The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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  • Forte ETH 19
    Forte ETH 19 9 hours ago


  • Freakin! !Blueberries ¡

    *When are YOU COMING BACK*

    TYLER VAUGHN 10 hours ago

    *Nomes on James's sooubway samich*

  • Alex Ayala
    Alex Ayala 10 hours ago +1


  • C.Tsering Karchen
    C.Tsering Karchen 10 hours ago

    Welowelo Jell-O Jell-O Wello Grillo it’s always Rello why does the does the Jell-O Jell-O it’s always pooping Rello Bello

  • AmyBloopy UWU
    AmyBloopy UWU 10 hours ago


  • Tanzaneka White
    Tanzaneka White 10 hours ago


  • matthew gaming
    matthew gaming 10 hours ago

    How are you still scared not being mean I'm just shocked that your still scared of stuff like that🤔😮😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • thecrystalgem1 with no life

    Hey James can you make a video about when you helped with smg4?

  • Noah Forbes
    Noah Forbes 10 hours ago

    How did it feel getting punched by a kid

  • zombie king 2000
    zombie king 2000 10 hours ago

    Did James make a new plushie called James plooosh i got one

  • Belinda Davis
    Belinda Davis 10 hours ago

    What you don’t like Star Wars 2

  • Charles Shores
    Charles Shores 10 hours ago

    Why are you not making more vids

  • Om Khadka
    Om Khadka 10 hours ago

    Please pray dtn

  • Prakash ki club
    Prakash ki club 10 hours ago

    Please support me

  • Sketching_Bec
    Sketching_Bec 10 hours ago

    That non-Skeksis sounding Skeksis saying ‘Now child, what vexes you’ gives me nightmares

  • Sketchy Tumblr
    Sketchy Tumblr 10 hours ago

    Did you meet the person who talks or speaks kermint the frog

  • Mr_Llama 100
    Mr_Llama 100 11 hours ago


  • Mikey Miller
    Mikey Miller 11 hours ago

    What do you use to animate?

  • Vanessa Hernandez
    Vanessa Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Were is your sister James

  • Yvonne Rodriguez
    Yvonne Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    Come on.. make another vid

  • Ginomalik
    Ginomalik 11 hours ago +1

  • Beanie Boos and Friends


  • cereal
    cereal 12 hours ago


  • Adrisss Garcia
    Adrisss Garcia 12 hours ago

    Sube un video en español

  • Gaster Blaster
    Gaster Blaster 12 hours ago

    Why is this his latest video........2017?

    • Gaster Blaster
      Gaster Blaster 10 hours ago

      I mentioned that I saw this one a long time ago so I thought it was pretty wierd sry for the mix up

    • Yvonne Rodriguez
      Yvonne Rodriguez 11 hours ago

      Gaster Blaster it's not 2017

  • bear gaming
    bear gaming 12 hours ago

    James the Man that asked for onions on the side was talking about the onions next to the edge of the sandwitch

  • George of the jungle
    George of the jungle 12 hours ago

    One of the clans look very similar to the oblivion symbol from the elder scrolls

  • ahmed alsleem
    ahmed alsleem 12 hours ago

    Why do u need 30 days to make 1 vid??

  • Kelli Simmons
    Kelli Simmons 12 hours ago

    Man, when I was a kid I was *TERRIFIED* Of puppets, mostly the Muppets. xD

  • DerpDerp3001
    DerpDerp3001 13 hours ago

    @TheOdds1sOut Would you like to do a collaboration with Sam O’Nella? He is willing to do it with someone.

  • Gaming Blizzard07
    Gaming Blizzard07 13 hours ago

    What editor do you use? Because this is awesome!

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    I ate soobway #soobway

  • Panesito Pro
    Panesito Pro 13 hours ago


  • Malthe Nielsen
    Malthe Nielsen 13 hours ago

    The Dark Crystal series has Lore galore

  • Ravi Ram-ge
    Ravi Ram-ge 13 hours ago

    Hi James you are my hero and im so happy

  • Mr Vlogger
    Mr Vlogger 13 hours ago

    hey James how do you feel about littles

  • xAbAdAx xAbAdAx
    xAbAdAx xAbAdAx 13 hours ago

    Can you do your characters face revival?

  • Chase W
    Chase W 14 hours ago

    I just got your book 📖

  • Corazilla_gacha Studios

    hey um a youtuber i watch also watches you!

  • Adylene Velasquez
    Adylene Velasquez 14 hours ago

    you have 107 videos I counted it took 1 minute

  • im like really heckin annoying

    this is not video related but my birthday is on the 21st jan.

  • Bubblegum blowfish
    Bubblegum blowfish 14 hours ago

    Hey odd ones out I watch this video and it reminded me of something that happened today well we went to target And I saw your book and then when I looked next to it I saw a figurine for dark crystals and it look like it was about the your book I just felt like telling you this I don’t know why but yeah

  • PapayaPotato
    PapayaPotato 14 hours ago

    3:18 WHOA! what happend to kira?

  • dy9bryan
    dy9bryan 14 hours ago

    JAMESssss where is the “dogs” video I want to see one 🥺🐶🦮

  • Reagan Secord
    Reagan Secord 15 hours ago

    When your birthday is on May 27th 😳

  • Leila Bradley-Gallagher
    Leila Bradley-Gallagher 15 hours ago +1

    I lost it when i saw it on Netflix and my mom was like


  • Jacob
    Jacob 15 hours ago

    There’s a real life and rea mnm Candy bar

    HAIRL3SSKAT 15 hours ago

    4:41 bakugou has no rights....

  • Emily Dore
    Emily Dore 15 hours ago

    lol James thought he was done. (then his mind explodes bc he is running out of ideas) his words, "YESSSSSSS A NEW VIDEO IDEA WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

  • Caeden DeBoer
    Caeden DeBoer 15 hours ago

    This movie absolutely scared me when I was 7.

  • dolly's world gacha
    dolly's world gacha 15 hours ago

    Do a sprinkle pool again

  • Raunak and Rohan Gaming

    Aka Lisa thu faaaaaaaaaaaat fat fat

  • Joseph Gamer 888
    Joseph Gamer 888 15 hours ago +1

    I am inspired I am going to becomeing an animator thanks James and i am keeping track of your videos

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia 15 hours ago

    By the odd ones out this is Raul Hernandez my first ever odd ones out video watched I like it the doctor stories using my thing but you make it seem like it's empty I might see it

  • Carly Gain
    Carly Gain 15 hours ago

    Hey james just wondering if you still watch jacksfilms

  • Michele D'Enbeau
    Michele D'Enbeau 16 hours ago

    Hey James, did u know theres a dark crystal book series? Literally I read all of them. Next video: The book series that was too scary for grandpa James

  • Mateo Muñoz
    Mateo Muñoz 16 hours ago

    Im from argentina but i use the translator
    My name is matthew

  • Mateo Muñoz
    Mateo Muñoz 16 hours ago

    Hello james you are cool

  • jon carlson
    jon carlson 16 hours ago +1

    -Chip- James, we know, you can't keep hiding it, we all know your a furry I mean LOOK AT THE FAN ART AT THE END!

    Don't worry, your furry friends are still here.