Logic Solves a Rubik's Cube While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
  • Rap phenom Logic spreads peace, love, and positivity wherever he goes. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the hyper-talented emcee battles through the wings of death, discussing his relationship with Neil deGrasse Tyson and challenging Vince Staples to a Playstation showdown along the way. Don't miss the fireworks at the end-in the words of Sean Evans, "Probably the most challenging wing 10 we've ever had."
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  11 months ago +15801

    Shout out to Nardwuar!

    • Tauseef Baggia
      Tauseef Baggia 18 days ago

      Can we K.A.A.N. on here? He's another rapper from Maryland and his name REALLY needs to get out there

    • Eric Busch
      Eric Busch 21 day ago

      Alright, you had logic on.... now get joyner lucas

    • Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk
      Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk 22 days ago

      First We Feast nardwuar!!!!

    • Cornelius Fudge
      Cornelius Fudge Month ago

      453 likes and not a sing reply

    • Cornelius Fudge
      Cornelius Fudge Month ago

      i messed this 320 comment streak up lolololollololol

  • Jarred Anderson
    Jarred Anderson 22 hours ago

    **"Logic Solves Rubik's Cube While Being Biracial"

  • Murdoc920
    Murdoc920 Day ago

    I challenge logic to Mario Kart

  • BladeCammando
    BladeCammando Day ago

    what a kool dude

  • Leonel Velez
    Leonel Velez Day ago +1

    But are the wings biracial

  • HI Hello
    HI Hello Day ago

    Crystal is sooooo good

  • TheSilverSurferHackerKing

    Lol that was great! One of the best episodes.❤

  • Nilly Phily
    Nilly Phily 2 days ago

    DMV does not include DC . lets argue

  • Chicka chicka Slim shady

    Shit I’m hungry now

  • cody decker
    cody decker 3 days ago

    What the hell is up with his hand at 3:50 ?

  • Kauhle Keha
    Kauhle Keha 3 days ago

    Wooh I was worried about the man for a minute.

  • Ian Frost
    Ian Frost 5 days ago

    I love logic more now, and all the haters don’t be dumb

  • Gustav Frederiksen
    Gustav Frederiksen 5 days ago

    You are the man Logic!!!!!!!

  • Ellwood_Plays
    Ellwood_Plays 5 days ago +1

    Bruh he a bitch he ain’t finishing all the wings!

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 6 days ago

    I think this is one of the best episodes

  • Crystal Martinez
    Crystal Martinez 6 days ago

    OMG that was so cool lot of love logic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benny Turely
    Benny Turely 7 days ago

    this is great. I love this series

  • N O R R
    N O R R 7 days ago +1

    and by the way, he's biracial

  • S Boy
    S Boy 7 days ago

    ''can I cuss?'' "pussy"

  • RareHalfling
    RareHalfling 7 days ago

    Don't forget that he's biracial

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin 7 days ago

    19:45 just. straight. up. legend.

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin 7 days ago

    I just love Logic, man.
    Straight up. Forget his music (which I also love), he's just a great dude, period.

  • Burk Bakarak
    Burk Bakarak 7 days ago

    best episode ever

  • Keenen Donnelly
    Keenen Donnelly 7 days ago

    Super Mario !!!!

  • Shaikh ali
    Shaikh ali 8 days ago

    But this man need to listen to destiny sound tracks it’s dope

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake 8 days ago


  • Xx_Lexi Buildz_xX
    Xx_Lexi Buildz_xX 8 days ago

    Please bring Markiplier on this show.

  • CorvinRayne
    CorvinRayne 8 days ago

    Sean Evans and his team = producing the best interviews on the planet! I LOVE seeing the interviewees getting psyched about the questions and being genuinely appreciative of how well these interviews are prepared for.

  • flyin dino nuggets
    flyin dino nuggets 8 days ago

    4:55 I live right next to a joes Crab shack. I go there every day!

  • flyin dino nuggets
    flyin dino nuggets 8 days ago

    In the intro: he beat uncharted 4 in one day.
    This is actually true but. It took me 1 year, 11 months, 4 weeks, and 18 days.

    UGLY LITTLE BOI 8 days ago

    For all my xxxtentacion fans imagine if he was on the show

  • michael gilbert
    michael gilbert 9 days ago

    I'll fuck you up logic you don't understand that waluigi game fool lol

  • Childish Badger
    Childish Badger 9 days ago

    If Mars is round then why can’t the earth be ???

  • Ken STACKS
    Ken STACKS 9 days ago +2

    did he say The Watcher 3?

  • One Phil
    One Phil 10 days ago

    Logic is smart, great work.

  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz 10 days ago

    Get desus and mero on the show

  • Mattis Oliver-Stokke
    Mattis Oliver-Stokke 10 days ago

    Logic is just inspiring

  • Exotic_aon Yt
    Exotic_aon Yt 10 days ago

    OMG why do those wings just look so good.?.!.?.?.!.??.!.!.?.!.!.?!!

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 10 days ago

    9:57 (Kid Cudi Takes a sip of water)
    9:59 (Kid Cudi spits out water)

  • Daisy B
    Daisy B 10 days ago


  • Kalie M
    Kalie M 10 days ago

    Hot ones and GMM have the same fire breathing rooster as their intro 😅

  • mpblue_ 23
    mpblue_ 23 11 days ago

    Logic and Jess were perfect :(

  • Slutty Shimakaze
    Slutty Shimakaze 11 days ago

    > .

  • Roman Farchutdinov
    Roman Farchutdinov 12 days ago

    11:49 Watcher 3? Witcher?

  • Marquise Chavis
    Marquise Chavis 12 days ago

    Ratpack ‼️🔥

  • T M
    T M 12 days ago

    I love how rappers now battle on consoles instead of shootings.

  • Sidney Paterson
    Sidney Paterson 12 days ago +1

    Bring the L.A. beast on your show

  • F Jmj
    F Jmj 12 days ago

    James Franco

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard 12 days ago

    It's amazing how much better he looks just a year later

  • AriocKaichi
    AriocKaichi 13 days ago

    When he said Chrono Trigger right off hand when asked about the best original video game music I nearly cried. That is also my first and big props to Nobuo Uematsu Yasunori Mitsuda.

  • EAZY C
    EAZY C 13 days ago

    Yall hungry?

  • cory Mills
    cory Mills 13 days ago

    Amazing interview. Other journalist need to do they're homework like this guy and nardwaur. Logic is a Savage lol

  • Momo XD
    Momo XD 13 days ago


  • Mason
    Mason 13 days ago

    This might be one of my favorite episodes.
    I dont follow Logic, but damn - entertaining as all hell. !
    Cant stop smiling.
    Bravo !

  • Karlo Isboss
    Karlo Isboss 13 days ago

    *B I R A C I A L*

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose 14 days ago

    ayran mı içiyonuz len

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 14 days ago

    logic is a geeza

  • Mike Staton
    Mike Staton 14 days ago +4

    Logic looks like he faps in the library bathroom

    • Fluffy
      Fluffy 12 days ago

      Mike Staton You’re picture makes that comment sooo much better

  • david whaley
    david whaley 14 days ago

    👏👏bro that was dope

  • The man to scared to get a tattoo

    So many of the guests are like " HOW TF YOU KNOW THAT?" thats always my favourite part.

  • Terry Hermann
    Terry Hermann 14 days ago

    One of my favorites and I dont even know who he is

  • EnGee 73
    EnGee 73 14 days ago

    He’s not black

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago

    Tf is wrong with his hand at 3:50

  • ッnicoッ
    ッnicoッ 15 days ago

    "can i curse?"
    "go ahea-"

  • Chase Kelvington
    Chase Kelvington 15 days ago

    Much love logic!

  • Fong Shiyu
    Fong Shiyu 15 days ago

    When logic said hed play a turd😂😂

  • R619ification2011
    R619ification2011 15 days ago

    Watcher 3?

  • _InYourGrave_
    _InYourGrave_ 16 days ago

    why does he sound like faze adapt

  • Brian Hines
    Brian Hines 16 days ago +1

    you guys should team up with Nardwuar

  • SwordFisch
    SwordFisch 16 days ago

    Rep Montgomery County

  • Jason
    Jason 16 days ago

    It's funny cuz I got mad at him not finishing the wings

  • Danella Quirós
    Danella Quirós 17 days ago

    18:26 damn, Logic has competition 😂😂😂

  • Galaxie Too
    Galaxie Too 17 days ago

    Bring logic back!

  • Jaxob
    Jaxob 17 days ago +1

    I literally want to be friends with logic so bad

  • ...RESPAWND...
    ...RESPAWND... 17 days ago +1

    For everyone that doesnt know.. Hes biracial

  • James trejo
    James trejo 18 days ago

    can we get a video whith logic singing bohemian rhapsody?

  • benis
    benis 18 days ago


  • Krystian Kornilowicz
    Krystian Kornilowicz 18 days ago +1

    Wow logic put on a lot of muscle. Like my dude he a big boy now

  • Quân Nguyễn
    Quân Nguyễn 19 days ago

    Who came for Da Bom

  • Cooking With Kalle
    Cooking With Kalle 19 days ago

    Retitle the show to "Sean has lunch with millionares"

  • Kirk Patrik Ballares
    Kirk Patrik Ballares 19 days ago

    Probably one of my favorite guest on the show, can you invite justin roiland?

  • Fastroboom Destroying
    Fastroboom Destroying 19 days ago +1

    Maryland pride!

  • JonahDude
    JonahDude 19 days ago +2

    if your a fan of logic like this comment!

  • XMario TV
    XMario TV 20 days ago +2

    Do you guy know the name of the album about space or it isn't launched yet?

  • FaL DeMoNz
    FaL DeMoNz 20 days ago

    The earth is a triangle

  • Barbara Neisel
    Barbara Neisel 20 days ago +1

    Logic I was Freddie Mercury for halloween

  • Dylan lowe
    Dylan lowe 20 days ago +1

    It’s flatter than a fucking piece of paper

  • Dylan lowe
    Dylan lowe 20 days ago +1

    The earth is so fucking flat

  • Mihai Roman
    Mihai Roman 21 day ago +1

    do more of those trippy out of the mind effects!

  • jeffrey marshall
    jeffrey marshall 21 day ago

    He’s right about Baltimore and The DMV lol

  • sleetygold1
    sleetygold1 21 day ago

    yo have logic back on the show man

  • laxfolife 23546
    laxfolife 23546 21 day ago

    Wasn't he on vindicators 3, in Rick and Morty, at the and

  • Levityz
    Levityz 21 day ago

    Logic Ill meet you one day!

  • Phillip Schamberger
    Phillip Schamberger 21 day ago

    Sick questions boys

  • Dimitri Jones
    Dimitri Jones 22 days ago

    Logic you a liar ! Yah said you put “Sriracha” on everything! 🤣

  • Uniscapes
    Uniscapes 22 days ago


  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 22 days ago

    I honestly didn't know he was a REAL rapper until this year. Means more now that I know him

  • Mo
    Mo 23 days ago +1

    logic is a one talented motherfucker

  • Chloe Ireland
    Chloe Ireland 23 days ago

    Have Eminem be on the show!!!

  • Glyphed Ar
    Glyphed Ar 23 days ago

    All i got from this is logic is biracial
    And i was born in maryland so that cool