Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Iron Man Mark I

  • Published on Aug 2, 2012
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    Adam shows off his Iron Man Mark I armor, which was intended to be one of his costumes for 2012's Comic-Con ... but it didn't end up happening.
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  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  17 days ago +3

    What do you think ... Should Adam wear this to a Comic Con as his Incognito?

  • Tony Gamer
    Tony Gamer 17 days ago

    Can i have a small one

  • Mark1130
    Mark1130 Month ago

    Norm is so annoying. Wish they keep him behind the scenes.

  • Deksam101
    Deksam101 Month ago

    The thing I don't get about any of the Iron Man design, is that their power comes from the most vulnerable spot on the suit. Hey bad guys, aim for that light in the chest!

  • Louis gsmith
    Louis gsmith Month ago

    Adam I want that light I cant find where to buy it??!!?? Where could I possibly obtain that?

  • Samuel Walters
    Samuel Walters 2 months ago

    2:00 WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!!!!!!

  • Marvel Magic
    Marvel Magic 2 months ago +1

    Tony stark was able to build this in a tony stark with a box of starks!

  • Sam Park
    Sam Park 3 months ago

    Norm please just put your fucking hands down for a few minutes

  • Reynaldo Gaitan
    Reynaldo Gaitan 4 months ago

    iron man is power live panamá für liebe ode leben I love you danke für English ich spreche spanisch & Grüße

  • Reynaldo Gaitan
    Reynaldo Gaitan 4 months ago

    wao que armadura cuanto costara es un prototipo

  • Rafael D'Elia
    Rafael D'Elia 6 months ago

    #mark 2

  • Rafael D'Elia
    Rafael D'Elia 6 months ago

    Mark 2

  • Rafael D'Elia
    Rafael D'Elia 6 months ago

    Mark 2 pleaseeee

  • Syl D
    Syl D 6 months ago

    Awesome !! Is there a link for this amazing kit ?

  • K. Sheppard
    K. Sheppard 7 months ago

    It isn’t similar Mark I used in the movie is it? Mask and chest part is similar but I don’t recognize legs and stomach and where are they hiding ark reactors cables or does it uses batteries

  • Mischief Monkey
    Mischief Monkey 8 months ago

    He mentioned myth busters I miss it so 😭😭

  • Ben March
    Ben March 8 months ago

    omg admiral ackbar just chilling in the background at 2:00

  • Demonic pest control gaming

    I wish he would do avp

  • Jesse Reiter
    Jesse Reiter 8 months ago

    I admire Adam because he enjoys his hobby greatly@@#

  • Tom
    Tom 8 months ago

    His impression was spot on

  • title10
    title10 9 months ago

    Evidently, power source for iron Man suits go hand and hand on and off the screen. I'm waiting for iron Man needing to use an extension cord

  • title10
    title10 9 months ago

    With a box of scrap

  • ZombieExtermina - Minecrafter

    Your improvements you added to the Suit is literally you Mythbustering something that Tony Mythbustered together (fictionally). The bullet dents are a good touch as well.

  • the geologist
    the geologist 9 months ago

    This guy has a youtube channel............................. god has spoken

  • CringyKidSings
    CringyKidSings 9 months ago

    Since about everybody whos commenting gets over fifty likes could i do the same thing with just this?

  • Alejandro Fernández
    Alejandro Fernández 9 months ago

    TONY STARK WAS ABLE TO BUILD THIS IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! I'm sorry sir but I'm not Tony stark.

  • kp1flush
    kp1flush 9 months ago

    I wonder why he doesn't link to the people who made it.

  • Rowan Miller
    Rowan Miller 10 months ago +1

    he should've worn it

  • Paul Devey
    Paul Devey 10 months ago

    I would love to see you do an ED-209 from Robo cop

  • micjr21
    micjr21 10 months ago

    Great impression! Love the suite!

  • doop00
    doop00 10 months ago

    Adam Savage built this in his man cave!.. With a box of Norms!

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town 10 months ago

    4:58 featuring buster from mythbusters

  • silverss onyoutube
    silverss onyoutube 10 months ago

    Pretty crappy since it's not made from real metal . It's just foam or plastic casting moulds .

  • James Boyle
    James Boyle 10 months ago

    Damn good Jeff Bridges!

    SGC GAMING 10 months ago

    Can i buy it

  • de_dongle
    de_dongle 10 months ago

    good jeff bridges impression

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 11 months ago

    Hey man give hand at make Thor army shields. i wright home comic book. thought new idea then remembered disney asbleded cartoon were thor test army idea with avengers save Dr. strange. thought man must just rember the idea. in cartoon made uwrue metal shield light eletristy when thor used hammer. There tiny in pocket and need ant man to make big for hour. my comic idea he give gold apple tree to black panther hand has make thor hammer out vibranum and shields. for protect what left of the assgurds. warn him of hella any dies battle eat apple go there. idea add 800 years to one life to much not pass up if not yet ok any one eat the apples yet.

    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 11 months ago

      it be cool see in infinity war but dont think see it as that probley were a Thor ask panther make for him take time build all that.

    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 11 months ago

      The way works is old style soccer ball cut in hafe. some shields white panels and some pentongone black shields. when small army circle up magnets would click shields to geather from a dome. the black panels would not magnets as those people push shield out hite people with thor replica hammer. there always be archer at top dome shoot arrows out. when archer out arrows. the group move dome to dead bodies or monster lift dome over pile the archer get arrows back. when think idea have warriors 3, lady sith, hydull, thor, loki, entranchers, excuter, valkrie, beta ray bill, maybe girl thor be one that form thor army. I have count shields might add people that do in my comic. thought cool shields had wright of hammer on shield with hammer decorations even handle wrappings handle hold shield all matches. build moral of army.

  • Christopher Vanoster
    Christopher Vanoster 11 months ago


  • Paul F
    Paul F Year ago

    I miss you Mythbusters

  • taco narwhal donut bob wakoweirdo

    I really, really hate superhero movies, comic books, and just anything superhero at all, but that is just awesome!

  • Spartan003
    Spartan003 Year ago


  • 이현수
    이현수 Year ago

    korean Leagureg?

  • MrCornerMan
    MrCornerMan Year ago

    where can i see the pictures i really want to see them

  • Lip stick
    Lip stick Year ago

    Where can I buy this Iron Man Mark 1 costume???

  • harshD davy
    harshD davy Year ago

    What if there is a COMMIE con?

  • YoYo gamer vlog Master

    You mean

  • Sleepy Rantosaurus

    Adams impression of Jeff Bridges is spot on

  • Kyle miller
    Kyle miller Year ago

    That Obadiah stane impression 👌

  • Batman M
    Batman M Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for your show! I finally have something to watch!! I love this so much!!!

  • TheIceCreature
    TheIceCreature Year ago

    Nice Impression!

  • Levi Senz
    Levi Senz Year ago

    I bet Adam is the kind of guy that would talk about himself for like 3 hours over a beer.

  • Brian Ermelin
    Brian Ermelin Year ago

    I have said it 1000 times Adam Savage has the greatest job in the entire universe hands-down drop 🎤 microphone.

  • Steffen Boedeker
    Steffen Boedeker Year ago

    Always the same Adam buys a kit tinkers some with it and these tested yerks don't even feel the need to mention the manufacturer. Really bad behaviour

  • Tim Kiehl
    Tim Kiehl Year ago

    I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with "rub-n-buff". It's great WHEN IT'S SOFT but the caps are weak and break allowing the wax to dry in to a hard rock. I can't COUNT the number of these tubes I have that are useless.

  • Ducky Boi
    Ducky Boi Year ago

    Man I really want an Iron man suit :(

  • Maxi Wu
    Maxi Wu Year ago

    I want one!

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku Year ago

    Wow, 2012 footage loks quite blurry.

  • TheIceCreature
    TheIceCreature Year ago

    i made a super thin arc reactor with the batteries self contained

  • green tėâ
    green tėâ Year ago

    Who is this guy can like any one tell me who he is(is he)a builder/story teller/or just a old man write down witch you think:( :)( :)

  • Maxwell Hohensee
    Maxwell Hohensee Year ago

    In the comics I believe he made it in Vietnam

  • Hector Silva
    Hector Silva Year ago

    that i.pression was prrrfect

  • Robert GONZALEZ
    Robert GONZALEZ Year ago

    Hey would really like your help

  • Cgase Zimmermagan

    6:30 have an epic battle of course

  • Cgase Zimmermagan


  • Damian John
    Damian John Year ago

    We're is jaymie ?

  • TheRilluma
    TheRilluma Year ago

    Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave! with a bunch of scraps!

  • Caleb Wells
    Caleb Wells Year ago

    Now lets see an Iron Monger. Lmfao

  • Trevor Smithh
    Trevor Smithh Year ago

    Sees norm, clicks dislike.

  • De paus van de Lilith Kerk

    If nerd was a product in a box then Adam would have his photo on it with the slogan: pure nerd with 10% more Adam.

  • meatKog
    meatKog Year ago

    TONY STARK built this IN A CAVE!! With a BOX OF SCRAPS!!

  • Aspie Near
    Aspie Near Year ago

    Once at a smaller Con, the person who performed before me had a Tony Stark cosplay and a mannequin. I had no idea what he was doing until he got onstage, when the "Where's my super suit!?" bit started playing 😂. He acted along to it and lip synced well.

  • meccanised
    meccanised Year ago

    just watching this again, wow, tested has come along way in a few years, keep it up Norm, Adam, Jeremy and co.

  • Dave Biddle
    Dave Biddle Year ago

    Adam is going to dress up as Jaime Heinemann

  • Riku Anita
    Riku Anita Year ago

    my dad made a cool joker costume, styled after the original joker!
    and i can confirm there is always a jack sparrow even at the colorado springs ren fest

  • Cole Kirby
    Cole Kirby Year ago

    can we get a MK2 OR MK42

  • DAJOKER808
    DAJOKER808 Year ago

    The guy in the right always has his arms up's kind of distracting now. I keep focusing his arms .....their so nerdy

  • steven smith
    steven smith Year ago

    isn't that the Asian guy from grandma's boy

  • Garrett Spicer
    Garrett Spicer Year ago

    Is there a video of him wearing this to Comic Con?

  • Obskara Oracion
    Obskara Oracion Year ago

    Welp. Time to watch Ironman 1 now! Great job Adam!

  • AssassinOfGermany

    Is he building his costumes by his self?

  • Adrian Dillard
    Adrian Dillard Year ago

    Adams impressions are priceless

  • nodvick
    nodvick 2 years ago

    you guys missed a great opportunity to do a little video editing and make the eye blink in the background at like.. 0:57ish.

  • Christian Rymond
    Christian Rymond 2 years ago

    please make a video of your joker cosplay

  • sculpta
    sculpta 2 years ago


  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu 2 years ago

    I always thought Adam reminded me of Robert Downey Jr./tony stark. Now I need to see him dressed in that or better yet build his own mark 3 replica suit.

    EMDFAST 2 years ago

    el casco le quedo como las pelotas es mas grande y largo usa las proporciones de un casco de soldar con vidrios ,esa es la proporcion

  • Will-I-Am-Not
    Will-I-Am-Not 2 years ago

    of course he has the iron man mark 1 suit

  • Sean
    Sean 2 years ago +1

    I hate Norm.

  • Samuel Boshier
    Samuel Boshier 2 years ago

    I've just been watching a load of stuff like this. One day, I'm gonna just make a load of nerdy costumes and robots and stuff. This _will_ happen.

  • baba yaga
    baba yaga 2 years ago

    can somebody explain that thigh thing

  • Jordan fenson
    Jordan fenson 2 years ago

    can I have a peace for dragon Con

  • Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    I really want to see Adam with that full costume on now!

  • Ultimate69ers
    Ultimate69ers 2 years ago

    Anyone see that ghost orb at the bottom right of the screen at 7:45?😱

  • Hangtown Gunner
    Hangtown Gunner 2 years ago +4

    I would give ANYTHING to be friends with Adam Savage and get to make stuff with him and have him as a reference and help since I'm constantly trying to make things and am just as passionate about a vast array of subjects just like him.

  • Veno X
    Veno X 2 years ago

    TONY STARK BUT IT IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! But sir... I'm not Tony Stark

  • The Archmage Dallas
    The Archmage Dallas 2 years ago +2

    So savage

  • contrafact studio
    contrafact studio 2 years ago

    yes. awesome. see in my channel real power armor. metal works exosceletone suit.

  • Phiase
    Phiase 2 years ago

    That Jeff Bridges was really good.