Surviving R.Kelly: STOP PIMPING YOUR KIDS! #SurvivingRKelly

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, has been in the media lately for sexual allegations made by women who alleged he abused them.

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  • Paris Milan
    Paris Milan  2 months ago +1330

    I hope Lifetime will make a "Surviving Massa" segment for all the black women raped by our slave masters.
    First ten to use "Paris" at checkout get 10% off.

    Over 100,000 New & Used Cars From Dealers. CarMarshal. You Shop. We Negotiate.
    ParisMilan 15% off
    For beats
    Editing If you need graphic designs/logos email
    Wanna be promoted? Please email me
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    If you'd like to support my channel, paypal
    All videos/pictures used are protected under the 1976 Fair Use Act for educational purposes.

    I do not own any of the music or photo's, it is used under the 1976 fair use act for educational or research purposes.

    • Annabel Lee
      Annabel Lee 10 days ago

      +Kflash3782 The more input the better.

    • Kflash3782
      Kflash3782 10 days ago

      Annabel Lee Thanks for your input, because you are right - I do need to put more content out and not just be behind the scenes. I look forward to the work.

    • Black Dynamite
      Black Dynamite 10 days ago

      +Annabel Lee Impressive. I am going to assume that you have a really good relationship with your father and or husband. An open display of vulnerability is very uncommon in people today and a pretty face usually is accompanied by a bad attitude.
      If you have been hurt in the past you have completely grown and overcome.
      You are full of love compassion and femininity. God bless

    • Annabel Lee
      Annabel Lee 10 days ago

      +Black Dynamite You are 100% right in that I didn't read the whole comment. I read the first sentence or two, became upset, and immediately hit reply. And for that I was willfully ignorant and look stupid (as well I should.) I apologize for not having read your comment to the end. I genuinely do. :(

    • Black Dynamite
      Black Dynamite 10 days ago

      +Annabel Lee I accidentally deleted your name from my initial response

  • Sezz Bo
    Sezz Bo 23 hours ago

    Err if #rkelly tried to kiss me I'd run.. Herpes 🍆🍆🍆these girls. Don't trust Drea Kelly either.. You're right.. They are all 100000 as bad.. His dirty enablers.. Lady gaga is biggest hypocrite. The dirty song she made with him.. Now remove the song and says "I was abused so I let r Kelly talk me into making that song n dirty video" ___you're a bit old to say that gaga

  • BeautyLoveGoddess

    Aaliyah was just too beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Melissa Varner
    Melissa Varner Day ago

    She was grown too

  • Melissa Varner
    Melissa Varner Day ago +2

    I don't think anyone should be talking about AALIYAH because she is not here to defend herself. Don't y'all know that shit.

  • Christie Onyechi

    New RESPECT for you sis after this Video

  • Italian Stallion
    Italian Stallion 4 days ago

    It was a perfect storm fo RK,he had cravings for young girls,he had fame/fortune,and parents were eager to give up their kid's to him either for the kids fame or theirs or both and money. Money buy's influence and sex. Everyone's got a "price". If somebody offered you $20 to piss on you you would obviously say no but if they offered you say $1,000,000 "CASH" you'd be thinking about it.

  • Ms. Blue
    Ms. Blue 6 days ago

    You speak the exact same thoughts as I do. #Lies

  • Algebra Mathematics
    Algebra Mathematics 6 days ago +1

    She was labeled a Sex Symbol and I don't think that was none of R Kelly's idea. Aaliyah was Comfortable being who she was And apparently she did not feel The way most people feel today About her Relationship with R Kelly. If R Kelly guilty of a crime The whole industry guilty of the Same crime. That's no doubt.

  • Miss Deana
    Miss Deana 6 days ago

    I agree with you! And they all need to go down it's so sad!
    God bless!

  • Korey K.
    Korey K. 8 days ago


  • Teena Davis
    Teena Davis 8 days ago +1

    I'm not sure how old you are, but back then everything was rumors. I heard about him and aaliyah as well, but things were covered up so well that it could be possible sparkel didn't know because it seems she took action upon finding out. Now I do believe she had relations with Kelly.

  • Edward Mckinzie
    Edward Mckinzie 10 days ago

    R.kelly is a child molester....pio t blank...

  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee 10 days ago +1

    1) Is there a video tape or other evidence that shows Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, or Brock Turner raping and/or sexually abusing 13 to 15 year old children? If so please link to your evidence. 2) There is a difference between raping a barely pubescent child and having a consensual sex with an adult.

    • teetyme90
      teetyme90 6 days ago

      Annabel Lee did you or did you not say, “is there any evidence that shows Harvey Weinstein, Kevin spacey, or Brock Turner raping or sexually abusing children?” You are defending them. And by sticking up for your own kind I’m quite sure you know what I meant by that.

    • Annabel Lee
      Annabel Lee 6 days ago

      +teetyme90 Yes it does matter. Raping a child and an adult having consensual sex with another adult are completely different things.
      And what the hell do you mean "ya'll own kind"?
      I'm not the one defending anyone. You are.

    • teetyme90
      teetyme90 6 days ago

      Annabel Lee does it matter? There’s a dozen women saying they did it!! But y’all protect y’all own kind.

  • Alexandra Brito
    Alexandra Brito 11 days ago

    This happened in Africa community and every one knows and pretend nothing happened. And don't believe this girls is good they come out and said something to stop

  • Ieisha Justice
    Ieisha Justice 11 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Neil M
    Neil M 11 days ago

    Drea Kelly the dumbest female out of all of them...I'm sipping my coffee and laughing my ass off at the faker crying 😂🤣

  • Veronica Martin
    Veronica Martin 11 days ago

    So true I agree! Why now? Hugh Hefner had all kinds of young women living in his mansion. We ALL saw that! no one said a word. but because Kelly' not paying like before they are now "Victims" These women are free to go at any time. They say they are not victims. So why are ppl labeling them as so!. As far as the parents they had no problems letting there girls go to Kelly. I feel they are all clout chasers.

  • David Sumrall
    David Sumrall 11 days ago

    RKelly will make some good money back on all the bicth...And the ex wife because all the lie but God👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀itall!!!we just keep praying for him RKelly Be💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪and🙏🙏🙏🙏👌

  • Classix Gamer
    Classix Gamer 12 days ago +1

    I want to see the video in the thumbnail

    • Kheilyah Kelise
      Kheilyah Kelise Day ago

      Classix Gamer me too, I thought that she was going to show it🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Wllc26 Hudson
    Wllc26 Hudson 12 days ago

    How you say something about "surviving massa" then post a link to bundles of hair!! What in the HELL! To answer that question... Never became massa living inside u baby girl.

  • Kesha Hunt
    Kesha Hunt 12 days ago

    I will never defend Rkelly but that GQ interview was taken the wrong way...most say that a boys first crush is his mom and a girls first crush is her Dad but not in a sick way but in a innocent kid way and that's what he meant, I'm sure he wasn't attracted to his Mom because she's too old and he like them younger

  • CrystalK Robinson
    CrystalK Robinson 12 days ago +1

    This man was and is sick and the people that sat around and rape and molest or even buy young girls and mind fuck them and y'all was able to sit around and watch this. Is Drea selling or drugging her children for him to keep up her financial situation? Dies she really love her children? I'm dying for answers now that I'm more into this bullshit about R Kelly.

  • Customcalendars4u2
    Customcalendars4u2 12 days ago

    Lol (It's really not funny though) You know a Ninja is DEMENTED/TWISTED when he pays that much attention to his mama's "Cheap Red Lipstick" and the rings she leaves around the cup. I'm telling you some therapist needs to get to the bottom of his REAL issues and find out if it was his sister that abused him or his Mama!

  • Barbie Doyle
    Barbie Doyle 13 days ago +1

    Andrea Kelly knew she was recruiting and participating the whole time. Now she a victim. All involved should go to jail, parents included!

  • Barbie Doyle
    Barbie Doyle 13 days ago

    A aliyah's parents also got his music catalog so they wouldn't press charges on him. That's why she isn't speaking out. Cause they basically sold their daughter's innocence for money! Great content! He's Guilty ppl! No body is conspiring against him cause he's Rkelly. It would still be the same for me if he was nobody!

  • Tj the god
    Tj the god 13 days ago

    Very valid points.... good job

  • kandacegunter
    kandacegunter 14 days ago


  • Lisa Zao
    Lisa Zao 14 days ago

    I don't believe any of these because it sounds like everyone is after him for money. The women all agreed to fuck him. They stayed cause they love the group sex, the money and fame.

  • S. Tiffany Smith
    S. Tiffany Smith 14 days ago +1

    Just because they didn't publicly say Aaliyah's age, doesnt mean people didnt know how old she was. Everybody knew she was 15. She was in high school for years after her first album came out. Her parents, extended family, and people around her didn't do enough...period! If reporys are true, Aaliyah's mother is still receiving R. Kelly's royalties. That's just wrong. She should have had him locked up.

  • Rea Surrano
    Rea Surrano 15 days ago +4

    The reason why people waited until others came forward is because there is strength in numbers. If they were to come forward while he was on top he would throw his power around and silence them.

  • AceInChrist JUDAHiTess

    Questionable Now.....Drea Was Probably Collecting CHILD SUPPORT.....Hence Her Defense......At The Time.

  • Lady Gemini
    Lady Gemini 15 days ago

    You spoke my thoughts down to a T....excellent vid

  • RoRo Ridley
    RoRo Ridley 16 days ago

    Priests, preachers, pastors, rabbis and other religious “leaders” have the absolute best PIMP GAME there is. They have people giving them their hard earned money every week trying to buy their way into “forgiveness” and heaven. They give people RULES to live by too. So people should easily understand HOW hard it is to free your mind once you’ve been caught up. The fame factor is as strong as the “god” factor. How do most people get into religion... their parents/family. Why does A pimp like young girls because their minds are still simple.

  • 4 ever
    4 ever 16 days ago +2

    R kelly has a demon. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.
    He is a con man. He is a CHILD MOLESTER.

  • Sarah Weber
    Sarah Weber 17 days ago

    Yes deff agree with what you said at the end!

  • Angel H
    Angel H 18 days ago

    Paris you are simply amazing!! I love your truths... I agree with you however 70 years that’s not cool and yes parents, everyone that knew should be held accountable!!! Yes opportunist is what they all are! Yes surviving Harvey, Trumph etc

  • WS GS
    WS GS 20 days ago

    So.... Surviving R. Kelly .... Is About.... What happened in the 90 's..... That's Super Old.... Anything New ???

  • Larry Turner
    Larry Turner 22 days ago +1

    I feel bad for aaliya

  • Piller Of Truth
    Piller Of Truth 22 days ago

    Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves ,,promoting these nasty freaks as victims!! There are real victims out there who ,,didn't have a cell phone to call for help,,& didn't have a choice but were FORCED to have sex,,who couldn't leave & go home whenever they wanted to!!! This is SHAMEFUL!!! These are just nasty females who were forced out of Kelly's life & they want $$$ or get back!! 2 of them even said they would GO BACK if he called them!!?? That's no victim!! Plus if there were kids there being abused,,& they were so concerned ,,why didn't they use their cell phones to call for help,instead of calling their friends & for pizza???? #boycotlifetime for making a mockery of REAL sexual victims !!

  • Tanya Morris
    Tanya Morris 24 days ago


    COVERMYIV 24 days ago

    God said that would include every person that was living and had a sound mind. God said the parents made him marry her and his publishings were signed over to her mother. God said He wants you to know that everything is not always what they seem.

  • Angela Singleton
    Angela Singleton 25 days ago

    Surviving Rkelly was a propaganda piece to annihilate the person and then the legacy of the accused first by public opinion. The whole world knew about Aaliyah and then the sex tape of him peeing on the 14 yr old girl. I don't feel any sympathy for any of these groupie hoes, not once oz of sympathy. They are not creditable and they knew what they were getting into. They got involved for their own gains. Im sure there are real victims out there, but these grown ass ladies aren't it. All i heard was it was fun while it lasted and when i got tired i left. Real rape victims seek counselling, not book deals and the talk show circuits. My reason for saying this is, if you look at the Kavanaugh case and the Jeffrey Epstein case, those women had receipts of seeking counseling. These groupies were in it for their own gains and should be dismissed making it harder for real victims. Once i heard about Aaliyah and the sex tape, rkelly was muted since about 2000 for me. I never bought an album nor have i attended a concert and i was around 17 when rkelly was poppin in late 90s, so miss me with these groupie hoes!

  • A. V.
    A. V. 25 days ago

    In the thumbnail picture Aaliyah was just a child and her relatives allowed that kind of closeness with R Kelly. Aaliyah was 12 when she met R Kelly, by age 15, she was his wife. His former manager is complicit in falsifying documents to change Aaliyah's date of birth.

  • Sheryl Selman
    Sheryl Selman 26 days ago


  • middy444
    middy444 27 days ago

    This is why people don’t bother come out.

  • middy444
    middy444 27 days ago

    I don’t think you people understand trauma. Forever quick to victim blame.

  • Mike Rock
    Mike Rock 27 days ago

    Love it- take these Black men down by WHITE MEN!!! Just gotta love it yes??? Vote Kamala Harris- this is the best Black History Month EVER! Gotta love The Democrat Jew Gloria Allred & Michael Avenatti- love you Black negros...

  • Bre got the T Motivational Speaker of the Truth

    Very well said. I been saying all this for years since his marriage to Aaliyah. Drea is two faced as hell and she knew he wasn’t shit period and now she playing the victim 😳👀#Sideeyefor20+years

  • RTel Telaz
    RTel Telaz 29 days ago

    How about fans of R. Kelly stop trying every single thing they can to take the attention off him.? Yes the parents are in the wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that Kelly is a child abuser. When you blame everyone else you take the responsibility off the real perpetrator. Deal with the actual Pervert before you go after the parents. Sick of all this victim blaming going on here. Especially when it's women tearing down other women. Stop being so jealous, spiteful and hateful. None of these parents told RK to abuse their daughters. This was the choice of Rkelly, nobody else. Yes the parents should face procecution. But not before Rkellyis delta with. Also drop the race card excuse. Harvey Weinsten is a powerful white man who is now being brought to justice. Rkelly is getting away with this crap because he's playing the race card. Give it a rest. You don't know what threats he drilled into these parents. It's hilarious how you play the race card yet tear down your fellow black women for having the guts to come forward. It's because of small minded people like you that victims don't come forward. You are clearly a fan of his trying to justify his sick mind by blaming other people. The facts remain that he is the one who committed these crimes. Nobody had a gun to his head. He did this so many times because he wanted to. Stop blaming the victims. You're doing a dis- service to your fellow black woman and its hypocritical beyond belief.

  • Kyng Kraken
    Kyng Kraken 29 days ago

    They all had access to their cell phones to call 911 , most of them there was brought there by themself or their parents , many people seen this behavior and didn’t stop it . BOGUS STORY 👎🏽 doesn’t sound like “ victims “ sounds more like volunteers.

  • Santana
    Santana Month ago

    It's so sad to see this in our communities and hopefully after all this mess with these prominant men coming out, we can try to stop these predators from preying on kids and women!

  • Raenett Williams
    Raenett Williams Month ago

    I Love how you speak the truth Paris Milan......please don't stop!

  • Keoma
    Keoma Month ago

    Alright enough is enough , if y'all really as respect for Aaliyah , y'all wouldn't be talking in such a rude ass manner , we all knew that R Kelly married Aaliyah because he thought it was ok ... I feel bad for Aaliyah and she's not even here.. y'all yt pages kill me with this bullshit...keep Aaliyah's name out of your mouth because Aaliyah was your child and she passed , I'm pretty damn sure , you wouldn't be discussing anything negative about her.. I said what I said.

  • Leslie Davis
    Leslie Davis Month ago


  • Shawnda Jones
    Shawnda Jones Month ago +3

    The man that owns Lifetime..Has been arrested for child pronography..Yep he's the man that owns Disney and A&E!

  • 15niji
    15niji Month ago

    There you go bringing in race! Shut up how disgusting always bringing in white men. Shut the hell up and go to hell where you belong. The only racist is YOU for bringing up race and saying white men! A hole.

  • Felecia Settles
    Felecia Settles Month ago

    Right this is seems all about sacrifices those Adults weren't dum!! they just choose! the close their eyes for the sake of the money and fame the young girls were their meal tickets. The the music industry is very weird etc. but most people don't want to believe what they keep hearing about the whole music industry, cause people don't want to know the truth that will hopefully set them free!! from Hell!!..the lambs were sent to the nasty wolf! and nobody really cared...SMH..

  • Courtney Larreinaga

    Hold on you can't just say white men black men do it to I grew up in the hood just as many white men as black SO’s in the neighborhood on top of the fact in the hood most parents don't give a fuck letting their 13-year-old daughter start getting groomed by the fool selling down the block who’s 18, 20, 25-year-olds its different when they're not convicted because it was never a case why because nobody cares. I've seen it way too many times. I've met a 12 yr old in juvi (along with 5 more in the same ring just older) there from a prostitute sweep. Her pimp 25 and do you think they snitched on him hell no they were back from interrogation in 5 mins only one was there for like an hr so we all knew she told. Point being the only reason people think there are more white SO’s is because 74% of the population is white (Hispanic means your from Hispania which makes them European) 13% black 5% Asian 1.5% Native .2% native Hawaiian 4% other. I think people forget about this. I hate when people bring up race it's not as important as people try to portray it to be.

  • Jenne
    Jenne Month ago

    I remember years ago when I was younger my mum told me R. Kelly 'loved' his mum - as in fallen In love and he asked her to marry him...Wasn't sure what she meant at the time. At 11:35 is horrifically creepy....

  • Nstaccia P
    Nstaccia P Month ago

    This is the exact reason why I didn't watch. Just with everything surrounding the show and the clips during....more than him needs to be prosecuted.

  • Ke c
    Ke c Month ago

    You hit it on the nail did y'all hear about the blackpastor who got 75 to life but why no white priest ever did time

  • aprildaonlyqueen123

    The part of him drinking from his mama's side of the cup and wanting to marry her was a joke dumbass .... If you didn't get that that, was a joke you dumb as hell it was sooooo obvious that it was a joke and he was playing ..... Even you putting that small part of someone elses video in your video was stupid, pointless, and irrelevent, to the real situation at hand.

  • Kim Y Stands2
    Kim Y Stands2 Month ago

    Hello!! To keep yo' mouth closed seeing this and nothing. O thought to it being ur child or family member. The truth is in the cloud of smoke. All things hidden will be revealed!! God said that.

  • Lola
    Lola Month ago

    There's no way her mom didn't know about their relationship. Look at those pictures!

  • Sebera Sandoval
    Sebera Sandoval Month ago

    Teeth missing lol

  • Sebera Sandoval
    Sebera Sandoval Month ago

    Why he remembers it was cheap lipstick... Ok lol

  • Leticia Portlock
    Leticia Portlock Month ago

    The parents were probably cool with it but they didn't think it would go that far but they had to get mad when the public did and they covered it up even though we had proof.

  • Leticia Portlock
    Leticia Portlock Month ago

    I always wondered why he didn't have to register as a sex offender after the annulment

  • hustlin5010
    hustlin5010 Month ago

    What are friends for?

  • Anne Mulah
    Anne Mulah Month ago

    This nigga basically said he was attracted to his own mom eww SMH Lord Jesus SMH

  • Lisa Maldonado
    Lisa Maldonado Month ago

    I 💯 agree with you on all of it he is a sick person and they all sold their souls and children to the devil for fame it is somewhat hard to feel sorry for them. Who in their right mind would hear all these stories and still send your child or still be his girlfriend. He is like a walking STD gross!!

  • rizeking
    rizeking Month ago +4

    There is 32 states that have legal age of consent at 16, Ten are 18, and 7 are 17. Now with R Kelly your issues is with law makers to change the consent age. These women are saying that they were 17 at the time they had sexual relations with him. We can not say that these young adults are responsible enough to make their own decision and then get upset when they make choices that we don't like.

  • Lynn Brown
    Lynn Brown Month ago

    Too all my bloggers spread this comparison. The tv show the Rap Game is similar to surviving R Kelly. Adults pimping kids

  • Rah Jackson
    Rah Jackson Month ago

    the back up dancer and manager or assistant knew a lot but only talking now why cause you no longer on the payroll stop it and lisa van allen she also didn’t tell how she had a baby by another man after the trial and took that baby and went to live with r kelly again it’s all in her interview with jada smith red table and sparkle stop saying you only had a professional relationship with rkelly liessss joecylyns parents why are you so comfortable calling robert kelly rob hmmmmm

  • Veniesha Bradford
    Veniesha Bradford Month ago

    Yep everyone involved! Indict them all.

  • Veniesha Bradford
    Veniesha Bradford Month ago

    I totally agree!!! That's exactly how I feel. Parents, former this and that...seeing beds in the studio's. Absolutely girl well stated! Period.......

  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson Month ago +3

    Andrea kelly, got 50 million from R kelly, she trifling

  • Leslie Verboonen
    Leslie Verboonen Month ago

    Sparkle Explained that she introduced all her family to R Kelly not just her niece . Sparkle was going to get signed to a new record by R Kelly and being her family was in music she knew he would need people so he introduced her whole family including her nieces mom and dad .

  • Tamiko Young
    Tamiko Young Month ago +3

    It sound like he admired his mother and that the kinda woman he wanted when he grow up. I learn in psychology that girls admired their father so little boys done the same thing. I guess. My opinion.

  • Ebonee LeeSheOn
    Ebonee LeeSheOn Month ago

    No one is making parents accountable in this. I’m a mother. We have have to do better. Smh.

  • devin scott
    devin scott Month ago

    Andrea kelly is really starting to piss me off. She’s on every interview crying and moaning about how horrible he was to her, but then she’s on live dancing and singing to his songs and it seems like she’s defending him in a way in that little clip. CHOOSE A EMOTION ! One minute you hate him next minute you’re defending him 😐 do you see any of the other girls doing stuff like that ? No

  • Rikkinae33
    Rikkinae33 Month ago +1

    Y'all full of shhhhit. My entire teen age years thrived on inappropriate relationships with adult men. All the girls I talked to we're ouu-ing and awe-ing about grow ass men. It is the nature of the music industry producing lyrical pronography and dance moves for demostration. This is a wake up call. So many people are struggling with the same horrible reality. Shut the fukkkup and build a wall.

  • Makeela Thomas
    Makeela Thomas Month ago +1

    I agree with most of the information shared in the video; but, at the end of the story, I am not advocating for or condemning R. Kelly. The truth is about 95% of the information in the docuseries is hearsay. I am just a diplomatic woman in a hypocrite's world. We all know that there are 3 sides to a story. Your side, my side and the truth lays somewhere in the middle. I believe that all of the stories in the docseries sound similar. You can look at that from multiple perspectives: I looked at it as, either these women are feeding off of one another to sound more plausible or some are telling their versions of the truth and some are being deceptive. I just find it peculiar that Andrea Kelly would keep this man's last name, if he was such a inhumane person, if she wasn't trying to gain notoriety by being married to the man. R. Kelly has exuded sex in his music and in concert since 1991. We have heard about sex with minors for almost as long, but now since a bunch of women decide to get on TV, everybody instantly became believers in 2019...FOH... I believe that the man may very well be sick and needs some help, but I can guess we can count on that happening just as much as someone teaching him how to read and write in his 50s..IJS

  • Melissa Dogtoli
    Melissa Dogtoli Month ago

    Has anyone been able to interview r,Kelly sister about the claims that her little brothers are claiming Teresa molested them?

  • moon child420
    moon child420 2 months ago +1

    A lot of the women who have come forward only did it now for money and clout. If it was just to make us all aware they would have done it qhen it happened. The other girl i dont believe ia the one who met R smelly by standing outside his court hearings, she said she had been sexually assaulted before she met him but continued to stand outside his court hearings for SEXUAL ABUSE????? I believe he is guilty and a total predator but its hard to believe these women coming out now who say they arent doing it for money. Girl please you are all profiting off of this in one way or another.

    • Glam Hair
      Glam Hair Month ago

      Luna foxx she also told him she was 19

  • Monique West
    Monique West 2 months ago

    Make me wanna cry yo she was a lilbaby👌🏽

  • Tisina Barker
    Tisina Barker 2 months ago said a whole mouthful...they all knew and nobody lifted a finger to do shit about it. As long as they were making money with him they did not give 2 flying fucks!!! If anything his little sex ring needs to be broken. And kitty jones is the one that really pissed me off.. Her 30 something year old ass was over the girls telling them what to do. She only wanted a man and didn't give a damn about the rest. That bitch needs her ass beat. His manager that falsified those papers saying that aaliyah was 19..he needs beating and locking up. The whole damn thing was disgusting!

  • b l
    b l 2 months ago

    I love the way you make your point across!! You need to have a talkshow! :o

  • Talesha Smith
    Talesha Smith 2 months ago

    Thank you... God bless you

  • Barbara Walker
    Barbara Walker 2 months ago

    Parent's we are supposed to protect our kid's.Die for our kid's.Take pain for our kid's.But never put them in the hands of someone like this man.Just because your daughters can sing don't mean they will be a star.Look at this mess.Simply because you can get them to someone that can help them don't mean it's good and going to help them.That was a child and you all allowed it to happen.Every single one who knew and said nonthing is guilty.Stop acting like you did not know this man was a very sick man.He married a child for God sakes.No one can make me see it's not the parent's fault.The ex wife is just as worse she knows all about him.Never warned no-one about him.I see he was a mama's boy he loved her.But this man is a sick man behind the scenes everyone knows it mom might have known and said nonthing.This should have been out.But now he's falling y'all kicking him oh,it's not ok Now.Hell!!!no it was not ok then but the MONEY was good you said nonthing.All of y'all are guilty right alone with him.Know/ see somthing say somthing.Stop allowing money to take over.If y'all had said something back then We won't be at this point today.Look at all the young girls you could have saved.

  • Sheeka Johnson
    Sheeka Johnson 2 months ago

    They did come out. He went to trial and got acquitted even though he was on tape. But yes these parents shouldn't have placed their children in harms way.
    And yes those around him are also responsible. However, its the nature of the industry. Its normalized in that industry. A parent should NEVER leave their children unprotected if they choose to be in that industry and they have to instill something (values, morals, self respect and worth) in their daughters to ground them.

    THIZZAVELI 2 months ago

    Everybody never want to look at the whole picture.

  • MagicBx
    MagicBx 2 months ago

    Yass. I've been saying this myself. But they don't hear me though .

  • Jesus_is_LORD Forever
    Jesus_is_LORD Forever 2 months ago

    All of these women knew how old R Kelly was, and they willingly slept with him for money and fame, and Aaliyah was no exception!

  • Tina a
    Tina a 2 months ago

    Look at the album cover at 2:36 . Whether it’s really R. Kelly in the back or not- it's so in your face, actually hinting the song is about their relationship. 🥺🤢

  • Susan Kelembeck
    Susan Kelembeck 2 months ago

    You know nothing about a abuse or abusers go do your research shame on you 👎🏽

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power 2 months ago +3

    R-ape-kelly was doing it with the parents blessing I’ve got a 14 year old daughter and ain’t no old man gonna tell me he’s gonna make her a 🌟 but they have to be alone in the studio .. shit especially if she’s beautiful like my little girl.. they knew.. like all us parents do.. if it smells fishy it’s fishy.. excuse da pun🐐Goat Lucy don’t make you a 🌟 for free
    I don’t care how talented you are.. ever one Knows wag1 with R-ape-Kelly.. he had some magical music and he played the pipe into the young daughters of his victims as the parents turned a blind eye 👁 it should be they that should be changed with child neglect.. Every parent knows that children.. especially girls.. need to be protected from Monsters.. wtf.. WoW

    • Royal Power
      Royal Power Month ago

      Jaffie Peters .. i didn’t know that .. So Rape-Kelly should move there quickly..A..?..Peace 😷.. Or maybe he likes it raw.. Can you Peewee on them as well..?

    • Jaffie Peters
      Jaffie Peters Month ago

      Royal Power will this be a big deal in Utah 14 teen year old is legal in Utah

  • Rockï Evanescent
    Rockï Evanescent 2 months ago

    Tyga and Kylie Jenner🤐

  • Rockï Evanescent
    Rockï Evanescent 2 months ago