Brett Kavanaugh's Disgusting Lies REVEALED

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • It turns out that Brett Kavanaugh was totally a huge liar. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.
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Comments • 1 173

  • TheOmegajuice
    TheOmegajuice 12 days ago +1

    I had one guy drunkenly put his balls near my face and take a picture of it after I'd passed out at a party.

    I'm a guy and I found that humiliating and ended up not being friends with him anymore because I couldn't have a fun time drinking when I knew he was around. Plus he kept bringing it up to try and get a laugh and he was a tedious arsehole in general. The kind of guy who can't hear someone make a joke or tell a funny story without trying to hijack it.

    If I'd been a woman I would have feared for my safety as well as my dignity. I think the guys dismissing this as "just a laugh" really aren't making any attempt to see it from a woman's point of view. "Look what I did to you while you were asleep/ powerless to stop me" has a very different kind of implication to a young woman... especially if they know the college assault stats.

  • Dazzling Don Owen
    Dazzling Don Owen 18 days ago

    "Drunken penis" is a very fitting nickname for Kavanaugh

  • Cami Peterson
    Cami Peterson 20 days ago

    My pervy ass has been to swinger parties for the specific purpose of seeing drunken naked people, but even I know the difference between consent and non-consent.

  • WinterWolf216
    WinterWolf216 20 days ago

    How much of a privileged pig do you have to be to think that it’s acceptable to just wave your dick in a random woman’s face? And what kind of losers are his friends to find that funny AND be watching him take his dick out?
    Kavanaugh is a lying slob, and more than likely will be shown to have done much worse than this or his attempted rape of Ford.

  • Dozo G
    Dozo G 21 day ago

    Come on guys... "He strongly denied it" .
    That's as much of an admission of guilt you will get from a republican, and it deserves absolution.


  • James Bencic
    James Bencic 22 days ago

    It’s sad these allegations of sexual assault are what highlighted his confirmation process, rather than his support for the surveillance state.

  • Nique Leone
    Nique Leone 22 days ago +1

    This is the dumbest channel I ever stumbled upon 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Decoy
    Decoy 22 days ago

    He CAN still be impeached if we take the house/senate. That isn't just for presidents. We just have to put the right people in and push to tell those representatives it is important.

  • rdjhardy
    rdjhardy 22 days ago

    64 million Americans support a guy who said he'd fuck daughter. They are not going to be phased with this cunt.

  • Eugene Imbang
    Eugene Imbang 23 days ago

    Did Sam Seder even read the NYT report? Even the supposed witness in the paper denied the allegation. He has been cleared mulitiple times by the FBI and there were no corroborated accounts to her allegations. Nevertheless, the blame should have been on Trump. He should have withdrawn nomination to keep the allegations and investigation out ot politics.

  • This is the truth
    This is the truth 23 days ago

    The Republicans are disgusting . Kavanagh is disgusting Trump is disgusting . The Republican party will be the death of this country

  • M Munroe
    M Munroe 23 days ago

    Off with the offending appendage!

  • Libra Justice
    Libra Justice 23 days ago

    He and Trump should be impeached out of office hand in hand!

  • bookmanjb
    bookmanjb 24 days ago

    "Every single person in that room knew he was lying..."
    YES!!! I've been pointing that out ever since the hearings. EVERY wingnut on that committee, EVERY wingnut in the Senate, MOST OF ALL, Susan Collins, KNEW HE WAS LYING UNDER OATH AND VOTED TO PUT AN UNCONVICTED FELON ON THE SCOTUS. Sorry for all that yelling but I'm UPSET!

  • See
    See 24 days ago

    Sam thank u for this. At least men who watch this will gave a better idea of how to treat women

  • Jamedra A
    Jamedra A 24 days ago

    What can be proven? His perjury. His unacceptable temperament. His disrespect to members of congress. All DISQUALIFY him for the position.....and yet... there he sits... another "achievement" of the GOP.

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 24 days ago

    over and over and over, like a serial victim. Sorry justice brett, they're just penis'.

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 24 days ago

    I'd like to see the little bitch in prison where he can be on the receiving end of rape.

  • Darya Ionesco
    Darya Ionesco 24 days ago

    You don't belong at Yale if you're not okay with sexual assault.

  • Nick Rezzonico
    Nick Rezzonico 24 days ago

    Sam.... Are you seriously thinking that the NYT "harmless fun" line wasn't sarcasm? come on dog. you're supposed to have a background in comedy aint ya?

  • trexx63
    trexx63 24 days ago

    Masterful smack down. Well said!

  • coco Brown
    coco Brown 24 days ago

    Yep ! I knew he was lying and look at his body language .

  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 24 days ago

    Boofin, Barfin, and humiliating bitches, yale is awesome!!!

  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 24 days ago

    Boof? Love to boof, all my friends boofed, boofin is awesome!!!

  • Carol Jo Martin
    Carol Jo Martin 24 days ago

    FBI had plenty of time. They didn't put any EFFORT into it. If they had, he wouldn't be a Supreme Court Justice. He's a pig.
    I know people like him. He's an alcoholic who always bought his way out of trouble, because he's an entitled fraternity lush with no respect for anyone, especially those of the female persuasion. They get in trouble regularly, but have the money to buy their way out of it. Of course the drinking continues, along with the attitude, and it doesn't change until they're forced to change it. Kavanaugh belongs in an AA meeting, behind bars!

  • alrafter
    alrafter 25 days ago

    Does anyone else dislike the way that Sam speaks.He takes twice as long to say things than he needs to. I sometimes get so impatient waiting for him to get to the point I feel like going to sleep.

  • E Mil
    E Mil 25 days ago

    What's the point? The Repugs' had the votes for confirmation in the bag anyway

  • Kevin Whitlatch
    Kevin Whitlatch 25 days ago

    Totally off the cuff: Here is a novel idea! Lets abolish lifetime terms for supreme court justices so that we can stop getting into these weird shitty situations.

  • Brian Shock
    Brian Shock 25 days ago

    The wealthy are always going to allow their lap dogs to get away with murder -- or rape, or perjury, or whatever sins they want to get away with. That's the "agreement," and the wealthy are the people the agreement is made with. Kavanaugh is a symptom. Mitch McConnell is a symptom. Nancy Pelosi is a symptom. If you want to cure the disease, start by rounding up every billionaire in this country, along with their families, and then drop them into Guantanamo for the rest of their lives. It's an ugly, monstrous solution. But at this point, it's the most merciful thing we have left.

  • Theresa Torres
    Theresa Torres 25 days ago

    Thank you Sam for putting a lot of thought into this disgusting act that this pig did. Bingo! You rock as usual ♥️

  • blamtasticful
    blamtasticful 25 days ago

    Lol the supposed victim doesn't remember any of this. C'mon no skepticism? Just more dirty politics from people who are angry that their judge nominee was blocked.

  • philip gage
    philip gage 25 days ago

    That fucking entitled cow who was comfortable with people walking around naked was obviously from a disgustingly dysfunctional family. Nakedness in the home is completely different from nakedness with strangers - especially with young adults and adolescents. She was definitely brought up to be a female sexual predator rather than an unwilling victim.

  • Carolyn Westlake
    Carolyn Westlake 25 days ago

    Your Country has had it. Shame.

  • philip gage
    philip gage 25 days ago

    DeBlasio Ford is incredibly brave. Kavanaugh is someone I would like to meet up an ally with a baseball bat! He's cry and beg, because he's a fucking coward!

  • philip gage
    philip gage 25 days ago

    The people who run your country are just like mine - disgusting! People who have lived entitled lives get crowbarred into the most lucrative jobs. Why did you have a war of independence? We run the same economic systems? You enslaved black people and then enslaved your poor white people alongside them. Our wankers just enslaved people for as far back as you can go.

  • Piriathy
    Piriathy 25 days ago

    Holy shit they’re just saying sexual assault is harmless fun, NYT is fucking idiots. How many consistent, subscriber hemorrhaging fuck ups have they done in the last three months?

  • Aranyani Fox
    Aranyani Fox 25 days ago

    But Brett does not see all the things that he has done during his education (and throughout his life) as wrong. He was brought up as white, rich, very privileged male, and as we can repeatedly see with many of the white guys in the US politics, they think that they own the world, and that the world owes them a tenfold satisfaction of their choice for every tiny effort they make. These girls were, and still are, seen as nothing but consumer goods, who exist to stay behind and follow men even if they have better achievements, to smile and to be available and submissive should any of the guy's penises need any attention. And under this administration, led by a sexual predator and filled with other sexual predators, the culture of misogyny, religious fundamentalism and patriarchy is experiencing a spectacular revival. He knows he has both Trump, Barr and the Republican Cingress behind him, they probably drink together every night and laugh at all these "liberal tears", so why would he admit he made a mistake? Frat boys are never tought how to do some self-reflection or say "I am sorry". It is a completely unknown concept to them. And probably a very absurd one. Apologizing is for p*ssies. Tough guys molest, rape and drink, and then become Supreme Court Judges. And they stick together...

  • Antonio Saladin
    Antonio Saladin 25 days ago

    I don’t watch your videos often and I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I gotta say props to you for your follow up on this story

  • eric foster
    eric foster 25 days ago

    everything about Kavanaugh is gross and infuriating.

  • Robert Curtin
    Robert Curtin 25 days ago

    Excellent reporting and stellar comments.

  • GreenerHill
    GreenerHill 25 days ago

    Trump, Kavanaugh and Epstein are cut from the same shabby cloth. They should all have been in jail for decades.

  • DrOrtmeyer
    DrOrtmeyer 25 days ago

    I can't believe they're beating around the bush about the whole "she rode my dick and made me see God" thing

  • Andre Gordon
    Andre Gordon 25 days ago

    An actual question: If there was a Supreme Court question regarding sexual assault, who would ever allow him to not be recused?

  • tina caudell
    tina caudell 25 days ago

    You got a be a liberal moron to believe this shit.barrysayit

  • Vickie Lopez
    Vickie Lopez 25 days ago

    If he did that to me there would be no Bret kavanaugh

  • Unintended Consequences

    Good conservative women have penises shoved in their faces "literally every day".

  • Unintended Consequences

    He also cried a lot and spoke at length of his love of beer. I may try that in a job interview and see how I go with that.

  • Clint Sanderson
    Clint Sanderson 25 days ago

    Sure hope “credible accusations” NEVER incarcerate a person. Facts matter more than public opinion, intuition & perception

    • A. Vulcan
      A. Vulcan 25 days ago

      Clint Sanderson
      If we wouldn't take the risk that _some_ innocent people are going to be convicted, then almost *_no one_* would be. As absolute proof of something can be found in math but not in court, we have to have a *reasonable* standard of evidence for the justice system to function.
      Which is why going to prison maybe shouldn't be the end of someone's life as they knew it and maybe the conditions in prison shouldn't be such that an innocent person sentenced would need to fight for survival.
      Yes, I'd agree that a _'semi-extreme'_ 👍 reform is needed, and there are so many good ideas out there!

    • Clint Sanderson
      Clint Sanderson 25 days ago

      A. Vulcan Interesting retort. I’d rather have the most heinous person go free to be caught another day, than a single innocent spend a day in jail. No system is perfect, but ours is pretty darn good considering how fallible humans are. Could it be better? Of course. But would require some intestinal fortitude and semi-extreme justice system reform moving forward.

    • A. Vulcan
      A. Vulcan 25 days ago

      Clint Sanderson
      Thank you for answering! :)
      We know from research that people don't lie more about sexual assault than about other crimes, which is 2-8% of the time.
      Then of the reports made to the police of sexual assault, 6% result in prison time. Still more sexual assaults go unreported than reported.
      It seems to me that if we reversed the system and _everyone_ who was accused of sexual assault got prison time then the system would resemble justice much closer than what we have now. *Of course* I'm not advocating for that, but maybe it's just worth keeping in mind how the system really works? Or rather, _doesn't_ work.

    • Clint Sanderson
      Clint Sanderson 25 days ago

      A. Vulcan good question. I’d guess 2-3% of prisoners are actually innocent. Ultimately, 0% would be ideal, of course.

    • A. Vulcan
      A. Vulcan 25 days ago

      Clint Sanderson
      What percentage of people in jail do you think are innocent? What should an acceptable rate of imprisonment of not guilty offenders be?

  • Molly Malone
    Molly Malone 25 days ago +1

    Thank you to the guys I went to high school and college with. Not all men act like this vile pig (my sincerest apologies to pigs).
    I feel very fortunate to have had friends that were fine upstanding gentlemen and still fun. I can't thank you enough for being the awesome men that you were and, I'm sure, still are.

  • Craig Vanet
    Craig Vanet 25 days ago

    Trump will get another pick and Brett isnt going anywhere. Its hilarious watching yall freak out

    • Craig Vanet
      Craig Vanet 25 days ago

      @A. Vulcan . nope. Fuck conservatives . cant stand Trump. I honestly just dont think Brett Kavanaugh did any of this shit . its all bullshit. I dont even like him. Hes pro civil asset forfeiture. So he i personally dont like him. But i dont think he did what this man says ita clearly a political hit job. I also think Merritt Garlan shouldve had his hearing. Im neither republican nor democrat. Just keeping it real.

    • A. Vulcan
      A. Vulcan 25 days ago

      Are you proud that these are the best people conservatives could find?
      Would you be ok if someone sexually assaulted _your_ mother?

  • Jam Gart
    Jam Gart 25 days ago

    It’s so hard to listen to this show sometimes.. they take sooo long to get to the point, it can be frustrating to watch.
    Not meant as hate, just an observation X

  • Ronda Romero
    Ronda Romero 25 days ago

    I wish one of these climate denial Congress men had a grandchild film themselves asking their grandpa why he does not want to be more ecologically friendly even if he is right (which of course he's not)about climate change. I would love to see that video.
    Or steve king's grandkid asking him why he is a bigoted, racist. Why can't one of these family members call them out on their bullshit. Wouldn't you love to see McConnell 's family ask him why he is the most revolting, and selfish, unamerican hypocritical, corrupt politicians.
    Fogerty had it right "I ain't no senator's son" and if the rest of unfortunate sons and daughters would see that we are in a self imposed situation where or some elected officials are not serving the people of this country to the best of their abilities. But its a situation that we can not just change but improve and reverse the negative consequences of their actions by simply caring about politics and the honesty, integrity, and ability in the manner that they govern.

  • Ronda Romero
    Ronda Romero 25 days ago

    Its amazing that we are at this level of blatant disregard for the laws, and actual values of this country is disappointing. But until we as a society value our governmental integrity over reality tv, and chasing money and fame. We will deal with this and much much worse. Especially if this leadership is not justly charged, tried, and sentenced appropriately. Make politics a priority to every American. And integrating younger honest representatives that are there to represent the people and not themselves. As well as older elected officials who are capable of imparting their knowledge and wisdom, including the self awareness and confidence to realize they're abilities are no longer at a level that they can serve the people properly, and should resign for a more capable person to take over.
    The future is for the young to experience, and enjoy. It should not be a burdensome or problematic from the self serving and irresponsible governing in the past. Whatever happened to leaving the world a better place for our children? Is that not a thing anymore?

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 25 days ago

    When do you do a NY Times and correct...umm i mean update your incorrect misleading information for your "woke" audience.
    Do they deserve to know the truth?

  • drew childs
    drew childs 25 days ago

    Little dicked Sam Seder shaming from his NYC Tower.

  • Missouri Mule
    Missouri Mule 25 days ago

    Can't help but think of Su-oo-san Co-aw-llins and her phony assed outrage then her vote to confirm.

  • Nr1Pirate
    Nr1Pirate 25 days ago

    Great take Sam! If person A accuses person B of sexually assaulting person C and both person B and C deny the allegation we should IMPEEAAACCHH.

  • Fact Therapy Tyr
    Fact Therapy Tyr 25 days ago

    Are you gonna correct your story Sam? Or will you leave the misinfo online?

  • Janet McDonald
    Janet McDonald 25 days ago

    He is a gross person. The look on his wife's face said it all. Let's not forget the debt that was paid off.

  • Andrew Skipsey
    Andrew Skipsey 25 days ago

    "Your question is false" because that's a thing that questions can be, apparently.