Surviving R.Kelly: STOP PIMPING YOUR KIDS! #SurvivingRKelly

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, has been in the media lately for sexual allegations made by women who alleged he abused them.

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Comments • 3 718

  • Paris Milan
    Paris Milan  15 days ago +1229

    I hope Lifetime will make a "Surviving Massa" segment for all the black women raped by our slave masters.
    First ten to use "Paris" at checkout get 10% off.

    Over 100,000 New & Used Cars From Dealers. CarMarshal. You Shop. We Negotiate.
    ParisMilan 15% off
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    If you'd like to support my channel, paypal
    All videos/pictures used are protected under the 1976 Fair Use Act for educational purposes.

    I do not own any of the music or photo's, it is used under the 1976 fair use act for educational or research purposes.

    • Mindy Clark
      Mindy Clark Day ago

      So let's bring up slavery but black men have been fucking their babies and young girls daily because that's what they do

    • jajq j
      jajq j 3 days ago

      Are you fucking serious how immature and ignorant can you. E

    • TrollinThru DaHood
      TrollinThru DaHood 3 days ago

      Age ain't nothing but a number

    • Zubayda Sutton
      Zubayda Sutton 4 days ago

      That's the damn truth!

    • Louis Murphy
      Louis Murphy 4 days ago

      Paris Milan Black Sodom And Gomorrah Ring A Bell?

  • Evangle hendricks

    Niggas just using him to come up

  • Rev Capone
    Rev Capone 5 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song playing in the background????

  • LaMetrius Jackson
    LaMetrius Jackson 19 hours ago

    great advice

  • Immy Holland
    Immy Holland 23 hours ago

    Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are being prosecuted,R Kelly not and thats why they made a documentary about survinving R Kelly!! it has nothing to do with race but with justice! These women need justice just like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey victims may get in court!!

  • Yassine Othman
    Yassine Othman Day ago

    as a survivor of child molestation coming from a Muslim cult it's sad that a Catholics and even a church can be exposed but not Muslims for pellets in your ways I've been trying to get my story out for so long I was with a muscle called Sufism in Upstate New York that was molesting me of since I was 8 and 12 and a half years old I feel enraged then nobody is picking up on the story that I'm trying to put out there as well that goes on in the Masjid unfortunately I am not an Entertainer and I'm not in their interested or even in the Catholic on any Baptist Church but I am an African-American indigenous woman who once was a girl I feel like half of these leaders and its government is behind the destruction allow people when are we going to wake up and realize pedophilia is or being breeded and every religion.

  • Teeze Loco
    Teeze Loco Day ago

    Sparkle introduce ALL her family including her uncle which is R.Kelly guitarist which is the FATHER OF THE 14 YEAR OLD. Stop lying!

  • Sanijah McCrimmon

    They been saying something about it for years..nobody did anything and people were paid off...

  • Sanijah McCrimmon

    When did McDonald's have danishes????

  • natchagirl2 natchagirl

    Black women and GIRLS were raped by slave masters AND black male slaves. Please study the insidious institution of breeding on American plantations. A black GIRL was expected to start producing more slaves from the time her menses started. When a "buck" was sent to impregnate 5/6 preteen and teenage girls, that "buck" was not a BOY but a MAN. So this crime of young black girls being sexually assaulted by grown men has roots. We need to study this.
    A big part of the pain of dealing with this is that so many black women were sexually assaulted as girls - too many. But we've got to put it out and declare it unacceptable. As we speak some "mama's boyfriend" or "uncle" or "family friend" has their hands down the panties of a little girl. The we call the girls "fans" when they act out.

  • Mukbang n starch Gang

    Thank you why talk now they should have been said something smh .. and kitty Andrea and Asante not no victims

  • 30901Nikki
    30901Nikki 2 days ago

    I haven't seen the doc and may not... til there is nothing else to watch. Quit messing w/yo a long time ago. I know he sick as fuck, the video of him talking about his mom confirms it.

  • Sandy Luis
    Sandy Luis 2 days ago

    BLACK PEOPLE when are WE going to wake up and see whats really going on?
    Why NOW is WHITE MEDIA TARGETING R KELLY? The same reasons they targeted Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Prince, & any other BLACK MAN who was trying to ACCOMPLISH something big. Trust & believe, white people don't care about the well being of black kids but BLACK PEOPLE do & they know this. WHITE PEOPLE would've castrated R Kelly the moment a rumor would've started with him sleeping with white girls. The destruction of BLACK PEOPLE is BLACK PEOPLE with white people at the helms. They feed us a story & we run with it. We condemn our own without proven facts. You see everyday how the media can distort videos to make us see what we want. WHITE PEOPLE CONTROL WHITE MEDIA/TELEVISION. Anytime Black people start standing up for themselves, the powers of be steps in to contain the situation. Remind yourselves of Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams, & DMX. When these men started speaking truth...they deemed them crazy and we ran with it. No other race turns on their own people even if the alleged allegations are true. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! DIVIDE+CONQUER=DESTRUCTION of BLACK PEOPLE. They have infiltrated our communities, churches, and school with drugs infestations, incarcerated of black men, senseless killings of black people, & now this lgbt movement. This is a distraction to cause discord & mistrust and what better way in doing that...turn black people against each other by the very thing we value the most...OUR CHILDREN. WHITE PEOPLE been using blacks against each other the moment they enslaved our ancestors and brought them to this racist country. BLACK People WE HAVE TO DO BETTER. They use us & our information that we put on social media to keep us divided and in chaos. White people been raping and sleeping with children with all their perversions. Catholic churches & politicians been raping, molesting, and sleeping with children & NO DAMN LIFETIME MOVIED. Lo behold, lets put this out regarding R Kelly and tear this black man down. Lets destroy him so that ALL BLACK MAN know their place.
    Wake up black America they are finding ways to tear us down & keeping us there. Black Women we NEED to UNIFY together & with BLACK MEN.

  • Frank Hamed
    Frank Hamed 2 days ago

    These girls are bitches. ..this
    is witch hunt

  • Frances Jackson
    Frances Jackson 2 days ago

    Amen and Amen too the Comments ,I just heard : the women and girls that kept going to R.Kelly are Know more a Victims than (rkelly) they knew his back ground, what was going on and (Hundreds )of Them; , I don’t feel Sorry for None of them nor their parents, If he wasn’t a Super Star / Singer; He wouldn’t be in the News!!!

  • darkmumbles
    darkmumbles 3 days ago

    If them girls was white kellz would be in jail

  • Tracey Del-Gado
    Tracey Del-Gado 3 days ago

    Didn't watch and I'm not because first of all I'm not helping with the ratings. I remember the whole thing about Aaliyah I was done with his ass then.

  • Trishanna Grays
    Trishanna Grays 3 days ago

    We can always say what we would do but we have no idea what we would really do unless we were in this situation.

  • Shay Beauty
    Shay Beauty 4 days ago

    They delet alot of things that was on lifetime.

  • Tanisha Porter
    Tanisha Porter 4 days ago

    r Kelly had a bad child hood to getting rape by his sister and his bro was involved so... he need to be in jail but it was also these girls parents involved if young because they getting paid... the women getting paid period... r Kelly learned from Aaliyah so why why care if the girls young pay they parents if they older pay them... r Kelly was gay and like men too so just all wrong

  • Pippy H
    Pippy H 4 days ago

    When the song Age ain't nothing but a number came out, my mom said R Kelly is a child molester and me being a teenager at that time defended him and told her she sees all men as pedophiles. I guess I should tell her she was right.

  • Shatangela Sanders
    Shatangela Sanders 4 days ago

    This dude 😂 trifling 😌😂😂😂

  • neal6473
    neal6473 4 days ago +1

    Aaliyah was so beautiful when she was a kid.

  • Nichole
    Nichole 4 days ago

    Drea fake as fuck.straight clown..glad i watched this video

  • Zubayda Sutton
    Zubayda Sutton 4 days ago

    If there's a legal marriage certificate then with her actual she on it obviously that state allows consent at 16 and that's one of the reasons he's not in jail because technically he broke no law. Morally though he was wrong but they can't arrest you for being immoral. And there's no proof for the other girls.

  • Face Candy Studio
    Face Candy Studio 4 days ago

    There it is right there @16:00 . Not saying it was right what RKelly was doing to these underaged girls but damn.... where was the outcry for help when this man was at the top of his game? Where????? The public jury wants to hear from THAT GIRL, or THAT ARTIST that called BS on his sh*t back in the year 1999 or 2000. We want to hear from them (before they realized their careers were not going to go anywhere).

  • Louis Murphy
    Louis Murphy 4 days ago +1

    Paris Milan Black Sodom And Gomorrah Ring A Bell?

  • Niccole1981
    Niccole1981 5 days ago

    You speak the truth. I've been saying this all along. I question all of this. No doubt about it, R. Kelly has a problem. However, these people deliberately turned a blind eye to his behaviors. There is a lot of blame to go around.
    Now lets oust the rest of these sexual predators.

  • datgirl westcost
    datgirl westcost 5 days ago


  • Lizzie Beth
    Lizzie Beth 5 days ago

    R.Kelly asked his mother to marry him? What a sick phucking bastard. His azz should have been in prison a long time ago! No wonder the child molestation rates have gone up in the black American community because black folks love victim blaming and looking the other way and deflecting but at this point who cares because black folks don't care. So I've stopped caring. Black folks have let the world know, black women are irrelevant so I don't wanna hear no more of that "black women are queens" shit!

  • Black Obsidian
    Black Obsidian 5 days ago

    The truth is no one cares about the victims or the fact they were young. This isn’t a kid friendly world of music is hypsexualized and porn is easily accessible. Let’s get real ppl. The society we live in BREEEDS pedophilia

  • M Christman
    M Christman 5 days ago

    Thnx., Paris. Dead on.

  • JDR
    JDR 5 days ago


  • Alina Flowers
    Alina Flowers 5 days ago

    I am so confused about Drea Kelly one moment she is protecting him the next she's slamming him under the bus. I still love R Kelly's music I still listen 2 his music.

  • Nikki Baxter
    Nikki Baxter 5 days ago

    We have been so deceived by all these peoole, most of not all these so called women in this video are MEN!!!!!!!
    Is all this part of there distraction??!!
    Are all these people being paid to act a part????
    these secret societies have their own religion, their God is male and female, they transition their children into the opposite sex from a young age, so they don't go through puberty, young children boys traumatised through sick rituals, the girls given testosterone, bushfire estrogen!!
    They are all decievers, they will do anything to get attention, because they are narcissistic, efotistic, mentally unstable, and most are under MK Ultra.
    Lol up the bone structures of a male and a female, you will then see we are being deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing.
    These people are placed in positions to lead the masses, and to distract us from the what's really going around us. Poisoned skies, poisoned water, poisoned food, high profile paedophiles, spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Need to get right with our Creator and we must stop focusing on these decievers!
    I am telling myself this too, this deception is so deep it's mind boggling!

  • Nikki Baxter
    Nikki Baxter 5 days ago

    Aliyia is a man, Kelly's first wife is also most likely a man.

  • Charles Moore
    Charles Moore 5 days ago

    All for the bag

  • SkyAtticus Jones
    SkyAtticus Jones 5 days ago

    They need to make a surviving Judaism, cuz these Jewish Rabbis are out here suck little baby’s penises, seriously it’s a 1000 year old practice that the Jewish parents of the new born approve of. It’s happens on every level you could think of

  • Raven Hill
    Raven Hill 5 days ago

    Yea we can say these young girls made bad judgements, but you can't BLAME them R. Kelly was the ADULT on the situation.

  • Raven Hill
    Raven Hill 5 days ago

    The African American community has got to do better. They are ALWAYS quick to persecute the victims before the perpetrator. And then they wonder why people take soo long to come forward with their story. I mean let's ignore that this man was hanging out outside of high schools and malls picking up girls and promising to help these girls persuing a career. The REAL problem is the community doesn't give a fuck about lil black girls. That's how many black girls go missing or end up murdered in the community. You can blame the victims and call them names but we will put the CELEBRITY predators on a pedistool and the shit is sad as fuck.

  • Miss Bright Eyes
    Miss Bright Eyes 5 days ago

    Yep I saw it on fire stick and it’s difficult to watch. I also think that parents were pimping their daughters as well as a lot of grown folks were complicit in the BS as it pertains to R Kelly 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Brenda Hicks
    Brenda Hicks 5 days ago


  • Eye'am Kandake
    Eye'am Kandake 5 days ago

    Sparkle stated that she introduced her family to R Kelly and that included the niece but it was a group. It was not the niece alone. The parents would drop the child off. She didn’t agree with it.

  • elite jedi star
    elite jedi star 5 days ago

    I like the title "STOP PIMPING YOUR KIDS"

  • Kaya Swift
    Kaya Swift 6 days ago

    I agree with you 100 percent.

  • Karen Wright
    Karen Wright 6 days ago

    It's Crazy to me that So Many People KNOW what they WOULD'VE DONE in A Situation that they have NEVER been in Themselves. I keep hearing people saying WHY DIDN'T THEY SPEAK UP SOONER ???? WHY DID THEY WAIT 30 years ???? THEY ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS HIM!!!! But has it Ever Occurred to Anyone that R. Kelly had SONY backing him Up AND PEOPLE WERE TERRIFIED of HIM??? Keep in Mind these people were ALSO VERY YOUNG and R. KELLY was A Very POWERFUL MAN!!! They didn't Speak Up back THEN Because they WERE AFRAID TO PERIOD!!!! As Long As R. Kelly has Breath in his body its NEVER TOO LATE To Keep him from doing this to Another Young Girl, BECAUSE HE HASN'T STOPPED!!!!. So Why NOT NOW ???? Is the Question I have for the People that have a problem with them finding the Courage to FINALLY SPEAK. It's NEVER Too Late to Do The Right Thing! Understand THAT PART!!!

  • nileyfan1998
    nileyfan1998 6 days ago

    R we gonna pretend the parents didn't sell aalyiah to the Illuminati anyway? No? Ok 💀

  • Motivated Woman
    Motivated Woman 6 days ago

    None of these women cry seem real to me including his ex-wife. Fake as whoes they knew what he was like from the start.

  • Motivated Woman
    Motivated Woman 6 days ago

    Sparkle is full of shit!!!!!!!!

  • Motivated Woman
    Motivated Woman 6 days ago

    Stop talking about Aaliyah because she's not able to defend herself. She didn't do or say anything bad about her relationship with him. There's more to this story that we may never know.

  • Sarah Michelle Simmons

    Damn the photo on this Video caught my attention Aliyah did not look happy it's sad kids supposed to look up to adults and they pimping there kids not only that men need to say hey I'm not going to risk my life sleeping with a kid this is so sad and crazy that the industry allowing grown men to sleep with this kids and the adults men taking advantage of kids SAD SAD SAD SAD

  • Sandi Lynn Eshun
    Sandi Lynn Eshun 6 days ago

    Totally agree. Everyone was in the wrong, not just R Kelly. Idk how they all overlooked everything he did... you never think it could happen to you until it happens. Smh

  • Tariq Barbee
    Tariq Barbee 6 days ago

    The backup singer was 14 at the time as well so I don’t blame her for not telling

  • Shavon Edwards
    Shavon Edwards 6 days ago

    Perfectly said. So many more inportant men have done and continue to do worse but nothing is said. If your gonna attack one for wrong doing attack them all

  • Yolanda Cheek
    Yolanda Cheek 6 days ago

    Andrea probably broke. Yeah, all these women are opportunists

  • Yolanda Cheek
    Yolanda Cheek 6 days ago

    Andrea's daughter looks just like her

  • Crystal Garcia
    Crystal Garcia 6 days ago +2

    My daughter wants to be a model and I tell her those people are the devil. This proves my point.

  • tot4god
    tot4god 6 days ago

    I believe Drea knew something was going on but, what she said after their divorce was because ppl kept coming to her telling her about his life. She didn't care what was going on with him at that point. Yes, every person that knew he was preying on young girls need to be dealt with along with him.

  • Melody Weaver
    Melody Weaver 6 days ago

    I think he's is mentally ill do to being molested himself. Instead ofhelping him recruit more victims his team should have got him therapy for his demons.

  • KeepItKuute
    KeepItKuute 6 days ago +1

    Please please please tell me why everybody is acting like children. “Oh, if Jamie doesn’t get in trouble for stealing the cookie, I should steal the cookie too and everything will be good I don’t need to be punished either”. A rape is a rape is a rape. If you can find dirt on the other people, air it then. Don’t let 1 rapist off because the other one got away with it!🙄

  • TLC !!!
    TLC !!! 6 days ago

    It is never too late to do the right thing- let's protect our girls/young women from: abuse, violence, and manipulation. It is our job to do so, as no one else will take on the responsibility.
    PS - I'm over Drea...

  • lali k
    lali k 6 days ago

    You all do realize that Dame Dash is like 8 or 9 years older than aaliyah. Maybe just maybe aaliyah was probably into older men. It do have teenagers like that. Where is the proof??? all the exaggerations going on, just making all these accusations look bogus.

    • princerob425
      princerob425 6 days ago

      lali k’re basically saying she’s to blame....he’s the one that fucked her and forged the marriage. She wasn’t his first victim nor last.

    • lali k
      lali k 6 days ago

      +haile selassie never was my words!! please read... I ask you a question based off your implication.
      I say this respectfully, Aaliyah did lie when she did not have too as well. so who is to say! I really do not like getting into specifics about aaliyah and Rkelly's relationship because it's disrespectful to the dead in my eyes. That's why I posted it the way I did, as maybe this is what she preferred because of the cycle, and obviously when she was alive there has been no questions or topics of such being talked about, but it seems as if the public know everything, but yet can't get it together.
      But being that Aaliyah has died RIP, she is not hear to defend herself and tell her side.
      "Edited" I would like to make it very clear, that I am not disagreeing with you said , because it do happen, but who is to really know what happened between both of them. Which we are going to see that Rkelly is wrong because of their age, and being the oldest he should know better, but who is to really say!

    • haile selassie
      haile selassie 6 days ago

      +lali k your words not mine....because I wasn't saying that at all! What I was saying is that she WAS 12 when he met her, and was 15 when she married him!😒👎

    • lali k
      lali k 6 days ago

      +haile selassie So he ruined every girl that he been with thought process?

    • haile selassie
      haile selassie 6 days ago

      +lali k and maybe just maybe, R. Kelly ruined her thought process after being with him!

  • Cristina Storm
    Cristina Storm 6 days ago

    Yall should listen to Khia read, " SEX ME: Confessions of Daddy's little freak" written by one of Rkellys women. She details how he manipulates the parents basically bc he's R Kelly. Parents be starstruck and let they kid go wherever. She also details how she kept things from her grandmother. It's an extremely unfortunate situation, she thought she was in love, and she also admits that she still love Rob. But he uses their pee to cast voodoo spells on these women to make then want to stay sith him and love him. The author also makes a statement in the beginning of the book saying shes no victim. She wanted him and pursued him, and unfortunately, it ruined her life. But strangly enough she still loves em & dont know why. He took her virginity, ate her out, got her pregnant, gave her something lifelong, beat her to a bloody pulp killing their baby, and even HEARD HIM TALKING TO THE WITCH ABOUT GETTING HER PEE TO CAST A SPELL ON IT TO MAKE HER STAY.

  • traplongway El
    traplongway El 6 days ago

    We all knew he was doing this to children under age . everybody who knew anything about the R ..# rapist , Aaliyah told you she was having sex with him nobody cared that's the price of Fame ..

  • gregg Whitfield
    gregg Whitfield 6 days ago

    she sang the song he wrote....with feelings...stop it....nothing mysterious about that...

  • Lauren smith
    Lauren smith 6 days ago

    I enjoyed this video thanks for exposing Andrea kelly.

  • jackie fadalla
    jackie fadalla 6 days ago


  • romanreloaded12
    romanreloaded12 6 days ago

    I 100% agree with everything Paris said💯

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 6 days ago

    This ain't nothing then a thing. They all sign up for this knowing everything and the only thing they cover up is the fact they all sold there kids over to him like human trafficking works.all for the love of money. Those souls will live on that note. No victims when hurt in the making.✌

    PAT WILLIAMS 6 days ago


  • Patty Ed
    Patty Ed 6 days ago

    He killed Aaliyah. He helped her with music career, I think his parents allowed him to marry her. And when she finally got success... They annulled the marriage. He probably was pissed off. Wendy Williams producing the film about Aaliyah got it all wrong. He married Andrea and had kids with her to cover up the scandal. And once Aaliyah got engaged... I think he messed up the plane engine and caused her to be kill in the plane crash. That is what I think. And he won't help the parents anymore... instead just raping their daughters giving some of them herpes. That is his revenge. He doesn't want those kids... that is why his kids are saying that he is terrible person.

  • MinCraige
    MinCraige 6 days ago

    I agree that there are MANY people who are culpable in this case. And I agree that the media seeks to highlight crimes of this nature involving African-American men over those of White men. You make some very strong arguments about the people on this documentary. I am glad that you still think R.Kelly should “face the music” regarding these additional allegations. I am not defending these people. I am making the point that many people are so blinded by celebrity that people tend to overlook flaws that they would not overlook with people who are not celebrities. This blindness (self-inflicted no doubt) causes them to make terrible decisions for whatever reason. I sincerely hope and pray that ALL of the Culprits in Hollywood/Entertainment get exposed, tried, and convicted. I think we need to all CHECK OURSELVES when it comes to how WE ALL put celebrities on a pedestal. The music industry/entertainment industry is an EVIL place where crimes like this have been overlooked and excused for decades. We must call them out on this mess.

  • roscoe collier
    roscoe collier 6 days ago

    People that say 'well, what about so and so, let's talk about this and that person too...'
    That's the same attitude people that get caught say to deflect blame. Snitch behavior is what it is. R.kelly is on the spot right now. Not bill Cosby, not Weinstein. Because other people are pieces of shit does not excuse Kells.

  • FireStarter2013
    FireStarter2013 6 days ago

    You hit the nail right on the head. Where were all of these adults in this. Why didn't the grown women who became involved with him and saw the underage girls from television, why didn't you go to the police then.

  • Transformation
    Transformation 6 days ago

    I agree. !!!!!! These are little girls not grown women. So where the parents at?
    I'm done with me too movement.
    I do think that r kelly is bad but at the same time why wait so long and wait for a movement to say something.

  • L L
    L L 6 days ago

    I agree with you 1000%, Paris Milan. And some of these girls I'm sure gave hell to their parents pleading to be with him. Some of these teen girls and their behinds are fast, fast, fast...

  • tzunammi shadai
    tzunammi shadai 7 days ago

    Aaliyah is a MTF transgender and a high ranking Warlock in the craft.

  • Annmarie Findlay
    Annmarie Findlay 7 days ago

    R Kelly is not the only one that's Hollywood period they all get involved in this pedophilia behavior whether its movie or music and it's white Hollywood who started this look at all the nasty things they do. I don't agree in taking his awards he earned those by talent but the rest he deserves. If a doctor earn his degrees and they violate his license agreement I think his license should be taken but not his degree he earned those fair. Black people need to wake up from the slavish mentality. this how slavery started in the first place black man selling each other for a dollar.

  • NHS 100%
    NHS 100% 7 days ago

    308K views!! Bravo Paris🎉🎉🎉

  • Sarah Michelle Simmons
    Sarah Michelle Simmons 7 days ago +2

    Eye's wide shut I feel sorry for the under age girls whom innocent that look UpTo the adults for safety SAD SAD SAD God is exposing the evil doers

  • KingCorie Lane
    KingCorie Lane 7 days ago +1

    That girl was married at 15!

  • Margrett Braddock
    Margrett Braddock 7 days ago

    This whole situation is planned and everyone of them are after cash and attention. When they looked over the fact that he married Aaliyah he knew the more money he made the more others would help him cover up all the sick things he was doing to these lil girls and the parents was right along with him. This is all bad and it’s not gone end well with most of them.

  • Sherry Davis
    Sherry Davis 7 days ago

    Well shit lets crucify the pope and nasty ass catholic priests for having sex with little children instead of some fast ass teenagers who’s trying to break through the industry and they parents knew about.. yes true enough he is sick for even looking at them girls but if it wasn’t him they just would have found another celeb whom they thought could give them their big break. At some point these opportunist has to be held accountable as well as their parents. Same thing for some of these me too victims. Hell im in the medical field. And I see interns fucking the doctors all the time just for a position or recommendation or just simply cause they know or think he has money, knowing that he’s married. But as soon as shit hits the fans these hoes filing sexual harassment or filing law suits. Shit ain’t right

  • Krisi Alayna
    Krisi Alayna 7 days ago +1

    Good work.

  • Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice 7 days ago +1

    Where is the documentary about the Catholic Church molesting children?

  • Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice 7 days ago +3

    Andrea allowed her children to be touch, allegedly.

  • Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice 7 days ago +4

    I think R. Kelly mom did inappropriate things as well as his sister to him. The sister needs to be locked up too. Get the entire family. Mother's, sisters, brothers, cousins, managers, parents, teachers, Andrea his wife, siblings, guardian's, Sparkle, the other ppl recruiting men and girls for him. Go to the root and come up the ladder get them all.

  • Steph CF
    Steph CF 7 days ago

    New sub. You keep popping up in my feed and i keep watching your videos. I was like why am i not a sub yet. Good video. R kelly is a dirty ass guy! I dont support or condone his lifestyles

  • StePh LePew
    StePh LePew 7 days ago

    Hey don't forget that Javante was also a child. A poor one at that

  • Together Forever
    Together Forever 7 days ago

    to anyone who wants to become stars persue your dreams and don't be afraid!

  • Together Forever
    Together Forever 7 days ago

    you see R Kelly you making the Music and movie industry look bad, but you know what they are good people like Matthew Knowles to protect innocent people. rot in prison you bastard

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 7 days ago

    Sorry - but you are speaking on situations that are now exposed in 2014-2019 not when at the time it was swept under the rug back then during the common time frame from 0000 to1995 that happen everyday for both underage boys and girls. Hence no one talks about Diana Ross and Barry Gordy history repeats but we ignored so ..STOP! the past discussion just make sure the present is not happening because everyone is focusing on the past to protect what is happening NOW! Stop focusing on past FOCUS ON PRESENT #meeeeeeeeeeeeetooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Tennille Williams
    Tennille Williams 7 days ago

    Yeah Drea K! In Question!

  • Tennille Williams
    Tennille Williams 7 days ago

    So they got the marriage annulled because maybe have a certain contracts that was signed over her money rights or profitable future rights of a contract get your shit together!

  • Tee S
    Tee S 7 days ago

    This whole R Kelly circus show and Weinstein/Cosby scandals are nothing but a psyop (psychological operation) to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to U.S. objectives. They have been trying to desensitize society to the idea of pedophilia for decades now. The ones running the show are pedophiles and child abusers. They worship Satan/Moloch/Baal and they are on the side of darkness! Spiritual wickedness in "high places", it's REAL and it goes much deeper than Hollywood. R Kelly is not the one we need to be worried about, I am telling you people right now....this is nothing but a DISTRACTION. Paris makes excellent points and I agree with most of what she has said.

  • Rochelle Steel
    Rochelle Steel 7 days ago

    Omg he actually admitted to having a weird crush on his momma!! Wtf! Ewww all this shit is so sad 😢

  • Jaleel Muhammad
    Jaleel Muhammad 7 days ago

    His wife is definitely Full of Shit! Only Van Allen and the Spanish girl seems to have some credibility. He's never been arrested for Domestic violence in or out of marriage. With all the girlfriends he's had over the years are we naive enough to believe No One called the Cops on him for Abuse. U can't feel sorry for Rob because he allowed himself to be exposed to these liars because he was preying on the grouppy mentality of alot of women. I hope he gets the help he needs so his life story can have a better ending. He is the King of Rhythm and Blues right up there with Stevie, Smokey, Cooke because he writes and Produces all his material and for others!

  • Justice4Junior🙏
    Justice4Junior🙏 7 days ago

    money is the root to all evil! Everyone who stayed quiet, helped him, etc. did it for money! All the parents, including Sparkles nieces parents, who sold out & didn't protect those CHILDREN, did it for money! Money that they will not take with them when the go straight to hell! And when they're in hell, best believe R.Kelly gon be there too! And guess who he's gonna rape then?! their stupid sell out, money hungry asses! All the while the devil gon be running up in R.Kelly ass!

  • Chris Tina
    Chris Tina 7 days ago

    My point exactly. You hit it dead on. We knew and nobody did nothing and said nothing. It's ridiculously crazy.

  • Jazzo Vogel
    Jazzo Vogel 7 days ago

    I agree with a lot you've started but there's a lot I feel people aren't paying attention to. I really feel that R. Kelly and Aaliyha were set up at the same time by her family. It was wrong of him to take the bait but a set up nontheless. As for any other underaged girls I feel that all of their families approved of everything as well. All of them should be investigated along with R. Kelly since there's no way any of it could've happened without some sort of consent from the adults. As for the older girls..SORRY NOT SORRY!! They knew what it was because ALL of them said he was upfront with them and told them to walk away before starting anything with him but they all CHOSE to go along/be with him. That one girl who straight up said that even AFTER finding out the real age of the little girl she still continued sleeping with him and didn't report him/herself. Most of these women are NOT victims. None of them had to be involved with him at all but they all decided to be.