I Made A Chick Fil A Pizza And...

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
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  • Gator News
    Gator News 23 hours ago

    F in reply for Briana..

    (PS. Briana, if you are seeing this, I hope you feel better!

  • Trex
    Trex 2 days ago

    If you don't live in America you might not know what this is

    Michigan hold my beer

  • Cortes Gaming
    Cortes Gaming 3 days ago

    Never had chick-fa-la or whatever I CANT SPELL but this is amazing oof

  • -_Y01NK_-
    -_Y01NK_- 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey V2.0

  • broken wings
    broken wings 5 days ago

    Nugget is impressed

  • Ttv Betterley1
    Ttv Betterley1 5 days ago

    Right as soon as you said I feel Italian I was like mini do I have to find you by myself and make you take it back

  • Karin Marroquin
    Karin Marroquin 5 days ago

    I live in Portland too

  • Ryder Minix
    Ryder Minix 5 days ago

    1:35 you sound like saggy from scooby doo

  • Hannah Hanson
    Hannah Hanson 6 days ago

    I've never been to Chick flia

  • Benjamen Cox
    Benjamen Cox 6 days ago

    At first I thought you said "If you live in America you might NOT know what this is" I was like uhhh we have 200000000 its seems like were I live.

  • Leaf Bag
    Leaf Bag 6 days ago


  • Joyce Hinton
    Joyce Hinton 6 days ago

    I'm so mad because I'm hungry and watching this

  • Weegee 709
    Weegee 709 6 days ago

    Yo ur thumbnail looks like Australian

  • AO-2JZ_ISred
    AO-2JZ_ISred 7 days ago

    Cheese_Slam.MP3 10:04

  • TikoHD
    TikoHD 8 days ago

    Which Final Fantasy

  • SCP Nerd
    SCP Nerd 10 days ago +1

    Now do it with raising cains

  • Ca1eb _MTB
    Ca1eb _MTB 11 days ago

    It looks like American naan bread

  • NatDaBeast Gamez
    NatDaBeast Gamez 11 days ago

    Try canes

  • Martini LP
    Martini LP 11 days ago +1

    Craig: *puts EVERYTHING on "Pizza"
    TVclip: BLOCKED for foodPORN

  • rhakjelg gaming
    rhakjelg gaming 11 days ago


  • rhakjelg gaming
    rhakjelg gaming 11 days ago


  • rhakjelg gaming
    rhakjelg gaming 11 days ago


  • rhakjelg gaming
    rhakjelg gaming 11 days ago


  • Harley SR
    Harley SR 11 days ago

    I still lowkey wanna try this

  • monster magz
    monster magz 11 days ago

    Daddy uwu

  • Bman224
    Bman224 13 days ago

    I’m hungry now help plz

  • Ghettobear29
    Ghettobear29 14 days ago

    That ain’t pizza dough

  • Aaron Melendrez
    Aaron Melendrez 15 days ago

    Hey I live in Pendleton it’s close to Portland

  • Black Panther gaming
    Black Panther gaming 16 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsey: your shit at cooking
    Mini: Alright perfect

  • Toni
    Toni 16 days ago

    We do have it in America

  • xXllBlaZellXx
    xXllBlaZellXx 17 days ago

    9:38 im that kid

    AGENT TH 17 days ago

    I feel attacked

  • Futuristic 872
    Futuristic 872 18 days ago

    I’m Australian so I agree
    That’s Australia

  • Penguin king
    Penguin king 19 days ago

    You should have gone to publix to get fresh pizza doe and I'm part Italian ur good cheif

  • Dallas Drap24
    Dallas Drap24 19 days ago

    Did he just say Americans might not know what cfa is

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 24 days ago

    I live near Portland lmao

  • prailetea
    prailetea 25 days ago

    i watched this with my dog and let's just say she was excite

  • Samurai
    Samurai 26 days ago

    This channel is just Craig making dinner for him and his girlfriend😂

  • crystal_wolfy 217
    crystal_wolfy 217 27 days ago +1

    I dont want this... I NEED IT!!!!!!

  • Paradox
    Paradox 28 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsey would flip his shit.

  • Gabriele Pancamo
    Gabriele Pancamo 28 days ago

    6:52 haha its not true 🤣

  • harm ouch
    harm ouch Month ago

    Mini using that premade pizza dough hurt like how could he not know you just unroll it

  • Jack Mioff
    Jack Mioff Month ago

    I love undercooked dough. It makes huge satisfying turds.

  • Haley Rood
    Haley Rood Month ago

    I know how to make pizza if you need help ask !!!

  • Dyl547
    Dyl547 Month ago

    I like how it's pg, but it's not pg

  • Husky Lover
    Husky Lover Month ago

    In Australia we call it Kentucky fried chicken (KFC for short)

  • Diamond Playz
    Diamond Playz Month ago +1

    Hi dad

    Mate you trying to make fun of our Aussie

  • Angelica
    Angelica Month ago

    I want that pizza

  • What Idk
    What Idk Month ago

    This looks insanely good

  • No I’m good
    No I’m good Month ago

    Cheat day x10

  • Seth Landeche
    Seth Landeche Month ago

    It’s gods chicken

  • T Shark
    T Shark Month ago +1

    6:12 you'll thank me later

  • _ TyrAnnicAl2 _
    _ TyrAnnicAl2 _ Month ago


  • Dmnlrd 506
    Dmnlrd 506 Month ago

    I live in Springfield Oregon :)

  • Morgan Ernest
    Morgan Ernest Month ago

    2:42 Hah good one Craig

  • Ricky Rdz
    Ricky Rdz Month ago


  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw Month ago


  • foxo
    foxo Month ago

    I’m gay and sad now

  • DAKOTA007 Tv
    DAKOTA007 Tv Month ago

    10:04 okay buddy 😂

  • Obama Prism
    Obama Prism Month ago +1

    my 3% Italian is absolutely dying inside