The Chilling Mystery Of The Black Dahlia

  • Published on Apr 2, 2016
  • What happened to Elizabeth Short?
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    Motive And Opportunity
    Cheat The Gallows
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  • Runtime: 8:09
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  • Macey Emma
    Macey Emma 12 hours ago

    "nothing screams innocent like a secret room" 😂😂

  • Stanislav Kinov
    Stanislav Kinov Day ago

    I was just searching the Hollywood undead song dude .Why did I click this

  • martini h.
    martini h. 2 days ago


  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 2 days ago

    Ghost dolphins! Hah!

  • Deffender Of the Planet

    The music at 3:15 is so creepy and unnerving to me

  • Aqua Lily
    Aqua Lily 3 days ago

    So what i think happened now im no genius but i think this is what happened
    She got dropped off at that one place met george they hooked up and for some reason pure rage killed her dropped her off the secretary could have been a witness and thats why he killed her he could have gotten ahold of the victims belongings at one point dropped her off at the place the body was found you never know they could have known each other george could have sent the letter in but using the dude in the asylums hand writing and sent it in to the police you know the asylum dude could have been georges patient

  • WhoCaresAlivia
    WhoCaresAlivia 3 days ago

    This was an episode of american horror story

  • arjvoet
    arjvoet 4 days ago

    These two have a cute dynamic, they are so funny together

  • Gareth Rees
    Gareth Rees 4 days ago

    L.A Noire

  • Baba Kong
    Baba Kong 4 days ago

    Please spare me from these presenters.

  • Grace Is Alright
    Grace Is Alright 4 days ago

    Aww, the time before Shane. Memories

  • Sara Emily
    Sara Emily 4 days ago +1


    TEAM KABAB 4 days ago


  • Clotted Scream
    Clotted Scream 5 days ago +1

    Hodel and the killer both wrote in all caps, but Hodel's writing is far more condensed, with many ligatures, suggesting he writes quickly and doesn't often pick up the pen. The killer's letters are small and far apart, the the letters are sharper and neater.

  • Eric Charbonneau
    Eric Charbonneau 7 days ago

    Truth Serum!

  • Mia Bonita
    Mia Bonita 8 days ago

    who else misses Shane

  • Samantha Weps
    Samantha Weps 9 days ago

    That's a FLW house!

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 10 days ago

    possible ZODIAK killer too?

  • Dalia!!!! !!
    Dalia!!!! !! 10 days ago +1

    OMFG I HATE MY NAME!!!! I don't want to DIE like that!!

  • Gale LaScala
    Gale LaScala 10 days ago

    What about the theory that it was her ex-boyfriend who was a mortician's assistant, or something like that. I read that a lot of evidence points to him.

  • R Godley
    R Godley 10 days ago

    Hodel did it!!!!!

  • TheKristanator
    TheKristanator 10 days ago

    I miss Shane

  • SimpleSoren
    SimpleSoren 11 days ago

    4:15 imagine busting a nut just to have that nut try to bust you.

  • Veronica May B
    Veronica May B 12 days ago

    The good thing about break: you can marathon scary Buzzfeed unsolved videos until you get scared 😟 love these tho!:

  • Justine Reyes
    Justine Reyes 13 days ago

    Kennika Jenkins story please!!!

    KEVIN HENDERSON 14 days ago

    why can't they do DNA on the postage of the letters now ???? I think Hodel did do it ... considering the circumstances of they her corpse was discovered.. thoroughly cleaned and precision cut.. as if someone with medical experience had done it.. not to mention the facility to do it (a secreted lab in his house)..

  • Nelly Aradillas
    Nelly Aradillas 15 days ago

    were is shane?

  • Molly Francis
    Molly Francis 15 days ago

    (wheeze) WHERES SHANE?

  • Aya Labnine
    Aya Labnine 16 days ago

    Omg! This was so good! I love the part about the fat hamster inside the black dahlia. Its so interesting that it shared the same DNA as her. I love buzzfeed

  • Erick Carachure
    Erick Carachure 16 days ago

    Who likes Shane more than Brent?

  • ne b
    ne b 16 days ago


  • Liam McDonald
    Liam McDonald 16 days ago


  • Alvin Hardian
    Alvin Hardian 17 days ago

    "life hack right there" freaking hilarious....

  • Geeky Girl470
    Geeky Girl470 18 days ago

    5:40 he sounds like Taylor Swift

  • Ruby Appleton
    Ruby Appleton 18 days ago

    Ahs anyone?

  • Geoanne Estrada
    Geoanne Estrada 18 days ago

    Brent and Ryan don't seem to have good chemistry working as a pair. It seems to be scripted to me, sorry, I'm sure shows are scripted and such, but Ryan and Shane could do impromptu just like that and have a fun and easy going relationship 😊 But no hate to anyone, have a great day 😜

  • Erin Peyrani
    Erin Peyrani 18 days ago

    How can he honestly not believe that the LAPD is still trying cover it? Lol they try to cover up a lot to this day

  • Lexi Mclean
    Lexi Mclean 18 days ago

    Who's yellow and who's blue I can't tell you guys sound the same

  • Dhiraj Sengar
    Dhiraj Sengar 19 days ago

    Maybe the murderer is a woman. You never know.

    BOXY THE CAT 19 days ago


  • Minzy, Torrey Maycon Maycon

    Jeff the killer

  • Hiap Chu Yao
    Hiap Chu Yao 20 days ago

    Fucking hell its the motherfucking doctor

  • Clyde Starr
    Clyde Starr 20 days ago

    There is a Biltmore Estate that is NOT haunted, but is a beloved mansion in NC

  • Puppy Luppy Gaming
    Puppy Luppy Gaming 22 days ago

    If the “black” wasn’t there I would be happy cuz its my name

    BTW I feel Triggered even tho “Black dahlia” is not my name but dahlia is

  • Russell Bartholomew
    Russell Bartholomew 22 days ago

    Hey Ryan and Shane, why don't you revisit this case with the new evidence that came out recently?

  • Mira _Chan
    Mira _Chan 24 days ago

    About the smile reminds me of Jeff the Killer lol

  • Shelby Cousineau
    Shelby Cousineau 24 days ago

    The Zodiac Killer's pretty long

  • the strange truth
    the strange truth 25 days ago

    She arranged to met someone at this one motel, waited a little while then was given a note. She met the artist I believe he was called Man Ray? He told her she would be his greatest work of art. Maybe they should check his art works, may contain her blood used as a paint.

  • kwa poe
    kwa poe 25 days ago

    Can u do the case of 666 plz

  • GR455Y
    GR455Y 26 days ago

    This is an april fools joke?

  • Tommy Sin
    Tommy Sin 27 days ago

    Oh a different hotel! I thought she was last seen at the Cecil Hotel??

  • Royal Saints
    Royal Saints 27 days ago

    1:36 Brent is me honestly

  • Daniel Small
    Daniel Small 27 days ago

    I only know this because of L.A Noire

  • gansterpanda330
    gansterpanda330 29 days ago

    at 0:34 i can see the outline where the body was lying

  • Peppa
    Peppa 29 days ago

    This totally ruined the "I Dare You" video for me.

  • mimiHTcat
    mimiHTcat 29 days ago +1


  • Xi Nee Liew
    Xi Nee Liew Month ago

    where was shane {;^;}

  • Beverly Unicorn
    Beverly Unicorn Month ago

    Y'all who only clicked on this cause of AHS Murder House

  • mic mic bungee
    mic mic bungee Month ago

    my secretary cant come to the phone right now, why? oh, cause she's dead

  • Lenny Owen
    Lenny Owen Month ago

    She Was Done in by the Mafia.

  • Lenny Owen
    Lenny Owen Month ago

    The Mafia Did Her In.

  • Giselle Nieblas
    Giselle Nieblas Month ago

    Why did they switch to Shane? I like the new duo but why they switch it up the people?

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T Month ago

    if the internet was around during the time of this murder.. there’s no way that guy would of gotten away with it!

  • Lara Zivkovic
    Lara Zivkovic Month ago

    Please redo this episode, they solved the crime recently and I think people would love to hear your opinions on it

  • Amanda Sutton
    Amanda Sutton Month ago

    OMG Sodium pentothal is not a "truth serum". If anything, it makes people be more open to talking, but it also makes people much more suggestible to questioning and being told of anything that happened.

  • Jason Fraser
    Jason Fraser Month ago

    Sodium Pentothol technically isn't a truth serum, but it does have some properties that would make someone be more cooperative with an interrogation. Namely, it sort of removes the filter between the brain and the mouth, you just sort of say whatever pops into your head. It doesn't make you more likely to tell the truth, so much as it makes you more likely to tell something at all.

  • Mikhayla Fairbanks
    Mikhayla Fairbanks Month ago

    Who is here because of American horror story

  • TARDISWhovian
    TARDISWhovian Month ago

    omg i think she is my maths teacher

  • Sofia Ashburn
    Sofia Ashburn Month ago

    Brent is the camera man, and Shane came into to commentate later on in the series.

  • Cordy Cat
    Cordy Cat Month ago

    There is no Brent, only Shane.

  • Ginger Espinoza
    Ginger Espinoza Month ago

    You didn't even mention Man Ray.

  • AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza

    Sodium Pentothal isn’t 1940s technology lol

  • SilverLinings
    SilverLinings Month ago


  • HighFiveMan077
    HighFiveMan077 Month ago


  • TheDude4077
    TheDude4077 Month ago

    Why would it be hard to believe that the LAPD is still covering this up? They're one of the most notoriously corrupt police departments in a country where basically every police department has a serious corruption or incompetence problem. Honestly it's a super believable explanation

  • Thicc Gumshoe
    Thicc Gumshoe Month ago

    I didn't know there were multiple pronunciations of Dahlia, so I got confused as hell to hear Ryan say 'dolly-uh'

  • Andrew Nicol Smith
    Andrew Nicol Smith Month ago

    3:25 Oh! I forgot about Snape!

  • Skelton Mane
    Skelton Mane Month ago

    i'd smash and cut in half 10/10

  • Quizy Cway charms
    Quizy Cway charms Month ago

    Lizzie Borden (her dad and step mom)

  • James Sutherland
    James Sutherland Month ago

    It was me

  • Leah Rogers
    Leah Rogers Month ago +1


  • N G
    N G Month ago

    I've looked up this story before. What disgusts me the most is how the media treated the murder. I hate Paparazzi enough when they bother celebs or whatever, but a dead person, with a grieving family? ugh.

    KIM SHIN Month ago +1

    Where Brent has gone now ??
    This will remain *unsolved*..

  • Vault Boy Jr
    Vault Boy Jr Month ago

    Bob crane

  • NicoVideo
    NicoVideo Month ago

    guys when u investigate something go pro and talks seriously not like two nerd idiots who drunk and @h*@@fgds* bla bla! be professional

  • NaNaNaNa
    NaNaNaNa Month ago


  • Andi Nel.o
    Andi Nel.o Month ago

    idk if its just me but i love shane and ryans chemistry waaaaaay more than Brent/Bret?

  • Dan Lee
    Dan Lee Month ago

    Why do they keep joking around?

    • Nightstargalaxy
      Nightstargalaxy Month ago

      Dan Lee Probably to keep it from getting too serious and scary.

  • Dubster Time
    Dubster Time Month ago

    The clown

  • Kiah Alex
    Kiah Alex Month ago

    My guess is she had the one guy drop her off at the hotel so she go go see the next man at his house and they got into a fight cause she was with the other guy previously and he killed her. Bled her out in the backyard . Moved her body somewhere else and Boom bam , sick man

  • Terranout
    Terranout Month ago

    I just wanted some brutal music and ended up in here

  • Nuckin Futs
    Nuckin Futs Month ago

    Brent is, eh, not my cup of tea.

  • Shola Forbes
    Shola Forbes Month ago

    can you look at the murders by Jack the ripper

  • Genevieve Wilder
    Genevieve Wilder Month ago

    Soooo Hodel’s house was used in a season of America’s Next Top Model... nice

  • Severus SNAPE
    Severus SNAPE Month ago

    I am on the line and yes, GIVE ME YOUR TRUTH SERUM ;)

  • Christopher Roberts Jr.

    I really don't like this brent guy at all he is so closed minded for a show like this. Please don't let him on here anymore

  • Gowri Unnikrishnan
    Gowri Unnikrishnan Month ago +2

    "they got fucking snape on the line"

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN Month ago

    Why wouldn’t they the lapd still cover it up?

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN Month ago

    It seems obvious that is was George hoddel.

  • Lila Heartung
    Lila Heartung Month ago

    So what was in the secret room? Did the kids know about it?