I GOT THE AN-94, CHINA LAKE, AND THE NEW CAMO! (BO3 Supply Drop Opening) Crazy New Gear! - MatMicMar

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
  • New DLC weapons came out on Black Ops 3 today! In this video I got all of the new DLC weapons! I got the KVK 99M (AN-94), MAX-GL (China Lake), the new camo (Cherry Fizz), and most of the new gear sets. I am really excited to have my first KVK 99M gameplay, MAX-GL gameplay and Cherry Fizz camo gameplay. That video should be out soon. I will also be getting both of the new weapons Dark Matter soon for Road To Dark Matter part 11. I had a lot of fun doing this massive Black Ops 3 supply drop opening and I hope that you guys enjoy watching it!
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  • Donna Dunhardt
    Donna Dunhardt Day ago

    Ya at 16:02 said cherry jizz

  • Call Of Duty Black Ops Termination Demolition

    5:39 sounded like he was on drugs

  • FMP Gamerking07
    FMP Gamerking07 7 days ago


  • barry weisenberg
    barry weisenberg 15 days ago

    Rip headphones users

  • Oliver Strizzi
    Oliver Strizzi 26 days ago

    This guy's friend or brother is always hyped

  • eddie valentin
    eddie valentin Month ago

    july 11 is my birtday :D

  • Mark The Gamer
    Mark The Gamer Month ago


  • Meme Master 69
    Meme Master 69 Month ago

    I miss the old Xbox home page

  • Ronin Whyte
    Ronin Whyte Month ago

    Plz do BO2 buried

  • Austin Willard
    Austin Willard Month ago

    What happen to bine

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez Month ago +1

    Can someone please tell me how he gets multiple triple play deals

  • Deanna Hernandez
    Deanna Hernandez 2 months ago

    Who else is watching in 2019

  • I don’t got sh*t
    I don’t got sh*t 2 months ago +3

    I remember when I first watched this I got so mad when he acted like the China lake wasn’t good

  • ItsYaBoiLasanga
    ItsYaBoiLasanga 3 months ago

    Go leafs go

  • Im_A_pussy
    Im_A_pussy 3 months ago

    U watch FT?! (Fairy Tail is bae)

  • Junaid Aziz
    Junaid Aziz 3 months ago

    At 5:38 he voice cracked so bad 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Charlie Porter
    Charlie Porter 3 months ago

    XD i got the butterfly knife out of a common supply drop while watching this video.

  • Ernestina Rodriguez
    Ernestina Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Yo he said cherry jiz lmao

  • robbie andrews
    robbie andrews 3 months ago +3

    Y are my favorite TVclipr in the whole entire world p.s. love your videos

  • robbie andrews
    robbie andrews 3 months ago

    Omg! Matmicmar I love y

  • Maximilian Jüttner
    Maximilian Jüttner 3 months ago

    In german we called the New Launcher Haubitze

  • Joseph Moon
    Joseph Moon 3 months ago +1

    Dam bro I love all your vids I watch alot of ur videos u just love play to have fun and ur pretty good would love to play with you and your brother one day man

  • Killer
    Killer 4 months ago

    Best vids

  • Deadzz
    Deadzz 5 months ago +1

    8:30 the Trencher is a shotgun lol.

  • Itsyeboicoop
    Itsyeboicoop 5 months ago +1

    Dude I remember when I first got the kvk and I got a 5 on by throwing a grenade and a triple with the gun and I was freakin out😂

  • More Beasty
    More Beasty 5 months ago

    He said cherry jizz 16:02

  • your spinal cord
    your spinal cord 6 months ago

    They teased torqe as late as bo3

  • Nathan Gonzalez
    Nathan Gonzalez 6 months ago

    16:02 did he say “cherry jizz” 😂

  • Sonia Maciel
    Sonia Maciel 6 months ago

    Bro you said cherry Jizz um that's a little bit sexual but you said it instead of cherry fizz

  • Emanuel Navarro
    Emanuel Navarro 6 months ago

    Will cherry fizz ever come back

  • True Tanks
    True Tanks 6 months ago

    He said cherry jizz at 16:02

  • Bennytheumbreon
    Bennytheumbreon 7 months ago

    The battery camo is the Denver broncos colors

  • Last gen Richthofen
    Last gen Richthofen 7 months ago +3

    One day I got three new camos for free. Just logged in. I got dragon fire, cherry fizz, and another I don’t remember. And then after a while I lost cherry fizz. WTF?

    XxX VVIVID 7 months ago +1

    “Cherry jizz” 🤣🤣

  • Jorge Romero
    Jorge Romero 7 months ago +2

    Matmicmar can I add YOU

  • Chronic_ Fighter
    Chronic_ Fighter 7 months ago


  • nightmare fir3 sus
    nightmare fir3 sus 8 months ago +1

    The new launcher is the Chinese lake

  • hedges
    hedges 8 months ago

    Da pauler Bros yeah dose guys

  • Cheapfish 100
    Cheapfish 100 8 months ago

    Matmicmar is the best you tuber sub to me if you agree

  • - NxUp
    - NxUp 8 months ago

    How do u do dat with your Xbox background plz respond if you know

  • itsnitpizzamons Mons
    itsnitpizzamons Mons 8 months ago

    Haha he said cherry jizz

  • The Greek God YT
    The Greek God YT 8 months ago

    Every time I see a epic Argus it almost always a common lol kill me

  • sanic n
    sanic n 8 months ago

    Cherry jizz

  • Sun Strider
    Sun Strider 8 months ago

    It’s ok
    To not
    I’m a
    NOOB ...:(

  • Xanga
    Xanga 9 months ago

    0:13 Theres fairy tail I look like fairy tail I remember when fairy tail was on Xbox , I'm sad that they took it off😢😢

  • Tsunami Hazard horde
    Tsunami Hazard horde 9 months ago

    He’s a great big human clock!
    No he’s a robot Matthew

  • nick hernandez
    nick hernandez 9 months ago

    Mat spend 1000000000 dollars on cod 3 2millon on black ops 4 sorry my power out cause I spent my money on cod

  • Thomas Holifield
    Thomas Holifield 9 months ago

    lol he said cherry jiz

  • FaZeVXID
    FaZeVXID 9 months ago

    Mat said cherry jizz

  • N A T S U ***
    N A T S U *** 9 months ago

    0:00 0:23 Fairy tail no really look at the right side of the screen its natsu and gray

  • gh_3_2
    gh_3_2 9 months ago

    did anyone else notice that the rufus gear at 15:10 is russian? It said CCCP which translates to "the USSR"

  • Mr. Sinister
    Mr. Sinister 10 months ago

    16:04 cherry jizz

  • VREX_ Dustin
    VREX_ Dustin 10 months ago

    I just sub because I love orange and blue together as well but my favorite color is blue

  • Wizzy
    Wizzy 10 months ago

    The new launcher is the howtillizer

  • Juanito Jalapiño
    Juanito Jalapiño 10 months ago

    I got BO3 a little ago how do u get supply drops without paying???

  • Hakan Mugulday
    Hakan Mugulday 11 months ago

    Cherry jiz

  • Lost Viper_
    Lost Viper_ 11 months ago

    16:03 cherry jizz

  • Envy CritiKal
    Envy CritiKal 11 months ago

    Cherry jizz 😂

  • Luka Kramer
    Luka Kramer 11 months ago

    The animal on prophets body looks like the journey symbol

  • BlitzzBTW
    BlitzzBTW 11 months ago

    Scarab is a beetle