Freshman VS Senior Whats In My Backpack?!


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  • Jaclyn Brooke
    Jaclyn Brooke  11 months ago +3425

    guys the mark on my arm is my BIRTHMARK not a bruise or a hickey!!

    • Jarianne Walter
      Jarianne Walter 25 days ago

      You look like taylor

    • Yadira Torres
      Yadira Torres 25 days ago

      That’s a really cool birth mark see ur one of a kind

    • Ahmad Memon
      Ahmad Memon Month ago

      I literally came to the comments for reading about the mark😋

    • In2 Gaming
      In2 Gaming Month ago

      Jaclyn Brooke I just came down to comment I thought someone grabbed your arm 😂

    • isacc martinez.44
      isacc martinez.44 2 months ago

      Your both pretty ☺

  • Raiden Perkinson
    Raiden Perkinson 4 days ago

    Damn ion know why the fuck I'm watching this but your cousin issa fucking snack
    Edit:also I'm not sure but those look like some nice hickeys on your arm.

  • Lucy Ordonez
    Lucy Ordonez 5 days ago

    I didn’t notice those twinkley lights till the end and now it’s all that I noticed😂

  • Makenna Downs
    Makenna Downs 5 days ago

    You guys are so pretty and funny

  • Its Me Panda
    Its Me Panda 5 days ago

    3:04 or something like that had me dying

  • Decoy Gamers
    Decoy Gamers 8 days ago

    You look Ratchet 😂
    No hate 🌹
    U do U ❣️

  • Abigail Ball
    Abigail Ball 8 days ago

    Hey I have the same name as your cousin

  • Life With Low Life
    Life With Low Life 9 days ago

    4/4 of school
    1/4 Can I borrow a pencil?
    2/4 Can I borrow a pencil and a paper?
    3/4 Can I borrow a locker pencil, and paper?

  • Moss Productions
    Moss Productions 11 days ago

    No one talking about the hickeys on her arm

  • Emma Elizabeth
    Emma Elizabeth 15 days ago

    your family genes have been blessed

  • Memaansa Rao
    Memaansa Rao 15 days ago

    Hey u look like Taylor swift

    LOLIWINX AMV 19 days ago

    abigail is really pretty

  • Rema Alkhayal
    Rema Alkhayal 20 days ago

    Go chew out my first TVclip vid

  • kian Dunlop
    kian Dunlop 22 days ago +1


  • keithjwilliams
    keithjwilliams 23 days ago

    Yo u look like Taylor swift

  • Sophia Anne Bernabe
    Sophia Anne Bernabe 23 days ago

    You look like taylor swift

  • Sihe Liu
    Sihe Liu 27 days ago

    that hair flip tho at 4:28

  • Layla Humm
    Layla Humm 29 days ago

    I am from UK what is freshman and what is senior

  • Hey It’s Nina
    Hey It’s Nina Month ago

    Wow freshmans in British high school are age 11-12

  • Hey It’s Nina
    Hey It’s Nina Month ago

    2:53 Well... *yeah*

  • Amma Brown
    Amma Brown Month ago

    My name is Abigail!

  • Jaxson Brown
    Jaxson Brown Month ago

    This chick is hot as hellllll

  • s_summerr
    s_summerr Month ago

    Why not just get a big binder for all your classes? I wanted to.. but all my teachers told me to get a binder of my own for their classes and I have no room in my bag, which is why I'm asking because I'm going into high school next year.

  • Desiree Donaldson
    Desiree Donaldson Month ago

    Where did your cousin Abigale get the bag?

  • Victorias Videos & Stuff

    Your cousin Is so pretty and so are you!!!!!! 😘😘😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you your the best

  • Yetiqx O
    Yetiqx O Month ago

    Officially a year since it came out.

  • Tyeisha lewis
    Tyeisha lewis Month ago

    I have the same bookbag as your. Cousin. 😭But in pink

  • Erik Nielsen
    Erik Nielsen Month ago

    Fine TVclip, I watched it. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

  • kitty lover
    kitty lover Month ago

    I do seventeen subjects in total and ten periods in a day so my bag is hella heavy and we also have to take lots of notes so a whole 60 leaves note could be all used up in one term and it doesn't help we have to take lots of textbooks every day I'm surprised I haven't worn my back out😅

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Month ago

    Damn that girl Abigail she a cutie

  • Kenadie Williams
    Kenadie Williams Month ago +1

    Yup you just throw everything I wonder who’s cleaning that

  • rose_¡e
    rose_¡e Month ago

    I’m from England and don’t know how American schools work, is ur cousin older or younger? ☺️

  • Mia Featherston-Lester

    i am from wales in britain and do not know what these years are compared to british years, could someone please tell me ? xx

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan Month ago

    The girl on the right reminds me of an actress from a lifetime movie my doctor a stalker part 2

  • The Crunchy Cucumber

    Omg u look like Taylor Swift ahhh

  • Zoe Leung
    Zoe Leung Month ago

    i like how they threw everything everywhere

  • Shut up And dance
    Shut up And dance Month ago

    The blonde one. I hate her

  • PinkAndBlack 446
    PinkAndBlack 446 Month ago

    why does her cousin look older than her??😂

  • Malene Wells
    Malene Wells Month ago +1

    Omg Jaclyn you look sooo much like taylor swift💜

  • Jon Hrabiwchuk
    Jon Hrabiwchuk Month ago

    ugh your cousin is so cute, her hair is gorgeous

  • EmANem
    EmANem Month ago

    I’m honestly terrified for high school and I’m in 8th

  • Zitronen Saft
    Zitronen Saft Month ago +1

    anybody german here? 😂

  • Sam Macklem
    Sam Macklem Month ago

    I don’t like the blond one

  • Lori's World
    Lori's World Month ago

    wat's up gils and Boys 😎

  • Rebekah Pase
    Rebekah Pase Month ago

    I know the freshman doesn’t need like half that stuff like I learned this my first week of high school

  • Joshua Potiakey
    Joshua Potiakey Month ago

    You guys are so hot

  • jhope screaming
    jhope screaming Month ago

    lmao sis why u throwing everything around??

  • Julia Matisi
    Julia Matisi Month ago

    Omg you look like Taylor Swift!! You’re so pretty💕

  • Kennedy Smith
    Kennedy Smith Month ago

    “Oh yea they’ll tare.” Oml the blonde girl is so ugly and annoying and she thinks she knows everything.

  • iBaylee
    iBaylee Month ago

    i’m reading the comments and everyone is saying they’re pretty. (they are tho)

    i’m here just to say that i use the same Algebra book as her 😂

  • Devyn Johnson
    Devyn Johnson Month ago

    The blonde girl looks like someone from mean girls.

  • Maria Carolina Marques Silva'

    Elas jogam as coisas na cama kkk

  • Christianna Vassi
    Christianna Vassi Month ago

    My 8th grade year I had binders then freshman year I only had 5 subject notebooks for every subject and now I’m going to be a senior next week and all I’m using is old one or two notebooks I didn’t use and a couple new folders like I don’t think I’ll need much for my senior year😂 like I use my big purse as my bag for school because the beginning of the school I always use every notebook in the beginning but then end up shoving everything in one notebook 😂 I haven’t used a textbook in so long

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    Omg your cousin is so beautiful

  • Sophia Aliaga
    Sophia Aliaga Month ago

    Your cousin is so pretty!!!!

  • Tolulope Iwayemi
    Tolulope Iwayemi Month ago

    am i the only one that took algebra 1 in 8th grade

  • Ari Bradeen
    Ari Bradeen Month ago

    I’ve watched this 11 times😂

  • iFruitified
    iFruitified Month ago


  • Lilymay Millman
    Lilymay Millman Month ago +1

    I’m starting year 7 and if u can tell I’m British but I’m so scared for starting secondary school
    Ok now I will say that but put what Americans would say
    I’m starting 7th grade and I’m so scared for starting middle school
    Sorry if I got any of that wrong 😂😂😂

    • sophie williams
      sophie williams Month ago +1

      Lilymay Millman hahah don’t be scared year 7 is just about making friends and settling lmao. I mean I didn’t know anyone when I started and I was fine so just don’t be scared lovely xxx

  • Kali Bilnoski
    Kali Bilnoski Month ago

    Omg I have the same pencil bag as jaclyn

  • Katie Roubideaux
    Katie Roubideaux Month ago +3

    I'm a senior and all I got is a pencil, paper, and depression.

  • drizzy alexa
    drizzy alexa Month ago

    Why do Americans carry so much in their bags OMG

  • Ariana .editz
    Ariana .editz Month ago

    U look like taylor swift (take it as a complment) and ud cousin is so cute!!

  • Kira Mackenzie
    Kira Mackenzie Month ago +1

    I love how ur cousin threw everything😂 and also what was on your arm is it a hickey??😂🙀

  • S Ficklin
    S Ficklin Month ago

    In WA, we have running start, so we can get a full associate's degree in high school if we work out bums off.

  • simply tori
    simply tori 2 months ago

    Your cousin should have a TVclip channel

  • nikki arezzi
    nikki arezzi 2 months ago


  • David Serra
    David Serra 2 months ago

    your cousin it so cute I wanna date her so bad

  • Ethan Patterson
    Ethan Patterson 2 months ago

    Jaclyn not to be weird but you have a beautiful smile

  • Ava Marie
    Ava Marie 2 months ago +2

    Jaclyn’s reaction when her cousin almost kicked her in the face while trying to find her index cards😂😂 2:56

  • Moa Memeti
    Moa Memeti 2 months ago

    Haha tyats like alot of stuff, i just have my gum, my iPad ( we have lanor our Books and writing stuff in it) and yeah that it just an iPad

  • Braden Turner
    Braden Turner 2 months ago

    Bruh her cousin is hot

  • Abimael Jose
    Abimael Jose 2 months ago

    Where can I get that Nike backpack?

  • Charlotte Dickson
    Charlotte Dickson 2 months ago

    The blonde acts hard ands looks bitchy she reminds me of regina George mean girls

  • Melissa triplett
    Melissa triplett 2 months ago

    Did anyone else get a glitch a 7:13

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 2 months ago

    Now in my front pocket I have a pipe and 3 grams of PCP

  • Max Collins
    Max Collins 2 months ago +1

    My bag has my books which is like 4, a water bottle, earphones and pear/apple. I’m in my 2nd to last year. Not sure what you would cal that in America but in NZ I’m in year12. I keep my phone in my pockets and that’s everything for school.
    Can’t forget my deodorants, cologne and roll on.

  • iDark Tyler
    iDark Tyler 2 months ago

    Y do they look like the biggest cunts ever like the chicks that act like they run the school

  • Jumpman MaGee
    Jumpman MaGee 2 months ago

    I have nothing in my book bag cause I graduated🙃

  • Vivion Plays
    Vivion Plays 2 months ago

    This is so cringey

  • Daionna M
    Daionna M 2 months ago

    Your cousins hair is gorgeous

  • Jayden Oyola
    Jayden Oyola 2 months ago

    You guys are both so cute I am literally dying 💖💖💖🤒🤒🤒😜

  • Elana
    Elana 2 months ago

    We wear blazers so I keep my phone in the hidden inside pocket lol

  • Adrian Munoz
    Adrian Munoz 2 months ago

    What happend to your arm

  • True JakeBond
    True JakeBond 2 months ago

    Damn you and your cousin are hot

  • SDS Jason 12
    SDS Jason 12 2 months ago

    Your cousin slim thicc

  • evaneckerson14
    evaneckerson14 2 months ago +1

    Senior condoms freshman binders 😂😂😂😂

  • Asheville Trainman
    Asheville Trainman 2 months ago

    Dude when I was a freshman all I had was some loose papers and maybe a pencil

  • Liam Harrison
    Liam Harrison 2 months ago

    What the fuck is freshman

  • Dagmar 03
    Dagmar 03 2 months ago +18

    Me in every class: ‘Can I borrow a pencil?”

  • Norah Smith
    Norah Smith 2 months ago

    you legit look like taylor swift

  • Arctic Reckless
    Arctic Reckless 2 months ago

    You’re cousin is hot

  • Bri Zack
    Bri Zack 2 months ago

    Wow. Y'all are some true highschoolers.. .... the only thing I ever brought to class was a pencil and a folder. I got tired of buying shit my teachers never have us use. A pencil is all I need and if I need anything else besides paper I'll ask my goddamn neighbor 😂😂

  • Macey Roberts
    Macey Roberts 2 months ago

    anyone else notice jaclyn look at the camera 638161 times

  • Leilah Xprinx
    Leilah Xprinx 2 months ago +6

    Was anybody else cringing when the freshman was just throwing her stuff???😬😬😬😬

  • Merisha A
    Merisha A 2 months ago

    U both are so pretty wtf!

  • Isabella Tarrant
    Isabella Tarrant 2 months ago

    I have the same Nike backpack

  • Incto
    Incto 2 months ago

    The freshman is so pretty!!

  • Josh Krepps
    Josh Krepps 2 months ago

    I took algebra in 7th grade.

  • Crysta Collins
    Crysta Collins 2 months ago

    I am getting algebra book I'm in 8th