Trump, Australian PM Morrison hold a joint press conference

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • President Trump hosts a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. #FoxNews
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Comments • 626

  • strike1977
    strike1977 14 days ago

    there is nothing more better than our Australian flag is beside the star spangled banner of the United States ❤️🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸

  • Joppa
    Joppa 22 days ago

    In Australia, this was slagged on by our media to no end. It's funny to see the difference in opinions within the comments sections on youtube. Unfortunately, virtually all the shown comments in Australian media, is very much left winged, so you kind of feel alone if you ever disagree (it just won't get published anyway). But not here, glad to see many normal people willing to stand up for themselves (especially the climate change/end of the world in 12yrs saga). We have state controlled schools, so all our kids think they won't get live to an old age.

    Scott Morrison is actually pretty good, I was worried at first (I didn't vote for him) but really he seems level minded, but our state controlled ABC (Australia Bolshevik Corp) is a problem.

    Wish we had Trump though, but still very happy you guys do.

  • listen to me
    listen to me 25 days ago

    Get stuffed you stupid PM. Absolutely no idea what’s going on in your own country. Creating jobs for Chinese and mostly Indians who work for less wages and then take that money and spend it back in their country. The average Australian worker barely survives in Australia with living expenses while tourists and others on student visas are allowed to work and keep wages low for Australians while they go back to their poor countries to live like kings. Stupid stupid stupid

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through 25 days ago +1

    Great times we live in. A movement is happening in the world to stomp out injustice and evil. USA started it by electing President Trump, and the eyes of the world are opening to follow.
    We all share one world, let's make it a great one for the future!

  • Malcolm австралийский русский хакер

    Great to see our good PM with the man trump TRUMP 2020! MEGA

  • james ortega
    james ortega 25 days ago

    thats the true ally

  • thoth199
    thoth199 25 days ago

    May GOD BLESS both these leaders and their countries.

  • Hakencruz
    Hakencruz 25 days ago +1

    No more! Chinese Navy pulling up in Sydney harbour willy nilly

    • strike1977
      strike1977 14 days ago

      Hakencruz they need to be stopped! period

  • Lorry Camill
    Lorry Camill 25 days ago +3

    Scott Morison is making Australia 🇦🇺 proud God Bless him 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  • Lorry Camill
    Lorry Camill 25 days ago +3

    USA 🇺🇸 and Australia 🇦🇺 two great nations 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  • Jeffrey Long
    Jeffrey Long 25 days ago

    Moron Scum

  • Megan
    Megan 26 days ago

    Extra tan today 😁

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 26 days ago

    33:21 Trump is trolling AOC.

  • Dudly Baggerman
    Dudly Baggerman 26 days ago +1

    Get Ready fox tabloid news to cover trump for PRISON ! And allso remember wat tabloid news,,FOX,, helped him do this to AMERICA !!

  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard 26 days ago

    Talked about locking up the Criminal Corrupt Democrats in Congress and the fake lying news media in GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON FOR MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND EXECUTIONS. ITS COMING AMERICA CHEER.

  • M Ppp
    M Ppp 26 days ago +2

    We need to make Trump accept a third term! Also God bless Australia. We Americans love you.

  • Adrienne Bowman
    Adrienne Bowman 26 days ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHA THOSE BOTS WERE BUSY during this amazing press conference, think they Trump deranged syndrom was on FULL DISPLAY TODAY, LOL

  • Hilton Preen
    Hilton Preen 26 days ago

    Walter Walton
    is a poes

  • heather Forster
    heather Forster 26 days ago

    Now we need our governments both to stop the weather warfare and for the planes spraying chemicals in our skies to stop or be stopped!
    And stop calling it climate change !

  • seriously1920
    seriously1920 26 days ago

    Love our President 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

  • SeanWyseman
    SeanWyseman 26 days ago

    How come when this Australian PM talks about Jobs he sounds like he's talking about 'work for a slave force' to control them. When Trump talks about Jobs he sounds like he's fighting for the prosperity of his people? They say the same things but they sure sound different.

  • Rohit Gurehsrez
    Rohit Gurehsrez 26 days ago


    RICH82AIRBORNE 26 days ago

    that must mean there killing off the deep state in aussie!

  • Pete Edwards
    Pete Edwards 26 days ago

    Anyone ever see the movie Idiocracy? Definitely an accurate portrayal of Trump and GOP voters!!!

  • Malcolm Mills
    Malcolm Mills 26 days ago

    Jackass treacherous crooked lying conman Trump holding a press conference with a countries leader, shame on the USA.

  • harbar3000
    harbar3000 26 days ago

    Andrew’s agenda is Scheer genius.

  • John Leadsom
    John Leadsom 26 days ago

    Donald Caveman meeting up with Scott Statesman!

  • D MAN
    D MAN 26 days ago +1

    DEMOCRATS will be th end of America

  • Jaime G
    Jaime G 26 days ago +1

    i love peace no war

  • MelodicMizeryPs3Vids
    MelodicMizeryPs3Vids 26 days ago

    back to broderlands 3

  • vinnierex2
    vinnierex2 26 days ago +1

    SCOMO 2020

  • 808hardwrkr
    808hardwrkr 26 days ago +3

    clearly, President Trump does NOT want war, nor does the PM of Australia. It is IRAn, and the idiots who think in barbaric terms that seek destruction. (Hell, they said they welcomed a full fledged war with the USA)
    When the People of Iran, have had enough, they will dump their war mongering leadership, and hopefully join the Nations of the world in The free market, and fair trade.

  • 808hardwrkr
    808hardwrkr 26 days ago

    Tippy Top Shape!!WWG1WGA
    Q reigns!

  • Brendan Perry
    Brendan Perry 26 days ago

    what about the drought scott

  • James Wilcock
    James Wilcock 26 days ago

    Americans and Trump supporters the Australian pm is a traitor.He has chinese spies in his own liberal party and refuses to kick them out and instead labels anyone questioning the matter a racist.check out sky news andrew bolt chinese spy.

  • Liam d
    Liam d 26 days ago +3

    Question for any Americans reading this. I have followed trump pretty closely and was curious if iam being biased or not. Trump seems to genuinely like our country and PM would you agree?

  • Paul Saint
    Paul Saint 27 days ago

    if you want jobs Schommo build coal fire power stations! and increase wages so people have money to spend arse hole

  • Brandon Muier
    Brandon Muier 27 days ago +1

    Our President Donald J Trump needs the upcoming UFC BMF belt.

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker 27 days ago +1

    Tread carefully Mr. Morrison. Unlike the US we can replace you as PM at the drop of a hat. Allies or not your job is to protect Australia's interests, not the personal aspirations of Donald Trump. Don't embarrass us... and don't sign ANYTHING!

  • Alan Bernstein
    Alan Bernstein 27 days ago +3

    Chinese are interfering in our elections by targeting tariffs towards American farmers and auto workers. They seem to think that American workers will turn against our president if they apply some economic pressure.Democrats don't object to this, putting party before country. It's not going to work.

  • Markos Mwendwa
    Markos Mwendwa 27 days ago +1

    Imbecile Trump....IMPEACH NOW

  • No sheeple
    No sheeple 27 days ago +2

    Time to ask WHO IS Q....

  • John Hazenhousen
    John Hazenhousen 27 days ago +1

    As an Australian I’m horribly embarrassed by Scott Morrison, yet he seems relatively well spoken and dignified in this press conference. I wonder why that is?

    • Oligarchs HaveControl
      Oligarchs HaveControl 27 days ago +1

      It's easy to look good sitting next to a complete orange Buffon man child.

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark 27 days ago

    Lindsey Grahams feelings about Trump 3 years ago summed it up beautifly,Trump is Shallow,says the worst things possible about Imagrants,doesn't know how laws work,he's a race baiting xenophobic,religious bigot,jackass 👍

  • Will to Power
    Will to Power 27 days ago +1

    Australians love your President Trump. Don't listen to the haters, they are mainly leftist perverts that hate their own country as well.

  • Cosmic squirrel
    Cosmic squirrel 27 days ago +2

    We all hope for the USA to be strong.

    • strike1977
      strike1977 14 days ago

      Cosmic squirrel yeah to bring down the red army of china

  • Amanda PinkGelato
    Amanda PinkGelato 27 days ago

    Um, Australias economy is CRAP right now. Don't lie.

  • mathew mclaren
    mathew mclaren 27 days ago

    Morrison dodged that HUAWEI question better than a dodgeball champion.

  • sandy dix
    sandy dix 27 days ago

    As an Aussie not living in America, it makes me ill to see our leader want to 'please' the president and play into his "you have to like me or I will cry" routine. Such a shame to see adults sucking up to each other. Says a lot about them. Time for all concerned to put your big boy pants on and stop catering to trumps very tender ego. Im sure you have something better to do today Scott.

    • James Alexander
      James Alexander 26 days ago

      What's! wrong with everyone playing nice?or just the thought of it! It seems not everyone wonts that these days! Just a thought!😁

    • sandy dix
      sandy dix 26 days ago

      @James Alexander and someones head is in the sand

    • James Alexander
      James Alexander 26 days ago

      Someones not for peace!

  • John Huddleston
    John Huddleston 27 days ago +1

    President Trump and Australian PM hold a joint press conference.
    Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong hold a joint.

    • Eli Rees
      Eli Rees 27 days ago

      John Huddleston I love you man

  • The Observer
    The Observer 27 days ago

    LIBERAL Demo of Yesterday, once said "Ask Not What the Country Can Do for YOU, but Ask What YOU can Do for your Country" (paraphrase) _J.F.Kennedy
    LIBERAL Demo of Today (Present), said. "Ask ALL for FREE to your Country, but Ask Not to pay it back, for the Top One Percent of the Country will Pay it all" (paraphrase) - Mr. Sanders and the Socialist Demo gang.
    Oh, how we like the LIBERAL Demo of Yesterday, they are more conservative than of Today.........What happen to them? ? ? ?.........Is it Evolution that took place? ? ?

  • Terry Austin
    Terry Austin 27 days ago

    Pity Australia has ordered French submarines or has Trump just sold Morrison US nuclear subs. I hope so. $50billion to France for Submarines that will be delivered a decade from now is ridiculous.

    • The_Desert_Tiger
      The_Desert_Tiger 24 days ago

      Nuclear is still illegal in Australia so what we are doing is paying 4 billion dollars to the french to redesign the subs for a diesel version that we will end up getting.

  • Jeff Strange
    Jeff Strange 27 days ago +31

    It's nice to see two Nations get together and promote each others welfare and happiness.

  • Robert Shrewsbury
    Robert Shrewsbury 27 days ago +2

    Of course President Trump does very well for us here in the USA and for other Countries also. He is not a sycophant, but a courageous and intelligent man that has a few jealous/envious, ill-mannered politicians with poor form at his heels, barking a bit too much for civility !

  • Daniel Twaddle
    Daniel Twaddle 27 days ago +1

    The liberal party in Australia are conservative like the Republican party in the USA. There are trolls on here deliberately leaving out the conservative part. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇭🇲

  • Patricia Haley
    Patricia Haley 27 days ago

    I hate the very GROSS advertisements before I get the news!!!

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode 27 days ago +1

    Donnie diapers. The orange cheeto

  • Kate Tanti
    Kate Tanti 27 days ago +4

    Australia has sold ..muchto foreign countries. . Namely China to the detriment to Our country ,Our Farmers, our unbelievable amount of Homless and unemployment that is higher than they admit to us the only prosperous ones are Our version of your Deep State the Globilist Elite

  • Linda Theiss
    Linda Theiss 27 days ago +1

    Love our POTUS.

  • Neville Bennett
    Neville Bennett 27 days ago +1

    I notice the plurals at FOX NEWS and the rest of the media have problem to investigate Biden's son for corruption but only now that the President should not asked about it. How bias is clear with these media cabal.?