How general Korean guys think about european women? | Корейские парни Korean guys


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  • Nelya M
    Nelya M 4 days ago

    А Мальчикам то самооценку повысить надо 😉 такие не уверенные в себе) да не все девушки высокие я например 1.52 см) это видео вышло несколько лет тому назад, сейчас я думаю их мнение уже изменилось) спасибо за видео 👌👍

  • _Kpop_Lover
    _Kpop_Lover 9 days ago

    Why I'm crying? :'---) xd

  • Aliya Sorlu
    Aliya Sorlu 16 days ago

    this really helped me because i was a little afraid that korean guys wouldn't want to date european girls....But now i think i have a chance since by the time i move to korea i will be able to speak pretty good korean and i understand there culture....Thank you #koreanguys

  • 686 S
    686 S 17 days ago +1

    I love western woman.

  • 모 모
    모 모 17 days ago

    Thanks for the compliments❤️

    i'm only half europhian but still thanks XD

  • AU ST
    AU ST 19 days ago

    Aww i guess that girl was from Russia or from the countries nearby. She has that slavyanian features and name

  • Jasmine D. Wox
    Jasmine D. Wox 20 days ago +2

    Why all of them think, that every European girl are slim and tall? Am I not Europian then? Because I'm definitely not tall.

  • Jean Odgaard
    Jean Odgaard 20 days ago

    I think Koreans have a misconception of average people especially North Americans as they see movies and TV where all are slim and beautiful. Average North Americans are overweight and many street people. We travelled to Hollywood recently and were amazed by how many street people were living in tents. Maybe in European countries they are different, but watching. Yuan’s Kitchen that was filmed in Spain-Most of the people were overweight and not beautiful.🤔🇨🇦

  • miss potato
    miss potato 20 days ago

    They think all European women look like tall slim supermodels haha they obviously have never been to Europe before

  • Samantha Watt
    Samantha Watt 21 day ago

    how tall is too tall to korean man?

  • a_sugakookie_for_vmin _


  • a_sugakookie_for_vmin _

    "Everyone of them look like models" HAHAHAHAHA no

  • 애정EM💞
    애정EM💞 22 days ago

    I know Korea and China are different, but when I visited China, many people asked for my autograph and to take photos with me. One guy asked if I was a model and if my friend I was with, was my translator! 😭😂even if I signed that guys autograph, he would never know who I was, and never be able to sell it! Xx

  • 애정EM💞
    애정EM💞 22 days ago

    *D a t e m e*

  • Kayenne54
    Kayenne54 23 days ago

    It's all those Swedish backpackers...They ruin it for the rest of us short, not-model worthy

  • Nana Iqbal
    Nana Iqbal 23 days ago

    Like everywhere in the world people fear what's different. It takes a little courage and curiosity to approach eachother and open up a bit. We learn from eachother and discover that we aren't as different as we thought at first. So I encourage everyone to open up just a little. One world, one family. ❤ Love rules... at least it should.

  • SonneForce
    SonneForce 23 days ago

    I’m Dutch and I think Korean mans/guys are more handsome than in my country 🙃 sadly it’s hard to learn Korean and Korean people can’t easily learn Dutch...

  • Irene Trovalusci
    Irene Trovalusci 23 days ago

    Korean guy: * talk for 24 minutes *
    Subtitles: European women are open-minded

  • Malle x BTS ʕ๑・ᴥ・๑ʔ

    ,,Every one of them looks like models." Thank you hehe.......but no.

  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez 24 days ago +2

    I would love to meet a Korean man. Any suggestions guys?

  • Sara Mel
    Sara Mel 24 days ago

    that blond girl Tanya was really cute

  • Mr. Perfectest
    Mr. Perfectest 25 days ago

    Учим корейский язык и бегом в Южную Корею к этим милашкам.
    Thanks for the video!)

  • irishgrl
    irishgrl 26 days ago +2

    I could fall in love with a Korean guy in a heartbeat!

  • saima music
    saima music 26 days ago +1

    What the guys said about European girls was so nice, I’m happy that I’m a European girl!

  • YoonTaeHope's wife
    YoonTaeHope's wife 27 days ago

    00:13 turn on subtitles lmao

  • kinou G16
    kinou G16 27 days ago +2

    Ils sont trop mignons ces coréens 💖

  • jessica spagnuolo
    jessica spagnuolo 27 days ago

    I'm too tall for korean guys... And i'm only 14... (1.71, girl)

  • jessica spagnuolo
    jessica spagnuolo 27 days ago

    I'm 14, when i'll be 18, i'll go to korea and i'll stay there, i want to find a korean boyfriend 'cause i like korean guys 😍

  • Kim Taehyung’s wife
    Kim Taehyung’s wife 27 days ago +3

    Oh god I hope they never visit Europe and have their ideals crushed coz only a minority fit any of these standards most girls are quite short and because of our high freakin’ levels of obesity we are not that slim ESPECIALLY to them we are definitely not slim 😂😂 just...never visit the UK

    • Maleece
      Maleece 27 days ago

      Kim Taehyung’s wife Ikr, my best friend's height is like 150 cm so :D it's always like ,,oh, are u guys sisters?" and I am just two months older xdd

    • Kim Taehyung’s wife
      Kim Taehyung’s wife 27 days ago

      민영희 yes there are exceptions my best friend is 6ft she’s also very slim so she fits this stereotype but not many do 😂❤️

    • Maleece
      Maleece 27 days ago

      Kim Taehyung’s wife yep… I am from Czech republic and there are quite short women as well...but sometimes there are exceptions (like me, for example, I am 1.75 cm tall and I am twelve :'D)

  • Melissa Fast
    Melissa Fast 27 days ago +5

    "There are too tall" hahahahha omg boii if you would know XD

  • I'm everywhere you go
    I'm everywhere you go 27 days ago +1

    But I'm not hot and gorgeous... and I'm short af

  • Bettina Puskás
    Bettina Puskás 28 days ago

    Ok guys stop this! 😂 You should come to Europe and see for yourself that almost everything you think about us is false. We are not tall. Usually our average height is somwhere between 1.60-1.68 meters. Yes there are taller and shorter girls too. For example: I am 1.63 meters. We are not thin or fat or model-like. Most of us has average weight. There are thin and chubby women too. I am 50 kilograms right now but i can be 49-53 too. And we are not cooler than Korean women in my opinion. We just communicate differently but we are not cooler. There are shy girls here too and open-minded girls too and in between the two. So at least you found that international couple who could talk about this topic a little. You should come to Europe to trips so you will know that we are not that different in person. Yes we have cultural differences but at the same time a lot of things can be simmilar too.

  • V Silvia
    V Silvia 28 days ago +2

    I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve noticed that Eastern European and East Asian cultures are quite similar. When it comes to my childhood and family, I definitely relate more to East Asian culture than the Western one (UK/USA). 🤔🤔

  • Baguette
    Baguette 29 days ago

    I'm french and I dont look like a model at all LMAO don't go to Europe guys, you're gonna be really disapointed aha

  • Ten's little fish
    Ten's little fish Month ago

    The couple at the end so cute 😊

  • 곽태경
    곽태경 Month ago

    I think European girls are very attractive if i have chance to meet European girls i would like to talk with them

  • Justthatcovergirl 123

    Please don’t be scared of height because I don’t really think that makes any difference I’m 5’8 but some of my friends who are also Irish are only 5’2 so

  • Justthatcovergirl 123

    I’m European but I feel like I’m not the stereotypical “European girl” yes I do have blonde hair and blue eyes and I’m very tall but I’m more on the curvier side and I have bigger lips
    I mean I feel as if other countries outside of your own country do have a border I mean with love because language is a big thing communication wise and the sacrifices you are willing to make for your significant other

  • Stabels
    Stabels Month ago

    hell yes *Im only 10 and was born and live in England and im like the freaking biggest kpop fan like you don't understand (DW I ain't a sasaeng ) and ive realised in 9 years my destination will be Seoul♥*

  • Scary Angel
    Scary Angel Month ago

    what's the name of the second song playing in the background?

  • Katie Hough
    Katie Hough Month ago

    For the amount of times I've wished I was an Asian girl ~~~ hearing what they said about us Europeans made me so happy - I've realised that I actually love my British culture
    --- Also ~ I love Asian people... Sooo...

  • Jiwon
    Jiwon Month ago

    Korean men should just be confident! And if you want to talk to somebody, talk to them! You don't know if you are a good match until you try to communicate and get to know each other! My Korean boyfriend of 3 years and I obviously come from very different backgrounds but we've had a lot of opportunity to get to know each other's culture and even though we are still learning, we find that we think similarly and come to a lot of the same conclusions. We approach things in a similar manner in our life which makes it easy for us to co-exist in certain ways. Of course there are certain challenges within those cultural differences LOL but with enough love and determination to work things out, anything is possible!
    But I guess I do understand a little bit of that mentality that these young men shared in the video, wondering if they would be perceived as good enough to date a person from another culture. There can be a lot of unknowns going into an inter-cultural relationship. So you can't exactly know what you're going to get!
    In my relationship with my man, when we were first dating, he was always very very cautious not to make a wrong move and try to do everything perfect because he was afraid he would run me off somehow. Haha. Poor guy! He must have been so nervous! Of course I was too! Hahaha. But I guess that's kind of the feeling when you first start dating anyone.

  • Marina Beacroft
    Marina Beacroft Month ago

    Wait whaaaat if you come to Europe like only 1% of the population will fit what they think we are

  • EXLM Aquarius
    EXLM Aquarius Month ago

    Europeans aren't tall you guys are just short.

  • Donna V
    Donna V Month ago +8

    *Am i the only European girl who still wants to date a korean guy even after watching this video??* 😂

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago +1

    Not all white people are tall lmao I'm 156cm

  • Wine Forever
    Wine Forever Month ago

    Очень смешанные чувства от этого видео , как то обидно если честно. Я не кореянка , но все таки. Корейские парни так сильно идеализируют европейских девушек(и внешность тоже) типо они обсалютно все стройные, нереально красивые и высокие по сравнению с кореянками. Но ведь все народы красивы. Эхх корейцы сами себя уродуют. Наверное это когда нибудь пройдет .

  • Lina린아
    Lina린아 Month ago

    Ok, im not that tall. I am like 5'2 (157cm) do u find that tall?

  • Kisa Maljc
    Kisa Maljc Month ago

    Красивое видео. Автор молодец.

  • Sonja Ra
    Sonja Ra Month ago

    The guy with cap is so cute
    He talks about girls personality and love when others talk about looks 😍

  • Valintina Broken
    Valintina Broken Month ago

    I’m blonde and blue eyed 157cm and 50kg and pale .. i think im not tooo far off but tall and model like is not something I can be described as

  • Luna Lovegoodova
    Luna Lovegoodova Month ago

    I'm from Europe (Slovakia) anyone else here from Slovakia? 😂❤

  • Kawaii Chili
    Kawaii Chili Month ago

    Omg... Tanya was so beautiful

  • Africa junkyung TV
    Africa junkyung TV Month ago

    Europeans : i wanna date korean but they expect us supermodel
    korean: i wanna date Euroeans but they expect kpop idols or kdrama actors

  • •AntoniaLuise •

    Tanks to korean Guys.... My self-esteem appreciates you lol

  • Therese Friendbard
    Therese Friendbard Month ago

    Now I have to learn Korean and try to get a surgery if it exist to make me short xD

  • Lotte Pustjens
    Lotte Pustjens Month ago

    My self confidence as a European just boosted up.

  • Fabiana Pettroza
    Fabiana Pettroza Month ago

    “yeobeoseyo? i-i mean hello? whose this?”

  • Karris Quinn
    Karris Quinn Month ago

    i wish they would do British girls lol

  • All about JK
    All about JK Month ago

    What do koreans think of italian and croatian people in general ? : )

  • Gráinne
    Gráinne 2 months ago

    I swear the world makes no sense lol like they're like omg European girls are so pretty and I'm here feeling like a proper Irish potatoe saying all I want is an Asian boy lol and then they're afraid of the European girl being tall and okay yeah we are but we're not all that tall like I'm a semi tall European girl , that's still growing and I wanna be way taller and be as pretty as Asian girls lol but I'm also proud to be European , see like I said the world makes no sense lmao

  • Magrat Knoblauch
    Magrat Knoblauch 2 months ago

    "Everyone looks like models"
    Me, small and not model-like at all: I wish.

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim 2 months ago +1

    The interviewer transcript : mmm ahh amm ahhh mm [x65]

  • Н К
    Н К 2 months ago

    Девушка русская)
    Ну или славянка- Таня)

  • A.O suga
    A.O suga 2 months ago

    вот сволочи азиятки тоже интересные и привликательные и вообще красивые 😡😩

  • Heri Demsas
    Heri Demsas 2 months ago

    European as in white women

  • A$AP
    A$AP 2 months ago

    Korean guys actually get intimidated if you're too tall as a woman hahahaha. I guess they somehow like feeling superior in a relationship or something... If I go to a club wearing high heels (I'm 175 so wearing heels causes me to be like 183 or so) they don't really dare to come up to me. That's good though lol bc they normally are very pushy and touchy in clubs.

  • Taehyung lσνє
    Taehyung lσνє 2 months ago +1

    I wanna marry Suga from bts but I’m probably not his type bc I believe I am very uglyyy

    • Ano
      Ano 28 days ago +1

      Girlll don’t say that, i bet you are very pretty! And btw Suga said that he doesn’t really look to the outside and the looks, he looks more to the personality and the inside. Maybe you have a chance to marry him :)

  • Pai
    Pai 2 months ago

    Just ask us to date you
    You wont get a disappointment!

  • Nicole Nietz
    Nicole Nietz 2 months ago +1

    I would love to have a Korean boyfriend :) Most Korean men are really nice and friendly and.. I'm a really shy girl. Other people mock me all the time for that but Koreans don't seem to care about it at all :) ♡

    • 똥딲은 휴지
      똥딲은 휴지 Day ago

      I 1 She said she wanted only a Korean boyfriend, and this video is about Korean men who got image of European girl somehow?
      So, you wanna get a free ride because you're an asian as same as Korean guys? 😆😆😆😆

    • I 1
      I 1 Day ago +1

      똥딲은 휴지 are u idiot? I just asked her do she like other asian man or not...

    • 똥딲은 휴지
      똥딲은 휴지 Day ago

      I 1 It's not your business, is it?
      It's up to her mind that her type is for Korean men. Are you jealous of it? 😆

    • A$AP
      A$AP 2 months ago +1

      Nicole Nietz Seems like you watch too many Korean drama's lol... A lot of Korean guys are super possessive in relationships which can get quite creepy. Some also have this idea of women being the weaker gender and therefore they think they can do / say whatever they want. This doesn't go for all Korean guys obviously, but I've definitely met some not-so-nice ones. Then again, I do have some really nice male friends in Korea but idk not all of them are as sweet as Korean drama's make them seem to be. (I've never even seen a Korean drama but I obviously hear about the fact that their relationships are perfect etc).

    • I 1
      I 1 2 months ago +1

      Nicole Nietz so u are only love korean men? Doesnt mean for other asian men?

  • Eric J
    Eric J 2 months ago

    As an European guy I can confirm their stereotypes as false. Most women here don't do any sports/working out and eat unhealthy processed foods which is why many of them are chubby/fat. Also the culture here says that "You are perfect the way you are, you don't have to change one bit" which really doesn't really help the situation...
    But there are also some drop-dead gorgeous girls too

  • Ana Todd
    Ana Todd 2 months ago

    i'm european and i'm 1.57 😂😂

  • Sarah Léonard
    Sarah Léonard 2 months ago

    lmaoo I need to go to Korea asap i'll be ran after apparently hahahah (but fyi i think korean girls are so much prettier lol)

  • M & C
    M & C 2 months ago

    Now I feel way more like a potato xD

  • Klaudia Lehončáková
    Klaudia Lehončáková 2 months ago

    I am European with slavic features... I feel like foreign women would be really cherished in Korea? Like men look at you as if you were a goddess... It does things to my self-esteem just watching this video :D I think it´s us people, we always want and like what we don´t have..

  • Mandy Meijer
    Mandy Meijer 2 months ago

    I'm from the Netherlands
    (yes European) and i find Asian people the most beautiful people in the world.
    And i love how short they are... i myself am way too tall 😣

  • Dubber Rucky
    Dubber Rucky 2 months ago

    I know absolutely no Korean but I now want to go to Korea

  • Yujin유진
    Yujin유진 2 months ago

    i'm 1.57 that's quite small for my 16 year old self

  • Sleepy NeBuLaS
    Sleepy NeBuLaS 2 months ago

    I honestly wonder how many European girls they have seen. We are not all that tall, at least where I’m from the average is 5”2. I am white, but also Mexican, and so are most in California, so maybe that’s the average Mexican female height? I’m only 5”1.

    • A$AP
      A$AP 2 months ago

      Sleepy NeBuLaS In some countries like The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium etc. I think the majority of the women are like 5'6 or 5'7 hahaha. That doesn't directly make them beautiful though hahaha but European women from some countries indeed have a tall average height.

  • Mel minanie
    Mel minanie 2 months ago

    I love the one with the cap
    he can be thankful now

  • Kittycarlo
    Kittycarlo 2 months ago

    Oh lol thanks as thinking of us so high XD

  • kyuuketsukiish
    kyuuketsukiish 2 months ago

    Such a funny disinformation 🤣🤣🤣

  • Heni Hegyi
    Heni Hegyi 3 months ago

    Miért örül ennyire minden magyar, hogy a pornóval és úgymond "nyitottsággal" kötik össze az országunkat? Vagy ennyire nem világos, hogy az ég világon semmi más (kultúra, cserediák-tapasztalat, ismerősök által szerzett helyismeret stb.) nincs mögötte és még viccelnek is ezen?
    (Persze, ha valós tapasztalaton vagy mondjuk filmeken (nem olyanokon) vagy mittudoménmin alapulna, okkal lehetnénk baromi büszkék, hogy vki tud rólunk a világ másik felén)

  • Megan Keli
    Megan Keli 3 months ago

    thinking about myself as a European girl i was just laughing trying to imagine the guys in the video be intimidated by me; 5'5 feet of pure fury

  • Megali Idea
    Megali Idea 3 months ago

    Koreaboos just fetishize asian men, it's so wrong XD

  • Soso LovesBangtan
    Soso LovesBangtan 3 months ago

    Interesting fact about drinking culture in Germany:
    You are allowed to *buy* „soft“ alcohol like beer and wine at age of 16.
    But you‘re allowed to *drink* beer and wine at age of 14 (but only with permission from parents) If your parents are with you, you‘re allowed to drink everything.
    The other hard stuff, can only be bused ad age of 18.

  • asma SY
    asma SY 3 months ago

    CBX musik😍😍😍😍

  • Albey Tavares
    Albey Tavares 3 months ago

    Whats the background song??

  • Ayo S
    Ayo S 3 months ago

    They do know not all European girls are skinny white blonde girls right?

  • yuna hinamoto
    yuna hinamoto 3 months ago

    "tall and slim" oh boy is he wrong

  • Катя
    Катя 3 months ago

    когда увидела встроенные русские субтитры не поняла в чем прикол и с чего бы это...

  • Monica Mae
    Monica Mae 3 months ago

    “They are beautiful , tall and slim . Every one of them looks like models”
    hahahahahahaha yeah...
    oh baby you would be so disappointed

  • Marleo Ca
    Marleo Ca 3 months ago

    I think they were just too nice. They said only the good parts about the European women - maybe because they were on camera?;) I wonder what are the parts that they don't like about us...:D

  • mom's spaghetti
    mom's spaghetti 3 months ago

    future plans: go to korea asap and get a boyfriend that treats u like a queen😂

  • Kim Seok Cara
    Kim Seok Cara 3 months ago

    About the "they are way too tall"
    Here some people judge me because I'm only 1,58 m so there are small girls here too 😂

  • Lolita Da Costa
    Lolita Da Costa 3 months ago

    These guys: European girls are all tall and beautiful like models
    Me, a 151cm tall French potato: Mm, yes.

  • park. rieo
    park. rieo 3 months ago

    Well, i'm from germany.. hahah if they would know how i feel rn.. uhm.. I WOULD BE THANKFUL IF I HAD A KOREAN BOYFRIEND LIKE.. THEY ARE BEAUTYFUL AND.. KOREAN IS A BEAUTYFUL LANGUAGE
    i just want a korean boyfriend or girlfriend tbh

  • Victoria's Rose
    Victoria's Rose 3 months ago

    "I think 70% of the white girls are attractive."- A Korean friend of mine. (Lord rest my soul if he sees my comment on this video.)

  • Vivian Loren
    Vivian Loren 3 months ago

    My German gf is short 😂 160 cm lol