Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food #2 | People Vs. Food

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food!
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Disney Food | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food
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    REACT  16 days ago +1604

    Which of these foods would you eat in a heartbeat? Because those pies.... 👀🔥 Also, I know we've been talking about it a ton across all of FBE's Channels, but we're so, so excited about being able to share the SuperFam with you all. If you'd like to support all of us here just a little bit more, you can join by clicking on "Join" above! And if you're not seeing the "Join" button, you can click here:
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    - FBE Team

    • Viviana V.
      Viviana V. 12 hours ago

      Can you guys do theses next (please)
      -Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
      -fantastic mr. fox

    • FBI
      FBI 19 hours ago

      REACT I Would literally eat all of them

    • Aadil Ghaniwala
      Aadil Ghaniwala Day ago +1

      Do a try not to eat challenge: Games food

    • Bryan Santos Maya
      Bryan Santos Maya Day ago +1


    • Cregkiller 21
      Cregkiller 21 Day ago

      Were the do I sign up

  • MrAlexLowen
    MrAlexLowen 8 hours ago

    have these kids ever seen a pie before...?

  • MissesKitty
    MissesKitty 11 hours ago +5

    Get yourself full before doing this

  • M M
    M M 11 hours ago +1

    only person one thats crazy

  • ZEDster
    ZEDster 11 hours ago +2

    This michelle chick is the girl my mom warned me not to fall inlove with but still did.

  • couldn't use the name I wanted to

    "I love Crock"

  • Doge and Uni
    Doge and Uni 13 hours ago +1

    Can you do gacha life or gachaverse food even though its not famous, please i just want to! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😫😫😩😩

  • Isabella Martinez
    Isabella Martinez 13 hours ago

    Flan is literally my only weakness I come from a Cuban family like both my parents were born in Cuba so imagínate tú que no me guste el flan lmaoo

  • Mickey
    Mickey 13 hours ago +1

    i would eat everything 😂😂

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 14 hours ago +2

    Carson looks like jughead off of riverdale

  • Deedee Mireya
    Deedee Mireya 14 hours ago +2

    Stop with the dam buzzer! I want to see them enjoy the foods!

  • Brandon's sings vlogs and reacts

    I joined

  • Lanies Inside Stuff
    Lanies Inside Stuff 15 hours ago +3

    2:58 omg i live where the the Cajun food is plentiful (aka Louisiana lol)

  • Jaycee Wamer
    Jaycee Wamer 15 hours ago +4

    that dude TORE the pie apart FOR WHAT

  • Joker Rose Gaming
    Joker Rose Gaming 15 hours ago

    I would walk out, lol!

  • blue fox gaming
    blue fox gaming 15 hours ago +1

    I saw a Hidden micky mouse in the plates

    • Auryn
      Auryn 13 hours ago

      l o o k s o r a i t i s a l u c k y e m b l e m

  • yallgotnojams
    yallgotnojams 16 hours ago +3

    oof.. I eat everything..

  • Koala 5
    Koala 5 16 hours ago +9

    I “love” how people say New OrLEANS but it’s actually New Or-lans Edit: the person at 4:25 said it right

    • B Hammons
      B Hammons 13 hours ago

      I’m a louisiana native and we say “N’Orlens”

    • Lanies Inside Stuff
      Lanies Inside Stuff 15 hours ago +1

      +Ashelynn Noelle heck yes we do lol!

    • Ashelynn Noelle
      Ashelynn Noelle 16 hours ago

      Koala 5 lol some say “Norlens” in the deep part of Louisiana

  • EVIE playz roblox
    EVIE playz roblox 17 hours ago +4

    Im hungry now

  • loveyya uu
    loveyya uu 17 hours ago +6

    Try not to eat food from Harry Potter

    • loveyya uu
      loveyya uu 11 hours ago

      +x c i saw it now thank you

    • x c
      x c 14 hours ago

      loveyya uu they already did that.

    • Jaycee Wamer
      Jaycee Wamer 15 hours ago


  • kyle bailey
    kyle bailey 17 hours ago +2

    Try not to eat food from final fantasy 15

    • Connor D.
      Connor D. 17 hours ago +1


  • hasta pocalypse
    hasta pocalypse 17 hours ago +5

    "I love *Krock* "

  • Noony Doody
    Noony Doody 18 hours ago +13

    Boys: keep the likes odd
    Girls: keep the likes even
    GO GO GO!!!
    (I’ll start)
    Rebels are accepted, but not advised

  • scarlett
    scarlett 18 hours ago +5

    i have literally no standards and 0 self control so nothing would stop me lmao

  • juli88
    juli88 18 hours ago

    Definitely the best episode

  • Calz Isking
    Calz Isking 19 hours ago +1

    I love this show

  • Mourgue Porgue
    Mourgue Porgue 19 hours ago +2

    Gooseberry off the bush is legit the most sour stuff ever

  • Chloe Trusty
    Chloe Trusty 19 hours ago +5

    It’s a wafer it’s a wafer *dont talk to me*

  • Kirsten DeSantis
    Kirsten DeSantis 20 hours ago +6

    I would have eaten every single one. It would have been worth it

  • Larrisa Alire
    Larrisa Alire 20 hours ago +8

    The way that kid ate the pie with his hands made me uncomfortable

  • Lovely Oreos
    Lovely Oreos 20 hours ago +5

    I so wanted to try the princess and the frog thing since I was little

    • B Hammons
      B Hammons 13 hours ago

      Lovely Oreos They’re very much worth it. Plus they’re WAYYY fluffier in New Orleans

  • Kaitlyn Shelley
    Kaitlyn Shelley 20 hours ago +10

    "I have two weakness, pain and powered sugar." 😂😂

  • Oofers 4life
    Oofers 4life 21 hour ago +4

    3:13 I was laughing 😂 soo hard because as someone who is French it is funny to hear the mispronunciations of people and since I’m French I have the recipe Instead of waiting in a two hour long line lmao 😂

    • Oofers 4life
      Oofers 4life 21 hour ago

      I feel blessed to eat this almost every day lmao 🤣

    • Oofers 4life
      Oofers 4life 21 hour ago

      And they are not to dye for

  • Tod Sacred
    Tod Sacred 21 hour ago +4

    3:43 my name is tiana😂💕

  • cookie4087
    cookie4087 21 hour ago +3

    Tyler looks like Gabe Lewis from the Office

  • S1QuanA
    S1QuanA 22 hours ago

    are we really doing this now? try not to eat? really?
    next video try not to become anorexic

  • Rotobaga08
    Rotobaga08 22 hours ago +3

    All of those look disgusting I wouldn't eat those if I had the choice to

  • Rere Isme
    Rere Isme 22 hours ago +3

    love these videos sooo much❤

  • Lunar
    Lunar 22 hours ago +5

    Let’s goooo bro we hit those we be out here sniffin sum powder

  • sdooot x
    sdooot x 22 hours ago +5

    yeah I would have failed 😩

  • nur. isyaa2155
    nur. isyaa2155 23 hours ago +4

    Can you do a try not to eat challenge we bare bears version? that would be great! ive always wanna try each one of the food in the show made by ice bear😂😭

  • Ellie Mary
    Ellie Mary 23 hours ago +4


  • pitty pop
    pitty pop 23 hours ago +7

    Next y'all should do the try not to eat in one piece sanji's food looks so good

  • Kyre5e
    Kyre5e 23 hours ago +4

    Well we don't get any of it

  • AJ A
    AJ A Day ago +1

    support me please

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh Day ago +6

    Who is watching this while eating

  • Betty Byrne
    Betty Byrne Day ago +8


  • Dona Marie
    Dona Marie Day ago +3

    i love the cajun girl’s personality

  • faith nyakudya
    faith nyakudya Day ago +9

    My mouths watery 😥

  • *Hanna The Death demon*

    Yeessssssss Carson

  • Raghad Achour
    Raghad Achour Day ago +19

    Im making up for Ramadan... What am i doing here?

    • M Odeh
      M Odeh Day ago

      Raghad Achour hahahahahahahaha

  • Boi Dave
    Boi Dave Day ago +11

    Why do they say worth it when they didn't even got the punishment?

    • MoonwalkerAngel700
      MoonwalkerAngel700 14 hours ago

      Boi Dave because they ate the delicious food before the punishment I think.

  • Erica Horn
    Erica Horn Day ago +6

    I’m a huge Disney fan and I would love to try all of the foods that were shown on here. But it might be a challenging for me because I’m on a gluten free and dairy free diet which means that I can’t eat anything that has wheat/gluten or milk but overall I really loved the foods that were shown please do more Disney foods that would literally make my day magical!

  • Standard_Stoutland
    Standard_Stoutland Day ago +5

    I’ve wanted try those so much ever since I was a kid..

  • Retroflash
    Retroflash Day ago +5

    dude waa just eating the fluid

  • Tamara Borten
    Tamara Borten Day ago +3

    Tyler is great

  • Grassy Plays
    Grassy Plays Day ago +10

    12:05 the way she said that sounded so wrong lol

  • Ebs 101
    Ebs 101 Day ago +14

    Is it weird I’ve always wanted to try a dried grass hopper?

    • Ebs 101
      Ebs 101 Day ago

      Grassy Plays hell yeh yeh

    • Grassy Plays
      Grassy Plays Day ago

      Nah but have u evee wanted the legendary oh yeah yeah remix

    • Zoha Fatima
      Zoha Fatima Day ago

      Ebs 101 oh hell ya that’s weird 😂😂😂

  • John Erick Familar Uddon

    You should try Exotic filipino food

  • Jessie Productions
    Jessie Productions Day ago +10

    I would eat all !!!🍬🍦🍭🍪

  • lilshasta205
    lilshasta205 Day ago +6

    You should do a Try Not To Eat Challenge with the desserts from Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix. It's hilarious and the desserts look so good.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Day ago +7

    5:53 if I were you I would forget, since you seem to eat quite a lot of them.

    • Grassy Plays
      Grassy Plays Day ago


    • si An
      si An Day ago +3

      What did you actually gain from saying that though?

  • Elise Buzzell
    Elise Buzzell Day ago +16

    the woman introducing the food is so done 😂😂😂😂

  • Xfirestream Marcinkowski

    For anime food do naruto
    There are many different cool things.

  • Juneil Binco
    Juneil Binco Day ago +15

    no matter what the consequence is, if you've been drooling on disney foods since you were a child you wouldn't pass on any of the foods presented haha especially tiana's beignets

  • Squishy Slime
    Squishy Slime Day ago +19

    Just pass and eat it after the episode is done jeez

  • Bre.not.Breeona Chandler

    I can't be the only one who can't stand Eric can I?

  • Gacha lover Lover
    Gacha lover Lover Day ago +8


  • Tutorials with Alex 2018

    Snoop dog just licking the the chocolate off at the end

  • Ultimate ShadowSonic

    I can't even eat one of those

  • Shinigami Asem
    Shinigami Asem Day ago +14

    there is no point on stopping after 1st bite like any way ur gonna be punished anyway

  • marshmello #1 fan
    marshmello #1 fan Day ago +11

    try not to eat crabby pattys

    • Silo Green
      Silo Green Day ago

      +Ulfah Unicorn you've obviously never watched spongebob so I'm going to ignore this

    • Silo Green
      Silo Green Day ago +1

      That'll just be a hamburger. Not very exciting.

  • Bryan Santos Maya
    Bryan Santos Maya Day ago +6


  • Bryan Santos Maya
    Bryan Santos Maya Day ago +9


  • شهريار ففف

    غريبه ماجابو اطعمة فيلم الفار الطباخ

  • Kevin Inthavong
    Kevin Inthavong Day ago +2

    Wait... Madison actually looks like iJustine wth?

  • jaimee perales
    jaimee perales Day ago +1

    I have some songs for try not to sing challenge my boo from usher and taki taki from ozuna

  • NotCam
    NotCam Day ago

    They say if it's gray it's healthy for you

  • Kierstin Bello
    Kierstin Bello Day ago

    Lilo and stitch

  • Chrisselle Curry
    Chrisselle Curry Day ago +2

    Id be the one who gets the most punishments

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Day ago +1

    8:37 Swade, aww I love swade

  • AlexanBeckers
    AlexanBeckers Day ago +4

    I hope your reading this Maddison your are so beautiful

  • chunky Boy
    chunky Boy Day ago +2

    Spinich puff guy was also joe from family guy

  • diamondback3150
    diamondback3150 Day ago +5

    Honestly, I understand why Disney made the grey stuff like a sweet dessert, for kids, but if anything it's not actually sweet. As part of hor d'oeurves, it's most likely a savory element. Binging with Babish did a great episode with it, which I agree with.

  • 🦉Brianna_owlfan🦉

    I want it

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Day ago +1

    I really wanna do that

  • alex m robles
    alex m robles Day ago +3

    ary really went off

  • Gachaeggs xx
    Gachaeggs xx Day ago +4


  • Michelle Jung
    Michelle Jung Day ago +1

    psssst........ *vertebrae*

  • Olivia Saint
    Olivia Saint Day ago +1

    CAJUN FOR LIFEE #louisiana ♥️ 🐊

  • A b r i e
    A b r i e Day ago +1

    oof I had beignets on a disney cruise 2 years ago and they were the best thing I had the whole trip

  • Kii
    Kii Day ago +4

    I love how they keep calling it "the gray stuff"

    • Kangakool
      Kangakool Day ago +1

      Kii that’s what it’s called

  • Gacha Tuber
    Gacha Tuber Day ago +3

    11:13 me when I see someone barf

  • YTS Skyy
    YTS Skyy Day ago +4

    i have beignets on a daily bc im from louisiana lol, how come yall neva tried em

  • Cloud Bxbyy
    Cloud Bxbyy Day ago +6

    Do a try not to eat insta famous foods!!!!

  • Aiyanna Jimenez
    Aiyanna Jimenez Day ago +1

    My mom makes beignets sooo...I’m ok i love my mom ☺️😄

  • Hallie Hansen
    Hallie Hansen Day ago +2

    Have y'all had benyas in Disneyland?? They are SO GOOD! Especially since it was the only time I've had them since I'm from the West.

    • B Hammons
      B Hammons 13 hours ago

      Lmaoooo. Whatever you’re having in California, it’s NOTHING like Cafe Du Monde’s beignets

    • PokeGeo1668
      PokeGeo1668 Day ago

      I get them pretty often because I live near New Orleans

    • Anthony Galaviz
      Anthony Galaviz Day ago

      Hallie Hansen beignet*

  • Leah Bauer
    Leah Bauer Day ago +3

    winny the poo uses his bear fist get it bear fist ok im done not that hony thing

  • Moose A tundra
    Moose A tundra Day ago +5

    5:08 sounds like ohoho from TVclip rewind

  • Lps Kitty cat family and gacha girl

    I want the gray stuff