Top 6 Rare Disney Parks Characters 2

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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  • Timmothy Jackson
    Timmothy Jackson 4 days ago

    5:39 fortnite dance!? I see it!

    • Smoky Foil
      Smoky Foil 4 days ago

      Now we have to throw away the whole time travel project

  • MrMrMrprofessor
    MrMrMrprofessor 5 days ago

    I liked Atlantis when I was younger but...watching it as an adult *prepares shield*'s pretty meh. Visually it's great. The animation is very very solid for early 2000's Disney and the action sequences are fun and memorable. But the characters and story are about as flat and cliche as you can get with this type of narrative. The supporting cast is extremely one note. Kida is a woefully unrealized character who doesn't show up until half way through the film (save for the prologue), and then spends most of it as a silent prop that Milo has to rescue. Rourke takes the crown as the most boring Disney villain in the entire animated canon. I He is basically Ratcliffe from Pocahontas mixed with Mcleach from Rescuers Down Under with none of Ratcliffe's foppish personality or Mcleach's comedic menace. He's just dull dull dull. The pacing is also ridiculously fast, and the movie rarely takes a second to just breathe and let things settle. The plot is pretty much your typical "Man goes out to discover something. Finds a lost or new civilization. Evil character wants to exploit civilization for personal gain. Bad guy is beaten. Harmony restored." A betrayal usually happens at some point in the story. This is a narrative we've seen a hundred times over, from Pocahontas to Road to El Dorado. Atlantis does little to change it. The culture is kind of interesting, but we spend so little time with it.
    One thing that could have helped would be cutting some of the crew members. Most of them add nothing other than running gags. Keep Audrey, as she had the most defined character of all of them, and a couple more and we'd be good. Disney has a habit of overloading their movies with comedic relief characters. Lets trim it down a bit. Make Kida more active in the story, don't relegate her to a plot device in the last act. Build more on the relationship between her and Milo. Honestly, make HELGA the main bad guy. She's way more memorable than Rourke is and she's introduced much earlier. I don't have to look up her name whenever I try to remember her character like i do with Rourke lol. Spend more time exploring the culture of Atlantis. Use the screen time that you saved by cutting some of the side characters that no one even remembers (literally the only ones i can name are Audrey and Mole..the rest I don't remember, and I rewatched the movie as recently as this summer.)

  • David Artavia Araya
    David Artavia Araya 5 days ago

    Furries: horny

  • Foop The Hoop
    Foop The Hoop 5 days ago +1

    Uhhh sir the Dick Tracy title card didn’t show up

  • Noob_Darkvoyager Playz

    The person who wears the Bolt one is considered a furry.

  • ShrimpRolePlay
    ShrimpRolePlay 6 days ago +1

    omfg that bolt suit is perfect for that one furry staff.

  • U Mom Is A Big Gay
    U Mom Is A Big Gay 8 days ago

    Atlantis should be way more popular! My fave Disney movie

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 8 days ago

    bolt is a great movie. i miss bolt.

  • Mint Hyena
    Mint Hyena 8 days ago +1

    The bolt costume and cast member is essentially a professional furry

  • Meblitee
    Meblitee 9 days ago

    I will never forget bolt that was always my favorite movie growing up

  • Communist 101
    Communist 101 9 days ago

    Mole is my fav one lol

  • Mandi Powell
    Mandi Powell 12 days ago

    Bolt is such an underrated movie. The ending is touching, and you know for a fact that you can't keep yourself from sobbing at the whole fire scene.

  • Cornnugget555
    Cornnugget555 12 days ago

    I love meet the robinsons--

  • Sarah Liebowitz
    Sarah Liebowitz 13 days ago


  • Insanity wolf the pokemon loves Ralsei

    A rare sighting is.... Walt Disney.

  • Foxy the Gachatuber
    Foxy the Gachatuber 13 days ago +1

    No one is talking about Scrooge mc duck

    I’m ashamed to love Scrooge cause everyone forgot them

  • Jeran Donor
    Jeran Donor 14 days ago

    Who is the guy in a eskimo suit

  • EpicGamers11
    EpicGamers11 16 days ago

    Was at Animal Kingdom today and say Koda from Brother Bear at one the dance parties on Discovery Island. Not sure if I just don't pay attention, but I haven't seen this character at the parks since the movie came out

  • McNuts 1999
    McNuts 1999 16 days ago

    I honestly would love to see Atlantis remade or made into a live action movie! I would buy the whole theater just watch it by myself

  • Kella Gachaz
    Kella Gachaz 16 days ago


    TiMMs ANiMATiON 16 days ago

    Furry L0L

  • Dezzy
    Dezzy 16 days ago

    Wrong kida and milo made an appearance at Disneyland for date night 2019

  • Jeremy Fridy
    Jeremy Fridy 16 days ago

    I admit I would love to see Disney have another crack at the Black Cauldron and the entire The Chronicles of Prydain series. I just think that the most mature style of storytelling would be a lot easier to make an animated film with now than in the 1980s.

  • pink girll
    pink girll 16 days ago

    a part 3 with oliver and rhino were in june 2019 at disneyworld villians events.

  • Jei Christian
    Jei Christian 17 days ago

    Could you please do a video about Hercules and his run at the park?

  • Pikash 08
    Pikash 08 17 days ago

    My fav characters are either Oliver or bolt

  • shield shark
    shield shark 17 days ago

    I love all these movies am I alone...

    Oh ok

  • Nolapie
    Nolapie 17 days ago

    Can you make a part 3

  • Aaliyah Castro Siddall

    If this ain’t a mood I ain’t know what is

  • Nathaniel Ordonez
    Nathaniel Ordonez 18 days ago

    Mittenz is my fav character ever

  • Area Furry None
    Area Furry None 18 days ago +1

    Bro for some reason I remember aliens had something to do with Oliver and company

    Sanity is overrated

  • BulldogLover 101
    BulldogLover 101 19 days ago

    is dumbo considered a rare character? I mean I can never find him and I know that he was a character. or maybe I can just never find him?

  • Falling Star
    Falling Star 19 days ago

    I've noticed....Paris gets all the rare characters

  • Thisisasupersayin3
    Thisisasupersayin3 19 days ago +3

    (Sees thumbnail)
    Oh Boy, Waluigi is my favorite Disney character.

  • Jade Ottsel
    Jade Ottsel 20 days ago

    Kida and Milo were also spotted at the 2019 Valentine's Day event at Disneyland. :D

  • Monatgne :D
    Monatgne :D 20 days ago

    0:21 where are your children?????????

  • francisco kirby
    francisco kirby 21 day ago

    Insert super smash bros ultimate theme

  • Garrett Racine
    Garrett Racine 21 day ago

    Meet the Robinsons is my favorite Disney movie. Either that or bedtime stories

  • Lady Cyanide Suicide

    I want to know what's up with Hades 😭 He's my favorite villain of my favorite Disney movie Hercules

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 21 day ago

    My fur baby name is olliver

  • Daire McMenamin
    Daire McMenamin 21 day ago

    I’ve never saw doofenschmurfz

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise 21 day ago

    I would love to meet Lewis from Meet the Robinson!

  • Ilicia Rodriguez
    Ilicia Rodriguez 22 days ago

    But I love the Black Cauldron 😢 It’s so good! I guess it was released at the wrong time?

  • Cyndi Bauer
    Cyndi Bauer 22 days ago +1

    I have seen bolt and mittenz also oliver i know so cool like this if you have seen any one them :D

  • OggZ Hermes
    OggZ Hermes 22 days ago

    0:32 bolt just looks like a fursuit licensed by disney

  • cosmic candy
    cosmic candy 23 days ago

    Zorro and Darkwing Duck (I think, I know Zorro is) are also rare charaters. Zorro has staged sword fights and stuff but was only seen (I think) twice

  • Wolfy Playz
    Wolfy Playz 23 days ago

    i think its funny to belive one person atleast one person yelled furry at bolt Xd

    TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE 23 days ago +1

    So adventure time stole the litch from the black colldren?

  • ingrid
    ingrid 23 days ago

    Aghhhh...any time I hear about John Lasseter nowadays, it just gives me the creeps. 😞

  • Rodrigo Alfredo González

    Why doesn´t Bolt meet regularly at the parks?

  • Benzaid
    Benzaid 24 days ago

    Congrats on 100k!

  • TheMelloBros :P
    TheMelloBros :P 24 days ago

    Awesome but is it just me or does Bolt looks angry and like a furry along with Rhino being super huge

  • Skrinas
    Skrinas 24 days ago

    Dude I fucking love Atlantis

  • Hayden12thekid
    Hayden12thekid 25 days ago

    Meet The Robinson's was my favorite movie of my life

  • Gamey Firebro
    Gamey Firebro 25 days ago

    Funny how you talk about Bolt on national dog day

  • Kelsey Beams
    Kelsey Beams 25 days ago

    I’d sell my whole left kidney to meet Oliver or ANYONE from Atlantis.

  • Kalei Perales
    Kalei Perales 25 days ago

    A good Moo E.U.

  • Kalei Perales
    Kalei Perales 25 days ago +1

    I love the robisins

  • CosplayCore
    CosplayCore 25 days ago


  • CosplayCore
    CosplayCore 25 days ago

    Little fact that a lot of Disney fans seem to neglect to mention about The Black Cauldron: It's based on a book series called The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander... The books are great fun to read. :3