battery. but I really don't agree about anything else. Other android phones need more ram because they all put data eating skins over android.

  • Barak Fletcher
    Barak Fletcher Month ago

    I think it's funny how people always say don't be like everyone else. Unless you are a phone company, then you need to copy everyone else. They have 10 Camera's you need 10 Camera's, they have Ultrawide you need Ultraeide. They have this you need this... No one is ever happy in the tech world

  • Abdur Rahaman
    Abdur Rahaman Month ago

    Gcam is best

    TAPAN PATRA Month ago

    One of the most amazing Phone

  • Vijendra suiwal
    Vijendra suiwal Month ago

    Pixel 4 XL Battery capacity again Disappointed user😕

  • Andrey K.
    Andrey K. Month ago

    My biggest concern is no support for memory cards. I actually talked to my classmate who works at google last night, who owns pixel 3 given by company. And he said pixels never had memory card slots since pixel 1. He said it’s because google wants you to pay for cloud storage. This is ridiculous. Google was always “a good guy” to me, compared to the rest of them corporate snakes on the market that want to squeeze every dime from you. This revelation was a huge wake up call for me, honestly. There are no “good guys”.
    “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.
    Good night, sweet prince ☹️

  • Andrey K.
    Andrey K. Month ago

    Good review, thanks man. I now reconsider switching to pixel from iphone.

  • mikev190
    mikev190 Month ago

    Someone could just use the fingerprint sensor on you while you are asleep or passed out...

  • Karna Laishram
    Karna Laishram Month ago

    Battery is weak

  • Sachin Balan
    Sachin Balan Month ago

    Waste of money. Fundamentally wrong smartphone. Where Chinese smartphones are doing super. I just saw Oppo Reno ACE gundam limited edition phone review. It's Awesome than any other smartphone out there. Here's the link below.

  • david cantrell
    david cantrell Month ago

    I don't know why people are giving the pixel such a hard time a lot of people don't use the wide-angle lens in fact a lot of people don't use the camera at all like myself I take very few pictures but when I do I don't get all artsyand it's saying the truth I think people are expecting too much this is a greatphone give it more time it's only been out a week

  • carbonunit
    carbonunit Month ago

    The main problem with this phone is the price. The 4xl 128gb shouldn't be more than $600. There isn't any killer feature that makes this a $1000 phone.

  • TechCilium
    TechCilium Month ago

    Google: "Let's get rid of all the basic features like headphone jack, fingerprint scanner and add a radar."