EVERY Marvel Movie Animated Recap | MCU Avengers Compilation

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • Need to catch up before Avengers Endgame?? We animated this handy summary of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe you can watch in less time than it takes to find Avengers Endgame tickets!
    Catch up on all things Marvel's Avengers now! Whatever it takes.
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    EVERY Marvel Movie So Far | Animated Compilation | MCU
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    Animation: Paul Zito
    VO: Miles Allen
    Cat: Goose the Cat
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  • ArcadeCloud
    ArcadeCloud  3 months ago +385

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  • Spooky Boy
    Spooky Boy Hour ago

    The thumbnail is better than the video just saying

  • Soondre
    Soondre Day ago

    Where is my norwegian squad at

  • Saw Noel
    Saw Noel Day ago

    Ragnarok was the best

  • Comic_Drips
    Comic_Drips 2 days ago

    Ant man going to the quantum realm saved him from the snap

  • Sadnan’s Action Cinema

    Where is thor's hair cut?

  • skilfullzeus
    skilfullzeus 3 days ago


  • Cameron Ermini
    Cameron Ermini 3 days ago

    Obadiah STANE not STONE. LOLOLOLOL horrible oversight

  • Weeb Trash
    Weeb Trash 3 days ago

    SomethingelseYT did it better

  • Robonikes
    Robonikes 3 days ago

    I was promised a much more appealing art style in the thumbnail.

  • Fang's Story
    Fang's Story 3 days ago

    Thor worthy he knew if sacrifices him self he his hammer back

  • AlmightyAlan_28
    AlmightyAlan_28 3 days ago

    Sorry, but this pissed me off: ITS STANE NOT STONE

  • GrantKP
    GrantKP 4 days ago

    "Baskin Robbins Don't Play"

  • Anandi Sasi
    Anandi Sasi 4 days ago

    You forgot about captain Marvel

  • Anandi Sasi
    Anandi Sasi 4 days ago

    Vision is Red not purple

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 4 days ago +1

    Obadiah Stane*

  • Conner Is doing laziness, gaming, and memes

    They're called, harbulary batteries

  • HighRankAssassin YT
    HighRankAssassin YT 4 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk bout how he skipped the captain America end credit scene

  • Kai Masters
    Kai Masters 5 days ago

    Do mcu timeline next

  • Paralaxx _YT
    Paralaxx _YT 5 days ago

    I bet u lost your voice talking.....

  • The Dying Spirit
    The Dying Spirit 7 days ago

    You don't see Hawkeye as much as like
    Everyone else

  • Emily P FORD
    Emily P FORD 7 days ago

    Doctor: you have 20 minutes to live

    • Emily P FORD
      Emily P FORD 6 days ago

      Fry 4 guy contemplate my life decisions

    • Fry 4 guy
      Fry 4 guy 6 days ago

      What will u do for the last 3 minutes

  • My other account Got banned

    Mcu stands for marvel cinematic universe if you didn’t know (I didn’t know that till like last week)

  • Marvelman 05
    Marvelman 05 7 days ago


  • Dev Ramachandran
    Dev Ramachandran 7 days ago

    Did you just say coffin skate?

  • Dev Ramachandran
    Dev Ramachandran 7 days ago

    Okay, say it with me: Obadiah *STANE* . Not stone, STANE.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah Army
    Oh Yeah Yeah Army 7 days ago +1

    In Thor Ragnarok you didn't mention about Hella talking about the infinity gauntlet

  • Tyler Bivins9
    Tyler Bivins9 7 days ago

    Bunch of back lash and they took Captain Marvel off of the thumbnail

  • Super Laser Busters
    Super Laser Busters 7 days ago

    You forgot end game

  • TheInfuckingcredible

    5:09 - 5:55 never actually happened.

  • Arkam Alnima
    Arkam Alnima 8 days ago

    That spit from Steve Rogers😂😂😂😴

  • Comrade Everclear
    Comrade Everclear 8 days ago

    Obadiah's last name isn't stone, it's Stane.

  • Two Durps
    Two Durps 8 days ago

    Lol 7 rings.

  • Night Slasher25
    Night Slasher25 8 days ago

    You missed venom

  • Iron Knight
    Iron Knight 8 days ago +1

    It's Obadiah STANE not STONE

  • Damon
    Damon 8 days ago


  • Johnathan Hetrick
    Johnathan Hetrick 8 days ago

    Wow this must have taken a while to wright it all out

  • jesse inzunza
    jesse inzunza 8 days ago

    Obadiah Stone is my favorite Marvel villain.

  • Mak TV
    Mak TV 9 days ago

    What about captain marvel?
    Like if this is true🤔🤔

  • João Pedro Konorat
    João Pedro Konorat 9 days ago

    Bem bolado! 👍😉😊

  • NonstopDoge Plays
    NonstopDoge Plays 9 days ago

    Vision is secretly barney

  • Amanda Vargas
    Amanda Vargas 10 days ago

    Hey! What about
    Captain Marvel

  • alex mccann
    alex mccann 11 days ago

    It’s obadiah stane

  • Robert Scale
    Robert Scale 11 days ago

    But he is. Isn’t he Peter B Parker in spider verse?

  • Night
    Night 11 days ago

    Its stain

  • PokéBlox Gaming
    PokéBlox Gaming 11 days ago

    "Super sexy goddess of death" Cant say I disagree with that statement XD

  • pj neon
    pj neon 12 days ago

    end game, 3 hr movie, 3 mins of fights

  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams 12 days ago

    6:37 7:02 nice Star Wars references 😂 is it because of Samuel L. Jackson?

  • Poke Mon
    Poke Mon 12 days ago

    Where the hell is venom during these times

  • Liz Templeton
    Liz Templeton 12 days ago

    You didn't cover captain marvel

  • Nathaniel Thomas
    Nathaniel Thomas 13 days ago

    is it sad that I am nerdy enough to stop watching after he calls Obadiah Stain... STONE... i have a problem... BUT THAT PISSES ME OFF

    • Nathaniel Thomas
      Nathaniel Thomas 13 days ago

      and yes I am going to keep adding on... for guardians of the galaxy you called the Ravagers, "Ravengers"

    • Nathaniel Thomas
      Nathaniel Thomas 13 days ago

      another thing, the Iron man 3 section is a total screw up, Harley isn't 10 years old, he is 12... another thing, iron patriot was compromised, so Rhody couldn't help with the airforce one situation

  • Owen Graham
    Owen Graham 13 days ago

    Black widow looks like dz from brooklyn 99

  • Derpboi 99
    Derpboi 99 13 days ago

    Obadia stane*

  • JorelGamerTV
    JorelGamerTV 13 days ago

    you forgot spiderverse

  • ISFJacob
    ISFJacob 13 days ago

    It's Obediah StAne

  • jaden Statz
    jaden Statz 13 days ago

    How come you did not have the spider man like Andrew Jackson’s

  • Leedle Oofpants
    Leedle Oofpants 14 days ago


  • Jinky Escalona
    Jinky Escalona 14 days ago +2

    is this reuploaded because the thumbnail changed

  • Kyle Zaragoza
    Kyle Zaragoza 14 days ago

    Where’s captain marvel?

  • DonutKingMarko 501
    DonutKingMarko 501 14 days ago

    good job, but you left out how he got the reality stone

  • Pew Diepie
    Pew Diepie 14 days ago

    R.I.P Stan lee 1922- 2018

  • Jacob Esparza
    Jacob Esparza 15 days ago

    I got a ad before him saying thanos

  • Mr Shottgun
    Mr Shottgun 15 days ago

    Worst video ever

  • Bolt TLA
    Bolt TLA 15 days ago

    I hope there is more for the fact it is pretty much marvel and was pretty funny!

  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller 15 days ago

    You forgot Deadpool 2 and venom

  • Dominick V
    Dominick V 15 days ago

    I noticed that Stan lee died in the snap 16:22

  • North Nokris
    North Nokris 16 days ago

    *And way more handsome than ever*
    Someone has a crush on Cap 😆

  • PeaCraft 012
    PeaCraft 012 16 days ago

    Umm u didnt make thors hair shorter

  • DJ Plays
    DJ Plays 16 days ago +1

    Why did you change the thumbnail

  • morgan xoxo
    morgan xoxo 16 days ago


  • mlab83
    mlab83 16 days ago +1

    Iron man will get to earth trailer proves it

  • Mars2TheMoon
    Mars2TheMoon 16 days ago

    When you think they woud use the same art style that they use for the thumbnail

  • Ginger ninja
    Ginger ninja 17 days ago

    Where is venom

  • Win090949
    Win090949 17 days ago +1

    17:07 she isn’t cured yet.
    In the post credits, scott goes in the realm to gather some energy to cure her.

  • Win090949
    Win090949 17 days ago

    Not stone, Stane.

  • Fabled Pictures
    Fabled Pictures 17 days ago

    0:52 song?

  • Lunchable Cracker
    Lunchable Cracker 17 days ago

    Obediah Stone. hmmmmmmmm

  • Gabino Rubio
    Gabino Rubio 17 days ago +1

    16:23 R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Todomu Turnbull
    Todomu Turnbull 18 days ago

    into the spider verse!!!!!! u said every marvel movies so far as of 2019

  • Yousef Mohamed
    Yousef Mohamed 18 days ago


  • Ruth Lien
    Ruth Lien 18 days ago

    Thannos is.... farming or something 😂😂😂

  • Forbidden
    Forbidden 18 days ago

    It’s Obadiah Stane not stone. Also you should have done it in chronological order starting with Captain America.

  • N3M0
    N3M0 18 days ago

    Thing is it’s Obadiah Stain not Stone

  • Marko Zeljkovic
    Marko Zeljkovic 18 days ago

    AVENGERS: lost the batlle
    TONY STARK: lost in space
    THANOS: Just farms

  • Elaine Howell
    Elaine Howell 18 days ago

    But not captain marvel

  • Elaine Howell
    Elaine Howell 18 days ago

    The worrier's three has a girl to I know my marvel movie's I watched them since iron man :-) ya'll ar AWESOME

  • good prank bro XD lmao

    16:22 rip stan

  • Black Tie Luxury Service

    When zemo was trying to kill himself black panther was like

    *We dont do that here*

  • דניאל ריקובר

    10:19 Savage

  • Jacob Demands
    Jacob Demands 18 days ago


  • Davyd wtY
    Davyd wtY 18 days ago

    r.i.p. Yondu i saw the mobie and at the end it was sad

  • Seth Skywalker
    Seth Skywalker 19 days ago

    That was disrespectful to Stanley he died a natural death not too Thanos snapping his fingers 17:43

  • Bennett
    Bennett 19 days ago

    Not in chronological order? Weak

  • Mario Barnette
    Mario Barnette 19 days ago

    Seems right

  • Royfox1 Forever
    Royfox1 Forever 19 days ago

    You forgot spider Man:(

  • Mysterious Sunshine
    Mysterious Sunshine 19 days ago

    Captain Marvel looks like the mom from The Loud House

  • PsychoDelly
    PsychoDelly 19 days ago


  • Taboo X
    Taboo X 20 days ago