How general Korean guys think about european women? | Корейские парни Korean guys


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  • anna 04
    anna 04 2 days ago

    So all of us look like models? I guess I'm not European than.

  • KRS Movie
    KRS Movie 5 days ago

    Guys from Europe find Korean girls attractive and exotic.
    Korean guys think the same but about european girls. Nothing new in fact :)

  • Violet Moon
    Violet Moon 6 days ago

    I’m glad to see they think white girls when they hear “European “ since they’re the natives of Europe. Ps seem people complaining about this in the comments and it was not okay. That said, they seriously underestimate how different Europeans can be xD like height in this case mainly. I’m either polish or Russian and I’m Korean girl short lol but have other typical features girls from those two countries have. Also many countries in Europe are conservative and everyone everywhere is either outgoing or shy lol that’s not a race thing.

  • Jimin's Jams
    Jimin's Jams 7 days ago

    0:54 you mean...eyebrows?

  • Sheera Woody
    Sheera Woody 7 days ago

    ok ok ok... i’m tall but fat.

  • Lai Ashton
    Lai Ashton 10 days ago +1

    3:03 looks like gay couple, the tall boy is a top and the small boy is a bottom 😂😂

  • Jhopes Wifeu
    Jhopes Wifeu 10 days ago

    Does Germany has a culture? I dunno. Even if I am German

  • Jhopes Wifeu
    Jhopes Wifeu 10 days ago

    Tall and European? I am German and I am really short. Okay Black hair, pale skin and short , that’s me. Everyone is taller than me, but old women are shorter. Only

  • eri exo
    eri exo 11 days ago +1

    Tall 😱😱
    iam just 157cm 😭😭😭

  • Alexandra Sacali
    Alexandra Sacali 11 days ago

    It's true that Korean people believes that we are from another planet.It's really sad because I would like to have a Korean friend but I think that it's not possible.One year ago I send a friend request to a Korean guy,believe me it was the most stupid thing I ever did,and he was so scared like I was some kind of murderer...-How did you find my profile?Who are you?Do you know me?......Oh my God I felt so bad for me and I was sworn...never again.I like to know people from all over the world but I think the Koreans, except for a few exceptions,find it difficult to make friends other than their own.I'm from Greece,I live on earth and not to Mars,I love Korean dramas and language and I would like to visit Korea someday.

  • Sophie Elliott
    Sophie Elliott 13 days ago

    Just saying I would really love to date an Asian guy because of how cute they are, I would treat him like a little puppy most of the time 😂❤️☺️

  • jiminahs
    jiminahs 15 days ago

    When they say that they kind think about the Russian/Ukrainian girls that live there. They're mostly tall and pretty

  • AB Girl
    AB Girl 17 days ago +1

    Korean guys: all of European girls look like models.
    European girls: all of Korean guys look like k-pop idols.

    Well it would be nice. But reality is cruel.

  • Ксения Волкова

    Когда отвечали парни на улице, у них каждый их ответ был противоположен предыдущему, некая неуверенность, Хочу но то я низкий, то культура, то язык!!! Все потому, что они не знакомы видимо с иностранкой, и не думали об этом пока их не спросили. А спросили, они логически подумали и ответили!!! Ситуации как таковой не было, это все предположения )))) Пара которая давала интервью мне понравилась)) хотя мне показалось они старше своего возраста)))

  • Damian Le Cong
    Damian Le Cong 19 days ago

    People want what they dont have... And when we "fetish" asian girls they also do the same with our girls... I personally would prefer korean girl over european girl most of the time, except for polish girls and some french or spain ones... Poland is only country in Europe with exceptionally beautiful, slim, smart and individual girls... To find one in England or Germany who is not model, actor or singer is extremely hard...

  • Manaelle Yahia
    Manaelle Yahia 20 days ago

    Please french subtitles ^^

  • Tania Segura
    Tania Segura 27 days ago

    *when you’re French, your name is Tanya and you look like the girl from the video*

  • usagi tsukino
    usagi tsukino 27 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that first tall guy at 0:50 has kinda Sehun vibes 🙄

  • S VZK
    S VZK 28 days ago

    Im 1,60 so dont be scared

    BTS ARMY 4EVER Month ago +1

    Am I europian and I can say I'm short so why do they keep saying tall all the real europians in my class are short and I am short too

  • The star
    The star Month ago +1

    노래 소리 좀 줄여주세요

  • Lilia T
    Lilia T Month ago


  • Lilia T
    Lilia T Month ago

    Omg thank youuuu very much for this video😢😙😙😙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋💎💎💎💎

  • straw-Barry
    straw-Barry Month ago

    They are tall yes mostly yes but then there is me 1,50 m ,,tall" slavic girl.

  • Alexandra Kr
    Alexandra Kr Month ago

    ich bin deutsch und finde die sehen alle voll süß aus hehe

  • Anne Music
    Anne Music Month ago

    Thank you I feel blessed as a Dutch girl.

  • Anne Music
    Anne Music Month ago

    Boii I’m a small European I’m 1,58m

  • Zablik S
    Zablik S Month ago

    I live in Ukraine. My nationality Azerbaijan)💕

  • Fairygodpapi
    Fairygodpapi Month ago

    0:15 i clicked on the subtitles button and i get so the condoms omg haha

  • Shorty Give Me Whip-Whiplash

    ...i am 17 and 1.60 ... TALL ???

    • XTheodora
      XTheodora Month ago

      Shorty Give Me Whip-Whiplash I’m 16 and 1.78 😂

  • Chris is a multifandom

    What do Koreans think abt African women.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    It’s weird to say European girls are all attractive. First of all, Europe is a continent. Spanish girls look different than Swedish girls for example.
    There are beautiful people in every country, doesn’t really matter what ethnicity you are.
    I wonder who they are picturing when they think about European women lol

  • COco Yo yo
    COco Yo yo Month ago

    Not all Europeans look like super models.

  • Zenka Zenka
    Zenka Zenka Month ago

    жене цветы, детям мороженное. 😀

  • Zenka Zenka
    Zenka Zenka Month ago

    Моей главное, чтобы мне получку не снизили, а мне чтобы стол накрытый был когда домой прихожу, и вещи всегда постиранные были. Вот и вся дорама блин🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

    • Zenka Zenka
      Zenka Zenka Month ago

      Шутка такая, кто не понял🙂

  • Yun '
    Yun ' Month ago

    I'm 14 y/o and 177cm 😅

  • RandoCommando
    RandoCommando Month ago

    sometimes I ask myself if Korean guys or any guys from Asia if they like a bit chubby girls or at least like a girl for what they are

  • Karolina Kaai
    Karolina Kaai Month ago

    I find Asian men verry attractive. My ideal of a man is Jet Li

  • Bonnie AJ
    Bonnie AJ Month ago +1

    Is 156cm too tall in korea for a europian girl?

  • Veronica Nik
    Veronica Nik Month ago

    Sometimes I hate myself because I’m really tall..(179-180)
    Thanks for this video))

  • Meike Krüger
    Meike Krüger Month ago

    Ok why am I this tall?
    I am fucking 1,78m (i think its 5'10)

  • Shaderite Matobit
    Shaderite Matobit Month ago

    not all european girls are tall slim and beautiful XD look at this super shy nerd geek short flat brunette potato.

  • Sal Paradies
    Sal Paradies 2 months ago

    the girl in the last clip is so pretty ;) i wish i could speak korean like her :)

  • Rubyrain
    Rubyrain 2 months ago

    What do korean guys think of indian girls though? Why are they always asked about white girls? -_-

  • Oecy Ok
    Oecy Ok 2 months ago

    2:53 Idkw but that guy in the middle is cute af

  • Liska Li
    Liska Li 2 months ago

    Да детка, мы высокие!!

  • neogool neogool
    neogool neogool 2 months ago

    두번째 약간 공유 닮음

  • Aminata OC
    Aminata OC 2 months ago

    Why are they so afraid of culture difference? I have to fight myself so as not to be offended. I've met people from all backgrounds, from many many countries, and really, there shouldn't be a problem if you know what *respect* is

  • Lianpu Guite
    Lianpu Guite 2 months ago

    Asia and European pure people will make a perfect couple....

  • Lianpu Guite
    Lianpu Guite 2 months ago +1

    We love european white girls welcome to Asia....

  • Crystal Lewis
    Crystal Lewis 2 months ago +1

    I'm black, and I know for a FACT, that blacks are minority in Europe. It is obviously a white man's continent. Just as how Africa is a black man's continent. Jeez.
    Black people! Stop complaining. Can't blame Koreans for thinking all Europeans are white, because it's actually TRUE. Whites around the world are European descent, while black Europeans and blacks around the world are African descent. Get it????

  • Ale 2105
    Ale 2105 2 months ago

    Not all European girls are tall, there are girls who are not very tall and not all the Europeans girls are open-minded, someone is racist.

  • Brandy Jacobs
    Brandy Jacobs 2 months ago

    I find Korean Men Very good looking. I am Very tall... ( 6'1" ) so I can understand why they wouldn't even look at Me other than just a Friend. But I think any Culture and Any race can easily fall in love... besides its whats on the inside that truly matters.

  • edri !
    edri ! 2 months ago

    "europeans are so tall"
    boy if u only knew that most of europeans are not that tall

  • Sio Bijker
    Sio Bijker 2 months ago

    1:38 I'm Dutch but I'm learning Korean too, so don't worry, it's going to be alright. :)

  • 안케
    안케 2 months ago

    thank god i'm european

  • tadel loes
    tadel loes 2 months ago +1

    lol I'm 1,59 tf you talking about us being tall?? I am German and a fucking dwarf. And I dont look like a model either.

  • Julia NMH
    Julia NMH 2 months ago

    what is the Name of the background music?
    That song had stolen my attention😍😁

  • Amusing Kiwi
    Amusing Kiwi 2 months ago

    Wish i had Korean guys here but its like 1 out of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lmao

  • SuperPasquale76
    SuperPasquale76 2 months ago

    can someone imagine muslim immigrants talk so respectful about our european womens ? i think not. Thats why i love the asians Peoples

  • wed Kookie
    wed Kookie 2 months ago +1

    Im german and 1.78 most of my friends are tall and slim to but not all 😂 I have some friends who are just 1.50 🤪

  • Baby Aliens
    Baby Aliens 2 months ago +4

    I'm not really all into K-pop (except for bts) But I feel as though if a korean guy, or any asian in general, tried to start a relationship with me. I would be considered someone who is "Obsessed with K-pop" or "She just likes him for his looks". But it's not like that at all. People need to learn that humans have feelings, and we can love whoever we want. Boy, girl, non binary. It doesent matter. As long as the people in the relationship are happy.

  • Anastasia Kim
    Anastasia Kim 3 months ago

    Я готова забрать их всех,ккк и я низенькая,хихи

  • Schyndi btsV
    Schyndi btsV 3 months ago +2

    I Love korean Boys. Im from Germany and Im really intressted in koreans culture. Once I want to Live in Korea and my biggest Wish is to have a korean boyfriend.

  • Alyssa van Soelen
    Alyssa van Soelen 3 months ago +1

    “They’re tall” dawg I’m 5’4

  • agnieszka van heirreweghe
    agnieszka van heirreweghe 3 months ago +1

    When I was in Myanmar last year, people always told me I was beautiful and some even wanted me on the picture. I was hurt because I first thought that they did it to mock me as in europe I've been bullied for years and heard people calling me ugly, a man or fat on a daily basis. I was and still am very insecure and these 2 weeks in asia really helped me appreciate myself more.

  • Veronica Surmiak
    Veronica Surmiak 3 months ago

    Not all European girls are tall lmao. I'm just 164 cm which is kinda short like for European girl.

  • Park Namsoo
    Park Namsoo 3 months ago

    Why they have so afraid of dating a European girl, like, I'm Portuguese (from Portugal) and they expect too much from us, because they only think in North European girls, yes they are tall thin and white, but in South? Oh , we aren't like that, that's it.

  • Mayo ‘n’  Cheese
    Mayo ‘n’ Cheese 3 months ago +1

    as an Australian 🇦🇺 men have too much testosterone...i’m not kidding 😝....but y’know it can feel too much pressure cuz the size differences in body mass, height etc .... [Australia does have Hugh Jackman & Chris Hemsworth] ... but not my preference .... I think 🤔 Asian physique is good...I AM A FEMALE ...if I ever go to Korea & hopefully love their I would 100% attempt the dating scene .... though my physique is known to look more asain ... [exhange students from Japan/china] have mentioned that 🤔...though I have Blue eyes 👀 so... dunno ...have to see what happens when I become an adult .. 18 is adulthood in Australia 🇦🇺....

  • I like my Tae With some Suga

    me 5`5 feet and not slim laying in bed eatin´ Junkfood Asking myself If they ever saw european ppl like me

  • Popeczko
    Popeczko 3 months ago +1

    3:10 he reminds me of Sehun

  • Sara SJ ELF
    Sara SJ ELF 3 months ago

    Spanish people aren’t that “tall”

  • Maria Isabel Santaella
    Maria Isabel Santaella 3 months ago


  • Tasha V
    Tasha V 3 months ago

    I would love to date a Korean 😍

  • kpop is my religion and bts are my gods


    • Korean Studio
      Korean Studio  3 months ago

      There are english subtitles...even on the thumbnail...

  • suga lover
    suga lover 3 months ago

    SUGa WaiT I'aM cOMInG FoR yOUOUuUUUU !!!!!!

  • lala la
    lala la 3 months ago

    Oh man
    They'd be so disappointed 😂😂

  • Andrea Crisan
    Andrea Crisan 3 months ago

    I'm romanian with a german-hungary grandmom, basically 100% european and I'm 1'52m tall and I weight 65kg.... Like, nop, I'm not european then xD.

  • Nina ElG
    Nina ElG 3 months ago

    I wanna korean friends if anyone would like too :)
    My instgram is

  • Marina NC
    Marina NC 3 months ago

    Asian blood inside me, though I've lived in Spain for many years.

  • fallen angel
    fallen angel 3 months ago

    Him: "If they are dating together, the man must be really attractive."
    Me: * thinks 90% of Korean's male population is handsome*

  • fallen angel
    fallen angel 3 months ago

    1:44 😂actually..


  • Tarra K.
    Tarra K. 3 months ago

    Wow they like tall girls and slim. Seems it's ok for me who's 1,8m. 😂

  • Nelya M
    Nelya M 4 months ago

    А Мальчикам то самооценку повысить надо 😉 такие не уверенные в себе) да не все девушки высокие я например 1.52 см) это видео вышло несколько лет тому назад, сейчас я думаю их мнение уже изменилось) спасибо за видео 👌👍

  • _Kpop_Lover
    _Kpop_Lover 4 months ago

    Why I'm crying? :'---) xd

  • Pahala Ariyawansa
    Pahala Ariyawansa 4 months ago

  • Aliya Sorlu
    Aliya Sorlu 4 months ago

    this really helped me because i was a little afraid that korean guys wouldn't want to date european girls....But now i think i have a chance since by the time i move to korea i will be able to speak pretty good korean and i understand there culture....Thank you #koreanguys

  • S 686
    S 686 4 months ago +1

    I love western woman.

  • 모 모
    모 모 4 months ago

    Thanks for the compliments❤️

    i'm only half europhian but still thanks XD

    KEE KEE 4 months ago

    Aww i guess that girl was from Russia or from the countries nearby. She has that slavyanian features and name

  • Jasmine D. Wox
    Jasmine D. Wox 4 months ago +2

    Why all of them think, that every European girl are slim and tall? Am I not Europian then? Because I'm definitely not tall.

  • Jean Odgaard
    Jean Odgaard 4 months ago

    I think Koreans have a misconception of average people especially North Americans as they see movies and TV where all are slim and beautiful. Average North Americans are overweight and many street people. We travelled to Hollywood recently and were amazed by how many street people were living in tents. Maybe in European countries they are different, but watching. Yuan’s Kitchen that was filmed in Spain-Most of the people were overweight and not beautiful.🤔🇨🇦

  • Samantha Watt
    Samantha Watt 4 months ago

    how tall is too tall to korean man?

  • a_sugakookie_for_vmin _


  • a_sugakookie_for_vmin _

    "Everyone of them look like models" HAHAHAHAHA no

  • Kayenne54
    Kayenne54 4 months ago

    It's all those Swedish backpackers...They ruin it for the rest of us short, not-model worthy

  • Nana Iqbal
    Nana Iqbal 4 months ago

    Like everywhere in the world people fear what's different. It takes a little courage and curiosity to approach eachother and open up a bit. We learn from eachother and discover that we aren't as different as we thought at first. So I encourage everyone to open up just a little. One world, one family. ❤ Love rules... at least it should.

  • Etsuko StudioX
    Etsuko StudioX 4 months ago

    I’m Dutch and I think Korean mans/guys are more handsome than in my country 🙃 sadly it’s hard to learn Korean and Korean people can’t easily learn Dutch...

  • Irene Trovalusci
    Irene Trovalusci 4 months ago

    Korean guy: * talk for 24 minutes *
    Subtitles: European women are open-minded