• Published on Sep 18, 2018
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    Today I put 3,000 LED LIGHTS On my body and got some public reactions!
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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  9 months ago +286


  • MarshMe11oD0d
    MarshMe11oD0d 11 days ago

    Omg Lance you are so crazy omg lmao😂😂😂

  • tina edwards
    tina edwards 3 months ago

    lmfao this is too funny

  • Claire Bear chupita
    Claire Bear chupita 4 months ago

    Do you know what was funny it was 2:10 and I am watching Lance 210

  • This is Buttercup
    This is Buttercup 4 months ago +1

    The ad before this was.." Call me maybe" weird and cool 😂

  • Alig-Zander Gameplays
    Alig-Zander Gameplays 4 months ago

    The guy at 7:30 sounds Puerto Rican. (I'm a Puerto Rican)

  • Zachary Rodek
    Zachary Rodek 4 months ago +1

    whats the music 2:18

  • Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa
    Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa 5 months ago +1

    Baby sharka dood dood baby shark......

  • Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa
    Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa 5 months ago +1

    Fast forward video

  • Joeker Shan
    Joeker Shan 5 months ago +1

    I wish they sold them in the uk

    • lion clan
      lion clan 4 months ago

      U litroly gotta buy the Christmas lights only serton shops have the every day lights

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit 5 months ago

    what a waste. why not save and reuse them?

  • The Hølder
    The Hølder 5 months ago

    Legit the same walmart i go too.... _aint that nice_

  • Alexis Lindberg
    Alexis Lindberg 6 months ago +1

    Hey this was 2 days before my birthday

  • LilyAndPetsLov e
    LilyAndPetsLov e 6 months ago +2

    Two grown men trying to open this! This is just sad! 😢 😆

  • LilyAndPetsLov e
    LilyAndPetsLov e 6 months ago +2

    “Well......honestly....I just got really, really, drunk and fell in the Christmas tree!” Lol Lance you crack me up!

  • LilyAndPetsLov e
    LilyAndPetsLov e 6 months ago +1

    The same amount as your socks! Lol!

  • Drew - Brawl Stars
    Drew - Brawl Stars 6 months ago +1

    Before 1 mil’

  • Meadow Jones
    Meadow Jones 6 months ago +1

    This vid is one of the best

  • wolfie chan
    wolfie chan 6 months ago

    Love you

  • Tori Worrent
    Tori Worrent 6 months ago

    Don't ya know he's always crazy Lol

  • Tori Worrent
    Tori Worrent 6 months ago

    Lance u stop from Wal-Mart you set the alarm off LOL

  • Tori Worrent
    Tori Worrent 6 months ago

    U look like a very colorful ghost

  • Tori Worrent
    Tori Worrent 6 months ago

    I look very festive lance merry Christmas to you

  • Maliayh Harris
    Maliayh Harris 6 months ago

    U so lit

  • Talliyah Reynolds
    Talliyah Reynolds 6 months ago

    your lit haha

  • Sergio Rangel
    Sergio Rangel 6 months ago

    1:30 my dad would honestly kill me for that amount of money spent

  • Dazyme
    Dazyme 6 months ago

    Sparkle Specialist ?

  • Yaismarie Nieves
    Yaismarie Nieves 7 months ago

    7:30 "Mira ese cabron que carajo con esa mierda"💀😂

  • skrubboi21
    skrubboi21 7 months ago

    I skip your adds

  • Jamie Morriss
    Jamie Morriss 7 months ago

    love-SACK, wtf

  • nikki hall
    nikki hall 7 months ago

    adin yes

  • Aj Rowley
    Aj Rowley 7 months ago

    Rocking the Bead bro

  • Foxrot 542
    Foxrot 542 7 months ago

    Nice hype bro

    CUT RIGHT LAWN SERVICE 7 months ago

    Send me one or a lawn mower loll

  • Simm09
    Simm09 7 months ago

    He looked lit

  • The 2018 Gamer
    The 2018 Gamer 7 months ago


  • iTheJDM
    iTheJDM 7 months ago

    spet 18 is my bday

  • Chase Witmer
    Chase Witmer 8 months ago

    How much you smoke? 😂😂😂😂

  • Dominique Bowers
    Dominique Bowers 8 months ago +1

    I have a good idea for a prank Lance get a bunch of mini pools and then fill them up with slime when the Slime is ready put it on someone's car.

  • Skylir Cox
    Skylir Cox 8 months ago

    You should fill one of the bean bags up with balloons and let someone sit on it

  • Caleb Snyder
    Caleb Snyder 8 months ago

    Cool lights lance you’re awesome

  • Aleesha Hobson
    Aleesha Hobson 8 months ago

    I love your videos And I’d love a shout out

  • Stephen Threedouble
    Stephen Threedouble 8 months ago

    That was funny 😂😂😂

    PATTHEBILL 8 months ago

    U looked like Stars or the galaxy skin from fortnite in the galaxy

  • Tiya Pierre
    Tiya Pierre 8 months ago

    What was the song that was in the background

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green 8 months ago

    This video is dope or should I say lit because your covered in lights 😁

  • DJ TGM
    DJ TGM 8 months ago

    He is back

  • DJ TGM
    DJ TGM 8 months ago

    Yay adin

  • Xxløser_ZøeyxX Gacha
    Xxløser_ZøeyxX Gacha 8 months ago

    Hey lance you should do a 3.000 led lights in my parents room can I get a shout out ?

  • Tomas Lovato gaming
    Tomas Lovato gaming 8 months ago

    They don’t have to get a Xmas tree they already have one which is him

  • Shoe6878
    Shoe6878 8 months ago

    At 6:17 I couldn't stop laughing

  • Luis 2899
    Luis 2899 8 months ago

    🤣🤣you don’t see a guy which lights wrapped around walking in Walmart 🤣🤣

  • donald mcgregor
    donald mcgregor 8 months ago

    living galexy skin

  • Proxy Clan
    Proxy Clan 8 months ago

    Ive been subscribed since u had 23 k subscribers :D

  • Drake Lung
    Drake Lung 8 months ago

    Love sack not a dirty website

  • my reborns
    my reborns 8 months ago

    You're a light ball

  • my reborns
    my reborns 8 months ago

    But like a moving one

  • my reborns
    my reborns 8 months ago

    Really good Christmas tree lamps

  • my reborns
    my reborns 8 months ago

    Yeah right live for the

  • my reborns
    my reborns 8 months ago

    Lance you're really mean you're all ready for Christmas

  • Devin that eats
    Devin that eats 8 months ago

    14:44 your welcome it all done

  • Devin that eats
    Devin that eats 8 months ago

    That's lit

  • Chris In Chicago
    Chris In Chicago 8 months ago

    A thousand 300, who talks like that?

  • Mr.Gomez63
    Mr.Gomez63 8 months ago

    Always liking the vid before I'm even 10 seconds in 'cause your videos never dissapoint man

  • Muhammad Abdul Ghani
    Muhammad Abdul Ghani 8 months ago

    You light my day:)

    THAT INSANITY 8 months ago

    Lance u light up my world

  • ninj2bOy
    ninj2bOy 8 months ago

    Galaxy skin in real life lol

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy 8 months ago

    I can tell u have a bright future

  • Ur Mom :P
    Ur Mom :P 8 months ago

    He kinda looks like the galaxy skin from fortnite😂😂😂😂

  • camaro68jones cvc
    camaro68jones cvc 9 months ago

    10:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thakiid Xavier
    Thakiid Xavier 9 months ago

    12:16 when someone messes with ur moms

  • Trinity Charlotte
    Trinity Charlotte 9 months ago

    Talk about Christmas spirit

  • Nafisah Ashif
    Nafisah Ashif 9 months ago

    has to be one of my favorite videos !!!!

  • Dre Pearson
    Dre Pearson 9 months ago

    His neighbors are probably like, “wtf is this kid up to now”

  • Dre Pearson
    Dre Pearson 9 months ago

    9:15 Aiden always has something to reference out of a movie 😂

  • kim
    kim 9 months ago

    Adinnnnnnnnn!!!! I got excited when I saw him

  • Edwin Vasquez
    Edwin Vasquez 9 months ago

    Fortnite galaxy skin real life

  • L130Vlogs
    L130Vlogs 9 months ago

    if you look hard enough he looks like the galaxy skin

  • Gacha Queen Unicorn
    Gacha Queen Unicorn 9 months ago +1

    I fought lance was so fricken dumb but actually he’s a jenius

  • Billy Lucas vlogs
    Billy Lucas vlogs 9 months ago

    you look like your on an acid trip

  • The dark one
    The dark one 9 months ago

    This vid was freakin LIT 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jase Coleman
    Jase Coleman 9 months ago

    This will be the next Christmas fortnite skin

  • Kelsy Christlenne
    Kelsy Christlenne 9 months ago

    Omg i would have been so embarrassed of i was there

  • Eduardo Gaucin
    Eduardo Gaucin 9 months ago

    Omg at 9:58 who else is dieing but anyway I really did love this video i love how you always have so much creativity and its always their and is so cool hands down

  • LyNx_OzZ
    LyNx_OzZ 9 months ago

    Galaxy skin omg

  • Scrap Gods For The Boys

    Lance do a prank on your mom dad and grandma with the lights breaking their house and like the house up

  • Akwa-Elu Lucero
    Akwa-Elu Lucero 9 months ago

    I heard some Troyboi!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Films of alejandra
    Films of alejandra 9 months ago

    U should wear that for halloween

  • Ann R
    Ann R 9 months ago


  • LavaToken
    LavaToken 9 months ago

    Behold, the galaxy skin

  • Someone
    Someone 9 months ago

    What if the love sack had your logo instead of the COD logo???

  • Joselyn Cruz
    Joselyn Cruz 9 months ago +1

    Lance you should do that for Halloween like if my you agree

  • realboy12 tofresh
    realboy12 tofresh 9 months ago

    Does anyone remember when he said he is broke

  • SudrianRailwayStudios
    SudrianRailwayStudios 9 months ago

    Nice Lights! They look good on Christmas Trees too!

  • Just Kunti things!
    Just Kunti things! 9 months ago

    Lance is Lit!.... LITERALLY. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll 9 months ago

    I preorder black ops 4 for my birthday gift cause Monday my birthday

  • Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll 9 months ago

    This got ratings xxx hahaha his pants fell down

  • Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll 9 months ago

    This can be like a new super hero light man haha actually lance the light man haha

  • MiYegro
    MiYegro 9 months ago

    Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?


  • CPW _Joey
    CPW _Joey 9 months ago

    It would be way better if u were black not being racist by the way