Joe Rogan Experience #1366 - Richard Dawkins

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Richard Dawkins, FRS FRSL is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, and was the University of Oxford's Professor for Public Understanding of Science from 1995 until 2008. His latest book "Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide" is available now.

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  • Shawn John
    Shawn John 2 hours ago

    Dawkins is gonna end up like Hitchens

  • daness621
    daness621 5 hours ago

  • A J
    A J 6 hours ago

    Does God exist? YES
    I don't know how to explain how such a being can possibly exist, but God really does exist. It's kinda creepy and mind boggling but I must confess, it's true.
    The whole Good vs. evil battle really does go on.
    Jesus really did die for story, etc.
    It's all going to make total sense to each of us one day.
    My best piece of advice for life is this, live righteously, never get tired of right doing, listen to that small voice that prompts you to do good.

  • WortsVO
    WortsVO 9 hours ago

    Young Jamie handling that technical difficulty like a boss! Not letting it side track the convo.

  • A J
    A J 10 hours ago +2

    I'm convinced that Richard Dawkins really does believe in God. I think Dawkins is a Satanist. He has that kinda of vibe to me.

  • D Complexity
    D Complexity 14 hours ago

    If he did dmt then he'd start believing in God so he won't be able to handle it.... Lol 🤣

  • Beach Life
    Beach Life 15 hours ago +1 works have pushed me so far away from mr.dawkins. I’m sorry but he uses real science and no I’m not religious like most of his work suggests. I do think intelligent design was at play. But even if your not dr.tour has some real science that’s being ignored.

  • Lee Mulvaney
    Lee Mulvaney 16 hours ago +1

    I wonder if Joe spoke to him off air about the "Pig.....abortion" tweet back in the day? I was dying to see them hug it out after that one!

  • Iesirea Din Matrix
    Iesirea Din Matrix 16 hours ago

    Also Dawkins should emphasize the horrors of communism, who were and are atheists ... the crimes of atheists are at least the same as those who believe in a false God.

  • Iesirea Din Matrix
    Iesirea Din Matrix 17 hours ago

    I never seen Dawkins talking about francmasonery, or attacking them.

  • Jim van Klaveren
    Jim van Klaveren 22 hours ago +1

    I went to a lecture by Dawkins yesterday in The Hague. Afterwards, during the book signing, I saw an opportunity to ask him a question and I asked him if he would ever appear on the Joe Rogan Experience again. Sadly his response was that he wouldn't know what the use of it would be since he had said everything he wanted to say in this episode already and he wouldn't know what to add.

  • rick chase
    rick chase Day ago

    Easily refuted tropes making a strawman if Christianity and other religions. I would like to see Dawkins and Al Mohler or even Jordan Peterson

  • ge st
    ge st Day ago

    Wonder what Dawkins thinks about his appearance on South Park.

    • lzzrdgrrl
      lzzrdgrrl 7 hours ago

      He did get to score though......'>........

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John Day ago


    REMYBOY Day ago

    Love this guy

  • Stuart Knechtle
    Stuart Knechtle Day ago

    Richard dawkins gets POWNED-

    • lzzrdgrrl
      lzzrdgrrl 7 hours ago

      Richard Dawkins gets triple-pwnd....'>....:

  • Sasan Seyf
    Sasan Seyf Day ago

    Yuval Noah Harari and Dawkins need to have a religious debate here please!!!

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn Day ago

    What about the theory of social consciousness?

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium Day ago

      cant reason with stupidity, nihilistic atheistic brainwashed idiots , they prefer random chance from nowhere out of nothing and ignore the fact that everything in existence exists due to causality.
      there isnt literaly one thing that does exist that isnt due to causality,
      things popping into existence from nowhere out of nothing is retarded beyond believe.

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn Day ago

    Mayb microorganism of which we are unaware within water has memory?

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn Day ago

    Homeopathic is based on Samuel Hahnemann work, it works

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn Day ago

    Kant presents categorical imperative: belief, feeling, knowledge are different things.

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn Day ago

    Poseidon works for me, just a joke?

  • Brett WB
    Brett WB Day ago +1

    It wasn't a very compelling interview on the overarching question, "Does God exist?" Joe should Invite Professor Ed Feser (See on TVclip: " 79: Edward Feser Explodes Richard Dawkins' "refutation" of Aquinas' 5 ways) on the show. I also recommend the Hoover Institution's video, "Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution" with David Berlinski, David Gelernter and Stephen Meyer.
    On the topic of -- Did the historical Jesus exist? There's pretty good evidence. In addition to the NT, Christian antiquities exist from such writers as Papias of Hierapolis [who mentions that Matthew was the designated chronicler among the earliest disciples], Polycarp of Smyrna, Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Aristides of Athens, Tatian the Assyrian, Justin of Nablus, Melito of Sardis, Hegesippus, Theophilus of Caesarea, Theophilus of Antioch, Irenaeus, Athenagoras of Athens, the Scillitan Martyrs, etc. etc.

    From examining both Non-Christian and Anti-Christian polemicists [i.e. Josephus ( c. ~ A.D. 60); Mara Bar-Serapion (c. ~ A.D. 70); Tacitus (c. ~ A.D. 80); Suetonius (c. ~ A.D. 90) , Pliny the Younger and Emperor Trajan (c. ~ A.D. 90), Lucian of Samosata (c. ~ A.D. 140); Celsus (c. ~ A.D. 170), etc. etc.] one can deduce: 1. An individual called Jesus [from Judea] existed under the reign of Tiberius and was put to death via the procurator Pontius Pilate. 2. He was allegedly born of a virgin and was called Chrestus or the "Annointed One." 3. He allegedly performed miracles and set forth laws in which to abide.


    Richard dawkins is one of the Greatest men we have left👍loved the interview

  • gold titanium
    gold titanium Day ago

    Science in general is all about understanding how the world around us functions. It investigates the laws governing the internal workings of the universe and attempts to prove or disprove theories and assumption pertaining to it.
    how do you disprove the unverifiable psuedoscientific notion "random chance from nothing"?
    atheistic retards with their nihilistic "believes" worse then religion and all fairy stories combined foking moronic idiots

    • gold titanium
      gold titanium Day ago

      A statement, hypothesis, or theory is falsifiable if it can be demonstrated to be false by observation.
      More technically, it is falsifiable if it is contradicted by a basic statement, which, in an eventual successful or failed falsification, must respectively correspond to a true or hypothetical observation. For example, the claim "all swans are white and have always been white" is falsifiable since it is contradicted by this basic statement: "In 1697, during the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlaminghexpedition, there were black swans on the shore of the Swan River in Australia", which in this case is a true observation.The concept is also known by the terms refutableand refutability.
      The concept was introduced by the philosopher of science Karl Popper. He saw falsifiability as the logical part and the cornerstone of his scientific epistemology, which sets the limits of scientific inquiry. He proposed that statements and theories that are not falsifiable are unscientific. Declaring an unfalsifiable theory to be scientific would then be pseudoscience.

  • ServantoftheKing

    how are the comments still about people joe hasnt interviewed yet. This is richard freaking dawkins

  • ValmisFilm
    ValmisFilm Day ago

    46:46 - God did not like the podcast subject and intervened.

  • Perzane
    Perzane Day ago +5

    “We are all atheists when it comes to most gods humanity has ever believed in. Some of us goes one god further.”

    • Brett WB
      Brett WB Day ago +1

      "The one god further" objection isn't clever. It is actually quite asinine. Ed Feser made a great analogy. It would be like a skeptic of Euclidean geometry saying, "When you understand why you regard all the particular triangles you’ve observed as having sides that are less than perfectly straight, you will understand why I regard Euclidean plane triangles as such to have sides that are less than perfectly straight." Or, a critic of Platonism saying, "When you understand why you regard the things of ordinary experience as in various ways imperfect or less than fully good instances of their kinds, you will understand why I regard Plato’s Form of the Good as being less than fully good."

  • QueFit
    QueFit Day ago

  • Joshua
    Joshua Day ago +2

    Jesus Christ is the Risen!!!! He sits by the right hand of the Father!!

  • Leon Blythe
    Leon Blythe 2 days ago +1

    I didn’t read all 19000 comments down here but I just have to say the double helix tie needs at least a 4th or 5th mention

  • Sorry, this name is restricted.

    Spent the past 5 years reading endless amounts of idiocy spouted by far left ideologues I forgot that there is still one group out there far more stupid, far more dangerous and far more entitled: Religious Zealots

    • A J
      A J 6 hours ago

      What's your definition of religion?

  • Nick Greene
    Nick Greene 2 days ago

    The thing about death and infinity when you have the mindset of a secular atheist is that if when you die the lights go out and consciousness is tied to the brain and body. When you consider that you're only conscious now because of molecules randomly arranging, and given the extreme amounts of time that are going to pass before the universes end. Most atheists effectively believe in re-incarnation, However given the unlikelihood that everyone we see in the modern world was the lucky sperm out of the billion we're most likely nested deep in simulations created by humans in alternate realities.

  • Robert B.
    Robert B. 2 days ago

    Atheists are losers fuck all of you! Bunch of fuckin assholes and you know theres many assholes out there and its mostly the atheists

    • asobi neko
      asobi neko 21 hour ago

      @Robert B. you sound like the arsehole dude. try dmt, it may help.

    • Robert B.
      Robert B. Day ago

      @No. 10 you idiots still come up with imaginery sky daddy this is how i know you guys are losers

    • No. 10
      No. 10 Day ago

      Did they upset you and your imaginery sky daddy?

  • Ed S.
    Ed S. 2 days ago +2

    Joe and Richard, I have a question. Why is it that with all of our computing power, decades of scientific research, and universities around the world working day and night, mankind still cannot create from scratch even one single living human cell. Not even ONE. Yet you still believe that human beings with all their complex structures e.g. eyes, brain, spinal chord, heart, (not to mention consciousness) somehow emerged from the dust by a series of really lucky accidents and coincidence.

    Also, according to your theory, the human eye somehow figured out how to build itself. Where did its first living cell come from? How did it "know" where to place the second cell? How did it know it was working on a structure that would have to refract light? And at what angles? How did it know it would have to project images onto the brain? How did it know it was building a structure that would need to perceive depth? So where does the next cell go? Now go through that for each structure of the body, and all the structures of animals and insects that have completely different systems than us. If you're an atheist, you believe that all of the above happened by a series of one accident after another.

    • Ed S.
      Ed S. Day ago

      @Yung MC Evolution is what's known as junk science. When other branches of science claim something as fact, they can prove that fact. Evolution cannot show you how the human eye was formed. They can observe God's handiwork, they can conjecture about it, but cannot show you how it was done. The standard answer to everything in evolution is "Billions of years went by so stuff must have happened." If there is no God, and no design then all the complexity of the human body could never have happened, because that would mean every structure of the human body formed by a series of random accidents. It would be like taking a bucket, filling it with aluminum, silicon, copper, carbon etc, waiting a billion years and expecting an iphone to form itself.

    • Yung MC
      Yung MC Day ago

      you dont have to be atheist to acknowledge the truths of evloutions and science, it just usually goes hand and hand because the floating dude in he sky is even more bs lmao evolution over BILLIONS OF YEARS is why we have cells, multicellular beings. an atmosphere and muchhh more

  • Tamás DM
    Tamás DM 2 days ago

    Dawkins tie is a DNA cartoon

  • Larry Myers
    Larry Myers 2 days ago

    Fisting 👊

  • Ed S.
    Ed S. 2 days ago +1

    So funny, Dawkins says he "doesn't get" members of an obscure sect that scar their own backs and cause bleeding. However, he doesn't seem to have any problem with the *millions* of people bleeding while getting tattoos. Gosh, what would he say to a guy with a sleeve tattoo? This guy has been coddled by the media for so long he doesn't even bother to edit for hypocrisy. He knows he'll get a pass.

  • Erik Vega
    Erik Vega 2 days ago

    As a former Atheist, now Pantheist, I’ve always wondered where consciousness originated from. From my nutritionist background, the thing I will say is most fascinating: all energy you’re consuming today and every day to survive, originated from the Big Bang. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so the minerals formed in Supernovas to nourish you, is you’re share of the energy you’re accessing from the Big Bang.

    • A J
      A J 6 hours ago

      Energy can be created. Humans just don't have the ability to create it. Consciousness always existed, it all goes back to God. God is an eternally conscious being, who has all the power and an infinite amount of creative force. It's sounds crazy but it's true. God is the ultimate reality, God existed before the universe because God created the universe. It's all true.

  • Rob Inson
    Rob Inson 2 days ago

    The problem with Dawkins is he's an elitist anti-democrat. He also goes far harder on Christianity than he does Islam, probably because he doesn't want to be stabbed.

    • Sorry, this name is restricted.
      Sorry, this name is restricted. 2 days ago

      Simply untrue. Dawkins has constantly criticised Islam and is one of the few mainstream "atheists" to do so.
      He certainly goes for Christianity more but that's simply due to the fact he's English.

  • Bonnie Dario
    Bonnie Dario 2 days ago

    Dawkins is such great guy , whats not to love| lol he just made Joe so sad saying once brain is dead its other realm waiting for consciousness to live on

  • Matt Gosling
    Matt Gosling 2 days ago

    I had really gotten into that, then it goes and finishes. No matter who his guests are or what their expertise is Joe always keeps the conversation interesting.

  • SnoopyDoo
    SnoopyDoo 2 days ago

    An old fart who writes off the incredible workings of a cell as "evolution" - not grasping the magnitude of what it takes to create a sophisticated machine that is designed to keep you alive.

    • No. 10
      No. 10 Day ago

      Personal incredulity fallacy

    • Thai Sheltie
      Thai Sheltie 2 days ago +2

      How dumb are you 😂

  • ACrystalMoon
    ACrystalMoon 2 days ago

    Wow is he also “enthusiastic” about going to hell too ?, I doubt it, hopefully he will wake up as many more world wide need to! Death on earth isn’t the end...your soul is eternal. With all this new age/ new thought you probably think when you die it’s just lights out that’s completely the end of you or you are just absorbed into the universe or outer space or something and you’ll have a tranquil zen feeling the whole time, that kind of thing does not hold up. We don’t know because we have been deceived about what we really are, they don’t want you to know that hell or heaven is a real place. We’ve grown up on so much bullshit lies! Real death is separation from God/ Jesus. Nor do we know how many things are actually demonic and that there is a satanic influence in pop culture or how we think or used to think many people like celebrities are so great, many are deceived or know damn well what they are doing...

  • Randy Rand
    Randy Rand 2 days ago

    Still waiting for the missing link Dawkins.

    • Sorry, this name is restricted.
      Sorry, this name is restricted. 25 minutes ago

      @Randy Rand You do realise the very fact you reach such a conclusion without any evidence whatsoever is entirely illogical?

    • Randy Rand
      Randy Rand 38 minutes ago

      @Sorry, this name is restricted. It's ok man, i use simple logic. Logic tells me there was intervention of some sort that sped up human evolution, what we are in comparison to every other living species on the planet is not natural. Now if it was aliens, or whatever i don't know. I sure don't believe the nonsense that humans are a natural product here on earth.

    • Sorry, this name is restricted.
      Sorry, this name is restricted. 3 hours ago

      ​@Randy Rand
      Okay. So you're expecting to understand the complexities of evolution while simultaneously expressing absolute ignorance of it and spouting a popular myth espoused by creationists?
      How on earth am I to teach you these things through a comment section on TVclip? You've a very significant gap in your understanding of evolution.

    • Randy Rand
      Randy Rand 3 hours ago

      @Sorry, this name is restricted. I am not religious, or a nutjob. Please explain to me why humans are so drastically further advanced from every other living thing on the planet, and how it makes sense that gradual evolution applies to us?

    • Sorry, this name is restricted.
      Sorry, this name is restricted. 4 hours ago

      @Randy Rand
      My assumption is you're probably a religious nutjob and therefore actual evidence means nothing to you.

  • Lightsoutlightson1
    Lightsoutlightson1 3 days ago +1

    All Dawkins (or anyone) has to do to know if God exists is to seek God. He knows how to prove his existence to those that seek Him. Rogan should see the videos Bishop Barron did about this podcast and consider having a religious leader like Barron on the show. The arguments of atheists are not even consistent with science, and are pure nonsense. I have studied science all my life and atheist arguments fall to pieces under basic arguments.
    Once I had a question about a religious issue and at the time I had the question I reached for a book in a religious bookstore and it dealt with the exact question I had. Asked and answered.
    I know someone that asked his guardian angel to meet him in a restaurant. He was sitting in the restaurant watching the door to see if someone would show up when someone tapped him on the shoulder and invited him to join him at the next table where two priests were eating. It was his parish priest who he barely knew and was the only time in his life he had a meal with a priest.
    Again, asked and answered. There are scores of other examples.

  • G Art
    G Art 3 days ago

    I'm a Moorman. I live on the Moors.

  • Wasiq Hussain
    Wasiq Hussain 3 days ago +1

    Richard Dawkins is a deceiver

  • xTronKillmaster
    xTronKillmaster 3 days ago

    Evolution of the gaps

  • CRX_00
    CRX_00 3 days ago +1

    That man is a globalist agent with career glorifying his own opinions.

    The evidence for God certainly outweighs any evidence that Human science has uncovered.

    • asobi neko
      asobi neko 21 hour ago

      @CRX_00 they said evidence...

    • CRX_00
      CRX_00 Day ago +1

      @No. 10 the fact you are breathing? Viruses? No logical continuum of existence? Lifes propensity for self replication for an inherent reason? Intrinsic mechanical design function of cells, DNA and autoimmune development? To name a few...

    • No. 10
      No. 10 Day ago +1

      What is the evidence for god?

  • Mark Terrain
    Mark Terrain 3 days ago

    What an arsehole this guy is. His books mock religious people like they are stupid children. No wonder he has never done psychedelics, I don't think he has ever questioned one of his own beliefs because morality does not exist in his worldview of biological machines and yet he calls religion immoral.

  • Jimma D
    Jimma D 3 days ago +1

    Interesting that Joe and Dawkins couldn’t figure out why people put so much time and energy into practicing their religion when Dawkins essentially does the same (not hating); they put energy into the explanations of their existence. Dawkins’ explanation is built upon understanding acquired through the scientific method tho

    • Jimma D
      Jimma D 3 days ago +1

      @asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg Not what I'm saying. I'm saying he's dedicated his life to what he believes is the explanation of our existence.

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 3 days ago

      Atheism isn't a religion.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 3 days ago +1

    Watching from Pakistan

  • CSharp Playlists
    CSharp Playlists 4 days ago +1

    Could you please have Dr William Lane Craig on your show? Would be awesome. His arguments for theism are equally compelling and he is very well spoken.

    • Brett WB
      Brett WB 2 hours ago

      Ah, yes, the argumentum ad hominem.

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 16 hours ago

      @CSharp Playlists
      Kind or not, it's still a valid point.

    • CSharp Playlists
      CSharp Playlists 16 hours ago

      @asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg How very kind of you.

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 3 days ago

      "His arguments for theism are equally compelling"
      -Only if your dumb ass finds _fallacious arguments_ compelling...

  • at me
    at me 4 days ago

    Lmao gotta love that double helix tie

  • Lawrence Parkes
    Lawrence Parkes 4 days ago

    Dawkins is such a brilliant man. I'm glad you got him on. Cheers from Australia.

  • NPC -30
    NPC -30 4 days ago

    Well... as long as he stays out of politics...

  • theotormon
    theotormon 4 days ago +1

    Many say DMT is the door. Dawkins should put up or shut up.

    • theotormon
      theotormon 3 days ago

      @asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg I've never done it. And I am an agnostic like Dawkins. But if I made my living through my opinion on the matter, I would feel like a coward and a liar if I didn't do the15-minute activity people say offers the best proof of deity.

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 3 days ago

      Smoke another one, you dumb fuck.

  • Code Chaines
    Code Chaines 4 days ago +1

    Expecto patronum!

  • 131untouchable
    131untouchable 4 days ago +1

    Homeopathy does work.. if it didn't India would be the second biggest population on the planet

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 3 days ago

      Homeopathy has been shown to be no more effective than a placebo, you dumb fuck.

    • at me
      at me 4 days ago

      Is that a joke lol bc I do think homeopathy can work