Charlie Puth Interviews Charlie Puth

  • Published on Oct 29, 2019
  • Singer, songwriter and producer Charlie Puth sits down with Grammy-nominated Charlie Puth to talk David Dobrik, the best names for dogs, and where he gets his inspiration.
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  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields 5 days ago

    0:28 😂😂😂😂💀

  • Mistica Mariyanesan
    Mistica Mariyanesan 6 days ago

    Who decided this??

  • Queen Tingz
    Queen Tingz 18 days ago

    Love. 😍

  • Galuh Fairuz Chairinnisa

    U make fans shame hahaha

  • Yogini ay
    Yogini ay Month ago

    this is for u char 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • piih silva
    piih silva Month ago

    ele tá bem rouco

  • Amirah Priester
    Amirah Priester Month ago +1

    Ok! Wow!

  • Fluttershy and Boopsy
    Fluttershy and Boopsy Month ago +1

    ALMOST TOO MUCH HONEY MUSTARD IS WHAT I HAD ON MY SANDWICH. I told the guy to put "An unholy amount of honey mustard" on the sandwich.

  • Rachey Felix
    Rachey Felix Month ago

    His voice? 😂😂

  • MD.Sharib Shams
    MD.Sharib Shams Month ago

    Do you remeber his voice is changed 😨😨😱😱😷😷??

  • Raeanne Mayer
    Raeanne Mayer Month ago

    he must be super sick because his voice is super different

  • Naomie Tat
    Naomie Tat Month ago

    Vlog squad member, Charlie puth 😂

  • Nur Linda Agustina
    Nur Linda Agustina Month ago

    Ganteng betsss sih Charlie .. uluuluulu ~

  • Zahra H.
    Zahra H. Month ago +3

    Mom: What are you doing ?
    Me: Oh I‘m just watching ,,Charlie Puth interviews Charlie Puth“
    Mom: Ô_ô
    Me : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Vivi F3rreira
    Vivi F3rreira Month ago

    É impressão minha ou voz dele tá realmente diferente?

  • Bryahna Christy
    Bryahna Christy Month ago

    Does he still have Brady??

  • Naruto nnn
    Naruto nnn Month ago +1

    I love you Charlie 💜💜

  • rssdharini
    rssdharini Month ago

    What's with his voice

  • Ivy Gao
    Ivy Gao Month ago

    I just remember that he performed in Shawn Mendes' voice. That's so hilarious😂

  • Multifandom Girl
    Multifandom Girl Month ago

    Charlie Puth and Charlie Puth in one video is the greatest crossover ever

  • Open Wide
    Open Wide Month ago

    Is he sick or something? His voice is much deeper than this.

  • BasicallyBella 10
    BasicallyBella 10 Month ago


  • I love music
    I love music Month ago +1

    What happened to his deeeeep voice

  • Anna Perpetual
    Anna Perpetual Month ago

    Did anyone else found his voice different??

  • Titli Ahmed
    Titli Ahmed Month ago

    OMP!!!! I need to find the other Charlie....

  • Ella 28
    Ella 28 Month ago

    I'm so confused

  • Agto Vetro
    Agto Vetro Month ago +1

    He’s sooooo cute! 😍

  • Noah Alexander Harris
    Noah Alexander Harris Month ago +1

    This is what dreams are made of... more than 1 Charlie Puths!

  • Galaxy Ghosts
    Galaxy Ghosts Month ago

    Stuff like this is hard to do because it is very hard to remember exactly where you were sitting before and know where to look and stuff so keep up the good work and very nice job

  • Aparna Roy
    Aparna Roy Month ago

    This is the best thing I had ever seen...

  • Jess Pham
    Jess Pham Month ago

    Remembers songs

  • Sayari Bhunia
    Sayari Bhunia Month ago

    What's with his voice ?

  • Tyler Joseph’s Left Ear

    This is..

  • Melissa 808
    Melissa 808 Month ago

    Two Charlie Puths? Yes please! 😍

  • Adiba Almas
    Adiba Almas Month ago +1


  • Adiba Almas
    Adiba Almas Month ago +1


  • Rüstəm Babayev
    Rüstəm Babayev Month ago +2


  • Kaveri Choudhary
    Kaveri Choudhary Month ago +4

    He's so cute😍

  • Maca Riquelme
    Maca Riquelme Month ago +1

    I felt like i couldnt love him more, but every video i watch he gets better

  • Iris Cheng
    Iris Cheng Month ago

    he’s so cute ♡

  • mara_1315
    mara_1315 Month ago

    Charlie is amazing ❤❤

  • Loren
    Loren Month ago

    I wonder how awk this interview was lol

  • Miranda Moreno
    Miranda Moreno Month ago

    ok what is up with his voice..

  • Anam choudhury
    Anam choudhury Month ago +1

    None of them are charlie puth.
    The voice was different😅😅😅

  • Anushka Sarkar
    Anushka Sarkar Month ago


  • Gisella Gunadi
    Gisella Gunadi Month ago

    the audio is probably just different cuz in the video when he met jennifer, he sounds normal to me

  • David Tan
    David Tan Month ago +2

    He’s so cute 😂😝

  • Carol Isabella
    Carol Isabella Month ago

    Charlie puth has twins

  • Cityscapes
    Cityscapes Month ago +22

    His voice is not as deep as before. I'm getting new to this woah.

    • Emily Jeffery
      Emily Jeffery Month ago +1

      Cityscapes he was really sick when they filmed this his voice isn’t actually like that lol

  • _ᴛᴏᴅᴏᴋɪ_

    His voice changed

  • Jiménez García, Aúrea Marí­a

    'I warned myself'
    'I interviewed myself'
    This guy needs to make some friends lol😂😂

  • Tukunjeel
    Tukunjeel Month ago

    Aw my dear Charlie Puth.
    Sooo cute ☺

  • Mahnoor Fatima
    Mahnoor Fatima Month ago

    THIS IS NOT HIS VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clement Astuces
    Clement Astuces Month ago +1

    OMG it was so funny!

    • Rey Mesto
      Rey Mesto Month ago +2

      Yea he made a meme reaction to himself it is funny 😂❤

    • saeedur rahman
      saeedur rahman Month ago

      Just imagine that

  • 한국인
    한국인 Month ago

    너무 규ㅣ여워ㅠㅠ

  • be yourself
    be yourself Month ago

    I love his sick voice .

  • be yourself
    be yourself Month ago +51

    Charlie Puth is
    And a humble celebrity i ve ever seen.

  • Ayesha Ameer Maliha

    His expressions are everything 🤧

  • Ayesha Ameer Maliha

    Literally the cutest human ever

  • Ayesha Ameer Maliha

    God I love him 🤧