The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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Comments • 20 809

  • Zdenda Kvapil
    Zdenda Kvapil 10 hours ago

    Hey James,
    Did you know Netflix is making a movie about The dark Crystal?

  • Epic Gamer Mike
    Epic Gamer Mike 10 hours ago

    We waited 3 months for this?

  • Egg Egg
    Egg Egg 10 hours ago

    I don’t like the show tbh movies better

  • Taylenn 244
    Taylenn 244 10 hours ago +1

    Because of this video I’m gonna go watch it 😂

  • lawrencemishkin hobbeheydar

    Why dont you publish offen

  • Miah Alone
    Miah Alone 10 hours ago

    Who watched the movie in 2019

  • Mr. Goose
    Mr. Goose 10 hours ago

    It’s 8 in my country and you’r saying ”Good morning”

  • The Dirpy Icecream sandwich


  • CaptainAjamier
    CaptainAjamier 10 hours ago


  • Ivana Spajić
    Ivana Spajić 10 hours ago


  • tafrik
    tafrik 10 hours ago

    goodness you are an actual celebrity

  • Riri Taki
    Riri Taki 10 hours ago

    Man my birthday is 16/12 I know it's wired but can u upload anything on that day pls!

  • Colson Abel
    Colson Abel 10 hours ago

    Woah James did you see the dark crystal reboot??!!

  • The girls Candelaria
    The girls Candelaria 10 hours ago

    I FOUND CANT CATCH HARRY but my dad wouldn't buy it for me

  • Frozone 25
    Frozone 25 10 hours ago

    It was may 5th 2017

  • Luis Negron
    Luis Negron 10 hours ago

    I saw the Jim Henson meme u did and I'm at my baby uncle's sesame street party

  • Lakshyata Gurnani
    Lakshyata Gurnani 10 hours ago +1

    2 hours late yeah baby
    Btw love you James and where were you for 2 months? On this channel I mean

  • The Anonymous Larry
    The Anonymous Larry 10 hours ago +1

    No one:

    Skexis: nOw, WhAt VeXeS yOu ChIlD?

  • FyreForce 1600
    FyreForce 1600 10 hours ago

    chamberlian: MMMMMM
    Yoda: *_so there IS another..._*

  • Little Dreams Animations

    *i think i will like this movie/series a **_lore_*

    yes i just said that😅😅

  • CharlieintheBox
    CharlieintheBox 10 hours ago

    James, you should really check out She Ra on Netflix. It's a cool lil show, and the fifth (and most likely last) season is coming out, uh, sometime soon. CHECK IT OUT!

  • Isabel Munro
    Isabel Munro 10 hours ago

    I love you

  • Steven Univerese Fan 21

    I have watched it and it’s great

  • D0v1d 4Realz
    D0v1d 4Realz 10 hours ago +1

    Hope you enjoyed MFF! 😄

  • Baggy Gaby
    Baggy Gaby 10 hours ago

    Y e s

  • Colton !
    Colton ! 10 hours ago


  • KKS king kid savage
    KKS king kid savage 10 hours ago


  • Brian Simon
    Brian Simon 10 hours ago

    Upload more vids at a faster time

  • let's go bananas
    let's go bananas 10 hours ago

    Are you going to VidCon London🤔

  • 11Gaming
    11Gaming 10 hours ago


  • RingMasterTails
    RingMasterTails 10 hours ago +1

    TheOdd1sOut: How much more of this crap is there? Jim Henson: yes

  • Cyclone Inc
    Cyclone Inc 10 hours ago

    Why so long I’m making a book any tips

  • Stockton Laker
    Stockton Laker 10 hours ago +1

    I like genuinely want James to play raunip

  • Freddie Smith
    Freddie Smith 10 hours ago


  • Tinky Winky
    Tinky Winky 10 hours ago

    Heart plz

  • Gabol2013
    Gabol2013 10 hours ago

    Are you going to MFF 2020?

  • Xavier Radel
    Xavier Radel 10 hours ago

    I started it druing this video.

  • Peyton Blevins
    Peyton Blevins 10 hours ago

    Been waiting for this video to come out! ❤️❤️❤️ Cannot wait for season 2!

  • Parker Marchewka
    Parker Marchewka 10 hours ago

    May 27th is my birthday

  • vallaby *
    vallaby * 10 hours ago

    6:05 are you kidding those are the best scenes in the show!!!

  • Hayden Hurst
    Hayden Hurst 10 hours ago +1

    Great vid

  • DJ Astro Brando
    DJ Astro Brando 10 hours ago +2

    James: I’m not a furry

    Literally everyone ever: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

  • Jada Walker
    Jada Walker 10 hours ago

    Anyone else thinking... OMG I thought he was ded!

  • Clar Plays
    Clar Plays 10 hours ago

    My dad has the book of the new one

  • Bum Bum-Dumb Dumb
    Bum Bum-Dumb Dumb 10 hours ago +1

    I almost jumped up for my beanbag chair when I saw this at 5:24

  • BradyOMG
    BradyOMG 10 hours ago


  • -Aesthetic wolf-
    -Aesthetic wolf- 10 hours ago


  • Shotgun Nathan
    Shotgun Nathan 10 hours ago

    Been watching since 2 million

  • Bdsims507
    Bdsims507 10 hours ago

    Oh my god I forgot about this!!! I just finished my BSc and have nothing to do, so I will definitely spend a day watching this before once again float in the void of not knowing what to do with my life. * Insert existential crisis here *

  • TheSecretAnimator
    TheSecretAnimator 10 hours ago

    Watch out asmr ahead

  • dp Petties
    dp Petties 10 hours ago


  • Alan Mercado
    Alan Mercado 10 hours ago


  • Kaylare
    Kaylare 10 hours ago

    I lost it at the Skeksi in the bikini XD

  • Texting Story Official Channel


  • Yellohbrick Gaming
    Yellohbrick Gaming 10 hours ago

    Hey, James
    As an avid fan, I've been doing research into the FTC rulings on TVclip and I'm concerned about finding your content in 2020. I am wondering where me, my family and friends can find you because we really love your channel.

  • Beastly Bonus
    Beastly Bonus 10 hours ago

    I wont have to worry
    Netflix Are u sure about that?

    Nice one James

  • ZombySlayer343
    ZombySlayer343 10 hours ago

    I was wondering when you were going to make a review on the show

  • MoonLightArtist
    MoonLightArtist 10 hours ago

    Everyone talks about the dark crystal series but nobody talks about the dark crystal game for the switch

  • Ninji Gingi
    Ninji Gingi 10 hours ago

    At 4:50 he turned onto MattPat...

  • I do Stuff
    I do Stuff 10 hours ago

    Me: trying to say something clever.